Chapter Fifty-Seven


Our Father is Still Pleading!
Make Your Way Straight!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Sit and write, My Little One; for this message is not only for you, but for My people the world over!


Listen, oh Precious Children of the Most High!

Listen to Me, My Little Ones! Listen and listen well, all, who follow after Me, and who seek after Me! My question to all, whether you are a part of a church, or whether you walk alone is: “What kind of person are you?” Have you seen? Have you taken note? Do you know who you are? Do you understand what I expect of you and how you are to get there?

Listen to Me, My Little Ones, and take note of all that I tell you! For, many of you see, but you are spiritually blind! Many of you hear, but you are spiritually deaf! Many of you say that you love Me, but you do not love others!

How can you love Me, when you do not truly love others? For, to love Me is to love also My sheep; for even as I laid down My life for you, will you lay down your life for your brothers and sisters? I ask you, oh Children of Mine, will you go out of your way to help the truly persecuted; or will you go out of your way to shun them? Will you pick up another stone to pummel the accused and the slandered, or will you reach out in love to comfort them?

My Little Ones, is your walk real before Me, or is it built upon fears, lies and deceptions? Anyone can talk the talk, but will you walk the true walk?

What is in you that keeps you from being real with Me? Is it the love for the world and all that is in it? Is it love for self and for all that you hold dear regarding self and self-will? Are you determined to get your way, to have your own way? Are you sneaky about this? Pretending (that) you love and serve Me, but instead are self-serving?

Is your heart full of fears? What do you fear? Is your heart full of blaming and unforgiveness? What troubles you?

What are you running from? Can you run far enough to get away from Satan and his demons? Can you run fast enough, and far enough to get away from your own sins? Can you successfully hide from who you are and what you are?


I Warn You that You are, Overwhelmingly,
Not Ready for My Coming!

My Little Ones, listen to Me! Take heed to these questions, which I pose to you! For, My People, I warn you that you are overwhelmingly not ready for My coming! Few of you all over the world are ready to marry Me! Though I tell you and I warn you to make your way straight, to repent, and to come clean before Me, so many of you wish to follow a recipe!


Only the Tears of Sorrow can Melt A Frozen Heart!

Remember that true repentance must come from the heart! For, the hearts of most are full of every kind of evil! So, true repentance must begin with true sorrow for one’s sins! Only the tears of sorrow can melt a frozen heart! Only true repentance before me will bring you true and lasting forgiveness from Me!


The True Heart Calls out To My Spirit of Truth!

Do not shun My words to you! In My works, there are no short-cuts! There is no speedy fix! The true heart calls truly out to My Spirit of Truth! Truth is indivisible; and the way of truth is the gateway to My throne!

My Little Ones, you cannot escape from you! You cannot run far enough to get away from you! You cannot hide from you! As the old saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are!” It is time to be real and truthful in all of your affairs! Stop lying to yourselves and stop lying to Me! I know the real from the unreal! I know the truth from the lies!


Will You be Truthful With Me?

Stop shunning Me! Stop shunning My truths! I am not blind to who you are, but know all things about you! I resonate to the pure truth within you! Will you be truthful with me, truly truthful and (will you) stop half-truths, and half-measures? If you will not spend quiet time with Me, how will you truly know Me?


You, Who Love the Surface Walk, Must Take Heed!

Too many of you skate along! You love the surface! But, I have told you that deep calls unto deep! Will you be content to be a surface skater? Will you continue on in your surface walk? Who are you fooling? I am not a fool! But, you, My Little Ones, who love the surface walk, must take heed! For, you are skating on thin ice and when you least expect it, you will be cut off!

I have told you! I have warned you that I have laid a dividing line! I have set it out and I am seriously sorting out Mine, the true from the untrue, the false from the real! It will come suddenly upon you! Be warned! The lukewarm, I will cut off! The phony, I will cut off sharply! The surface skaters, I will cut off sharply and without notice!

What do you want from Me? That I should be blind, even as you are blind? That I should be deaf, even as you are deaf? I am neither and will not be a part of your illusions!


I Tarry Now, But not for Long!

You have precious, little time to make your lives right before Me! I tarry now, but not for long! Will you be content to harbor your lies, to harbor your fears, to harbor your own hard hearts ( full of unforgiveness); or will you get right with Me and get real with me?

“Do you hear that thunderous noise, My Little One?”

“Yes, my Father!” (And, it was such a loud noise in the Spirit, like 100 train boxcars crashing into each other!)


My Hammer of Judgement!

My Little One, it is the sound of My hammer as I let it down in the whole earth! This is My hammer of judgement; and it is even now coming down over the whole earth! And, My hammer of judgement shall catch unawares all, who will not repent and get right, get truthful with Me!


What Will You do When You are Persecuted?

My Little Ones, if you will not love this one, My Chosen Vessel, because she is so persecuted; and if you flee from this one, who is so persecuted, what will you do when you are persecuted? Will you deny Me? Will you take the “mark?” What will you do then? For, now many of you choose to run in fear!

Behold the gallows! Behold the gassing chambers! Behold the guillotines! Behold the massive mind control camps! This is what awaits many of you, who will not get right with me now! The hour is testing is upon you!


Weep! Truly be Sorry!

Come before Me with weeping and great sorrow, My Little Ones! Weep for your sins! Weep for your hardened hearts! Weep! Truly, be sorry! Otherwise, I will not hear your cries!

My hammer of judgement has struck the earth! Open your ears! Listen to Me! Time is running out for humanity! So terrible is the thunderous sound of My great and imminent judgement!


I am Tarrying for Love of You!

My Little Ones, I am tarrying for love of you! Only, for love of you! How much longer will I tarry? I do not know! But, do not waste this time in vain pursuits! Continue in your fears and you will die in your fears! Make your hearts right with Me!

Would you lay down your life for love of others, even as I laid down My life for love of you? I tell you: Love one another, even as I have loved you!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of August, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, take note of what I am about to tell you; for a most interesting chain of events followed this message from our Father in Heaven!

I called a Dear Friend in Canada to tell him of this message at around 12:54 central daylight savings time! He told me of a dream, which he had the night before; and in this dream, he was aware that he had been working with some power transformers!! However, he saw in his dream a new kind of power transformer, one of pure, white light; and he was greatly looking forward to working with this new kind of power transformer!

This Dear Brother is an inventor and has worked with electricity a great deal; so possibly he was thinking that the new power transformer could represent a new invention! However, on hearing of his dream, I felt so sure that these power transformers are prophets of God; for he has worked with some, sending out their warnings, but for about the last ten months, or so, he has mostly sent out our Father’s warnings, which have been given to me! And, what a work he has done; for he has sent out somewhere around one and one half million of these warnings to churches and individuals, alike, in both Canada and the USA!

So, I felt certain that the power transformers are prophets and that the new kind of white light power transformer is none other than the manchild, our Saviour’s Son! He is the heritage of the Bride; and he lives in me, having been given to me by our Saviour on May 10, 2006!

Some few hours after our Father gave me the above message, I thought that I needed to check the news; and had been somewhat preoccupied with checking the news that day, having checked it two or three times, a most unusual thing for me! For, I may go for several days duration, and not get on the computer at all!

At any rate, I thought to check the Internet news at around 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time, and saw that there had been four earthquakes in the Gulf of California! Following, are the times and the numerical values of these quakes in Universal Time! I also noted on the USGS that by that time, around 5:00 PM, there had been 21 quakes altogether in the world for that day, the 3rd of August of 2009!

To see these four large quakes, and to be later aware of the significant timing of these quakes, was and is greatly shocking! Remember our Father’s (above) words to me that He was letting His hammer down; and when He did so, I had heard such a great roaring in the Spirit!


The Gulf of California Quakes on August 03, 2009!

Gulf of California magnitude (5.8) 17.55 UTC

Gulf of California magnitude (6.9) 17.59 UTC

Gulf of California magnitude (5.0) 18.33 UTC

Gulf of California magnitude (5.9) 18.40 UTC

My Dear Ones, these quakes occurred in Universal time, and I was not sure of the conversion of Universal time to central time! So, I thought to ask another Dear Brother to clarify this time conversion for me, he, being an engineer and a map man, and liking to do such things!

However, when I called him to tell him of our Father’s words and to ask him to check this timing, he was eager to tell me of a dream, which he had the night before, somewhat like our Dear Brother in Canada! He told me that he had dreamed that the truth singers, two of them, a man and a woman, had come back and that they were singing again! He related that the people did not believe that the truth singers would come back again, and were also astonished to see them singing again!

At that time, this Dear Man did not yet know of our Father’s words of warning for all to get right, to get real, and to be truthful with Him! So, as he told me about the truth singers, I knew that our Father had given him this dream as a prelude to His above “truth” message to me!

My Dear Ones, I wonder whether the truth singers could be the little manchild and me; or if the truth singers could be me and our Dear Brother in Canada! For, this Dear Brother has done such a great work in sending out our Father’s warnings of truth! And, in our combined work, we are most assuredly connected by the mercy, grace and abounding miracles of both our Saviour and His Beautiful, Little Son of Light, the little Manchild of Revelation 12! And, I believe that this is also true for all of you, who help me with these works in any capacity!

Oh, so lovely is the work of this little boy of Revelation 12; and soon I will give you an update on him! For, he must surly be the power transformer, which our Canadian friend dreamed of!

This Dear Brother, who told me the dream of the truth singers, would call me back later, giving me information correlating Universal time with Central Standard Time; and from what he told me, there is a six hour time differential! In other words, as I understand it, 1800 UTC is 12:00 Central Standard Time! However, I would later realize that Central Standard Time must be converted to Central Daylight Time ( a yearly time conversion in the USA, which allows for more “working” daylight hours) and this would change the time differential to five hours! I believe that this is correct, but if I am mistaken, I am sure that some of you very bright ones will help me to get this right!

The timing is indeed important as regards what I am telling you regarding these quakes and the timing of our Father’s letting down His hammer of judgement! For, I finished writing our Father’s message (above) at around 12:45 PM on the afternoon of August 03, 2009! And, I believe that He began to dictate this message to me at around 11:00 AM on the morning of the 3rd of August, though I am not altogether certain about this exact timing!

So often our Father says to me, “Come and Sit, for I have something to tell you,” and I do not always take note of the time! But, in this case, I did take note of the timing when I finished this message! For, after this message, I called first our Dear Brother in Canada and the timing of this call was 12:54 PM on August 03, 2009!

From all that I can determine, it seems that these quakes occurred shortly after, or so near to, the timing of our Father’s words of warnings, that He had let down His hammer of judgement on this nation! That same night, He would clarify this great warning for the people of this nation; and for those on the West Coast! For, while I was praying with another Dear Friend over the telephone, He would appear to me in a vision with great words of warning for those, who live on the West Coast!

In that time of prayer, our Saviour would stress that these are warning quakes signal terrible judgements, which He is about to release against this errant nation! Yet, these four quakes, a grievous warning, indeed, have gone unnoticed by most people in this nation!


The Vision of our Saviour on the Night of Aug 03, 2009!

During this time of prayer on the night of August 03, 2009, I would see our Saviour, and in His hand a great rod of light! With this great rod of light, He struck the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of California! Immediately after He struck the Pacific Ocean, I would see undersea mountains, moving and crumbling, beneath the Pacific Ocean! I would also see giant plates and shelves of undersea rocks as they moved out of place, buckling and heaving up beneath the power of the rod in our Saviour’s hand! And, immediately thereafter, I would see a great wave, huge and taller than I could ever imagine, powerful and fiercely destructive, as it came barreling down on the California coastline! Immediately upon impact, I would see the coastline of California as it cracked and parted, breaking up beneath the power of such great and unimaginable force!

Our Saviour spoke of his wrath regarding the great wickedness in California, indeed in this whole nation; and He warned that He is going to send this great tsunami against the West Coast of America! He spoke clearly to me that night, warning His people to get away from the California coastline, to pick up and move out of there! For, this great judgement is not far away!

Oh, so great and powerful were His words of warning that night, and deeply frightening; for I saw such power in His hands and such power when He struck the Pacific Ocean! Oh, so greatly He caused the undersea mountains to move and the great plates to bend and buckle! Oh, so frightening it was and is to see such power in the hands of our Mighty God!

My Dear Ones, this is a great warning to you! Take note of what I am telling you! A great tsunami is going to hit the Coast of California! Get out while you can; for many, many souls will be swept out to sea, to be seen no more! Do not wait any longer to get out of there; for the whole State of California is about to come under great judgement from our Father in Heaven! Wickedness and gross wickedness covers the whole state! Hollywood has polluted the whole earth with its violence and with its fornications; and our Saviour is going to clean up this mess! Hear what I am telling you! Get out now while you sill have time! For, I do not believe that you have much time to do so!

I repeat again! Hear me, oh you people! These four earthquakes, which occurred on August 03, 2009, shortly after our Father in Heaven warned that He had let His hammer down, are a great warning of the grievous destruction, which will soon hit the California Coast! Do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what I am telling you; for this great tsunami could travel inland via the various water tributaries for as much as 100 miles! Get up and move far from the coastline of California and do not allow yourself to be lulled back to sleep after you read this warning! For, great judgement is upon this nation, and indeed upon the whole world!

My Dear Ones, heed our Father’s warnings to get right with him, to get real and to get truthful! Weep and mourn for you sins and for the sins of this nation; and for the sins of your nation, wherever you live! The Lord, our God, wants to see our tears of repentance! He wants to hear the groanings of our hearts for the lost! Don’t sit idly while so many are filling up the bowels of hell! Do your part! One person can make a difference!

Remember, my Dear Ones, that our journey through this sphere truly is all about love, to love our Mighty God with all of our heart, with all of our soul, with all of our mind and with all of our strength; and to love for one another, even as we love ourselves!

“Oh, Father, grow Your love in our hearts! Grow Your mercy, Your compassion, Your grace and long-suffering in our hearts! Father, the whole world groans beneath the weight of unspeakable evil! Oh Blessed Saviour, Your word tells us that where evil abounds, Your grace abounds in an even greater measure! Oh, Blessed Saviour, pour out Your grace upon us! Have mercy upon Your children! Have mercy upon the Lost, upon the hurting, upon the downtrodden and the poor!

Help us, Father; for we are all sinners, full of every kind of wicked sin! Remember us with compassion in the midst of Your great judgements! Do not utterly destroy us; Father, though we are worthy of it, the world over! Hear my cries, oh Merciful God; for You are above all, full of love, mercy and grace!”

And, with this, I will leave you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Sending you all the love of my heart …

Your sister and friend through our Blessed Saviour,

Linda Newkirk

P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR, 72117

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