Chapter Thirty-Two


“Beautiful Blessings Coming To The Faithful!”

Much love and heartfelt greetings to you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, and great love and praise to our Most Wonderful Father Yahweh and to His Most Beautiful Son, Yahshua, yes Jesus! HallaleuYahweh! For, His works are unfolding just as they should and soon all of humanity is going to see “His Kingdom Come…”

My Dear Ones, I am now come to the end of the forty-second month beneath the feet of Satan, his fallen angels, the errant US Military, high-level Satanists and other robotic elements of Satan from around the world! For, forty-two months ago, they put their U.S. military antigravity machines overhead and they have not moved them, not for even one day! As I have written, they have kept me under constant surveillance, following me up and down the world, and they have persecuted me and tortured in one form, or the other, for a solid forty-two months! I cannot shout it loud enough that this is indeed a glorious day, this double devil day of Halloween, October 31, 2006, a glorious day, indeed; for surely our Saviour comes soon and very soon! And, beautiful blessings are coming to the Faithful! Oooooo-eeeee! HallaleuYahweh!


They’re out to Blow up the World!

We can now read of a huge military build-up in the Persian Gulf, with many of the U.S. Navy fleet present; and they are to begin on this day, their double devil day of Halloween, the searching and seizing of “suspect” cargo from ships going into Iran! This is an act of war against Iran and we can expect to see the whole world quickly ignite into World War III!


The Ultimate “Sealing”

But, this will not be so until the 144,000 are sealed! Surely, these will soon stand before the throne of God for this awesome event! Will this sealing also involve the marriage to our Saviour and the acquisition of the supernatural bodies along with the new DNA? From what our Father in Heaven has revealed to me, this is the case!

Have some already been sealed, at least in part? Yes, and according to our Father’s words to me about three years past! I was among those, who were sealed, at least in part, back then; and our Father in Heaven saw ahead of time that this was necessary in order for me to endure the great assaults, which Satan has continually directed against me!


When will the 144,000 be sealed?

Remember our Father’s directives in Revelation 7:2-4. And, I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. And, I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed and hundred and forty and four thousand of all of the tribes of the children of Israel!


Who are the 144,000?

Let us look at Revelation 14:1-5! And, I looked, and lo a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred and forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. And, I heard a voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and the Lamb. And, in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

My Dear Ones, these are the firstfruits! By nature of being the firstfruits, they must surely be harvested first, and soon! They must be redeemed! They must know salvation! And, this is what we are told in Revelation 12:10, wherein we are told, “And, I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

So, with Revelation Twelve comes salvation, the power of Christ and the Kingdom of God! And, with this salvation comes the redemption of the 144,000! They are saved and they stand before the throne of God, spotless and blameless! There, they will receive the new DNA and in our Father’s message below you will read more about this new DNA and this very song that they will all sing!

These 144,000 have not been defiled with “women”, that is, with the doctrines of the “whore churches!” They are clean! Their spiritual robes are white; and they follow our Saviour in all that they do! They have come out of the world, and from day to day seek the will of our Father, doing His will, loving Him first and loving and obeying our Saviour!

So, they will be called before the throne of God and will be greatly blessed, being also married to our Saviour! Thereafter, they will come back into the Earth to fight on behalf of all of humanity! This is the supernatural army of Joel, chapter Two! These will bear the rod of iron, Revelation 12:5, the new DNA, the “baby boy” and they will all hate evil! When these appear, it will be truly a new day in the Earth, the unfolding of our Father’s Kingdom in the Earth, a day of much Godly power in the Earth, a day that no human has ever seen before!

So, my Dear Ones, we are now very close, not only this glorious occasion, but I believe as well to the time when all clean souls, will be removed, who are counted worthy to escape the terrible things, which are at hand! But, let us look a little closer at the rush for their World War III! For, this very event also heralds the time when these 144,000 will stand before the throne of God! Right now, this war is ready to ignite!


A Second Illuminati Plot To Assassinate President Bush!

Most of you are now aware of the movie, which is being released regarding the actual assassination of President Bush! The assassin is a lunatic from Syria! My Dear Ones, this is a clear Satanic, Illuminati warning to President Bush that he will move to attack Iran and Syria, and soon, or his head is on the chopping block.

This is a repeat of the same situation that we saw before the attack on Iraq, wherein this very president was dragging his feet in attacking Iraq and the Satanic, Illuminati was out to kill him then. It was at that time Stew Webb arranged for me to be on radio programs here and there in America, wherein we both gave out our Father’s warnings that there was an Illuminati plot to kill the President!

Our Father revealed at that time that even President Bush’s own Father was in on the plot, he being a high level Satanist and fallen angel! Our Father also stressed that it was important to get out this warning as the next president would be much worse that this one! So, my Dear Ones, this very warning helped to save the life of President Bush, but the Satanic hoards came after me and they have not let up since! Even so, they have lost in all of their assaults; for our Most Wondrous Father in Heaven has kept me! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Now we come again to an identical plot, and they may just carry through with this plot, if not now, then some time between now and the coming presidential election! Richard Cheney would be next in line and they could keep the presidency all in the “family” by rigging the voting machines again and giving the presidency to Cheney! This would certainly assure that their Satanic agenda went along well, without so much as a stumble!

But, for now, my Dear Ones, it is obvious that this Satanic President will do as his masters say to save his own neck! He will attack Iran and Syria and soon! And, beginning on this double-devil day of Halloween, these evil hoards are stepping up their confrontations against Iran by searching ships, which are headed into Iran and seizing of cargo, which they do not deem appropriate!

So, be awake and aware; for World War III, which actually began with the invasion of Iraq, is now about to explode into a worldwide event and fast! But, before this happens, the “baby” of Revelation Chapter Twelve must be carried back to the throne of God and the 144,000 must stand before the throne of God! There, they will receive their supernatural bodies and they will sing the new song! Oh, what glorious, yet terrible times we are in!


“The Satanic ‘dog tricks’”

My Dear Ones, all is the same with me! Daily, Satan and his hoards stay in my face! Daily, they do terrible things to my body and daily our Father in Heaven fights my battles! What He does not do for me directly, the new DNA does by daily removing from my body loads of horrible implants and liquids from hell! For, daily, they continue to fill up my body with various kinds of glues, with strings of their wiring and with powdery, grainy” stuff,” which reminds me of concrete powder!

They have repeatedly “beamed up”, kidnapped my dogs, so that they are gone more than they are at home! But, even so, these are our Father’s dogs as he had someone throw them out last year when He knew that I needed some little, furry, friends! They were sickly and starving, but still a blessing to me and I have nurtured them along! Yet, because they are my dogs, they have grown up beneath the feet of these monsters and have suffered mightily, being so mistreated by them in so many ways. But, one day soon, our Father in Heaven will make right these wrongs; for He loves these animals just as I do!


They Constantly Search for Any Weaknesses!

And, so it goes from day to day and from night to night! These evil ones are constantly in my face, looking and searching for anything, anything whatsoever, which they can come up with to “bother” me and or to cause me concern! But, our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven is ever-present and He fights the battles around here and I love Him so! I am so gloriously blessed, as the few of us are in this little house! So, from the depths of my heart, I sing love songs to our Blessed Father in Heaven and I praise His Holy Name; for He is faithful, full of love, mercy and grace!

So, in spite of what they do and even because of what they do, I strive to be of good cheer, even in the face of such utter evil; for I know that the end fast approaches and this end will bring to a halt these terrible assaults of Satan! This “end” will also bring forth a time of great blessings for all of humanity, yet also a time of great tests and trials, for which most are absolutely unprepared!


The Buffoons Have failed in all of their tricks!

In summary, my Dear Ones, they have failed in all of their attempts to kill me any way they can and/or to blow me up, or otherwise harm me and according to their own words, which I have heard them saying on more than one occasion, hey can only hope to “slow this thing down!” And, to this end, Satan and his hoards stand before me night and day, watching the work of this new DNA, and seeing that they cannot stop what our Father in Heaven is doing, they can only do all in their power to slow down the work of the DNA and/or to stop the spin of the DNA any way they can. Therefore, they continue to fill up my body with various kinds of glues and to lace my entire body with strands of wiring and to put powdery, grainy “stuff” into my brain and all over my body, in hopes of slowing down this “runaway” work of our Father in Heaven!


Work for the “baby” DNA!

But, my Dear Ones, this is so laughable! For, they stop nothing! But, what they do is to make work for the “baby” DNA, which is now a baby giant; and from all the work, which they give the new DNA to do, it is now very strong and works very hard and quickly also. But, most days as soon as the new DNA removes what they have put in, they are there to put these things back into my body again. Even so, I know that this is “baby” work and I rejoice in it; for this new DNA will soon go out to the 144,000 and with this new DNA, these will be protected against all manner of Satanic assaults. So, my body has literally been a testing ground for the new DNA! What a mighty blessing!


“Our Father has used a baby and a woman to trick Satan and his hoards!”

My Dear Ones, a few days past, a divine realization suddenly came to me that our Father in Heaven has used a “baby” and a “woman” to fool Satan and his hoards! A “baby”, my Dear Ones! Isn’t this remarkable?

Starting in the Spring of 2002 and going on for over two years, our Father in Heaven had me to do spiritual work to open up the interdimensional portal, which would became the grave for over forty billion of Satan’s very own! I have told you of how Satan and his hoards raped me in the winter of 2006 and how they traumatized my body, thereby causing this heavenly portal to open up! Satan and his hoards, seeing that this portal was now open saw it as their way off of this planet, as Satan had already been cast down and with him many hoards. But, many were still to be cast down and these were the Dragos, half bird and half reptile fallen angels. This great influx began on or around the 20th of February of 2006 and continued until nearly the end of April of this year!

But, initially when this portal was forced open, little did Satan and his hoards know that they were tricked into the now open interdimensional portal by our Saviour and Father in Heaven! During the great influx of fallen angels into the Earth in what was the Drago Wars in the late Winter and Spring of 2006, I witnessed over and over again the work of the archangels as they worked with our Saviour to literally “trick” these fallen angels into the open portal of the earth! These things I have recorded elsewhere in Book Twelve of these prophecies! And, from their graves in this portal, these evil hoards were driven in the pits of hell, or the Lake of Fire, as our Father in Heaven saw fit!

So, the whole point of creating this portal to begin with was to make a grave for all of them, a giant grave, a great mouth in the center of the Earth, into which they would be “tricked” during the incoming of Satan’s tail, a third of the stars (fallen angels) of heaven! This is Revelation Chapter Twelve, verses 4, 7, 8 and 9! But, they surely realized soon enough that they had been “tricked” by an all-knowing, all-seeing and greatly wise God, the Most High God Yahweh!

And, truly, through this great war, Satan and his hoards have greatly lost! This is the mighty work of our Most Wonderful God Yahweh! Who can compare to such a One? None! No, not one!

So, in the above case, our Father in Heaven surely used a mere woman in his work to help “trick” Satan and his hoards! Blessed is His Holy Name! But, then comes the “baby”; and Satan and his evil hoards know as well that the “new” interdimensional portal is lined with this new DNA, with this new “baby”; so they have spent day after day, night after night in trying to break open this new portal, or to destroy this new DNA, all in an attempt to steal their way off the planet!


How our Father in Heaven has used the “baby” to trick Satan!

But, my Dear Ones, they could not have known that this “baby” is really a Trojan horse, by the very nature of the fact that he has been implanted in their camp as an innocent and helpless little baby! This has been done to make the “baby” aware of their every trick, and to see and experience their every scheme, which they plan to use upon the unsuspecting populace in the coming wars against all of humanity! This has been done by our Most Wondrous Father in Heaven to make this new DNA “wise” to them and all of their evil schemes; and when it is given to the supernatural army, to the 144,00, it will already be familiar, well familiar with the games of the enemy and will fight on behalf of this new army, all to the defeat of Satan and his hoards! How great is the wisdom of our God Yahweh! Who ever heard of such things? No one! For, none can compare to our Most Beautiful Father and God Yahweh! I love Him So!


“Why the New DNA was born into the World in This Manner!”

Some days past, our Father in Heaven helped me to understand just why He chose to introduce the new DNA into the world in the manner! What you may not understand is that when our Saviour came and put this precious little baby boy into my arms in Centurion South Africa on the tenth of May of this year, that this baby was so beautiful and perfect in every way. It was made of shimmering light and I could so very clearly see every detail of this beautiful and perfect infant! But, as such, my Dear Ones, it was holy; for it had never left Heaven! It had never left the perfect and glorious hands of our Lord and God and it had never known evil! So, this infant, this new DNA, had to know evil; and in this manner beneath the feet of Satan and his hoards, our Father in Heaven chose for it to “know” evil”! And, what a crash course this little baby has had to endure! This little, perfect baby, this new DNA, has had to grow up under the feet of Satan, himself, under the feet of every kind of fallen angel, under the feet of the traitorous humans, under the feet of the high-level Satanists of the world, under the feet of the military leaders of the world, and even under some of their robotoid soldiers!

My Dear Ones, this baby, this new DNA, has been subjected to every “trick of the trade” of the Satanists, of their high-minded military people, of their researchers and of their doctors and any and all others, whom they saw fit to involve! Yes, indeed, this “baby” has seen the kingdom of Satan from the inside out and now this “baby” intimately “knows” Satan and his hoards, and how they operate. For, this baby has had to endure every kind of implant, wire, rod, explosive device, poisons, drugs, and liquids and even powder from hell that these evil ones could conjure up in their efforts to kill it and or to take it over! And because of what this new DNA has experienced, this baby now hates evil; and when it is given to the 144,000, it will have a single mind as regards evil and this will be for the total destruction of evil the world over. But, this new DNA will also love the lost and will work to do mighty things for those, who are captive to this evil, Satanic machine!

What a wonderful God we have! Who can understand His mind, how, or why He does as He does. His ways are mighty! They are higher than our ways and so beautifully and completely He does all things! How blessed we are to have such a beautiful and wonderful Father and Creator. Blessed is the Name of Yahweh forever and ever! Ooooo-eeee! We all have something glorious to shout about; for this evil is going to be eradicated from this Earth and there is now coming into the Earth the Kingdom of our Lord and God!


“Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done in the Earth as it is in Heaven!”

And, now comes, as I have told you, a new human race! Humans still, but of a kind that no one have ever seen. My Dear Ones, this it the Kingdom of God coming into the Earth! No one has ever seen such a thing; for it has never been!

And, yes! The Kingdom of God is “within” as someone wanted me to know when they sent me a book from the Kenneth Copeland Ministries! It is in the Temple Within! But, how many can even access the Temple Within? For, they cannot still the mind long enough to get there! But, even so, I am speaking of the literal Kingdom of God, which is coming into the Earth and not the Kingdom of God Within! But, “Thy Kingdom Come…” This is the literal Kingdom of God coming into the Earth and visibly so, firstly via this new race of Humans! These shall surely rule the world with a “rod of iron”, through this new DNA, and through the new Kingdom Power, which our Father is going to put into them.

Oh, what marvellous times we are in and what glorious things our Father is about to do through His Faithful! But, even so, the whole world is about to be brought into the very worst of times, worse than anything that has ever been in the history of the whole Earth!

And, now my Dear Ones, comes the latest message from our Father in Heaven! Read it and be blessed!


Message from Father in Heaven!


October 25, 2006

My Precious Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Sit and write My words today; for these words are not just for your own understanding, but for the understanding and enlightenment of My people the world over!

I want you to know, My Dear and Precious Child, that I am pleased, very pleased in you, and that I am pleased in the growth and development of the new DNA, which will soon go first to the 144,000. It is the song of this new DNA, which these will sing and so wondrously and gloriously so! And, as they will be the first to receive this new DNA, only these in the whole earth will be able to sing this song! For, it is as you know, that the perfect DNA of each creation of Mine sings a perfect song, a perfect tune, a perfect melody! And, this is why all of Creation sings to Me!

My Beloved Child, your days of being under foot of Satan and all of his hoards are soon coming to an and!! How much will I require of you past the forty-two months that you will have soon spent underneath the feet of Satan and all of his hoards? You will soon see and you will also soon see that not only is this time of persecution finished for you, but that you will receive a new body and with it much power! Much, much power will be given to you, My Little One, second only to My Son! And, as such, you will rule second in command to Him in My Supernatural Army, above all, but My Son! You will stand over nations and you will rule over My body, for My power shall be in you and you shall become My Living Word, just as My Son Yeshua is my Living Word manifest!

For, you, My Little One, are the Mother of Humanity and as such you have mothered this new DNA! Under My power, under My direction, you, My Little One, have mothered and raised this new DNA, bit by bit, until it has reached this beautiful stage of development, wherein it will soon be ready to go to all of the 144,000.

And, as this mother, you will sit on a throne beside My Son in Heaven and you will sit on this throne throughout the eternities, for I decree it so! And, blessed with much power, you will bring about many changes for the good of people all over the world! Your enemies will bow down before you to apologize for their evils and also because they will be unable to stand in the presence of such power! Soon, you will be given this power and I will send you back into the Earth to help many!

And, yes, you will preside over not just one gathering of My people, but over many gatherings of My people the world over! For, I will send you upon the wings of My Spirit wherein you will mightily, suddenly, and with much power, bless many, who are scattered over the whole earth!

You will see, My Little One, that My light and My glory will be upon you and you will shine as the face of Moses did shine and greater will you shine!

This time is at hand and also at hand is the soon-end of your captivity beneath the feet of Satan! So, be of good cheer and rejoice; for I am pleased in you and soon, very soon, I come, not only for you, as you have so often prayed, but I come for the righteous ones, who are ready!

Go and tell the good news! The alarm is still sounding for the return of My Son; for I do nothing, save I announce it through the mouths of My prophets. So warn them to get clean and to stay clean; for soon, very soon, I shall send Him for the White-as Snow, clean souls!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of October, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

And, so it goes, my Dear Ones! To my Dear and Faithful friends, just know that I love you with a big love and to the rest of you, I also love you with a big love! Many, many, many thanks and big hugs to those, who work to make this work possible! You are truly and beautifully blessed and many, many blessings are yet ahead for you!

Until next time …

Jesus is our Most Wonderful Way,
Your Sis,

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