“More Beautiful Revelations From our Father in Heaven!”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, so much is going on in the Spirit! Truly, great and marvelous things! Surely, our Father in Heaven is about to do the work of the ages. Blessed is His Holy Name! I shall tell you about some of these events later in this writing! But, first you need to read our Father’s latest messages! Read on, and be blessed!


First Message from our Father in Heaven


October 24, 2007

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, do you see what is before you?”

“Yes, my Father, I see a knife, a razor-sharp knife; and oh it is so very sharp! Yes, indeed radiant with Your power and light!”

“My Little One, do you know what this knife is?”

“My Father, could it be Your word, that it is like a double-edged sword?”

“My Precious Child, you have guessed correctly and by my discernment, you have made this correct assessment. For, you have only seen the one edge of the sword and not the edge, which is underneath and hidden. My Little One, do you know why I have hidden one edge and why it is not visible to most?”

“My Father, I can only guess.”

“Then, guess, My Child. Use the discernment, which I have given you and tell Me what you think.”

“My Father, I perceive that the other edge is hidden within each of us, and as we discern Your word correctly and use it correctly, it illuminates us with Your power and light! But, as we use it to harshly judge others, that this same word cuts deeply into each of us, who so judges; and it cuts sharply and brings hurt and sorrow into our own lives accordingly.”

“My Little One, you have discerned correctly; and why do you suppose that this has been so easy for you to understand?”

“My Father, You have put this truth into me. It is of no gift of My own, or wisdom, or knowledge of my own! It comes from You!”

“This is so, but was this not easy for you to grasp, even without My telling you? And, you did not have to pray and seek Me, or even to ponder long on this truth! Do you know why this comes to easily now, this understanding, this quick understanding of deep things and even symbolic dreams?”

“My Father, I believe that I do understand! I believe that it comes through the “ManChild of Revelation 12, who lives within me.”

“Again, my Little One, I tell you that you have discerned correctly.”

“And, Father, I am so very grateful, so very grateful for You, for Your love, for Your grace and for Your mercy! I am so deeply grateful for our Saviour, for Your Spirit and for this ManChild! Oh how humbled I am and how deeply thankful! Father, I love You so!”

“My Little One, this is known! I know you and I know you well. For, I have called you, My Little One, and I have chosen you for this great work of Revelation Twelve for one and only one reason. And, this reason is that you are worthy to do this work! If you were not worthy ahead of time, I would not have called you! You, and you, alone, have been called and you, and you alone, have been chosen! I have chosen none other.

But, even so, My Child, many are envious of you! Many judge you harshly! Many throw stones at you, and many abuse Me and My word by spreading words that do not come from Me! Yet, these same ones wag a finger at you and call you ‘false!’ They call you ‘jezebel.’ They call you ‘witch,’ and they spread lies about you far and wide! These shall be cut deeply and sharply by My double-edged sword and they shall find themselves in great peril and in great heartache, but without Me and My Son and without My Spirit! And, these will not in any way ever bear the ManChild of Revelation Twelve, save they see the errors of their ways and repent with weeping and wailing before Me!

My Little One, I have removed huge numbers of people from your life, even many, who wrote to you regularly and even many, who claimed to be your friends, but were not! And, I have also removed family as they caused you great grief and sorrow and would not repent, for they saw no error in their ways! My Little One, why do you suppose that I have removed so many?”

“My Father, I believe that as the Woman of Revelation Twelve, I have had to have a singular focus, that focus being You and our Saviour; and as so many caused me so much heartache and sorrow, You continued to remove them until I have around me now a few, who have been tried and tested and have been found to be clean and worthy before You! These few love me, Father, and most of all, these few have remained my true friends through all that I have suffered! They truly care about me and have a deep interest in these works and what You are doing here! But, the most important truth, Father, is that they love you above all! They are sold out to You and I, too, love them so! Indeed, they are few!”

“My Little One, I could not have spoken more clearly, had I spoken these words, Myself! My Child, what you are experiencing is the ManChild now manifest in you! You are beginning to experience the mind of Christ and beyond that the true love of Christ in your heart, so much so, My Child, that you feel deep pain in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul when you see and read the harsh judgements of some towards others! You cringe in your spirit, and your heart is heavy! My Little One, this is the ManChild manifest in you! My Little One, what is this ManChild?”

“My Father, I do not know that I can tell you altogether , but I can tell what You have told me; and if there is more, You will surely make all known in Your own timing! But, as I understand it, My Father, the ManChild is Jesus Christ manifest within us! The ManChild is the mind of Christ, the power of Christ, the love of Christ and all of the gifts of Spirit, but operating at a level, which is much higher that we could ever imagine!

My Father, you have stressed to me that the anointings of the Spirit wax and wane, but that the powers of the ManChild, once given usually do not wane! But, too, I wonder how they will grow! Will they grow the same in all, greater in others, or how? I do not understand a lot about the ManChild, but only certain things! I feel, my Father, that much of it will only be given to us when the time is at hand (to know these things)!”

“Yes, My Little One, there is a time for all things! But, even as you have known little about the ManChild, which has grown in you for over seventeen months, most know even less! Most know about My Spirit, but few, oh yes few indeed know anything about the ManChild, which will reside in the holy and clean souls, even as My Spirit now resides in them!

My Little One, this ManChild is the personification of My Son with all of His attributes! It is as real as the Spirit of God is real and it is a spirit-form, which has not been seen in the Earth prior to this time! For, it had to be birthed into the Earth, even as My Son birthed My Spirit, and sent it back with great power at the time of the Pentecost.

And, surely He now births again My Spirit, but in another unique person, still a part of My Spirit, but this time as a ManChild, the heavenly manifestation of My Son with all the heavenly manifestations of My Son, with all of His attributes! However, it had to be born as a baby and it has had to grow in you, under the harshest of conditions, and all to make it ready for the chosen, the pure and clean souls, who await it.”

“But, my Father, if this is indeed the personification of our Saviour, and I know it is, why could it not be that the clean ones are all taken and into Heaven and the ManChild supernaturally imparted to all at once?”

“My Little One, this is a very good question. And, one with much merit. But, I now bring to your remembrance one very important thing! I bring to your remembrance the heavenly portal, (which goes to the throne of God!) You know as well, My Child, that when I told you many months past about this heavenly portal, which goes to My throne, that I told you some very important things! I told you that this portal is to be composed of heavenly bricks, which have all been made by the angels, who work under the direction of My Son! I also told you that this portal is lined, among all layers, with the new DNA (the ManChild) and that between all layers are many destroying angels. I also told you, My Child, that any, who attempt to go through this portal, who are not clean and worthy, will be destroyed! Did I not tell you these things?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“Now, My Child, let us examine one thing, and that is, the new DNA, or the ManChild manifest, which is to line this portal throughout. For, within this DNA is a heavenly signature and none will travel this portal without this heavenly signature! And, that being said, who will travel this portal?”

“My Father, it is surely only those, who have this new DNA, or the ManChild, within them! But, how will this work?”

“My Child, if one wants to get on a train, must he, or she, not have the ticked to get on it? But, do freeloaders not attempt to ride anyway, and when found, they are thrown off and punished?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, so it is with this portal! All, who travel it, must be clean and holy and all, who travel it, must have the new DNA, or the ManChild resident in them.”

“But, my Father, it is and was my understanding that as these (clean souls) stand in Your presence on Your Holy Mountain, that they will be given the new DNA.”

“And, so it is, My Child, but you do not fully understand how they will stand on My Holy Mountain! For, I call these both individually and collectively.”

“But, my Father, have I not understood You correctly in what You have said, that as they stand on Your Holy Mountain, that all are ‘sealed’, and all get the new DNA, with Your great power at the same time?”

“My Little One, if I take a knife and cut an apple into two pieces, which piece falls to the side first?”

“My Father, it is hard to say! For, if a human cuts an apple, he or she holds one half, cuts the apple, and the half, which is not held, falls to the side first! But, if no side is held, then both sides would probably fall at the same time! But, Father, why do You show me this now? Why do You give this comparison?”

“My Little One, My reason for this is two-fold! First, it makes no difference whether all stand on My Holy Mountain and get the DNA then, or whether half get it while they are still in the Earth, but must come individually to My Holy Mountain to get it. At that instant, when My power, when My light falls on them, at this time, all will get this new DNA and at that instant also, all are on My Holy Mountain! For, none can travel this portal without it.”

“So, Father, can I assume then that some, perhaps even as much as one half of the 144,000 will get some part, or parts of this ManChild before passing through the portal, even while they are still here in the Earth, and that some will begin soon to operate through this new DNA?”

“You are correct in your assessment on one account.”

“What is that, Father?”

“My Child, see how I further divide this apple, on down until you see that one half of it is divided into sixteen parts and of these sixteen parts, only one part, or 1/16 of one half will get this new DNA, and fairly soon! And, these will begin to operate with this new DNA fairly soon! I am not free to tell you how many will get it altogether, and how many will operate through it before My Son comes for the righteous souls! But, some will and perhaps others also; but even so not all! For, to most, this new DNA will be supernaturally imparted at that instant that they are taken (into the light) and immediately (thereafter) carried to My Holy Mountain! So, if there has been some confusion in your understanding, it is because of the fact that I have not given you this information (afore hand).”

“So, Father, will some get this new DNA, even while it is still growing in my body and while I am still under persecution?”

“My Child, yes it is still growing in you, but now operating on its own in you, with no actual help needed from you in any way! This, My Child, is a great work and a great marvel! For, it cannot go out to anyone until it is fully operational and functional in you! And, this has come about now, and just since the 17th month has passed! So, soon, and very soon now, the ones, who are to get this new DNA, will begin to get it; and begin to operate in it before My Son comes for all! And, as far as the persecution that you are under, you will continue to be under it until My Son comes for you! But, when you come back with great power, none will persecute you; and Satan will not be in your face!”

“So, my Father as much as I long for our Saviour to come, it will not be yet, but a short while anyway before He comes. Is this correct?”

“Yes, My Little One, and I know that this is sadness to you; but even so My will must be accomplished in all things! But, be of good cheer and know that this is indeed a very short while! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of October, 2007,
Linda Newkirk


Further Explanation of the above prophecy, as given on October 30, 2007

“My Blessed Father, as I am about to sit and type what You have given me here, I have a question. I ask You for understanding; for Your word commands us to ask of You and we will receive! Now, Father, this is my question. It would seem from previous information, which You have given me, that the 144,000 are all sealed at the same time, and that this is done while they collectively stand on Your Holy Mountain. But, I know that this is far deeper than what it seems to be!”

“My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Child what do you see before you?”

“My Father, I see something, which is akin go a yardstick, a stick, which is divided into sections! But, all sections are darkened, but three.”

“My Little One, my sealing of My saints is as you see! A stick of measures! This sealing is a process and each part of this process is opened in successive measure! First, one, then the next and the next, and so on! But, all subsequent parts of the sealing are hidden until the conditions for the prior, the previous parts are met! This sealing process has already begun for all of the 144,000; but it must reach the certain state of readiness in all, who are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The final sealing of all is given at the time of redemption and My formal marriage to all! Understand?”

“Yes, my Father! I have seen this and know what You mean now! This sealing is progressive and is given to each of us as we grow spiritually and overcome.”

“Yes, My Little One, this is so and to the true overcomers are given the crowns.”

“Thank you, oh Beautiful God! I love You so!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of October, 2007,
Linda Newkirk


Second Message from our Father in Heaven


October 27, 2007

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God! My Little One, look in front of you; for one book is closed! It is not bound up and it is put aside! But, another now opens in front of you, a book, which is ablaze with My power and with My glory! A book in which you will continually drink of and continually be bathed in My pure, My holy, and My Living Waters! Oh, yes a new page in a new book; and now, My Little One, you will begin in My power walk!

Yes, the old book is now finished! It is closed and it is set aside; for you shall now embark on a course so beautiful, so awesome that you shall continually rejoice! Your heart shall be filled daily with so much of My love, My grace and My mercy that surely you cup shall continually run over!

Everywhere you go, in the stores, in the streets, in the hospitals, in the nursing homes, among the weak, among the lost, among the hurting, among the hungry, among My own, and among the evil ones, My great power shall indwell you; and all, who come near you shall be touched! Oh, yes touched by My power! And, many will be healed! Many will be delivered! Many will be set free and made whole! And, oh yes, many will be convicted unto repentance! For, none can stand in this power and be unaffected! And, yes, many perceiving this power, will flee! They will get up and run away; but even so, they can never be the same, having stood in the midst of such power!

Yes, many believe you to be a sham! Many call you ‘false,’ My Little One; and many have worked hard to discredit you, as they have spread lies far and wide about you! And, so it has been, My Little One, that you have not only born the heartaches of great suffering and persecution at the hands of the evil ones! My own, on seeing what you have endured, have further persecuted you; and many have collectively stoned you! But, oh how ashamed they shall soon be! Oh, how sorry! Oh how little, how small they shall feel! For, now, My Little One, comes My power into you as you could never imagine! Oh, great power, the power to plant, and the power to pull down and to destroy! The power to create and to bring forth as I do determine and the power to utterly destroy all that I command you to utterly destroy!

Oh, yes, My Little One, this is what you have suffered to bring forth! This is what you have travailed for, shed many tears to bring forth! This is My labor of love, My work of the ages and it is coming forth through you! Soon, and oh so soon now, this ManChild, this new DNA, shall begin to go out to those, who are chosen and to those, who are deemed worthy, all over the world!

And, they, too, shall begin to walk in a greater power! But, even so, when these are known, all of them shall come under intense persecution from Satan and his hoards! They shall not walk in such power without paying a price! And, you ask me, ‘Are these the kings and queens, who are yet to come?’ And, I say to you, ‘yes!’ They are the kings and queens, who are yet to come! These are the first ones, who will receive this new DNA, while they are yet in the Earth!

But, to you, My Little One, now comes great power, far greater power than any of these will ever walk in! To you now comes My great power to bring great destruction upon your enemies, even My wrath, against them! This is what is coming now into the Earth through you!

You have been right in one observation that you have had for many months! The ManChild has only worked to defend you and to defend himself! But, now comes war, an offensive war, a time wherein he will wreak havoc on your enemies, a time wherein he will go out to utterly destroy them, and to uproot, to pluck up, to pull down their evil networks! Oh, My Child, this is a grand time, a grand time indeed; for this time marks the beginning of My own war against Satan and his evil hoards; and now, even now the line of division has been set! It is sharp and I shall now begin to line up My forces behind you in the Earth as I make them ready to move in My power here and there all over the Earth!

Mark my words! This is a new day, a new book indeed for you! And, oh what a new book! For, I shall supernaturally transport you as I so choose! And, you shall begin to operate as a multidimensional ,being, having the capability to be in several places at once! Much of this your conscious mind may not know; for what your conscious mind knows, many of the evil ones know!

But, oh what a grand work you will now do! Many shall see you all over the world! They shall see you in the wind, in the clouds, walking on their streets, in their congregations, and you shall impart My heavenly messages of love, power, and salvation to many all over the world in this way! And, all of these things and more you shall do, My Little One, before My Son comes for My Righteous souls!

Be of good cheer; for glorious times are at hand for you, glorious times for My Faithful and for all, who seek Me and want what I have to give! But, also, My Dear Child, a time of great persecution is at hand for My Faithful, especially for those, who will receive shortly this holy seed! But, even so, be of good cheer; for as you have made it through all, so will they! One day at a time in faith, love, honor, obedience and thankfulness towards me and My Son!

Blessed are you, My Little One! For, you have been called! You have been chosen and you have walked in faith and obedience towards Me and My Son, even through times, which have been daily so terrible, that few could or would believe! Even so, now come your blessings!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of October, 2007,
Linda Newkirk


Third Message from our Father in Heaven


October 28, 2007

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, I come to you today to reaffirm and to confirm to you several things! First, My Little Child, I would have you see the ocean waves as they crash into the rocky shoreline! Clear water it is with tiny bubbles and froth as it crashes upon the rocks! And, form where you stand now, low at the water’s edge, and upon a flat and smooth rock, near the water, you cannot appreciate either what is above you, or what lies far out beyond the shore! For, I, Myself, have put you here upon this sure rock, and for this time of great travail and suffering that I, Myself, have put you in, I have kept your focus very narrow! In fact, I have kept from you so much as I only wanted you to focus on the task at hand, and that, My Little One, has been the birthing of My holy seed and yes the birthing of My Kingdom in the Earth!

And, though much goes on around you and much is going all over the world, I have not allowed you to go there, to walk in that, or to even see it! For, I have needed for you to stay disciplined and to have a very narrow focus until such time that this work is done! And, even still I keep you at this place, at My water’s edge, sheltered beneath the boulders and the rocks, but nestled firmly upon My own rock, upon My own solid foundation! For, the time is not yet when you will soar off this rock! And, with the wind at your face and to your rear, you will taste the salt of the air, of the sea and of the earth! Oh, yes, My Child, I keep you here for now; but oh so short is your stay! Oh, so very short indeed until you will see the waters of the sea turn into liquid, golden light, and the rocks will melt beneath the power, which will come into your feet! Oh yes, a time is at hand when you will soar to unheard of heights and you will literally melt from one reality to the next! A time when eagle’s wings will carry you to all places that I so choose and with a touch of your hand will heal thousands!

I ask you now, ‘Who could imagine such a thing?’ Who could imagine a time of Heaven in the Earth? I say, My Little One, that none can imagine such things; for this has never been! None has witnessed such things, not with their carnal eyes! But, soon oh so soon, many will see the radiance of My power, of My glory, as they move from place to place in My liquid light, they, themselves being liquid and without bounds! Oh, who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen it? Who has imagined it?

But, as for you, My Little One, you stand on the precipice! You stand on the brink of walking in such power! For, it is now in you in great measure! My glorious, holy seed is now full of My power in you and growing daily in My radiance and strength! It is spinning with a faster spin, (the new DNA), rotating in a greater power and strength; and all of this since the 23rd of October!

But, I say, alas oh foolish humans! For, you think you know! You perceive that you know and you know nothing! Did My Son not warn you to watch the heavens, that there would be signs in the heavens prior to the Day of the Lord? Oh, yes great signs!

My Little One, do you believe it to be a coincidence that the great radiance (of this comet) began to occur in the heavens on that same day that I picked you up and threw you out and into a fast spin? Do you think this coincidence?” (That day was the 23rd of October!)

“No, my Father! You know that I have wondered about this!”

“My Little One, what you have witnessed is My hand at work! And, this (great explosion in the heavenlies ) created only with a flip of My wrist!! And, all that is seen here is My way of shouting to the whole world that a heavenly event of grand proportions is at hand and it involves the birthing of My ManChild back to Me! It must be birthed back to Me before the time that I will send it back into the Earth full of My radiance, full of My holiness and power! This must be, and soon!” “Yet, Father, You have said that only certain ones will receive him (the ManChild) shortly and that most will receive Him at the time that they cross the portal entrance on the way to Your Holy Mountain.”

“My Little One, you have heard correctly in this; but much, a great deal you do not understand about these works and many do not understand either, is just how this will be; for I have not told it! I have only given glimpses, and while some of what I have given may seem confusing to some, I have kept it that way! But, even so, I have given heavenly glimpses of what is at hand to many!

The 144,000 will surely follow close behind you when you come to My Holy Mountain; but who, you do not know! What you do not understand and have not understood is the timing of these things! My Little One, as the ManChild, who is within you, rotates faster and faster and with more and more power, this new DNA, the ManChild, will begin to move out and to literally fill up all seventeen layers of the heavenly portal, which goes to My throne! It is working hard on this and even from hour to hour, it is growing! And, while you would have liked to complete this work years ago, for your persecution and suffering has been so great, this could not be! For, I have a perfect timing in all things!

So, at this time, the ManChild is rotating very rapidly and it is moving out to fill up the seventeen layers of this portal! But, even so, this may take a little time yet! Not a lot; for this is moving quickly! At the time when this is completed the ManChild will be propelled into My presence, but so will you! For, he is an intricate part of you!

My Little One, at the instant that you are propelled into My presence with the ManChild, a quickening will take place in the spirits, in the hearts, bodies, souls, etc of those, who are now in line to receive this ManChild. As I told you previously, not all of the 144,000 will receive the ManChild now, but first, he will go to those, who are in line to be the kings and queens, who will rule My Kingdom! Now, these numbers, who are in line to be the kings and queens, the numbers, who will first bear the ManChild, are rather large! But, even so, these numbers will receive it first, and yes they will all be tried and tested in severe and harsh ways! And, yes some of these will not make the grade to be queens and kings; but even so, they will be afforded the chance to bear this kind of power!

Now, the power, which is initially afforded to each one may vary! In other words, some of these, who get the ManChild at first will indeed walk in more power than others; for through their great tests and trails, they have made themselves ready to bear it!

Now, here is what you are wondering about! You are wondering about the parable of the sower and how that fits in with the work, that these will do! My Little One, what is freely given to these, they give out! That is, they will give out the Kingdom power and to many will be given a tiny Kingdom seed! But, of those, who get this tiny Kingdom seed, it will actually grow in only a small number!

“Now, Father, this is different than what the rest of the 144,000 will get, as far as the ManChild?”

“Different, indeed! For, as the rest of the 144,000 cross over through the portal, at that instant, they will get the ManChild in its great power; and at that instant also will appear on My Holy Mountain! All of these, I will soon marry and they will come back into the Earth in the fullness of My blazing glory and power! But, this is not just yet!

Now, My Child, I shall pour out My glory and My power on all nations and all of this is to harvest more souls, who will thereafter be worthy to be taken off (the planet) just prior to My pouring out My wrath! But, My Bride, My Holy Ones, will not be removed from the Earth for long! They will come right back and with greater, much greater power than what you will see at this time!

When My ManChild makes it to My throne and only then will the world see the manifestations of My Kingdom in the Earth! This is close, near, very near! Your time of suffering is drawing to a close! Be of good cheer; for you shall soon, oh so soon, quickly now you will see My face!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of October, 2007,
Linda Newkirk


Fourth Message From our Father in Heaven


October 28, 2007

“Oh, my Blessed Father in Heaven, holy, righteous and beautiful in every way! I come to you in the Name of Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah, the Name above All Names, our Beloved Redeemer, our Mighty Saviour; and I thank You, Oh, Beautiful and Glorious God! I thank You, Father, for keeping me hour after hour and day after day, even from a certain death at the hands of Satan and his evil hoards! And, Oh Blessed Father, Oh Righteous God, I give You all the glory, all the praise, and all the honor forever and ever! For, You, alone are Most High! Blessed is Your Holy Name forever and ever!

I thank You, Father! I thank You for these messages! I thank You for these truths! For, there were many days that I longed for You to impart these truths to Me, to impart these messages to Me and You would not! I waited and longed so for You and our Saviour and you gave me no messages to impart to the people at large! But, even so, You gave me personal messages and personal messages for others and you always heard My prayers! Even in such dark times as what I have needed to go through, such heartache and travail, You were always with Me and in the midst of so much persecution, you have blessed me exceedingly!”

“My Little One, I put you in a stony place and as such I put you in a holding pattern; and within this holding pattern, you could only speak as I allowed it. You could neither go to the right, nor to the left, unless I allowed it! Through it all, I sequestered you away! I nestled you in My holy spot; and I would not let you veer! I would not let you stray! I picked your friends! I picked your acquaintances and as the years passed, I removed many from your inner circle, as they were not right! Their minds were divided! Their hearts were divided and they brought you grief and sorrow!

Yes, I made your way straight and I have kept it straight! And, through so much pain and suffering, I have drawn you close to Me, tight to Me, deep into My holiness and righteousness! I have kept your focus narrow and your way strict and straight! For, the work, which I have chosen you for and which I have carried you deep into, is a grand work! It is a huge work for Me, for My Son, for all of Heaven and for all of humanity!

And, as such, I have kept others at a distance! I have made them as ‘peeping toms’, all on the outside looking in! And, many, who grew tired of looking and watching, have gone on to find a worldly fad or a worldly pleasure! For, what you wrote did not excite them! It did not lift them up, but offended them! In fact, I offended them by what I put you through! And, many said, ‘Surely, she lies! Surely, she is fallen! Surely, she is evil and deserving of every evil thing!’ And, therein they put giant boulders in their own paths; for they judged you and they scorned My work! And, many of these have fallen! Yet, even so, I have not given up on them! Some will see the errors of their ways and soon many will weep; for they have pierced you just as they pierced My Son! They have stoned you with words in their mocking, in their lying and name-calling; and they have elevated themselves above Me, above My Son and above all! But, soon, oh so soon, I will debase them all ! For, you, oh downtrodden, mocked, scorned and berated daughter, I will raise up and I shall elevate you above them all! Oh, how they will howl when they see how they have crucified My Son again! For, truly they have now crucified His seed, His holy seed!

Oh, stiff and hard-necked people! When you saw this one suffering, and when you saw her in need, how many of you lifted a finger to help her? How many of you sent a note or a card of love? How many of you took an interest in My persecuted servant? Oh few, indeed! Yes, indeed, few! But, yes, indeed a faithful few; and these faithful few will never be forgotten by Me and My Son, even and throughout the eternities! For, their goodness shall be multiplied unto them throughout the eternities! This is so, oh meek and humble Children of Mine! And, yes indeed, you are few, oh few indeed, who have stayed the course alongside My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk! But, these few I shall bless mightily! They will see and they will know firsthand My great love for them!

My Little One, I know your heart! I know your gratitude towards Me and My Son! Oh, I know you well; and what you have longed for, what you have waited for, for a long time, shall soon, oh so soon, quickly now, bear beautiful fruit for Me, for My Son, for humanity and indeed for all of Heaven! For, through you and through My work of Revelation Twelve, ‘My Kingdom Come’ is about to be manifest in the Earth!

Go in My love and know My great peace and joy! For, even as I have just told you, soon and oh so soon, even quickly now, you will see My face!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of October, 2007,
Linda Newkirk


What More is our Father Showing?

My Dear Ones, I know that you have been greatly blessed in reading our Father’s words and in knowing that great, astounding and heavenly events await humanity! Yes, indeed, we are on the verge of great happenings in the Kingdom of Yahweh! What glorious times we are in!

I am sure that many of you have been keeping up with Comet Holmes, the ever-so-faint comet, which makes its trek through this system about every seven years! And, usually it passes with little fanfare, but not this time! Oh what a show it has made in the heavens! People from all over the world are watching this spectacular event. If you would like to see photos of it, many can be seen at! This spectacular show reportedly began on the 24th of October and continues! A relatively dull comet has suddenly exploded and has become a million times brighter. Some say that it is likened unto a planetary nebula, but I could not comment on this! However, I do know some rather astounding things as well, relative to this sign in the Heavens!


The Heavenly Spin!

On the 23rd of October, our Saviour called me into His Presence! At first I was only sitting alongside of him on a bench! But, suddenly, the two of us took off in flight, soaring together in the air! And, suddenly in the midst of our flying together in the Spirit, He reached out, took my hand and began to twirl me very rapidly! Some might say that, that was nothing! But, for a fact, the twirling that our Saviour did to me that day, affected the spin of the ManChild, or the new DNA. After that incident, it began to spin much more rapidly and to have a great deal more strength! And, after that incident, comet Holmes became a million times brighter, beginning on the 24th, as reported in the media, and exploding in such brilliance within about 24 hours!


A Dream, Which I have longed to see fulfilled!

My Dear Ones, it was in the fall of 2005, perhaps a little later than this time of year, although I do not remember the exact date, when I was under extreme attack by the U.S. military and those in this government, all under the direction of Satan, their god! These evil hoards were pummeling my body with microwaves and with lasers and as such I had large, red burns on my legs and elsewhere on my body, these burns causing me great pain! In addition, they had pummeled my knees with such severity via the use of lasers, that I had white scars on the sides of my knees, where the lasers had exited! So great was the pain in my knees and legs that I could hardly walk.

As I suffered their assaults, I would try to find one spot in the house, wherein I could go to escape the effects of these horrible burning rays! And, it was late one night, or perhaps, even early morning of the next day when I decided to take a folding cot into the hall and put it next to the washer and dryer, thinking that the presence of these objects may slow down the microwaves, if in fact many of them were coming through the walls from the area of the road, as I suspected. I was so very tired and so longing for a little rest and crying out to our Lord and God when He, for a certainty, heard my prayers. For, I drifted into a deep sleep, even amidst so much pain; and I slept long enough to have a very vivid dream.

I dreamt that my son was at my house and he and I walked out the back door and onto the porch! As I looked south, I saw were two huge disk-shaped craft in the sky, and both were relatively low! In this dream, the timing of it seemed to be either in the fall, or winter, as the trees, which were across the road and to the south, were basically devoid of leaves.

We both exited the porch and turned to the left to look due east; and there we saw a full moon as it was rather low and coming up between two certain trees, where I often see the full moon come up. But, behind the moon was a most peculiar thing! There was a heavenly manifestation, a round orb, which seemed to be veiled, in other words diffuse. Somehow, I just knew that this object was really bright, although it appeared as diffuse, or veiled in the dream!

Immediately, I awoke and in my heart of hearts, I knew that this manifestation meant that Jesus would soon come for me! It was this very dream, which propelled me outdoors month after month in search of this heavenly phenomenon! And, month after month, I saw no such thing! Oh how long the months became, even turning into years as I waited for this event, which would signal the coming of our Saviour!

Now, this month, on a full moon, there is such a heavenly manifestation! I absolutely believe that Comet Holmes is the heavenly manifestation, which I saw in my dream. It occurred in my dream in conjunction with a full moon and in reality the intense brightening of Comet Holmes has occurred in conjunction with a full moon. In my dream, this occurred in the northeast part of the sky; and this manifestation of Comet Holmes is visible in the Northeast sky from where I live in Arkansas! This heavenly manifestation was fuzzy in my dream, yes veiled! And, in reality, in most photos, this manifestation of Comet Holmes appears fuzzy! But, if you can find those photos, which are time-lapsed, even for a very short time, you can see that this is a really bright manifestation, even as I was thinking it to be so in my dream! And, in addition, this event has occurred in the fall, when the trees are rapidly shedding their leaves. Also, from night to night, I also see military, disk-shaped craft, low and to the south, but not as large as in my dream!

My Dear One, surely this most bizarre of manifestations with Comet Holmes signals the birthing of the ManChild back to the throne of God, and thereafter the imminent manifestations of our Father’s Kingdom in the Earth! Even when you look at Perseus, the constellation in which you find this comet, and follow the lines, which connect the stars, you find something of the configuration of a man! Two legs, two arms and a line going forward to the right from this man! What is not obvious on this drawing is the head of the man; and I wonder how all of this relates, if it does to the Man child! Rejoice, my Dear Ones, for the prophecies of the ages are all coming to bear in the Earth at this time! Blessed is the Holy Name of Our Almighty God Yahweh and Blessed is the Name of His Precious Son, our Wonderful Redeemer! For, they are so beautiful, so wonderful, and now come their great blessings for all of humanity! May we all praise our God early in the morning, and may we all praise Him throughout the day; and may we all praise Him well into the night and throughout the night! For, He is awesome beyond any words!

Jesus is our Beautiful Way Home,
Your Sis, Linda

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