Chapter Thirty


“The Beautiful Crystalline New DNA”

Oh, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am so excited, so greatly excited about what our Father in Heaven is doing through this new DNA that I cannot fail to tell you of these great and marvelous unfolding events! For, just as Moses told me some weeks past, surely all in the Heavens are rejoicing! HallaleuYahweh! For, His plan is unfolding just as He determines! Blessed is His Holy Name! For, He put mankind under the feet of Satan, all so that we would be tried and tested; but He did not put us under Satan’s feet to stay there!

Now, my Dear Ones, comes His fulfillment of His promises to His People! For, surely those, who are ready to receive this new spiritual DNA, will become as the angels of Heaven! They will be married to our Lord and God and they and they will then receive the gift of Eternal Life!


The Beautiful Way!

These very ones have chosen the road least traveled, the Way that is Narrow and the Gate that is Straight; but as we are told by our Saviour, few there are that find it! And as He has said to me, “Once they find it, even fewer stay on it!” For this way is a way of great tests and trials, a way which is fraught with great hardships and persecution! And when the going gets rough, most get out. But, the few, who really want this way will give up all that they have, take up their crosses, and they will follow our Saviour into this most beautiful of ways! Truly, these are the “virgins” and they follow the Lamb of God wherever He takes them! (Revelation Ch14)

Now comes the time, my Dear Ones, when those, who have chosen this Straight and Narrow Way, will come into their inheritance! But do not be in total despair if you are not ready for it, or if you see your loved ones chasing after the things of this world and find yourself in deep despair regarding their spiritual lives! Pray for their salvation and leave the rest to our Lord and God; for He is a merciful God! He has not given up on His Little Ones, for He loves all greatly and He is still striving with all of humanity!

Through the Great Tribulation, which is at hand, many will turn from their rebellious ways, but will do so only under the harshest of conditions! For, they will find that the ways of this world are utterly evil! This will happen when many are at the ends of their spiritual ropes! Yes, many will turn in the darkest of hours, even many of the “incorrigible” ones, and they will get white and clean!

Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh; for His Ways are perfect and His plan is perfect for all of humanity. And, this perfect plan for each of us is to love Him with our whole being and to strive to do His perfect will from moment to moment. When we get to this point and daily walk in love and forgiveness, then my Dear Ones, we are becoming one with Him and we are making ourselves ready to marry Him! The fruit of such a Way is a wonderful life, a beautifully glorious and peaceful life and we will then see that He richly and gloriously provides for our every need! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, our Most Beautiful and Perfect Lord and God, the Creator of all things. How blessed we are to have such a gloriously wonderful God!


The Turn-Me-To-Stone Trick!

My Dear Ones, as I have entailed in the last writings, Satan and his hoards devised a scheme to turn my body into stone by injecting me with a substance, which would have caused the tissues to become rock-hard. I was aware of this also in my body here and there; but these were just sensations like little nuisances in my body. So, these horrible chemicals did nothing to me, but were only a source of little irritation. These stone-like places in my body were also super conductive and they would constantly pummel my body with electrical currents! But, these caused me no harm!

Nonetheless, yesterday was a big day for them; for as they were seeing that I was tired, they pummeled my body all last night. Every time that I would awaken and would begin to proclaim praises to our Father in Heaven, Satan would immediately appear and begin to pump my body anew with chemical substances, filling my head and filling my body here and there with his chemicals from hell! And so it went all night long, but even so our Father in Heaven kept me in the hollow of his palm and I rested in His love and protection!

In spite of and because of all that they did, I awoke this morning in a glorious and greatly blessed state of mind, wondrously praising our Father in Heaven! And again there was Satan in my face, pumping his liquids from hell in my head and body; and at one point, he set off some of the combustible liquid; for he thought that this would distract me and/or stop the spiraling of this new code, but he was wrong again; for his stunts barely registered in my consciousness!


The New DNA, What A Sight To Behold!

For, in spite of what this monster was doing to me, a most amazing thing began to take place! In front of me, I saw beautiful strands of radiant glass-like DNA, a new part of the DNA Code, which our Father in Heaven intended to impart. It was at first outside of my body but soon came into my body and undulated in and through my body like beautiful waves of radiantly crystalline glass.

What a gloriously beautiful sight to behold, this radiantly, new DNA; for it is complicated, my Dear Ones, and lace-like, but very, very strong. It consists of many spirals, all working together, with crosspieces among the spirals’ and these crosspieces lace together radiantly beautiful squares of divine artwork, all connecting the spirals and crosspieces. My Dear Ones, this is a feeble attempt on my part to explain what I see; but I can only describe such a beautiful heavenly work through my limited human vocabulary.

After these new codes, or segments of the new DNA, came into my body, they began to work throughout my body and to cut to shreds this stone-like substance and to move it out of my body with such perfection. Then, these very strong DNA spirals went after the wires in my body and began to roll them up from my feet upward, all at once; and once at the level of my head, this new DNA code then cut the roll of wire off all at once!

I was so thrilled, absolutely thrilled, to see such a beautiful heavenly work! For, this new DNA does not just move in spirals clockwise, or even counterclockwise, but these spirals move any and every way that they choose!


Evil Schemes to Stop the DNA Spin!

Now, this truly is a marvel; for these evil ones have tried to stop the spin of this DNA by putting rods in my neck, on one or both sides of my neck and rods up and down my body along with strong sheets of wiring! For, they thought that this new DNA spinned clockwise, or counterclockwise, or both, and that by wiring my up in such a way they could stop this new DNA from working, and/or spinning!

So, for months on end, they have constantly put metal rods, or some other kinds of rods up and down my body! After our Father in Heaven has removed them via His power, these evil ones have repeatedly put them back, over and over again, all in order to stop this new DNA from spinning and from doing its work and to make and keep me captive to their bizarre schemes!


360 Degree DNA!

But, this issue of putting the rods in me to stop the spin of the new DNA is also absurd; for this new spiritual DNA spins as it chooses, up and down and all around! When it is completely operant this new DNA will be fully open, 360 degrees!

Our Father in Heaven told me some years back, even as it is written in these books, that He is going to give me 360 degree DNA! I tell you frankly that I could not have possibly understood what he was saying. But, the evil ones understood right then and there; for I also wrote that they began to steadily abduct me and I would find needle marks here and there on my body, from day to day and from week to week!

Yes, they are indeed interested in this new DNA, but only to steal it and or to stop it any way they can; and so the battle goes on! But they are losing ground every day; for they will not stop what our Father determines to be! (I wish to note here as well, that as I understand it, the angles of the current human DNA are in the 20 degree range and in the low twenty degree range as well!)


A Beautiful Gift To Humanity!

What a glorious unfolding of the mighty works of our Father Yahweh! What a beautiful gift for all of humanity; and it is now coming into the Earth right before my very eyes. Oh, my Dear Ones, how I marveled this morning to witness yet another part of this glorious code being imparted to this new DNA.

But, Oh Satan was furious! He said, “The bitch has done it!” Then, he began to concoct another scheme to put an end to our Father’s works. He said, “Glass! I will add more glass!” Then, he mumbled out the name of another chemical and I thought that he said, “Phospho-butyl-methane!” Yes, he was furious and he was plotting another wild scheme to stop this new DNA, even saying, “Well, it is moving slow!” And he soon added one of his old tricks to slow down the spiraling of this new DNA and this trick is to pour into my body large amounts of a thick, gooey substance! However, my Dear Ones, this does not work; for what our Father wants done is done! And, even in spite of Satan’s schemes, this new DNA code began to move quickly, strongly and powerfully!

As I type these words, this demon-dog is busy filling up my body with another chemical liquid and this smells like another round of washing detergent. Perhaps, this is the phospho-organic compound to which he was referring! And, as I type these words, he is right behind me and is calling me, “Bitch!” Oooooeeee, the clown is back; but he cannot defeat the Most High God, Yahweh; and all the praise and all the glory to our Beautiful Father in Heaven forever and ever! HallaleuYahweh!

What utter dunces the are! Morons, who have risen up in their greed, in their arrogance, in their power; and they think to destroy all that is good, all that is wonderful, and all that is beautiful, which our Father in Heaven has created and is going to create! But, this is nonsense and will not be; for soon and very soon this new DNA Code will be imparted to those, who are worthy to receive it. Then will come the beautiful fruit of this work and I long for this great unfolding; for this my Dear Ones, is truly our Father’s Kingdom Come! What a blessed event!


Calling to the Eagles!
For, where the Body is, there the eagles will be gathered also!

My Dear Ones, some of you, who are reading these words, are surely among those, who are ready to receive this new DNA! You are the eagles! Continue to live worthy! Continue to be obedient to our Lord and God! Continue to choose the Beautiful Way, the Pure and Clean Way of our Saviour, even if you are the only one, who is doing so!

Those of the world do not choose this way, but cast stones at all, who choose this way! They crucify the light-bearers in one way or the other, yet be not troubled; but rejoice, for one cannot choose the Straight and Narrow and the ways of the world at the same time. Realize that they first treated our Saviour in such a way and have similarly treated others down through the ages!

Therefore, consider yourself greatly blessed if and when you come under persecution for love of our Lord and God! Rise up anew each day and praise Him for your tests and trials; for they are all for your cleansing! They are to make you ready to marry the Creator of All Things! HallaleuYahweh!


Rejoice! Rejoice!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice, Oh nations! For, our Father in Heaven is doing a new and glorious thing in the Earth; and humanity is now going to receive what our Lord and God promised so long ago! What a glorious unfolding!

Until next time, much, much love and big hugs to you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Jesus is our Beautiful Way,
Your Sis,

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