Chapter Fifty-three

The spiritual condition of the churches in America ;

The economic and military condition of the USA ;

Great Treachery among the leaders of this nation!


My Beloved Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Sit and write as I tell you today, that My people may be the wiser, not only in this nation of America , but in the whole world!  My Beloved Child, my Precious Little One, what do you see?

My Father, I see a farm implement, a disk, a big plowing device, which would go behind a very large tractor! It sits in a field, which is overgrown and full of many weeds, even young saplings!  And, the circular disks on this plowing device are rusted, extremely rusted and decayed from the weather and the elements!  So much so, that the plow is in such extreme decay that it is no longer usable for plowing!  For, in such a corroded state, these disks on this plow would fall apart once put into the ground and pulled behind a tractor!  Truly, one could not plow a field with this device!

My Father, this disk has been abused, neglected and thrown away!  Someone has not cared about it!  Someone has not maintained it, and has been very wasteful with it!  For, such a plowing disk is quite expensive! So, the disk has been thrown out to rot and the field is overgrown with many weeds and young saplings!  Soon, it will no longer be a field for growing crops at all; for the saplings will become trees and will overtake the whole field!

And, also Father, as I stand here beside this plowing disk, I catch a smell of something dead!  I look ahead to see that vultures are circling and then I step back from the plow to see what the vultures are desiring to eat!  Oh, I see it now!  And, not far away at all, just at the edge of the field, perhaps the length of a football field away!  It is not far and I can see the dead cow and oh what a stink!  And, even from this distance I can see the cow on its back with its legs raised straight up! Oh, I can see it well even from this distance! The belly of the cow is hollowed out! And, now Father, you are allowing me to see it up close, even as with microscopic and telescopic vision!  And, its eyes are also hollowed out!  Its teeth are badly broken, or missing!  This is a strange site for even a dead cow!  Yet, I look, Father, and on the side of this dead cow, I see that it has been branded!  The brand on the side of the cow reads, “ USA !”

Then, as I glance a little behind the cow, I see an old man!  He is dressed well, but his beard is scruffy!  And, in his hand is a very old gun, like those, which were used in older days of America , which must be manually packed with ammunition! It is like a musket gun!  And, this man points this gun at the cow, which is obviously already dead!  Father, this makes no sense to me!

No, My Little One, it makes no sense to you now!  For, you must be quickened by My Spirit and given understanding regarding this vision! My Little One, this field is My church in America !  The plow is My Spirit in My churches in America , or should, I say the absence of My Spirit?

The dead cow is America and the well-dressed man, who watches over the dead cow, but uses an old out-of-date gun is the military of the USA !

My Little One , America has been gutted!  The eyes of this nation have been put out! Your teeth, your military and industrial might, have been plucked up, squandered, pillaged and broken!

My Little One, America is a dead cow!  They churches are dead and have no spirit!  They do not operate in the gifts of My Spirit, except in very small numbers, who are scattered here and there!  There is no real plowing of My spiritual fields!  My prophets have loved the smooth things and will not tell My people the hard things!

This is the state of this nation!  Look beyond the old man with the outdated gun and tell Me what you see!

My Father, I see Bill Clinton and I see George H.W. Bush and they stand over a group of Chinese and Russians and those from other oriental nations and also what appears to be Arabic, or other dark-skinned people!  Then, I hear George H.W. Bush say, “The whore is yours!  What will you give me for the whore?”

Then, one, who is oriental, a big man, but whether big in stature, or in power, or both, I cannot tell!  But, this big one says to George H.W. Bush!  “Here it is!  A first strike, that will wipe out all major cities, all major hospitals, all major fuel depots, all major shipping centers, and all major airports! We will give you this with rapid speed and you will keep your lives!  You will keep your families!  You will keep your possessions and you will rule the world with those, who are so appointed to rule! When the whore is gone, we will all eat her flesh and drink her blood, what is left of it!”

Then, I see George H.W. Bush and he takes out a red playing card! It is a red ace of spades and he puts it into his left, front coat pocket and as it goes over his heart, I hear him say, “Better red than dead!”

Oh, Father, what evil and what treachery!

This is so, My Little One, and the final nails are being driven into the coffin of this nation, even as you write these words! A quick strike is being prepared for America and these are the culprits!

Father, what would you have me to do?

Write as I say and do as I say! Many are pleading for more time, yet time is running out for this nation!

Father, I have so waited for you to finish these works and to bring in the next phase of these works!  I so hoped for you to take this little manchild to your throne on the Feast of the First Fruits! Father, what can I expect and what can others expect, that is the faithful, Father? What can they expect?

My Little One, oh how I would have liked to bring forth the fullness of My promises at this time! But, unknown to you, many are praying and fasting for more time! My Little One, more time for humanity means more suffering for you! 

I have carefully weighed all prayers and have considered all things and will grant a little more time for the salvation of more souls and for more genuine warnings to go out!  But, a little more time (only)! 

My Blessed Child, I am going to do something grand for My Faithful, for My Tried and True! I am going to begin to release the manchild spirit into some of them, here and there throughout the whole world! For, when you went into the light on Resurrection Day, He also went into the light!  Gifts from herein have been added unto him and unto you, even yesterday when I visited you, on the Day of Pentecost!  Therefore, even as I promised you in the earlier writings, I am going to begin to release the manchild into some, who are here and there, all over the world!

My Little One, I will impart  him supernaturally to those, who are ready to receive him and also to those, who deeply long to have him!  Things have taken place in the spirit, mighty things regarding the little manchild! And, even though you do not understand the nature of all that has transpired, just know that much has happened!  A certain timing had to pass and once this was passed, I was then able to bring forth certain elements into the manchild, which you are not aware of and neither do you understand this!

I regret to tell you that your time of suffering will go on; for I am giving more time!  And, (this is) all because of the fasting and prayers of others, many of whom are on the other side of the world!  My Little One, I promised that you would see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls and because you asked for this, and I promised this, your suffering will be far greater than that of any prophet, or any apostle, ever!  I am true to My promises, and to whom I give much, I also expect much! Therefore, your suffering will go on, even for some time yet, but from day to day, I will increase My power in the manchild!

Continue on in My work and be not troubled!  But, remember in all things that I am first a God of great love and mercy and I do not delight in punishing My people!  But, will plead with them even until the very hour of destruction!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of June, 2009,

    Linda Newkirk



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