Chapter Thirty-One


“The Victory March!”

My Dear Ones, today is the 12th of October 2006 and I am almost halfway through the forty-second month of my captivity under the feet of Satan and his demonic hoards. We have already passed the Feast of the Trumpets, which was on September 23, 2006, the Feast of Atonement, which was on October 02, 2006 and we are now well into the Feast of the Tabernacles, which began on October 07, 2006. I believe that our Saviour is coming soon and very soon, not just for me, but for other clean souls, who are ready to go. I am not sure whether He will take all clean souls at the same time, or will take first the 144,000, who will become the Supernatural Army. These will stand before the throne of our Father in Heaven, wherein they will be given supernatural bodies, all equipped with the new DNA. After a brief time in Heaven, these will return into the Earth to fight on behalf of all of humanity! This is the supernatural army of Joel, Chapter Two; and oh how it is going to be needed in this wicked earth!


The War Goes On!

As for Satan and his military comrades and their continued assaults against me, I can only tell you that these assaults continue from day to day, almost non-stop; for Satan seldom leaves my face! But, even so they have failed in all that they have done and they will continue to fail; for our Father in Heaven is mighty! He is Most High! THERE IS NO GO LIKE YAHWEH! And, all that they do is bound to fail before our MIGHTY GOD!


So That These Things Might Be Recorded!

Nevertheless, I will chronicle for you some of their absurd attempts to kill me and or to take over our Father’s Interdimensional Gateway, but my Dear Ones, they can only repeat what has already failed; for they have tried all of the schemes that they could collectively conjure up, and nothing in their repertoire works!


Satan’s Schemes and Lies!

On the afternoon of the 21st of September, I was resting for a short while in the afternoon, not sleeping, but resting! For, always when I try to rest, Satan is in my face and usually with him are some of his hoards from hell, their torture kits in hand. That afternoon, Satan brought in a man, whom I later determined to be a neurosurgeon!

This doctor pointed to me and said, “What is that?” And, Satan described to him a particular surgery that I had undergone! Then, this doctor said, “ I had thought that she would be a real wretch, but she doesn’t look half bad. She ought to fix herself up a little!”

Then, Satan said to doctor, “She is not human, but is Anglican! (Or, he may have said, Anglical…) She is one of Yahweh’s! There are several like her around the planet! Yahweh is trying to take over the planet!”

I could only think, “Oooo,eee! HallaleuYahweh! Yahweh is not “trying” to take over the planet! He is going to take it over and He is going to rid this planet of the sewer rats, who have risen to great power through their stealth, perversions, murder and other horrendous schemes!”

My Dear Ones, how hilarious are Satan’s remarks! For, it was back in the winter of this year, and I believe that the month was January, that Satan was in my house with some of his military comrades when he could see my body literally filling up with the light of God! And, Satan seeing this, said, “She is morphing right before my face!” And, he ordered his doctors to do a certain radiological test and “stat!”

It was shortly thereafter that I felt the sting of the needles and the horrible taste of some kind of fluid in my mouth and I knew that they were doing their tests right then and there! It was approximately a day or so later that Satan came in and said to me, “You have junk DNA! It is only open 20%!” So, I knew that they had done some radiological studies on my DNA and had seen for themselves that I did not yet have the new DNA!

But, on the afternoon of the 21st of September of 2006, he was telling this doctor that I am not human, but “Anglican!” The point that I wish to make here is that Satan is suddenly telling others that I am not human! My Dear Ones, he must come up with some sort of cover for his repeated failures! For, he cannot bear the thought that he cannot put under his will a mere human!

My Dear Ones, this is really a supreme compliment to our Father in Heaven! For, to Him is all the praise and all the glory! He has kept me alive and he has put in place his new DNA and I believe that this new DNA is now fully operant, even though it is still a baby, but for sure, a baby giant! And, Satan and his, seeing that this new DNA is also in place and operating well, can only say that I am not human! To this end, I recently overheard the conversation of some military men, who came into my house and one of them said, “We do not know what she is, human, animal, or alien!”

Later in the day on the 21st of September 2006, Satan had the neurosurgeon to wire up my throat, certain nerves in my upper back, which have to do with breathing, and my left brain! This was one of Satan’s hair-brained attempts to make me speak, to make words come out of my mouth, and no doubt blasphemous words! And, his perverted will, of course, was to take physical control of me and/or to cause me to do or say things, which would put me at odds with our Father in Heaven!

In addition to his hair-brained attempt to make me speak by forcing air up through my trachea, he repeatedly pumped my whole body full of his electrocondutive liquid from hell! Once full of this chemical from hell, his scheme was to make electrical ripples move up my body in an effort try and force me to participate in his sick sex acts and then of course to make audible words and sounds come out of my mouth at the same time!

My Dear Ones, these kinds of schemes are not new, but as I have written Satan has tried any and every way that he and his sick hounds from hell could conjure up to take control of my mind! You may remember from the writings that Satan spoke to me last fall and said, “Give me your mind and I will do great things for you!” And, I told Him at that time that I would give Him one thing if our Father in Heaven would allow me to do so, that I would beat him right down into the burning pits of hell!


The Clowns Have Failed!

But, back to the events of the 21st of September and for many nights before and since, Satan has failed in all of his attempts to take control of my mind! For, our Father in Heaven has stood in the gap between me and the demon dog from hell, even from minute to minute and from day to day!





The Monster from Hell! You Must Know How He Operates”

My Dear Ones, Satan is one sick monster from hell and he will do anything that his sick mind can conjure up to “make” others do his perverted will! He is evil to the core; for there is no light in him! He thrives on what light he can suck up off others through his sick and demented games of torture and control! So, be warned; for this horror story is coming to all of humanity! Such terrible things as I have described to you, and worse, will be forced upon many in their “re-education” camps from hell!


Another Attempt to Burn me Up!

It was during one of the nights past that Satan and his hoards were back again with the iron filings and they were filling up my stomach, my genitals and my rectum. They must have pumped me full of these iron filings for about 45 minutes, but amidst it all, I went to sleep! Then, they began their beam assaults against me from their disk-shaped craft, Satan and the U.S. Military!

I had seen the U.S. military craft, low in the sky and numerous, all around the horizon before I went to bed; and I knew that they had a big scheme afoot! But, as I was tired I went to sleep amidst the infilling of the iron filings, only to awaken some time later, feeling the pulsations of their beams in different parts of my body! At that time, I could literally smell the iron filings as they were melting and burning inside my body.

Yes, I was aware of this horrendous evil, which they were doing, but at the same time I knew that I was also alive because of the great love, grace and supernatural protection of our Blessed Father Yahweh! How I love Him! So, I went back to sleep, having smelled the burning iron and I slept like a baby.

My Dear Ones, who ever heard of such things! But, even so, what I tell you is true! These are the horrible works of Satan and his human/fallen angel kingdom and also the mighty works of our Father in Heaven! At this time my Dear Ones, you are witnessing the birthing of His Kingdom in the Earth and His soon-to-be gift to His Faithful, a new DNA, a new generation of souls! Yes, a new nation is being birthed!


Failures and Buffoons!

At this point, My Dear Ones, all of their torture and killing schemes have failed! They have exhausted their repertoire of evil schemes in trying to defeat our Father Yahweh and to stop His works through this new DNA! Therefore, from day to day, they can only come up with variations of things, which have already failed and in so doing, they repeat their failures over and over again day after day! So, Satan continues with his variations of the iron filings, toxic glues, sand-like particles, jet fuel, cigarette butts into my trachea, perverted raping of my body, and or explosions in various parts of my body, or some of his other sick schemes, which have all failed! But, mostly, he uses variations of one or more of the above, all of which have repeatedly failed!

In summary, all of their attempts to control me via their multifaceted wiring have failed. They have failed in all of their chemical assaults and in all of their poisoning attempts! They have failed in their sexual assaults and they have failed in their drugging and attempts to control my mind! They have failed to explode me into bits via their numerous explosives and they have failed in all of their attempts to electrocute me to death! They have failed to kill me by overdosing me through numerous kinds of drugs and they have failed to microwave to death and to laser me to death! They have repeatedly failed to choke me to death and or to asphyxiate me and they have failed in their attempts to destroy me any way they could conjure up as I travelled to different parts of the world! They have failed in their attempts to throw me into a mental hospital via my various family members and they have failed in their attempts to cause me harm by picking up others, who have been close to me, mind controlling them, and thereby turning them against me! They have failed to destroy me by relentlessly attacking me through lies on the Internet and they have failed to stop the works of our Father in Heaven by attempting to take over His works via His website! In all of their perverted schemes to defeat our Father’s works and/or to kill me, and or destroy me any way they could conjure up, they have all failed!



Yes, their mind control has worked on numerous people, whom they have turned against me; and certain ones have hurt me deeply! But even so Satan’s great attempts to stop these works by causing me to give up through grief have failed! For, there is One, who is constant! There is One, who is faithful and there is One, who never leaves or forsakes me! THIS ONE IS OUR FATHER YAHWEH! THIS ONE IS OUR SAVIOUR YAHSHUA, YESHUA, JESUS! THIS ONE IS THE ONE GOD OF ISRAEL, THE ALMIGHTY GOD YAHWEH, THE TRUE, RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY GOD OF ALL CREATION! HE IS STEADY! HE IS CONSTANT AND I LOVE HIM WITH A BIG, BIG LOVE! WHO CAN MEASURE UP THE ONE GOD, THE ONLY GOD, THE MOST HIGH GOD YAHWEH?


Satan’s Motto: “If you can’t conquer it, blow it up!”

Some days past, Satan sat beside my bed all night long and set off his phosphorous explosions in my lungs and in my head for about seven hours straight; but even so my Dear Ones, this did nothing to me! I got up the next day and went about my business and later during that same day as the power of God came in and ordered it to be so, much was removed from my body! All through the day, my body was literally full of their chemicals from hell, their electrically conductive plastic and burning phosphorous, but these things did not affect me!

This, my Dear Ones, is the work of our Father in Heaven and also the work of his new creation, the new DNA for humanity! He has created this new DNA and He told me in the spring of this year that this new DNA is powerful! And, so it is, even though it is really still a baby! When it reaches its full maturity, I can only imagine the awesome things that this new DNA will do through the faithful servants of the MOST HIGH GOD YAHWEH!




And, this is exactly what the Spirit of God told a Dear Brother in a dream about two weeks past, that all of the pieces of the puzzle are now in place! So, there cannot be much time left before He comes for the clean souls! Make yourself ready and stay ready from day to day and from hour to hour! Expectantly await the return of our Beautiful Groom! Pray for His return; for He also wishes for the Bride to long for Him as He also longs for us!

Within the past two weeks alone I have had four dreams about the imminent return of our Saviour. In one dream, I saw Him blowing the trumpet still, sounding the alarm for His return! He is still sounding the alarm, but soon He will stop sounding the alarm and He will come for His Faithful Ones! Blessed is the Holy Name of Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, Saviour of Humanity! For, He comes soon and very soon for His Bride!


The Fulfilment of Micah Chapter Four!

My Dear Ones, I am usually a resilient soul and I have had to learn to go with the flow, so to speak, to ride out the storms and to wait upon our Lord and God; and usually this is easy for me. But, I must be honest with you, my Dear Ones, that I am also very, very tired, as this has been such a long war! I have been under the feet of these evil ones almost forty-two months and I have become very weary. Many nights I get little sleep; for these evil ones are pumping things into my body for many hours after I go to bed and they seldom give me any reprieve. And, Satan is also seldom out of my face, doing terrible things to me all day long.

So, it goes this way, that as soon as the new DNA removes their terrible chemicals, implants and other foreign substances, which Satan has put in my body, he is there to put these things in again! This kind of war among us, myself, the new DNA and Satan can go on all day long, and by night, I am very tired; for I must also work with this new DNA. However, when night comes and I try to rest there is often little rest; for there they are again, Satan and his hoards with yet another scheme! So, for many months, I have had to go on what energy our Father in Heaven gives me; for often I have little of my own. But He so graciously carries me when I can no longer carry myself! How merciful and loving He is!


They are Lower Than Any Beasts!

My Dear Ones, through all of the evil that they have done to me, I could have never been prepared for the great assaults, which Satan and his have done to me off and on for these last three weeks or so. We all know that Satan has polluted the whole earth with his whoredoms and sexual perversions; and we all know that he has polluted the whole earth with his drugs from hell and his slaveries of one kind or the other. But, how could we have any idea as the kinds of bizarre kinds of sexual practices, which Satan and his hoards actually do, save we experience them for ourselves?

For, it is not just the usual bizarre sex acts, which these evil hoards do, but also some so bizarre that I can barely stand to write of them, but even so, I will write of them! I must write of these things so as to warn you; for many are already on the receiving ends of such horrors and they do not have even one clue as to where such things are coming from! For these horrendous acts are taking place even now to many and all of humanity will soon be on the receiving end of such horrendous and unspeakable horrors!

My Dear Ones, what I write hereafter as regards their sick lusts are true! This is the way they do and how Satan and his fallen angels have done for many millennia, but now come the humans, who are also engaging in these horrors! I tell you, my Dear Ones, they are lower than any animal on Earth and they have but one end and this is the burning lake of fire! Oh, that the lawless humans would repent and spare themselves eternal torment, but I truly believe that this course is unlikely for most as they have already sold their souls to Satan for power, money and prestige!

I write of these things as well; for what they have done to me surely fulfils some of the prophecies as outlined in Micah Chapter Four! For, our Father in Heaven says that I am this Daughter of Zion of Micah Chapter Four! Below you will read these very pertinent prophecies of Micah!

Micah 4:9-13

Now, why dost thou cry out aloud? Is there no king in thee? Is thy counsellor perished? For pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail!

Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O Daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou to forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered: there the Lord shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies.

Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.

But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither understand his counsel: for he shall gather them as the sheaves into the floor.

Arise and thresh, O Daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron and thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the Lord, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.


“Let her be defiled!”

Oh, my Dear Ones, there is much in this prophecy as with all of our Father’s prophecies; and every word must be fulfilled. So, I go back to the first verse, which you see above and this is literally what happened on the morning of the 11th of October 2006. My Dear Ones, I was so tired from getting little sleep the night before, but even before I could get out of bed, there was Satan with his glue gun from hell, filling my head with glue and behind this filling my head with rocket fuel

On top of this, he filled up my throat with his semen! “Yes” you heard right! For, it is as I have just told you, that these have devised some of the most horrendous, sick perverted ways of defiling the human body through sex that one could ever imagine. As Satan has done to me again and again and again, daily for weeks, he put his penis into my esophagus, by inserting in between my ribs and running it into my throat, or up into my nose and there he deposits his semen!

I have a round scar between my ribs, at the juncture of the ribs at the diaphragm, where Satan and his hoards have repeatedly entered through my skin to access my esophagus to do their sick sex acts! These evil hoards have raped and pillaged my body and have done all that they could think of to defile my body, just as the words tell above. These evil Satanists, all under Satan’s direction, have come forward, all to look upon me with one intent and this intent has been to defile my body.

So, they have made holes in my body for their horrendous sex acts, where there are no holes, holes alongside my breast, wherein they then push their penises forth to ejaculate into my throat. Or, holes into the side of my neck, or holes under my throat, where they enter into my throat to do their disgusting sex acts, all to defile my body. And, oh how I hate to even write of these things; for they are disgusting, but such is upon all of humanity and who will be the wiser, save someone states the truth of what is and what is coming upon humanity?


What a Terrible World!

My Dear Ones, I have tried to be brave! I have tried to be positive and to overcome, but some days have been so bad! There have been devastating days, for never in my whole life could I have imagined such evils! And one of these days was yesterday, the 11th of October 2006! This is one of their double devil days, for not only is the day, the 11th, but when all numbers are added together, one gets 29, and the sum of these two numbers comes to another eleven, truly another high, double devil day!

So, as I told you, before I could get out of bed Satan was raping me, but this has been the case for many weeks! And as I awoke and went out to sit in the living room, I felt so tired, my Dear Ones, and overcome and distraught, that as I sat to pray, I felt such grief, such sorrow, such aloneness, as if my very Lord and God had forsaken me! Oh, my heart was broken and I wept and wailed to Him! “Why, why, why, why? Why, my Father, do You not come? You have given me so many visions and dreams about your imminent return, but You do not come and I am devastated! I am heartbroken! And, I wept bitterly; for I felt so utterly forsaken! And, Satan being in my face and seeing my wailing and weeping and great sorrow, rammed his penis up through my esophagus and his semen could be heard gurgling in my throat as I was weeping and wailing.

I was so tired and emotionally devastated that I did not know how I would go on for another day! I felt so deserted by our Lord and God! I felt so alone, my Dear Ones, so absolutely alone! And, all day long, I was in such a low state! But, I could not stay there, and even as soon as I wailed to our Lord and God I was just as quickly asking Him to forgive me for weeping and wailing and being heartbroken and yes even angry! My Dear Ones, this is prophecy fulfilled and this is the very first verse of Micah Chapter Four. “Now, why dost thou cry out aloud? Is there no king in thee? Is thy counsellor perished? For pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail.”

Verse ten of Micah Chapter Four was fulfilled when I was in South Africa in the winter of 2005. Our Father in Heaven spoke to me at that time and told me that I am the woman of Micah Chapter Four. He told me that I must go back to America, Babylon, and that He would deliver me!

At that time, I was living out of my suitcases and literally had no place of my own! My husband, Dennis, from whom I had fled, lived on the land in Arkansas, where we lived together, and I never thought that I would come back here! But, situations forced me back to this land, which is located out in the countryside in Arkansas, or out in the field as the prophecy tells.

At that time, Dennis had changed the password on the website, effectively taking it over and I could not post one word! So, I had to come back to the America to get this website back and to get an attorney to fight Dennis in court as he already had an attorney and was out to get all, even to take this website away from our Father and to destroy these works!

My divorce from Dennis was final on September 28, 2006 and although he has done great evil to me, I forgive him for all and only want to see him come and serve our Lord and God, to repent and to be saved from the burning pits! Pray for Dennis salvation! He needs your prayers!

So, my Dear Ones, verse ten has been fulfilled, all except for full redemption from the hand of my enemies; and I await this every day of my life! This will surely come with the return of our Lord and God! And, again this is repeated in a different way in Revelation 12:10, “Now is come salvation…” Truly, our Saviour comes soon and very soon!


The Night of October 11, 2006

My Dear Ones, I have taken a bit of divergence from the horrors of October 11th, the double-devil day and I wish to go back somewhat to tell you what actually happened that night, but even so, this is also prophecy fulfilled from Micah Chapter Four, verse 11. I have told you how I wept that morning and cried out to our Lord and God having felt forsaken by Him, but things would get worse as the day went along!

Feeling very tired by day’s end, I lay down to rest a little past 6:00 PM, something which I have not done in a very long time! But, there would be no rest; for Satan was in my face, literally in my face with some sort of hand-held device! And, he was continually forcing particles into my teeth and sinuses with this hand-held device, which seemed to be operating under pressure!

This device forced a horrible substance like fine sand into my jaws, into the nerves of my teeth, into the roof of my mouth and into my brain; and over and over again he forced this into my right cheek. My Dear Ones, this was painful and on top of this, he filled up my sinuses with glue and jet fuel over and over again! And, he continued on in this way for about seven hours straight!

As the DNA worked to get this horrible substance out of my body, Satan would force this substance into my sinuses again and again with his hand held device, but not just into my sinuses and head but into other body parts as well. And, as I have told you above, he would then follow with the glue and jet fuel! As the DNA tried to remove this sand like substance, the sounds of grinding sand like particles and the breaking up of hard plastic could be heard in my body!


The Satanic Orgy!

Not long after I lay down, I saw a man come in and he said to Satan, “We’ve got two hundred and they are ready!” I gasped and silently shed tears in the face of what was before me, for on their double devil day, they had planned a great orgy! Within very few minutes thereafter, in they came! The wall would pop and I would feel them, one by one as they climbed onto me and began their horrible deeds, but this time, not pumping their semen into my throat or into my nose; for there was very little of this, but into my abdominal cavity, they pumped their semen! This went on until 1:00 in the morning of the 12th and then I heard the words, “The party is over!”

Soon after hearing these words, I heard the wall pop and out went Satan! The DNA began to work and to remove much of the concrete-like material from my face, but before all of it could be removed, the wall popped and in came someone with more glue and the glue was again pumped into my sinuses!

I got up and the clock read, 1:40 AM on the morning of the 12th of October 2006! They had been in, one after the other, for over seven hours and I had slept little or none! I looked outside and could see that the spray planes had done their job well; for when I got up shortly after 9:00 PM and had briefly looked out, I could see that the sky was full of the radiant craft of our Father in Heaven, plus many of Satan’s and a host of the U.S. military craft all around the horizon!

I went back to bed after 1:30 AM and thought that I would possibly get some rest, but I got little rest; for others came in, one after the other, and as I went to sleep I could hear gurgling in my abdomen as they deposited their semen into my abdominal cavity over and over again!

Why did they choose to fill up my abdominal cavity with their semen? Because I had told my Sister and Friend a day before that I need to take some of this semen, which they are dumping into my throat, to have it analysed, and to have DNA tests done on it. For, even before this horrible orgy, Satan had been in daily with his military hoards and they had all gang-raped me over and over again, ad nauseum by literally pumping their penises into my body where there are no orifices!


“Many Nations are Gathered Against Thee!”

My Dear Ones, I have no doubt that these, who came, especially prior to the announcement that “The Party is Over!” were the high-level Satanists, who were invited by Satan to come in and to “defile” my body on the 11th of October, on their double devil day! I believe that these evil hoards came from around the world to “defile” my body and that this event was one of their high black mass celebrations! And, as such, they did not want their semen to be captured and analysed, so they pumped my abdomen full of their seeds from hell, thinking to leave no trace of their evil presence! But, even so, the next morning my urine was full of semen!

My Dear Ones, this is surely fulfilment of the prophecy in Micah Chapter Four wherein our Father in Heaven states, “Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.”

My Dear Ones, I have told you often that this new DNA signals the incoming of the Kingdom of our Lord and God! I have told you often that the new generation of souls, the new human race will receive this new DNA after this “baby” is carried back to the throne of God. I have told you that this is the beginning of a new nation and as such you should be aware that the Satanists from around the world all join this evil dog, Satan, in his efforts to stop these works!

Yes, indeed, they came; and even though I never saw their faces I know that these, who came, came from the nations, Satan’s elect, all to defile what our Lord and God is creating! But, even so, I am still here and our Father’s works continue on! Blessed is His Holy Name! For, when I am too tired to carry myself, He and He alone, carries me! What a gloriously wonderful God!


Those on the Right Path Will Be Persecuted!

Now, you might wonder why a loving God would allow such things! But, did this same God not allow the execution of his own Son, and all to save humanity! I am no one special and can in no way be likened to His only Son, for I am but one of his little ones! Yet, did our Saviour not warn us, that we would go through terrible times for love of Him and for love of our Father! I warn you, my Dear Ones, to take note! For, horrendous things as no one could ever imagine are upon the whole world and we are not dealing with animals, but beasts, who are all worthy of the burning lake of fire! So, be warned; for what they do to me, they will also do to many of you!

Today is another day and I am still alive and well, having overcome just one more day beneath the feet of Satan and his hoards! And, it is for sure that a Loving God is looking after me! For, no one could survive such horrors without divine intervention! He has surely forgiven my loud wailing before him; for He knows my great love for Him! Blessed is His Holy Name!


“I Will Make Thine Horn Iron and Thy Hoofs Brass!”

One day soon, my Dear Ones, our Father in Heaven is going to give me a horn of iron and feet of brass and as He directs I am going to stalk these perverts from hell all over this Earth. For, I have a great hate for this evil! It must be destroyed and it will be absolutely extinguished from the Earth! And, because of the last verse of Micah Chapter Four, wherein He tells me to rise and to thresh, I believe that He will allow me to come right back into the Earth with the Supernatural Army!

On some down days, oh how I wish to escape this evil Earth, but this thinking is really short-lived! My Dear Ones, I want to be in the thick of this Great Tribulation, and to be empowered with the power of our Father in Heaven! I cannot imagine sitting in the peace and tranquillity of heaven when so many are perishing in the Earth! This is why I have repeatedly begged our Father in Heaven to put me right back into the Earth with a supernatural body, with the horn of iron and the feet of brass. And, I promise you that if He will empower me to do so, I will annihilate some of the great evil in this world!


The Wild Dogs Will Bow Down!

In a dream recently, the Spirit of God showed me that when the living waters leave my hands and touch the wild dogs that they will bow down at my feet! And, this will be so because they will not be able to stand up beneath the power of our Blessed Father in Heaven! This is coming my Dear Ones and soon; for the righteous shall be blessed and they shall be used mightily in the establishment of the Kingdom of our Lord and God in the Earth and in the destruction of this evil!

Is this not the word? That thousands will fall at the presence of the righteous? Psalm 91:7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” This prophecy surely pertains to the times at hand! Blessed is the Mighty Name of Yahweh!

And, these things being written, I send love, big, big love to you, my Dear Ones! From the bottom of my heart, I thank those of you, who help financially and otherwise with these works. I must say that at this time you are indeed few, but even so I do not want for a thing! For, it is so that our Father has always taken a few and He has done great things through them. So, in this case, a few of you are helping to bring forth the Kingdom of God into the Earth and as such you are indeed worthy, greatly blessed; and I love you with a big love!

Until next time, remember …

Jesus is our Beautiful Way home,
Your Sis,

For others, who may wish to contribute financially to these works, my address is:

Linda Newkirk
P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR 72117

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