Chapter Fifty-One


“Three Rings within the Sun”

“Rise up, oh blessed daughter of Mine! Hearken unto Me! Listen carefully to My words! For, I am your Father! I am your Maker, Lord God Almighty, Creator of All Things, Yahweh, Jehovah, Most High God!

Look! My Little One, what do you see? What do you behold?”

“My Father, I see, as it appears, a sun! And, this sun is full of fire! It is also divided into three, separate divisions by rings within rings, those three rings making three concentric circles.

And, then, my Lord, I am in the midst of the rings in the midst of the fire of this sun. And, I hear great crackling (sounds) as if this is coming from the fire; and hissing sounds, also amidst all of this, a great roaring sound. Oh, Father, it is as the great roaring sound of the tunnel, through which You sent me to get the soul of a loved one, and to bring this one back to her body, so that her life might be extended.

And, amidst this roaring and this fire, there you are oh, Glorious Saviour! And, You stand before me, while I sit now at a small table before You!

It is a table, which is prepared for one and before me is a plate, a most beautiful, white plate! And, on the plate, I also now see three divisions, yet these divisions seem to be of spirit, for they come and go from the focus of my vision, with the three divisions visible and then only the white plate visible. And, there beside this white plate is a fork and a spoon of pure gold and a chalice of pure gold. And, on the plate also is food, but only one big amount of food, which also fills the three divisions, which are on the plate.

And, in the chalice, I see clear water, yet when I look again, I see water of fire. So, it is both clear, and then also water of fire! And, when it is clear, I can see that it is very deep water and that it goes down into very deep and narrow wells, which separate out into other narrow passageways!

Oh, I so long to leap into that chalice and to swim these deep and narrow waterways! For, I know, My Lord, that these are very deep springs of You! Oh, Blessed Saviour, I love You so! You are my delight! You are my portion, and you are the love of my life! I so long to marry You; and I so long for the day when you will come for me and Your beautiful, little Son, and for all, who also love you above all! Oh, Blessed Saviour, we hunger for You! Oh, how we love You, oh Beautiful and Righteous God!”

“My Little One, do you know and understand about the sun, which is divided into three parts?”

“My Lord, I believe that this sun, which is divided into three parts, represents three years! Three years for the manchild spirit, Your beautiful, little Son, to be in my body! And, when these three years are up, you will surely do something awesome as regards these works, and also for your faithful, loved ones. For, I see the three circles and then I stand in the fire, amidst the roaring tunnel and there you feed me and water me!

My Lord, what are these three divisions, which are on my plate?”

“My Little One, these three divisions represent three distinct harvests; and these three divisions also represent (three) groups, which I will also take with this first harvest!”

“My Lord, why is this on my plate?”

“My Little One, it is on your plate; for you will be first among these three groups; and as far as the three harvests, you will be in the earth to see them all! For, they are all tied to your physical body! For, your physical body is tied to the portal, which leads to the throne of God! And, when the time is right, I open up the portal through which you and these others enter! Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Lord, after so many years of being (physically) tied to these portals, I understand! So, My Lord, this means that I will be in the earth for all of the remaining time of the last seven years?

“You will be there, but soon, you will get a supernatural body; and soon you will be able to travel this portal to go up and down as guided by My Spirit.

Yes, My Little One, many, who are worthy are about to follow you! And, a goodly portion of these will come back and will also live in the Earth! Others will go back and forth and will stay in the Earth for varying amounts of time as visitors! Others will stay with Me and will not go down or come up! For, they will stay herein!”

“So, My Lord, many surprises are at hand for Your people!”

“Many, indeed! And, great suffering and great persecution is at hand for the rebellious and for My sleeping and lukewarm house!”

“My Lord, I know that this must surely be close! For, on May 10, 2009, the manchild spirit, your beautiful, little Son of Light will be three years old! And, this will complete the three circles in the sun!”

“You have said it well, My Little One! May all look ahead and be the wiser!”

Type this and get it posted for My People!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of May, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

My Dear Ones, it was in the early days of January of this year when our Lord and God showed me a relatively small number of marathon runners, who had crossed the finish line. At that time, I knew that these were part of the Bride of Christ, but as I looked around and saw such few numbers, I could not really understand what I saw. But, then, even as now, I so wanted our Lord to come. And, He knowing the great longings of my heart, showed me three Xs; and they were all standing. Then, I saw the first X fall, then the second X quickly fell and part of the third X fell away, leaving only about one third of the X remaining. Then, I saw the remaining part of the third X fall away, and thereafter I saw a green light.

I knew that these three Xs represented three periods of time, and was so hoping that they represented three days, but these days came and went. Our Saviour also gave me, at or near the time of seeing the three Xs, the vision of the sun, which was divided into three concentric circles. This was another confirmation that He was telling of the passage of three distinct timeframes before He would come. But, I so hoped that these would not be more than three weeks. And, it was shortly thereafter that He also gave the Urgent call for the Bride of Christ in Chapter Fifty of these works. Then, I knew that He would tarry a little longer; for there were many, who desperately needed to receive these words.

Thereafter, three months passed, and by this time, we knew that we were looking toward the three year mark. But, even so, may we all be cautious in getting overzealous in expecting something to happen on May 10 or even a day after, or a week after. For, in the vision of January, after I saw the three Xs fall, there was a short space after the three Xs and then the green light. So, I feel that there may be a little wait after the manchild turns three years old, but I do not expect a long delay.

His coming for His Bride could be tied to the Feast of the Firstfruits, but there are several conflicting dates regarding the timing of this Feast. I have been made aware of one of these dates as being in July of 2009 and another in late May of 2009! So, my Dear Ones, it is for us to be vigilant and to stay in deep prayer and walk a spiritually clean walk before our Lord and God, repenting daily and loving and praising our Mighty God every day of our lives! For, He is surely about to come for the first harvest and then, my Dear Ones, terrible things will come to pass in the nations and all over this world!

May we all walk in fear and trembling before our Mighty God; and remember that we are as dust is to dust, and be humble, walking daily in obedience to his commandments. For, He is Almighty! He created all things! Make Him the Love of your Life! For, He is indeed the very breath of our breath and the very life of our life!

Read chapter fifty-two for His dire warnings for this rebellious nation!

Sending much love to you all!

Your sis through our Blessed Saviour,

Linda Newkirk

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