My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I greet you in the Name of our Beloved Saviour, Jesus, our Mighty King of Kings, and Lord of Lords; and send you much love in His Precious Name!

Few, few, few of you know of the great events of these past few weeks as regards the coming of our Saviour, but herein I wish to enlighten you somewhat as to the many visitations of our Saviour and His urgent messages regarding His imminent coming! It must have been near the end of August, or so, while I was outside and working in the yard, that our Saviour appeared to me and told me that He was going to give me a series of visitations to show me that His coming was indeed imminent!

The very next day, He appeared to me and therein began a series of almost daily visitations from Him; and on some days, He visited me more than once. These beautiful visions began to unravel a glorious, heavenly message from our Saviour; and this message from Him was that our Father in Heaven had approved for Him to come for me and the manchild, and of course immediately following would go the bride and the wedding guests. On several occasions, I met our Saviour on the bridge of light, and beside me was the little boy of Revelation 12, who was so beautiful and full of light. On other occasions, I would be with the little boy of Revelation 12 and alongside me and this beautiful little boy of light would be our Saviour! At other times, I would find myself in a garden of great light, and with me this beautiful, little boy of light, our Saviour’s precious, little son! And, our Saviour would be walking alongside us both! I knew that soon, and oh so soon, we three would stand before the throne of our Father, as He would soon empower His precious son with his glory, and thereby make Him ready for His beautiful Bride.

As the days went by, a great anticipation began to grow within the hearts of a few of us; and I also held great expectations as regards the many millions of wedding guests, which our Father had previously told me that He would be taking to this most beautiful of heavenly events. But, also, my Dear Ones, our Father’s promise to me in the summer of 2004, began to tug at my heartstrings! His promise to me at that time was that He would give me my hearts desire! And, my heart’s desire was and is that He would allow me to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls!

It was perhaps a couple of weeks before the Feast of the Tabernacles, as I was praying with a Dear Brother that I asked our Father in Heaven if He would take an additional twenty million wedding guests, but even as I had asked for these, I thought to ask for an additional ten million, or thirty million additional wedding guests, altogether. This Dear Brother, whom I pray with often, agreed with me in this request before our Lord and God and we left this prayer at our Father’s feet, not knowing what He would do.

During the days following this request, our Saviour continued to appear to me, and we were by then so certain that He would be coming on the Feast of the Tabernacles. However, some few days before the feast, our Father in Heaven spoke to me and He told me that He had received this request for the additional thirty million wedding guests, and that He would honor it! He also told me that this would mean that He would extend the time of Revelation 12 by some few days as He would need to make preparations for the incoming of these great numbers.

I continued to think that perhaps He might still come in the Feast, as a “few days” of additional time to me could be literally three, or four days. So, I reasoned that a few days could still put the coming of our Saviour during the Feast of the Tabernacles, perhaps during the middle of the Feast. But, on the fourth day of the feast, which was the 17th day of October, I awoke early in the morning with a KNOWING that our Saviour would not come during this feast.

Although, I felt somewhat sad that this would be delayed, I also remembered our Father’s words, “You will be so glad when you SEE why I have delayed His coming!” And, my sadness was quickly gone and I then began to wonder just how long our wait could be. It was two days later that our Father spoke to my heart; and He told me that He would need between two and three months to make preparations for the incoming of these additional wedding guests. Yet, He also told me that He was not telling me that He would come at that time!

When our Father spoke to me in subsequent conversations, He told me that the ONLY reason that the coming of our Saviour was delayed was because I had asked for these additional guests. And as the days began to pass away during this Feast of the Tabernacles, I laid another prayer at our Father’s feet; and a few of my Dear Friends agreed with me in this prayer! This prayer, my Dear Ones, is that that our Father take all of the time, by which He will shorten the last three and one half years, and place it all on the end of Revelation 12; and if there is enough time, would he then please double the additional numbers of wedding guests to make a total of 60 MILLION wedding guests! Be advised that these are additional guests! He has already told me that He would be taking millions of wedding guests; and He has already prepared for these!

These latest requests prompted our Father to give me the message, below; and in this message, you will read His words regarding this request. At this point, I can truly say that I do not know what He will do; as He is Most High; and He does as He will! But, even so, I continue to ask for these extra numbers! For, I KNOW that ALL, who go into the light as wedding guests will be forever changed by this light and surely greatly desire thereafter to “marry” our Saviour! Yes, they most certainly will come back into the earth, “on fire” for our Saviour, surely desiring to be next in line to marry Him. This is one way, my Dear Ones, we will surely see the salvation of great, great numbers of souls, who would not otherwise make it! And, for this, it is all well with me to wait a while longer!

Our Mighty God blesses me abundantly from day to day, and He carries me in victory daily through all of the great assaults against my body! All is well with me in spite of all that these wicked ones continually do to my body, all in their efforts to steal the manchild, or to stop these works any way they possibly can. But, even so, they have lost on all accounts; and only because of the great love, the great mercy, the great grace, the mighty power and the constant forgiveness of our Saviour toward me and my many faults and shortcomings. Blessed is the Holy Name of our God Yahweh and blessed is the Name of His Beautiful Son, Jesus, Messiah! I love them beyond any words! How exceedingly blessed I am to be counted worthy to go through such things for love of our Mighty God and Saviour; and for love of each of you!

Few can realize how much Satan and his hoards hate me and how much the hate the baby boy of Revelation 12! Few can realize their great angst at what is taking place on this little Arkansas mountain; and few can grasp the profundity of these works! But, Satan and all of his hoards of fallen angels grasp it perfectly and they have made me the target of their great ire for years! And, this being the case, I am greatly pleased to wait some few more months, and oh how glad I am that our Father has granted our request to add these additional millions! And, if it be His will, my heart’s desire is that He increases these numbers to add even more millions of additional wedding guests! For, every soul, who gets to go to Heaven to this beautiful wedding is one more, who may very well marry our Saviour and be forever free of this monster from hell, who needs very much to go back there!

I have also been exceedingly grateful for every geographical angel, whom our Father has placed in and around these most dangerous of fault lines! For, these are mighty angels and they are greatly needed to hold back these plates when the earth is turned upside down! And, yes! This is going to happen! And, sooner, rather than later! This is the ONLY REASON that He is releasing these giant angels.

And, this brings us to another facet of my recent plea before our Father in Heaven: That, if He does extend this time that He will allow me to travel more within the USA to other quake prone areas, so that He releases still more of these angels in America ! But, ALSO, MY DEAR ONES, THAT HE WILL MAKE A WAY FOR ME TO GO OUTSIDE OF AMERICA TO OTHER CONTINENTS, SO THAT HE WILL RELEASE SOME OF THESE GIANT ANGELS IN OTHER GREAT EARTHQUAKE PRONE AREAS AROUND THE WORLD!

The next message is our Father’s reply regarding some of these requests; and this one will be followed by one more message from our Father as well.


First Message from our Father in Heaven
October 20, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God. Be at peace, My Little One, and know that I love you greatly. My Little One, many come and many go, but a few have stayed the course; and a few know and understand the timing!

Many hope against hope that the bleak financial situation in the world will reverse itself, that the wayward government in this nation will emerge with yet another plan of rescue, that the dark clouds, which are upon the horizon will pass away. But, My Little One, this storm of unimaginable proportions will not pass away! It is building up steam, building up force from moment to moment!

My Little One, the midnight hour is at hand! Indeed, a dark hour! A time of great troubles in the Earth and the time for the catching away of the Bride. Oh, yes, this has been a long wait! A long wait indeed for you, My Little One, as you have suffered and travailed under severe persecution! Great have been your tests and trials, which have brought you to this point of surrender in Me! To a point of total peace, to a point of total forgiveness and love, even for your enemies!

Few know, my Little One, that I had determined for My Son to come for you, and for My Bride and the Wedding Guests, even at the Feast of the Tabernacles! Yes, indeed, I had given Him permission and He was set to come! But, I changed the timing: and changed it only on one account! You, My Little One, interceded on behalf of the lost and asked Me to take 30 million more wedding guests! On this, I could not make a decision right away, but did after some days of consideration, make a decision to meet your request.

And, this, for you, My Little One, means an additional amount of time, to be added to Revelation Twelve! Truly, your appointed days for Revelation Twelve are almost up, lacking only a couple of days. But, as you sought Me on this, as you asked Me for this; and as I have heard your prayers, I have granted this! I have also told you that this will lengthen your time between two to three months. But, that also I could not assure you that I would be coming at the end of this time!

And, still you come back and ask for more! You ask whether I will add to your time beneath the feet of Satan and the U.S. Military, all of the time that is taken from the end of the last three and one half years! And, if so, would I then double the amount of additional wedding guests, to a total of sixty million! And, these being additional wedding guests; for already I had made arrangements for many millions.

And, I have not shut My mind to what you have asked! But, look upon your request with delight! For, this request is one of love for all souls! And, I may consider this in the affirmative! But, even so, I must weigh many things!

My Little One, My promise to you from some years past was to give you your heart’s desire! And, you wanted nothing for yourself, only to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls!

I have told you that all wedding guests will indeed be forever changed by their experiences at the wedding; and for this reason, you want the greatest numbers of wedding guests! For, they will surely want to be next in line to marry My Son! Yes, indeed, changed by all that they experience in Heaven! And, yes even some of these will be evil!

Yes, I am considering your request and soon I will provide you with My answer. In the meantime, My Little One, I will send you on more trips so that I can release more angels into these areas, which face severe cataclysms, whether through volcanoes, winds, tidal waves, or severe storms. You have petitioned Me to allow you to go overseas and to visit other earthquake fault lines and areas, which face severe cataclysms when the Earth is turned upside down! Therefore, My Little, I may consider this! If others, who live overseas in these damage-prone areas will help financially, I may consider your going there, so that I can release these angels! For, as you have written, these angels must descend from My throne through the heavenly portal, which is connected to the manchild of Revelation Twelve, who is within you and around you! For, He is also a great doorway to My throne! So, My Little One, you must be physically present in these areas where these angels are to go!

These are not warring angels, but huge geographical angels, who are able to hold back the shifting plates, to stop the raging winds, and to turn back the tidal waves, or to even stop volcanic eruptions. But, Satan, on seeing what is done, will set up his armies to try and stop them from reaching their destinations! For, he wants you all dead and he abhors the presence of these mighty angels! This is why I recently released some of the Hosts of Heaven to help some of the angels, which I released through you in the Minnesota and Iowa areas, to get to more westerly locations.

My Little One, if people want these angels, they must cease to be selfish with their finances and others must help with these works! It is shameful how most have done regarding these works, but even so, through the hearts of so few, I have sent you, My Little One, on some long and tiring trips, and I have released many angels.

Now, I must send you to the East Coast and down to Florida and then along the Gulf Coast, and back to Arkansas, where I plan to release many of these giant angels. After this trip, I may consider a trip to Yellowstone, and to the Pacific Northwest.

My Little One, I stress that if people want the protection of these giant angels in other areas, they must provide the finances for you to get there and back! And, even provide the travel over certain areas of terrain in these countries once you get there, so that I can release these giant angels! The burden for this, My Child, is not on you! It is upon those, in those nations, which face great catastrophes when the earth is turned upside down! And, the Earth will be turned upside down, and soon! For, soon enough the rest of the Nuburu train will manifest in the sky!

There remains little time for these angels to be placed in overseas areas! There are those, who could even provide a private jet to get you quickly to many nations! Japan is one nation, which will be severely broken up! Russia will be severely broken up! China, Northern Australia, East Africa, and other areas of Africa, Northwest Scandinavia (Nordic Countries), and Also Alaska, as well as many countries all over the world!

My Little One, I am willing to consider your request of my placing all of the time, which will be removed at the end of onto your time! I may add to your time if I see a great interest in your traveling overseas for the placing of these great angels! Otherwise, My Little One, I will not consider this for many reasons! And, yes I know that you ask for the additional time, first and foremost for the additional thirty million more wedding guests, bringing these additional numbers to a total of 60 million extra wedding guests! These additional guests have been and still remain your motivation in asking Me to place more time onto the end of Revelation Twelve! But, you also ask for the additional angels, and I may consider adding the additional time to Revelation Twelve if I do indeed see a need for it!

If many show an interest in the placing of these angels and if they will provide the means for you to travel to these areas, I may then consider the rest of your plea! But, My Little One, the hour is very late! And, the truth is that a lackadaisical attitude has taken over the lives of most! They do not want to help with these works! Only few, few help! Yet, you continue to beg for the souls of so many; and I may give you what you ask for only because of the fact that you are willing to take the suffering onto your own body for this amount of extended time; and only out of the love of your heart!

But, My Little One, I do not know that I want to put this upon you! For, great is the persecution against you and great are your hardships and suffering from day to day! But, even so, you continue on in My love and continue to ask for the salvation of the greatest numbers.

Just know, My Little One, that I am weighing your concerns! I am weighing your requests, but on this, I have made no decision yet! I am looking! I am watching; and I will see what I will do!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of October, 2008,

Linda Newkirk

My Dear Ones, please note here that I have believed for quite some time that our Father in Heaven would cut short number of days in the last three and one half years; and our Father has also told me that this time would be cut short! Scriptures also support this shortening of days!

But, as I have recently spent some time in deep prayer and seeking before our Father and our Saviour, He has brought some information across my path as regards this shortening of days; and from this bit of information, it seems that these days may be shortened in some way that I do not clearly understand! I will provide more on this as I understand better what has come my way.

The Bible verses to which I refer are this one: “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor ever shall be. And, except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:21-22


Please note that since I prayed for the above things, our Father in Heaven told me that He would not add to my time, the time, by which the days of the Great Tribulation are shortened! He also told me that He will not send me on trips at this time and for His own reasons! He has also not given me any affirmative answer as regards my request for an additional thirty million wedding guests, that is, thirty million more than the thirty million extra wedding guests, that He promised at the time of the Feast of the Tabernacles. That is all that I can tell you right now! Pray, my Dear Ones! We can never know what our Lord and God will do! For, He is full of love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and long-suffering; and He greatly loves each of us!


Second Message from our Father in Heaven
October 27, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, look at the season and know that not one leaf shall fall, that I, even I, am not aware of! And, not one event shall come to pass around you, that I take not notice of! For, I have called you, My Little One, I have called you to a very difficult walk! I have called you to a walk of briars and thorns, a walk of sorrow, heartache and tears. A walk of ridicule and derision, a walk of shame! Shame, oh yes, shame you have born, yet innocent of so many lies, which have been laid upon you! Sorrow, you have born, yet not so much your own, but sorrow for a world, which is gone deaf and blind, a world, which is lame, a world, which looks through glasses darkly! Yes, a great sorrow you have born; for a beautiful work I do in their midst, an awesome work of great love, of My great love for all of humanity I do ! Yet, on seeing, they see not! On hearing, they hear not! And, for this, you mourn, My Child, even as a mother would mourn for her children, you mourn for the blind and the deaf! You lament for the lame!

For, unto you is given a beautiful babe of light! Even, My very own unto you! And, oh what a marvel he is! For, he is not of this world; but of Me! From Heaven he came to you and to heaven he will return with you and many, many souls!

For, My kingdom is at hand! And, great shall be the joys of all, when they see that indeed, you have written what is true! For, you, and you, alone, I have called as the earthly mother of My very own son of spirit. For, he is not flesh and blood as some may think; but spirit, even as I am spirit! And, to heaven, he shall return as spirit, ,yes even a divine blueprint for a new generation of souls! Yet, My Child, who truly understands? Who truly knows and grasps the profundity of what you write?

He, that is broken, of a contrite spirit. This one can grasp what I have called you to! For, this one I can confide in! This one I can confer with! This one, I can impart My intimate secrets to! But, the rest have been blinded!

And, even among My prophets, a conspiracy exists to silence these works! A conspiracy to shut out and destroy these works! For, even as many of the Jews tried to destroy the works of My Son in the Earth and refused to recognize or honor him, now come those, who are also of My own house! Even among My own prophets are many and they mock and scorn My work through you. They call you all manner of names, even as the Jews labeled My Son with all manner of names. And, they refuse to believe that I have called you for such a work, instead choosing to align themselves with one another and to concur with one another in their own false delusions.

For, sin has blinded them! Sin has deafened them! High-mindedness has cut them off and I have left them in the shallow end! Having itching ears, they prefer the smooth things and the smooth things they rattle on about among themselves! And, the deep things they understand not, and neither are they inclined in that direction! For, they want the easy way and the easy way I give them!

But, you, My Little One, I have put in the furnace of afflictions! I have put you in My fiery furnace, that I might try you as pure gold, that no dross remains in you: That you, forgive them all, and that you walk daily in love and forgiveness, even to forgive your enemies and to pray for them, that you might be ready for your heavenly assignment!

For, to whom much is given, much is expected! Therefore, know, My Little One, that your time is not yet, but close! And, be of good cheer and know that even so, the world will be a little darker yet! The dark storm shall be clearly visible! Great signs and wonders shall manifest in the heavens and be clearly seen by all! Then, I will send My Son, who will come, even as a thief!

And, I will open up a heavenly gate! I shall put you on the bridge and you shall beckon to the bride and to all wedding guests! And, they shall follow you, My Little One! I shall part the heavens and Mine shall pass over! Even as, in the time of Moses, when I parted the Red Sea and Moses led Mine out on dry ground!

And, so it shall be, that you, My Little One, shall lead them out, that I shall part the heavens, and the whole world will see you, there at the gate to My heavenly bridge and they shall marvel! And, the foolish shall be confounded, but the wise will know that this is the day and this is the hour wherein My Son has come as a thief (Rev 15:15) and many, many shall be taken! But, also many, many shall grieve!

Your wait, My Little One, and the wait for My Faithful and for all, whom I choose to take, is but for a little while yet! And, when you see many signs in the heavens, you will know that then, at that time, your hour is at hand!

And, I will continue, My Little One, as you read and as you wonder! But, I tell you that this is so, that even as Isaiah has written it to be, “Before she travailed, she brought forth, before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child.” (Isaiah 66:7-8)

And, did I, myself, not make reference to a man, who is to be born in My own words, “ A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come, but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a MAN is born into the world.” (St John 16:21)

Have these things not been a mystery, even as regards these words? “And, she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” (Rev 12:5)

And, yet still, My Little One, My words, “ And he that overcometh, and keepeth My works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations, and, he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received from My Father.” (Rev 2: 26-27)

Or, My words through the mouth of My prophet Micah: “Now, why dost thou cry out aloud? Is there no king in thee? Is thy counselor perished? For, pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail. Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt even to go Babylon, there shalt thou be delivered, there the Lord shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies.” (Micah 4:9-10)

And, “Therefore, will he give them up, until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth …” (Micah 5:3)

Have I not spoken mysteries? Have I not hidden the truth in plain view, yet so few see and understand!

Have I not foretold of a new generation of souls, which is yet to come through these very words, “…a great people and strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, yea, even unto the years of many generations. A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea and nothing shall escape them.” (Joel 2:2-3)

Yet, all of these things remain a mystery to most! For, the blind on seeing see not, and the deaf, on hearing, hear not! But, the hearts of the wise see and they know! Yet, they be few!

And, even so, this has been the case with Revelation Twelve, that this (work) would be before the faces of all and those the world over could read of it, if they chose to do so, and they would know! But, on seeing, they see not, and on hearing, they hear not! For, sin has cut them off!

And, you, My Little One, (are) bearing My beautiful child of light, My divine blueprint for a new generation of souls! And, who is even the wiser?

The U.S. military is the wiser; for they have made you their prisoner! Satan is the wiser; and all of his kingdom the wiser; for he is constantly in your face, working day and night to steal what is Mine and/or to tempt you and lead you into errors any way he can conceive of! And, these see and they know the marvels of what I do in you and around you through the Son of the King! But, of the rest of the world, few see, few know and even fewer understand.

But, so has been your plight, that this would be no easy work for you, but, one, which has been full of sorrow and heartache! But, even so, before that hour of travail, which is to come upon the whole world, a MAN will be delivered back to My throne! For, he will be born back to heaven, even from whence he came! And, so will all, who are deemed worthy to go!

Go in peace, My Little One, and know that I will never leave you! For, My eyes are always upon you! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of October, 2008,

Linda Newkirk

My Dear Friends, with this, I bid you farewell until the next time! There is more to come, and what is coming, you very much need to know! So, stay in touch! Sending much love to each of you!

Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Your Sis,

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