“The Farewell Race”

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I am sharing with you a most beautiful dream, which our Father in Heaven gave to our Dear Brother in Sweden. He is now a very youthful 71 years of age and one might not know on meeting him that he was once a champion marathon runner! He was a championship marathon runner for Sweden, and he has won other marathon races as well. He is very tall and has the long legs of a marathon runner and he still jogs, even at his age. So, it is most fitting that our Father in Heaven would give him this beautiful dream; and I have asked his permission to share it with you, as this dream also involves you!

In this dream, he dreamt that he was running his last marathon race, a farewell race. At half time, he was one and one half minutes ahead of the others, but he thought that he was ahead only by a few seconds.

There was a break at halftime, which would not occur in a marathon race in the real world, but this dream was not of this world! At this break, which seemed to him to be about fifteen minutes, he told of how he spent time with the others, as they laughed and enjoyed themselves. As it was time to resume the marathon and to finish the race, he joked to them that he would be three minutes in the lead, after only two kilometres, which he was quick to tell me, would never happen in real life. But, as I said, this was not a real life dream, but a heavenly dream; and these things can be done in heavenly dreams.

He said that they all got back into the race after half time, that they all finished the race and that no one was tired at all! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Lord and God.

What this dream means for each of us!

My Dear Ones, it is now around half time, the middle point of the seven years of tribulation. And, soon, very soon, the marathon runners, the 144,000, the supernatural army, which is mentioned in Joel Chapter Two, will be removed from the Earth! These are the firstfruits. These first souls, who are to be removed very soon, will get a rest for one and one half years and then they will get back into the race. But, this rest to them will seem like about only fifteen minutes, as there is no time in heaven as there is time in this earth.

It is also important to note that this marathon runner is ahead of the rest by one and one half years! This tells us that after one and one half years, or so, there will be others, who are also taken. And, this is as our Father has told us in recent revelations in Book Twelve, that within this last three and one half years, that He will take others, according to His good pleasure! And, from this, we can see that His harvest will be on-going, according to His own wishes! So, this 1 ½ unit is important for two reasons. First, for the length of the rest in Heaven for these firstfruits, which is for one and one half years, and then for the timing of the removal of more souls! But, more may also be removed well before this, if this is the good wishes of our Father in Heaven, for we are speaking of an on-going harvest!

His joke is not really a joke, but an important indicator of how much time is really left when these 144,000 are put back into the race. After their rest of one and one half years, they will be sent from heaven via the interdimensional portals, back into the Earth; and they will fight on behalf of the people. They will run and not get tired and this is from the Book of Joel, Chapter Two.

Through his words in his joking manner, He is telling us that there are two years left in the race (two kilometres)! This from his words of being able to run two kilometres in only three minutes! The three minutes tell us that the three and one half years may very well be shortened to three years!

So, the remaining three and one half years of the tribulation may actually be shortened to three years. For, he says that after two kilometres, the two remaining years, that he may actually finish it in three minutes. In other words, this race may not be for a total of 3 ½ years, but only three!

So, after one and one half years of being out of the earth, this supernatural army will come back into the Earth to fight on behalf of those, who are left! And, they shall be greatly needed as Lucifer will bring forth his robotoid soldiers and they will heartlessly kill and destroy!

My Dear Ones, take note of this beautiful dream and remember these words as people will be in great need of this Supernatural Army when it does come! And, many will wish to give up as the persecution will be so great! But, our Lord and God will not leave you without His Help. You must pray and walk in repentance, love and forgiveness; for all will be tried and tested as to their faith!


The Laser beam attacks!

Because of what I wrote in Book Eleven regarding the evil ones, they persecuted me greatly, firing many, many laser beams into this house and into my body. They also burned my legs and other parts of my body, including my chest and lungs with microwave weapons! Most of these lasers and microwaves were sent into this house via the orange and multicoloured aerial craft, which never leave this area! These assuredly belong to Satan, himself; for as I have told you, he has been cast down totally. But, George Bush also sent high-flying jets over this house for most of a day and well into the morning hours of the next day and they fired laser beams through the roof of the house! My Dear Ones, these beams are very dangerous and they can kill and/or wound one severely!

I filed a complaint with Faulkner County Sheriff’s department, about these high-flying jets firing these lasers into this house, but they did not want to take this complaint. I had to go through about five officers, and this process took all day, before any of them would even take a complaint about this torture.

During this assault, I put tin foil over some of the windows! As the lasers passed through the tin foil, they made small holes in the foil. These lasers burned my body like the sting of a jellyfish and they caused great pain! They also burned my legs to the bone and this also caused great pain. But, the most beautiful news, my Dear Ones, is that our Lord and God healed me of every pain. He healed me of every burned place and of every laser wound, and some of them went all the way through my knees. These evil ones hit me in both eyes with lasers, but our Father in Heaven totally healed my eyes.

My Dear Ones, as I have told you, Satan has been totally cast down! And, it will not be long before he brings his antigravity machines up out of the earth and he will use them to terrorize the people with laser attacks. You will have no defense against these beams, as they can go right through walls. They can go right through the roofs. They can go right through the windows. Your only hope comes through our Lord and God. He is able to heal you, but he may allow you to go through this great torture, just as He allowed me to go through it all. He is able to heal all of these terrible burns and wounds; however, you must walk in obedience. You must walk in faith and you must love Him above all! You must truly honor Him! You must put Him first and then He is bound to you!

Revelation 9:10-11 And, they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months. And, they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.


Get Geared up to Finish the Race!

My Dear Ones, you must get geared up to finish this beautiful farewell race! You must live only for our Lord and God! And, when you do, He is bound to you; and He will hear your cries! He will heal you and He will bless you in ways that you cannot now expect; for He loves you so! And, true to His word, He is now sending His Son back for all, who truly do love and honor Him and His Precious Son. The time is very soon, my Dear Ones!

I send you big hugs and lots of love! Jesus loves you and I do too!
Your Sis, Linda

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