“Not much time left!”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is now around 3:00 AM on the morning of March 15, 2007! I am up and writing this to you, as I do not know how much more our Father in Heaven requires of me; and from all that is going on, there cannot possibly be much time left! Also, my Dear Ones, I do not know how much more this old, and tired body can and must endure until the end, for by day, the torture and persecution increase!

Therefore, from moment to moment, I lean heavily on our Father Yahweh, praying for Him to redeem me from the hands of my enemies! I know that He will soon do so; for His word is sure! It is pure and it is true! And, most certainly this must be so, and soon; for His promises to me through both Micah Chapter Four and Revelation Chapter Twelve, must be fulfilled! But, this is not just redemption and salvation for me; it is redemption and salvation for all, who are clean and ready to go!


The Metal Strips!

My Dear Ones, I am awake at this early hour as I cannot sleep! The persecution and daily torture against me is great and the evil ones continually change their methods of torture and persecution, never ceasing from day to day!

For a few days, I have been able to get around only with a walking cane and must lean over to the left side while I am walking as Satan and Satan and the hoards in the U.S. Military have filled my back continually with so much metal, wire, more wire, thorny wire and even with a hard, stony-like substance!


The Metal Strips!

They have graduated from filling my body up with all manner of wire, to putting long strips of metal into my back, into my chest, head, and other places in my body! But, not just one metal strip! They stack the metal strips, one on top of the other and then drive them into my flesh in layers. I do not know how many pieces of this metal are stacked one on top of the other, but there seems to be eight, ten or more! In certain places, they grab up the flesh and pull it into a square-shaped wire object; and as the flesh is pushed up into this square shaped box, they then drive pieces of very thin metal into the flesh. In other words, they sandwich the flesh with very thin pieces of metal so that it remains in this wire box until the Spirit of our Father helps me remove it! When I try to move, the flesh in this square-shaped box cannot move and as such even a little bit of movement is very painful! They put these box-like things alongside the left side of my spine; and in the same general area, they take sharp, wire-like objects, which are made of strong wire and they drive these deep into my back. Some of these wire objects will consist of eight or ten strong and sharp wires, which are hooked together on one end and these wires fan out as a hand-held fan stretches out. They gouge many of these into the same general area of my back, but not just there! I have worked with the DNA to remove these from other locations in my body!

In addition to these fan-like, sharp and wiry objects, they drive other sharp, wiry objects into my flesh, which look like combs, except that they are composed of very sharp and strong wires. Some of these comb-like objects are long and others are short. Some of the “teeth” on them are long and some of them are shorter. They use such things copiously along the borders of their “feeding” ports to hold them in place; and, they often drive wire fragments, or steel wool into my flesh alongside these “feeding” ports as they so please! My Dear Ones, these, who do this evil, are Satan, the U.S. Military, (who are now back in full force), and of course their Annunaki mentors!


More on the Metal Strips!

Into my back, they began to drive these metal strips three days ago, that is on the night of March 13, their big devil day! But, not just metal strips! They dug into my flesh and layered wire, along with massive amounts of wire and wire loops, and ground up, sharp wire fragments, which they poured into my flesh in various places. In recent months, they have driven “tiny” wires into my flesh, all over my body, literally turning my whole body into metal, but I guess that this was just not enough metal with so much wire, so they are now trying to turn my whole body into metal via their stacks of metal strips! And, if they create great pain in the process, so much happier are these perverted clowns from the great Circus from hell! May we all be ashamed to belong to such a nation!


Their Devil Day Extravaganza!

To make a cage for their layers of wire and other stuff, which they plowed into my back on their devil day of March 13th, they created wire frames and attached these wire frames into my spine, into my neck and into my flesh with long screws. They dug deep into my back and attached layers of these wire frames and from each layer, they made a membrane of cloth to separate the various layers of wire and other stuff! Over these wire frames, they put many layers of wire mesh; and in the midst of so much wire and metal, they put a large pocket of cloth, filling it with their human meat samples! Then, of course, to feed the meat samples, they drove great amounts of wire into my flesh to make their “feeding” ports from hell to which to attach their feeding tubes! They attached the pouch of meat alongside my spine and under my scapula, and also into the flesh of my back with long screws, which dug into my flesh and pulled at my spine whenever I tried to move!


I am their prisoner until our Saviour comes!

Day before yesterday, I worked many hours in the Spirit with our Father and with the DNA, and at the end of the day, I was still left with vast amount of metal in my body. One reason for this, my Dear Ones, is that when they see that these things are being removed, they soon add more; so I am never “free” of their horrible wires, metals and whatever else they choose to put into me! But, even so, blessed am I to be a “prisoner” for loving of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven and His beautiful Son!


The Chemicals

A few days past, I overheard one of the humans stating that “We are soon going to have to let her go, but first we want to “try” two things! Next will come the chemicals.” My Dear Ones, these chemicals appeared to be some sort of alcohol, or alcohol combination. For a number of days after this remark, there exuded from my body a very strong smell of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol!) and in my mouth the constant bitter taste of chemicals!

I believe that the day was last Saturday when I awoke and heard two of them talking in my bedroom. One was stating that he needed to check the “blood alcohol” levels and then I felt a stick in my right hand, followed quickly thereafter by another stick. Then, this man, who was checking the “levels” came back and said that the “level” was 20%. He then went on to tell the other one, who was present, “not .20, but 20%!

This vast amount of alcohol, they dumped into my body as I was sleeping the night before! I ask you, my Dear Ones, “Who could live through such a thing!” Were I not supernaturally carried each and every day, I would have been dead so very long ago! Blessed is the Only God, the One God, the Righteous and Holy God Yahweh; for He is worthy! Worthy! Worthy of all the praise, all the honor, and all the glory forever and ever! I love Him so!


Another wild scheme beat by the power of Yahweh!

My Dear Ones, they followed me around for several days with the alcohol, dumping it into my body throughout the day! But, even so, I went on with my life, driving into town, going out to eat, etc and I noticed no ill effect! But, still, the smell of this alcohol was pouring from my body and even when I went into town, the smell was so powerful in the car that it was indeed toxic. A person went out to eat with me and was shocked at the loud smell of these chemicals, which they were dumping into my body! Even after being in the restaurant for about an hour, the smell of this chemical still lingered in the car; and it was very strong!


The effects of so much in my body!

Since they did this to me on their devil day of the 13th, I cannot breathe deeply without much pain; and the pain is almost unbearable when I even try to get in and out of bed, or get up from a resting position. I cannot lift my arms to do the simplest of things as the metal strips in my body dig into my flesh whenever I move.

Today, I was in the Spirit for many hours, working with our Father and the DNA to remove the metal strips, much wire and “stony” stuff out of my body. I do not know what this powdery, stony stuff is but it looks like dried and hard baking powder, yet not small pieces as one would find in a can of baking powder, but large pieces here and there in my back and in other places in my body! When the DNA gets to this hard, powdery material to remove it, it breaks up into pieces and makes a grinding noise as it is moved out of my body. These “hard and stony” places add to the pain, as they stick to my flesh, making it immobile in places and thereby causing pain on movement!

So, I wait upon our Lord and God; and when He is ready He will bring forth a mighty victory over these evil workers of darkness! He is ever faithful and His will is perfect in all ways! Therefore, in spite of my suffering, I know that this, too, shall pass! And, I know well that soon, very soon, a beautiful ending comes for these works! Then comes Our Father’ new DNA for the humans! Truly, His Kingdom Come and His will be done in the Earth as it is done in Heaven!

It is now, my Dear Ones, that I also know how our Saviour felt when He hoped, even for a moment, that the “cup” could be taken from him! So great was His pain and suffering! I do so well understand how he felt, for as the days go by, the evil ones get more and more severe in their assaults of torture! Yet, it is not so much that I want this cup to be taken from me as it is that I want this work to be finished! I wonder whether these were also some of the underlying thoughts of our Beloved Saviour! For the work to be finished and the suffering to be brought to an end!

Yet, amidst so much evil, I know that our Father Yahweh will never leave or forsake me! He is always with me; and I put my total faith and trust in Him! When He sees that this work is done to His satisfaction, our Saviour will surely come. For, it is written in Micah Chapter Five, “Therefore will he give them up until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth…” I believe that “give them up” is referring to the return of our Saviour, that He cannot and will not return until she, who travails, has brought forth! In other words, these works must be finished before our Saviour can return! And, surely that time is at hand; for I tell you that things for me are now severe in many ways!

The evil ones, seeing and knowing that their time is short, are doing all that their perverted minds can come up with to get hold me of any way they can! I fear them not and neither do I fear what they do to me; but at the same time I realize that I am very tired! From day to day, this pain is also very draining, but even so, my Dear Ones, the end is surely at hand!


Pray for me, my Dear Ones!

I ask you, my Dear Ones, to pray for our Father in Heaven to finish these works and to send our Saviour to deliver me and all righteous souls, who are ready to go. I ask you to petition our Father In Heaven for extra mercy and grace for me and a gift of extra divine strength to help me get through the torture, which I must endure at this late hour! Put this need at the top of your prayer list; for truly, my Dear Ones, these prophetic works are the most profound prophetic works since the birth of our Saviour! For, through what our Father is doing here, a new generation of souls is going to be birthed though this new DNA. And, because of the fact that Satan and his hoards also see this, their great push against me is fierce and non-stop!

I do not wish to complain or to get into a negative mind set, but I just tell you as it is! Herein, I have told you the truth of what is taking place with these works. But, the one truth, which supersedes all others is that with each passing day, I love our Father Yahweh with a greater love; for He has so miraculously kept me through terrible, terrible assaults from Satan and all of his hoards! How greatly, greatly blessed we are to have such an all-powerful and awesome God, to know His love and the love of His Precious Son, Jesus, Yeshua! Surely, our Mighty God soon sends our Saviour!

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers! I send you the love of my heart!

Jesus is truly coming soon, and very soon!

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

PS This following is most interesting information, and I believe that it will bless you!


Galactic Tsunami!

My Dear Ones, there has been much talk on the Internet, particularly on “” about a “galactic tsunami!” They are referring to a tidal wave of energy, which some are saying is coming towards the earth! I do not know if this is so, but if it is, I truly hope that this tidal wave of light is referring to the Coming of our Saviour!

We also know that when our Saviour comes, our Father in Heaven will pour out His wrath on this evil world! Could this “wave of light” also be the coming wave of wrath, which our Father in Heaven is sending to punish the wicked?

Around October or November of last year, the “Mars Man” also mentioned a “wave of light,” which is headed this way! At that time, I overheard him speaking to another military man as they were both in my living room watching the DNA as it was cleaning my body! The “Mars Man” said that they “hope” to get off the planet before the “wave of light” comes, as it will “ burn” up much!

And, how do they “hope” to get off the planet? By stealing our Father’s interdimensional portal, which is attached to my physical body! I say, “If Satan is such a god and if the Annunaki are such gods, let them create their own portals!” But, they will not as they cannot! Only our Father Yahweh can create these portals, which are short-cuts to the stars!

Yes, indeed! The thieves, murderers, rogues and perverts want to “steal” their way off the planet! They want to escape their punishment, but they will not! They will truly “hide” in the dens, in the caves, and in the rocks and many of them will say, “Mountain, fall on me!” For great, great, great shall be their punishment at the hands of Yahweh! Surely, He shall pour out His wrath on these evil and unrepentant souls! They have sown the wind of destruction; and they shall reap the whirlwind of the wrath of our Father Yahweh! Are we about to see the opening of the Sixth Seal?

Most recently, (about four days ago,) I heard one of the military men speaking to another! At that time I was sitting on my front porch, as two of them had come down from a military craft, and they were standing there, speaking back and forth to one another! The first men said, “A freak thing is headed this way from outer space and it may shut down computers and satellites. It may also flip the earth!”

What are they speaking of?


Two dreams, which others shared with me!

I was in the bank a few weeks past wherein I shared the news with the cashier, that some are saying that a wave of light if headed towards earth, and that the effects upon the earth could be devastating! I told her that such a “wave” could possibly turn the Earth upside down and fulfill Isaiah Ch 24! She looked somewhat introspective and told me that she had a dream recently in which she saw a “bridge” and that many, many were “clawing all over each other” as they were trying to get up to the bridge.

I believe that she saw the opening of the Yahweh vortex and that people will indeed be clawing all over each other to get up there! If this “wave” does come in and turn the earth upside down, we also know from Isaiah Ch 24 that “few” are left! Many, many will die and surely many will also be trying to get up to this “bridge!” But, unfortunately for many souls, they will not make it. Only the righteous souls will enter therein! In visions past, I have seen this “portal” as a “rainbow bridge!”

I was recently speaking with a man, who was a stranger, and I told him that Jesus is coming soon! He told me that he knows this and proceeded to tell me a dream that he had a few nights past. In this dream, he was in a beautiful location, in a very beautiful “motel! He said that this “motel’ was also part of another “huge” motel complex! He said that he saw one of his dead relatives there! On awakening, he said that he immediately thought the words, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions!”

I believe that this man was seeing his temporary “motel” residence in Heaven! And, I also believe that this dream is a “message” for him to get ready; for surely the coming of our Saviour is at hand!

Passover is on April 2nd! Oh, what a wonderful Passover it would be if only our Saviour would come!

May we all deeply repent and seek to be spiritually clean and “ready”; for truly a long-awaited, and beautiful Marriage in Heaven is about to take place!

Big, big, hugs and much love to you all!

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