Chapter Sixty-Four


“Who Can Receive Such Truths?”

“Oh, Blessed King, I return to You on this very day to seek You again as to whether there should be any remaining material, which You would share regarding this pyramidal structure of travel, which You are now developing in Your Beautiful, Little Son and me. For, Father, I feel such a deep stirring in my spirit.”

“My Little One, as far as the east is from the west, this is how far My words, My Kingdom Works, shall be from the unrighteous and ungodly. What I tell you herein is holy! It is from the deep wells of Me. As holiness calls out to holiness, My hungry, little sheep, who so long for holiness and righteousness, who so long to do My perfect will and to marry Me, will come and they will lap up My words. For, their little eyes are wide open and their ears are attuned to Me, their hearts longing after Me; and they shall come and they shall lap up My words.

But, the unrighteous and ungodly will mock and they will scoff and I will cast them far from Me! As far as the east is from the west, this is how far they shall be cast away from these truths of My deep wells. But, My hungry, little ones, who so hunger and thirst after the deep things of Me, they shall eat! They shall drink and they shall be satisfied.

This is what I tell you now! My all be the wiser; for profound truths I now give for My Holy Bride! For, holiness calls out to holiness! Deep calls out to deep!

Who can receive such truths? Who can walk in such truths? The one, who has found the Narrow Way and the Strait Gate. (Matthew 7:14) This one can receive and digest such truths. To the rest, such truths will seem like a little flock of birds! For, just as quickly as such truths are put before the faces of the ungodly, such truths will also rise up and take wings. Such truths will flee from the ungodly. The ungodly shall not hold onto them and they shall not attain them in any way. May all be the wiser! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of December, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part II
“The Two Trees”
“My Little One, take My hand; for I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God.”

And, I take the hand of our Saviour, his hand so huge and mine like that of a little child. And we enter into a building, which seems to be made of white marble. As we cross the threshold, we enter into a well lighted hallway, the floor of this hallway also made of blocks of white marble. I look ahead and down a long hallway, but to my right and to my left, on either wall of this very long hall, are large drawers, which are built into the wall. These are very big drawers, so big that I feel that I could pull one out, walk into one, sit down, and have a cup of tea.

“Father, what is this place, and why are so many drawers built into the walls of this hallway?” Then, as I ask this question, I am very suddenly carried in a vision to the end of this hallway, where I had earlier caught just a glimpse of darkness! And, from light to darkness, very suddenly, I went, still holding our Saviour’s hand. Within this darkness were many sets of eyes, some red eyes, some blue eyes, some brown eyes, some weeping eyes, some still and quiet eyes, some bloodshot eyes as if from alcohol, some, the eyes of children, some the eyes of old people. This was a dark scene, yes very dark, but I could get certain impressions about those, who possessed these eyes. Still holding our Saviour’s hand now and back to the lighted part of the hallway, I looked up at him curiously; but he looked straight ahead, his look, quiet and solemn towards me.

Suddenly, we came to the end of the hall, the end, where I had just seen and experienced the darkness and we both now stopped, his feet partially hanging over a steel ledge. Then, He raised His arm and as He did so light began to move out into the darkness. It was then that I glimpsed many, many people! At first, they seemed to be near; for I saw them only in a quick glance, but then I realized that we stood on a ledge and they were beneath us, looking up at us, their eyes peering upwards.

It was as if someone suddenly lighted a great torch in the darkness and there below, where so many eyes had stared back from the darkness, there now appeared the faces, which belonged to those eyes. The faces were lighted up with the light of our Saviour; and people assembled there, almost shoulder to shoulder! For a great distance, these great numbers could be seen, for they reached far out across the plain. There were surely hundreds of thousands, if not millions, all congregated together, assembled in a valley! Yet, I could also see in the distance that many were also camped out on the hills!

Also, rather near to us, down below and to our left, there stood a very huge tree! I could not tell the type of tree, only that the trunk of it was very large and had big, thick branches; and it bore leaves, but not as many leaves as some trees in America. Near the top of the tree trunk, there appeared a recessed door and I could quickly see that this door also opened into a long hallway, which was not very well illuminated! In a quick glimpse, I perceived that this hallway seemed to be a replica of the lighted hallway that we had passed through; for drawers lined the walls! Yet, it also seemed that there were many old things in this hallway; for there I sensed therein a slight musty smell.

I now glanced up at our Saviour, and he looked at me with a stern look, now increasing His grip on my little fingers, this little correction getting my attention. “Pay attention,” He said. And, His countenance went from kind to that of a strict disciplinarian! And, with that quick reminder, we took one step and came to a rest among the limbs of this great tree, both of us taking a perch on a branch, overlooking this huge crowd of people!

“My Little One, can you count My sheep?’’

“No, My Lord, I cannot count them.”

“Are you, in any way, able to number My sheep?”

“No, my Lord, I am not able to number Your sheep.”

“My Little One, what were My words to Abraham?’’

“That you would make him a Father over many nations.” (Gen 17:5)

“My Little One, do you know why I so severely punished King David, and sent a plague upon My people, killing over 70,000?” (II Sam 24:15)

“Yes, my Lord, I do know why. He numbered Your sheep.”

“My Little One, do you know why I gave directives not to count My people, not to number My sheep?”

“My Lord, it would seem that You gave the directive because they cannot be numbered.”

“You are correct in this, My Little One. My sheep cannot be numbered and they are not to be numbered.”

Then, our Saviour took a twig, a small, short, stubby twig, and he threw it out among the people! A little child saw the twig fall and went to pick up the twig. “Oh, a gift from Heaven,” he said. And, he looked up and thanked our Mighty God for the twig. However, on looking at the twig, which was in his hands, I saw that it no longer appeared as a twig, but a small scroll. And, right before my eyes, the little child suddenly turned into a humble, old man; and the old man got down on his knees, looked heavenward and said, “Thank you, Father!” And, the old man then went away into the crowd and he told many of the word from Heaven.

“He published the word from heaven there in the darkness among My people and I am pleased in this old man, who is one of My humble, little sons. For, as the old man is humble and as he is exceedingly grateful for My words and as He reaches out in joy to share My word with all, whom He sees, I will call him unto Me! I will take him under My wings and I will prosper him in My works of the salvation of souls. For, in such a vast crowd, who all stand in darkness, I have only one, little humble sheep. He receives from Me and he is excited to receive from Me! I have groomed him all of his life and I shall make him as this tree.”

“Oh, Father, this is a beautiful tree. The birds of the field surely nest in this tree and You and I can sit upon its branches. Father, please tell me about this tree.”

“My Little One, this tree is very old, having been in the earth since the beginning. This tree was in My Garden and this tree has loved Me for a very long time! This tree hears My voice! This tree is humble before Me and is grateful for all that I do for him. This tree, who is old now, even old in this life, is one of two trees!”

“Bur, Father, I only see one tree. Where is the other tree?”

“Look, My Little One! Look there on the other side of the hills and across the big waters. There, My Little One, see! Look far! Look with you telescopic eyes.”

“Oh, yes, my Lord! I see the other tree! It is also a very big tree, but I do not see the trunk of the tree, only a vast amount of limbs, its limbs reaching upwards, as if the limbs are praying to You. There are very many leaves and many birds are busy in the tree. For, the tree also bears much fruit and many are able to eat from this tree. And, below from the tree, I see little rabbits, squirrels, foxes, crows, ravens and all kinds of animals, who eat of this tree.

Father, I see so many branches, which remind me of arms; for they are reaching up. But, I see no tree trunk on this tree! It is as if this tree is suspended in air. Where is the trunk of this tree?”

“The trunk of this tree is Me. I am this tree trunk. You can not see the trunk of this tree or where it is rooted; for this tree is not rooted in this world.

“Father, it is not rooted in this world?”

“No, my Little One, it is not rooted in this world; but is rooted in another world, and that world is I! I am this tree trunk! I am the roots of this tree!”

“So, Father, You say that there is another tree, a tree, Father, who grows with this tree, which is in the darkness?”

“I have said it and I have shown you! One tree is in a very dark place, a very old tree! Even from the beginning, this tree existed. Yet, it is in darkness, among a very dark people! This tree loves me very much, yet I have put him in a dark place.”

“Father, why do You show me these two trees?”

“I show you to cause you to know that I feed one tree from another. For, one is still grounded in this world! The other is grounded in Me. One is ready to go before My face! One is not! One needs some slight molding and shaping. The other one is sold out to Me.”

“Father, what do You want me to see here?”

“I want you to see two trees that I love a lot. I want you to see My two faithful trees, one to whom is given a very great responsibility and the other one, a great responsibility also! Yet, this is not well understood by either tree!”

“Yet, My work knows no distance! It knows no time! I feed My tree, who lives in the darkness! I feed him from My tree, who is rooted in Me! My Tree, who lives in the darkness, is my humble, little Son! He is grateful for My word. He is hungry for My word and he is eager to share My word with all, whom he knows. Their shunning of My word does not take away his joy for My word.

One day soon, I shall ignite this tree, who sits in the darkness. I shall set afire this tree with my blazing fire and My fire in him shall bring great light to a very dark part of the world! I have been busy trying him and testing him, all to make him ready for a great work! For, this tree I love greatly; and have so loved him since the beginning. This is why My hand is often sharp and heavy upon him. For, I shall ignite My fire in him soon and the great darkness will see and will know My humble tree!

“Father, this is really an awesome message! Thank you, Father, for sharing these things with me. Blessed is Your Holy Name, oh Beautiful King!”

“My Lord, is there more that You would tell me about this vision?”

“Only, My Little One, that this lighted hallway represents My works in and through you. You are this lighted hallway. These many drawers are My works in and through you, many already given to you and many, which are yet to come! My Little One, you are the tree, who exists beyond the hills and great waters. This is you, My Little One, and My works in and through you have born a mighty fruit. Yet, a greater work lies ahead of you, and greater and mightier branches shall be added unto your tree and many, many shall eat of My words through you. And, I shall ignite your tree with a great fire and this fire shall be seen around the world. For, I shall cause you to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls.

Yet, when you look at My big tree, which stands in the darkness, you see there a long hallway as well and also you see many drawers on the walls. My Little One, that, which is in these drawers, goes back to the beginning of the time of mankind and passes down through many, many generations. I have a great love for this humble, old man. He is My Child, even from the beginning. His works through time are stored away and forgotten to him; for all must drink of the cups of forgetfulness and return over and over again! He does not know what is within those dusty, old drawers, which line the walls of his tree! But, I do! I know all things! Soon, I shall put a great fire in this old tree; and I shall use him to bring light into the darkness.”

“My Little One, do you now see the two trees?”

“Yes, my Father.”

And, you have so longed to see these two trees; but I have kept your vision cloudy and have continued to send confusion upon you regarding these two trees. For, I was not ready to show you the two trees. Yes, I have allowed Satan to come in and sow confusion into your mind about these two trees. For, I was not ready to reveal what I now show you!”

“Father, why do You show me this now, seeing that I have sought You so very much about this and I have truly thought that others among my acquaintances would be one of these trees?”

“I show you now for this reason: See the two little sheep! They stand on a trap door; and at any minute of My choosing, I could open that trap door and these two would be in My hands of fire! This is why!”

“Oh, Father, this is really an awesome thing! Is this word for the masses?”

“It is; for I wish to clear up confusion in your mind, and among others, regarding these two trees.”

“Blessed is Your Holy Name, Father. I have surely had a time of confusion regarding these two trees.”

“Yes, and I caused such confusion. For, what you sought I was not yet ready to confirm. However, Satan on seeing your desire to know of these trees, has been quick to come with his own version. Yet I stopped that also; for in My time, I reveal all things.”

“Oh, Blessed Saviour, is this why Your look towards me in this message has been so stern?”

“Yes, for this is a very stern message; and I do not want your mind wondering away from me and My word. I want you to hear Me clearly in this; for you have sought to know these truths for some time. But, I would not reveal these truths; and Satan, on seeing that you so wanted these truths, was also quick to fill the void.”

“Oh, forgive me, Father; for I so wanted many confirmations from You; but there came so much confusion.”

“Am I the author of such confusion?”

“My Lord, You created Satan and You use him to accomplish Your will. Yet, in this case, were You the author? Father, I cannot say whether You caused Satan to come and to tempt me to cause me to believe that another could be one of these trees. I do not know.”

“My Little One, what do you see?”

“I see that You have lighted a fuse! The fire travels along this cord, along this fuse and then disappears into a building, which is a metal, dome building. Then, I see Satan as he comes and wakes up your little child, whom You have brought here. He wakes her up from her sleep and puts new crystalline eyes into her. She does not see him do so and she does not know that Satan has given her new crystalline eyes. Yet, she looks and she is amazed that she sees so well.”

“My Little One, who gave her the new crystalline eyes?”

“Satan did, Father.”

“Then, know, My Little One, that Satan used this one to muddy the picture, so to speak, and to bring about confusion regarding these two trees. Satan showed her much and since the visions were so clear, you thought them to be of Me.”

“Oh, Father, forgive me in this! How easily we can be deceived. Please forgive me, father, and Father, please remove such things from her eyes. For, she does not know, Father; and I did not know. Have mercy upon all of us, Father! Yet, Father, did You allow this to be done to her?”

“Yes, I allowed it; for you have had to learn more lessons regarding Satan and about those of the hidden goat lineage.”

“Oh, Father, how great are our lessons!”

“When you believed the visions, which he gave her, you temporarily opened up yourself to him and to his lying words to you. My Little One, I am your tree trunk. Keep your eyes on Me! Trust no one and believe in no one! I am Your Source! If someone tells you that he or she saw this, or saw that, bring it all to me. Neither believe nor disbelieve, but bring all to Me. My Little One, when I brought this child of mine to you, the wicked ones saw her as their tool, whom they could use to destabilize My works in you! They have thought to use her as one of their religious infiltrators, now knowing that I have plans of My own for her!

You have not seen clearly many things regarding this one of the hidden goat lineage; for you have been in the midst of it! I have had to remove you so that I could cause you to see with clear eyes.”

“Yet, Father, Your promise is to clean up this little child, whom You have brought to me, this child of Satanic lineage, and that you will do a beautiful work in her, that she will work alongside of me.”

“This is My promise and I will clean her up! I am doing so; for I love her very much! But, this work will not be as you have thought and this I needed to clarify today. Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Lord! You have told me plainly.

Oh, Blessed Father, as I ponder Your words to me today, I have some additional thoughts! Father, if it is alright with You, I would like to ask You some questions.”

“Yes, My Little One, as My spirit stirs in you, I do churn my own waters. And, your thoughts are well grounded in Me. This is one of your concerns, My Little One! You ponder our sitting in the tree together on the tree limb. And, from that very tree, I broke a small twig and tossed it out to My very own Son. He received My word with gladness! But, as I have told you that I feed him from your tree, you wonder how it is that I also feed him from his own tree! And, My response to you is that the second tree, your tree, was taken from his own tree! So, what comes to you came to you initially from his own tree! But at this time, his tree is greatly dormant, when compared to yours. Yet, still, it is full of much life! Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Father, I do understand, but most, who read this message, may not understand.”

“This is well, My Little One. What is important is that you understand. If the rest do not understand, they may understand, and very soon!”

“Thank You, Father! Blessed is Your Holy Name! Also, Father, why did You allow me to be deceived by Satan regarding these two trees? You have said that it was not yet your time to reveal this information. But, is there not more also, Father?”

“Yes, My Little One, there is more! This was also part of your price for wishing and praying for the salvation of his children. You had to enter into a time of much greater travail and your suffering increased greatly. This time of great travail and increased darkness caused more difficulties for you! You struggled with many issues, this being one of them! Yet, even so, you sought and I gave not! For, in all things I try and test My own in severe and harsh ways.”

“Oh, my Lord, I so hope that the wait is not long! Oh Blessed Father, I will continue on to come back to You for this meat for Your people; for I am so greatly thankful for so much meat! Yet, I still hope for a quick ending to this part of these works; for, as You know, my suffering is and has been very, very great!

This is known, My Little One! Keep praying, and keep feeding My people! For, I am also a God of Great Surprises!”

“Father, just a few more questions, if You don’t mind. Father, what is that word on the scroll, which You tossed to Your Son, who lives in the darkness?”

“My Little One, that word is this word, this word that I give you now. For, we sit in his tree and I feed him My truths through you, but also from his own tree! For, as I have said, the second tree is of the first tree. Therefore, My Little One, the words that I give now, he will receive quickly and gladly so.”

Father, I ask great protection for him; for the evil is so great around him. Keep him in the palm of Your hands and protect him in all things, Father.”

“So, it is, My Little One. So, it is. And, with this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of December, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

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