Chapter Thirty-Four


“The Time is at Hand!”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I send you love and greetings in the Most Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, Messiah, the Beautiful Groom in the Waiting! Yes, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is beautiful and precious beyond measure; and the time of His Coming is at hand!

Yes indeed, the time is at hand for beautiful and grand happenings in the Kingdom of our Lord and God; and many of you are ready and poised for the next move in your own spiritual growth! Through your great tests and trials, you have persevered and come to the point wherein you are now clean spiritually! You are ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and for the establishment of our Father’s Kingdom in the Earth! HallaleuYahweh! What gloriously exciting times we are living in, and what gloriously wondrous times are unfolding right before our very eyes! Blessed is the Name of the Most High God Yahweh; for all is unfolding just as it should in His great and mighty works!


“They’re out to Steal the Baby DNA!”

Oh, my Dear Ones, I cannot begin to describe to you the unbelievable series of events, which I have been involved in since the last writings to you! So many of the Satanic assaults are so bizarre that they defy description! Indeed, these evil hoards are the Circus of the Macabre! Truly, a dark and horrific Circus from hell; and only in such movies as Frankenstein have I ever witnessed such horrors inflicted upon a living soul. The clowns have truly elevated themselves to new levels in their horrific, hellish assaults; as they have been working around the clock to steal this new DNA, this “baby”, any way they can!

Even so, what I tell you has been prophesied long ago in the Book of Revelation, Chapter Twelve, wherein it is written in Revelation 12:4.

“….and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”

And, this “child” is the baby DNA, which has been growing in my body and developing, since our Saviour brought me a beautiful, little baby of light, perfect in every way, on May 10, 2006 in Centurion, South Africa at approximately 9:00 AM South African time. Since that time, Satan and his hoards have directed great assaults at me, all in order to kill me, to overtake the interdimensional portal, which is attached to my physical body, and/ or to stop the developmental progression of this DNA any way they could possibly imagine! Having failed in all of their assaults against me, and only because of the great and wondrous protection of our Most Wonderful and Glorious Father in Heaven, YAHWEH, they have now concentrated their efforts in trying to STEAL THE NEW DNA! This part of their horror show has been going on steadily for about two months; but for some of that time I did not know the nature of their schemes. It is only within the last few weeks that I have become extremely aware of their concentrated efforts to steal our Father’s creation!

As you read on, I shall tell you exactly what they have been doing to try and steal this DNA, to thereby stop the advancement of the human race and to stop the Kingdom of our Father in Heaven from advancing in the Earth! But, first I will go into some detail to explain to you what Satan and his evil doctors are doing to me from day to day! Read on and be shocked!


What they are doing to my body!

In the last writings, I told you of the complicated network of tubes and the infilling of my body with copious amounts of extraneous liquids; but at the time of the last writing, I did not fully understand their reasons for putting so many tubes in my body! Since my last communication concerning these works, they have become even more systematic in maintaining their tubal network in my body, creating bigger tubes. They dig deeper and deeper into my flesh to wire them into my body. They further “protect” their “feeding” monsters by surrounding them with copious amounts of steel wool and wires of many different shapes and kinds. They drive all of these assorted wires into my flesh, into my brain, into the bones of my body, through my skull and any place that they so desire!

Through these tubes, they constantly feed chemicals and other fluids into my body; and some of these fluids seem to be body fluids. There are many days in which my lungs, my abdominal cavity, and even my cranial cavity are full of their horrible fluids. My Dear Ones, it is only through divine grace and intervention from our Father in Heaven that I am kept from day to day; for no one could live for even a short while when the lungs are full of fluid!

Some of these “ports” for the tubes are quite large, such as the one, which they continually attach to the front of my throat and the also the ones, which they continually attach to the front of my chest and to other bodily locations as well! Via such large tubes they can easily and quickly fill up my body with their hellish fluids! Often, they move these fluids into my body so quickly that I can often hear the swishing of the fluids as they push them into my body in large quantities.

My Dear Ones, through such a network of tubes and “ports”, it is possible for them to fill up my body with vast amounts of liquids almost immediately after the DNA cleans such things out of my body. And, for them to insert other “ports” into my body after the DNA has already removed them can be done very quickly via their electromagnetic technology.

To get such a “port” put into one’s body in such cases where the blood vessels are no longer functioning well enough to allow for intravenous feeding usually requires a short surgical procedure, wherein the patient is anesthetized. But, for these doctors from hell, who are now in possession of this Luciferian technology, such a port can be pushed into the skin within a few seconds, if not a very few minutes. When they push these wires into my body in order to set up their “ports”, I can often feel the wires digging and gouging into my flesh as they are pushed ever deeper into my skin! And, often, my Dear Ones, I watch their hands as they move quickly to put “stuff” into my body and take “stuff” out!


“Electromagnetic Surgery!”

With this electromagnetic technology, they never need to do another standard surgical procedure on another living soul! They will not fear the consequences of getting caught doing illegal surgical procedures on anyone; for in stealth and out of sight of the unsuspecting they can do a surgical procedure within a very few seconds or minutes. With a slap or two of their hands onto the body of the unsuspecting, these evil hoards can put many things into one’s body; and the only sensation will be a slight “knock”, a slight “bump” to the flesh, or the sensation of one’s flesh moving or crawling!

I can assure you, my Dear Ones, that 99.9999% of the victims will soon dismiss what they have sensed; and being no wiser, go on with their affairs, maimed and dysfunctional in some way because of what these evil ones have done to their bodies! But, others will never again have to think about any earthly affairs, for they will not live to take another breath!


They Will Use This Terrible Technology In Their Coming War Against Christians!

Many have died suddenly and mysteriously so in recent years, particularly those, who have known too much about the inner operations of the Satanists and those, who, for some reason or the other, get on the “wrong” side of these Satanists, who are in power! But, now this horrific technology comes to the average person on the street; and most, which are on the receiving end of these great satanic assaults, have but one great problem; and this problem is being a human being. But, if one just so happens to be a human being and a servant of Yahweh and a dedicated follower of Jesus, it will soon be, “anything goes” in this great war, which is at hand!

The purpose of these great assaults will soon become clear to all, that purpose being to eradicate every true Christian on the planet! Our Saviour told us so when He said there have never been times so severe as what we shall experience in these last days, not ever in the history of the whole Earth! And, my Dear Ones, that is a very long time! So, get wise! Take note of what I tell you; for I write the truth of their evil technology; and surely one of the reasons that our Father chose for me to go through such things is also to WARN YOU OF WHAT IS AT HAND FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.


Our Loving Father Yahweh Is Making A Way!

My Dear Ones, the Only Saving Grace for humanity comes through our Merciful Lord and God, our Father Yahweh; and it is the love of a Great and Loving God, who is now preparing a new DNA, which will go into the bodies of the supernatural army! These very souls will get the DNA, which is now growing in my body and through all that I have endured, it will not be a naïve DNA, but one, which has grown up under the most horrific, satanic assaults! This DNA will be “wise” to huge numbers of the bizarre schemes of torture and persecution, which these evil hoards plan to inflict upon humanity; and when it is given to the Supernatural Army, they will receive a “seasoned” soldier, truly a DNA “giant!”


So that these things are recorded, I Continue on …

As I have somewhat described above, they put vast amounts of steel wool, wiring, and glue around the connections of the “ports”; and for some weeks, even cloth. That’s right, cloth! Indeed, they have begun to devise very clever means of hiding their “ports”, their tubing and other things, which they put into my body, all in order to make it harder for the DNA to find such things and to remove them! Truly, they work long hours to come up with such schemes as layers of cloth, which they use to line my mouth, my head, my chest and abdominal cavities, my legs and arms and my brain and cranium! And, in all cases it is held in place with copious amounts of wires, steel wool, rib-like pieces of plastic, strips of metal and even steel nails! Yes, the gouge into my flesh anything, which comes into their perverted minds!


Words Fail to Accurately Describe What These Evil Doctors do!

My Dear Ones, words cannot do justice in accurately describing these great, evil assaults, which are aimed at me from day to day! But, I will try to describe as well as I can exactly what I witness when the DNA goes to work to remove the vast amount of “stuff”, which these evil doctors from the U.S. military and elsewhere put into me.

A few weeks past, I was shocked to see the DNA come across layers of cloth and wire, which had been inserted just under the skin in my mouth, and covering the roof of my mouth just beneath the skin, the floor of my mouth, my gums and the back of my throat! In all cases, they put these things into my mouth just beneath the skin! In the back of my throat, I could see and feel the pipes and cloth and wires as they have continually put these things in place to cover not only the interior of my mouth, but also the interior of my neck and esophagus! After some days of witnessing these things in my mouth and after watching the baby DNA struggle at first to remove these many layers of “stuff” out of my mouth, it occurred to me that this vast “thing” in my mouth is actually one piece.

For many nights just as I would be about to drift off to sleep, I would feel a strong slap, a powerful push, a shove right into my throat and up into my mouth! This shove would cause my head and neck to jerk suddenly and quickly, thereby causing me to awaken abruptly.

I knew that they were putting something “new” into my throat, but it took some days for me to piece it all together; for our Father does not always show me what they are doing, but only as He so desires does He reveal their works. What became so clear to me one day was that with this heavy slap into the throat, they are pushing a mass into my mouth, into the floor of my mouth, into my neck, and I also believe into the roof of my mouth as well. This layered mass of cloth, wires and gooey stuff is made exactly to fit the interior of my mouth and hugs my gums just beneath the skin, much like false teeth would fit the mouth above the skin’s surface! And, once they have this mass in place, they hold it in place by sewing vast amounts of wires into my jaws, cheeks and neck; and on top of this, they forge steel wool into my gums and jaws! Amidst all of this, they gouge huge numbers of metal staples into my teeth, jaws and neck and other kinds of wire and nails as they so please.

Oh, my Dear Ones, for hours on end, they drive this metal into my teeth, into my jaws and into other parts of my body! And, yes, I can feel these things! Just two nights ago, I watched in amazement and counted the number of times that I felt one of the evil ones drive staple-like objects into the right side of my upper teeth and gums; and even though I did not begin counting at the beginning, I stopped counting at 195 times when this evil clown brought this part of his evil attacks to an end.

Yes, this evil and disgusting “clown” doctor from hell injected very small, metal, staple-like wires into just a small area of my gums and this he did for more than 195 times in sequence. With each hit of these staples, I could feel them pushing into my gum and into the nerves within my jaws and teeth! Each push of the metal into my jaws is like getting one shot with a small, hypodermic needle; and it is only the grace of our Lord and God, which diminishes the pain and make it bearable for me to get from one day to the next. Blessed is His Holy Name! OH, HOW I LOVE OUR MIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN!

My Dear Ones, that night they began their serious attacks as soon as I went to bed at around 12:00 AM! When I awoke and looked at the clock, they were still poking and gouging things into my body; and it was then around 7:30 in the morning! So, they were onto me, doing these terrible things to my body all night long; and this is not unusual for these “hounds from hell.”



They are “Obsessed!”

My Dear Ones, they have an on-going obsession with the jaw teeth on my upper right side. From day to day, they are back with their metals, with their layers of wire sheaths, with their cloth and with any other horrible thing that they can conjure up in their wild schemes to torture me, and or to get control of me, and/or the DNA any way they can! Daily, they are driving these things into the spaces between the teeth, into the roots of the teeth, into the nerves of the teeth and onto the upper parts of the teeth, jaws, nose and face! My Dear Ones, I have witnessed the DNA removing tiny tubing from within the inner parts of the roots of my teeth and from beneath the roots of my teeth. Oh, the wires, the layers of very thin metal and so much stuff layered into the gums that it is mind boggling to see what the DNA removes next! Oh, they are obsessed with the right side of my jaw teeth!


Copious Amounts of Wire!

From day to day, they put massive amounts of wiring and wire apparati into my mouth, my neck, and into my brain! When I look into my own brain, I cannot see how there could be space for a brain to function as my brain is literally full of wires, tubes, metal rods, and steel wool! In addition to the aforementioned, I have often witnessed complicated kinds of wiring involving complicated pulleys and levers; all of them interconnected and all of them interlocked via tiny round locks! Yes, their “thinktanks” have worked around the clock to devise such horrendously evil schemes to steal the new DNA and to destroy the promises that it holds for all of humanity! But, even so, all of their schemes bear no fruit and to date, the DNA has successfully found and unlocked every one of their tiny locks that it has encountered and has needed to unlock!


The Amazing New Human DNA

And, what an amazing thing to behold; for when the DNA needs to unlock one of their locks, it forms a sharp point; and with this sharp point, which reminds me of a piece of wire, it “picks” the lock! The DNA “knows” where it must go within each tiny lock to open the lock and it “knows” what lock must be opened in sequence to open the chain of wire pulleys and levers. This is the divine nature of this new DNA! At times, the DNA has had to go through a complicated maze of layers of wire, thick gooey liquid and cloth to find certain of their interlocking locks and to unlock such locks. When the lock is unlocked, I will audibly hear a small click and the DNA then goes on the next lock.

For some days, our Father had the DNA to search out and to find these locks and to unlock them as if He were carrying the DNA through some sort of test, or race. And, often it would be that after the DNA had found and unlocked many of the tiny locks in a series that a vast amount of their wires, pulleys, cables and levers would come cascading down, like a small avalanche in my brain, in my face or elsewhere.

Then, after some days of this, it became apparent to me that the DNA was completing a heavenly task that our Father in Heaven wanted it to do! For, after some days of completing successfully this task; and without fail, the DNA began to pull out vast amounts of these cables and pulleys and levers with locks intact. So, I believe that the DNA, having successfully beat them at this game, no longer had to play it, or only plays it now when it is prompted by the Spirit of God to do so! For, now I see that the DNA often disregards their locks and pulls the wires out, right through the skin, or “chews” them up!


How the DNA Disposes of Waste!

Once the DNA pulls the vast amounts of wires out of my body, it often forms tunnels, or tubes of its own, most often long rectangular shaped tubes with squared edges. The DNA will often force the wires into these tubes, but at times, it simply throws the mass of wires out of my body via an opening! Most often, it must work to create an opening, or an exitway for the waste; for these evil ones have put a maze of wires and cloth into my body in order to “seal” off and to shut up potential exitways! The locations of these exitways may vary from day to day; and once the waste goes out the exitway, it simply disappears to parts unknown.

Furthermore, when the DNA forces the wires into one of the exitways, it often begins to churn the wires, or even cloth, or whatever else it chooses to push into these exitways. Inside these exitways, the DNA often develops giant teeth in the DNA spirals; and with these teeth, it literally chews up the metals and/or other things in the exitways until they are ground up like a fine powder.

But, what the DNA seems to do, before it grinds up these metals, is to change the metals into a crystal-like substance! Therefore, when the DNA grinds up the metals, the metals become as fine sand! But, from all appearances it seems that first the metals are mysteriously changed into crystalline-like structures and then crushed into a fine sand-like substance. In essence, before they are ground up into a fine powder, the wires are no longer metals, but seem to be miraculously changed into another form by the divine works of the new DNA. Absolutely awesome to behold! Who ever heard of such a thing?


DNA Spirals Throughout my Whole Body!

For about the last three days or so, even before I get out of bed, the DNA has begun a chewing and grinding motion throughout my body! As such, the DNA spirals form in my body, most often going the length of my body; and with very strong teeth, the DNA begins to chew and grind up the vast amounts of wires and other substances, which they put into my body the night before. There may be many spirals working to grind up the wires and other extraneous “stuff” throughout my body, or there may be a large, single spiral working more in a certain part of my body. At any rate, as the DNA chews up these extraneous substances, the “teethy” spirals moves back and forth, not in a circular motion, but in a rocking motion of about ten to fifteen degrees, though sometimes even about thirty to sixty degrees! It is through this “rocking” motion that the DNA literally “chews” up these wires and other things, which they have put into my body.

At this point in time, the DNA is only partially chewing up these things in my body; and afterwards, I must then go into the Spirit and watch as the DNA later removes vast amounts of the debris that it has created. As I previously stated, thus far, the DNA has not “chewed” up all of what they have put in the night before at once, but what it does from day to day is absolutely impressive and totally awesome! Still, it is only a “baby”, although surely a “baby” giant; and it is doing awesome things. I cannot imagine in any way what it will do when it reaches maturity! My Dear Ones, all that I write of this DNA and of these awesome works is a great tribute to the One Creator of all, a beautiful. Loving God and a Wonderful Father! HALLALEUYAHWEH! THIS IS HIS BEAUTIFUL WORK AND IT IS PROCEEDING JUST AS HE HAS SO WONDROUSLY DESIGNED!


The Baby DNA will soon be Eight Months Old!

The “Baby” DNA is truly growing and will be eight months old on January 10, 2007! From day to day, this “baby” is getting stronger! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh! On December 28, 2006, I watched in amazement as the DNA developed a very sharp knife-like component and cut into pieces very strong wires, which they were putting into my gums! For a fact, the DNA is getting stronger by the day! As the evil ones get more bizarre in their assaults, our Father in Heaven adds more power to the DNA!


The Hands of Light!

And even from time to time when the day’s end comes and there is still so much “stuff” in my body, I begin to sing and praise to our Most Beautiful God. It is during these times when I sing to Him and praise Him, that I often see beautiful hands of light come to minister to me! They come so suddenly and begin to remove copious amounts of “stuff’ from my body! What a beautiful and loving God! How blessed we are to have Him! He loves us so and is ever faithful!

So, in essence, my Dear Ones, the DNA grows as it needs to grow and when the need is there, our Father adds new dimensions of His power to the DNA! But, soon my Dear Ones, the “baby” DNA will reach a maturity that is pleasing to our Father in Heaven and He will then take me and the “baby” DNA back home! I expect this by the end of the ninth month, though I cannot be absolutely certain. All that I really know is that HE WILL SEND THE WINGS SOON! I SO LONG FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL WINGS TO COME AND TO REMOVE ME FROM THE FACE OF THE MONSTER SATAN AND HIS EVIL HOARDS! THEN, THESE BLESSINGS CAN COME BACK TO HUMANITY!


Now for the Shocker! How They are Trying to Steal the DNA!

My Dear Ones, why have they been going to such lengths to put vast amounts of tubing into my mouth and elsewhere all over my body? And in addition to this, why the vast amounts of cloth, lining my bodily cavities, and vast amounts of steel wool and other kinds of metals throughout my body? Well, be shocked!

These many layers of metal and cloth have been systematically put into place to cover up and to hide the vast amounts of human skin, which they have been layering into my gums, into my jaws, into my throat, into my brain and all over my body! Once these layers of human skin are in place, they line my body cavities with the layers of cloth and metal mesh and wiring and steel wool! These layers are put in place to hide the skin, to cover it up, and to hold in place the vast amounts of chemicals and other liquids, which they put in place to continually “bathe” the skin. Surely, they “think” to create the “perfect” environment in which to “grow” their skin!

Why do they put so many layers of such things in my body, one on top of the other? And, why do they fill up my body with horrible chemicals and fluids? My Dear Ones, they have worked hard to turn my body into a human skin incubator! Yes, you read correctly. They have tried to turn this body into one big incubator for their human flesh samples. Read on and learn more about how and why!


How They are Trying to Steal the DNA!

The human “donor” skin, itself, is often fitted into metal cages, some of these cages being very small and others of them being larger. Some of the skin is in huge chunks and other samples of it are paper thin and stretched out between sheets of metal mesh and wiring. But, some of the skin is sandwiched between layers of flesh! I have found some of it even driven into my gums in tiny sheets. This vast amount of skin cages is then placed throughout my body via their network of metal mesh and wiring and is attached to the skin, to the inside of my body at various places within my body. Some of it is hung from metal tubes in my brain and elsewhere. Some it is housed away in cages within my abdominal cavity! I have even seen vast amounts of it nestled away in various locations in my legs, and even in my feet! They have spared no significant part of my body in their attempts to cause the DNA to grow to their skin samples!

But, even so, this foreign flesh does not live, but after about one day in my body, it most often begins to turn into a liquid, or semi-liquid, and it smells like something “sour” exuding from my body. And, when the DNA removes it and it passes out of my body, there exudes from me a smell of something sour. From day to day, I most often see that as this foreign skin is being removed from the wire cages via the DNA, it is rotten flesh! At other times, I see that the DNA removes chunks of solid flesh, flesh, which has not been long implanted into my body! But, even so, this skin cannot sustain any life and the DNA does not attach to it and grow!

They have failed in their attempts to grow the DNA! They have absolutely failed, but all of their failures have not stopped them have not stopped them thus far; so I do not anticipate that they will ever stop these evil assaults on their own! They will stop when the “Wings” of our Saviour come for me and physically remove me from the sight of Satan and all of his hoards!!


Why the Skin?

The purpose of trying to grow the skin in my body is to try to trick the DNA into growing into the human skin samples. If they can get the DNA to grow onto the foreign skin, they surely hope to clone it. If they could get such a skin sample, they could STEAL the “baby”. This is truly what John the Revelator wrote about many hundreds of years past in Revelation Chapter Twelve when he wrote, “And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born”! Apparently, they can see the DNA, but they cannot grow it and they cannot sustain any living samples of it!

So, my Dear Ones, they are out in the deep water in their demon boats and they are going nowhere but in circles! They will never be able to steal this baby DNA, although they have brought forth their “best” minds among the human doctors; and they have tried all that they can collectively conjure up. But, they have still failed in all that they have done; for THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT DEFEAT THE ONE GOD, THE MOST AWESOME, THE ALL POWERFUL GOD YAHWEH! \


And, now for the “Baby” Dreams!

My Dear Ones, since our Saviour appeared to me on May 10 of 2006 and put into my arms the beautiful, little “baby” of light, I have had two dreams about this “baby.” I had the first ‘baby” dream in early summer, perhaps late June, or early July of 2006. In this dream, I had the little baby in my arms and I was walking down to a stormy sea. The sky was darkened, as with an approaching storm; and the ocean was roaring. I stood beside the violent sea and saw how the dark ocean came up onto the land; and in so doing it made little inlets. As I stood beside these dark waters with the little baby in my arms, I wondered how I would get across such a dark and angry ocean, but I knew that I must! I looked overhead and saw that the sky was dark with the approaching storm clouds; and being somewhat puzzled, not knowing how I would get across such waters, I walked inland for a short distance in order to better survey the land. I looked around, and here and there were a few houses, but very few; and I saw no lights burning in any of the houses.

My Dear Ones, what I did not want to see at that time was that this very scenario would represent my earthly journey with the little “baby” and that it would be some time before I would get across this very dark sea of Satan, which lay before me. What I did not realize at that time in my dream was that no human hands would carry me across this dark sea; but that our Father in Heaven would supernaturally carry me every step of the way!

All the world is surely dark and the light of God is surely absent from most homes. The great storm is at hand now for all of humanity and no one can be prepared for such a thing, just as no one could have prepared me in advance for what I have been called to do. Only the miraculous hand of our Loving God can carry one through the great and dark storm, which is upon the whole world!


Second “Baby” Dream!

I had the second “baby” dream on the night of the 27th of December; and in this dream I was in a very busy place with the baby held tightly in my arms! Looking around, I was aware that I was in a university and that I was very busy with my university work! However, I was not in a classroom, but in some sort of shop, a very busy “store” with many people around me. As I walked around, I was keenly aware that a military woman, a giant of a woman, a “mannish” woman was following me, even stalking me! This military woman was an “Amazon” for sure, perhaps seven or eight tall; and in vernacular would be called a “bull dyke.” For, she was tall and masculine in every way, but still a woman! As this woman followed me around this very busy place, she stuck out her leg horizontally in front of me, touching me and trying to get the “baby” to grab hold of her leg! But, I held the baby firmly in my arms and the “baby”, looking at the leg, turned quickly away from it, and would not reach out and touch it!

My Dear Ones, this is what is actually going on with the “baby” DNA right now. This “bully” woman is the U.S. military and she is out to “steal” this “baby” DNA by trying to force it to grab hold of its “leg”, the flesh, which the U.S. military doctors and other doctors, (all under the direction of Satan), are putting into my body! But, the “baby” DNA does not grab hold of this disgusting “leg”, the cadaver flesh in my body; but turns and refuses such a thing!

Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh; for these clowns cannot overcome Him or defeat Him and His creation! Though they come with their “great” minds and with all of their military preparedness, they cannot defeat our Father; and they will not STEAL His creation! How blessed we are to have such a wonderful God and how blessed I am to be able to be a part of His Magnificent works! And, soon, my Dear Ones, all of humanity will be blessed by this most wondrous creation of our Most Awesome Father Yahweh!


Conversations that I have overheard

My Dear Ones, from time to time, I both hear and see Satan and these doctors and military commanders as they come and go! However, most of the time I do not see their faces and I do not hear their conversations. But, from day to day, I constantly feel them prodding and gouging me in my body and often I hear the swooshing of the liquids as they pump them into my body via their various pumps and ports. However, when I do hear their conversations, I know that it is because our Father in Heaven wants me to hear them. For, He is in control of all things, which concern me and these works! So, for this reason I take note of the conversations that He actually allows me to overhear.

From what I have heard in weeks past, I know that some of these military people and some of the doctors are no longer wanting to be a part of this work. Through these awesome works, some of them have gained a newfound respect for our Most Wonderful Father Yahweh! And, because of this newfound respect for our Father Yahweh, some of Satan’s doctors have surely jumped ship, no longer wishing to be a part of such a “torture” parade.

Just this morning, on the 29th day of December of 2006, as the DNA was busy cleaning my body, I heard a man say, “Can she see us?” And, the other “man”, whom I now know to be Satan, said, “No! We are operating beyond her visual spectrum!” Then, the first man said, “Can she hear us?” And, Satan said, “No, we have blocked her hearing! She may be able to pick up some things we say, (telepathically) but not very often.” Then, the first man said, “What is all that?” And, he was making reference to the many chewed-up wires and other kinds of garbage, which are still strewn here and there throughout my body! And, Satan then commented that this is what they are doing (to my body). Then, the first man, obviously being a doctor and most likely a trained researcher said “The first thing is to do no harm! Have you tried to grow this in a laboratory?” And, Satan replied that they had tried to “grow” this new DNA in a laboratory, but have not been unsuccessful! Then, the first man said, “What is that rainbow light, which is coming from her?” Then, Satan told him that this light if from this new DNA and that they can see me everywhere I go because of this light and can see me even before they enter into my house because of this light. Then, Satan went on to say to the man, “She is an alien! She is one of Yahweh’s and is a danger to humanity!” Satan further told him that Yahweh is trying to hatch a new DNA “through this woman; and this (new DNA) will set back humanity for a thousand years.” He also told this man that “Yahweh has a large fleet (of ships) about twenty miles up and He is planning to invade the Earth in October of this year!”

My Dear Ones, I chuckle when I hear Satan’s lies. He is hilarious; for sure a real clown! And from overhearing this conversation, I surely got impressions that this man did not “buy” Satan’s lies or accept this evil way that these Satanists have developed to steal this DNA. Surely, this man did not know that he was speaking to Satan, himself! Can you imagine anyone saying to Satan, “First, do no harm!” Satan is the torture king of the whole world, but he is also a chameleon, coming in here dressed as a doctor, military commander and whatever “front” he chooses for the day!

I do not know what will become of this doctor, but I have a very big feeling that many of Satan’s doctors have jumped ship amidst a string of defeats! And, what they do to me, no respectable doctor, or researcher would every want to partake of. For, it is Frankensteinian, a show or horrors and a trail of failures! By now all of the respectable doctors all know that they will not defeat the One God, The True God Yahweh; and many of them have found some great respect for the Creator of All Things.


More Conversations!

But, there have been other very significant conversations; and I will further entail some of what I have heard since I last wrote to you. Just after I wrote the last update, I sensed that there were two men in my living room as the DNA was busy with its cleaning work; and one said to another, “She is busy cleaning! This will take about thirty minutes. Let’s get a bite to eat.” (It was about 5:00P.M.) Then, some time passed and I heard one man say to another, “This is the greatest experiment ever to be done to a living human being. Any researcher worth anything would want to be a part of this!”

Note these words, “the greatest experiment ever to be done to a living human being;” for this is a fact! No one has ever endured even one minute of such horrific assaults and lived to tell about it. My Dear Ones, the fact that I am alive from day to day is one great testimony to the great powers of the mighty God Yahweh! For, no one, no one could ever live through such horrors, not even for a minute. Right now, even as I write these words, terrible odors of chemicals are coming from my body! Since last night, Satan and his hoards have been pumping very strong smelling chemicals into my body! I do not know what these chemicals are, but they are strong; and I am sure that they are most likely poisonous and lethal as well. This, they are now doing, all in order to preserve this cadaver flesh in my body and to cause it to grow. Oh, the horrors of it all! But, even so, from day to day, I see and know the wonders of a beautiful, loving and mighty God, our Wonderful God Yahweh! Blessed is His Holy Name!

In addition the above comments, a few weeks past I overheard one man say to another many in my living room, “He wants it in there all the time, and we get it any way we can!” I believe that the man was speaking of the fluids, which he was pumping into my body! I believe that some of these fluids are body fluids; and Satan wants them in my body all the time, along with the flesh, of course! And, they get them any way they can! But, even so, they have no negative effect on me; for our Beautiful Father carries me every minute of the day! So much of their evil no longer bothers me, but is truly amusing!


Some Want Out!

In addition to the above comments, I overheard one man say to another man one evening about three weeks ago, “I hope she succeeds! I want to see what is coming to humanity! I know that Yahweh is a good God! But, I am in this; and I do not know how to get out!”

My Dear Ones, after hearing this conversation, I got up immediately and went to look outside. Across the road and due South, I could see that there was a U.S. military anti-gravity machine, otherwise known as a disk-shaped aerial craft, or “saucer” and it was indeed very low in the sky. I could see that it was blinking red, green and yellow lights, reminiscent of a Christmas tree. As I watched it, the two men obviously were carried aboard; and the craft moved very slowly just above the tree line. From my viewpoint, I could see what seemed to be windows or yellow lights along the side of the craft with a single light at the rear of the craft, which was blinking colors.

So, from this conversation alone, you can now understand that some of them do not choose evil; but find themselves in this horror show and want out! I pray for them regularly and for their salvation; for now many see the errors of their ways!

I overheard another conversation on the night of Christmas Eve, wherein two men, at least one of them a doctor, were talking. And, one man said to another, “I do not like the looks of this! We will be hated by all of humanity!”

A few minutes later, I got up from the sofa and went into the kitchen. As I said, “They should at least remove the skin before it dies,” I looked into the living room to see that a blondish, red-faced man was looking at me! He was seated on a stool in front of the sofa, where I had just been sitting. He was looking at me and he was red-faced with embarrassment; for he knew that that had failed in all of their “fleshy” schemes!


The Mars Man!

Then, there was the conversation with the “Mars man.” I have heard him a few times since I last wrote to you; and he is always commenting on the progression of the DNA. One day, he shocked me when I heard him describe what the DNA would do next when it was cleaning my body! What I did not see in advance was that the DNA was about to remove a tube full of “waste” that it had ground up in my body. But, the Mars man did not call it “waste”! He said that the DNA had “digested” the wire. And, from an accurate assessment, this is truly what the DNA does. It changes the wire into another substance via some unknown substance, (an unknown heavenly catalyst) and then grinds it up as if it is eating it!

After hearing the Mars man speak, I asked the Spirit of God to “show” me this man; and it was later that I saw him. He looks like a human, a highly decorated military man, but still a human!

About two weeks ago when the DNA was busy cleaning, the Mars man was there again and the Spirit of God allowed me to speak with him. I will entail some of the conversation with this man, who seems to have many good attributes, but as I do not “know” him, I neither believe nor disbelieve what he has told me, but wait upon our Father in Heaven to reveal the truth of all that he has spoken. But, as our Father in Heaven is in control of all that happens to me, I feel that this conversation is an important conversation, so I will relate much of it to you as best as I can; for I did not write it down at the time. You will find this conversation most interesting!

The Mars man told me that I must understand that all, who come in here are not evil. He told me that some just come to observe, to see what is going on! He went on to tell me that at a certain time in the past, there was a terrible catastrophe on Mars and that most were killed. What remained were a few! And as I understand it, but he did not elaborate on, was that they went underground to survive; as the conditions on the surface were not so good. From a previous conversation, he said that they had to leave Mars most recently because the “air pressure” in the subterranean bases became too unstable. These things, he did not elaborate on in this most recent conversation, but only that few were left after the great catastrophe hit Mars!

At any rate, this Mars man told me that the evil ones under the direction of Satan came to Mare in great numbers; and that they effectively took over their operations! However, many of them did not go along with Satan and still do not go along with him, even though they work under him! He went on to say that this has also happened on Earth, that Satan has also taken over our military! (As we also know, he has taken over the militaries of the world!)

He proceeded to tell me that he is respected as a military officer because of his abilities to “see” and to predict the outcomes of events, which are at hand. He also told me that a few others from Mars are here now with him, and I believe that he said, ten, possibly twelve, but I have forgotten the exact figures. And, of these few, he said that there are two, who are more advanced in these spiritual areas than he is.

He related that those on Mars live to be older than the people on Earth and I believe that he told me that his age is somewhere around 1500 years of age, but I could be somewhat mistaken about this as I did not write it down! However, I do remember that he stated his age as well over 1,000 years of age. He went on to tell me that at one time the humans also lived to be much older than they are now, but that the DNA was changed by the same One, who is now changing it again, and for the better! And, this same One is Yahweh, our Father and Creator. He went on to explain that our Father in Heaven changed the DNA so that humans would not live such long lives because the humans became so evil! So many of them chased evil and this greatly concerned our Father in Heaven!

He also told me that He knows Yahweh and he describes Yahweh as “mighty!” He also told me that he knows Jesus, Yeshua and that he has a very impressive “fleet” of ships!

He also said that this new DNA will do “spectacular” things for humanity, a “giant step forward for those, who are worthy to receive it.” He went on to say that they know why all must live righteously and choose a righteous way of life!

He also told me that the current operating angles of the DNA were between 280 and 340 degrees; and this was about two weeks past! Today is December 30th, 2006.

Relative to the incoming hoards of Dragos, the “War in Heaven”, he told me that Satan had called them in, that they were waiting for a certain interdimensional portal to open up so that they could easily come in! (But, obviously, my Dear Ones, Yahweh was very much ahead of them all and now these most horrendously evil creatures are surely in the burning pits!)

Then, I told this man that our Father Yahweh is able to save them, that he must pray to our Father Yahweh in the Name of Jesus for help; for He is able to save them all. I told Him that He must honor Jesus as Saviour of humanity and serve, love and honor our Father Yahweh and that He will hear his prayers. He told me that he would pray to our Father and seek His help! I so hope that he does; for I feel that there is a lot of good about this man!

This was most of what we discussed and a most interesting conversation as well. And, now my Dear Ones, I have saved the beautiful words of our Father in Heaven for last. Read! Be blessed and enjoy!


Message from our Father in Heaven


December 18, 2006

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Little One, when the sun comes up in the East and breaks the horizon, then the world knows that it is morning and the dawning of another day; and likewise when the sun sets in the West and descends below the horizon, then the world knows that another day has past and that the night, the time of rest is at hand.

And, so it is with My works, My Little One; for these works, My works, which are at hand can be likened to a rising and setting sun! For, truly a new day, a time of My Kingdom is at hand and an old day, the Kingdom of Satan in the Earth is setting! And, truly the night is hand; a time when no man shall work; a time when I shall take My righteous ones into the hollow of My palm for a time of rest and renewal; a time when great and gross darkness shall overcome the whole Earth; a time when Satan fights to hold onto what will surely fall beneath the power of My incoming Kingdom!

Yes, My Little One, the time is at hand and all, who have the eyes to see, can surely see that this time of darkness if upon the whole world! It is descending like a very dark cloud, a cloud so dark that it is intent upon pushing out all light! But, even so, in this darkest of times, in these darkest of hours, My light shall shine forth through My holy, anointed servants! My light shall shine in these darkest of hours as it has never shined before; for My word is pure! It is sure and it is true! For, where great darkness abounds, My grace surely abounds in a greater measure!

And, soon, My Little One, very soon, the whole world will experience this gross darkness, but the whole world will also experience My abundant light, My abundant grace, My abundant love, power, and hope through my holy anointed servants!

Soon, very soon, My Little One, these shall stand before My throne, all, who are called and found worthy, even the 144,000 righteous and holy ones, and they shall receive this power. They shall receive this anointing! They shall receive this new DNA, which you are now birthing in your own body! And, when this new DNA reaches full term, this “baby” will be carried back to My throne, but not without you and not without the 144,000, who are to receive it!

Yes, My Little One, this glorious time soon approaches, the time wherein this new DNA, this “baby” will be birthed back to My throne and all of Heaven awaits this glorious day! All of Heaven is rejoicing; for soon comes the time wherein all will see the manifestations of My Kingdom in the Earth! All will see and know the presence of My holy anointed servants, the presence of My true sons and daughters! Yes, all will see them and all will know their power and all will know that you, My Little One, are the earthly mother of this new race!

I am the Heavenly Father, the Creator of all Things, the Creator of this new DNA, which grows in strength, power and maturity in your body from day to day; but you are the earthly mother, the very woman, who is birthing this new DNA for all of humanity! Through your own body now comes forth a new race, a new breed of humans so empowered, so spiritually strong, so anointed! Such a thing, the world has never seen! And, soon all of the world will rejoice! They will see what I have done for humanity, even during the time of the greatest darkness ever to befall the Earth.

These holy ones, this new generation of souls will come forth with great power, awesome power from Me and from My throne and all will marvel at the beautiful works, which they do for all of humanity! Great will be their power and truly no evil will stand in their sights; but great also will be their love for each soul and for all of creation!

These anointed souls mark the manifestation, the beginning of My Kingdom in the Earth! Yes, it is being birthed, even now in your body, My Little One; but few can see and grasp what is taking place! But, with the presence of these anointed servants, many, many will see and they will grasp and understand the very presence of My Kingdom in the Earth.

Yes, all over the world, these (anointed servants) will make known their presence! They will have supernatural bodies even as you, my Little One, now have a supernatural body and no one will succeed in doing them harm! No one will be able to kill them; for I give them life and I give them a new body!

And, the whole world will also know, My Little One, that you are the earthly mother, the spiritual mother of this new race of humans, and that you are the spiritual mother of humanity! There will come a time and soon wherein you will be respected and loved, My Little One; for people all over the world will know of the great sacrifice that you made for all of humanity! They will know of the great suffering, torture and persecution that you suffered, endured and overcame to bring forth, to birth into existence a new generation of souls!

And, they will love you greatly, all 144,000, and all, who truly know and understand what you have suffered to bring forth this “baby” into maturity! But, your suffering is not for much longer. This “baby” is now over seven months old and is growing quickly; and all that the evil ones, under the direction of Satan, can come up with, has been defeated!

Yes, My Little One, you have suffered! You have travailed! You have born much torture and have suffered great persecution! You have endured what no single person on the Earth has ever endured and will never endure; for it has been your calling to lie down at the feet of Satan, and to lie down at the feet of all of the fallen angels, the errant humans and others! Yes, these things you have had to endure, extreme things, My Little One, extreme in every way!

But, you have been faithful, most often cheerful, most often singing and praying; and they wonder why this is! They wonder why you do not spend your days and nights weeping and wailing before Me! They wonder why you do not cry out in pain when your whole body of laced with wires and metallic wool and with the hellish chemicals of the day! You, My Little One, are a great puzzle to them as you go on with life! You love Me! You praise Me! And, you honor Me, while they look and they see that this is “humanly impossible!”

They look on and they marvel that a single human being, a woman at that, surely the “weaker” sex in their eyes, could withstand such things and go on with life! Yes, they marvel and they come back night and day, day and night, to continue on with their “greatest experiment” ever to be conducted against any human being! Yes, they keep returning; for curiosity draws them back! But, by now most know that no humanly efforts could keep you alive amidst such a deadly rain of terror and deadly assaults! They know that you are not alive through any humanly powers, but that I keep you, My Little One. I preserve you! I supernaturally carry you! I sustain you from moment to moment, from hour to hour and from day to day! But, they keep coming back anyway, now oblivious to all of their failures, but driven by curiosity and the nagging question of, “Just how much can this woman take?”

But, they do not know Me, My Little One! They do not know that I am the God of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo, the God of Daniel, the God of Abraham, the God of All Creation; and that all of their games are but nonsense to Me; for I am able to do all things. This is why you can sit and write this message! You can hear Me well when your body is full of wires and tubes and chemicals; for these have little or no effect on you!

Yes, they are amazed! They are enthralled with their curiosities; and they are propelled into action because of their amazement, but they are also seeing that there is a Real God! There is a Good God, a Righteous and Holy God; and that I can do all things! Yes, they see. They know and they marvel; and many are ashamed! Many want out of this torture ring; for they are afraid of the power that they see! And, even as you pray for them, it shall be so! I shall turn many of them and I shall save them; for through these very works, they shall see that they have chosen the wrong god. Through these very works, they shall see My light, My power, My love and My grace! Yes, My grace even towards them! For, they do err greatly and they stumble beneath the darkness of their god, Satan!

Yes, My Child, the bullies shall be humbled! The proud, the haughty shall be brought down low beneath My power, for they cannot stand up to Me! They cannot overcome and defeat Me, but I shall turn the tide. I shall make believers out of the most hard of hearts! For, in seeing, they shall believe! And, this is what has happened in the U.S. Space Program, even and because of My works through you!

Yes, indeed! They have found a new respect for Me, for My power and for My true servants; and it is time for such a thing! For, cheap whorish preachers of My word have defiled all that is good and right! But, now comes the true move of My power, the True Kingdom of God, My Kingdom in the Earth! And, many, many shall be instantly and forever changed from darkness into light, just by the passing of these anointed souls!

Yes, it is so! This shall be! For, My power and My anointings shall be so great on these holy servants! Yes, indeed, their very presence in the Earth marks the beginning of My Kingdom, of My Government in the Earth!

As I have said before, My Little One, you are truly blessed above all women! This is so and soon your time of travail shall come to an end; but between now and then I shall speak to you from time to time; and give you more meat of My word, that the people may be fed!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of December, 2006,

My Dear Ones, as a true testimony to the validity of our Father’s very words, this is what I overheard late on the night of December 30, 2006, the very same night that I had typed the above message from our Father! I was sitting on the sofa quietly after some time of praising our Father in Heaven and singing to Him, when I heard a man say, “Linda Newkirk, you are a mystery! I have your old DNA and I have your new DNA? Why is this? How did this happen?” Then, the Spirit of God opened my eyes and I saw black-haired man, who was dressed in a white lab coat.

Yes, truly they find these works a mystery; for they know that this “mystery” is not “humanly” possible!

My Dear Ones, the faithful humans are on the winning team! This is a wakeup call! Repent! Get spiritually clean and stay clean; for soon our Saviour comes for the clean souls! The devils are doing down and Satan knows that his time is short!


How Do you know if You Are Spiritually Clean?

Someone asked me a few days past, “How do you know if you are (spiritually) clean?” My Dear Ones, this is a process and an on-going process! As long as we are in the Earth, we must often seek forgiveness for our sins and daily seek to be clean and to stay clean before our Lord and God! What all must know is that our Father in Heaven forgives; and when we are forgiven of all sins, our spiritual robes are clean. They are white!

Whether you know our Saviour, or whether you are absolutely lost and do not know him, the process is the same! Humble yourself before our Saviour! Honor Him as the Saviour of Humanity and then ask our Father Yahweh in the Name of Jesus to forgive you of everything that you have ever done wrong in your whole life. Get down on your knees and weep for your sins. Call out to Him in your grief and truly be sorry for your sins! Then, stop doing the things, which are wrong in the sight of our Lord and God!

Forgive every person of everything wrong or evil, which they have ever done for you. My Dear Ones, this may take time; for often much hurt is stored in unforgiveness; so one must at times pray for our Lord and God to impart the will to forgive our enemies. This may take some days or even weeks, but if the intent of the heart is sincere, our Father in Heaven will help any of us to forgive; and He will heal all broken hearts! For, it is through forgiveness that we are free and we cannot be free as long as there is any unforgiveness in our hearts.

As we forgive others, we must then pray for our enemies! Pray for their salvation and pray for our Lord and God to bless them and to keep them from the burning pits. Love them and love others. Love yourself; but above all, love our Father in Heaven with all of your might, with all of your mind, with all of your heart, and with all of your soul. In other words, put Him first and love Him above all, but not in a half-hearted way! Love Him with your all! Confess your sins daily and seek forgiveness daily, desiring to be clean and white and desiring to be married to our Saviour throughout the eternities.

Forsake the world and what is in it; for it is full of traps. Come out of it and walk simply and obediently before our Lord and God! If you do not know what He expects of you, go and study the Ten Commandments; for He never did away with these! And, from there, begin to clean up your life and to stop disobeying the Divine directives of our Lord and God though His Ten Commandments!

Know that Jesus, Yeshua, is The True and Only Son of our Father Yahweh and know and accept that He is the Only Way back to our Father! He stands between us and our Father; and He is the Great Priest, or Mediator between us and Him! As such, you must love and honor Him; for His is the Lamb of God, who came to take away the sins of the world. He died for us, that we may have life more abundant!

Pray to our Father in Heaven, Yahweh, in the Name of Jesus, as our Saviour directed us to do; and our Father will forgive. Know that our Saviour is one with our Father and one with His Spirit. He does the will of our Father and as such He cannot be separated from our Father in Heaven!

Through forgiveness, our Lord and God will make you white! He will blot out your sins and He will remember them no more. But, the intent of your heart must be sincere; for our Father in Heaven does not hear the vacant “mind” prayers.

Pray from the depths of your heart and truly be sorry for all of your sins. Weep for your sins; and the very tears of your heart will call out to the God of All Creation!


Baptism and the Laying on of Hands!

If you have not been baptized, find a spirit-filled minister to baptize you for the cleansing and for the remission of sins; and after this, he or she must pray for our Father in Heaven in the Name of Jesus to impart His Beautiful Spirit into you!


In Closing

My Dear Ones, I pray that this lengthy message blesses you! Know that it has not been easy to type; for my body has been full of many wires, chemicals and other kinds of horrible stuff. But, even so, our Father in Heaven has given me the grace to write this message! And, aside from being under such great persecution, it is a pleasure to be able to write of these awesome works of our Father in Heaven! For, what He is doing through these works is perhaps the most astounding spiritual event since the birth of our Saviour!

My Dear Ones, I do not know when our Saviour will come for me, even as I have written elsewhere; but because of prophetic dreams, which our Father in Heaven has given to a very special brother regarding these works, I feel that He may come for me at or near the end of the ninth month. The baby will be nine months old on February 10, 2007.

I pray that He comes soon, for I also get very tired from day to day; but in all things I wait upon Him! And, I will continue to post these messages at least once a month, or so as long as I am in the Earth.

My Dear Ones, the prophetic dreams of this Dear Brother also seem to indicate that our Father in Heaven will come for those, who are ready to go, a short time after He comes for me and the “baby!” This must be so; for we can read in Revelation Chapter Twelve, verse 14, that the “wings” come and take the woman and she is “nourished for a time, and times and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” From what I understand, this “time” is three and one half years.

In Revelation Chapter Thirteen, verse 5, in reference to the time, which is given to the beast, or to Satan’s end-time government we read the following: “and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” This is three and one half years!

So, the woman (the singular woman) is hidden from the face of Satan for forty-two months; also hidden from the reign of Satan. But, we also know that our Savoiur is coming for His Bride, the ones, who are counted worthy to “escape” the horrible reign of the antichrist! This is the woman, (plural), who will also be taken and hidden from the face of Satan. For this “woman”, the “Bride” to escape the reign of Satan’s terror, she must be taken quickly after the first woman, the woman of Revelation 12. And based on the divine revelation, which has been given via the prophetic dreams of this Dear Brother, the “bride” surely follows quickly behind me and the “baby!”

Until next time, to my Dear and Faithful Friends, I send you love, big, big hugs, and many, many thanks!

Jesus loves you and I do too!

Your Sis,


Addendum to the Above Message!


New Developments with the DNA

My Dear Ones, today is the 31st of December 2006 and I have great and exciting news to share with you regarding the beautiful “new” developments of the “baby” DNA! What I witnessed this morning is such a beautiful sight to behold. As I was lying in bed at around sunrise, the DNA began to move in the “rocking” motion in my body, but this time, not one or two spirals, or even several spirals. There were many spirals, all moving in unison up and down my body and they were all interlocked, or interconnected!

From time to time, as these spirals “chewed” up, or “digested the wires, cloth, cadaver meat, etc, which they put into my body the night before, these spirals would then move in unison to clear the waste. In so doing, they would then pass the waste from one spiral to the other in order to “dump” the waste into the larger spiral, which was in the center of my body. For some time,(maybe two hours), the DNA chewed up the horrible things, which they had put into my body last night and then after some time of dumping the waste into the larger spiral, the larger spiral opened up and dumped this chewed-up waste out of my body.

Then, the many spirals began to line themselves up horizontally across my body and they began to chew horizontally! They, they would move the waste to one of the larger spirals; and afterward, the larger spiral would open up and dump the waste outside of my body.

Then, in some areas, in which there was still more waste and still more wire, a large spiral would get to work and chew up these extraneous things in that part of my body. As the process went on, the evil ones were present to watch, as they always are. When the DNA would slow down, or when I would feel sleepy, or nearly fall back to sleep, they would send a jolt of current into a part of my body to wake me up so that this work would continue as they are very eager to see what this DNA can do from day to day.

My Dear Ones, the DNA did not clean out all of the waste in my body, but this is a new development and with this new development, I believe that the DNA is now probably operating within the 350 degree range. When the DNA is opened to 360 degrees, I believe that our Saviour will come for me and the “baby” DNA! The evil ones are also eagerly waiting for the DNA to reach the 360 degree mark as when it does, the DNA will be fully open; and it is this fully-opened DNA, which they want to steal and cloan.


The DNA Dreams!

My Dear Ones, in the past I have dreamed of the DNA on two separate occasions. The first dream was very vivid, and occurred around middle of July 2006, if my recollection is correct. I did not record this dream; so I recount it to you from memory as it also relates to the following dream of January 01, 2007.


The First DNA Dream!

In this “July” dream, I was living in a two-story house and this house was situated next to a large nursery. I lived outside a very small city and from my vantage point, I could see no other houses around me; for this zone was deemed “commercial.” I thought that at some point, the man, who owned the nursery next door, (where vast amounts of plants were being grown), would surely buy this house! For, my house was adjacent to his and this area in this strictly commercial area of town! In the dream it also seemed “odd” to me that I was the only residential area in the business district!

Across the street from me was a huge church with great columns, but it was facing toward downtown! Therefore, I could not see the front of it. Inside the house, there were “friends” and they were moving about, very kind, considerate and polite. There was no visible furniture in this house; and all was immaculately clean.

I noticed a fireplace in the room in which I was standing; and inside this fireplace, I saw that coal was burning! It rendered no smoke or visible fire, but it was giving off heat. I knew that there were several “hidden” rooms, which were occupied; and that some “people” were busily working. But, indeed, these rooms were hidden; and others coming in would not be able to see these rooms. I was on the lower floor of this two-story house; and at that time I wondered what was going on upstairs.


Interpretation of this Dream!

My Dear Ones, the DNA is the two-story house. The two-stories represent two different part of the DNA. For, one part of this house in the world and the other part of it in the Kingdom of God! At that time as well, only one part of the DNA was being used, the lower floor! For, the DNA had not yet advanced enough in growth to be able to access the “upper floor!” The Upper part of the house also represents the last stages of the on-going birth process of this “baby”!

Those in the house, who were working seem to represent parts of the DNA, which were working at that time, friendly, helpful, polite and kindly disposed to me. I believe that some of these “friendly” sorts were also angels!

The house sat next to the nursery as this DNA house has been created by the Great Creator of All Things, the Owner of the Giant nursery in Heaven! And, yes! One day this DNA house will go back to the Heavenly nursery from which it came, only so that it can go back out again to those, who are spiritually ready to receive it!

The Great Temple across the street belongs to our Father in Heaven; and I believe that it may also represent Him! I do not face this temple now, but a time will come when the “baby” and I will go back; and we will face this beautiful temple, the throne of our Father in Heaven.

This DNA house is in a commercial, or business area, as all that goes on here is strictly the “business” of our Father in Heaven. No one else lives in this house and nothing is done around here, but the work of our Father in Heaven! The DNA house is also an earthly vessel. It is being kept alive through the heat of my flesh, the organic fuel, the coal, which is burning in the fireplace!

The DNA house is also barren of any furniture, or anything else, as it is clean. From day to day, I strive to keep this house clean by regularly confessing any and all sins, repenting of any known sins, seeking forgiveness; and loving and forgiving all, who have done anything to cause me harm!

The hidden rooms in the DNA house represent hidden parts of the DNA, which the “evil ones” cannot find and will never find! These hidden parts are working well and out of sight of those, who would come into the house! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh that this is so and according to His perfect will; for they will never be able to “steal” this new DNA!


The DNA Dream of January 01, 2007

I dreamt that I was living in a two-story house, which was situated in a rural area, and no neighbors were visibly in sight! (This is true in real life!) In this house with me was an older man, perhaps in his early to mid fifties! He was perhaps five foot eight to five foot ten inches tall, of average weight, with light hair, blondish in appearance.

I did not like this man! He was a “whoremonger” and he had invaded my house, but I could do nothing. I was as a “prisoner” and I could only watch and wait for the time when he would leave.

This “whoremonger” was bringing many people into my house and he particularly seemed to like one woman. He had been having an on-going affair with her and she kept staying, but at some point in the dream I realized that she was gone. Yet, I thought, “Well, she will most likely be back!” She was a very short and elderly woman, not at all attractive; and I wondered why he had such a fascination with her.

Then, he brought into my house, two young men; and one of them was very “rowdy.” Both had some damage to their brains as both had done drugs; but one had done large amounts of cocaine and he was quite boisterous and belligerent.

Then, he brought in a close relative of mine and he put her in a room to herself. I took her fruit and tried to serve her a meal of fruit, but she would not “eat!”

Then, there came buses up to the house. These buses, all with dark windows, had to climb a steep hill (true in real life) to get up to my house. And, I looked out to see that they had to park at an angle to get up close to my house. For, the “grade” was “steep!”

This “evil” man, who had invaded my house, went down the lower level to meet each bus as it came in! I never saw those, who got out of the buses, whether many or only one or two! But, after a short time of being parked outside of my house, the buses would all drive away!

On one occasion, I saw a big, black bus, and ahead of it a big, black truck. These came and went quickly.

At some point in the dream, I was aware that I had a very young, male child with me, but I do not remember any particulars regarding this young, male child.

As I looked out the windows from the upper floor, I could see that across the street, there was a national forest. The forest was well maintained with large trees growing in the forest, each separated by some space, the floor of the forest being well maintained. Down below, I could see that there was a road, and lounging in my front yard, but near the road was one, fat, black cat. He was napping near the road, but when a car would approach, he would leap up and run away!


Interpretation of the January Dream!

My Dear Ones, as I have stated earlier, the two-story house is the DNA. I am living in this house, and am now living in the second story, the final phase of this work. The dream further shows that my DNA house has been invaded by evil forces. The light-headed man in the dream is the doctor, who is in charge of this exploitation of the new DNA; and I believe that he is the red-faced, blondish man, who was in my living room on Christmas Eve! I have earlier written about his “red” face, that he was most assuredly “red” faced with embarrassment as his skin samples were dying in my body in copious amounts!

This “evil” doctor is after the “flesh” of many people, a “flesh” whoremonger. I believe that I know who the elderly, short woman is. I believe that she is a living, but elderly relative of mine and that they kept her flesh in me for quite a long time as they found some degree of success with her flesh. And, they may bring her flesh back; but for now her flesh has been removed!

I believe that the two young men, are both living relatives of mine. Both of whom have been into drugs in the past; and both have different neurological problems with their brains! But, at this time, both are drug-free!

The woman, to whom I served fruit is also a close, living relative. Between this woman and me, there was some sort of interaction on the part of this DNA, but the flesh of this person rejected the DNA.

(Would these “living” relatives ever know that someone had “stolen” pieces of their flesh? That, doctors from hell had done illegal surgery on them? Most likely, they have not sensed one thing out of the ordinary. They would have dismissed any bodily pains as the “usual” aches and pains and there would be no conscious recall of any of the surgical procedures! This is the real world in which we live. Satan’s technology has been given to wicked, proud and arrogant humans, who delight in doing the evil bidding for this black cat from hell!)

Then, there came the buses of people! This evil doctor has searched far and wide, bringing in the flesh of many people, literally bus loads, all in order to find what he considers a “perfect” match. But, they must park at certain angles to my DNA, or they are sent away straight away! For, if their DNA does not park at the right angles to my own DNA, they are sent away quickly! In other words, they must be a good “genetic match!”

The black truck and the black bus represent the flesh of at least two dead people, whom they have also brought forth! They have most likely taken skin samples from the cadavers of these dead people! I believe that these may have been dead relatives of mine, whose flesh they exhumed and most likely implanted in my body! But, even so, this flesh had a short stay! It did not live!

Yes, I know that this is bizarre; but these evil, Satanists are the Circus of the Macabre! They will do anything and everything that their perverted minds can conjure up to STEAL THIS NEW DNA!

The forest does not represent an actual forest, but a place that is owned by the Federal Government! In this case, the “national forest” is actually the airspace over this land. In this “national forest,” there are many tall trees, many people of “worldly” importance; and they are continually parked there. In fact, they seem to have grown “roots” in their “forest” across from (above) my house! In other words, they have a permanent “job” there and they “stay” there all the time!

The black cat, of course, is Satan. He lounges around my house and actually sleeps around my house, seldom leaving at all! But, when the “big” cars come down the road, he scatters out of fear! The “big cars” are the hosts of Heaven!


The Exciting Work of our Father in Heaven!

My Dear Ones, I believe that this is the longest chapter that I have ever written in any of the books. This on-going work of our Father’s is absolutely exciting, something so awesome that words cannot describe it.

The whole Satanic world is standing up and paying attention to this most marvelous of works; for this new DNA trumpets their end! But, I believe that few others can really grasp and understand the profundity of this work!

This new DNA is going to change the “face” of humanity forever! This new DNA is going to equip humans to do great and marvelous things for our Father in Heaven and for the humanity! This new DNA is going to usher in the Kingdom of our Messiah, the Kingdom of God in the Earth!

Oh, what a beautiful “gift” is awaiting humanity! How blessed we are to be on the verge of such wondrous events! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh! What a gloriously wonderful Father, Creator and God we have!

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