“A Dilemma for the Whole World”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Yes, King of Kings, Lords of Lords and Lords of the Universe. My Little One, hearken unto Me! Observe what I show you! Listen to what I tell you! For, herein is shown a dilemma for the whole world! My Little One, what do you see before you?

My Father, I see a caldron, a steaming caldron; and as I reach to lift the lid from this steaming caldron, it is hot indeed and I can only touch it for a moment, having to quickly toss it aside! For, exceedingly hot is this caldron!

My Little One, it is you, who have lifted the lid; and to you it has been given (the right) to lift this lid; and now all is also to spew forth! All is about to boil over and to blow and spew forth!

Father, why has it been given to me, this right to lift this lid? This, I do not understand.

My Little One, you, and you alone, are the Woman of Revelation Twelve. To you and to you, alone, has been given My Son of Spirit, the little boy or Revelation Twelve. Satan’s eyes are always upon you! He and his hoards are ever in your face! They watch and record your every move! Their assaults are on-going and great against you! They hang onto every word that I give you and they hang onto every vision, and every prophecy that I give you! They are greedy to find out what I give you and they lust after every word that I give you! For, they wish continually to steal the manchild spirit, to overpower him, to overpower and take you and to steal and overtake the heavenly portal, which is connected to the manchild spirit, who is within you! Like greedy rats, they stand in your face, and they surround you continually like ravenous wolves, set and ready to devour every crumb and every morsel that I give you! Nations have set their security alerts based on what I have given you! The economic crash of October 2008 was based on my alerts to you that I was planning to come at that time! The Israeli assault (against the Palestinians) was and is based on My alert to you that I was planning again to come, around the end of last year! World events and world decisions have been molded and forged and executed on what I tell you and what I have shown you!

My Blessed Father, this is even as I have been thinking. For, so great are the military operations against me! And, when it appears that you are about to come, the sky is a huge roar with the presence of so many military craft. And, they escalate their assaults against me and in a very great way! Oh, Beloved and Beautiful Creator, it is this way and it has been this way for a very long time.

Yes, My Child, this is so; and this is why I have both allowed and caused you to take the lid off the seething caldron.

Yet, my Lord, I do not fully understand all of this and I do not know where we are right now in the whole scene of the end-time events.

My Little One, this is where you are. See the treasury chest.

Yes, My Lord, and it is old, ornate and very well built.

And, into your hands I put the key to this treasury chest.

I take the key, an old and heavy key and it is very hot to the touch, so I insert it quickly into the keyhole and turn it quickly until I hear a click! And, then to my amazement, liquid light begins to pour out of the keyhole until the whole box melts right before my face and therein, inside the box, is a little, soft and fluffy pillow and on this purely radiant little pillow is a doll, which looks like a Raggedy Ann doll and in the back of the doll is a key. I turn the key, which opens a box and a small scroll rolls forth and out of the box.

I sense that there may be some sort of evil script on this scroll as I see words, which I cannot interpret and suddenly hear some words of magic…”abra ka dabra” Then, just as suddenly as I hear these words, I find myself going down and into a nearly dark room and I see therein the new president of the USA and he raises his right hand, not to a Holy Bible, but to another book, and I can see within this book, that it is hollow. Then, just as quickly as I see this new president taking this oath, with his hand on a hollow book, I am carried headlong now into the very hollow of this book, which rests beneath his hands.

And, there I find myself in another room, which is beneath the room, where I have just seen the new president, who was then taking his oath of office. I am at once met by the groans of many ghouls and ghostly howls of many demons and swishing sounds in the spirit. There, in that room, I see Bill Clinton and the two Bushes, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. They each have in their hands a wine glass, which is clearly full of blood; and I watch in amazement to see that each one takes his glass and drinks all that is in the glass before him. I see in the eyes of Bill Clinton that he is full of evil spirits; and looking at the faces of the other two, I see that they, too, are full of great and dark evil spirits. Each of them now makes a chant and takes a sword, each one with his own sword; and each one lays his sword across the sword of the other. As they cross their swords, they each say, “Unto death!”

And, oh I see it now, that the three swords cut through a mannequin of the new president, and that this mannequin is the Raggedy Ann doll. And, the three swords cut him, that is the mannequin and this rag doll is cut into three pieces.

I look now above to the one, who was swearing before the hollow book and I no longer see him before the hollow book, but lying in the street, or it seems to be a street. For, around him are many and they are looking at this new president as he lies in a pool of blood. And, I do not know whether he is dead or alive, but I fear that he is dead. For, truly, he is limp like rag doll and others now hover around him as if they are looking for a sign of life.

And, just now, the three emerge from their hiding place; and they believe themselves to be victorious. For, they are smiling, joking and joyous unto themselves. But, it is at this point as well that I see a stream of light and this stream of light descends upon this new president, who looks dead. And, even as I see this stream of light descend upon him, I hear sirens and quickly see ambulances emerging in the darkness. And, oh so terrible this is, Father! For, these three surely plan another coup!

Now, My Child, look and write what you see.

My Father, I see a very large cemetery, with an arched entrance, and I am walking into this cemetery now. Ahead of me is quite a show, with a large U.S. flag flying and other flags flying also. And, I see in the midst of all that is going on a casket, which is open; and I walk up slowly to this casket and I see therein the body of George W. Bush Senior. Looking past him, I see then a second casket, and this one is draped with a flag and lifting the lid and peering inside I see the body of George Bush Jr., and thereafter I see yet another casket, which is also draped with an American flag. And lifting the lid, I peer inside and see the body of Bill Clinton.

These three are all in a row and amazingly with Bush Sr. first, then Bush Jr. and then Clinton last! In the background, I hear the shots of a rifle and hear the sounds of a lonesome bugle. It seems that the time may be in the spring, for I see tiny flowers amidst the graves! As I look among these graves I also see Laura Bush walk away and as she does so, she drops a white handkerchief and on this handkerchief are the words, “Good riddance!”

I walk back outside of the cemetery and look back one more time! When I look back, I see the spirit of Satan, the Red Dragon as he hovers over the three caskets. Than, I read in words, which are above him, “A time of trouble! Double trouble and toil! For, I am now come into my own!”

Then, I see Laura Bush as she gets into a black limousine and around her feet are many pieces of gumdrop candies, and surely this means something. Then, I hear the words “Now, Ronald Reagan will rest in peace. For, his would-be murderers go by the way!” (Ronald Reagan liked to eat gum drop candies.)

Then, I see a black vault a very large black vault. The door to this vault swings open and I look within it and step into it for a very short distance. It is hollow and empty, save for some wet and rotting cash, which is in one distant corner. I step back quickly as the stench of mold and mildew, which comes from the soggy cash, is strong. As I quickly make my way out of the vault, the door slams shut quickly and I see written on the outside of the vault, U.S. Treasury! For, it is now empty and what cash remains is no good!

Straightaway, I hear a catchy tune, the light and airy sounds of a flute. The noise comes from above and I look up to see the new president as he comes riding up on a white horse. He dismounts the horse and comes to stand in front of a podium. Before him is a very large crowd and he has in front of him a very large document. He begins to read the words of a new constitution, a new constitution for the USA and of course, what he reads are good-sounding words. But, behind this new constitution, I see prison bars, many prison bars and new prisons, which will house those, who will commit the new crimes.

And, in the streets, I hear a grievous howling go up as babies are snatched from the arms of their mothers. And, a grievous smell, as the smell of various toxic gases pour through the streets. And, I hear the cries and the moans of many as they go to their banks and no money comes from the ATM machines. And, I see now long lines as many wait to buy corn, milk, bread and cheese. And, a grievous unrest grips the people as the food becomes scarce! And, the cars pile up for lack of cash to buy gas! And, riots ensue in the cities as soldiers and police gather in dark attire and they appear here and there all over America as roads and streets are closed. And highways are blocked as the soldiers and police look up and down, far and wide for those, whose names are on the list!

Then, I see this new one, this new president on the television and his words are, “Change for a safer nation and for a safer world!” And, here and there all over this nation are red eyes, red from all the tears! Red from all the sorrow and pain! For their saviour has become their great tormentor and their True Saviour, The Lord of The Universe, they do not know.

And, I see then a stairway of light, and some few, who go up it, like angels of light! And, some few, who come down this stairway, like angels of light. And, they take their places in the world and in this nation, amidst this torture and persecution. And, among them are two, who are exceedingly tall, like trees! And, their power is great to shut up, to pull down, to loose, to bind, to heal and even to destroy! And, I see that these two are also the two beautiful candlesticks and from them flow the golden oil! And, they stand tall, very tall, above all humans and creatures. For, they now bring a new power into the earth, a power, which has never been known or seen in the Earth. And, lightening bolts go between their hands and as they hold their hands up, I see a very large bowl; and from this bowl a continual stream of liquid light. They snap their heels and I see them now high above the earth. Our Saviour stands between them and I hear Him say the words, “Not just now, but soon. Soon, indeed!” And, when I heard him say the last “soon”, to both of these were given giant wings of light, that they may descend from the presence of the Lord and that they may be able to travel at His will to any and all places in the Earth, even as He so directs. And, no bars shall hold them back! And, no storms shall hinder or prevent them! And, no road blocks shall stop them! And, no authorities in the earth shall have power over them until their time is up! Oh, so lovely is this vision, my Lord!

Yes, My Little One. And, all that you see shall now come about very quickly, even in its entirety. Write as I have given you and post, that all may be the wiser. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of January, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

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