Chapter Fifty-Four

The spiritual condition of the churches in America ;

“The Deep Waters!”

My Little One, oh Blessed Daughter of Mine, come unto Me, My Beloved, that you may drink of My deep wells and springs!  For, you so hunger for the deep things of Me, and in this, you will not be disappointed!  My Little One, get on your face and lap up My deep water, even as a thirsty, little lamb!  Drink, for you thirst for Me; and I desire to water you!

Oh, my Father, this deep water smells so lovely, like the deep aroma of lilacs, or perhaps gardenias!  And, oh go lovely it is to drink!  For, these are sweet waters, Father!  They are pleasant to behold and pleasant to taste!

Yet, I have more for you, My Little One!  Take this tablespoon of liquid at My hands; for if one drinks of these deep waters, one must also take a tablespoon of bitterness!

So, I take the tablespoon of bitterness and it seems to be very caustic in my mouth, something like the effect of eating a green persimmon!  Oh, my Father, to drink of these waters is so lovely, but it almost seems that I must also be punished for drinking of these lovely, deep waters!

My Little One, most of My prophets like to drink of the shallow wells and they are happy with the shallow wells and I just allow them to go on and be happy in their shallow walks!  They drink of the shallow!  They walk in the shallow and they shall soon pay a great price (for their shallow walks)!

But, you, My Little One, desire to drink of the deep wells of Me, to swim in the deep wells of Me! But, to do so, you will pay a bitter price!  And, you pay this price every day of your life, by the day and by the night!  So, you drink and you pay!

This is alright, my Lord!  Far better for me to pay in this way and to be in the midst of your deep and holy walk, than to pay later in a drastic and unexpected way!  Even if my burdens are great and my price great, my Lord, I still wish to drink of the deep wells of You and to swim these deep wells (of You)!  And, to climb the heights of You and to travel the breadths of You, my Beautiful Saviour!  For, You, oh Lord, are the love of my life!  You are my heart’s desire!  You are my morning joy and my cup of delight all through the day!  You are my solace in the darkest of nights and my place of refuge in the midst of the violent storms!  Surely, oh Blessed Saviour, You are My all, the very Source of All Things, the Blessed Creator of all, the Beginning and the Ending!  Oh, Glorious God, I so delight in You! I so cherish You, even above all, I cherish You!  For, You are my portion and my heart is after You, oh Cherished Saviour!  Whatever Your will, whatever Your desires for me, I so want and desire to do! For, in me, I wish no speck of darkness, but to be a radiant chalice of pure light in Your hands!  Therefore, oh Beloved Saviour, thy will be done in my life, even as it is done in Heaven!  And, in this Earth, Your Precious Kingdom come and Your perfect and holy will be done!  I love You so, oh Blessed Saviour! Oh, Love of My Life, how I love you!!!!!

My Little one, what is it that you walk on?

My Lord, it is a measuring stick and it is short and very straight!

Yes, it is a measuring stick and you are walking on my measuring stick of righteousness!  This is My standard, My Standard of Righteousness that I raised up in the whole Earth!  And, this Standard is My Son, the manchild of Revelation 12! He is the standard that I raised up in the Earth after I, Myself, caused the flood, (the evil Dragos) to be sent after you!  I threw them down from the Upper Realms!  I caused this flood to come after you!  And, I caused the Earth to open a mouth (the interdimensional portal) and caused them (the Dragos) to be swallowed up!  Then, I raised up the Standard of Righteousness! My Little One, I have put in you this Standard of Righteousness, this standard of holiness, and this standard is the little babe of Revelation 12! This is the standard and I have placed you on this narrow walk of holiness and I have caused you to walk it, that My words concerning you and concerning Revelation 12 and all, who would follow, would be fulfilled! For, through Revelation 12, much is being fulfilled in the Earth!

My Lord, is there something more, which I should know about drinking these deep waters, and about this bitter spoon?

Yes, My Child, there is something, which you should know! You have paid a terrible price to drink of these deep waters and you will pay a terrible price for a while yet!  Few in this Earth are ready to drink of these deep waters, for they do not wish to pay a terrible price!  Yet, My Little One, you are one, who has earned this right and I gladly now water you from these deep waters!  Much that has been withheld from you, will now be given freely to you! For, My Blessed Child, you have had to enter into a wilderness place, so that My work could be done in you and so that the little manchild could get to this point!  And, I will keep you in this wilderness place for now, but of many deep things, I will now feed you and water you!

Be of good cheer!  Be glad, My Little One, that through great travail, through great hardships and suffering, I have brought you to this holy place in Me!  And, as such, My Precious Child, I am jealous for you!  Rest in Me and be at peace in Me; for I fight all of your battles!  I am Your Father! I am your Saviour, and I, too, so longingly await that day of marriage to My Beautiful Bride!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of June, 2009,

   Linda Newkirk

Part II

“Father, how will they receive the manchild?”

Oh, Blessed Father, I come back to You with questions, and I pray, oh Blessed Savoiur, that You will answer my questions, not for myself, oh Blessed God, do I ask, but for those, who will receive the manchild.  Father, how will they receive the manchild?

My Little One, those, who fast and pray, who also live righteously before Me, will receive the manchild as I deem them ready to receive him!  For, those, who hunger and thirst after holiness will walk in holiness!  My Little One, the manchild, the babe of Revelation 12 is holy!  He is My Son and none will bear him, will have My Son inside them, except those, who choose a walk of holiness!  They must love Me above all and desire holiness and righteousness and must live clean lives! I will impart the manchild spirit to each one according to his or her spiritual readiness to receive Him!  My Little One, the manchild spirit will go out from you, My chosen vessel in the Earth! You will not need to visit them, though you may visit some! You will not need to touch them, though you may touch some! My Little One, I will cause the transfer of My Little Son from you to these, as they are ready to receive Him!

Father, how will they know if they receive Him?

How did you know, My Little One?

Father, I saw You and I saw the little babe in Your hands and You gave Him to me!  You put Him first in My arms and then He grew in my body!

So, it will be with them! Some will see Him!  Some will hear Him!  Others will sense Him!  But, all will know when they receive Him, if not immediately, soon thereafter!  They will see His fire!  They will know His fire and they will walk in His fire!  And, this fire will also grow in those, who desire My holy walk!

Father, will some receive Him, who choose holiness, but do not even know of the manchild?

Yes, some will receive Him in this way and they will perceive that they walk in a new kind of power!

Father, would this (the receiving of the manchild) be considered to be part of the Latter Rain?

Yes, part, but not all!

Father, what more should they know, that is, those, who desire the little manchild?

They should love Me above all, obey Me, walk in righteousness and fast and pray for this impartation!

Will he (the manchild) be imparted from one to another also?

Yes, this will also take place, but not much of this in the beginning stages!

Go in peace and know that all of this is now at hand! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

Blessed Saviour, I have a few more questions! Will You please answer these questions of my heart?

Yes, My Little One, I know your questions and I will answer them now!  Yes, Satan, who now stands in your face, will seek to find these, who have the manchild spirit!  When he finds one, who has the manchild spirit, he will do to that one, what he has done to you!  He will search the heart of such a one to look for anything false, for any kind of vanity, pride, or for any other kind of weakness, that he can exploit, or create a door through which he can thereafter enter through to tempt that one!  He will also begin to use this terrible technology against that one, all in order to cause great suffering and hardships, to cause such a one to give up in his or her spiritual walk!  He will stalk these as he has stalked you and he will also begin to make war against Christians all over the world, all in order to kill many righteous ones and to stop them from getting the manchild spirit!  Those, who persevere in righteousness, will see the manchild grow in stature and in power in their bodies!  But, if they fall and do not repent, the manchild will shrink until he disappears and goes back to The Source!

Father, will Satan be able to steal the manchild in this way?  For, he wishes to steal him and he has tried to steal him!

He will not be able to steal Him, for I will not allow him to steal the manchild spirit! But, through his great assaults and temptations, he will cause some to lose the manchild, once they get him!

Thank You, oh Blessed Saviour!  Thank You very much for sharing these things!  But, I have one more question, oh Blessed Saviour!  Will Satan be able to kill any, who have the manchild spirit?

For, those who have the manchild spirit and who walk in holiness and continue on in holiness and righteousness, Satan will be unable to kill them!  He will be able to torture them and to persecute them, but he will be unable to kill them!  Go in peace, my Little One, for this is My work and I will send the manchild to whom I so please! This work shall go forward; for I so determine it! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of June, 2009,

     Linda Newkirk



Part III

“For, I am Creator! I am holy and holiness calls unto holiness!!”

“The Impartation of the Manchild Spirit, the Son of the King!”

My Blessed Child, come to Me on bended knees, and with a spirit of fear and trembling; for I am Most High!  I am Creator of All Things! 

My Little One, do you know what “hearken unto Me” means?  It means to hear Me deep within your soul, deep within your spirit, even with fear and trembling!  For, I am Creator! I am holy and holiness calls unto holiness!  Deep calls unto deep!

My Little One, My call now goes out to My people! My call goes out to My true Sons and Daughters and it is a call unto holiness!  My Blessed Child, My Little Son, the Babe of Revelation 12 is about to go out to My people!  He is about to take up residence in My literal Sons! For, even though they be women, and receive the manchild spirit, they are My Sons manifest, the Sons of God manifest!  For, within each one is My very own Son! 

My Little One, you are their spiritual mother! You are the spiritual mother of the Sons of God in the Earth!  For, if there were no manchild spirit to take up residence in them, this manchild being My very own Son of Spirit, there would be no Sons of God in the Earth!  None could be My literal sons if they did not have My very own Son of Spirit in them! Understand?

My Little One, it is time for the Sons of God to manifest and I will cause them to manifest!  But, may all know, may all understand that none could or would manifest without the presence of My very own Son inside of them!  My Little One, you are the spiritual mother of the Sons of God; and you are the very first Son of God manifest! For, my very own Son lives within you!

Blessed are you, My Little One; for you have stayed the course!  Amidst terrible persecution, alienation, mocking scorning, backbiting, slander, hate, malice, daily persecution and torture, you have stayed the course! I have made your bed hard and I have given you a walk of briars and thorns; but now, My Beloved Child, now after so many years of suffering and pain, all of your travail is about to pay off!

My Little One, I will exalt you!  I will exalt you high and put you over My people, even on My right hand! For, you have daily laid down your life for Me!  You have daily picked up your cross and you have born your burdens amidst great heartache and suffering!  My Little One, I will cause this work to be remembered throughout the eternities!  I will make a name for you, my Blessed Child; for you have daily died to self and to the things of this world, so that I could live and grow in you, even through My very own Son of Spirit!

I shall send a cloud of shame, My Blessed Child!  I shall send a cloud of shame upon all, who have mocked and scorned you!  I shall send upon them rivers of tears, for they have crucified me anew through the work, which I have brought forth through you! Rivers of shame shall flow over My people in South Africa , as they have overwhelmingly deserted you!  They have become a nation of mockers and scorners, of backbiters and liars!  Rivers of shame shall overflow them; and they shall greatly regret the knives, which they have stuck in your back!

And, you, oh America , home of My Beloved Child, of My very own Son of Spirit, you have behaved as badly, or even worse that those in South Africa ! Your numbers are exceedingly greater and your river of shame shall be far deeper and far wider!  For, you have seen what My very own daughter, this servant of Mine, Linda Newkirk, the Woman of Revelation 12, has endured! And, you have joined yourselves together to mock and scorn her, to throw stones at her, to throw shame and sorrow upon her, which she did not deserve to bear! 

And, from such a nation of great numbers indeed, from week to week, from month to month, so very few of you have lifted even one finger to help My servant Linda Newkirk with these works, whether financially or otherwise!  But, you have joined forces, one with the other, to put a foot in her back and a fist in her face! 

Oh land of plenty, how you have hoarded your blessings unto yourselves! How you have hated and despised My works of Revelation 12 through My true servant, Linda Newkirk! Oh, how you shallow, arrogant, and false prophets have banded yourselves together, one with the other, and you have thrown your lies against My servant, Linda Newkirk! Rest assured that none of you will receive My Son, the manchild of Revelation 12, unless you weep and howl for your sins!  I shall pass you over oh South Africa and I shall pass you over oh America ; and few of My Sons shall be manifest in you, save you look upon your sins and repent with great weeping and sorrow! 

Where were you, oh America , when you saw the suffering, the torture and the persecution of this one, My servant, Linda Newkirk?  Oh, how you false friends and acquaintances scattered yourselves when you saw her torture and suffering!  Oh, how quick you were to label her “sinner,” and “false!”  Oh, how you fled; for you treasured your stuff!  You treasured your things; and the Faithful Ones, who have remained, could be counted on less than ten fingers!  For, you false ones, you fake ones, you users and abusers fled and you joined forces with the persecutors, with the liars and with the servants of Satan! And, you have stayed away!  These years, you have stayed away!  But, I have reserved unto Myself a few Faithful Ones, and these have remained steadfast!  They have remained faithful to these works and these few have provided financially for My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk! And, she has not wanted! I have seen to it!

Yes, you have trampled My true servant, Linda Newkirk!  You have stomped her into the mud and you have trampled her!  But, even so, I have never deserted her, but have always been with her!  And, My Servant, Linda Newkirk, has lived a most miraculous life! Now! I say, NOW, I shall lift her up! I shall exalt my servant Linda Newkirk; for I desire to do so!  I shall exalt her in the Earth and I shall exalt her throughout the eternities!  For, she and she, alone, has born My very own Son of Spirit! And, to bring him forth and to make him ready to be birthed into My very own Sons, she has had to walk daily and to live daily in the very midst of hell, itself!  Oh, yes! This have been her walk, but even so, I have been with her in the midst of the very hell, which I put her in!  And, now My work through her will bear mighty fruits, not ten times more, not 100 times more, but billions of times more!  Yes, a mighty fruit is about to be born through these works of Revelation 12, the birthing of My very own Sons into the Earth, even My Kingdom Come and My will be done!

Humble yourselves, oh My Children and make yourselves holy habitations!  For, My Son will indwell only holy habitations!  Separate yourselves out of the world!  Go each of you, into your own wilderness places, so that I can commune with you in deep ways!  For, deep calls unto deep!   Holiness calls unto holiness!  For, it isHOLINESS UNTO THE LORD!”   It is holiness that I give and holiness, which you must give back!  Make yourselves ready, oh My Sons; for holiness calls unto holiness!

I am your Father! I am your Saviour, yes Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of June, 2009

    Linda Newkirk

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