The Son of the King is Going Home!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, since I last wrote to you, much has been going on with our Father’s work! Through the hearts of a beautiful family, whom I have known for years, our Father in Heaven supplied me with a newer vehicle! And, through the heartfelt love of a few of you, I have been able to do much traveling!

Our Father Yahweh has sent me traveling to Oklahoma City, OK and He spoke great judgement! Houston, the same, great judgement! Dallas, TX the same, great judgement! Atlanta, GA judgement with mercy! Memphis, TN judgement with mercy! Birmingham, AL judgement with mercy! Atlanta, GA judgement with mercy! Little Rock, AR, judgement with mercy!

Our Father also placed a giant angel about 75 miles northwest of Dallas, one also in Tupelo Mississippi, one between Atlanta and Macon Georgia, and one between Little Rock and the Mississippi River!

Our Father also sent me on a 4100 mile round trip to Los Angeles, where He placed two giant angels on either side of Los Angeles. He calls these angels “geographical angels.” They can be about two hundred feet tall, and when standing, there can be a distance of about one half mile between their feet. He placed these on either side of Los Angeles to lessen the effects of the great earthquake, which is coming; and to lessen the effects of the great tidal wave. This was one great mercy run; for our Father Yahweh has heard the cries of many, who seek His mercy!

On that same trip, our Father uprooted a great demonic stronghold, which was over San Diego, CA and placed a giant angel over San Diego. He also uprooted many demonic forces around San Diego and placed supporting angels around San Diego. He also placed a geographical angel over Tucson AZ!

Less than two weeks ago, I got back from another mercy trip, which was almost 4000 miles roundtrip. On this trip, our Father Yahweh sent me up and beneath all of the Great Lakes! I traveled into Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, alongside and under Lake Michigan, across northern Indiana, under Lake Erie, as I traveled Pennsylvania, and into Buffalo New York to Niagara Falls! I crossed into Ontario Canada alongside Lake Ontario, then traveled alongside Lake Huron, under Georges Bay in Canada. From there, I traveled back down into Michigan, under Lake Huron! And, from there back down Michigan, to near Port Huron, and across Michigan, up to the Michigan Peninsula!

I traveled under Lakes Huron and Lake Superior to Duluth Minnesota, down to Des Moines Iowa, into Kansas City Missouri, back Fort Smith Arkansas, and down to my home, which is near Conway, AR.

In Canada, our Father Yahweh placed 37 of these giant angels in and around these Great bodies of water in Ontario. Within the USA, along the New Madrid fault areas, He placed an additional 150 , plus, of these great angels, and others that I am not even aware of, as He said that He let out more than those, that I saw.

While traveling south from Duluth, he let out about fifty of these great angels and told me that He has released the Hosts of Heaven to help them to get to westerly locations, as I am and have been greatly concerned about the looming eruption of Yellowstone Volcano!

The very presence of these great angels will considerably diminish the devastating effects of the New Madrid fault when it slips! My heart’s prayer has been also that our Father place significant numbers of these angels in the west to Midwest to diminish the great numbers of earthquakes, which are headed for those areas! I know that He has heard our cries! He has seen our tears and He is moved to great mercy! Blessed is the mighty Name of Yahweh Most High God! What a wonderful, loving, and merciful God He is!

You may be interested to know why it was necessary for me to travel to so many areas. It was necessary for me to physically go to these places as the angels needed to come down the interdimensional portal, which is connected to the manchild spirit, who has now been in my body for over 29 months.

Throughout all of these trips, Satan, the US military and the fallen angels have continually persecuted me with the horrendous technology, which they possess. In and through it all, the manchild spirit has continued to grow; and our Father Yahweh has continued to keep me in spite of all that they have done. What a gloriously wonderful God we have! I have no words to describe my great love for Him and for His beautiful Son.

Our Father Yahweh has given me two messages for you! Read on!


Our Father Yahweh’s first message
September 27, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Listen to Me, My Little One, and write as I say, that all may be the wiser! For, herein are what may very well be the last of My warnings through you, before that great and terrible day of the Lord. For, the time is at hand when all the prophetic warnings of all of My true prophets shall be fulfilled, in all of their entirety.

I have stayed My hand for a season and I have kept back much destruction from this land. I have been merciful to this backslidden nation of America! I have extended grace upon grace unto this land and unto this people, only to have the masses trample My grace and devour My great mercies.

Still and through it all, My hand of grace and mercy is outstretched upon this land and upon these errant people! For, My love is great for you all! But, oh how pained I am and how pained I have been! For, in spite of all the warnings of impending doom and devastation, which are in all of your faces, few and I mean few can read the warning signs.

And, oh what warning signs all over the world. Indeed, a straw economy! A straw economy worldwide, where the worth of all things is based on printed currencies, which have no value! How long do you think that such a think will hold? Oh, not long I tell you! For, a strong wind of doubt and fear will soon blow this currency asunder!

Rumblings all over the world, and a few can hear them! Roaring tides of uncertainty and fear the world over in the financial circles; and Satan and his are set and ready to ride these tides of despair and hopelessness; and for your own destruction, too!

All that has been foretold through the mouths of my true prophets is now at hand and is already upon you! It is not a time of if or when! It is now! No longer to be put off for a future year! It is now, and it is already upon you!

Next comes the prepared chaos! Joblessness! Homelessness in great numbers! Severe food shortages! Famine! Martial law! Nuclear war! Great earthquakes! Mighty storms, far greater than you have ever seen!

Are you prepared for such things? No! I tell you, NO! For, overwhelmingly, you have not believed the previous warnings! And, neither will you, in general, receive this one!

But, even so, this is where you are and this is what you now face! And, oh how difficult this is going to be for many, who call themselves Christians, and have surely depended upon a rapture to escape all such horrors!

Yes, I am coming for Mine! I am coming for My bride; and I will also take many wedding guests! But, they will come back; for there is much work for them to do! But, how many of you are even waiting and watching for this great event? The WISE ONES are; but oh how foolish the rest! Foolish, indeed! For, through the mouth of this prophetess, you have all been told! But, even so, many of you have mocked and scorned! And, to your own detriment!

For, the work of My servant, Linda Newkirk, a long and difficult work, indeed, is about to be completed! And, this work will surely bear a mighty fruit for Me and for all of humanity! A work of great travail, of hardships, and of suffering, like none other, this servant has endured, and she has now come to the very door of its completion! And, pleased, indeed, I am in the selfless labors of this chosen one! For, she has persevered in spite of the scorning, mocking and berating of large numbers of you! And, in spite of so much hate and so much contempt from the mouths of some of you, My chosen vessel has prospered in My work. For, I am with her, and have never left her side! Now comes her hour of victory, and all the world shall know that Linda Newkirk is indeed the true Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve! For, she and she, alone, has paid the price to bear My sons’ son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve! And, any day now, he and she will return home! And, along with them, a few faithful ones, who have remained her steadfast and loyal friends! I will not desert these and neither will she!

And, when she and the manchild spirit go; and soon, I will put her in the sky! I will indeed clothe her in the Son, the manchild Son, and I will indeed put the moon beneath her feet! Yes, all the world will know of her labors! For, I will reveal the truth of all things! And, many will weep! Many will be sorely ashamed for their mocking and scorning!

For, all will soon see and will soon know that Revelation Chapter Twelve is indeed finished! My servant, Linda Newkirk, the true Woman of Revelation Twelve, the true Queen of Heaven will indeed appear in the Son and she will indeed have a crown with twelve stars! The true mother of humanity! The true mother of a new race of humans! And, as such she will indeed bear much power in heaven and earth! And, she will get honor, which I intend for her to get, which she is deserving to receive! For, she has paid a heavy price! A terrible price indeed! Now into the 50th month since Revelation 12 began in South Africa and now into the 30th month since she was given the manchild, who was then only a tiny babe!

And, when this work is finished, it is indeed a new day for all of heaven and for all of humanity in the earth! For, great and mighty blessings then come back to humanity through my beautiful bride; and even through the wedding guests! But, also terrible, terrible times in the earth!

My Blessed Daughter Linda Newkirk, I am well pleased in you! Be of good cheer and rejoice; for all that you have waited for, all that you have longed for, and all that you have labored for, is now within your very reach!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of September, 2008,

Linda Newkirk


Second message from our Father Yahweh
September 27, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! You ask for another confirmation from Me, that I would indeed have you to write as I have given you! And, largely you ask for it, My Child, as you want no glory for yourself! You, I have planted in a wilderness place, where few even know anything about My works through you from day to day! Quietly, you go about My works from day to day, and you want no glory for yourself! Even when I speak of the importance of what I do through you and when I speak of your great heavenly rewards, you are at a loss for words! You do not grasp the profundity of what I tell you! And, when I give you a message to share with all, that I am indeed pleased in you, you shy away from My words of praise! Yes, many have falsely labeled you a “glory hound”! They have branded you as selfish and desiring of praise and honor! But, from their own minds and through their own thinking, they jealously brand you with such labels!

What I have to say about you, I say for the whole world, for your work is unlike that of any other, My Little One! And, while you want no praise, I know this! But, I honor you, My Little One; for I am very pleased in you!

Yes, I want you to write and to publish what I have just given you! And, I will have you write more, even as I touch your heart to do so! For, you, My Little One, stand on the brink of eternity, and behind you all of My faithful ones, who will also cross the threshold of eternity with you!

It is time to rejoice, My Little One! It is time for all to rejoice! For, the Son of the King is about to be birthed back to Heaven! Unto Heaven and unto all of the Earth, the Son of the King is about to be born! And, because of the King’s Son, a new generation is about to be born! For, in him and through him comes the glorious bride of the King!

The singing rivers proclaim My presence! For, I created them! They proclaim the name of the King of Kings and now they know and sing another song! The song of the King’s Son!

My Little One, more than any person alive or dead, you know about the Son of the King! For, he lives in you; and has lived in you for over 29 months! His cry is heavenward; and the gates of Heaven are now open unto him and you! All of Heaven is in a continuous state of rejoicing, for the two of you are coming home in victory! A mighty victory, My Little One! A mighty victory for all of humanity, when the Son of the King comes home and the King’ Son marries himself to the appointed souls!

Oh, how Heaven rejoices! I rejoice and the King of Kings rejoices! Am I not pleased in you, My Beloved Child? Oh, yes! I am pleased and I wish to tell you that I am exceedingly pleased in you! For, your labors have been sustained! They have been arduous and intense! Indeed, great has been your suffering! Great has been your pain and sorrow! And, you have wished no praise for yourself! You have wished no glory! But, even so, I want the whole world to know, My Little One, that I am greatly pleased in you! And, many will soon know the truth of your labors! And, all who truly know and understand will rejoice and be glad!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of September, 2008,

Linda Newkirk

My great love and appreciation to my beautiful friends! Thank you for staying the course with me! Soon, I will see you in heaven! Great are your rewards, my Dear Ones!

Sending much love to you all! Blessed is the Name of Our Mighty God Yahweh and blessed is His beautiful Son, Jesus Yeshua, Messiah!

Your Sis,


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