Chapter Sixty


“Salvation for the Children of Satanic Lineage”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, do you remember a vision, which I gave to Peter, and it was about eating the foul and abominable? Yet, My words through that vision were what I make clean is clean! For, there was a controversy among some of My apostles about giving and preaching the gospel of salvation to the Gentiles.

Yes, my Father, I remember this vision. (Read: Acts 11:1-18)

And, My message was then, as it is now: What I make clean before Me is clean!

Now, My Little One, my people come to yet another obstacle in the road! And, this obstacle is regarding My salvation for the children of Satan! For, many argue that they cannot be saved! But, I tell you that the one that I make clean is clean indeed!

And, this brings us to another point, that point being a journey into which I have placed you for nearly three months! And, most being oblivious to this journey, I will now expound upon this journey on which I have placed you! And, this journey being your helping in the rescue of a child of Satanic lineage, who was about to be devoured by them!

Did I have her contact you? Yes! Did I have you, thereby, set upon a course to help rescue her and her little ones from an otherwise helpless situation? Yes! Has this been easy for you? No! Has this caused you additional and great travail? Yes! For, you have still suffered greatly and this one is now under even more persecution than when she came!

So, what is the point here, My Little One? The point is that I have caused you to share the Manchild with her; for she would not have made it otherwise, her body being full of implants, wires, fibers, and crystalline structures, to the point that without My intervention, she would have soon died!

Now, be advised that the Manchild is still primarily connected to you and is released out into her through something akin to a heavenly umbilical cord! So, he has been born, yes, but not in the sense of an earthly birth; for he is still attached to you. And, as such, the power, which comes to her through the Manchild in her, comes through My Manchild, who is in you.

Now, who is this woman? She is of the Satanic lineage, having been born into it and brought up in it since birth! Yet, she has loved Me and has longed for Me and has pined for Me, loving Me and seeking and believing in Me in the midst of such great evil.

My Little One, you may or may not remember your heartfelt prayers before quite some time ago, that if it would be possible that I would save the children of Satan, even those in high positions of world powers.

Yes, Father, I do.

My Little One, you are seeing but one of the tragic cases of those, who are called the children of Satan! They are hybridized, genetically altered through the mixing of the Satanic, genetic makeup with the seeds of humans. (Daniel 2:43) They are all in hopeless prisons of constant torture, mind control, rape, sodomy, interbreeding and on and on goes the long lists of horrors, which they endure.

I have already told you that they can get free; however, only, I am able to save them! But, it will not be easy for them to get free! For, they are not only full of a vast array of implants, wires, and mind control, but also full of many demons. And, anyone, who sets out to help one of these, will raise the ire of their controllers and as a result will also heap upon himself or herself an undue amount of trouble, of persecution, of harassment, not only through their controllers, but also from the demons, who reside in them and through the heavy mental programming, which is easily intensified via all of the wiring and implants, which are in them! So, anyone, who sets out to help a true child of Satanic lineage is in for some heavy trials, some heavy persecution, intimidation and even torture, possibly even death! For, Satan and all of his hoards are viciously protective and absolutely controlling of their own!

The truth, My Little One, is that only I can free such a child of Satan. And, this being the case, reconsider My words wherein I told you that the one that I make clean is clean indeed!

Furthermore, My Little One, I brought along this woman and her little ones at the very end of the 40th month of My Little Son! He had spent His forty months in the wilderness place when I brought her along! This date was the 10th day of September 2009. On the 7th day of October of 2009, I released the Manchild to take up residence in her also, for you have begged and pleaded for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls; and I have told you that I would give you your heart’s desire in this! Therefore, I reach out now through My Little Son to save many, who are hopelessly chained to Satan through their birth lineage! And, I have caused My Little Son to enter into a woman, who is hopelessly imprisoned, in order to give him training in making free the children of Satan!

My Little One, this very thing, which I have done, and also because you have pleaded for it, for the salvation of the children of Satan, has caused your time of suffering to be extended! For, what you ask for in terms of salvation of souls, will also cause you to pay a great price!

Therefore, My Little One, upon you, suffering has been heaped upon suffering, pain upon pain, and despair upon despair! For, you have not only been more greatly victimized by the intensified assaults of Satan, which I have allowed, you have born the pain of the verbal and spiritual assaults of the many demons, which are in this woman! And, you have struggled within to witness the great mind control, which rests upon her; and over this, you are powerless.

Nevertheless, remember My previous words! The one, whom I make clean is clean indeed! I am doing a marvelous work through My Little Son in teaching him how to free the children of Satan. But, as for you, My Little One, I have caused you to remove yourself at this time and all in order to save you more suffering and pain!

Through all that is taking place here with this woman and with My Little Son, whom you share with her, I shall bring forth a mighty miracle for all of humanity, but especially for the freedom of many of the children of Satan. So, be not troubled; for an even greater harvest shall come forth! For, I shall set free many of the children of Satan. (Thank you, oh Precious King!)

And, have faith, My Little One! For, I shall cause to be brought forth all of the funds that are needed to acquire more land and to build a house of worship for My people! For many will travel for long distances also, so that they can be set free, healed and delivered! To whom much is given, much is also expected!

I am giving! And I shall set free many of the children of Satan! For, I am firstly a God of great love, mercy and grace!

You, My Little One, have paid and continue to pay a heavy and indescribable price for My people and even for the children of Satan; and I shall greatly glorify myself through you! Throughout the generations, My people will know of you and of the great and terrible price that you have paid for all of humanity! And, your name shall not be trampled anymore, but you shall be greatly revered.

Take all messages, which I have previously given you for posting in this chapter, set them aside; and make this chapter sixty!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




“Behavioral Traits of the Children of Satan!”

Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I wish to tell you more regarding the children of Satan! For, I am firstly pleased in your heartfelt prayers to Me on their behalf, for the salvation of the children of Satan! And, because of your prior heartfelt prayers for their salvation, I am now making it possible for the salvation of more of them! And, this work, My Little One, is on-going through the training of My Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation 12, who now indwells one, who came out of a satanic lineage.

My Blessed Child, many will be appalled to know that they are of the satanic bloodline, or the satanic lineage; and they will deny this genetic link, even when the evidence is overwhelming and right in their faces. For it is greatly disturbing to them and rightly so; but even so, am I not able to do all things? And, have I not promised you that you would see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls; but you have not understood in the least manner how you would see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. But, I tell you now, My Little One, that you will see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls through the work of My Precious Little Son, who is in you! For, My Blessed Child, he brings forth a new power into the earth, a new way, a heavenly way! He is My Kingdom Come, and My will be done; for through Him will come forth the Sons of God manifest! And, My very own Son in these will rule the world with a rod of iron! You, My Little One, are his spiritual mother! There is none other! You have paid the price to bear him full term and you still pay a great price, an extended price now for the salvation of the children of Satan!

Now, My Little One, I will proceed with more information regarding the children of Satan. Yes, Satan and his own have mingled themselves with the seed of humans and have thereby produced hybridized offspring! (Daniel 2:43) This is why they are called the children of Satan and this has been going on in some capacity since the beginning! However, within the last 200 years, and most especially within the last fifty to seventy-five years, this process has escalated in a very grand way! And, this escalation has been because of the fact that Satan sees that his end is near. Therefore, he is out to weaken and totally destroy all of humanity through his hybridized, mind-controlled slaves and breeders.

So, there has been a great explosion in the births of the children of Satan, with vast underground labs and air ships, which are utilized full time for the purposes of interbreeding of humans and Satan’s own. Therefore, My Little One, these hybridized children of Satan have permeated all facets of society and particularly government positions of leadership, not only governmental leadership positions, but also in the sciences, in all areas of the sciences. In addition, they have made their presence strongly known in the medical field, and they have infiltrated and heavily permeated every area of My spiritual work, with certain colleges and universities being dedicated to turning out spiritually dead, mind controlled, robotic arms of Satan! And, many of these graduates have risen to positions of spiritual power and leadership over My people! Many of these highly elevated preachers are “secret” freemasons and “secret” members of dark, secret, and ugly satanic cults! Others of these, who graduate from such schools, do not even realize that they are children of Satan! They are attracted to the spiritual walk because they know that something is terribly wrong in their lives! But, they do not know how to get free!

Many of those, who graduate such schools, are scholarly Bible types, and can expound upon My word in great depth and to an great degree! But, some of these are the children of Satan; indeed, they are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals! For, they make a loud noise! They talk, talk, and talk, but are hollow inside, devoid of My Holy Spirit, and also filled with many demons! Many of them become preys upon My people, some of them falling into diverse sins of the flesh and into diverse scandals, ruining and wreaking havoc in the congregations of My people!

Be advised, My Little One, that the children of Satan, will always wreak havoc in any congregation of My people! They will stir up strife! They will spread dissension, gossip and tale bearing among other things! They will come with many different faces, some of these faces actual multiple personalities, and some of these faces, the faces of the many demons, who inhabit them. But, when confronted with the truth of what they do, their first response will be invariably DENIAL!

For, through all of their lifetime of suffering, denial has become their best friend and ally! And, not just one denial spirit, but layers of denial spirits, denial heaped upon denial! For, these children of Satan have not been brought up like normal children! Instead, they have all suffered extreme and intense emotional, physical abuse, this degree of emotional and physical abuse varying from one to the other. Many of these have been raped and sodomized almost from the time of birth! Many of these have suffered great emotional pain as they would become attached to someone, or something, only to see the object of their affection taken away under brutal and harsh conditions.

These children of Satan have been mocked and ridiculed from an early age, all to make them cold, heartless and distrusting of all humans! As the years go by, these, who have been so mocked and ridiculed come to distrust everyone, thereby manifesting a deep sense of paranoia regarding all people! They are constantly on edge, looking for someone to “do them in” and as a result, they constantly sabotage their own relationships! They will, therefore, overlook goodness, even when others heap goodness upon them, for amidst the goodness, they are busy looking for a “bogeyman” in every closet. Therefore, they drive others away with their constant railings, accusations, and denials. They have built such shells around themselves that none can really get close to them, for any, who attempt to help them, will ultimately become their victims.

My Little One, these children of Satan are monitored via systems of implants, some of these systems of implants being massive! And, all of the children of Satan are under various forms of mind control, whether this mind control is primarily through implant technology, hypnosis, drugging, or absolute and pure demonic, Satanic reptilian possession.

Many of these children of Satan are possessed of a group of demons from the time of birth and via torture; some fetuses are even possessed of demons before they are born! So terrible is the torture, which is inflicted upon these unborn and also upon the women, who are the Satanic incubators!

To most of the children of Satan, will be assigned a primary fiery, reptile spirit. This fiery spirit will occupy the body of the child, at first now and then. But as the child grows and as the human spirit in that body is progressively suppressed through torture and mind control, that reptile will inhabit the body more and more until the human spirit is so suppressed that it is encased in a total prison of helplessness and darkness.

My Little One, what I am describing here is much more than demonic possession. For there is genetic hybridization also, which gives Satan a claim to this body! So, for these to be free requires not only the casting out of all such demons, but a total breaking of the Satanic bonds through genetic manipulation. And, only I am able to break such bonds and to make them null and void.

In addition, My Little One, such a child of Satan will bear huge amounts of trauma-based memories, which will be hidden and tucked away in their memory bank, in their bodies, in their minds, souls and spirits. And, this memory, emotional bank of traumas must be healed and purged.

My Little One, in addition to what I now elaborate upon, remember what I have told you about the system of implants, which are implanted along the neural pathways of these children of Satan. Therefore, via constant mind control, through constant drugging and on-going abuse and through the use of mind control handlers, many of them real people, some of them begin personal acquaintances; these individuals cannot in anywise get free!

At this time, My Little One, many of the children of Satan, are no more than robotic elements in Satan’s army! They are helplessly captive and cannot get free! Also, My Little One, none can really help them; for none can remove the vast system of implants, fibers, strings, metals, glass, etc, which is within their bodies.

Therefore, at this time, many, many souls are imprisoned, many children of Satan and they will not get free, not in this lifetime, unless I do a great work.

This is the work, which my Little Son is doing in this woman that I have sent to you! My Little One, he is being trained to set free the captives of Satan. And, when this work is done in this woman, whom I have sent to you, his work will be done in the Earth, and he and many others, who wait and pray for Me daily will see My face!

This is not a lengthy work, My Little One, but a short work! Today, you are one week past the forty-two month birthday of My Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation 12! But, My promise to you is that I will not tarry much longer!

Your added price for the salvation of these children of Satan has been very, very great, My Blessed Child! For, great, great has been the Satanic persecution against you, mountains upon mountains of it! Therefore, you have become so exceedingly tired; for vast cages of their terrible technology have been heaped upon you, the darkness of their evil technology extending around you at times, up to 50, 75 and even 100 feet, or more! Yet, this great and additional amount of suffering will truly not be long!

My Little One, even when My Little Son goes to work on this woman, who lives several miles away from you, he must go there to work amidst these terrible cages! For, he, too, is a prisoner, but he delights also in knowing that I will empower him to set free many of the children of Satan! And, though he also suffers greatly, he is delighted that I will cause him to do such a wondrous work! For, he has been under the feet of such great evil since I gave him to you on May 10 of 2006, and by now he greatly hates evil!

With this, My Little One, we shall stop for now! Put these messages into Chapter Sixty! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




“A Precious, Little Child of Mine!”

Oh, Glorious Father, I come back to you today to ask if there is still nor more, which you wish to impart to me for this chapter; for still I hear Your voice.

My Little One, I continue to speak to your heart, for you hunger after My work! And, yes a few more things I wish to impart to you; for your heart calls out for more understanding in all things. My Little One, you greatly love this woman, and all of the precious little ones, who are with her; and you have wanted the very best that I have for them!

My Little One, I caused her to find you on the Internet; for she so travailed and cried out to Me! I caused you to write quickly to her and for you and a few others to reach out and to love her! I caused you to help this woman in many ways; for I also love her greatly! For, amidst all of the suffering, amidst all of the pain, amidst all of the hurt, all of the sorrow, and amidst all of the mind control, amidst all of the implants, amidst all of the demons and denial, anger, etc, there sits a precious, little child of Mine! A bewildered, sad, lonely, confused, little child! This little child loves Me greatly and she is begging to see clearly all things; for she needs to understand well that I also love her greatly and have been with her amidst all of her suffering!

There exists some confusion, my Little One, regarding salvation and the word saved! For, many erroneously believe themselves to be “saved,” when salvation is actually a journey, which goes across much time! At the end when all of the books are opened, then one will truly know the meaning of salvation. Until that time, all are on a journey towards salvation!

So, my Little One, as far as this one, she is only now beginning to know Me for the all powerful God that I am; and in this, I am growing her! I am cleaning her up; and I shall call her forth, once clean before Me, into a mighty calling! I will use her greatly towards the salvation of the prisoners of Satan, and towards the calling forth of judgments against them! Just know this! To whom much is given, much is expected!

After I have thoroughly cleansed this child of Mine, she will embrace her past and no longer try to hide from it! When she truly embraces her past, she will begin to emerge victorious from it all, and then I will cause My light to shine forth through her in a grand way and she will then help do a mighty work towards the salvation of many souls! This is what I am doing, My Little One! And, in due season, this woman, this Child of Mine, will do a great and mighty work alongside you!

So, be of good cheer; for through this added tine of your suffering, I am bringing forth a mighty victory for many, many souls! And, I will also bring forth a very anointed servant of Mine, who will also work alongside you! This work is coming! Soon, you will see it come to pass, even as I have already told you! So, be of good cheer!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




“So that I Might Glorify Myself!
“The Fiery Furnace”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Blessed are you, My Beloved Child; for you ponder on My words and you seek after Me, longing for Me from day to day, even as deep calls out to deep!

My Blessed Child, I wish to impart to you some additional thoughts regarding this woman, my little and dear child, whom I have brought to you! For, even as you know, she is appalled, yes horrified by the great depth of evil, which has surrounded her since birth! And, greatly doubting and absolutely overwhelmed she is by it all and wondering also about the veracity of so many things!

But, be advised, My Blessed Child, that even as I caused Joseph to go into captivity, that I might purify him and refine him as pure gold in my hands, I have caused this child of Mine, this soul, who is dear to Me, to be born into a Satanic lineage, into a house of slavery and to spend over fifty years therein before I would begin to stir within her, to show her the truths of her very existence! Many will ask why I would take a beloved soul, who belongs to Me, and to cause this one to be born into utter slavery and non-stop cruelty! And, My response to this question is, “so that I might glorify Myself,”

For, in the face of her controllers, in the face of her wicked father, in the faces of some of her wicked family members, and wicked Satanic pawns and peddlers, even in the face of Satan, himself, I am visiting this woman! I have shared My beautiful, little Son of Light with her! I have visited her mightily in the face of her great afflictions! I brought her forth out of a wicked city, with a mighty outstretched hand, even in the face of armies of evil and in the face of terrible, wicked technology of the U.S. Government! Yes, I have poured out My miracles on her, and still hold her in the palm of My hand, though she has much to overcome!

My Little One, I have called you as her friend, but also as her overseer; for she is still under much bondage via the enemy! As she will listen to My words to you, as you feed her My words of counsel, and she eats accordingly, I will thereby continue to break many bonds of the enemy, to uproot, to pluck up and bring down all controls of the enemy! And, there will come a time, and soon, when I will make her free in all ways, radiant, white and sparkling clean in My hands.

But, at this point, she is not free, but subject to My help as it comes both directly to her from Me and via all that I give you! I have told you that you must help her if she is to be free, and you are to do as I do direct! And, if she will put Me first and obey Me, this work will go quickly, but if she allows other things to come before Me, chastisements will befall her and all of her household! Because she has the little Manchild, My Son, in her also, these chastisements will be quick, harsh, and brutally painful until she gets the message that I expect purity, truth, honesty, clarity of intentions and holiness! For, My Little Son is holy and holiness calls unto holiness!

Yes, I want you to write this; for what I do with My Son in this woman I shall soon do with others! This is My directive! I am calling out for holiness, for My bride is to be perfect, even as I am perfect! Let all understand and be the wiser; for the breaking of My rules and directives is coming to an end! Evil and sloppy spiritual behavior will not be tolerated in the presence of My Little Son of Light! For, I am He and He is I!

My Little One, you know this hard walk, this walk through My brutal and horrific fires! You have lived in it some years now; and you are at peace in all things, which concern Me and My will! But, who else is ready for such a walk through My refining fires? Who is ready? Come forward and receive your cleansings at My hands; for I will cast you headlong into a furnace, that is seven times hotter! I will turn up the power and I will polish you, and refine you! Are you ready for the furnace of afflictions? For, I am about to polish and refine My Bride! For, you come and you say, “Marry me! I am ready! Marry me!” But, you have not born the heat of My hot fires of refining! Now, come your refining fires! I shall make these fires seven times hotter and the greater your sin, the greater your pain and suffering! Also, the greater your calling, the greater your suffering! Are you ready?

Oh, Blessed Father do I understand correctly that You are about to put Your Bride through great and horrific fires of testing?

My Little One, I have pleaded with My Bride (to make herself clean) as a beggar would plead for a crumb of bread! Am I a beggar, that I should plead with her to make herself clean before Me? No, I am not a beggar! I am Creator! But, I love My Bride with an everlasting love; and I plead with her to make herself clean; yet she comes to Me with filthy hands and with filthy clothes.

Am I coming for this? Am I going to marry this? I am not; but will cast her headlong into the furnace of afflictions, even as I cast you some years back! Yes, I will toughen up My Bride, even as I would toughen up a diamond! And, through these great fires, I will burn out all dross, until each one is a pure and radiant diamond in My hands!

My Little One, you know this fire! You know this heat! You know this purifying process; for you live in the midst of My hot and all-consuming fires every day! Yet, you are not consumed, but clean! You are not destroyed, but refined and built up in Me!

So, be not troubled by what must take place in My own house! For, so much I would have already done for My Bride and for My people, but they would not make themselves clean before Me. Today, you know of only one, who shares My Son with you! But, soon, you will know of others! For, I shall begin to release Him into others, even as I see fit, and these, too, shall know My refiner’s fire! For, this refiner’s fire is My Little Son! He is I, and I am he; and in this way I will begin to bring forth and to purify exceedingly my very own sons! Be not troubled about how this will be; for it will be! And, also this will be much to your surprise, even as it was to your surprise when I shared the Manchild with My little child, who came from a far-away city!

Soon, I shall also share him with others, but even so, he shall go out to them via you and he shall be connected to them through you! For, you are the spiritual mother of my Little Son, and as such, you are also the spiritual mother of those, who receive My Little Son. And, with this, we shall stop for now!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




“Oh, Glorious King! ”

Oh, Blessed Father, I feel such an awesome overflowing of your Holy Presence in my midst, that I so long for you to tarry, even a while longer! For, I so hunger and thirst after you and I so long to be fed the deeper things of you, oh Blessed and Mighty King! For, you are my Delight, oh Blessed Saviour! Oh Cherished and Holy One of All Creation! You are my portion, oh Holy and Blessed Saviour! You are my daybreak and My Beautiful and Holy Morning Son! You are my rearguard and My loving place of comfort! You are the Eternal Song of Joy in my heart! You are my Budding and Blooming Garden of Multicolored and pure truths, My Ever-present Orchard of Pure and Holy peace, my Glorious and Pure heavenly Fragrance! Oh, yes, oh Mighty King, you are my Heart’s Delight, My Rivers of Great Joy, my Great and Awesome Glimpse into Eternity! You are my First Love, my holy, pure and true love and I so delight in you, oh Glorious King! Blessed Saviour, thank You! Oh, Radiant, Pure and Holy One, thank you! For, You, Oh Blessed King, have heard my cries and you have answered My calls! Glory to Your holy Name forever and ever!

Thank you, oh Blessed Saviour for all that you have given and for all that you have shown! Oh Blessed King, I have toiled and I have travailed greatly beneath so much evil and beneath such great torture and persecution, but you have been My faithful staff, my rod of strength, of hope and corrective fire! Thank you, oh Glorious King; for all things truly do work together for the good of all of us, who are called of you! Glory to Your Holy Name, oh Mighty king!

I ask you, oh Blessed Saviour, how will such wonders come about? Will you take some soon to your Holy Mountain, or will there be yet at time of great affliction before you take any?

My Little One, I will do both! For, I will soon take some to My Holy Mountain, who will also return, and I will also cast My Bride into the furnace of afflictions. Just as you have received My holy Son and just as you have walked through the furnace of afflictions, so shall it be with all, who receive My Holy Son! For, to whom much is given, much is expected! Oh, how many wish that they would have another way, but there is not another way for My Bride! Great tests and trials shall be heaped upon tests and trials until I am satisfied that each one is clean! There is no other way! Yes, all want another way, that I would come and rescue them from their evil and filthy ways! But, this is not My way, has not been My way and shall not be My way! It is time for all of My people to get right, get honest and get real with Me!

Father, will you “soon” take some upon Your Holy Mountain? Or, will it be some months yet?

I will answer this with one word, “Yes!” “Yes, very, very soon, I will take some to My Holy Mountain!”

But, even as I met with Elijah and Moses on my Holy Mountain, how many did I take with Me? Be circumspect and be wise!

I am Your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




“Two Types of the Children of Satan!”

My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! And, I come back to you today; for I linger still! And, this time, I come back to you to answer a few questions regarding the Children of Satan, the two types of the children of Satan! Firstly, there is the “goat manifest” and secondly there is the “hidden goat!”

Within those human bodies, who are called the “goat manifest,” there has not ever been a human soul to occupy that body, but since birth and even since the time of conception, a fiery serpent has been attached to that human body! This fiery serpent cannot, therefore, be cast out of this body! For, it is the legal occupant of the body!

The second type of satanic lineage is called the “hidden goat,” for there is resident in these bodies a human soul! These are the ones, who are so terribly abused, so beat down. Some of them being mind controlled murderers, sex slaves, prostitutes, spies, and breeders, among other kinds of slaves! The human soul is the rightful occupant of these bodies, but because of the fact that this soul has been born into a Satanic lineage, this soul is constantly beat down, oppressed, maligned, accused, and raped and controlled via all manner of drugging, and other kinds of mind control techniques.

Those of the “hidden goat” lineage can be saved and many of these will be saved through the power, which I put into my Little Son! But, I warn you again, that even with him as their ally, it will not be easy for these to overcome the vast amount of mental programming and adverse effects of rape, torture and other evils, which have been done to them! But, true to My promise to you, I am going to set free and save many of them!

It is within this latter group of the “hidden goat” lineage also, My Little One, that there will also exists a plethora of demons, each tied to a negative physical, mental, or spiritual attribute! And, once these negative attributes are purged, the demons will have no closets to hide in!

Father, You gave me a greatly disturbing vision of Satan’s Wall of Terrible Shame, and on this wall, I saw people, who were placed into cavernous areas on the wall, not deeply cavernous areas, but slightly cavernous, and reminiscent of an open tomb, a perfectly carved out area, into which bodies were snugly placed! And, on some, there was a shackle on the left leg, and I would see the hidden goat in this shackle! The right leg was free, but both hands were pulled back behind their backs and heavily chained together and held in place via a great lock! Also, on the throat was a terrible cage and into the head also a terrible cage, which held stationery the head! And, behind each person, a terrible, black demon, who peered out through the eyes! And, this was only for the ones, who had the “hidden goat.”

I saw others, who had both feet in chains and shackles! Both hands in chains and shackles and terrible bars of metal through their bodies and heads; and there was in these a fiery serpent! These with such fiery serpents could get off the wall whenever they wished, but would nonetheless be always chained to the wall, regardless of the distance that they went from the wall! These were the goat manifest.

I saw some on the wall, whose bodies were withered up, but their eyes were still alive! And, I saw some on the wall, whose bodies smelled so terrible, like putrid and rotten flesh, and worms and other terrible things crawled out of their flesh!

Oh, Father, Satan’s wall of terrible shame is beyond any horror show! But, Father, it is real! So terribly sad, so terribly wicked and so terribly evil! Father, how long will you continue to look upon such evil? I am so grieved, Father, so terribly grieved!

My Little One, I have begun a work to rescue the first of many, who are among the prisoners on this wall! You will see what I will do; for many of these helpless and hopeless prisoners, I shall set free! And, through it all, in the face of Satan, and all of his wicked hoards, I shall glorify my own Name! Indeed, I shall set free many, many of these captives! They shall know Me and they shall love Me greatly! Many of them I shall raise up to do great and mighty works for Me! Indeed, I shall multiply My harvest in and through many of Satan’s captives!

Be of good cheer, My Little One; for I show you so very much, all to encourage you and to encourage My people during the very worst of times!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


“ An Update for you regarding the Little Son of the King,
The Manchild of Revelation, Chapter Twelve!”

Dear Ones, such wondrous things are taking place with the Little Son of the King! He is now over forty-two months old; and during these years he has grown greatly! When our Saviour first gave him to me, he was a small pool of liquid light in my body, this pool of liquid light being about the size of a hen’s egg! But, he is so huge now, extending far outside of my body, even for several hundred feet! He sees so much, is able to travel great distances, and to see into such great depths! He is becoming a beautiful teacher and he is a source of such great comfort and overflowing peace and kindness. He is so wise and precious in every way! His body is full of the fire of our Mighty Saviour and his constant rotation is reminiscent of being in the midst of ocean waves.

At times, when the persecution is so great against us and when the wicked ones have pummeled us with vast amounts of their wicked technology, I must lie and rest, sometimes for many hours, especially in the afternoon hours, for he works with such strength and the rotating is so great.

Approximately seven years ago, our Saviour told me that He was going to give me 360 degree DNA. And, what a journey this has been! For, I have endured experiences unlike anything I could have ever imagined, with persecution more intense, and suffering greater than anything I also could have possibly envisioned! But, even so, blessed is the Name of our Mighty God; for I am indeed so greatly blessed to endure such persecution for the love of our Mighty God!

My Dear Ones, 360 degree DNA is the ever-moving, ever-spiraling DNA of our Saviour! This DNA rotates constantly and is full of the fire, this fire being the all-consuming fire of our Saviour! This Little Son of the King, has been able to clean dissolve and rotate out of me vast amounts of foreign substances, which the wicked ones have forged into my body, day after day, week after week, and month after month, for over 42 months!

However, these assaults are not just directed at my body, but now form a dark cloud, a great mass of dark matter, which now reaches far outside of my body, even at times by several hundred feet! And, the Precious Little Son of the King must now extend far outside of me to be able to dissolve and clean away from us this terrible mass of dark matter!

There are really no words to describe the Satanic, hideous assaults, which Satan and his wicked hoards, are able to create through their vast array of Annunaki (Anakim) technology! If our Father did not bring forth His Little Son at this time to fight on behalf of captive humanity, surely none would be left! For, so horrific is this terrible technology and so many are now full of varying amounts of wires, strings, glass and crystalline structures, and a whole array of horrific implantable substance, which is too vast to even begin to describe!

In past writings, I have sought to describe this terrible technology to you, and I am sure that I have failed miserably in my attempts, but it is real and capable of disabling any person and also capable of bringing about total Satanic slavery! There is no hope of getting free of this horrific technology, except through our Saviour’s Precious Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve!

My Dear Ones, the Manchild is a Little Saviour, the Little Son of the King; and He is going to rule the world with a rod of iron! And, oh so greatly I long for this day! For, surely through the Sons of God Manifest, through the beautiful Bride of Christ, the little Son of the King is going to do a great and mighty work in the earth!

However, at this time, Satan is still in my face, even as told in the Revelation Chapter Twelve; and many of his wicked hoards, reptiles and humans alike come and go from my house with many kinds of terrible torture; and they target us again and again and again! Yet, because of the fire in the Little Son of the King, all that they do to me now only causes a minimal amount of pain and suffering; for our Saviour cushions me and His beautiful Little Son through His great fiery power, and his overflowing mercy and grace. However, I must rest often, and at times for long hours; for the war against us is very great! Therefore, the work of our Saviour’s little son is also very great, even from day to day!

Beautiful Ones, we have such a great an awesome heritage before our Mighty God! For, the Kingdom of God is upon us! Glory to the Name of our Mighty God, forever and ever! Therefore, live worthy! Be obedient, humble and fearful before our Mighty God, loving Him above all, that you might receive a place in the Glorious Kingdom of our Mighty God! For, His Kingdom is truly now in our midst and it is reaching out to you! So, make yourself ready! Make yourself clean before our Mighty King; and wait patiently for Him; for all good things truly do come to those, who wait humbly and obediently before our Mighty King!

Big, big hugs to you, my Precious Brothers and Sisters and many, many thanks to each of you, who helps with these works in any way! For, “those, who sow into good ground, will reap great rewards!” Very true words from one, whom I call, with heartfelt love, “My Little Friend.” Yes, indeed, our Father truly rewards and blesses the faithful ones!

Keep watching; for I will soon post much more, which our Father has given, regarding the Children of Satanic lineage! And, there will come some powerful prayers, which, when used properly, will enable you and your loved ones to be free of hidden, Satanic controls!

All the praise, all the glory, all the honor and all the power to our Mighty Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

Sending much love to you all,

Your sister and friend,

Linda Newkirk

PS: My great apologies to any of you, who are waiting on my e-mails back to you! Due to such great activity around me, I have been so behind on many things. Thank you for your understanding hearts; for I get things done, but am so much slower at it; for the war is indeed very great!

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