“The Harvest of the First Fruits”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I send you my heartfelt love on this beautiful, but cold day in December as the very first snow heads this way, with subsequent temperatures predicted to be in the teens and single digits. Truly, the words of our Lord and God about a very cold and harsh winter are coming true right before our very eyes!

My Dear Ones, you need to know about the on-going stream of visions, which our Lord and God is giving me about the soon, very soon harvest of the pure souls! Not only has He given me almost daily visions about this imminent harvest almost daily for the last two weeks, but He has also given me a very prophetic dream! In this dream, He showed me that Satan is fully cast down now! In this ream, He also showed me the return of our Saviour in the East and alongside Him was a full moon. I do not know for sure the meaning of this full moon, but our Lord and God knows. However, as I saw in this dream, the return of our Saviour is veiled! It is hidden! It is cloaked; and very few will witness it or know about it at all. These clean souls, who are taken, will just simply vanish, some as they work alongside others!

The harvest of these clean souls, the harvest of the first fruits, signals the beginning of the last three and one half years. Simultaneous with this harvest, I also expect to see something very terrible happen in this Earth, whether calamities in the Earth, or military attacks, or both.

This first harvest is just that, the first harvest. Read our Father in Heaven’s previous words in Book Twelve about this on-going harvest of the pure souls. He tells us that He will take others according to His good pleasure!

Dear Ones, times are about to get very bad in America and in the whole world. Live not for this world, but for your great and beautiful inheritance in the most beautiful world to come! Love others and forgive them for everything! As you do this, you will walk in such freedom!

Get ready, my Dear Ones, and stay ready; for you truly do not know when our Lord and God comes for you!

I send love and big, big hugs to each you!

Jesus is our Most Beautiful Way home,
Your Sis, Linda

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