Chapter Thirty-Six


The “Birthing” Continues!

Oh, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, I can only shout the praises of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven; for He is mighty, oh so mighty and full of every good virtue. Yes, I am still here and still fighting the good fight for our Most Wonderful Lord and God; and I hope that you, too, are still fighting the “good” fight, and that all is well with you! For, truly, my Dear Ones, we are in the last of the last days before the return of our Saviour!

To say that I was disappointed when the end of the nine months came and went; and then the end of forty weeks came and went; and our Saviour had not come, is truly an understatement! Our Father in Heaven has said in past writings that this DNA is going to be “full-term!” At this time, my Dear Ones, I have no clue what a “full-term” baby DNA is! I only know that our Father Yahweh said that this DNA “baby” is going to be “full-term!” So, I wait upon Him from day to day and know as well that His ways are not our ways, and that His will is perfect for all of us. BLESSED IS THE HOLY NAME OF YAHWEH!


My Apologies!

I seek your forgiveness; for I had truly planned to update you well before now for the month of February! But, I must tell you that I have been extremely tired and often lacking in energy from day to day! So, this February update is indeed late in getting out to you, but even so I will do my best to inform you of what has taken place! For, these works involve all of humanity and they will impact upon humanity far into the future! Truly, it is as I have told you in previous writings, that these works herald the “birthing” of our Father’s Kingdom in the Earth! Indeed, the very birthing of a new race of people, a mighty race, the likes of which have never been seen before in the Earth! So, you all need to know what is taking place as regards this new DNA and these most awesome works of our Father Yahweh! Truly, my Dear Ones, be glad and rejoice; for we are on the verge of great and marvelous times in our Father’s Kingdom!


The Annunaki “gods” have taken over this torture parade!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, as for myself, the wait can get very long and the battles can become very weary! For, these evil ones spare no tricks in trying to defeat our Father’s works, to stop the progression of this DNA, and/or to steal it any way they can! The CIRCUS OF THE MACABRE has risen to new heights as the wayward humans, Satan and the fallen angels have now stepped back and have given full power over to the Annunaki, the old gods from Niburu! And, so from day to day, the Annunaki now bring their own dimensions of torture, along with every scheme that they can conjure up in their “evil” minds, to take over our Father’s works, to stop these works, and/or to make me theirs any way they can!

The evil torture parade of the Annunaki has been going on for some weeks now. No longer do I see disk-shaped craft with blinking red and green lights in the skies, that is … the U.S. government aerial disks, their “saucers,” but I see orange and reddish disks in the sky and one very bright disk-shaped object, which is mostly white light, but with bluish and pinkish colors also present! And, of course, I frequently see the yellowish disk-shaped craft of Satan!


Why the Annunaki?

I believe that this shift to the Annunaki gods was brought about by several factors: firstly, by the passing of Niburu, through which our Father Yahweh allowed some of them to come into the Earth; secondly, by the very nature of the Annunaki technology, in that it is far superior to that of Satan and the fallen angels; and of course far superior to that, which is possessed by the humans! Thirdly, by the fact that the Annunaki could no longer “trust” the humans to do this work, as there are many of them, who are sympathetic to these works and as such only half-heartedly do their assigned works! To this end, I have also heard some of them speaking from time to time! Fourthly, I believe that this had to be, my Dear Ones, for it is part of the price that I have had to pay in order to do our Father’s works and to bring forth this new DNA, which, as you know is 360 degree DNA! The Annunaki also have 360 degree DNA, as I understand it, although their 360 degree DNA is of a different sort than this, which is now coming to the humans!


The Jealous and Angry Annunaki!

I tell you for a certainly that the Annunaki are possessed of a jealous rage, especially the Annunaki King; and he has ordered that I be killed; and of course all, who are like me! Yet, at this time, there is no other human, who has this new 360 degree DNA, aside from myself; so from day to day, I take the brunt of their rage and jealousy! But, even so, our Beautiful Father Yahweh miraculously carries me! He fights these battles, which are far too great for me!


I am so greatly blessed; blessed beyond measure!

What a mighty and wonderful God our Father Yahweh is! I am ever so humbled and deeply amazed from day to day to witness the great and awesome works of our Most Beautiful God! Oh, my Dear Ones, we must all sing His praises and humble ourselves in a greater way before Him; for He is Almighty! There is no God like Him! How blessed we are to have such a mighty and wonderful God! He is mindful of all things and I know that He keeps His eyes on this work; for it is a beautiful work for all of humanity!


Bring ‘Em on!

Therefore, my Dear Ones, I can only say to these evil hoards and all of their schemes: “Bring ‘em on!” For, our Father in Heaven fights my battles; and they will not defeat our Mighty God Yahweh! Oooooo-eeeee! HallaleuYahweh!!!!!


For a Little Better Understanding!

To recap somewhat, what I have just said and what I have also previously told you: I have had to go under the feet of every breed of fallen angel, under the feet of Satan and all of his hoards, under the feet of many evil humans; and now under the feet of the “clown gods” of the Annunaki! My Dear Ones, what they do from day to day is so bizarre that I can hardly find words to describe the evil of their ways; but even so for the “record”, I will attempt to describe at least in part what I have experienced! But, it will be only in part; for they keep up with such evil from day to day, that to even try to go into it all would take many, many pages and time and energy that I may not have!

Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, I have become so very tired, so tired from day to day that I have little energy for anything other than these works. For, many days I am in the Spirit for eight, ten, and even up to twelve hours or more, and this is extremely tiring as it takes a concentrated mental focus and discipline to stay in the Spirit! Even when our Father in Heaven is doing the work, most often I must still be in the Spirit and I need to pay attention to what is going on! But, truly, my Dear Ones, He does so very much outside of my awareness and even and especially when I am sleeping that I know nothing of! I could not live even one minute if He did not supernaturally carry me!


Going back a little to The Bushes!

My Dear Ones, it was on the night of January 03 of this year, 2007, when I was in a very relaxed state, neither fully awake, nor asleep, that I saw George Bush Senior standing at the foot of my bed. He just looked at me with a cold expression, never saying a word, and then he left. But, quick on his heels came George W. Bush; and he also stood at the foot of my bed, but nearer to the end opposite my head ;and he looked at me for some time, almost fondly so; and I found this absolutely strange. That night, there was a lot of “roaring” from military craft outside my house as the evil doctors in the U.S. military had come up with another one of their bizarre schemes to wire me up a new way! It is significant to note that January 03 is also a 13, the first month and the third day, a 1+3, a significant number for the Satanists! And, on their 13 day, these two evil, Satanists came out to witness the latest scheme to wire me up and to torture me in a new way! But, even so, this scheme failed; and all the praise, the glory and the honor goes to our Father Yahweh; for He is the One, who fights my battles; and He defeats them at every turn!

I expect that the Bushes have been here many times, but I see only what our Father in Heaven allows me to see and I hear only what He allows me to hear as regards them all! And, for this, my Dear Ones, I am ever grateful; for I do not wish to hear their foul conversations and listen to their bizarre schemes unless our Father in Heaven chooses to allow it; for they are wicked beyond measure and full of every evil device!


The German Nazi Dream!

It was also about this same time that a dear brother, who has had many prophetic dreams about these works, dreamed that an Austrian (German) Nazi came flying by my house and put one foot out and landed, as a bird might land, but on one foot. Then, immediately after he landed the first time, he flew past again and repeated what he had just done! I believe that he was seeing the “German” Busches,” who are also Nazis; for history shows us that George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott, helped to finance Hitler! I believe that this dream was given as a confirmation of what I had seen in my own bedroom! For, first came Bush Senior and then Bush Junior; and they put a “foot” down in my house, one after the other!

Yes, they truly came to look upon their prisoner and to view their latest scheme of torture! But, even so, that wild scheme of Satan and the U.S. military to wire me up in a bigger and grander way failed! All of their most horrendous schemes have failed; and they will all continue to fail; for THEY CANNOT, AND THEY WILL NOT DEFEAT THE ONE GOD, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, THE AWESOME GOD YAHWEH!


They are all Clowns!



More, more, more of everything!

Well, my Dear Ones, they continue on with their meat parade, now more desperate than ever to grow this new DNA onto their human tissue samples. Since the Annunaki have taken over they have begun to put “slabs” of meat in my back, in my chest, in my throat, my face; and wherever else they choose to put it! And, on top of this meat, they put massive layers of wire, wire and more wire. I have counted as many as seventy plus layers of wire in only my right cheek and jaw! They have long wires, short wires, convoluted wires, and wires, which are woven together in a tight and solid fashion, especially to make the wire ports through which they attach their “feeding” tubes from hell! Yes, they have gotten extremely sophisticated with their wiring, wiring all over my body, massive amounts of wire! They believe that by wiring me up with so much wire that it will be impossible for me to be free, that they will then get control of my mind, and I will be their slave! In fact, one day recently as the DNA was cleaning out so much “stuff” that they had put into me the night before, I heard one of them say, “She will not be ours as long as she can do this!”

It has been a few weeks since Satan was in here and seeing that his schemes of wiring me up had failed, he ordered them to stuff me with “ten times more wire”, to “fill her up!” And, yes, this is what they did and ten times more cloth pockets full of meat! Gone are the cloth tubes, which look like fake blood vessels. They have not used these for many weeks! They have graduated to cloth pockets and rubber pockets, and these are plentifully put inside my torso, my legs, my arms and plentifully into my head! And, into all of these pockets, they attach feeding “ports,” to which they attach their external feeding tubes! Through these ports, they feed thick, gooey solutions to the vast amounts of meat, which they put into the cloth and rubber pockets! And, around these “ports,”, which are all made of vast amounts of wire, they put even greater amounts of wire, wire, wire, even up to fifty, seventy-five, or more layers of wire! “Why do they put so much wire around and over these tubes?” So that it will be more difficult for the DNA to get the feeding tubes out! These feeding “ports” are obviously very important to them; for they must attach feeding tubes to these ports through which they pump gooey fluids into the pockets of their “growing” meat samples!

Oh, my Dear Ones, I cannot begin to describe the great numbers of cloth pockets, which they have put into my head! In fact, from day to day, they fill up my head and body, even my limbs with many cloth pockets, either full of meat, or full of a gooey substance, which is filled with metal particles! By filling these pockets with metallic particles, which are suspended in a gooey substance and outside of these pockets massive layers of wire, they have, from time to time, tried to turn my whole head into metal! Then, they bombard me with electrical frequencies; and they make popping noises in my head as they are trying to program me and take over my mind! Once again, my hair, (which I cut short last summer, because it was “fried” with microwaves), is “fried” again! But, even so, this is but a small price to pay for the love of our Most Wonderful Father Yahweh and for the love of the beautiful souls, who are, and who are to come!


Layers of Wire and Cloth Pockets into my Stomach!

Into my stomach, my Dear Ones, they continually put multiple cloth pockets full of meat and liquid and gooey stuff with metal particles! And, when our Father cleans this mess out of me, oh the smell of sour flesh; and even the smell of various kinds of chemicals as they come out! And, during the cleaning, the constant smell of strong iodine is oozing from my flesh. I am wondering if this is radioactive iodine and through it they follow the cleaning process! It is a disgusting thing to behold so much “stuff” in my stomach; and; and I do not know how I have room to even digest my food!

And, with my brain, it is the same! I do not know where my brain goes; for there cannot be any room in my cranium for it! Some months past, I heard Satan say to another one, who was watching the new DNA remove “stuff” from my brain, that my brain would resume its normal shape “in two seconds!” So, apparently this great amount of “stuff” in my head, compresses my brain! And, from this one thing, alone, you know, my Dear Ones, that I am supernaturally carried from day to day; for no one could live through such things as what I must endure! What an awesome testimony of the great love and mighty power of our Father Yahweh!


Their Games of Distraction!

They run wires the length of my esophagus and put implants into my esophagus to make me burp as they please! They put implants into my throat to make me swallow violently, and against my will; and/or other implants into my throat and chest to make me cough against my will! They put implants into my face to make my face jerk and jump as they please, or implants into my fingers to make my fingers jerk and jump, or into my arms and legs the same. They put implants into my breathing mechanisms to cause me to exhale abruptly; and/or any combination of the above to distract me and to cause me to come out of the “relaxed” state when the DNA is working! They have “wired” up my legs and feet extensively over and over again; and into these wires, they send “burning” currents, so much so that at times my feet have often been numb from the currents. They shoot beams into my body here and there, all in order to burn me and to cause me to come out of the “relaxed” state when the DNA is working! They stick me with pens, or inject “stuff” in the some of my blood vessels in order to cause me pain, and/or to try to make me fall asleep so that I stop the a train of DNA work! They wire up my whole body and send such powerful currents through me that I can often feel my whole body pulsating, undulating as if I am immersed in waves!

Into my arms, especially my left arm, they repeatedly put massive amounts of wire! And, into my legs, oh my poor legs, especially into my knees, they have repeatedly put massive amounts of wire! Then, into my knees, they go with their wire ports; and they pump, pump their liquids into the pouches in my legs. So great has been the pain, my Dear Ones, that I have had to hobble around my house for days at a time! I would have cried out in pain so many times from their torture; but I could not and would not! Instead, I went deeper and deeper in to the Spirit of God, praising and thanking our Father in Heaven for this and for all things. Yes, great has been their torture and they have at times inflicted great pain upon me! But, even so, our Mighty Father Yahweh has carried me through what He has chosen that I must endure!

These things and worse things they have done to me over and over and over again for months on end; but even so, my Dear Ones, this is but a small price to pay for the beautiful work, which is unfolding through our Father’s mighty hands! I do not regret what I must go through to bring forth our Father’s mighty works, but my Dear Ones, am thankful and pleased to go through these things for love of our Lord and God, and for love of you!

I tell you these things so that all may be recorded! I do not tell you these things to complain; for ALL THINGS DO TRULY WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE, WHO ARE CALLED BY OUR FATHER YAHWEH AND BY OUR MOST WONDERFUL SAVIOUR, JESUS, YESHUA!

My Dear Souls, I am a fighter and the very fact that I hate and despise them and all that they stand for also gives me an added impetus to continue to do my part. The rest comes from the mercy and grace of our Father Yahweh! So, even in my darkest of hours, I am propelled forward with the deep “knowing” that there will come an end to all of this torture; and that from this great torture will emerge a new DNA and a new race of beautiful humans!

Yes, I am greatly encouraged in the face of such evil, by the sheer knowing that these evil hoards will go beneath the feet of these righteous souls, and soon! Yes, indeed! Every evil group of them will bow down beneath the power of Yahweh, which He will put into His righteous servants! This is His Kingdom Come and His will be done; for evil will soon be bound! It will be dealt with and no longer will it be allowed such free reign! BLESSED IS THE HOLY AND MIGHTY NAME OF YAHWEH! HIS WILL AND HIS WORK IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! May we all praise Him from hour to hour; and from day to day; for He is worthy, My Dear Ones; and He loves us so!


The Rubber Masks!

It has been perhaps a month or go since they began to put rubber masks on my face and over my neck, fitting them over my head and neck, and then covering the top of my chest like a collar. But, this rubber is not confined to my head, neck and face! They now cover my whole body with layers of rubber, very thin rubber in places and thick layers in other places. With massive amounts of tiny screws, they fit these rubber masks to my face, backbone, head, face, and onto other places in my body.

I believe that the Annunaki drive these things into my body via sound waves! I can hear these sound waves, which remind me of the high-pitched whining of a dentist’s drill, but even an even higher pitch, and not nearly as loud, but certainly very audible! I seldom see their hands or feel them touch me in any way! But, with Satan, the fallen angels and the humans, I often see their hands and can feel their hands moving in and out of my body. Often, in the past I have watched Satan and the humans as they took tools and drove their wires and other things into my body. I could feel them as they screwed “screws” into my head and often lay awake for many hours at night, feeling what they were doing and watching them as well. There was many, many times, especially in the summer of 2006 that I could feel Satan and his hoards as they drove staple-like wires into my gums, one staple at a time, and with the penetration of each staple, there was a grinding pain!

But, not so with the Annunaki! If I am busy with other things, I may not notice at all that they are filling up my body with massive amounts of meat, wire and whatever else they choose; as they work very quickly and I am barely perceptive of what they are doing! What I feel most are “waves” coming into my body! They do not need to take seven or eight hours to fill up my body as the humans did; but can do their evil much more quickly! This is the great difference between their work and the work of the Satan, the humans and fallen angels.

From observing them all work, I can attest to the fact that Satan, every breed of fallen angel and the errant humans all have their own styles of working; and I can also attest to the fact that the technology of the Annunaki is far superior to any of the others. But, even so, they cannot and will not defeat our Father Yahweh; and when they bring in more superior technology, our Father then adds more dimensions, and a greater power to the “growing” DNA! In fact, our Father has grown the DNA on all occasions because of their added dimensions of power and torture!

So, my Dear Ones, it is possible for them to quickly put many layers of their rubber masks and wires into me within a very short time! These layers of rubber and wire, of course, are not visible to the naked eye; for all of them are beneath the skin! But, they are certainly visible to me. Many mornings I get up and my face is fat, fat, fat! My neck is short and fat, like that of a football player. I can see no clavicle bone at the top of my chest, as my chest is full of layers of rubber, wire and meat! My cheeks have hanging jowls and I can not see my jaw bone at the back of my face, near my ears! My face feels gooey and mushy like dough! And, when the our Father’s’ DNA begins to clean out this mess, there will be massive amounts of steel wool, metal shavings immersed in a gooey substance, filling up the cloth pockets, plus outside of this, many layers, of wire, wire, wire, plus of course, the “layers” of the rubber masks! And, between these layers of rubber masks are often “slabs” of meat!

At the base of my neck and over the top of my chest, there is usually a very thick and gooey rubber layer, which is stuck tight to my body, just beneath the skin. They often cover the layers of wire with layers of rubber, all in an effort to make it more difficult for the DNA to remove the wire!


The “poor” Annunaki Prisoners! Our Father in Heaven will surely save them!

I have heard the Annunaki speak on more than one occasion about their doing these sorts of things to their “prisoners.” In fact, on the night of the 3rd of March, I heard one of them describe what they would do to me that night, and tell that when this procedure is done to their prisoners, then “they will obey them, they will do as they are commanded to do!”

So, that night, my Dear Ones, they wired me up the hilt! I have never seen so much wire, and cloth, rubber masks and metal shavings in one place! The right side of my face and head seemed to be solid wire! They wired up my nose, which is a usual thing and put a deep pocket of wire and cloth on the right side of my face and into what would be the right frontal lobe of my brain!

As our Father’s DNA was working the next day to remove what they had done, I thought of the “Borg” in the star trek shows and how they were so wired up on one side of their heads! I “knew” that they were trying to make me one of their “Borgs,” but even so, my Dear Ones, the “clown gods” failed again; for they cannot and will not defeat our Most Beautiful Father Yahweh! BLESSED IS THE MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME OF YAHWEH! EVERY DAY IN MY LIFE IS ONE GIANT TESTIMONY OF HIS GREAT LOVE AND AWESOME POWER; AND I LOVE HIM MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY THAT I LIVE!


So, I fear them not!

Yes, indeed! The push has been on via these Annunaki “gods” to make me theirs; but I have some news for these “clown” gods! I belong to Yahweh! He is my Wonderful God! He is my Mighty Creator! He is My Wonderful Protector and there is nothing that He is unable to do! I will never be theirs! I despise them and all that they stand for and I love our Beautiful Father with my whole being. He is the Beautiful Love of My Life, whom I love above all! I will gladly die for our Most Wonderful God before I will serve these evil clown gods from hell! But, even so I shall not be required to die at their hands, only to go through their torture and persecution!! Yet, my Dear Ones, whatever our Father decides that I must go through, He is able to carry me through; and I am furthermore delighted to go through all things for love of Him! For, it is but a small thing to do for our Most Beautiful Father and Creator! So, I put my faith and trust in Him and I fear not! Blessed is His Holy Name!


Who are the Annunaki?

My Dear Ones, some of you may not know that the Annunaki come from the Planet Niburu, or it may be spelled Nibiru! This is the “rogue” planet, which passes through this solar system once every 3600 years. It is also called the tenth planet, or the twelfth planet by the ancient Sumerians, the sun and the moon also being considered as planets! The Annunaki are also the “watchers” from the Bible, who deserted their heavenly stations, came down and mated with humans. Their mating with humans produced the giants and it was one of these huge giants, which King David fought as a young boy, and killed, all because of the love, grace, mercy and the power of our Father Yahweh. For, He called David and blessed him to achieve such a grand victory for the Israelites!

As I have written previously and as our Father in Heaven has also stated, the planet Niburu passed by Earth and was most visible during the months of January and February of this year! It put on quite a show in the southern hemisphere; and R.H. McNaught, an astronomer in Australia took some of the most amazing photos of this planet. He is credited with “discovering” Niburu! He called it a comet and named it after himself, but erroneously so. And, because of the fact that this planet was called a “comet” most do not know that Niburu came and went!

It had two wings and an orb, the orb in the center being Niburu, and as such it closely resembled the engravings on the clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians! They often spoke of this planet in their writings and also wrote much about the Annunaki and the Annunaki gods in their writings. My Dear Ones, this was about fifty thousand years ago!


Some very good photos of Niburu!

Kent Steadman of http://www.cyberspaceorbit did a beautiful job of following this comet! If you have not seen these most remarkable photos of Niburu, you must go to his site, go back for some weeks and take a look at the photos of Mr. McNaught. Unfortunately, as I have previously told you, this planet was mistakenly labeled as a comet, so most of mankind missed out on the return of Niburu, the tenth planet, Planet X, or the Twelfth Planet! It is most interesting to note as well that the Satanic mainstream media in America kept very quiet about it all, and as I understand it, the “big-boy” media refused to cover it at all.


Great Battle Between Niburu and the Sun!

But, even so, our Father, Yahweh told you that this was Niburu and that it would make a close pass by the Sun, and thereby suffering great and irreparable damage! You will also see past photos on cyberspaceorbit, if they are still there, that at the time of the passage of Niburu by the Sun, there appeared strange manifestations on the Sun. Some of these manifestations were blanked out of the camera, which photographs the Sun, (the SOHO camera), by Nasa! But, in one of the photos, there appeared “massive” amounts of “debris” on the face of the sun! Judging by the size of these “massive” amounts of “debris” on the face of the sun, there apparently was some great damage done to Niburu and this massive amount of debris most likely came from the great catastrophes on Niburu!

My Dear Ones, I “know” that they suffered great damage to that planet; for our Father in Heaven told us in advance that it would be so! I also know that many of them are now in the burning pits! This partially fulfills our Father’s words in Isaiah Chapter 24, wherein our Father in Heaven says that He is going to put them in the pits, and after some days He will visit them! My Dear Ones, our Father’s words are “living” words; and His words have certainly been fulfilled again and again and again; and they are also being fulfilled right before our eyes from day to day!

I have told you all of these things about the Annunaki to give you some background on what is taking place right now in the Earth, and to alert you to what has taken place with Niburu! Now, I will proceed with the Annunaki conversations, which I have overheard in my own living room, and also have recorded them for sake of these records.


The January 29, 2007 conversation!

At that time, I heard two men, who were speaking in my living room. I was lying on my couch and in the Spirit, busily working with the DNA as the DNA was cleaning “stuff” out of my body, which Satan and the humans had put in the night before. On hearing them speaking, I asked our Father to let me see them; and He opened my eyes to behold a “giant” of a man! The first thing, which caught my eye about this “giant” was a huge ring on the ring finger of his left hand. It radiated a bright light; and from there I saw that this “giant” of a man was dressed in a cream colored suit. He had brought a chair with him, which had arms, but no back and he was seated on this chair. He was speaking with a human, a highly decorated military officer; and alongside the giant, this man looked like a child. I knew that if this giant stood up, his head would go out the roof of my living room, this roof being about eight feet tall; and later, I would see that this was indeed so.

The two of them were watching the new DNA as it worked and cleaned out my body! Then, I heard the “giant” say to the highly decorated military man, “I had no idea! We had received reports, but had not idea that it (the DNA) was anything like this! This will make them equal to us! Every one of them must be destroyed!

Then, the highly decorated man said to this giant, “This is the only one we know of; but we are unable to kill her! We know that Yahweh will soon take his; and he will send others back! (like me!)

Then, the giant said, “We cannot get our ships through! Yahweh has as many as a million, if not two million craft out there! He blocks us in every way! We expect to lose two thirds of our people and possibly three, or more moons. (in the close transit to the sun!) We have contacted Yahweh and have asked him to let us through, but there is stone silence!”

Then, the giant went on to say, “Does she usually hear what is said?”

The highly decorated military man said, “No!’

To which the giant said, “Well, she does now!”

My Dear Ones, I would later find out that this giant is the King of The Annunaki and his name if ANU!! He has been around for a very long time! I have seen his name mentioned over and over in the writings of the ancient Sumerians! Most recently, I heard the words, “There will be no more place found for Anu as King of the Annunaki!” Surely, these words came from the Spirit of God; for at some point, and soon, I believe that this evil king will go to the burning pits!


The Second Annunaki Conversation


February 20, 2007

I had been working very hard in the Spirit, perhaps for eight or nine hours, almost straight, when I drifted off to sleep, but for perhaps only ten or fifteen minutes! When I awoke, I sensed a presence in the room and I “looked” in the Spirit to see two very tall men, one taller than the other! But, they were not only tall! They were huge! They were giants!

I recognized the man, who was on the left, the one, who was dressed in the cream colored suit. He had white hair and light-colored eyes! I immediately saw the huge, brilliant stone on his left “ring” finger and the mass of white hair on his head! I did not pay much attention to the second person, as the first one, the huge giant began to speak to me; for he knew that I could see them both!

The giant said to me, “What do you want from us?”

I replied, “I want nothing from you!”

Then, he said, “But, you have a new DNA and through this new DNA, which is similar to ours, you will be like us!”

I said, “Who are you?”

And, he said, “Anu!”

Then, I said, “This (new DNA) is our Father Yahweh’s choice, to bless the righteous humans, to bless those, who choose to do right with their lives; and it is only right for it to be so! For, these should not have to continue to be slaves for all of you when they have chosen righteousness! You must cease to choose evil! You will not be blessed as long as you choose evil! All of you must repent of your evil ways! I wish you no harm, no harm at all; but look what you have done to me! You have done a terrible thing and I have done nothing to harm you!”

Then, I said, “I am very sorry for what has happened on Niburu! I feel badly about it; but wonder also about exactly what did happen there!”

He then said, “One of the larger moons was ripped from Niburu by the Sun and it collided into the Sun! (obviously exploding!) Then, a second moon hit Niburu and tore up about one third of Niburu, killing billions!” As he said these words, I saw the surface of Niburu and it was full of raging fires! Then, he said, “Worse things are going to happen to this planet!”

I told him that I know these things and then asked him how often he comes into my house, to which he answered, “Every three to five days, to check on Yahweh’s work! I will return and we will speak again!”

Well, my Dear Ones, the King of Niburu has been back, as I have seen him; but I have not spoken with him again! He is the one, who is giving the orders for the daily torture and the daily meat parade! He is one evil “clown god,” and he will soon pay a great price for his great evil!


The Raid of the Meat Repository!

My Dear Ones, it was on the third and fourth of February that I went on a “meat” marathon! At that time, the humans were still “in charge” and they had put a large depository of their “meat samples” in my gums and into the roof and floor of my mouth, all neatly sandwiched into these areas in layers between much wire and inside of many, tiny cloth pockets!

I worked in the Spirit all one afternoon, ate a little about 9:00 P.M. and then worked all night, working with the DNA to remove their big “meat” stash, which they had put into my gums, into the roof of my mouth and into the floor of my mouth. This was truly their big meat depository, wherein the kept samples of their meat, which apparently showed some promise of growing the DNA.

I had learned from listening to them that their meat samples will not grow outside of my body, and so when it seems that the DNA is attaching to their meat, if they then take this meat outside of my body, the meat will die. So, they must have a place in my body, wherein they can deposit the meat, once the new DNA seems to grow on it, or there is some promise of growth! And, one such place for the evil human doctors has been in my gums and into the roof and the floor of my mouth; for the saliva in my mouth then “feeds” this meat and keeps it moist and alive.

Not only did I work all afternoon, and all night, but got about one hour of sleep and worked all day the next day to find their meat deposits and to clean them out of my mouth! Oh, my! This was such a work as there were massive layers upon layers of wire and more wire and tiny slivers of meat amidst so much wire and cloth; and this was an exhausting work! But, even so, by the end of the next day, they had lost their meat depository; and I was sitting at the dining room table, still cleaning when it was almost sunset again.

And, then I felt a dribble on the end of my nose as the evil ones were injecting a liquid into my nose and it was running down onto my lips. But, even so, I just kept right on working!


They are “evil” beyond any description!

But, they seeing what they had done, got an “idea”; as they were also full of rage about what I had done. Within a few minutes a green glob of stuff came down the back of my throat and from there they were on a rampage. Surely, they then began to go into the sick wards of hospitals, where they got sputum from the sick patients; for they began to inject yellow and green sputum (snot) into my nose, into my sinuses, into the roof of my mouth and into the back of my throat. I would repeatedly hear a gllrrrp in my sinuses and within minutes these horrible “globs” would come running down my throat! My Dear Ones, this disgusting “assault” went on for about a week or ten days.


A Tired and Weary Body!

By the next day, I was beginning to feel somewhat ill, and by the next night I had begun to have a fever of about 101 degrees F. At the same time, Satan began to feed blasphemous words into my head against our Saviour and against our Father! I was so sad to hear such things and I cried tears of great sorrow! I said, “Father, if such things are of me, then I deserve to die!” However, I did not die, but began to get well in spite of the great amounts of bacteria-laden sputum, which they pumped into my sinuses! The horrors of it all! Yes, my Dear Ones, our Blessed Father saved me from another one of the schemes of the circus from hell!


We must all learn to “Rest in the love of our Father Yahweh!”

Why did our Father allow it? I do not know, but in times past when I did not sleep enough our Father in Heaven allowed illnesses to come upon me twice! I believe that He did this to “force” me to rest! One such event took place during my last visit to South Africa. At that time, the end of March of 2006, the Dragos were still coming into the Earth, for this war went on for about three months. I was totally exhausted by the time that I got to South Africa as the physical assaults against me were so great. I had been on a very long flight, in which Satan tried to choke me to death twice! Just as I was about to go to sleep, he would ram objects down my throat and I would awaken abruptly without any breath, gasping for air. The U.S. military and the greys and the reptiles were working around the clock, putting many, many implants into my body, through which they pummeled my body with electrical frequencies! Yes, even and especially on the airplanes! So much that they did to me caused great pain and I got so little sleep for months! I was literally going on one to three hours of sleep a night.

By the time that I got to South Africa on March 28th, I was really exhausted, so it was no wonder that I started to become very ill. In fact, within few days of arriving there, I had to go to an emergency medical clinic, where I was told that I was suffering pneumonia. It was difficult to breathe, for my lungs had so much congestion! I was not resting well at all; and even then the evil doctors of the U.S. military were busy trying to kill me. As I lay down to rest, I would feel them injecting liquids into my lungs. I could both feel the needles as they pierced the space between my ribs and could also feel the liquids as they injected them into my lungs! Daily, I had to lie down to sleep amidst such torture; and to trust in our Father in Heaven to carry me through it all when I was so ill! But, even so, my Dear Ones, He did carry me through; and through it all I learned to have a greater trust in Him and His mighty ways!

But, I did not get over the pneumonia quickly. I had a cough for two months, which continued after I came back to the States, this being the end of May of last year. Early in June, again because I was getting so little sleep, I began to get ill again! This time, I had a fever of around 103 degrees and a terrible cough. I went to the emergency room and they gave me antibiotics, but I did not take them. Instead, I tried to get more rest and to rely upon our Father to fight all of my battles. After about two weeks of being quite ill, I began to recover from this terrible illness, and only because of the love and grace of our Father Yahweh.

Yet, as I was sick, the evil ones saw a greater opportunity to attack me and they continued to do “terrible” things to my body. But, even so, I “rested” in our Lord and God and He carried me through! From day to day, my Dear Ones, I know that I must “rest” in Him! This is what He wants; and He may not have been too pleased in the meat marathon that I fought! For, I did not rest; and for this reason He may have allowed this sickness to come upon me as a way of reminding me to “rest” in him and to allow Him to fight my battles! This is all a learning experience for me and I am ever grateful for the great love, the forgiveness, the mercy and grace of the ONE LIVING GOD, THE ALMIGHTY GOD YAHWEH!


My Precious, Little Dogs!

In retaliation against me because of the “meat” marathon, these evil ones began again to take my little dogs! They began to kidnap them on the 3rd of February of this year; and since then, I do not believe that they have spent even one day at home. They have them all the time and when it is time for them to eat, whatever time they choose to put them out, they put them out to eat and then take them back up. These little animals are now so afraid and are constantly looking around as they eat; for they are full of fear; and I believe as well that they have put implants into their ears through which they also feed sounds. Yet, I can do nothing about any of this, but pray and to give it all over to our Father Yahweh! For, He is the Only One, who can make right this most horrible wrong! My Dear Ones, pray that our Father in Heaven corrects this terrible wrong! Pray for the release and the freedom of these little animals, who are innocent!

It was during the summer of 2005 that someone tossed out four little puppies into my yard and I say, “tossed out” for they tossed them out as one would toss out an empty cup, or a garbage can! I went out on a Saturday morning in early August to find these little puppies under my car! They were all wild and so afraid. Having been neglected and abused, they were covered with ringworms and bloated with parasites. Through the stretched skin on their bloated bellies, their little ribs poked through, as I chased them around the yard, trying to catch them with a fishing net!

That summer was a very hot summer, but I did as well as I could to tame them and to take care of their needs. But, when I would go out to the pen to pet them, some of them would run under the dog house, or around the dog pen; and so it was very hard to tame them. I made a lot of progress with three of them, but one remained wild and afraid and I could never tame him. .

After finding them on that summer morning, I took them all to the veterinarian straight away and this veterinarian was appalled at the shape of these little animals. When they were about six months old, I took the two females in for surgery so that they could not have puppies, and one of the females got a fatal infection from the surgery. This was a terrible thing to witness; and after the death of little “Ruby,” I was then left with three puppies.

They are relatively small and will never be huge dogs, but they all have “big” voices; and have become very protective of this little house! I suppose as well that they are also grateful for a place to live and food to eat! Yet, for the last month, the evil hoards have made sure that they no longer bark around this house! This is a shame, my Dear Souls, and one, which begs to be corrected! Please remember these little animals in your prayers.


When they began to mistreat my animals!

It was after I got back from South Africa last May that Satan and those in the U.S. military began kidnapping my animals; and they continued their rampage against my animals well into late November of 2006! For some reason, they stopped kidnapping them for about two months of December of 2006 and January of 2007. During the hot summer of 2006, when it would be 105 degrees outside, they would abduct my little animals, drug them and dump them into mud holes. They would show up after some time of being drugged and sleeping in the heat, their eyes dazed and their bodies covered in mud! How they suffered from the terrible heat and abuse at the hands of these evil hoards!


The New DNA

My Dear Ones, the new DNA continues to grow in strength and power from our Father Yahweh and from day to day, He adds new dimensions to this new DNA according to His good pleasure. For, He is totally in charge of this work and as such only He knows what is to be added to the growth of this new DNA and at what intervals.

Since the Annunaki have taken over, they have done such horrible things to my body, with such vast amounts of wire, rubber, cloth and meat, that is truly mind-boggling. They put multiple strands of wires up and down my spine and in other places of my body to hold in place their vast amount of stuff and also to act as conductors of the electrical currents, which they channel into my body. Because of this, our Father has made the DNA spirals much stronger and some of them also much larger. They now work the length of my body, clearing away vast amounts of “stuff” during their time of daily cleansing!

I awaken early in the mornings and the among the first words on my lips are praise and thanks to our Blessed Father Yahweh! And, then I ask Him to direct the work of the DNA spirals in my body according to His will, that these works may be pleasing to Him and that they may magnify Him and bring Him glory! And, I wait upon Him to begin His beautiful work. Soon thereafter, the DNA spirals will begin to turn, and churn and grind up the meat, cloth and wire. There may be only huge, and very strong spirals, which work throughout my body, or there may be smaller ones, which are working amidst the larger ones. These large spirals often loose and carry out of my body the long wires, not grinding them up at all, but carrying them out in tact! Yet, they are able to grind them up if our Father in Heaven chooses to empower them to do so; for I have seen the DNA spirals cut through large strands of wire and chew them up, thereafter carrying the ground up wire out of my body.

Our Father may work through the DNA spirals for as many as five our six hours before I get out of bed in the mornings and through most all of this I am awake and aware of what the DNA is doing, but in a very calm and relaxed state. Afterward, I then may need to go into the Spirit and work more with the DNA and the Spirit of God to remove what the DNA has not already removed. This requires an active work on my part and from day to day I have often spent many, many hours in the Spirit doing this work with the DNA. However, nowadays, as the DNA is growing, and our Father is having the DNA to do more and more work, I may not need to spend as much time the Spirit. The amount of time I need to spend in the Spirit is really determined by the amount of “stuff” left in my body after the DNA does its work in the morning!


“Full-term DNA”

Oh, my Dear Souls, I am so grateful to see that the DNA is growing! I am so grateful to see that it is getting stronger by the day; for this also means that it is often not necessary for me to spend as many hours in the Spirit. I believe that it also means that a time is at hand when the DNA will be able to clean all of this “stuff” from my body, without my having to spend much time in the Spirit working with it! When this happens, if it is our Father’s will, I wonder whether this “capability” then means“full-term!”

About the criteria for “full-term” DNA, I can only guess; and my guesses are usually wrong, but the above scenario is also “food for thought!” However, one thing is certain: from day to day, I see the most remarkable and astounding work with this new DNA. Our Father’s creation through this new DNA is truly amazing, a great and beautiful gift for humanity!


Will the Human Birth Cycle Change?

Will the new cycle of gestation for the new human race also be changed? Will it far exceed the forty weeks, which we now call the human birth cycle! My Dear Ones, I do not know, but it seems that this may be the case. On the 10th of March, this DNA “baby” will be ten months old! From this point, my Dear Ones, I do not know how much more the DNA must grow before it is “birthed” back to our Father in Heaven! I can only tell you that from day to day it is growing and getting stronger; and that it is truly an amazing sight to behold.


Our Father in Heaven loves you so!

My Dear Ones, live for our Father Yahweh and for His Beautiful Son, our Saviour Jesus, Yeshua! Come away for the illusions of this dark world and walk in His beautiful love and light! Seek forgiveness for all of your sins and ask daily for our Lord and God to make you white and clean through His constant forgiveness, love, mercy and grace. When you are wrong, be quick to seek the forgiveness of others and let go of all pride, stubbornness and arrogance!

Our Beloved Father has made an everlasting covenant with us! No one else has ever made such a covenant with us; no one else ever will; and no one can help any of us but our Beloved Father Yahweh and His most Beautiful Son, Jesus, our Saviour.

The words of our Blessed Father Yahweh are sure! They are pure, holy and true! He loves us all with an everlasting love and He especially loves the sinner. If not for our Blessed Father Yahweh, we would all be helplessly imprisoned to Satan and to the evil Annunaki gods forever; for who would set the captives free?

Our Father Yahweh has set us free; for He sent His Only Son to bring us salvation and deliverance from every kind of sickness and bondage. He love us all and He fights for us all, even and especially when we have no clue as to what He is doing. He so wondrously provides for us all, saint and sinner alike; yet few take the time to thank Him for His great love and constant provision and protection.

Oh, my Dear Ones, may we all rise up anew each day with our hearts and lips full of songs of love and praise for our Most Wonderful Father Yahweh. For, He is God Almighty! He is our Blessed and Wonderful Father! He is our Creator! Holy, holy is His Blessed Name; and He and He alone is worthy of all the praise, all the glory and all the honor forever and ever! Therefore, my Dear Ones, love him more by the day and sing love songs to Him; for He loves you so and He delights in you!

In closing, I send each of you the love of my heart; and to my Dear and Faithful Friends, big, big hugs and lots of love! For, you have been there with me through great and terrible tests and trials and you have never forsaken me! You, my Dear Ones, have a very special place in the coming Kingdom of our Lord and God; for you have been faithful! I love you with a big love and have a heart full of gratitude and thanks for each of you! Know, as well, that our Father sees and He rewards accordingly; and your time of great blessings is at hand!

Until next time …

Go in the love of Jesus! He is our Only Way back to our Father!

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

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