Chapter Fifty-Six


As Dust is to Dust,
Afraid before our Mighty God!

Come to Me, My Beloved Child, that I may take all of your burdens and make your journey light! Awaken unto new visions and new dreams and new ways!

And, immediately after our Lord’s words, I saw then that I rested comfortably in a bed of light, and on my body was a robe of light; and when I arose, I placed on my feet, shoes of light! And, all in my room was made of light! The curtains, made of light, the window, made of light; and in my room, the most beautiful of fragrances, akin to those of jasmine, roses and other wonderful, heavenly scents!

I walk to the window and cast open the window; and when I do so, a thick smell hits my nostrils! Air, so heavy! Air, so thick, air so full of malodorous scents, wretched, oh so wretched the smell!

Quickly, I shut the window and move back a bit from the window, only to look down now on the happenings in the street! For, it is a loathsome sight, Satan, himself, that old dragon, stirring in a big, black pot, and busily casting the contents of the pot into the air and out into the street!

Satan calls forth couriers, who bear smaller, black pots and they fill their pots with the caustic brew from the larger pot and they run here and there throughout the city, some taking roads, which lead afar! Over the hills, they go and out into the vastness of the valleys! They toss their terrible brew into the homes, into the streets and into the houses as they go; and little children, so precious and innocent, take up the brew and begin to blacken themselves! Quickly thereafter, they begin to wither and many of them dry up and die before my very eyes! Old people swallow this hideous brew; and just as quickly as they do so, a dark look of death comes over them all! From the streets and from the hills and valleys, skeletal frames and vacant and hollow eyes look back at me!

Oh, Father, I know that this really represents people all over the world right now; and I am so saddened to see these vacant eyes everywhere I go, in the streets, in the shops, in the countryside! Oh, Father, wherever I go, I see vacant, hollow eyes looking back at me! Children, who have been robbed of their innocence through sex and violence! Homes filled with evil and generations devoid of the Spirit of God! Oh, Father, I am so saddened by this rampage of evil and my heart is so broken for the lost! Oh, Blessed Saviour, how I long to see Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done on the Earth as it is in Heaven!

Oh, Blessed Saviour, daily these lost souls are stacking up in hell and in Outer Darkness! Father, the churches are dead all over this nation and few walk in Your power! Oh, Blessed Saviour, have mercy on the lost! Have mercy! My heart so mourns for them! Have mercy, oh Merciful God; for we have sinned! Oh, how grievous have been the sins of this nation and you have cuts off this nation! It is clean cut off, oh Blessed Saviour! You have turned us over to the Destroyer!

What is that roaring wind, oh Mighty God? A roaring, fierce and grinding wind, like the sound of many freight trains! For, I hear it, Father, a terrible wind!

My Little One, it is two winds that you hear! You hear the wind of My Spirit; and you hear the calamitous wind of great destruction, which barrels down on this nation! For, I am about to clean house in America! I am about to uproot and pluck up all that has not born fruit! I am about to send My destroying angels to lay bare, that which bears an ugly fruit! I am about to strip the vine of cancerous growths! I am about to clean the threshing floor of all that is not of Me! I am about to shake this land and rattle the windows of the Capitol of this nation! I am about to send the canker worm to consume and what he does not consume, the Destroyer will devour! I am about to send a plague, which is so devastating that the bodies shall be piled high and burned in pyres, as in the old days! I am about to send the many foreign armies to further plunder this land and to further weed out and to further consume and take, even what those in this nation love and desire above all, their stuff and things! I am about to send the Destroyer upon the dead churches and even as I have promised! I am about to send a great and mighty judgement upon the lying and greedy preachers of My word! I am about to tear down the dead churches and I am about to make a Name for Myself all over again!

For, in the midst of this great judgement, I shall raise up My righteous and holy ones! Though hell shall rise up against them, they shall not die! Though armies shall camp ‘round about them, I will deliver them! Though winds shall rage against them, and though tsunamis should roar around them, they will not perish! Though nuclear weapons should sound around them, these shall not be harmed! Though they should be injected with plagues and with every poisonous thing, they shall not die!

My Little One, these are your spiritual children! Do you see where you are spiritually, My Little One, that I have put you in a place of great light, that I have removed you and insulated you from the whole world! Daily, you lie down amidst My great light and fire; and daily you get up amidst My great light and fire! You live in the midst of such glorious light and fire; for My Son of Fire and Light is within you and without you! His radiance fills your whole house and brings the scents of heaven into your presence!

Yes, Satan and his many demonic hoards and his many children are constantly in your face, constantly attacking your body, constantly trying to kill you and/or to put out the light of the manchild, who is in you! But, in all things, they fail and have failed; for by the day, My light and fire increase in you and around you!

My Little One, you are the spiritual mother, the earth mother of the new generation of souls! My Little Son, who is in you, is the heritage of My Bride! Soon, these will walk in the earth in My great power; and great and marvelous works and wonders they will do! For, I commission them to pull up, to bring down, to plant and to raise up!

Be of good cheer, My Little Child; for the time is at hand wherein I will take (unto Me) these, who have been thusly born into the earth, and also have been commissioned to do such wonders for Me!

Oh, Blessed Saviour, I feel so lowly, and do not feel to be of any significance; for I was once such a great sinner, and am still a sinner before You! I feel so afraid before You, oh Blessed Saviour, and do not feel worthy to be called “spiritual mother!” When people call me “spiritual mother,” I am so humbled and afraid! For, I wish only to be a servant, oh Lord, and do not seek any honor! For, all of the honor is Yours, oh Mighty God! You are Most High and we, oh Lord, are as dust is to dust!

Oh, Blessed Saviour You know me and you know that I am afraid before You, oh Lord! I am so afraid and only wish to be at Your feet! When You tell me that I am “spiritual mother,” and I write what You say, oh Lord, I know that You speak truth and I accept what You say, but cannot in any way imagine what You say, oh Blessed Saviour! For, daily I am persecuted, oh Lord, maligned, slandered, tortured and under foot of the enemy! How can I imagine what You say, even though I know that You tell me the truth?

My Little One, I know these things! For, I know your heart! I know you through and through! I have caused you to go through such suffering and yes, I have carried you! And, yes I know that you do not seek honor and do not desire honor, but I shall nonetheless raise you up and I shall give you honor! I shall give you great honor in the Earth and among My people; and I shall also give you great power! For, you have sought neither, but I shall give you both!

My Little One, never in the history of the whole earth has one person ever endured, or had to endure such sustained assaults from the enemy! And, never has a single person ever had to endure the severity of the assaults, which you have suffered through the horrific technologies of the enemy! So great have been your trials, My Little One, and so great has been your suffering and your heartaches! Also, so greatly I shall exalt you, My Blessed Child, even as I have told you!

My Little One, I have brought you to a place of great light in Me! This is the first part of your vision! I have filled you with My love, with My compassion, with My great light and love, even with love for your enemies! And, I have given you a heart of forgiveness towards them! I have filled you with My light and have caused you to walk in great miracles and wonders! For, you are My Beloved Child, greatly loved by Me and I honor you, My Little One! For, daily you lay down your life for Me and for all of humanity, that you might take it up again!

Those, who do not love their lives unto death, will also walk in such light! They will follow after you, My Blessed Child; for I have made you their example! Who will suffer such things for love of Me? Who will lay down his or her life for Me and let go of all fear, of all self, and walk in love and forgiveness? This one, I will raise up! This one, I will exalt! This one will inherit My Kingdom and will walk in My Kingdom power!

Do you understand, My Little One, that you are their spiritual mother? You are the spiritual mother of My Kingdom seed, of My very own seed, of my very own Son of Spirit, of the babe, the manchild of Revelation 12!

Those, who receive a prophet in the Name of a prophet, will receive a prophet’s reward! But, those, who receive and love and honor you, will receive heaven’s reward! For, those, who honor you, honor Me, the One, who has sent you! And, as such, those, who honor you, who brings forth My Kingdom Seed, honor the Kingdom of Heaven; and such a one stands in line as co-inheritor of My Kingdom!

If others will not receive you and My works in and through you, but mock and blaspheme My works through you, they will, in no wise, inherit My Kingdom; for they are not ready to inherit My Kingdom! But, all, who come as little children, who are lowly and afraid before Me, who are repentant and teachable, as humble, little children, these, My Beloved Child, are material for My Kingdom! They are the heavenly cloth of My Kingdom Tapestry and these shall enter therein and these shall shine as the stars! So, the hour is truly at hand, My Little One, for My Kingdom Come and My Will Be Done in the Earth, even as it is in Heaven!

I have shown you herein your spiritual state before Me and I have shown you the very spiritual place to which I have brought you! Soon, the gates of Heaven shall swing wide open and I shall bring you and My Son to My very feet, where you so long to be! And, right behind you shall come all, who have also become, even as you are, full of My light, love, mercy, grace and forgiveness!

All that I have shown you, I have shown you for a purpose and a reason! My Little One you are the spiritual mother of My people and as their spiritual mother, you go back, even to the beginning! I would not and could not have called anyone else to be the spiritual mother of My very own Son in the earth, to bear Him full term, and to go through such unspeakable torture and persecution! You, My Little One, are the spiritual mother of both My people and of My very own Son of Spirit in the Earth, the little babe of Revelation 12, or as he is also called the manchild!

However, My Little One, you have been so afraid to accept that you are the spiritual mother, although you know this! You have been truly afraid, my Beloved Child! But, embrace who you are; and even as you so desire in your heart, be determined to be evermore the servant to all! For, this is My will manifest in your heart and in your thinking!

Oh, my Lord, I know that you speak the truth, but you also know that I wish no honor, only to serve You and Your people! Therefore, oh Lord, I ask You to bless me with a greater heart for love and service towards Your people, and a heart, which is full of mercy, compassion, love and caring for all of them! For, truly oh Blessed King, I feel so lowly, and so afraid!

Go in peace, My Little One; for all that you ask and more shall be given to you! Post this as the next chapter of Book Twelve and also post the testimonies of some, who have written to you (about the prayer cloths)! For, their testimonies are legitimate and their words are true! I am glorified in and through their words and you are blessed, My Little One!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of July, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

To read these testimonies, go to Chapter Fifty and read Part V!

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