Chapter Thirty-Three


“What a Glorious Unfolding!”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I send my heartfelt love and greetings to you in the Most Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, our Beloved Groom in the Waiting! Blessed is His Holy Name and blessed is the Name of our Father in Heaven, YAHWEH, MOST HIGH GOD! HE IS MARVELOUS BEYOND WORDS AND FULL OF EVERY BEAUTIFUL ATTRIBUTE! HALLALEUYAHWEH! HE HAS A PERFECT PLAN AND IT IS UNFOLDING AS HE HAS SO WONDROUSLY DESIGNED!

My Dear Ones, I am very much alive, well and still awaiting the return of our Beautiful Saviour. The work of our Father in His new DNA is going well and as He so desires. A few weeks have passed since I last updated you on this war of the Satanic Buffoons and their constant attempts to defeat our Father Yahweh and His works through Revelation Chapter Twelve. But, my Dear Ones, they have failed over and over again to succeed in their most bizarre attempts to kill me, to take over these works and/or to stop them in any way! But, it is for no lack of trying on their parts; for when one hair brained scheme fails, they are quickly back with another harebrained scheme, the latter being even more bizarre than the former! And, in spite of the fact that all of their schemes have failed, true to their psychopathic minds, they do not to learn from all of their mistakes! Like true Don Quixotes, they are constantly chasing their own windmills, regardless of the insanity of their schemes and plots


The Works of Demons and Devils!

I know that what I write of them and their Satanic schemes and plots seems utterly bizarre; for you and I have never heard of such things and we have never seen such things in our whole lives. But, truly our Saviour told us about these times when He said that there have never been such times so severe in the history of the whole Earth, both in His own words and also in the words of our Father as given through His prophet, Daniel! For, we deal not with people, but with powers and principalities of great darkness.


They will Not Steal Their Way Off this Planet!

For, it is as I have told you previously that these fallen angels and their Commander Satan now work alongside many humans, doctors, researchers of every kind and various kinds of U.S. military personnel! For, truly I have personally witnessed such things over and over again! And, so, it is not only the minds of these dark-as-night perverts from hell, the fallen angels, but their human counterparts, who also work tirelessly day and night to destroy these works, or to steal their way off this planet by overtaking our Father’s interdimensional portal! For, they have all been cast down, defeated in the Upper Realms, thrown down into the Earth; and over forty billion of them taken captive by our Father, our Saviour, the angels, the archangels and the Hosts of Heaven! This Great War in the heavens has already been finished and now those, who remain, along with Satan, are locked in the Earth, incapable of traveling the interdimensional highways, the shortcuts to the planets and stars! They cannot leave and they are hoping every day of their lives to steal their way off the planet by overtaking this portal, which is attached to my body! And, so they continue on with their attacks against me, their persecution and torture from day to day, all in their attempts to steal their way off the planet! And, if this is not possible, their on-going agenda is to kill me and/or to take over my body, in order to stop these works, which is the unfolding of the Kingdom of God in the Earth in its infancy.


The Kingdom Of God in Its Infancy!

I have told you previously, that the 144,000 will stand before the throne of God, where in they will get this new DNA, plus supernatural bodies. Thereafter, they will then come back into the Earth and fight on behalf of all of humanity. When these come forward, this will surely be the beginning of the manifest Kingdom of God in the Earth! For, these humans will be empowered spiritually as no one has ever seen and after this time of Great Tribulation is finished, these will surely bear the rods of iron and they will rule under our Saviour and over the Kingdom of God in the Earth! My Dear Ones, this righteous Kingdom of God, this mighty and holy System of Government is at hand!

Right now, this Kingdom is in its infancy, in its early stages as our Father in Heaven actually grows this new DNA in my physical body, the DNA for the new generation of humans. This new DNA is maturing and growing stronger from day to day as Satan and his hoards continue to throw into my physical body any and all things that they can think of, all in their attempts to stop these works. But, even so, they have failed and continue to fail; for when the new DNA senses something new to which it has not been exposed to, it must then rise up in a new power from our Father in Heaven and defeat what they have done. And, when it is not strong enough to remove what they have put in, I must wait for our Father to add to the new DNA the power to attack this new threat! For some hours, or even days, I must wait upon our Father in Heaven to bring forth a new phase of this new DNA, to put another phase of His power in this DNA; and this wait can be very tiring indeed! But, this is the way of our Lord and God; and those of us, who wait upon Him are truly blessed! HOLY IS THE MOST WONDROUS NAME OF YAHWEH, MARVELOUS BEYOND ANY WORDS, TRUE, RIGHTEOUS AND FAITHFUL! I LOVE HIM SO!


A Work Akin to that of Moses!

My Dear Ones, I must stress again, that as I see it, these works are much akin to what Moses did in the face of the Pharaoh! When the Pharaoh would bring forth a certain amount of his power through the spirit of Satan in Him, our Father then would bring forth a greater power through Moses. I do not know how long this showdown between our Father through His trusted servant Moses and the wicked Pharaoh went on, but it apparently went on for some weeks, or even months. And, after some time of this great showdown, at a time when the assaults of our Father were so great against the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh relented and let the captives go! But, Pharaoh, being the liar that he was then changed his mind and came after the Children of Israel, only to be drowned in the Sea, he and all of his armies. In the end, this wicked Pharaoh was not only “whipped” by our Father in Heaven, he lost in a very big way, and much more that he had ever expected! Blessed is the name of Yahweh, the One Holy and Righteous God! Great and mighty is He! THERE IS NO GOD LIKE HIM! HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GOD HE IS!

And, so it is with this on-going war with Satan! For, when they come with greater schemes, which the baby DNA has not seen before, there will often be a lull in power as our Father in Heaven is making this DNA stronger and ready to go up against the evil giants again. After this lull, or rather quiet time of the DNA, suddenly a power serge comes into it from our Father in Heaven and the DNA cleans my body of the horrible “stuff” that they evil hoards have put into my body


The Assaults of the Enemy!

Following, I will tell you somewhat of the terrible assaults of Satan and his hoards against me since the last chapter in Book Twelve! It is important that you know these things; for this work is a work for the Children of our Father in Heaven, a work, which will bear beautiful fruit for the Children of the Most High for many generations to come! For, now comes the “budding” of His Kingdom through a new DNA, which, when imparted to those, who are ready, will bring forth a new race of humanity, a new generation of souls!

So, you, my Dear Ones, need to know what is unfolding and you need to know as well that what I endure, many of you will endure in the future as you suffer beneath the oppression of Satan and his hoards! And, truly, many of you will endure far worse things than what I write of here as Satan turns upon you in his wrath and anger, in order to eradicate you from the face of this planet! For, I tell you, my Dear Ones, that he is indeed angry, very angry that he is cast down, he and his hoards, angry indeed that their wings have been clipped and they can no longer fly the upper realms! And, when they must face the fact that they will be going nowhere and cannot escape their punishment at the hands of our Lord and God, these evil hoards will turn upon all of humanity with a single intent and this intent being to eradicate all humans, (save their slave labor), from the face of this planet!

The only thing, which currently stands between Satan, his bands, and his Great War against humanity, is Revelation Twelve, this work, and the final outcome of this work. When this work is finished and our Father in Heaven removes me from the face of Satan, Satan will then see that he has no way off this planet and he will immediately turn against humanity in great wrath! But, this Great War will not begin as long as I am still on this Earth; for as long as I am here, all of their attention is focused on me as they hope to find a weakness in me, in our Father’s work, or in this new DNA, which they can exploit and thereby gain access of the time portal, which is attached to my physical body.


The Desperation of the Enemy!

I tell you, my Dear Ones, that they are indeed desperate to escape their punishment and defeat at the hands of our Father! And, I tell you as well that this war against me is intense and unrelenting from day to day; for they come forth with scheme after scheme, day and night, night and day, all in order to defeat our Father and His works.

Even so, I tell you now that they know that they cannot defeat him, but think in their pride and arrogance to come up with something, anything, which will bring me down; for they know that I am but a mere woman and subject to human frailties! But, they have failed to grasp the fact that our Father in Heaven fights all of my battles.

This has been a long and protracted war and from day to day, I also get very tired. This war is too great for me, so I wait upon our Father in Heaven for all things; and in all things He is ever faithful! Every day, I am a living testimony to the awesome power of the One and Only God, The Most High God Yahweh; for truly no one could live through such things as I what have experienced from day to day! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh! TO HIM IS ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY. THERE IS NO GOD LIKE HIM AND I LOVE HIM SO!


Their Never-Ending Schemes!

Previously, I have told you of how Satan and his hoards have tried to turn me into stone by filling up my body here and there with a powder, which reminds me of cement powder. Then, on top of this, they would put huge amounts of glue and among this another thick, gooey liquid. I have told you how they continually put objects into my brain, or into other parts of my body in order to make walls of sorts, or dams to hold in place their great array of “stuff”!

Within the last few weeks, they became very elaborate in creating these partitions in certain parts of my body. In creating their partitions, they took tubes, collapsible tubes, which remind me somewhat of the fake blood vessels, which surgeons use when they replace a defective part of a blood vessel in the human body. These tubes are tough and when the DNA cuts them, I can sense that they are made of some sort of thick, strong, fibrous material.

With these strong, but collapsible tubes, they also created a widespread system of tubing in my whole body, conduits through which they could pump vast amounts of their gooey liquid and vast amounts of glue. Some of these tubes are quite large and in order to connect the external pumps to the tubes, they have also created “ports” just under the skin in various parts of my head and body. These ports are clearly visible just beneath the skin and can be seen as concentric rings of hard material, which are attached to the skin and muscle!

Amidst the glue, which they put into my body for many weeks, they later began to put tiny bead-like structures! Amidst this glue also, they ran strips of their elastic-like wiring, which is also electrically conductive, and here and there in my body they began to put tiny metal wiring. They particularly put this tiny metal wiring through my gums and between my teeth, and not just once or twice, but over and over again for weeks and even months on end! Within the past week, or so, they have put huge amounts of this tiny metal wiring all over my body in clumps or in sheets. This tiny metal wiring reminds me of tiny metal curtains when it is put into my body in sheets, but at times it is pumped into my body, mixed with some sort of substance! In this way, it can be injected to make a row of metallic wiring, or a collection of sharp, metallic objects.

These tiny metallic objects have barbs on the end and these barbed wires have served them well to grab into the spaces between the teeth, to dig into the flesh and hold on! So, when they saw that the DNA was slow in removing these wiry barbs from my gums, they began to pour them into my body in great amounts, into my brain, into my neck, into my throat, into my back, etc.

At the point, where the tubes are connected to my body, they put the cement-like substance around the connections and outside of this they will place copious amounts of these tiny, sharp metal objects. This is done in attempt to make it as difficult as possible for the DNA to get these tubes out. Outside of the tubes and the things that I have just mentioned, they will often add a very thick, gooey liquid and often in this thick, gooey liquid are tiny particles of some sort. Often, this thick, gooey, liquid is glue, but within the last month, or so, they have also began to put copious amounts of liquid rubber into my body! This liquid rubber has formed deep pockets alongside my neck, inside my chest and within my abdominal cavity and even in my brain.

They thought that surely the DNA could not remove the liquid rubber, but they were wrong again! However, once much of this stuff is removed, these evil ones put things right back into my body again! So, my Dear Ones, my body always contains vast amounts of the aforementioned substances. But, through so much work, this “baby” DNA, which is really now a giant, has grown greatly and has become very strong! However, I get tired and I believe that this DNA also gets tired from day to day; as I am daily in the Spirit from eight, to ten, to twelve hours per day on most days.


The Interesting DNA Work!

And, anyone, who is around me, will also attest to the fact that I am here, but in the Spirit, watching this “baby” do this work; for I must also be in the Spirit when it works. And, because of the fact that I am also in the Spirit when it works, I see most all things that this new DNA does. I watch it work at the microscopic level and often slowly and meticulously at the microscopic level and I also witness the DNA take off and work very rapidly literally throwing vast amounts of “stuff” from my body all at once!

It is most amazing to see it work at the microscopic level; for therein I can see every connection of every wire that these evil ones have put into my body and every aspect of these tubes and how they are connected. I watch the DNA as it unfastens, and removes complicated connections of wires and things, which they have put in my body! For, in their wiring, these evil ones often work hard to make certain connection complicated, thinking to ‘outsmart” our Father’s new DNA!

It is at the microscopic level that the DNA often works slowly as it is looking and searching for the connections, which need to be broken somewhere in the maze of so much junk in certain parts of my body! It is during these times that I can often hear one of them say to another one, “What is it doing now,” to which the other one will usually say, “I do not know. It does what it does!” For, at all times when the DNA is cleaning out their work, they are watching, looking for any slow areas in the DNA, and when they find a “slow” area, they pound these perceived weaknesses and over and over again, usually for weeks on end! When the DNA was slow in getting out the wiry barbs out of my gums, for instance, they then put the wiry barbs into my body in vast amounts here and there as they please! They really believe that in so doing that they will defeat our Father and His works! But, they defeat nothing; for I wait upon our Lord and God and when He is ready, He sends His power to defeat whatever He chooses to defeat! Blessed in His Holy Name!

In recent days, I am aware that our Father in Heaven seems to be looking at certain tasks of the DNA and “testing” the DNA in certain areas, as if to determine when the DNA has met His criteria! Although He has not told me this verbatim, I sense that this is the case from a dream I had a few nights past. And I realize now that it is unimportant whether the DNA removes all of what they put into my body at any given time; for it is impossible for the DNA to now remove from my body all that they put in, when they are pumping my body full of fluids and adding things as fast as the DNA takes it out. But, rather what is important as far as I understand it is that the DNA masters certain tasks in a way that is pleasing to our Father in Heaven.

So, my Dear Ones, I am used to going from day to day with vast amounts of glue in my body, or thick, gooey stuff in my chest, or tubes in my throat or brain and on and on it goes. But, in spite of all that they put in me, I am able to go about my activities and do what I need to do in the world, whether it is to go shopping, or to make a phone call or to sit here and write this for your own understanding.


For the Record!

So that these things are recorded my Dear Ones, I will expound somewhat more on the assaults of the evil ones and also on the fact that all of their schemes have been utterly defeated by our Father Yahweh! In addition to the system of tubes, which I have described to you, these evil ones are constantly putting into my abdomen pouch-like things and often several pouches at once! One such thing often contains burning, smoking substances, and from these burning substances, these evil ones repeatedly pipe smoke into my lungs, or into my nose! From the pouch-like apparatus, they send a tube into my lungs, or up directly into my nose and this tube carries a steady stream of smoke! They will often pipe this smoke into my body for hours on end, especially when I am sleeping, but not limited to my sleep, for often they do this evil to me for many hours at a time during the day as well! Others, who are around me, can also smell this smoke, or the smell of glue or other chemicals, which they put into my body. Or, they can smell smoke on my breath when they know as well that I do not smoke!

This DNA has often found this pouch-like insert and has removed it from my body and they have just as quickly put it in again! So my Dear Ones, I have learned to get used to things, like the presence of this smoke! And, even though they do this to me so often, it hardly fazes me anymore. I just note the smoke in the passing and then go on with my life! Through all of this, our Father has given me great grace to withstand these terrible assaults!

There have also been times when Satan has taken coals of fire from my wood heater and he has rammed them into various parts of my body. I am aware when he does these things, for I will feel a slight sensation of it and then the smell of wood smoke coming from my body; but by the beautiful graces of our Lord and God, Satan is not able to burn me with these live coals.


The Beautiful Love and Grace of our Father Yahweh!

This evil hound from hell, Satan, does such things because he can and this is to show that he has some kind of powers that you and I do not have; but my Dear Ones, this is really laughable; for he cannot defeat our Father Yahweh! And, it is our Father in Heaven, who fights my battles!

This is the beautiful protection and grace of our Father in Heaven; for He keeps me alive amidst the most horrendous kinds of torture and persecution and I put my total faith and trust in Him!

Yes, He has determined that I must go through all of this torture and persecution under the feet of Satan, under the feet of every fallen angel, under the feet of every traitorous human, who comes here in the service of Satan, and/or, any of the rest of his hoards, which Satan determines to bring forth! But, My Dear Ones, this is the work that our Father in Heaven has determined for me to do, all in order to “birth” this new DNA for this new generation of souls, the beginning of His Kingdom in the Earth. And, what He has determined that I must go through, I must go through, but what keeps me going during some very hard times is the knowing that this work has a beautiful ending, a mighty blessing for all of humanity! And because of this knowing, my Dear Ones, I find great joy in the many trials that our Father in Heaven has given to me! For, it is as we are told in the Scriptures that all things do work together for the good of those, who are called of God!

Therefore, I tell you my Dear Ones, that we must rejoice and be glad! We must carry on in the face of whatever trials we face. For, our sorrows are but for a brief while and then comes the majesty of our Lord and God! Yes, this is so! Indeed His ways are perfect in every way and His plan is unfolding just as it should unfold!

Therefore, I feel so utterly blessed to be a small part of our Father’s mighty works. How blessed I am and how blessed you are as a beautiful Child of God! Remember your heritage and live worthy; for our Father in Heaven loves you greatly and He has great and beautiful blessings for you!



So, my Dear Ones, what they do to me is the will of our Father in Heaven and He gives me grace to persevere from day to day amidst their terrible schemes. And, so it goes with them and their schemes! They come up with a scheme of torture or persecution; but they do not continue with such a scheme for a day or two, but will continue on with the same scheme, with slight variations for weeks, or months on end. With the tubing in my body, not once but day after day, they have put all these tubes all over my body. The DNA has repeatedly removed them and they have put them right back!

You may remember from the writings back in the summer of this year, that they pumped liquids into my body via some sort of external pump and at that time this pumping would go on for hours at a time at night! They would spend much time in filling up my body with their various liquids; and after some months of this the DNA was able to remove all the liquids that they had put in over several hours, and within a short time as well! In other words, the DNA learned to quickly defeat this way of infilling my body with these liquids! This made them very angry, and then came forth the scheme to put tubing all over my body! And in my brain they have repeatedly placed a system of convoluted tubing, such that the tubing is repeatedly folded up in places, like an accordion! And, most recently when the DNA works to get out the tubing, they fill up some of the convoluted tubing with air! This is done to make it harder for the DNA to remove the tubing, but the DNA successfully removes the tubing, regardless of their schemes!

And, also as I have previously mentioned, by using the tubing and other kinds of stuff, they have devised a system of dams here and there in my body to hold the liquids and tubing in place. In my head, they put the cement and other things at the base of my brain between the backs of my ears and my spine and they put this deep into my neck! This is done to stop the flow of this liquid from moving out in this area.

In addition, they put rings in the back of my throat and make these rings tight enough to stop any of the liquid from flowing downward past my throat. They constantly stuff my brain with layers of the tubing and cement like powdery stuff, which is slightly wet, and they make rows of dams in my brain along the area of my medulla. In addition, they put dams and ridges in my brain at certain areas, all made of the tubing to separate certain areas of the brain as they please! Amidst this convoluted tubing, they have repeatedly poured the cement-like stuff, the thick, gooey liquids and the glue. They have also put liquid rubber into my brain, along with whatever else they choose. In fact, they put so much stuff in my brain that I do not know how my brain has any room left, but even so, my Dear Ones, I go on with my life and do what our Father in Heaven directs me to do; and they do as they will.

But, in spite of all that they do and because of all that they do, I am better than well, I am doing great in the love and grace of our Lord and God! For, my Dear Ones, there is NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH! HE CAN DO ANYTHING! AND FROM DAY TO DAY, HE SO MIRACULOUSLY CARRIES ME, FOR NO ONE COULD LIVE THROUGH SUCH THINGS, NOT EVEN FOR ONE MINUTE! OH, HOW I LOVE THIS MIGHTY GOD, OUR BEAUTIFUL FATHER IN HEAVEN; AND HOW I LOOK TO THE DAY WHEN I WILL SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE!

My Dear Ones, I continue on with the explanations of the works of the evil ones, all in order to make a record of these things! So, I tell you of what they have put into my brain, for many months now! Just yesterday, the DNA worked about eight hours on the brain alone, and as it removed a large object, I heard one of them say, “Oh, no! She is removing our “brain.” In other words, they had put into my brain their own “control” box, which no doubt monitors all of my bodily functions and processes of my own brain functions, but their brain has no effect on me. This body is powered by the Spirit of God and all of their brains have failed to take it over! But, even so, their assaults are real and to remove what they have repeatedly put into my brain alone is much work for our Father’s beautiful, baby DNA. This work of the DNA to remove these things from my brain just yesterday alone took up most of the day, and when night came there they were again, filling up my brain, my neck and other parts of my body with their vast amounts of tubes and other stuff!

It is as I have just told you that over and over and over again for weeks on end, they will continue with the same schemes, or with slight variations of the same schemes. When they come up with a scheme, they work it and work it and work it, even when they have no success in what they do. They do overkill in all that they do. When a little would do, they do not choose a little, but go to the excess in all things. So, this is the way that they have done to me continually for many months.


They are constantly “Looking!”

And, through all of their persecution, they are constantly watching for anything, which they can do to cause annoyance, annoyance in any way. If they can find one thing, which I do not like, they will continue on with this assault ad infinitum. They do this, my Dear Ones, with one intent and this intent is to break me psychologically in any way that they can!

When they see that the DNA is removing things, which are important to them, like some of the ports, which they put into my neck and brain, they will create anything, which they consider a distraction! When the DNA removes a port, for instance, or when it is about to find one, these evil ones will do all in their power to try to distract me and thereby distract the DNA and to keep it from doing its work. For, as I have told you, I must be in the Spirit for the DNA to do most of its work. So, they will gouge me with something, try to burn me, get up on the roof and throw acorns down on the roof, pilfer some papers, throw something around in the house, call with an annoying phone call, stick hair in my ears, or put something up my nose, shoot a tiny dart-like implant into some part of my body, or really anything, which they can conjure up and use to attempt to distract me and to stop these works. So, they work overtime to stop the DNA from doing its job and to distract me from doing these works in the Spirit!

When they see that one distraction does not work, they go for another and so it has been with this work since the beginning. They are constantly searching for anything, which they determine to be an annoyance to me and if and when the find one thing, they will use this over and over again in order to try and stop these works! For this reason, I can tell you for a fact that little annoys me; for I am at peace in my life and seek to do only our Father’s will! So, it is indeed difficult for them to distract me from doing this work as I also have a one tract mind about doing it!

So when things happen which would have seemed adverse to me even a year ago, I give all to our Father in Heaven and believe that He allowed such things to happen for reasons of His own. So, I “go with the flow” as the saying goes, and in truth little upsets me. However, it is also as I have told you that from time to time, I also have “down” days when I will weep and howl before our Father in Heaven. But, even so, I do not stay there, but get up again and sing songs of love and praise to our Most Beautiful Lord and God! For, He never said that this work is easy, but a difficult path and few, few find it and even fewer stay on it. So, for sure we will all have down days, but we must not stay there! We must get up again and live in the love and joy of our Lord and God! For, HE IS OUR EVERYTHING! HOW I LOVE HIM! WHAT A GLORIOUSLY WONDERFUL GOD WE HAVE! HALLALEUYAHWEH!


A Bizarre World, Indeed!

I know that what I write seems absolutely bizarre and I am the first to tell you that these things are bizarre, totally bizarre; and nothing that I could have ever imagined could have prepared me for such encounters! Yet, my Dear Ones, these things are not new, but have been going on for a very long time; however out of the sight of us “mere humans!” This is why they operate in the darkness and under the cover of secret societies; for if all of humanity every found out what they have been up to for a very long time, there would be utter revolution on this planet! Therefore, they, being outnumbered have known that they must operate in secret; for many would have put a stop to their evils long ago if the knowledge of them was made public!

Therefore, they have gone in secret in all of their utterly evil practices! But, the time is at hand when their deeds are no longer done in secret, but for all of the world to see and they no longer fear any consequences; for they have risen to new heights in their quests for power; and they are now by their own standards ready to take over this world! Soon, none will escape the effects of their great war against humanity; for the last few terrible years, the time of the great tribulation is upon those of this planet! Therefore, I beg you to take note of what I am telling you; for they do these terrible things to me today, but tomorrow they do these things in mass to great numbers of people!

My Dear Ones, through all that they do and have done to me, take note of their great desperation to get off this planet and to escape their punishment under the hands of our Lord and God. Yes, they are indeed desperate! The Prince of The Air is desperate to remain the Prince of the Air! But, from day to day, he is failing and from day to day his time of lording over this Earth and the people of this Earth is fast drawing to a close. Therefore, they are in my face twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!


These Evil Ones Never Let Me Out of Their Sight!

Yes, indeed, they are always in my presence! A few nights past, I dreamed that Satan was sleeping in my room and I believe this to be the case; for when I arouse at night for even one moment, he is there with glue in hand, or with the thick gooey substance in hand, shooting these substances into my head and face, or into other parts of my body! Truly, they never let me out of their sight, lest I slip off and leave them high and dry without any possible portal through which to escape! And, my Dear Ones, this is their desperation from day to day!


They Desperately Want to Know the True Angles of the DNA!

About two months past, Satan was in my living room with a man and he was telling him that they had determined the DNA angles to be open between 160 degrees and 190 degrees. But, he also told the man that this new DNA is unstable and that they are unable to determine the true angles of this DNA! Curiously, my Dear Ones, why are they so possessed with the operating angles of the DNA?

Our Father told me in South Africa in the winter of 2005 that there will come a time that we will bloom as a flower in the desert! Was He then speaking of this new DNA, which will open up like a glorious flower in full bloom? I believe so! And when this new DNA is fully opened, it will be open 360 full degrees! So, Satan was telling this man, most likely a researcher of some sort, that they have determined that this new DNA was then operating within these angles! However, this conversation took place some weeks past!


A Most Informative Conversation!

Yesterday, on the 28th of November of 2006, I was privy to hear another conversation! I have not seen the face of this one, who was speaking, but I often hear him commenting on what the DNA is doing! In his conversations, he often seems to be able to see the next move of the DNA and from what he sees, he will comment as to what the new DNA is about to do and whether he believes that the DNA can do what it is about to do. I must say that to this time, I have not seen him wrong in his assessments regarding the DNA and what it is about to do; and when he is not sure whether the DNA can do what it is attempting to do, he will comment in this way as well.

I do not know what he will do in the future, but in his conversations to those, who around him, his comments have always reflected the truth of what is going on with the DNA! So, I relate to you this conversation, which I overheard between this unknown man and another, who was in my house yesterday as both of them were watching the DNA work! I find this conversation most interesting and most likely true, but then again only our Father in Heaven knows for sure!

Even so, I must tell you that I hear their conversations only when our Father in Heaven allows me to hear them and I see them come and go only when our Father in Heaven allows me to see them! So, I believe that our Father in Heaven allowed me to hear this conversation between these two unknown sources for His own reasons; and I do find this to be a very fascinating conversation.

So, as I have stated, yesterday this same man was again watching the DNA as it was working and also commenting on the new DNA when someone beside him questioned him as to where he had come from, commenting that he had not seen him at all in this kind of work. And in response to the comments of this second person, this man told him that he had come from the Mars base and that he was one of fifteen commanders, who made their way among the moon bases, the Mars base and the base on Saturn, which is really on one of the moons of Saturn according to what our Father in Heaven told me. This man continued to tell the second person that the “pressure” in the underground base on Mars became very unstable, that the conditions on the Saturn base also became unstable, that they base actually “imploded”, and that they were forced to leave these Mars! He went on to say that at first they did not know what was bringing about these instabilities on the Mars base, but that at this time, they believe that Yahweh was behind these instabilities. He also said that the whole solar system is unstable at this time.

He went on to state that because of these terrible instabilities within the solar system, vast numbers had to leave these bases and come into the Earth, where most all of them met with their demises when they went into the open portal. (I have told you already in these writings of how they met their demises when they set out to steal our Father’s portal, which had been attached to my physical body, the first portal, and when they forced it open, this “mouth” in the earth became the grave for over forty billion of them!)

He went on to say that there were few of them left, who came from these bases! But, obviously, he is one! He also told this man that they “know” that they cannot defeat Yahweh, but that the Commander (Satan) carries on with the idea that they will defeat Him in order to keep up the morale of the people under him! He also said that they believe that Yahweh will at some point, and soon, open up this (new) portal, (which is attached to my physical body) and will carry out a vast number of his own just prior to a devastating event in the Earth. He said that if this is the case, that He does open up this portal, that they must be ready to exit, but that they do not know what to expect when they enter into this portal.

He said that they are prepared to sacrifice a certain number of their own, all in order to try to escape the devastating conditions, which are coming into the Earth. But, he went on to say that if they do not succeed at their desired escape that they will be forced to go into an all-out war against humanity! He said that if this is the case that they must accept that they may very well be defeated by Yahweh; and if defeated by Yahweh, that within a few thousand years, there will not be found any memory of them at all!


I Believe that this Man Speaks the Truth of His Heart!

My Dear Ones, I believe that this man spoke the truth of his heart and as such if it is possible for our Father in Heaven to “save” him, I pray that He will “save” his soul; for there are those, who are in Satan’s army, who are humans and they are able to change and be saved. I do not know who he is; but I have observed him to speak the truth regarding the operations of this DNA and I suspect that there is a lot of truth in the conversation that I overheard!


Only our Father in Heaven Knows What He Will do!

Will our Father open this “new” portal to transport souls into His Kingdom? I do not know! Only He knows and it is unimportant to me; but He has told me that this new portal goes directly to His throne and as such, why would they want to steal it; for they would surely be burned up!

As I write these words, “burned up” I recall other things that this man said in his conversation! One very important thing that he said is that the solar system is entering into a higher plane of light and that if they do not get off this planet soon, that they will be burned up by this incoming light! In addition, he also commented on the operating angles of the DNA and said that at that time of their conversation, that he could see that is operating at 290 degrees! He also said that the current operating range of the DNA seems to be between about 260 degrees and 290 degrees! He also said that they cannot accurately measure the true angles; for there are hidden parts of the DNA and because of these hidden parts, it is impossible for them to measure the true angles. Therefore, the true angles may be even higher! And, to this I say, Ooooo-eeeee! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh! HALLALEUYAHWEH!


When The DNA Opens A Full 360 Degrees!

So, my Dear Ones, from their own conversations, I hear that the DNA is truly opening up like a flower in the desert. When it is fully open, what will happen? I do not know and our Father in Heaven does not tell me, but I am eager for Him to complete this work with this new DNA “baby” for I so long for The Kingdom of God to come into the Earth! And, I long to be out from under the feet of these fallen ones! But, until then, I continue on in faith; for all is unfolding just as our Blessed Father in Heaven determines!


Revelation Chapter Twelve is a Hinge!

My Dear Ones, Revelation Chapter Twelve is the pivotal chapter of the Book of Revelation! When this work in finished and the baby is taken before the throne of God and hopefully all, who are clean and ready to go, then my Dear Ones, the time of Great Tribulation, the last three and one half years, comes upon the Earth. When this happens, the years of freedom for people all over the world will end; and surely those, who are counted worthy to escape these things, will also escape at or near the same time that the baby is also taken.

From day to day, I do not know what more our Father in Heaven must add in “growing” this “baby” DNA! I can only wait, just as you wait, wait upon our Lord and God to make these works complete. But, it is now almost forty-three months since Satan and his demonic hoards parked their antigravity craft over my head and they have never let up once on their constant surveillance, persecution and even torture to me from day to day! So, my Dear Ones, this being so, that almost forty-three months have now passed, I can only say that I do not know the mind of our Father! I do not know His will unless He makes me see his will and I do not know how much longer He will require me to be beneath the feet of these evil hoards until he brings an end to these works. So, I can only wait from day to day and seek His perfect will; for His timing is not our timing; but it is surely perfect in every way.


How Long Will Our Saviour Sound the Alarm?

I do know that our Saviour is still sounding the alarm! He is still telling the people through the mouths of His prophets that He is coming! For, our Father will do nothing, save He tell it first through the mouths of His prophets! How much time is left? I do not know and cannot say! I can only wait upon our Lord and God!

Know that the Kingdom of God is at hand, and not the Kingdom Within, but the actual system of Government of our Lord and God in the Earth! These are truly the best of times and the worst of times; but for the faithful, these are without a doubt the best of the times in the whole Earth. For all of the faithful, the white and clean, are about to be blessed far beyond their wildest of imaginings. Therefore, I can only tell you to get clean spiritually, forgive all, love all, even your enemies, and stay spiritually clean from day to day through repentance, forgiveness, and through the forsaking of the sinful life. The time is at hand for the return of our Saviour and he could literally come any day; so stay ready.

Until next time, I send you the love of my heart and as always I thank each of you, who helps me to pay my bills and to cover my needs financially! You, who help, are the ones, who are supposed to help and great are your blessings! If you write to me, or help me and do not hear from me, do not be upset because of my delay in getting back with you! For, it is just as I have written, that from day to day, I am literally in the Spirit from eight to twelve hours a day and I have little time for anything other than these works.

I love you all and will one day be able to give a huge, huge hug of deep gratitude to those of you, who have helped in the birthing of our Father’s Kingdom into the Earth. Blessed are you, my Dear Friends!

Until next time, go in the love of Jesus, for He is truly our Only Way Home …

Your Sis,

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