Chapter Thirty-Five



My Dear Ones, read the following words from Yahweh, our Beloved Father in Heaven; and you will then “know” what few on the planet know! Niburu, which is erroneously being “tagged” as a “comet”, is here; and through its very transit, it is about to bring great destruction upon this very planet! The “Time of Jacob’s troubles” is surely upon the whole world!


The DNA “baby” is now eight months old!

As for me, my Dear Ones, all goes along as it has been going for some time! Satan and his hoards are still pushing vast amounts of human “tissue” samples into my body, all in an effort to “clone” the new DNA, which has been growing in my body for over eight months! But, as our Father in Heaven says in His most beautiful and informative “message”, which is below; they will “never” succeed in such a wild scheme! Read our Father’s words and be shocked! Then, get down on your knees and repent of all sins and “thank” the One True, Living God, who is ever faithful! He will never leave or forsake us!


What a Loving and Faithful God we have!

My Dear Ones, when you consider the “Drago Wars” alone, which took place last spring, you must surely “know” that a “LOVING GOD” has protected humanity from a certain extinction. For, if our Saviour, the archangels and the hosts of Heaven had not fought them and driven them into the “hollow” of the Earth, they would have overtaken and destroyed all of humanity!

With forty billion of them against the six billion humans, humanity would have been extinct in a very short time! Even as they were beginning to come into the Earth, Archangel Michael told me that “the “Dragos” are coming in and that they are vicious!” And, oh how utterly vicious they were in their assaults against me! My Dear Ones, I surely suffered greatly from their many assaults; but even so, the archangels were at my side for many months; and the most miraculous hand of our Father in Heaven carried me through all of their schemes. WHAT A MIGHTY AND LOVING GOD WE HAVE! HALLALEUYAHWEH!


The Annunaki are Back!

Now come the Annunaki, the “Watchers,” who forsook their heavenly posts and “mated” with women, producing “giants!” And, as their planet is now in great trouble because of its “close” passage to the Sun, they are trying to “invade” Earth! This is why Satan told another individual, who was in my home a few weeks past, that “Yahweh has a massive fleet twenty miles up!”

In addition to these comments, I overheard an evil and blasphemous individual, whether man or beast I cannot say, spew obscenities and insults out of his mouth as he spoke with another individual in my home a few days past. In his long, hate-filled and rambling conversation, he said, “Yahweh has 30,000 ships up there!”


Our Father Yahweh Fights for Us!

My Dear Ones, he was speaking of our Father, Yahweh, the Most High God, The Creator of Mankind and of all things! And, my Dear Ones, Yahweh and the Hosts of Heaven are certainly outside Earth in, “outer space”; and they are fighting the Annunaki, who are trying to flee Niburu and thereby “invade” the Earth!

He is our Loving Father, who has made a covenant with humanity; and over and over again, He and the Hosts of Heaven have intervened to stop these evil hoards from utterly destroying humanity!

May we all get on our knees, look up to the Great Creator of all things and give our heartfelt thanks to our Father Yahweh. For, He is holy! He is righteous! He is True, Pure and Faithful! Even when mankind knows nothing of it; and even when so many of us are full of rebellion, our Father Yahweh constantly fights on behalf of all of us, “saint and sinner alike”! For, He loves us with a “big love”!






“My Beloved Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Listen to Me, My Little One, and write as I say, that My people may be the wiser!

My Little One, you are witness, and many are now witnesses to the fact that I have told you, that I have warned you, that devastating times are upon the whole Earth! Yes, I have repeatedly warned you, My Little One; and you have published My messages, which warn that a time of great trouble is upon the whole world! Yes, I have told you that this time is at hand; and that soon, very soon, My Son will come for the pure and clean souls! He will take those, who are counted “worthy” to escape the terrible destruction, which is upon the whole Earth!

I have told you repeatedly and I have thereby “warned” Mine through these published works that Satan and his hoards desperately want to escape the trouble, which is upon the whole Earth! And, I have gone to great lengths to explain “why” these “evil ones” have so systematically and doggedly done such terrible things to your physical body in their efforts to “steal” My interdimensional portal! I have also explained to you, and others know well what I have said: that this interdimensional portal is attached to your physical body! But, Satan and his many hoards, having failed in all of their many attempts to kill you, are now filling your body with human tissue samples in their perverted efforts to “cloan” the new DNA, which I have put into your body!

And, they believe that by having possession of the new DNA, that they can “force” open My interdimensional portal, which is attached to your physical body, and thereby escape their punishment! But, they will never “clone” this DNA and they will never get a viable sample of this new DNA to grow onto their tissue samples!

But, truly in their bizarre schemes they get more desperate by the day! For, they see and they know what you in the Earth do not know! But, you know, My Little One; for you are My faithful servant! You are My faithful prophetess; and I have told you many times that NIBURU IS NOW IN THE SKY! And, it is obvious for all in the world to see! Yes, it is obvious; but it has been erroneously named a “comet!”

Yes, it behaves like a comet because it has a long, elliptical orbit; and as it moves through space quickly, it drags behind it a very long tail! BUT NIBURU IS NOT A COMET! IT IS A PLANET! AND, THIS PLANET, NIBURU, IS GOING TO WREAK HAVOC IN THE EARTH!

For many months in advance of its coming, Niburu has already caused devastating changes in the Earth! You have witnessed many volcanic eruptions! You have witnessed the “melting poles,” the many earthquakes, and the unstable weather conditions! But, you have not seen the “real” devastation, which Niburu is going to cause! You have only gotten a glimpse of it; and many of you have learned to “live with” these erratic conditions in the Earth, taking note of them, but just as soon conveniently forgetting what you have witnessed!

But, what is at hand, you shall not so simply dismiss! For, great and terrible destruction is upon the whole Earth and before it is over, billions will perish beneath the churning waters and beneath the falling rocks! Yes, terrible destruction, the “Time of Jacob’s Troubles” is in the Earth, and even on the very “eve” of these terrible events, few are the wiser!

You wait upon the satanic media and you wait upon the satanic government to tell you the truth of what is! But, you wait in vain; for they have not told you and they will not tell you that the Great Destroyer is here! They will not tell you; for they are Satanist; and they wish to see you all dead! But, the truth is that many, many of them shall perish! For, many of their best-planned hiding places shall be covered in rubble! They shall be buried beneath rocks and consumed by the churning waters!


Soon, very soon, My Son shall come for Mine! And, He shall take the pure and clean souls; for they have lived righteously! They have loved Me and My Son and they have chosen to order their lives after My directives! But, indeed, these are few when compared to the whole numbers in the Earth! Yes, these are few, indeed! But, even so, THEY ARE; and My Son shall come for them and carry them to the grandest feast ever, in heaven! They shall go to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb; and therein shall be “married” to My Son and to Me throughout the eternities! They shall be then, as My Son now is, My Faithful Sons and Daughters!

But, those, who are left, shall soon face the antichrist and the false prophet! In the midst of this great destruction, the antichrist shall rise with a plan for all; and as many suffer all over the Earth, the masses shall overwhelmingly accept His plan! Then, almost simultaneous with this great destruction shall come a world-wide nuclear war, with death, famine, disease, and lack!

But, even so, it is as I have told you! I shall never forsake Mine! And, even in the midst of such great devastation, I shall send back into the Earth My 144,000 anointed, righteous and clean souls, My Supernatural Army! These beautifully, anointed souls shall fight on behalf of all of humanity!

But, Niburu, itself, shall not go unscathed! For, in its passing, it passes too close to the Sun and the devastation upon Niburu shall be great and irreparable! Yes, they would also like to escape their punishment; but I have I not told you in the Scriptures that I shall “punish” the “Watchers!” For, they forsook their heavenly station and they “mated” with humans and they produced “giants!” Then, they set themselves over humanity as “evil gods” and they polluted the minds of all of humanity with their whoredoms and evil practices!

Yes, they are back! The “Watchers”, the “Annunaki,” are back and they are right now in the Earth, but they also have a surprise! For, just beyond the Earth I have thousands and thousands of holy angels and many heavenly ships! Yes, even the Hosts of Heaven, who are under the direction of My Son! And, the Annunaki are not allowed to come into the Earth as they please, all in order to escape their own punishment! No! Not at all; for they, too, now meet a devastating fate!

Be wise, My Little Ones, and know that I am Creator! I created all things and I correct evil! I equalize it and in due season, I correct all wrongs! The wise ones have come away from sin! They have My Spirit and they are ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

But, the foolish ones must stay! They must pay a price for their foolishness! They must stay and work out their salvation! Even now, at this late hour, some of the foolish ones will truly repent! They will humble themselves, being truly “sorry” for their sins! Then, I will hear their cries; and I will “save” them from the destruction, which is at hand! For, it is as My Son has told you: that even some, who come to “work” at the last minute, late in the day, will receive the “same” reward, the same pay as those, who worked all day long!

Yes, the hour is late! It is very late; but I forgive the sins of the truly penitent! Come to Me and ask of Me in My Son’s Name! His Name if “Jesus”, “Yeshua”: and I will hear your serious cries!

Yes, My Little One, the evil ones desperately want the interdimensional portal, which is attached to your physical body! The Dragos and all the fallen angels have wanted it! The Annunaki want it! The Satanic humans want it! But, all of their evil schemes have failed and they shall continue to fail! It is Mine and when the time is right, I will open this portal and I will carry My Clean Souls through it, and straight to My throne!

But, no evil shall enter therein; for any, who try, will be burned to a crisp! No, none shall steal this portal! And, this “exit” shall be, My Little One, even as you have prayed over and over again, that I come not just for you, but that I take all spiritually clean souls when I come for you!

Yes, My Little One, you have taken a beating day and night because you are physically tied to this portal! None could know or understand the nature of the torture and persecution, which you have endured at the hands of Satan and all of his hoards! But, even so, My Little One, you have born it well; and soon, very soon, I shall come for you! But, not only you! It will be even as you have requested! I shall come for all, who are clean and ready to go!

Go in peace and know that I greatly love humanity! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! I created you and I will never leave or forsake you!

My Little One, post this soon; for there is little time remaining!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of January, 2007,

My Dear Ones, copy Book Twelve and keep it for all, who must go through these terrible times, which are at hand! In fact, copy all of the prophecy books, which are now on and keep them, if not for yourself, for those, who are left to go through these things. Then, copy this chapter, chapter thirty-five; and send it far and wide, that all in this dark world may be the wiser; for great and terrible destruction is at hand!

Until next time, I send you the love of my heart! Jesus is our Only Way Home; and He is truly coming soon!

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

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