Dear Brothers and Sisters, I send you greeting and much love in the Name of our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Messiah! I know that this one has been a long time in the coming! My great apologies; for I have wanted to get this information out to you sooner, but up until now, (the 22nd of July of 2006) I have not been prompted by the Spirit of God to sit and write to you as regards these works. In addition, I have been exceedingly tired from day to day as my body (59 years old as of July 20th) has been tortured and persecuted day and night for so long that I hardly remember another way of life! Yes, indeed, these have been hard, hard times, but through all that I have endured, our Blessed Father Yahweh and our Beautiful Saviour have so wondrously carried me! Words cannot describe my great love for Him and for our Saviour! My heart is continually humbled beyond measure as I daily witness their great love for each of us!


Eyes have not Seen and Ears have not Heard!

My Dear Ones, with each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to something so wonderful that there are no words to describe it! None of us can imagine what our Father in Heaven has for us! None of us can imagine our Father's Kingdom come into the Earth! We cannot imagine the great blessings, which He has for us in Heaven! We cannot imagine eternal life and all that goes with it! There is no way that we can dare imagine what we have neither seen, nor experienced! But, soon, ever so soon, we are going to be so amazed, so in awe of what He has done for the Faithful, for His Bride! My Dear Ones, it was only about four or five days ago that I awoke to hear the Spirit of God speaking these words to me, "Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do!" As soon as I heard these words, I was wide awake and so excited, so full of joy and expectation, that I jumped straight out of bed with great praises of joy and thanks on my lips and in my heart! Oh, the time of great and unheard of blessings is close, very close for the faithful! The Coming of Our Saviour for His Bride is surely at hand!


Here Comes the Bride!

In one of the past messages, which our Father in Heaven gave to me, He also told us that He will take the 144,000 clean souls when He comes for me! In a dream, which a Dear brother had, he saw me coming down a hallway! Behind were many "boys," and in the dream he noted a short distance between me and these "boys!" He told me that there was to be a birthday party for him, that is, a party for the man, who had the dream!

In this dream, the hallway represents the heavenly corridor, which leads to the throne of our Father Yahweh. The angels of Heaven and our Saviour have been working to complete this heavenly corridor since the spring of 2006 and as far as I know it is almost totally complete! In this dream, this spiritual "brother" represents the "man child," who will rule the world with a rod of iron! This dream seems to indicate that the "baby boy" if Rev 12 (the holy seed) will be taken at the same time as the 144,000 clean souls, or better stated, those, who will receive the "holy seed" or the new DNA. These 144,000 clean souls also represent the "Sons of God" manifest! And, truly, there is about to be a heavenly birthday party for the bride, for these Sons of God!


More Understanding About the"Firstfruits" and the Bride!

We are told in Revelation Chapter Fourteen about 144,000, who are taken first! They are therefore called, the "Firstfruits," the "Firstfruits" meaning the ones, who are taken, or harvested first! We also know from this same chapter they are "redeemed" from the earth! They are "redeemed from among men!" In other words, they are "saved" first; and this adds more meaning to Rev 12:10, wherein we are told, "now comes salvation!" Surely, this Bride is taken in conjunction with the taking of this holy seed of Revelation 12! The souls, who are redeemed first, come from among the people of the earth and when they are redeemed, they finish their work as mere mortals! We are told in Rev 14 that these "sing a new song;" and from divine revelation, which our Father in Heaven has given to me, this "new song" is the DNA song, or the song of the "holy seed!" For, our Father in Heaven has told me that the perfect DNA of each creation makes a perfect song! When this "holy seed" is imparted to the Bride, she will then exceed the boundaries of mere mortality and will take on immortality, thereby being the first to receive eternal life!This has been our Father's promise to the faithful and clean souls for a very long time; and the time is truly at hand when the first group of clean and worthy souls will be carried into Heaven for a celebration of unheard of beauty and joy! Therein, they will "marry" our Saviour; and they will receive eternal life!


The "Baby boy" of Revelation 12 Has Grown into a "Man child!"

My Dear Ones, the holy seed, or 360 degree DNA, which has been growing in my body since May 10 of 1006, was first given to me by our Saviour as a "baby," and as such it has had to grow! But, most recently a Dear Brother had a dream, in which he saw this "baby boy" as a man; and this man was climbing high among "high" power lines! I will tell you more about this fascinating dream later, but what is important about that dream at this point, is that the "baby boy' of Revelation 12 has already grown to such a degree that it is a "man child," and soon it is going to be ready to go out to those, who get eternal life! This is obvious to me, not only because of this man's dream, but also because of the awesome, divine capabilities, which are now operating within this new DNA! Our Father in Heaven has surely put great power into this "holy seed" (new DNA) and the work, which it is able to do is most amazing! I will tell you more about this most awesome work of the new DNA later in this update!


The "Man child," Who Will Wule Whe World With a Rod or Iron

This "man child", who will rule the world with a "rod of iron," is spoken of in Revelation Chapter Two, verses 26, 27 and 28! "And, he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give the power over the nations. And, he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And, I will give him the morning star.

What does Revelation 12 say about this "woman" and this "child?" In Rev 12:2, we read, "And, she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered." Then, as we go forward in Rev 12:5; we read more regarding this child, (this "holy seed") whom the woman is carrying! "And, she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God and to his throne!"


Who is Caught up to the throne of God?

When we read Rev 12:5, we see that the "man child," the child of the woman, is caught up unto the throne of God! Who else is also caught up unto the throne of God? When we read Rev 14:1-5, we understand more! "And, I looked and, Lo a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion, and with Him and hundred and forty and four thousand, having His Father's Name written on their foreheads! Reading on, we read that these were "redeemed" from the earth, redeemed from among men, clean souls, the "firstfruits," "without fault before the throne of God!"So, my Dear Ones, from reading these words, we see that the "firstfruits" are also caught up unto the throne of God! It is important to note that the "holy seed," is considered a "man child" in Revelation 12; and once it is imparted to the Firstfruits, they then become the "man child!"!

From the above scriptures, we know that The "Firstfruits" stand before the throne of God! We also know that they without fault, blameless, clean, , "without spot, wrinkle, or blemish." They are virgins, without sin before our Lord and God! They are in fact the BRIDE! As the BRIDE, they will marry our Saviour; and in so doing, they will receive the power of Christ, as described in Revelation 12:10! They will then come back into the Earth to set up our Father's Kingdom in the Earth!

As the "Bride of Christ" they will be given much power through our Father in Heaven, not anointings as we know them, which come and go, but, sustained power from our Father in Heaven! They will indeed be a "new generation" of souls, a new race of people, with new DNA, with a new "holy seed!" As such, these willl do "great exploits" for our Lord and God, even as Daniel saw! Through them will come a great wave of divine power, which has never been seen in the whole earth! A great outpouring of the power of Christ will come into the earth, fulfilling the words of Joel Chapter Two and many, many will turn from their evil and will be brought to salvation, while others will most certainly be devoured by the fires, which go before them! Read these following words from Joel 2:2-11! My Dear Ones, these words refer to the "Bride of Christ," and they may be shocking to many of you! For, so many believe that this Bride of Christ will sit around and sip heavenly nectar day and night and bask in the peace and the light of heaven! But, not so! They come back as the heavenly army of our Saviour! Read on!


How the Bride of Christ Will Appear in the Earth!

"...a great people and strong, there hath not been ever the like, neither shall any more after it, even to the years of many generations! A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them. The apperance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen ,so shall they run. Like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness. They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks. Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded. They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief. The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark; and the stars shall withdraw their shining. And, the Lord shall utter His voice before HIS ARMY; for His camp is very great: for He is strong that executeth His word, for the day of the Lord is great and terrible; and who can abide it?

Then, my Dear Ones, we go on down to verse Joel 2:16 and this is what we read! "Let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet!" Read these words carefully! The bridegroom must go forth out of his chamber! He must come into the earth and with him, his supernatural army, with him his bride! His Bride must come also, come forward out of her closet!

What closet has the Bride been hiding in? Well, surely she has been with the groom! She has married the groom! She is standing on Mount Sion with the Groom (Rev 14) and she has been hidden for a while, even in a closet! So, she must be called forth and sent into the Earth, and with her is her Groom, with her is our Saviour!

Yes, indeed, the Bridegroom shall come forth into the Earth and operate at the head of his Bride, but first His Bride must be taken! And, who is His Bride? The 144,000 righteous and clean souls, the virgin souls, who are without guile, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish! Clearly, we can see from Joel Chapter Two that this Bride does not come back into the Earth to placate the people, but to make war and to rule with a rod of iron, the "man child" indeed! Yet, they will not be here to just make war, but to fulfill other promises of Joel Chapter Two! Read On!

As the ministers in the churches and as the people all across America call upon our Saviour, He will hear their cries! Joel 2:18-20 reads, "Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his people! Yea, the Lord will answer unto his people, Behold I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen: But, I will remove the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the unmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savor shall come up because he hath done great things. (My Dear Ones, this verse is referring to the great destruction, which is coming upon America! Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 for more! Our Saviour will come at the head of His own army; and He will drive out this army from the north! He will drive it out of the House of Israel, which has been largely gathered into America since the creation of this nation!)

Then, after he drives the Russians out of America, the word says, "Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the Lord will do great things. Be not afraid ye beasts of the field, for the pastures do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree, and the vine do yield their strength. Be glad ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the LATTER RAIN, the former rain and the LATTER RAIN in the first month!" Then, as we skim downward to verse 28, we read, " And, it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream visions: and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit!" So, from reading these passages, we know when the Latter Rain is coming! After the invasion of the USA!

From reading Joel 2.2, we know when the Bride, or the Supernatural Army of our Saviour appears on the Earth. It is "A day of darkness, of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains ...


Awesome times ahead for the Faithful!
But, terrible times for the whole earth!

In the Book of Daniel, Ch12:1, we read another description of these terrible times! "there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time!" And, what happens next, according to this Scripture? "Every one shall be delivered,every one that shall be found written in the book of life! And, many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And, they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever!" (Daniel 12)

My Dear Ones, when we read the above words, we must wonder, "Are all of these taken at the same time that the firstfruits are taken? I cannot be certain about this, but I tend to believe that these are taken later, as the word clearly says that the 144,000 are redeemed first! So, will there be a third coming of our Saviour, and possibly even a fourth coming at the end! This may very well be the case; and this still remains something of a of a mystery to me! However, when we read that the 144,000 are redeemed first, I can only believe in my heart that this is for a fact the way is it about to be! The Bride, the firstfruits go first! They marry our Saviour and then come back! The Bride comes out of her closet, even at that dark hour, possibly at that same time when those rise, who have slept in the dust, when all are delivered, whose names are written in the Book of Life! The Bride comes forth at this dark hour to fight on behalf of the lost and to utterly destroy this evil system! At this point, I must stress that I do not know whether these will be taken at the same time that the Bride is taken, but for a fact, we shall soon know these things! For, we are very close to this great and terrible day of the Lord!


The Day of the Lord!

My Dear One, what awaits humanity is horrible beyond words. Indeed, terrible, terrible times are upon the whole earth as Satan, the evil humans, the fallen angels and the wicked Annunaki rise up to enslave all of humanity! Believe me when I tell you that they surely have the technology to do so! It is a certainty that if our Father in Heaven had not prepared a way in advance to save the humans, all would be extinguised, or turned into robotoid slaves! But, my Dear Ones, He has prepared a way for the total defeat of this evil! It is salvation, the power of our Christ and the Kingdom of our God on this Earth! (Rev 12:10) Surely, our Saviour is about to come for His Bride and soon He shall send His Bride back as His Supernatural Army! Clearly, He, Himself shall be at the head of His Bride! My Dear Ones, this Bride shall surely bring into the Earth, the power of Christ, which is spoken of in Revelation 12:10 and they shall become the Kingdom of our God manifest in the whole earth! Ooooo-eeeeee! HallaleuYahweh!


The On-Going Suffering!
What I continue to endure at the hands of Satan and his hoards!

My Dear Ones, the great assaults of Satan and for a certainly of those in the U.S. military have greatly escalated since April 11th of this year. It was at that time that the Annunaki (the Watchers, the Nephilim) were in and out of my house regularly, and they were joining in with Satan and the hoards in the U.S. Military and elsewhere to torture my old body any and every way they could imagine! Oh, the horrors, which they have done to me, all in "high hopes" of making me "theirs!" Yet, they have failed in all of their evil assaults and only because of the power of One Great and Almighty God, the power of our Blessed Father Yahweh! To Him is all the praise, all the glory and all the honor forever and ever! Truly, He is deserving and worthy to have His Name lifted up above every tall tree, above every mountain, and above every tribe, kindred, nation and people! For, He is Most High God! He is Almighty! He is Holy! He is Righteous! He is Beautiful in every way; and oh how blessed we are to have such a Beautiful Father and such a Wonderful God!

All that I have endured, my Dear Ones, is and has been the price, which I have needed to pay to do my small part in helping to bring forth our Father's "holy seed," the new DNA, for the new generation of souls to come! And, it is true, my Dear Ones, that many of these "horrors" at the hands of Satan, the Annunaki hoards, the fallen angels, and the wicked humans have been too horrendous for almost anyone to imagine! Yet, in this narrative, I will explain somewhat the things, which I have endured, so as to give an accounting of these works. But, also, my Dear Ones, I must tell you of what awaits humanity; for you must be warned! These horrors, which I endure from hour to hour, and from day to day, are upon the whole earth and oh how my heart grieves to think of what is upon humanity!

I must be absolutely honest in telling you that my grief has often been great! My suffering has often been intense; and if I said otherwise, I would surely be lying! Even so, all that I have been called to endure is indeed a great blessing to me; and even amongst my many tears, I have continued to thank our Blessed Father for these and all things! For, I know that all of these things endure for only a short season; and I know as well that all things work together for the good of those, who are called by our Lord and God! So, I thank our Blessed Father for having called me to go through such things for love of Him and for love of each of you! Yes, indeed, I am truly blessed!


The Full Body Suit!

As I have related to you above, it was on the 11th of April that I overheard one, who was in my house, as he was speaking to another! Although I did not see their faces, I believe that the one, who was doing the speaking, was an Annunaki (giant nephilim)! At that time, he said: "We will try one more thing! A full body suit!" As I heard these words, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach; for although I did not know exactly what he was speaking of, I surely had an idea, as I had most assuredly endured great suffering at their hands, even by that time!

On that day, on their "devil day", the 11th of April of this year, they began their series of assaults against my body, which have steadily been more bizarre than anything that science fiction could ever come up with! In fact, my Dear Ones, in no way can I find adequate words to describe what I have endured at their hands! Never in my life could I have even imagined that such technology even existed; and I most certainly could have neither conceived, nor imagined that such horrors could and would be inflicted upon anyone! These experiences have been macabre! Grossly evil! Truly, these hoards are the Great Circus from hell, the ghastly circus of devils and ghouls, who are now fully operant in the Earth! This circus of great darknes and evil is, for a fact, fully operational and going full-speed ahead!

And, so it has been my Dear Ones, that from that day until now, these evil hoardes have consistently and persistently driven so much into my body from hour to hour, and all through the day and night, that I come up lacking for words when I even try to describe what I have endured! For, how can I adqeuately describe "ghoulish" technology, which I do not even understand!

But also my Dear Ones, I also lack the words to define or to describe the great and on-going miraculous intervention, which our Father Yahweh and our Blessed Saviour do for me from moment to moment! And, because of the faithfulness, the love, the mercy and the grace of our Blessed Lord and God, I cannot describe to you my great love for Him and for His Beautiful Son, Jesus, Yeshua! I am thankful beyond measure for all that our Father does for me daily and I can never truly express in words my deep and abiding gratefulness for a True, a Righteous, a Holy and a Faithful God, who is for a certainty all powerful in every way! I know Him and I know our Saviour now as I have never known them and for every trial and for every test I am grateful beyond words! With all that I am and with all that I have, I love them! Oh, how I love them!

In a nutshell, I shall hereafter describe the kinds of on-going things, which they do to my body from day to day! All day and all night, they are in my face, not letting me out of their sight at all, and not letting up from day to day, from moment to moment, in their torture and persecution against me! Day and night, Satan, the Annunaki hoards and the sold-out humans in the U.S. military sit above my house in their disk-shaped craft; and daily they follow me everywhere I go! I cannot even get in my car without being pummeled by all manner of stuff, which they are shooting in my body. I cannot even sit out on my porch without going through the same kinds of things. I can never lie down and take a nap without feeling the pulsations of "stuff" as it is being forged into my body! Oh, what horrors!

And, all of these horrors escalated after their determination of April 11, 2007! For some weeks after that conversation, they began to fill up my body with various kinds of metals, metal patterns woven tightly into my flesh, into my body, my legs; and in effect throughout my whole body! They flooded my body with vast amounts of fine metal particles, and the Annunaki often wove these tiny metal particles into my body, in what seemed to be "solid" or "near solid" saturation and throughout my whole body! The humans in the U.S. military, came along, working hand-in-hand with Satan and the Annunaki; and they plowed my body with metal strips ad nauseum, metal sheets and so much metal that my whole body would, at times, seem to be "solid" with metal. This went on for a few weeks; and then they began to put vast amounts of rubber and plastic into my body amidst the metal, all in order to make all of this stuff solid in my body! A total body suit!

They then went from massive amounts of metal to massive amounts of plastic, and amidst the vast amounts of plastic they began to forge vast amounts of rubber into my body, saturating the tissues with soft rubber! This rubber served to keep the metal and plastic in place and to create more work for the DNA in removing the so much stuffl! They have continually forged rubber into my tissues for many weeks, this rubber being somewhat of a "soft" nature; and amidst it and outside of it, a more hardened plastic, which I often feel near the surface of my skin!

And, oh the smell of horrible chemicals as this rubber exudes from my tissues! Horrible chemical smells coming from my body, from my urine, horrible tastes of chemicals and rubber material in my mouth! In addition to the rubber, for months I have daily experienced a bitter taste from chemicals, which they pour into my body, a drug of some sort I believe! I heard one of them say one day that they needed to give me enough (drugs) to put a whole hospital to sleep! This amount they have put into my body from day to day to cause me to sleep. But, even so, my Dear Ones, most nights I get little sleep, usually sleeping four to six hours; and if I ever get eight hours of sleep on a straight, it is indeed very rare!

Daily, I find in my bed fine particles, tiny white particles, which have sharp ends, almost like tiny bullets, and/or tiny pieces of hardened plastic. These tiny remnants do not make it into my body, but the rest, even vast amounts of such stuff is forced into my tissues, somewhat like extruding them into me from their external sources!

All of the above went on for about two months and then they began to change the implantables to glass! That's right! Glass! Vast amounts of glass forged into my tissues! Again, the Annunaki have come in with their vast network of glass patterns, which they direct into my body via their ships' computers! Undulating waves continually hit my body as they weave their tales of horror into my whole body. Along with the undulating waves, I can regularly hear high-pitched sounds as they drive these great amounts of foreign materials into my body via sound waves. These sounds are like many bees, sometimes low sounds, and at other times high-pitched sounds, like the sounds electricity as it runs through the high power lines! Within a very short time, these evil Annunaki can fill up my body with vast amounts of horrible materials via the sound wave technology! And, as soon as the DNA begins to clean out what they have done, they are there instantly to begin refilling my body again!

Indeed, glass has been their primary form of "torture" for about the last six weeks, or so! They forge into my tissues various kinds of glass structures, including glass hooks, various and assorted kinds of glass particles, glass strips, which are often coated in plastic, glass sheets, and an assortment of glass beeds, which are metallic at their core! They often weave the glass tightly into many combinations of patterns, all of these things done too make it harder for the DNA to remove what they have done! Amidst all of this glass, they often forge vast amounts of rubber and even plastics into my body, my head and extremities! This is the total body suit regemen and is how they work to make my whole body solid with these substances, as solid as they could make it with this glass combination! Right now, they are operating in the glass and rubber combination, although there may still use a considerable amount of metal from day to day!

I have often seen something, which I can only describe as a mechanical "arm" of some sort as it attaches to my body and then begins to dump into my body what they determine to put into me! And, within this arm, I have seen what appears to be compartments, or parts of the mechanical "arm" which do different things, but all at the same time! As such, my Dear Ones, I am a prisoner, never out of their sight and not free from one day to the next, but must go through all that our Father determines until the "man child" is fully mature! Truly, from day to day,we are getting closer and closer to this beautiful goal!


A Space within a Space!
Is this also called hyperspace?

My Dear Ones, as humans we are not familiar with the superiour technology of the Annunaki. We are also not familiar with much of the technology, which the humans in the U.S. military have been in possession of for some time! Surely, their god, Satan, has given them this technology, and all in order to enslave them through top secret oaths, and to further enslave all of us! My Dear Ones, I know little about how their technology operates, but as I understand it, they create a "space within a space," and within this second space, they operate at differing frequencies, or different realities, from the one in which we live! I have read of something, which they call "hyperspace"; and I do not know if this is how they term this technology! But, I do know that they create a space within a space and they are able to operate within this additional space outside of our visual and auditory fields. Only the Spirit of God can quicken our senses to see and to hear them!

It is a fact that the actual visual fields and the auditory fields of humans consitute a narrow band; and we all know that there other realities outside of our visual fields! I believe that via the use of electromagnetic fields and via the use of sound waves they are able to do much outside of our own awareness! And, via these mediums, particularly through the medium of electromagnetism, they have mastered this "space within a space" technology! My Dear Ones, with this technology, they are able to come and go as they please, in and out of any and every place; and as such they take license to do as they very well please to any and all of us!

Who among us can trace them when they are operating within another space, which co-exists with our own space of reality? For, they are operating beyond most physical senses of awareness! Who will even believe that our own government is head over heels in such work? Who will punish them for such horrific invasions of the rights of others?

My Dear Ones, no one among us can fight such horrific technology! This is a war, which only our Father, our Saviour and the Beloved Hosts of Heaven can fight! This is not a war of humans against humans, but of demons and devils, who are out to destroy all of us and all that is good and right on this planet! Oh, a punishment is coming against them, a great punishment, and they must surely know that they are headed for an absolute defeat! For, who can stand up against the power of the One God, the Almighty God Yahweh? He is Most High; and He can do all things! Yes, indeed, this is so: and these evil hoards are headed for absolute defeat, but until then, my Dear Ones, take note! For, many, many will suffer horribly because of this terrible technology!


These Implantables Do Not Show Up on X-Ray Film!

My Dear Ones, some of you may remember what I experienced back in the winter of this year, when the Annunaki "melded," or "welded" metal into my tissues and the DNA did not yet have the capatility to get it out! For four days, I was in intense pain and went through great suffering because of the sharp fragments of this metal in my tissues! The pain was so severe that I could not get out of my bed without excruciating pain and I could not straighten up my body without intense pain! In fact, I had to walk with a cane and getting out of bed was excrutiating beyond words! Around the third day of this suffering, I decided to go to the local emergency room and just to "see" what I "could see!" I knew that they could do nothing for me at the emergency room, but I just wanted to see for myself, if any of these metals were visible! My Dear Ones, the amount of metal in my body was great; and when I would bend a certain way, the metal sheets would make a thumping noise, much as a metal roof makes a thumping noise when someone walks over the top of it! This noise was simliar, but more muffled than the noise, which would be made in such a way on a metal roof!

The doctor in the emergency room did not want to do the x-ray, but I was persistent about getting it, and soon he relented! When he told me that the x-ray was normal, I wanted to see it for myself; and I was amazed to see that the current x-ray was almost identical to an x-ray, which they had done some months previous when I actually had a slight lung infection! Yes, indeed! My body, especially my back, was full of metal, so full that I could hardly straighten up, and not one thing showed up on the films. My Dear Ones, this is the "space within a space" technology, or I believe this is what they call "hyperspace!" It seems that all that is within the space, which they create, operates at frequencies beyond this reality; and as such cannot be detected via normal means! Surely, you can now understand why this new DNA is so sorely needed! And, you can understand as well why our Father allows them to do to me as they have done! For, all that I have been through has surely been training for this "holy seed", preparation for it to go into the bodies of the supernatural army, or into the bodies of the bride!


In all that they have done to me, they have utterly failed!

From day to day, these evil hoards have done their very best to overpower our Father's works, to overpower the DNA, to overpower and overcome me and to stop these works any way they could imagine! Oh, how these evil hoards "dread" the thought that the mere humans will soon receive eternal life! They are enraged with jealousy, with a great furor indeed; for this new DNA, this new holy seed spells their demise as overlords on this planet! This holy seed spells the time of their end on this planet; and oh how afraid, how furious, how jealous they all are!

Yes, indeed, these righteous souls will soon get the 360 degree DNA, the liquid light DNA, otherwise known as the "holy seed," and they will then have the power to defeat and overcome these evil hoards! This horrific technology will not work on those, who have this new DNA; for it will have mastered any and all things, which these evil hoards have thrown at it! The supernatural army will be given a "seasoned warrior," the "man child" of Revelation 12; and when they receive it, it will be ready to take on and defeat these evil hoards! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, our Beautiful and Perfect God, and Blessed is the Name of His Beautiful and Perfect Son, our Wonderful Saviour! Soon, soon, and very soon, He is coming for His Bride! Oooooo-eeeeee! What wonderful times are ahead!


The Holy Seed is Going into Higher Realms of Divine Power!

As regards the operations of this new DNA, I can tell you for a fact that is is rising to new and greater heights in power from day to day! With the greater assaults of these evil hoards, this holy seed has needed to go into higher realms of our Father's power, all in order to defeat what they do from day to day! And, it has so marvelously done such wonders! Through these horrible tests and trials, this "baby boy" has surely become a "man child!" Oooooo-eeeeee! HallaleuYahweh! This "man child" is now operating in much power and much light and surely there can only few months left before He is taken back to the throne of our Father, from which He came! For a certainly, I do not believe that there are more than a few short months in which I must yet go through these great tests and trials! I believe that by the fall of this year, the faithful are going to hear and see what their eyes and ears could have NEVER IMAGINED! And, if I am wrong in my perception about the fall timeline, it will not be the first time that I am wrong as regards the coming of our Saviour! For, I have steadily looked for Him since the Fall of 2005, but if He does not come in the Fall, I still KNOW that He is coming soon, very soon; and I stand on ready!


Two recent dreams!

Two precious "brothers" each had recent and beautiful dreams about these works! The first "brother" called me and told me that he dreamed about me and that I was climbing up high, very high among very powerful, power lines! And, that what most amazed him was the fact that I was climbing among these "live" wires without any protection! He told me that he was in awe of what he saw in the dream! But, he said, "you were a man!" I listened and was excited to hear of such a beautiful dream, but at first was puzzled as to why he had seen me as a man! But, once I was off the phone, I realized that he had not seen me, he had seen the "man child," the "baby boy" of Revelation Twelve, the holy seed! For a certainty,this holy seed has now grown from a "baby boy" and it has become a "man child," who will rule the world with a rod of iron! For, a fact, this baby boy has grown greatly in power and is most certainly operating well among the high power lines of our Father Yahweh!

The second brother called me and told me that he had a dream that he could not understand! He went on to tell me that he had dreamed of two bowls, the first bowl having water, but was also in need of a cleansing! And, in this dream, he saw a second bowl appear, a new bowl, and this second bowl was very clean, the water very clean and it the bottom of the bowl was white sand! And, in the new bowl, he saw a small goldfish, which was swimming around in the water, which was in the bowl. As he watched the fish in the bowl, he noted that from time to time, the fish would jump up high, very high out of the bowl, but would always come right back down into the bowl again. He said that there was a ginger bread woman in the bowl, and that he also knew that there were women, who were somehow helping! He also said that he greatly wanted to take the fish out of the bowl and to put it into the ocean.

I told him that I am that bowl, the first bowl being my former state, wherein I went through so much heartache, persecution, travail, sorrow, pain, even anger and bitterness, because of what Satan and his human hoards did to me! Through many months of tears and weeping before our Lord and God, he cleansed me of all of my wounds, of all of my hurt and all of my sorrow! Surely, He needed to heal me and to make me absolutely clean before Him before He could actually make me the spiritual mother of the "holy seed!" In so doing, our Father in Heaven has carried me through great tests and trials by fire, even to cause me to come out as pure gold, much as was the case with Job!

By the time that I was given the holy seed, which is the the little fish, our Father had made my bowl very clean! And, surely, my trials have been much like the trials and heartaches of Job, but the word says that Job was perfect in every way before our Father in Heaven! I have never thought that I was perfect at all, but a sinner, who has been brought forward in our Father's works through His great love, forgiveness, grace and mercy!Yet, we are told to be perfect, even as our Saviour walked perfectly before our Father in Heaven; and this perfection is coming to the righteous as they go through the tests and trials be fire!

The ginger bread woman represents me; and is a depiction of the fact that I have been through the fires, even baked in the fires of persecution and suffering! Soon, the woman in the bowl and the fish will be both liberated; and although this Dear Brother wishes to liberate this fish, no person shall set this "holy seed" free!, But, soon, the hand of our Father shall indeed see free this fish and this woman!

By nature of the fish's jumping higher and higher above the bowl, we are shown in another manner that the holy seed is getting stronger by the day and that it is operating in greater and greater divine powers of our Father in Heaven! This dream further correlates what is shown to another brother in the dream of the power lines! What they have been shown is most certainly a fact, for I can attest to the fact that this "holy seed" clean dissolves from moment to moment, vast amounts of glass, rubber, metal and anything else, which these evil ones forge into my body! From day to day, I both visutally witness what this "holy seed" does and I feel the effects of its work in my body as vast amounts of glass, metal, rubber, plastic, etc turn into light, thereafter turn into a sand-like substance, thereafter into a liquid and then all is expelled from my body!

The fact that this man saw women, who are connected with this work is true! For, there are three, whom I regularly speak with! They are my friends, my confidents and my fellow prayer partners!


The Few, Who Have Been Faithful!

My Dear Ones, a few of you have been faithful in supporting these works;and for you I am grateful beyond words. But, I must be absolutely honest in telling you that I have been continually shocked and saddened at how you, in general, have overwhelmingly rejected these works! I am utterly amazed that so few care about what is taking place with Revelation 12! I cannot stress enough how very shocked I have been at the lackadaisical attitudes of most all as regards the birthing of our Father’s Kindgom! Few, few, few; and I mean few support these works and few, few, few take the time to call me and to inquire as to whether I am alive or dead! And, this has been the case for nearly three years since the beginning of the birthing of our Father's Kingdom began in South Africa!

Since that time, most of you have avoided me "like the plague!" So many of you see what I am going through and choose to stay far from me! If anyone ever needed a tongue-lashing, many of you, who read these writings, and who benefit from them, need a severe tongue lashing! For, for most of you have your priorities facing the wrong direction! You spend, spend, spend on whatever you choose, but you will not lift a finger to help with our Father’s works. You do as you will with your money, but you will not put one dime into our Father’s works! Truly, you have robbed Him and you wonder why all that you have seems to be slipping through your fingers! Why do you suppose that He is going to bless you when you continually rob Him of what is His!

How can any of you turn a blind eye to the establishment of our Father’s Kingdom in the Earth and expect to inherit it! Not one of you will inherit our Father's Kingdom, when you see one of your brothers or sisters going through hard times, and you thereby turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, lest these hard times come near you, how can you!

No, my Dear Ones, you, who do such things are not among the Bride! You are ruled by self! You are ruled by greed! You are ruled by fear! You are ruled by the Spirit of the world and you do not put our Father first! If you did, you would make sure that you dedicate yourself to helping with His works! You would help those, who are called of our Father and you would make sure that you give what you should give to further His works and to bring forth His Kingdom! But, you do not help; and I do not ask you to help now! I simply point out the very fact of what is and how it has been!


The Faithful and the Righteous Will Inherit The Kingdom of God!

Yet, through it all, our Father Yahweh has reserved a few, yes few indeed, who have been my faithful friends, who have helped me financially to pay my bills and to have the funds to do these works! They have been my personal prayer partners, co-workers, and faithful supporters of these works! Day after day, month after month, these have been there! For, these few love our Father and our Saviour above all, and they have heard the call of our Lord and God! They have seen what is taking place with these works and they have been determined to do their parts to bring forth our Father's Kingdom!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, these numbers are absolutely shocking, considering the fact that these works go out all over the world! I tell you with great sadness as well that those in South Africa, to whom the Kingdom came, the land to which this beautiful "holy seed" was birthed, have almost totally thrown away these works! Great numbers of them have believed the CIA lies of Dirk Van Vuuren and the Satanic South African Government! To this day, many down there spout out these lies, the bold-faced lies, which these satanic groups have disseminated about me! Throughout all of South Africa only two have remained my close and dear friends; and for these two dear souls, I am indeed grateful! A whole nation has thrown away the "birthing" of the Kingdom of our Father Yahweh on earth! Shocking and utterly shameful!


A Harsh Scrubbing is at Hand for the House of Israel!

Yes, indeed, the time of the great scrubbing is at hand and this scrubbing is not going to be a soft and gentle scrub with sweet-smelling bath salts and suds! It is going to be a scrubbing with steel wool and harsh detergents. The scubbing is going to be painful and full of every kind of sorrow, loss and woe. What many love in this world is going to be taken away, and many, who love the world and what is in it, will go through every kind of fear, through every kind of heartache and loss! For, soon Satan will be turned loose on the people of the world, to do to all of you as he pleases, the very same kinds of things that he and his hoards have done to me, and worse! And, yes indeed, our Father in Heaven will allow it, just as He has allowed Satan and his hoards to do to me as they have done!

How will you then respond? Will you be grateful for all things, knowing that they work together for the good of all, who are called of our Lord and God! Or, will you rise up and shake a fist at our Blessed Father and Saviour, cursing them for all of your woes, cursing them for all of your heartaches and for all of your sorrows and losses! Will you rush out to take the computer chip to the head and or hand, just to have food in your house? Will you bow down and worship the antichrist idols, all for money and sustenance? Sadly, many shall further rebel and many shall do these things!

However, many shall also be made white and clean through these fires of testing, which are at hand; and these too, shall marry our Saviour! That time is also coming, and soon after the Great Tribulation!


In Summary

Many indicators now point to the soon completion of these works, and to the soon return of our Saviour! July 01 of 2007 marked the end of fifty months since the U.S., military under the command of Satan, put their antigravity machines, otherwise known as “saucers” over my house, and have thusly followed me up and down the world! Not one day since May 01 of 2003 have I failed to hear the roaring of these crafts! Not one day since that time have I been “free!” Yes, indeed I have been a prisoner for the love of our Lord and God, but I also count it a great honor and a great privelege to be a prisoner for love of Him and for love of His beautiful Son, our Blessed Saviour!

With the coming of August 10 of 2007, the “holy seed”, the new DNA, will have been growing in my body for fifteen months! August 18th of 2007 will complete three years since the beginning of the birthing of our Father’s Kingdom began in South Africa! Three long years, my Dear Ones! Three long years of stalking, persecution and torture I have endured, and only because of love of our Lord and God!

The coming of September is the two year mark since I first saw Satan's craft, his yellowish ship in the sky just in front of my house! For almost two long years, this monster has been in my face; and he has followed me everywhere, never letting me out of his sight!

Still, I count it a great honor and an absolute privelege to go through these things for love of our Mighty God! I would not have chosen another way! Indeed, I am blessed, blessed beyond any description, blessed beyond words, as our Father has chosen me for such a work! And, day after day, I give Him all the honor, all the praise and all the glory; for every victory over this evil has come through Him and through His Power! I only desire to lift up the Holy Name of Yahweh! I only desire to bless Him and to be a perfect instrument of His Holy Will! I only wish to bring Him glory and to see His perfect plan unfold in my life and in the whole earth! I only wish to see His Holy Name lifted up high, high above every hill, above every tall tree, above every tribe, kindred, nation and people! And to see the Name of His Son, Jesus, Yeshua, lifted up in like manner!

Until next time, I send to each of you the love of my heart! May you grow daily in the goodness, the grace, the love and mercy of our Blessed God!

My heartfelt love and deep gratitude I send to the few of you, who have never given up on me and who have continued to help me with these works, even in the face of the terrible persecution, which I have endured! I love you with a big love and I will always cherish you!

Until next time,

Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

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