Chapter Fifty-Eight


More Messages for the Bride of Christ!

Greetings of much love to you, my Cherished Brothers and Sisters! It has been a while since the last message, but I must tell you that much has been going on in the works of our Father regarding His Precious Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation Twelve! These events have been most astounding in many ways and have added great and wonderful dimensions to the awesome works of Revelation Twelve!

Unfortunately, I am not able to give you the particulars of these on-going events at this time; for our Father has not released me to do so! But, very soon, I hope to be able to share with you these most profound of events regarding the Precious Little Son of the King and what is transpiring regarding Him!

Also, my great apologies to those of you, who have written to me, fully expecting to hear from me by now! I am busy catching up on my mail and hope to catch up on this backlog of mail very soon! What has transpired has taken up a lot of my time and energy and I have thereby fallen behind, but as I have just told you, I am busy making many efforts to catch up on my obligations to you.

I thank each of you, who has come forward to help with these works, whether financially, or in other ways! I love you greatly! You are most assuredly blessed to be partakers of these wonderful works of Revelation Twelve! Our Father is mindful of you; and He will surely bless you!

My Dear Ones, this Precious Son of our Saviour is so beautiful, so holy, so powerful and strong! He is beginning to spread out into new and wonderful areas. He is so wondrously kind and full of love! I tell you for a certainty that he is surely full of love for the downtrodden and suffering. Yet, he surely hates evil and he will soon bring great correction upon those, who thrive on evil, and inflict their evil desires upon the whole world! Praises to our Mighty God; for He is doing a great and awesome work for all of humanity!

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, the Little Son of the King is the heritage of the faithful! He is the heritage of the Bride! He is your heritage, my Precious Friends; and I encourage you to take very seriously the words of our Saviour in these messages; for He is busy making ready His beautiful Bride! Therefore, read carefully Our Saviour’s words of warning and His teaching messages; for all is given for love of you!

The Kingdom of our God is great and it is full of His holiness; and it is holiness that calls out to holiness! So, I warn you, my Precious Brothers and Sisters, to busy searching your own hearts, and to be busy making yourselves ready; for the King of Kings is coming for His Holy Bride!

What glorious love He is, my Dear Ones, absolute and pure love, but He is also a God of great and awesome perfection.

It is when we really die to self, die to the world and all of its cares that we can truly begin to glimpse His divine presence in our lives! Oh so lovely is this walk of total submission to our King; for in total submission to Him we find His overflowing peace, regardless of the chaos around us!

So, clean up your lives, my Precious Friends, and sort out your lives, clean removing all that is not right, all that is not good, and all that does not line up with the will of God for you! Make your lives simple and keep them simple; for it is amidst the clutter of the world that Satan comes in to wreak havoc. Come away from all that is sinful! Resist evil! Resist Satan; and He will begin to lose power over you!

Daily, put our Mighty God first in your lives; and keep Him first! Start you day with prayer and thanksgiving; and sincerely repent daily of your sins! Praise and thank our Mighty God all through the day; and end your day with prayer and thanksgiving towards Him! Trust Him! Believe in Him and keep your focus on Him! Seek His perfect will for your life and ask Him to order your steps, indeed to order your whole life! Be busy asking Him to make your spiritual robes white, your soul, your spirit, your mind, your heart and thoughts clean and pure; and to weed out of your life all that is not His will for you! Pray these things daily; and then, trust Him to do these things! For, this cleansing is a process and can take some time!

When one door closes, do not be sad; for when He is ready, He will open another door for you! When the persecution and torture arise for His Namesake, thank Him for all things and praise His Holy Name! For, our Saviour suffered and died for us; and all through the ages, many have been tortured, persecuted and have also been killed for love of our Mighty God! So, when you are persecuted for love of Him, just know that you are on the right track and rejoice in your suffering for love of our Mighty God! How blessed we are to suffer for love of our Blessed Saviour; for indeed He first suffered for love of us! Truly, my Dear Ones, all things do work together for the good of those, who called by our Mighty God! So, our suffering is but for a little while, but His promises to us are eternal!

Refuse to be bitter about your suffering, and if a root of bitterness has crept into your heart, ask our Saviour to pluck it out, to heal you of all of your hurts, to purge and burn out your painful memories and to put into you instead His divine attributes! Remember, my Dear Ones, that bitterness is like a terrible disease! If left in one’s heart, it will grow until it pushes out all of the light of God! Therefore, refuse to hang onto old hurts and wounds, but pray daily for healing of all old hurts and wounds and for a healing and purging of all sad and bitter memories!

When sad, it is good to weep for your sorrows before our Mighty King; for He knows that we travel a road of great travail, but do not stay in sadness! Do not stay in bitterness! Ask our Saviour regularly to take all of your burdens and to make your journey light; and He will!

Ask Him to govern your thoughts, to make your thoughts His thoughts, to make your goals and aspirations His goals and aspirations, and to make your prayers His prayers, to fill you to overflowing with His love and compassion and to make you an instrument of His perfect will!

Daily, ask our Saviour to make your more like Him; and to put you in a holy place and to keep you there! That holy place, my Dear Ones, is the Straight and Narrow! Stay so close to our Saviour that evil will find no place in your thoughts or in your life! Be kind; and love others!

Remember that many perish for lack of love; for the hearts of so many have gone cold! Therefore, my Dear Ones, let your love light shine! Bestow here and there anonymous acts of love and kindness!

To know and to love our Saviour is to truly love others! Be kind to the poor, to the suffering and to the downtrodden and lost! Remember that many perish in darkness, lost in fear, clean cut off from the love of God! Love is true! Love is real; and love is lasting! Your loving acts of kindness truly make it to heaven before you do! So, be busy storing up your treasures in Heaven; for these beautiful gifts of love are your eternal joy!

My Dear Ones, soon, I will be able to update you on the most awesome of events, which have been transpiring regarding the Precious Little Son of the King! So, keep checking back!

Until next time, I send you my heartfelt love and so many, many thanks to each of you, who have so lovingly helped with these works and who continue to be such great blessings!

Jesus is our Precious Life,

Your Sister and Friend,

Linda Newkirk


He is Coming for the Wise Virgins!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Blessed Child, even, and just as surely as the wind blows, and just as surely as the sun rises in the East, My promise is ever so true, that I am coming for My Bride! Many can sense when a time of crisis is at hand; and My True Ones can also sense the time of My Coming!

My Little One, I long to come for My Bride, even as My Bride is longing for Me! And, I warn Mine through dreams and visions and through the prophetic word to make themselves right before Me; for the time of My coming is at hand! And, over and over again, during the past few years, I have sounded the alarm to My Bride to make herself ready; for My coming is at hand! And, truly I have wanted to come (for My Bride) and could have expedited many things so that My coming for My Bride would have already taken place! But, even so, My Little One, I have continued to tarry and I have further delayed significant world events; for some, whom I wish to marry, would not make themselves ready! My Little One, I am saddened to look and see that so many raise their arms towards Me and say, “I am ready,” when their hearts are full of every kind of darkness! At a time when My Bride should be in her closet praying, confessing her sins, and pleading for Me to make her whole and clean, this is not the case with many! Instead, many, upon hearing that My coming is at hand, drop all, and shout, “I am ready!” Do these think that I am blind, and that I will not see all? Do they think that I will whitewash their sins and take them as they are, overlooking their darkness, even as they overlook it? Do they believe that I will work some magic, erase their sins, and take them away? My Little One, the sins of Satan and the sins of his hoards have polluted My people! They have polluted My churches and they have come to occupy My Bride! I will marry none, save they are clean before Me! And, to be clean is a great work! To be clean requires a great desire to be clean! To be clean requires spiritual discipline and obedience to Me! To be clean requires that one forsake the world and all of the evil that is within it! To be clean requires that one loves Me above all! To be clean is a work and no amount of whitewashing will make one clean!

My Little One, it is important now for Me to list the characteristics of My Bride! Alongside these characteristics of My Bride, I will also list the corresponding characteristics of the Children of Satan! It is time for My Bride to look upon herself and weigh herself before Me! To look at and observe what I expect of My Bride, and to look at and observe the corresponding characteristics of the children of Satan! Too many behaviors of the children of Satan have crept into My Bride and I will have none of it!

These Are The Characteristics Of My Bride! These Are The Characteristics Of The Children Of Satan!
My Bride
The Children of Satan
Loving and kind Much unresolved hate, malice and internal conflicts
Generous Greedy, selfish, covetous
Merciful Overbearing
Faithful Unfaithful in many ways
Long-suffering, patient Impulsive
Even tempered Angry / Accusing
Truthful Liars / Manipulators
Quiet Often boisterous
Meek / Humble Proud / Haughty
Gentle Abrasive / Harsh / Raucous
Thankful Quick to forget the goodness of others, unthankful, argumentative, accusing, looking for errors in others
Peace Loving Do not like peace and quiet
Slow to anger Quick to anger
Love Me above all Very difficult for these to know Me or love Me! May Talk a lot about Me, but know Me not!
Will hold their tongues about hurt, or speak with a very trusted Friend. Always praying about hurts or concerns Will broadcast hurt, imagined or real to anyone, who will listen. Purveyors of gossip and lies!
Peaceful spirit and home! Chaotic home environment! Always trouble!
Will be faithful Friend to Others Will be Unfaithful to All Friends
Faithful to do what they promise Will promise and not carry through on their promises
Disciplined in their lives Undisciplined in many ways
Obey My commandments Not concerned about obeying My commandments
Pray always about all things Seldom pray; and if so, not from the heart
Read and Study Scriptures for Love of Me May know scriptures well, or not at all, but if so May beat others with scriptures, or use them to manipulate others
Teachable spirits, Hunger for Truth! Resist truth, resist Me! Want to hear the good things! Will accept truth if it parallels their own thinking!
Long to walk in righteousness, To be clean vessels. Long to be right, to be right is most important to These! Want to be in control!
Desire My Perfect will in their lives Want their own will, their own way, high minded, Will not easily listen to guidance
Repent daily; truly sorry for their sins! Will not easily admit that they are wrong, however, Some may often admit their wrongs, but have no Real guilt for their wrongs! Not genuinely sorry for Their wrongs!
Weep for their sins Seldom weep for their sins! Will weep, but often for Control of others. And, may weep for sins when Backed into a corner.
Truly enjoy helping others Enjoy helping themselves
Sex unimportant, or has a Minor place in their lives Sex very important, especially all kinds Of sexual perversions
No addictions of any kind May have multiple addictions, yet also be in denial About any or all of them.
Will help other in distress, Concerned for downtrodden, distressed Will trample the weak and hurting; unconcerned, for lost and these love power and control
Dislike the limelight Like to be the center of attention
Trustworthy Cannot be trusted! Will not keep their word!
Quick to help or give to My works Will not give to My works, except for show!
Love life; and will protect life of others Killers of life, murderers
Live simple Lives Hedonistic, like to have a good time
Have come out of the world Love the world and all that is in it!
Quiet, serene spirits, cherish the quiet of My Spirit Love the noise of the world; restless, troubled spirits, Busybodies
Peace-seeking Warring, like to stir up trouble
Quick to forgive Hold grudges, and will not forgive
Love Me above all and show their love towards by obeying My commandments for Me May talk of loving Me, but show their lack of love Me by disobeying My commandments
Want Me to be in control Hunger for power and control over others
Chaste Permissive


The Children of Satan

Remember, My Little One, that the children of Satan may not know at all that they are the children of Satan! They may not be avid “devil worshippers” as many imagine!

You are well aware, My Precious Child, that there has been massive genetic experimentation going on in the vast laboratories beneath the earth; and these offspring of Satan have mixed their seed with that of humans! Therefore, in this world, there are many, who are hybrid children of Satan!

Can these ever know Me? Yes, they can, but for them to get free will take a great deal of effort on their parts and a great deal of praying and longing before Me; for Satan does not easily to let go of those on whom He has made a claim! But, even so, my Blessed Child, great is My love for all of these souls, who have been born into such great slavery! Above all, I am full of love; and I am full of compassion and mercy for all souls, who end up in such misery! I am their freedom!

(For your information: Daniel 2:43 “They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men,…”)

Our Saviour continues …

And, regarding the above characteristics, there could be more still; but with these things, we shall stop for now! My Little One, may all remember that I am giving this list so that all can sort out their lives, and weed out of their lives those characteristics of Satan’s children! Too many of the ways of Satan’s children have crept into my flock, into My Bride; and these must be recognized and purged through true repentance, and a regard for right behaving and right living before Me! I have not given this list so that others can rise up and judge others and call them the children of Satan! I have given this list so that many can look and be circumspect about their lives and do away with these offensive behaviors, which have crept into their own lives! It is time for My Bride to make herself right for me; and I am making sure that all know what I expect!

I have called My Bride to a walk of perfection and I expect perfection! I will not marry anyone, who is not clean before Me! My standards are very high; and I will have it no other way! May all read and may all evaluate their lives and may all be the wiser and repent of their wrongs! For many are called, but truly few are chosen! The way is narrow and the gate is straight; and there has never been any other way!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of September, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Second Message to the Bride of Christ!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Listen to Me, and write as I say that all may be the wiser!

My Little One, I wish to tell you a short story about a man, who went out to purchase a horse! An honest man went out to purchase a horse! He was a goodly man and was clean, sober and honest in all of His affairs! He was generous ,kind, kind even to his enemies, and when he gave, he always gave more than was expected of him!

This man went out to purchase a horse! The horse was a white horse, and from the photos, showing that it was for sale, it looked to be a beautiful horse, clean, pristine in its appearance, big and beautiful, its coat glistening in the sunlight!

So, the honest man sent money ahead and he purchased the horse and he looked to the day when he would bring such a lovely horse back to his own land!

It was something of a journey for the honest and kind man to pick up his prized horse, and also a bit of time had lapsed between the time that He paid for the horse and the time that he actually went for his prized possession.

But, the honest man was kind and trusted and believed that when he went for his beautiful horse, that his beautiful purchase would look exactly like the picture that he had in mind.

However, on entering the barn, where the horse was kept, the kind and honest man was so greatly shocked to see the state of his prized purchase! The coat of the horse was no longer white, but full of mud and was matted with briars and thorns! One shoe was missing and another shoe was loose and flopping around! The barn was full of numerous flies and the horse was skinny and bloated with parasites and diseases!

The kind man longed to take this horse back with him, but knew that He would not! This horse would need a lot of work before it would be able to make the journey! And, the kind and honest man, being a very good farmer and husbandman, would not allow the infected horse to come amidst his pure ones and to pollute them!

So, the honest man called aside the owner of the farm, where the horse was kept, and he demanded more time on the farm for the horse! He left the owner of the farm with strict instructions for exercises, care and a very strict diet for the horse! He laid out very strict standards for the horse, demanding that it would be brought forward and caused to look like the perfect photo, or he would not be taking the horse!

The owner of the farm knew that it would take some time to bring the horse back to its original beauty, but he also knew the strict standards of the kind and just man! He also began also to fear the kind and just man, knowing that he would carry out the requests of the kind and just man, who had purchased the beautiful horse! He would therefore exact the strict measures, which were needed to bring the horse in line with the expectations of the owner!

My Little One, that horse, that beautiful, white, pure, lovely horse is my Bride! This is the image of My Bride! On many occasions, I warned that I have intended to come for My Bride! But, I have looked and I have looked and with each warning that I am coming, I look, and the state of My Bride is not clean! It is more filthy and full of all manner of trash!

I tell you, My Little One, that as time has passed, and as I have warned of My intentions to come, that more have fallen away and fewer have made themselves ready! For, they truly believe that they have a perfect escape from who they are and what they are! They believe that I will come and clean remove them from their much needed corrections and from their suffering!

My Little One, I am coming for My Bride! I am coming for the Pure of Heart! I am coming for those, who revere Me and fear Me, who truly do work out their salvation with fear and trembling before Me! I am coming for those, who are humble and lowly before Me, who sing to Me the pure praises of their hearts! I call for purity, for holiness, and My Bride throws me chicken feed and garbage!

I am not coming for this! I will not take this! I have not paid a price for this! I am not a magician that I will work some magic and take what is rotten and filthy, snap my fingers and make it clean! I will not!

But, I will, and I am about to, put My Bride through the fires of purification. I am about to put My Bride through the furnace of afflictions! For, I demand purity and they throw Me chicken feed and garbage!

Make no mistakes about it! I am about to scrub My Bride! I am about to purify My Bride; and in severe and harsh ways, I will scrub these; for they have overwhelmingly become, before Me, as the filthy horse; and I will not have this in My presence!

Go in peace, My Little One; and know as well that not all of My Bride is filthy and unkempt! A few have made their robes white, their hearts pure and their lives holy before Me! But, there are indeed few!

However, I shall not ignore what these few have done and continue to do in their love for Me! But, a few I shall surely reward in great and wondrous ways!

So, be of good cheer; for truly each is rewarded according to his own works before Me!

(For your information: Rev 2:23“I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”)

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of September, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


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