Chapter Sixty-Three


“The Developing Pyramidal Structure Within the Manchild!”

“Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea, Jehovah, most High God! Listen to Me, My Little One; for I have important news for you! I have an important message for you! See the angel, who has just arrived, who even stands before you now with food from heaven?”

“Oh, Yes, my Father, it is the same angel again! At least, I believe that this angel if the one, who brought me the pallet full of meat! For, I see the horse, the carriage, and the wagon, which are parked outside of my window.”

And, oh what a beautiful robe, such beautiful threads of light, such beautiful, heavenly embroidery on the robe of this angel! And, oh what beautiful and ornate shoes. The face of this angel, so beautiful, so pure, perfect and holy, the hair so perfect in every way. Oh, so lovely is this angel, who sits on one bended knee and just to my right. And, this angel has in hand a platter of food, this food resembling little pieces of cake, which are cut into separate square pieces, somewhat reminiscent of cubes.

Then, this angel takes one such portion and puts it on a white glass plate, and then hands a portion to me. On looking at this piece of food, I can see that it is divided into colorful sections, which remind somewhat of the colors of the rainbow. And, as I look at this food, it begins to radiate with much light! It sparkles and swirls, expanding now to become much larger than the plate, changing also in its appearance, from large to small. So, back and forth it goes in this changeable way. “Father, this is quite awesome to behold! What am I to do now?”

“Take this food; for it will fit into the palm of your hand! Eat it! It will seem very sweet in your mouth.”

So, I take this food and eat it and it is indeed sweet and also has a somewhat granular effect, as if there exist within this food tiny sugar crystals. And, as I swallow it, there comes the sensation of being amidst a swirling, moving current of blue/green waters.

This current grows as it pulsates down my throat, this great power now moving far outside of my body and encircling my whole body! This powerful current continues to move and to swirl, moving now to the level of my abdomen, where it remains!

I look now to behold this blue/green current, that it has taken shape around my abdominal area, the nature of this shape being that of narrow, thin layers of blue/green colors, actually various and distinct shades and hues of blue and green.

This layered effect of this liquid power, or light, I cannot tell which, reminds me somewhat of the rings, which encircle the equatorial plane of Saturn. And, even as the rings of Saturn move, these rings move also as they encircle my abdominal area!

I look now to see the angel place this platter of food on the stack of meat; and cubes of this very awesome power begin to leave the platter, one by one, and to enter into various packages of this spiritual meat, which are still wrapped up and still on the pallet!

“Oh, Father, what does this mean?”

“My Little One, this cube is one block of heavenly power from My throne. I have given you one block today, just one block. I have instructed My angel to put the remaining cubes into certain of the packages of My spiritual meat, which is food for My people! So, within certain of the packages of spiritual meat, there is also placed for you another cube of My spiritual power.

My Little One, you saw the rings of power around your waist; for these cubes of power will take place, or assemble themselves around your waist, though this power will permeate all of you; and though it will empower all of you, it will gather and form layers around your waist, yes, even like the rings, which encircle Saturn. As you need this power, it will be available to you, for you to be able to travel in My Spirit, both upwards and to other places in the Earth! So, as you receive the meat of My word and get it out to the people, these cubes of power will be released also into you.”

“Oh, so lovely are these words, Father. Yet, with so much meat, this process could take some time.”

“Yes, my Little One, because of the lack of readiness in My Bride, this could be longer than you think.”

“Oh, Father, there are so many questions, and so many mysteries in Your works. Just when I think that I understand something, I realize again that I understand almost nothing!”

“So, My Little One, when you look at so much meat on the pallet, realize that you also do not know when you will open a package of meat, which will also have one of these cubes of power.”

“This is really awesome, Father!”

“My Little One, these cubes of power will form a certain pattern within your spiritual makeup. Only I know what this pattern is and only I can bring about this pattern! But, today, you have in place your very first piece of this pattern.”

“Father, how will this new power manifest in me?”

“In ways that you could never imagine; for this power is My Kingdom Power.”

“Father, I am so excited, so eager and also so afraid. I am really afraid of such power, Father! I know that I am as dust is to dust; for this is truly Scriptural! (Gen 3:19) This is who we are! Therefore, Father, I am so afraid of such a grand power from You!”

“My Little One, there exists a triad within this power. See this pyramid, which is divided into three sections. There is a triad, a base, onto which the greatest number of cubes of power will be placed, then a second level, or intermediary level, which is akin to the body of the pyramid and then the third level, which is akin to the head of this pyramid.”

“Yes, Father, I do see it and am also reminded of Satan’s pyramid of power, which has the capstone, or his all-seeing eye at the top.”

“Yet, is he not the big pretender? Is he not the fake one, who wants to be the REAL ONE, who therefore, mimics the real, all in order to deceive the people?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Then, know, My Little One, that these cubes of power, when fully in place in you, will form a pyramidal shaped structure of My power in you. Yet, you will not see this pyramid and few will ever be able to see such a pyramidal shape of power within them also. This is My Kingdom Power and My will be done in the Earth, even as it is in Heaven.”

“Father, how does this pyramidal power structure work?”

“It moves on a plane, not only, but partly, or particularly, at the equatorial plane of the body! This pyramidal structure can be both flattened, or stretched out horizontally, or can exist also longitudinally, or vertically. It can be extremely compressed or very flattened out. This pyramidal structure, which few will ever be aware of, can also twist, or distort itself, appearing as you saw, a swirling mass of liquid, or liquid light.

As I add to this structure in you, you will become increasingly more aware of very deep spiritual manifestations, not only in this sphere, but in many dimensions and spheres. With each new addition, a newer and greater power from Me will be added into this pyramidal structure, which is building in you!

My Little One, when completed, this pyramidal structure will move and rotate extremely fast and with much power, enabling you to move quickly from one location to another, just through thought alone.”

“Father, from what You are telling me, such power will not be given to me in Heaven, but I must earn, sort of, for lack of better words, such power.”

“My Little One, I have told you in plain talk what I am about to do; but I have not given you a specific time. Because of My great mercy, I will continue to plead with My people and I will continue to warn them and to pour out My truths on a spiritually starving people before I begin to pour out My severe judgments. My Little One, this time could be weeks, or still some months. Because of the great mercy, which stirs in My bowels, I may extend this time for some months. This is where My heart rests, My Little One, and this is also according to My promises to you, that I would cause you to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls.

Therefore, I am now looking to give some more months in which you will teach My people from the deep wells of these profound truths in Me. During this time, I will cause some few others to seek you out to find you and you will pray for these also, imparting the Manchild to them.

At this time, I will only release the Manchild through you via the laying on of hands. It will not come another way. And, I will not release him to any and all, who would seek him. So, some may seek you out. They may come to ask this of you; and I may not honor their requests at this time. Do you see?

Only some few will come, who have a spiritual foundation, which is strong enough to bear him. For, any, who receive this Little Son of Mine, will indeed become targets, great targets for Satan and his many vicious and evil hoards. Who is ready for such a flood of evil to assault him or her day and night?

Yet, there are some, who are already assaulted by a flood of Satanic and human evil, assaulted terribly via their wicked technology and some of these will come and they will be able to bear My Little Son! For, they are already within the flood of evil and my Little Son will do great wonders for them! Some of these are those, who suffer from the Morgellon’s Implant Disease, some who love Me greatly and who travail beneath the terrible weight of the horrors of Satan’s terrible technology!”

“Thank You, oh Glorious King! Thank You, Father! Thank You, thank You, thank You!” Now, Father, I, I wish to ask you, why is this pyramidal light blue/green?”

“It is now two colors because the green is connected to the Earth! The blue is connected to My throne! As more and more pieces of the puzzle are put into place, the only remaining color will be a deep, deep blue. This deep, deep blue, the color of beryl stone, connects directly to My throne.

Once this pyramid is fully in place, you will be able to come up to My throne quickly and even as your heart so deeply desires! You will be able also to travel to distant locations in the earth, just by thinking to do so!”

“So, Father, if I understand correctly, this part of the spiritual pyramid will be in place before You come for these, even as you have told me in your Plain Talk message?”

“My Little One, your price is no easy, quick-fix, price. It is a great price, one very great price that you will pay for My people! I have told you that I have added more time to your price for the salvation of the Children of the hidden goat lineage. However, with every cube that you eat, with every piece of the puzzle, which I cause to enter into you, you will walk thereafter, in a greater freedom and power.

So, My Little One, as I progress in My work to set free the children of Satan and as you progress, in My work to teach My people from My deep and hidden wells, I will cause you to progress in the establishment of My pyramidal power in you! As each piece of this pattern falls into place, you will begin to see that you walk in a greater freedom and power!

This Kingdom Power will steadily grow in you and as it grows, there will grow also your freedom from your oppressors. For, indeed, a new heavenly body is beginning to form in you! And, it is unlike anything that has ever been known in the whole earth!”

“Father, there is a lot of meat on this pallet and from the looks of it, quite some months could be needed for me to receive such meat and to get it to the people!”

“Yes, My Little One, this could also be so! For, My people will also need a little time to both receive and to digest this meat! But, even so, many, many shall be fed! Many, many shall be set free! Many, many shall be healed; for I shall continue to put great power into My holy anointed cloths as well. Yes, much good will come about for many all over the world as they eat of My hidden truths and as they drink of the deep wells of Me!”

My Little One, how long have you prayed to be able to drink of the deep wells of Me?”

“My Father, I believe that this has been a very regular prayer of Mine for about the space of one year.”

“And, so it is. And, now after you have sought Me in this for so many, many months, I shall take you into the deep wells of Me and I shall begin to water you and to feed you from these deep wells of Me.” “Oh, thank You, oh Blessed and Mighty Saviour! Glory to Your Holy Name!”

“And, blessed are you above all women, My Little One; for you are mother to My People the world over! And, I call you now to teach them My Kingdom truths and as you do so, you shall steadily walk in more of My Kingdom power.”

“Thank you, thank you, Father! Open their eyes, Father! Open their ears, their minds and hearts to receive. Now, Father, I would like to ask You how this pyramidal structure relates to the Manchild.”

“It is an intricate part of him, an intricate part of his vehicle of travel.”

“What about the ‘wheels within the wheels,’? Is the Manchild not also the ‘wheels within the wheels?’”

“He is; yet unseen at this point to you is that, which is yet to be formed, the pyramidal structure, which is yet another facet of Him! This pyramidal structure will also steadily change your whole body, My Little One! It will, when fully in place, allow you to appear and disappear at will, even as the angels of heaven.”

“Oh, so awesome, Father! I long to be able to travel in such a way; but I am also remembering the words in Isaiah, Isaiah 28:8-10 “ For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean. Whom shall he teach knowledge? And, whom shall He make to understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept; line upon line, line upon line, here a little, and there a little.” These are Your words, Oh Lord; and this is why this process of teaching and learning as well as the laying of these pieces of power into the pyramidal structure could seem to take a while. For, it must go line upon line and precept upon precept.”

“Very well said, My Little One! These are My words and this is how My Kingdom is established, line upon line and precept upon precept and none go from an initial or beginning point to a point of ending, just because they wish to. All will learn, all will earn. This is My way and all, who truly want My Kingdom Come will come away from the false doctrines, which permeate nearly all churches, the world over! Some of these false doctrines are: 1. once saved, always saved; 2. Do not worry about your sins! You are saved by grace!

Yes, you are saved by grace, but the Pure of Heart shall see My face; and the Pure of Heart shall know salvation. Who among you is Pure of Heart? Few indeed! And, for this reason, I must now scrub My Bride and purify her through My fires.”

And, with this, we shall stop for now! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part II
The Coming Manifestations of the Pyramidal Power in the Manchild;
What the Sons of God can Expect!”

Oh, Blessed and Holy King, oh Lord of Lords, Great and Almighty God, I come back to You today to thank You, oh Glorious King and to lift up and magnify Your Holy Name! Father, thank You for such a huge amount of meat from the deep wells of You! How blessed we are to receive such hidden truths from You! These are, for a certainty, Your Kingdom truths!

Father, I ask You to station great angels of protection around me as I speak with you today; for You know how Satan and his hoards come flying through the walls when I pray to you and when You speak to me. Father, I ask You to confound them all and to blind them all, to deafen them all and to cause a profound sleep to befall them all! For, they are in my face all of the time, seeking to disrupt, to steal, or cause confusion in some way! And, I do not even mention the horrors, the great and terrible persecution, which they inflict upon me and Your beautiful, little holy Son!

Father, I have been under their feet for so long, even before You gave me your beautiful, little Son of Light. So hard has been this journey, Father! So great has been my suffering, my heartaches and travails. Father, You have seen it all and you have been in our midst. You have miraculously carried us through it all; for by the hour and by the day, these wicked ones plot to kill me through any and all means and they never cease in their schemes to put out the light in Your Precious Son, to steal his light, to overpower him altogether and/or to take him through one thieving manner or another.

So hard has been our journey! So terrible and it is still very hard! It is still terrible; for they do not let up in their wicked assaults against us. Father, You see how they fire so much of their evil technology into us as if we were things! They fill us with terrible stuff, Father, so terrible, such great amounts of hard plastics and hard fiber boards, such substances extending far outside from my body, at times by several hundred feet. We exist in the midst of such great evil, Father, and though this cannot be seen outside of me, it still exists, but at a different vibratory rate!

And, my body becomes so full of it, My head, my throat, my legs to heavy, for so much of it goes all the way through me. Oh, Father, to do the simplest of things at times can feel like moving mountains. Therefore, I must often rest; for the great accumulation, the sheer mass of this “stuff” encapsulates us both and extends far beyond us. Father, this is a terrible prison and we have been in a terrible prison since You gave me Your Precious, Little Son.

And, before that, Father, there was the War in Heaven, wherein I suffered greatly from the attacks of so many hideous Dragos and Satan’s hoards and these wicked Dragos implanted my body with massive amounts of implantable strings and threads.

And, before that, this U.S. Military was repeatedly burning me with microwaves and lasers and the sheer pain of those assaults was so terrible that I truly did wish to die!

And, before all of that, there were the continual abductions of the wicked Satanic creatures, who work with the U.S. military, the many needle marks here and there over my body, the abduction into the Vatican, where Hans Kolvenbach and all of his wicked men mocked me and did terrible things to me! And, for those terrible things that they did to me, you killed Hans Kolvenbach. Yet, they were quick to replace him with a look-alike!

And, before that, Father, as You know, even in 2001, I was in the hospital in intensive care because of the attacks via beam weapons against me, which were carried out against me by arms of the wicked U.S. Military!

Oh, Father, why am I going into all of this? Father, I go now into so much again with You for two reasons! Firstly, I stress that I am alive because You have kept me alive! You are Almighty! You can do all things! Blessed is Your Holy Name! Thank You, Father; for through it all, You have been with me, to keep me alive and to get me through such terrors, that few, if any, could ever imagine. And, surely none could ever live among such things, not even for a moment. Yet, Father, You have carried me all of these years, even when I was lost, you carried me and You sustained me! You did not forget about me and when you were ready for me to serve You, You found me and you cleaned me up! Thank You, Oh Glorious God!

Father, the second reason that I have gone herein dredged up memories of so much suffering, which I do not really need to do as you fully understand already, is to stress to You that I am so very tired! I wish that this were not the case! I wish that I were overflowing with great energy and power, but Father, this is not the case.

I do not wish to be tired, Father, I wish to have a lot of energy for Your work! Yet, Father, I am tired so much of the time and I struggle to get things done, for there is but one of me. For this latter reason, Father, I so pray for this new spiritual body; for then I will be able to do more work for You!

Father, I just wanted to say these things today! You know my heart and I do not like to complain! And, I truly do not need to; for You see and know all things! But, Father, if it would be within Your will, I ask You to expedite the acquisition of this new body for me and Your Little Son. For, I truly would like to do more for Your people! But, both of us are in a terrible prison. Have mercy on us, oh Blessed Saviour; for we have been in a terrible war and we are still in the midst of one horrific warn!

My Blessed Child, I know that you write the truth! But, I also know that in no way have you written all of the truths regarding your great travails and suffering. For, many, many volumes could not contain all of such truths! Yet, I know these truths, My Little One! I know all truths about your most exceedingly difficult journey! This is why I am adding unto you these blocks of power, which, when fully positioned, will allow you both a great opportunity for a greater work in Me, and also will cause you to walk in a greater freedom.

Yet, Father, if it would be within Your will, I do pray that You would consider my prayers regarding your expediting this process of our receiving this pyramidal power. Father, You have told me that You have extended my time of suffering for the salvation of the children of the hidden goat lineage. And, Father, I thank you so for this great work to save them. I desire this, Father and I know that You will give me the abundance of love, compassion, grace and mercy, which I will need to get through!

But, Father, regarding one of Your children, whom You have sent to me, this child of Yours, Father, who is of the hidden goat lineage, what I am to do, Father? For, You have told me that You called me as an overseer to help her spiritually and to help her in other ways. But, Father, she refuses to speak to me because I tell her the truth! I tell her the truths, which You give me to tell her and I tell her the truths regarding other things.

Father, how then am I to be an overseer towards her, when she behaves in such ways? And, Father on seeing these behaviors in her, the work of the Manchild in her, which he needs to complete to learn how to save the children of the hidden goat lineage, is being and will be further oppressed or delayed!

Father, You have revealed the much of the work that must be done and these are often profound things, yet, Father, I cannot be an overseer; for there comes against me frequent railing against the truths that You often reveal. So, Father, due to this willfulness, my own time of suffering is extended and Your works are being held up! What will You do here, Father? For, I do desire to see the salvation of the children of the hidden goat lineage, yet Father, these delays are troubling! So, what am I to do then?

My Little One, do you see Me take this piece of wood, a small, narrow, thin piece of wood and I break it into two pieces. Once I break this piece of wood, only I can miraculously put it back together again! Look at this broken piece of wood! See the splintered and jagged edges! Can this be glued back together?

“No, my Lord.”

“Can it be nailed, or stapled back together, or put back into place with tape, or through any other worldly means?”

“Father, only if both pieces are cut at angles, bonded with glue, and then held in place via the placement of screws.”

“Yet, My Little One, it is still two pieces, which are made to look like one!”

“This is true, Father! Father, will You explain to me why You show me this?”

“My Little One, this broken piece of wood is My Little Child, the very woman, that I brought to you. She is this broken piece of wood; for I broke her! I could not use her the way she was, so I broke her! When I put her back together, she will not appear as a broken piece of wood, but as a heavenly tool in My hands. This wood, her appearance when she was sent to you, was unusable to Me. So, I have had to break her. I have had to break her apart, literally apart. When she is clean in My hands, she will not be wood; for wood decays. Wood rots. Wood is only temporary. She will be one of My shining lights.

My Little One, I caused such behaviors in her; for her many and varied denials, angry outburst and fragile and unstable ways became an overload to you. Great is the work, which I need to do in her. And, yes, I called you to be her spiritual overseer. A seer, who looks over the work of another so as to guide the other one, is an overseer! For, as the seer looks over and is above, the seer sees better than the one, who is below the seer! This is the way that it should be with a spiritual overseer.

However, My Little One, the spiritual shortfalls, which this child of Mine faces are many, deep and varied! Yes, you can help her. Yes, you could help her and you have helped her; but due to so many resentments in her towards you, which go back for a long time, you are unable to do much to help her. And, yes these rebellious ways in her do slow down and hold up the progress of My work in the salvation of the Children of Satan, the hidden goat lineage. And, yes these rebellious ways do hold up your own advancement! Therefore, I have set up a way for you to spiritually progress and steadily go towards your own freedom and deliverance, which is not dependent upon her and her actions, or the lack thereof. When the many demons are gone from her and when she cleans out so many storage lockers of anger, hurt, denials and rejection and rebellion, I will show her thereafter, and also steadily so, the errors of her ways. But, yes! This could take some time! Therefore, I remove you as her overseer; and I will cause you to write for My people a great amount of truths from the hidden and deep wells of Me. As you go forward in this, you will also go forward in the development of a new spiritual body in you and in My Little Son and you will thereby advance towards your freedom in Me. Due to your prayers and due to your pleadings before Me, I am able to do this for you at this time.

These cakes of power, when added steadily to you and to My Little Son, will begin to manifest in you a greater strength, greater power and greater freedom in all things. I am with you in this and I will not fail you! Be hopeful; for this work may progress more rapidly than you think! For, due to your heartfelt pleadings with Me, I have caused these cubes of power to be distributed in a different manner, not evenly distributed through the spiritual meat, which you will give to My people. But, in some packages you will find several cubes of power!

“Oh, thank You, Father! Father, will I know when the Little Manchild and I get these cubes?”

“You may know and you may not know. But, soon, as you pray, you will begin to see clearly the faces of certain ones all over the world, who are in need! You will be able to see their faces, only, at first. Soon thereafter, you will be able to know certain intimate things about these ones that you see, so that you can thereafter pray for them. Soon after this time, you will be able to reach out in the Spirit and to touch such a person, whom you will clearly see. And, as you touch such a person, you will be able to impart healings and other blessings.

Soon after this latter phase, some of these, whom you see, will be able to see you also! They will see your face or will see you entirely, dressed in white, and surrounded by a blue light. After a short time of your manifesting in this way, you will be given the power to rotate, or to manifest yourself in the presence of these, whom you see; and to rotate back again. Yet, for only a short while at first.

After this latter phase or rotating there quickly and back, you will be able to go to distant places and to manifest for increasingly greater amounts of time, and to teach My people in their own language and to bring and to cause to manifest in their midst great miracles, signs and wonders.

When the latter stage happens, the pyramidal structure in My Little Son and in your body will be completed. My Little One, this is My unexpected gift to you! This is what I am able to do for you as you wait, as My work in the salvation of the children of Satan progresses, and as I am cleaning up others and making them ready.

Oh, Blessed Saviour, glory to Your Holy Name! Blessed is Your Holy Name forever and ever! Oh, how great shall be that day when You will allow me and Your Little Son to travel in such a way and to minister to those, who also greatly travail in such darkness. And, great will be that day also when the manifest Sons of God are also able to travel in such a way! All the praise, all the glory, all the honor and all the power to You, Father, forever and ever.

And, My Little One, what I have not explained fully here is that even as you are progressing in the development of this pyramidal structure within you, and within My Son, even as you witness in the earth, even as I have just told you, there will be also many occasions when you will travel upwards to the heavenly realms and you will witness much. Some of what you witness, you will write of, and some you will not write of. Yet, two new levels shall begin to unfold within you: the ability to travel to distant places around the world, as guided by Me, and the ability to travel upwards and into My midst as guided by Me.

Oh, Blessed Father, I am so grateful. Oh, how grateful, Father! I am so exceedingly blessed! Praises to Your Holy Name forever and ever!

And, with this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of December, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


A Closing Prayer!

“Father, in closing, I pray for your abundant mercy upon this little child of Yours, this woman, whom You have sent to me from afar! Father, pour out Your mercy upon her, Your manifold grace and Your abundant blessings, oh Holy King. Father, do not hold anything against her; for she, too, suffers greatly beneath so very many attacks from Satan, from all of his evil hoards and from those in the wicked U.S. Military. Help her to see, Father, that the cup is neither half-full, nor half empty, but overflowing with Your mercy, with Your love and grace. And, through all of her suffering, Father, cause her to see just how blessed she really is! For, surely, Father, You will raise her up to do great and mighty things for You and also, Father, You will surely use her in great and mighty ways to help save the children of the hidden goat lineage. For, Father, You chose her and you sent her into this life for just such a mission, one not to be ashamed of, but one, for which, to be grateful! For, Father, you will turn around all of her suffering and you will use it to bring forth a mighty victory for You! Father, I also ask You to show her the many demons, who live behind certain small doors, which she has not yet addressed and I ask You to clean remove all such demons! Father, I also ask You to show her the hidden storage lockers, where she stores the anger, the denial, the rejection and other things, which need to be cleaned out. And, Father, I do hope that you do a quick work in her; for her suffering also is very great! Therefore, oh Blessed King, I ask You for great mercy for her and her precious, little ones, even as I so regularly ask it for myself. And, I pray that You put an additional amount of Your power into Your Little Manchild, who is in her, all to help her to overcome all things in the face of such great evil. Thank You, Father! I bless and praise Your Holy Name! Amen!

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