Chapter Sixty-Five


“The Fiery Chastisements!”
My Update to you after some time …..

Hello, Dear Ones! Greetings to you in the Name of our Mighty Saviour, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings! As I begin this message to you, it is now the 20th day of January, 2010, a bleak and dreary day! Peering due north through my office window, I watch dark clouds as they ride the swells of a deep and pulsating winter wind. A heavy blue mist covers the nearby hills! Tall pines blanket the near sky, their wispy presence a peaceful reminder that there is indeed life amidst the vast and unappealing shades of grey! Hoping to catch a glimpse of the occasional squirrel or sparrow, I longingly search the carpet of brown leaves, which so artfully hide the rocky terrain. But, it seems that even the little creatures of nature have withdrawn into their own places. The words of Solomon still my mind with a sure knowing that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

This deep knowing, my Dear Ones, rings true and loudly that a gross darkness is upon the face of the whole earth! Just as surely as the wind caresses the wispy bows of the looming pines, there is stirring another kind of wind, a silent, almost unseen, yet vicious and destructive wind. Dark storm clouds hover all over the world; for the foul breath of the dragon blows forth its smoke and mirrors. Indeed, the dark face of great evil is pushing into the heart of all that is good and right! Seeds of terrible discord have been sown in the midst of the unsuspecting; and a harvest of treachery is unfolding! What has been sown in darkness is now being reaped in the light of day!

Yet, even as dumb sheep to the slaughter, the masses forge ahead, totally oblivious that Satan has already recruited them into his own armies. Blind and deaf, lackadaisical, uncaring, naïve and ignorant, these sleeping hoards have already been branded for deliverance into the fiery chastisements! Evil has overtaken them. They have lapped up violence! They have lusted after the flesh and they have craved all that is destructive and vacuous. They have forsaken truth; for truth is too painful for them! Instead, they have loved the world of illusion and they have made the world of lies and fantasy their mainstay! Their souls are full of rot and darkness and this very darkness calls forth their own terrible destinies!

Like a horse, who craves a carrot, they so crave the world of illusion! And, because they have loved such lies, they have all been given over to even bigger lies! For, it is the Father of All Lies, who courts them! It is the Father of All Lies, who seduces them; and they are caught up, even caught up as in a great whirlwind of darkness; and they see it not! For, darkness calls out to darkness, evil to evil! Oh, so terrible is the fate of those, who love a lie, and, who waste away their lives in illusion; for their destiny is in the burning fires! And, in such fires, many of their souls are burned up!



Pray for the Salvation of the Sinners!

Oh, howl, oh you Faithful Ones, for surely your cries will be heard by our Mighty Saviour! Weep for the souls, who will soon be destroyed! For, a great stench has arisen over many great cities; and the gates of hell have opened up into their midst. The dark demons from hell have come into these great cities and they are busy harvesting their own.

A great complacency has gripped the minds, the hearts and the souls of great masses and with their own blood; they have signed away their souls! Fallen! Oh, how these souls have fallen! Fallen into utter darkness, gripped tightly in the hands of Satan. They have rooted like pigs and they have bored right down into hell! With their witchcrafts and lusty sins, they have dug into hell; and hell, itself is opened into our very midst.

Oh, howl and cry out, you Righteous Ones! Weep for the sins of these souls! Beg for their souls before our Mighty King; for He is the Only One, who can help! A Dark Reaper is in our Midst and He is out for very great harvest.

Go into your prayer closets, You Sons of God; for the Lord of All Creation will hear your cries. Perhaps, He will extend mercy; for the gates of darkness having been swung wide open, a feeding frenzy of evil is set to devour the masses.

Go into that holy place, oh Blessed Servants of the Most High; and howl in deep prayer for the unrepentant sinners; for oh so great shall be their suffering in the fiery chastisements!


Our Saviour has laid a Very Straight Line!

Our Mighty King has laid a measuring line and He is busy sorting out the Precious Ones, who love Him above all, who seek and desire to live righteously. He has aforetime called this place the Strait and Narrow; and this is but on one side of this measuring line.

Yet, opposite this holy place there is yet another place; and this one is called the Broad Way! The Broad Way is but another way of describing “Satan’s Army!” For, the Lord has surely said, “If you are not for Me, You are against Me!” And, those, who will not love Him with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength are surely against Him! He has told us that one, who commits one sin commits them all! He has also said that He will spew the lukewarm out of his mouth! Therefore, if you are not “sold out” to our Lord, you are against Him!

Few indeed find this Straight and Narrow, but the masses run headlong into the Broad Way; and they are all in the camp of the enemy, whether by one sin or by many. For each unrepentant sin, every soul will pay hereafter in the fires of correction. For this reason, The Lord has said, “Be ye perfect, even as I am perfect!” Once in these fires, unless the Lord should have mercy upon them, none will be released until they have paid “every last farthing!” For, the Judge, the Great Ruler of the Law, who oversees the punishments of the soul, will make it so!


Hard Times for those, who walk the Strait and Narrow!

If you are a true believer, it is indeed time for you to draw exceedingly close to our Mighty Saviour and to stay there! For, Satan is seeking to devour you! He is on the prowl for you! He sees you and he wishes to destroy you! He is after you and he will not stop until he has tempted you with every last sin in your heart, with every last bit of evil in your thoughts. He will not stop until he has exhausted all in his power to destroy you! You, oh Precious One, who seeks eternal life, are his worst dread! You are his worst enemy, indeed his most hated enemy!

Oh, you Seeker of Eternal Life, did you believe that your journey would be easy? For, it is not only Satan, who wishes to destroy you! All, who are in his army wish to destroy you, not only his many demons and wicked angels, but all, who love the world and what is in it, that is all, who are on the Broad Way! These, who do not love our Saviour with all of their hearts, with all of their souls, with all of their strength and all of their mind, are not only enemies to what is good and right, they are also your enemies. Not all of them will appear to be your enemies, but where Satan has an open door into them, he will use them against you. His demons will climb into them and Satan will assault you through them. The spirit of the world, which is in them, is your enemy and it will attack you and/or try to entice you in some way to enter back into the world.

Oh, how difficult is the walk of those, who choose the Strait and Narrow. Indeed, a lonely place, a place of great tests, trials and great sorrows. But, do not give up, ever! Do not ever give up; for this is the Only Way into Eternal Life! There is no other way; and do not be deceived by the nonsense, which you hear from the mouths of so many in both the prophetic community and elsewhere. The Straight and Narrow is a place of great tests and trials! Yes, it is a heavenly diamond mine!

Therefore, my Dear Ones, crucify the flesh. Die daily to this world and to all of its traps. Do what is right and according to the commandments of God, regardless of what others do. Stand for what is right and do not arbitrate the word of God! Do not arbitrate Our Saviour’s teachings and His commandments; for when you do so, you make a deal with the devil! And, if you will not repent, you will slowly sign away your soul to this great and evil monster; for he will surely carry you headlong into destruction!


Pistis Sophia

My Dear Ones, in previous writings, I have referred you to some very old mysteries, which our Saviour taught to His disciples. These can be found in a book, which is called “Pistis Sophia.” It is translated by G.R.S. Mead and I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book and read it. It is available on the Internet and can be freely downloaded.

I recommend that you get this book in printed form, whether you make your own printed copy from your own printer or whether you buy a copy from a bookstore or elsewhere. For, you will benefit from making copious notes along the margins of your printed material. This will not only help you to learn what you read, but will also serve as an easy reference guide to help you easily find those topics, which may seem of great and of utmost importance to you!

These are extremely important writings and I cannot in any way overstress the importance of your procuring these writings and reading them in great detail. Take very seriously our Saviour’s teachings through His words in Pistis Sophia, and you will be greatly enlightened. Through our Saviour’s teachings in this book, you will have a deeper foundation in His eternal truths; not only having the necessary wisdom and truths to help save your own soul from destruction; but also having profound truths, which are invaluable in your quest for eternal life! As we know, our Saviour taught mostly in parables to the masses, but He taught the mysteries to His disciples.


The Terrible Fiery Chastisements!

Though much is contained in these great teachings of our Saviour, I wish to expound on the terrible chastisements, which await the unrepentant sinner. For, without sincere and sustained repentance, none will be able to attain the great promises of the Light Kingdom, which our Saviour describes in great detail in these teachings!

Through the many wars, which are coming, and through the terrible calamities in the Earth, there is about to be a mass exit of souls from this planet. Look upon the horrors of the Haiti earthquake and you will surely understand that I am telling you the truth! There is a great urgency in my soul to warn you of what awaits the sinner; for my heart greatly grieves so for those, whose souls will be burned, up in the fiery chastisements.

My Dear Ones, I take no joy in the suffering of anyone, and greatly desire to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls! have laid my plea before our Saviour back in the summer of 2004. When He told me then that He would give me my heart’s desire, I told him that I want nothing for myself, only that I may see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls! Therefore, I regularly plead for your souls! My heart grieves for so many, who will surely be cast headlong into these fiery chastisements and will not get out. Oh how grievous that in these fiery chastisements, many souls are regularly burned up!

The book, “Pistis Sophia,” is replete with our Saviour’s warnings like this one: “Keep watch over yourselves and sin not, lest ye heap evil on evil and go out of the body without having repented and become strangers to the Light-kingdom forever!” (Pistis Sophia, p257) Read on; and take heed!


“The Dragon of Outer Darkness!”

Jesus reveals: “The Outer Darkness is a great dragon, whose tail is in its mouth, outside the whole world and surrounding the whole world. And, there are many regions of chastisements within it. There are twelve mighty chastisement-dungeons and a ruler is in every dungeon and the face of the rulers is different one from another.” (p263)


Those Souls, who go into Outer Darkness!

Jesus continues: “No soul will be led into the Dragon (of Outer Darkness) through these doors, but the souls of the blasphemers and of those who are in the doctrines of error, and of those, who have intercourse with males (males with males) and of those stained and impious men and of atheists and murderers and adulterers and sorcerers. All such souls then, if while still in life they do not repent, but remain persistently in their sin, and ….. those, which have had the number of the circuits, which are appointed to them in the sphere, without having repented, well, at their last circuit will those souls, they and all the souls of which I have just told you, be led out of (into?) the jaws of the tail of the dragon into the dungeons of outer darkness. And, when those souls have been led into the outer darkness into the jaws of his tail, he turneth his tail into his own mouth and shutteth them in. (pp 267, 268) Note: In the above paragraph, and in the following paragraphs, I have written what is in parenthesis and have emboldened certain words for emphasis. By the completion of the circuits, our Saviour means completion of all appointed incarnations into the flesh.)

Our Saviour continues: Not only are they (the chastisements in Outer Darkness) more painful compared with all the chastisements of the judgments, but all the souls which are led into that region, will be frozen up in the violent cold and the hail and (punished in the) exceedingly violent fire which is in the region, but also at the dissolution of the world, that is at the ascension of the universe, those souls will perish through the violent cold and the exceedingly violent fire and be non-existent forever. (p268)

The fire in the Dragon of outer darkness and in all the chastisements in him is seventy times more violent than the fire in all the chastisements and in all the judgments of the rulers of the midst. (P269)

Yet, my Dear Ones, we will learn later on that the fires of the rulers of the Midst are so fiercely terrible that many souls are rendered as useless and must be made anew.


Who will go into Outer Darkness?

In summary, the following will be led into the jaws of the tail of the Dragon of Outer Darkness? Those, who leave the bodies and are full of any of these unrepentant sins: 1. the blasphemers; 2. those, who are in doctrines of error; 3. those, who have intercourse with males (males with males), those stained and impious men; 4. atheists; 5. murderers; 6. adulterers; 7. sorcerers and 8. those, who die in sin and have completed the number of their circuits. (the appointed number of their incarnations into this sphere.) TAKE NOTE OF THOSE, WHO GO INTO OUTER DARKNESS!


Outer Darkness and the Rulers of Outer Darkness!

Jesus words again: “The Outer Darkness is a great dragon, whose tail is in its mouth, outside the whole world and surrounding the whole world. And, there are many regions of chastisements within it. There are twelve mighty chastisement-dungeons and a ruler is in every dungeon and the face of the rulers is different one from another.” (p263)

Following, I list the names of these twelve rulers and their appearances.

Ruler of First Dungeon …his name is Enchthonin and his authentic face is a crocodile’s face.

Ruler of Second Dungeon … his name is Charachar and his authentic face is a cat’s face.

Ruler of Third Dungeon … his name is Archaroch and his authentic face is that of a dog’s face. Note that there is to be a long vowel mark over the o in Archaroch, and this o is pronounced as the “o” in old.

Ruler of Fourth Dungeon … his name is Archrochar and his authentic face is that of a serpent’s face. Note again that there should be the mark of a long vowel sound over the “o” and this “o” should be pronounced as the “o” in old.

Ruler of Fifth Dungeon … his name is Marchur and his authentic face is that of a black bull’s face. Note again that the “ur” should have a mark over it indicating a long vowel sound. This ur should be pronounced as the “ur” in sure.

Ruler of Sixth Dungeon … his name is Lamchamor and his authentic face is that of a wild boar’s face. Note again that the “o” is to be pronounced as the “o” in old.

Ruler of the Seventh Dungeon … his name is Luchar and his authentic face is that of a bear’s face.

Ruler of the Eighth Dungeon … his name is Laraoch and his authentic face is that of a vulture’s face. Note again that the “o” is to be pronounced as the “o” in old.

Ruler of the Ninth Dungeon … his name is Archeoch and his authentic face is that of a basilisk’s face.

Rulers of the Tenth Dungeon … Xarmaroch is the name of the one, who is over these rulers. For, for in the tenth dungeon is a multitude of rulers and on each authentic face is seven dragon’s heads. Again, the “o” is pronounced as in the word, old.

Rulers of the Eleventh Dungeon … Rochar is the great ruler over these rulers; for in this dungeon there is a multitude of rulers and every one of them has seven cat-faced heads as his authentic face. Again, the “o” in Rochar is pronounced as the “o” in old.

Rulers of the Twelfth Dungeon …Chremaor is the chief ruler in this dungeon, but in this dungeon there are a multitude of rulers and every one of them has seven dog-faced heads as his authentic face. The “e” in Chremaor is pronounced as the “e” in eve and the “o” is pronounced as the “o” in old.

“These rulers….. each and every one of them hath a name every hour and every one of them changeth his face every hour.” (p267) “ …but, the twelve (names) are one in the other, so that he who speaketh one name, speaketh all. (p274)


The Great Mercy and Grace of our Saviour
“How to get out of the Dungeons of the Dragon of Outer Darkness!”

And, all men, who shall find the mystery of one of the twelve names of that dragon of the outer darkness, and all men even if they are very great sinners, and they have first received the mysteries of the Light and have transgressed, or they have performed no mystery at all, then if they have completed their circuits in the changes, and if such men go forth out of the body without having repented anew, and if they are led into the chastisements which (are) in the midst of the dragon of the outer darkness, and remain in the circuits and remain in the chastisements in the midst of the dragon, these, if they know the mystery of one of the twelve names of the angels, while they are in life and are in the world, and IF THEY SPEAK ONE OF THEIR NAMES WHILE IN THE MIDST OF THE CHASTISEMENTS OF THE DRAGON, then, at the hour when they shall speak it, the whole dragon will be tossed about and most exceedingly convulsed, and the door of the dungeon in which the souls of those men are, openeth itself upward, and the ruler of the dungeon in which the souls of those men are, openeth itself upward, and the ruler of the dungeon in which those men are, casteth the souls of those men out of the midst of the dragon of the outer darkness, because they have found the mystery of the name of the dragon.”



Other Fires!

Yet, my Dear Ones, there is mention of other fiery chastisements; and herein I shall write what our Saviour says of these other fires: (pp268 add 269)

1. Fires of Amente …nine times fiercer than the fire of mankind.

2. Fires of the chastisements in the Great Chaos …nine times more violent than the fires of Amente.

3. Fires of the Rulers, who are in the Midst …nine times more violent than the fires of the great chaos.

4. Fires of the Dragon of Outer Darkness …seventy times more violent than the fires in all of the chastisements of all the rulers.

5. Not included in this list are the fires of hell!

Indeed, it is very late. The dark clouds of the time of Jacob’s trouble are looming all over the world. A feeding frenzy of evil is roaring across the world and great evil is looking to devour you! Silly prophets and silly preachers of the word are lulling you to sleep with their witchcraft spells, many of their words compelling and highly believable; for they put on a good show and because of their good show, many are deluded. Many fall to their charming wiles; and they are shaping and forming by the day more souls, who are just like them. Indeed, they are forming their own hell-bound groups! Oh, so terrible is the destiny of so many in the churches and in the prophetic community! Have mercy, oh Blessed King! Have mercy!


The Five Great Rulers over the Fiery Chastisements of the Midst

Our Saviour continues: Yew came and took other three-hundred and sixty rulers… who had not faith in the mystery of the Light and bound them into these aerial regions... He established over them… these, who are on the way of the Midst.

My Dear Ones, following are the five great rulers, who are over the way of the Midst; and they are all evil. Herein, I write their names; for they are over terrible chastisements. You will also read of the kinds of sins, which they punish and how long a soul is in these chastisements. From all that I can discern from our Saviour’s teachings, many souls are burned up or in these terrible chastisements.

First Ruler on the Way of the Midst … Paraplex is the name. This ruler has a woman’s shape, whose hair reaches down to her feet. Twenty-five archdemons stand under her power and these archdemons rule over a multitude of other demons. “And, it is those demons which enter into men and seduce them, raging and cursing and slandering; and it is they which carry off hence and in ravishment the souls and dispatch them through their dark smoke and their evil chastisements.” “They dispatch them through the dark smoke and destroyeth them through her (Paraplex’s) evil fire, so that they begin to be undone and dissolved. One hundred and thirty-three years and nine months, do they spend in the chastisements of her regions while she torments them in the fire of her wickedness.” (excerpts from pp301-302)

Second Ruler on the Way of the Midst … Ariouth the AEthiopian, a female ruler is the name. She is entirely black. Fourteen archdemons, which rule over a multitude of other demons, stand under her. These demons, who stand under Ariouth “enter into strife seekers until they stir up wars and murders arise, and they harden their heart and seduce it to wrath in order that murders arise. And the souls, which this authority will carry off in ravishment, pass one hundred-and-thirteen years in her regions, while she tormenteth them through her dark smoke and her wicked fires, so that they come nigh unto destruction. “…And, all the souls which are in her chastisements are carried off and cast back into the sphere anew, because they are ruined through her dark smoke and her wicked fires.” (pp303,304)

Third Ruler on the Way of the Midst … Triple-faced Hekate is her name Under her authority are twenty-seven archdemons. “They enter into men and seduce them to perjuries and lies and to covet that which doth not belong to them.” The souls, who are carried into these fires “spend one-hundred-and-five years and six months… and they begin to be dissolved and destroyed.” “…and all the souls which are in her chastisements, are carried off and cast back anew, … because they are dissolved…”(pp 303,304)

Fourth Ruler on the Way of the Midst …Parhedron Typhon is the name. Thirty-two archdemons are under this ruler. “They … enter into men and seduce them to lusting, fornicating, adultery and to the continual practice of intercourse.” The souls then which this ruler will carry off into ravishment, pass one-hundred-and-twenty-and-eight years in his regions, while the demons torment them through his dark smoke and his wicked fire, so that they begin to be ruined and destroyed. “…All the souls…cast back anew …because they are reduced through his dark smoke and wicked fires.”

Fifth Ruler on the Way of the Midst … Yachthanabas is the name. This ruler is over a multitude of demons. “It is they which enter into men and bring it about that they have respect of persons, treating the just with injustice, and favour the cause of sinners, taking gifts for a just judgment and perverting it, forgetting the poor and needy,….. they (the demons) increasing the forgetfulness in their souls and the care for that which bringeth no benefit, in order that they may not think of their life, so that when they come out of the body, they are carried in ravishment.” These souls “pass one-hundred-and-fifty years and eight months” in these terrible fires…” “they are ruined in his chastisements.” (pp306, 307)


Specific Chastisements for the Unrepentant Sinner!
These are our Saviour’s teachings!
The Fiery punishments of The Persistent Slanderer!

Jesus tells of the man, who “persistently slandereth:” (p316) “… Abiout and Charmon, the receivers of Ariel come, lead this soul out of the body and spend three days going round and instructing it concerning the creatures of the world. Thereafter they lead it into Amente, before Ariel, and he chastiseth it in his chastisements eleven months-and-twenty-one days.” Thereafter, they lead it into the chaos before Yaldabaoth and … his demons fall on it another eleven months and twenty-and-one days, scourging it with fiery whips. Thereafter they lead it into fire rivers and boiling fire-seas, to take vengeance on it therein for another eleven months and twenty-and-one days. Thereafter, they carry it on the way of the midst and every one of the rulers on the way of the midst chastizeth it in his chastisements another eleven months and twenty-and-one-days.”

And, thereafter, my Dear Ones, it will be purified greatly in “seething fires” until it is totally purified. This soul is then given a “cup of forgetfulness” and this soul will be cast back into a body, where it will “spend its time being afflicted.” (p316, 317) For your understanding I will further entail what our Saviour teaches regarding other specific chastisements for certain sins!

Chastisements for one, who has committed only one sin, murdering, and who also dies in this sin:
Our Saviour’s words: “Yaldabaoth come and lead his soul out of the body and bind it by its feet to a great demon with a horse’s face, and he spendeth three days circling round with it in the world. Thereafter they lead it to the regions of the cold and snow and they take vengeance on it there three years and six months.” Thereafter, they lead this soul into the chaos, where it is punished for three years and six months. Thereafter, into the midst, where the wicked rulers take vengeance on it for three years and six months. Thereafter, this soul is cast into outer darkness….where, eventually it will be destroyed! THIS IS THE FATE OF THE ONE, WHO HAS COMMITTED ONLY ONE SIN, MURDER! (p317, 318)

Peter said, “My Lord, a robber and a thief, whose sin is this persistently…?” And, our Saviour describes: (If this one dies and does not repent,) “Adonis will come after him and lead his soul out of the body, and they spend three days circling round with it and instructing it concerning the creatures of the world. Thereafter, they lead it down into the Amente before Ariel, and he taketh vengeance on it … three months, eight days and two hours.” Thereafter, into the Chaos, where the demons take vengeance on it for three months, eight days and two hours. Thereafter, into the way of the Midst, where the wicked demons take vengeance on it for another three months, eight days and two hours. Thereafter, this soul is purified with seething fire, given a cup of forgetfulness and is cast into a “lame, halt and blind body. This is the chastisement of the thief.” (p318)

“Andrew …said, an arrogant, overweening man, when he cometh out of the body, what will happen to him?” (p319)

Our Saviour replies to Andrew’s question: “If the time of such a one is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Ariel come after him and lead out his soul and spend three days traveling round in the world with it and instructing it concerning the creatures of the world.” Thereafter, … this soul is taken into the chastisements of Amente, where he chastises it for twenty months. Thereafter, into the chaos, where it is chastised another twenty months. Thereafter, on the way of the midst where every one of the rulers takes vengeance on it another twenty months. Thereafter, this soul is purified exceedingly in a seething fire, is given a cup of forgetfulness and is then so cast “into a lame and deformed body, that all despise it persistently.” (p319,320)

“Thomas said, ‘A persistent blasphemer, what is his chastisement?” (p320, 321) And, our Saviour responded: “If the time of such an one is completed through the sphere, the receivers of Yaldabaoth come after him and bind him by his tongue to a great demon with a horse’s face; they spend three days traveling round with him in the world and take vengeance on him. Thereafter, they lead him into the region of the cold and snow, and take vengeance on him there eleven years.” Thereafter, into the chaos, “where the demons taketh vengeance on him another eleven years.” Thereafter … into outer darkness… And that soul becometh frozen up and destroyed and dissolved. This is the judgment of the blasphemer.

“Help us now, Lord, and have mercy upon us, in order that we may be preserved from these wicked chastisements which are prepared for the sinners. Woe unto them, woe unto the children of men! For they grope as the blind in the darkness and see not. Have mercy upon us, O Lord, in this great blindness in which we are. And have mercy upon the whole race of men; for they have lain in wait for their souls, as lions for their prey, making it (sc the prey) ready as food for their (sc the rulers) chastisements because of the forgetfulness and unknowing which is in them. Have mercy upon us, our Lord, our Saviour, have mercy upon us and save us in this great stupefaction.” (p307) THESE WORDS, MY DEAR ONES, ARE THE PLEAS OF THE APOSTLES AS THEY “FELL DOWN AND ADORED” OUR SAVIOUR!

My Dear Ones, these great chastisements, which I have entailed to you from our Saviour’s own words in the book, Pistis Sophia, were some of the mysteries that He taught His disciples! His great revelations are indeed, greatly troubling; and I hope that you read all of Pistis Sophia; for there is much meat of the word for all, who will dig deeply to receive it. Take your time and make copious notes; for this material is indeed very deep spiritual teaching! As I have previously written, you may freely download this book, Pistis Sophia, from the Internet. I do hope and pray that you will not only take seriously these words, but that you will copy the words of this book and share them with everyone you know.

Hear me, oh you Precious People! What a great a terrible shame to lose your soul in the fiery chastisements because of unrepentant sin! Oh, how deeply troubling it is to see a great rise in the numbers, who bear false witness and spread lies far and wide just because the think that they can do so with impunity. Woe to the workers of darkness, who infest the intelligence branches of this nation and elsewhere! Woe to the children of Satan, who delight in spreading hate an evil! Great will be your suffering, if you do not stop this great evil! For, you are working towards the very destructions of your souls! Do you not realize that you do not get away with anything, that you are only being deluded! Oh how terrible that you have signed away your souls, just so that you could get away with evil in this earth! You do so, not realizing that every sin is recorded on your soul, and a record also exists in front of the great rulers of the chastisements! None will escape the consequences of sin; for according to our Saviour’s own words, “Yes, he will receive it (the chastisements) if he hath committed three sins, he will receive chastisements for three.”

Therefore, I can only plead with each of you again to stop sinning and to love our Saviour with your whole heart, with your whole mind, with your whole strength and with your whole soul, and to love others, even as you love yourself. Make your life totally centered on our Saviour and come out of the traps of this wicked world. Indeed, renounce this wicked world and all of its wickedness; for it is full of great snares, which may bring your very soul to destruction!


The Bold-Faced Liars,
Who Say That They Serve Our Mighty God!

In closing, I wish to address some more lies, which have been spread against me on the Internet; and not just small lies, but gross lies, which bear false witness against me! Again, these lies and smears, these gross attacks against me, have been spread by one Elizabeth Sheri Eliljah Nikomia, who says that she is a prophetess of God, but her very own words and her very own works bear witness that she is a true servant of Satan, having been married to a high-level Satanist for over thirty years! She is not only heading fast into these fiery chastisements, but she is busy molding and shaping many more of you to follow in her footsteps!

My Dear Ones, it was last October that a woman from Oklahoma City wrote to me and detailed a very chaotic dream! I skimmed over the dream, but did not pay a lot of attention to it as I was already going through a great amount of persecution and stress due to our Father’s work towards the salvation of the children of Satanic lineage. Great evil was rising up against me; for Satan was furious about the turn in these works. His attacks against me were great and unrelenting and I was also exceedingly tired.

I read over this woman’s email and also called her as she had sent me her telephone number. We spoke for a short while and she told me her concerns about living in Oklahoma City! She called me again and told me that our Saviour had told her to flee Oklahoma City! She also asked me if I would pray for her using my heavenly language. I did so and did not find this strange as another woman calls me from time to time and asks me to do the same, as our Saviour will frequently reveal the hidden and unknown after I pray in this language.

I could only agree with her that it was probably a good idea to come out of Oklahoma City; for if there is not a great repentance in Oklahoma City, there will most assuredly come a time when it will be destroyed. This is one of the cities, which our Saviour sent me into in the Summer of 2008, to speak judgments; and He spoke a terrible judgment over that city, though I truly do pray for His mercy!

She called me again and told me that she, her “man” and her “baby” had fled Oklahoma City and that their car had shut down on the Expressway! She said that they were about thirty-five miles outside of Oklahoma City and that they were also about thirty-five miles from the next eastward exit. She told me that they had about $200.00 in cash, probably not enough to hire a tow truck and to get their car repaired. When I asked her if they knew someone in Oklahoma City, who would come to help them, she told me “no.” I felt compassion for them, also believing that she had a “baby” in that broken-down car.”

She had told me as well that they were on their way to North Carolina as they had a friend there, whom they planned to stay with. So, feeling great compassion for them, I told them that I would pray for a miracle for them regarding their car (which they apparently did get) and that I would also send them $500.00 to help them with the possible repair needs! And, if their vehicle could not be repaired that they would then have the funds to catch a bus to their destination in North Carolina.

However, they would reportedly receive a very great miracle with their car, and the repair would apparently not cost them any money! I did not want anything from them and helped them out of the love of my heart. In closing, I wish to add that told this woman that I felt that I would see them one day.

Some days passed and I received yet another call from this woman, who called herself “White Dove,” and she told me that our Lord had spoken to them as they neared their destination in North Carolina and told them to come to my place in Arkansas. I really did not have a place for them, but they assured me that they had brought much camping equipment. Normally, I would have allowed visitors to sleep in my old motor home, but it had sprung a leak and the roof needed to be repaired!

When they arrived, it had been raining exceedingly hard; and as they had camping equipment strapped on the top of their car with ropes going across the inner ceiling of the car, a great amount of rain had entered into their car and they told me that the floor board of their war was literally full of water. So, I told them that they could unload their things and put them into the motor home and that they could spend the night in a small chapel on my land.

Previously, there was an old storage shed, which was partly put together and stood on my land in disrepair, for over two years. In 2007, I hired a carpenter to do what was necessary to turn it into a small chapel. He put a nice window into the building, paneled the walls, put tile on the floor and also put a screened porch on the chapel. I began to acquire furniture for the little chapel, some new couches, a new table and chairs, a beautiful rug and matching curtains; and last year, I was able to find a good used piano. I dedicated it to our Lord and to His work; and also have greatly thanked our Mighty King for those of you, who helped me with the finances to build this little chapel!

This little chapel belongs to our Lord; yet, I had compassion on them and allowed them to spend the night out there. I honestly could not have thought otherwise; for in my heart, I did not believe it right to allow them to sleep in a tent outdoors; for there had come a lot of rain.

I only have one small bedroom in my small place, but also had no inclination to allow them to sleep in my house! This house is Holy unto the Lord; and I do not allow many to sleep in here. For, the Beautiful Little Son of the King, the little manchild of Revelation Twelve, lives within me! This is his abode; and He is indeed very precious!

They offered to help me with things that I might need to have done around the land, but the only thing that I really needed help with was to patch the leaks on the roof of the motorhome. So, that morning, the morning that they had arrived, I made them breakfast and I went with “White Dove” whose name is apparently April Matyro/Reimer and we purchased things, which might be needed to repair the roof. She and her husband went also to the nearest hardware store and purchased some roofing tar for me, which I paid for. That night, I would prepare dinner for them.

April’s husband is named Brian Reimer and they have a son, whose name is Montana. I was surprised to learn that Montana is not a “baby” but is ten years old. I was also surprised to see that April calls him “my little autistic boy,” as I have worked with both autistic children and adults and am very familiar with their behavioral traits. In “Montana,” I saw absolutely no behavioral characteristics of the autistic child. What I witnessed in Montana was a very loquacious boy! He was exceedingly talkative, inquisitive, asking many questions about most anything. He seemed to be a bright child, only very hyperactive.

I was kind to them and they were in no way unkind to me. And, so the day passed! But, as it was nearing darkness, and April and Brian were outside unloading their car, April came into the house with a very wild tale. She told me that a “wolf” had suddenly appeared, was crouching, and about to pounce on her husband, who was squatting and putting things into a plastic bag. She then told me another tale, which I found most strange; and this tale was that my little dog, who is so afraid of strangers, came running and pounced on the wolf and saved the life of her husband. She then went on to tell me that other dogs gathered in my back yard, (which is only a few feet from my back door) and began to fight. Yet, I was not very far from the supposed great “fight” and heard nothing. I found this most unusual since I can clearly hear my dog when she barks outside, even when she is down in the forest.

I went out to check my dog and she bore no marks on her anywhere! Most certainly, she had not been in a fight! Also, there were no other dogs in my yard at all. At times, however, some dogs do come into my yard from neighboring houses. So, this was a great mystery to me and I really did not know what to think, so I just let it slide; for our Mighty King will always enlighten my understanding, given time.

The next morning, I made them breakfast and asked them if they slept well in the little chapel and they said, “yes.” I also told them that I would go to Goodwill (a place, where one can buy used clothes) to buy clothes for Montana, as they had brought no changes of clothes for any of them, which I found most strange. So, I left and bought some clothes for Montana and also some toys. Before I went, I also laid some changes of my own clothes out for April and told them that I would return in about two hours.

It was surely shocking to return and see that they were gone and did not leave so much as a note. They were kind enough, however, to lock up my house and to lock the little chapel. I never heard another word out of them. This all took place in October of 2009!

However, recently a young man sent me an excerpt from something, which Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia had written, wildly claiming that I was “locking people up in a shed” on my land. To read this bold-faced, outrageous lie was too mind-boggling for words! Firstly, I do not even have a shed on my land, but only a chapel! To write such a thing without any true and reliable source of information is beyond wild and extreme! Yet, this “rant” of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia would not even be the beginning of the gross lies, outright slanderous accusations, and false witness, which this woman, April, would bear against me.

I do want to add that April showed up in military attire! She wore a camouflage hat with a big, camouflage coat. She told me that she was in the military for four years and that she had been a nurse; and she also spoke of the “intelligence” connections that she still had in the military. Oddly, her husband only spoke two or three words! Even when asked how he would like his eggs for breakfast, he would not speak a word! April said,” He doesn’t speak much!”

After leaving my house near the end of the week, April wasted no time in contacting Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia to spread such hate and bold-faced lies as I have seldom read against anyone!. What she wrote does not even bear printing as it is full of such unbelievable lies! I only read her accusations once on the Internet and was again too shocked for words, but I will address some of her lies that stick in my mind right here: APRIL’S LIES: 1. that I had told her that I intend to “kill” Stew Webb. Oh, so terrible is this lie!!!!! I have absolutely no hard feelings for Stew Webb, even though he surely turned on me and told terrible lies against me over five years ago. I fully understand that Stew Webb works for the Intelligence agencies and this is what they do! They lie! 2. A second lie that comes to mind, which April wrote, is that I intend to destroy certain cities, among them Chicago! Another bold-faced, utterly outrageous and bizarre lie!

People, who know me personally, will tell you that I do not even like to kill a bug! I get along with the creatures of nature as I see that they are appointed a work; and some are appalled that I admire the work of wasps and watch eagerly to see what the little lizards and other beneficials do to help me in my garden. I am absolutely against any kind of violence and seek to live at peace with all of creation.

3.. Another grievous lie that this woman told is that I said that my son is evil! So grievous is this bold-faced lie!!!!! I have surely said that my son is rebellious and has been rebellious; but I love him greatly and have NEVER EVER said that he is evil. I pray for him a lot and I know that our Saviour hears my cries on his behalf; for he is very precious to me!

There are a string of other lies and outright misrepresentations, such as her telling that I called those so-called dogs, (which she supposedly saw) my “hounds from hell.” Such outright evil is too terrible for words.

Furthermore, in her rant to this supposed prophetess of our Saviour, who definitely does not serve our Saviour, April goes into a bizarre dream, which she claims that she had in the chapel! But, I can attest to the fact that this so-called dream is nothing more and nothing less than one huge Satanic falsehood!

Furthermore, in her e-mail, April is cajoling Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, to “get” two souls that I love very much! Sadly, these two would come under great satanic attack and one would make a grievous decision to return to a man, who beat her so badly and crippled her. The other one, whom they intended to “get” would come under great attack from Satan and suffer greatly as they tried outright mind control on him! But, our Father would totally deliver him. So, when you read April’s words to Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia to help her “get” these, realize that this is a call from one servant of Satan to another; and words, which would bring great Satanic assaults against those, whom I love very much!

My Dear Ones, April Matyro/Reimer, (if that is her real name) threw a slew of lies into the face of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, who avariciously devoured them; and put them out as truth! Then, mysteriously “April Matyro/Reimer” disappeared herself, disconnecting her telephone and internet service.

Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia did not even research one lie, but cast them again into the faces of the gullible and naïve and pushed them again down the throats of the unsuspecting as if they are truth. In addition, she continues to expound upon the same old lies!

I am greatly pained for you, who follow after the lying ways of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia and equally pained that any of you truly believe that she serves our Saviour. I warn you now that if you do not stop following after this bold-faced lying woman, you will surely share her fate in the boiling, fiery seas.

I used to wonder why our Saviour allowed this woman, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, to continue on with her great lies; but now I fully understand why. She remains to try and to test you all and to drag you right down into the flames with her! This is what I now know; and I know that soon enough our Father will let His hammer down on this lying machine.

So, who is April Matyro/Reimer? She is a servant of Satan and his many hoards! She is a servant of the lying intelligence apparati. Woe to this wicked woman; for if she does not repent with weeping and wailing before our Mighty King, her soul will end up in one of the fiery chastisements!

Our Saviour is clear about those, who bear false witness and slander others, who rise up to lie and seek to destroy others through lies. Go back up and re-read what is said about many of the souls, who go into the fiery chastisements of the First Ruler and Third Rulers on the Way of the Midst. Many of their souls are surely destroyed! What will be the chastisements for those, who return evil for good? What a shame to see so many destroy their own souls because they will not humble themselves and repent of their wicked ways! For, our Saviour is full of love and mercy; and He forgives!

But, obviously many do not repent, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia being just one of them! Even as our Saviour warns, the demons in them cause them to harden their hearts unto the destruction of their own souls!


In Closing!

All is otherwise well with me and with the Little Manchild! We are more than fine. We are greatly and exceedingly blessed in spite of all that Satan does and has done in his attempts to destroy us! That monster is wroth with us; for the little Son of the King is becoming a great fire! And, soon Satan, the monster from the burning fires, (who so desperately needs to go back there); is going to have a very formidable opponent.

My Dear Ones, this little, precious Son of the King is of very great size now, extending far outside of my body. It was only a few nights past that I looked and saw his light, that it extended by about sixty feet or more outside of my body! It extended also far into the earth and into the overhead skies! He is full of love and full of kindness; and I know that his time in the earth is growing shorter by the day!

All of heaven is waiting for him to return to the throne of our Saviour; and the wicked ones are having to deal with him and his powers more by the day. They are seeing the growth of their great enemy; for this little Son of the King is going to rule the whole earth with a rod of iron. He is going to bring great corrective powers onto the forces of evil; and he will soon take up residence in the Sons of God. My Dear Ones, I have every reason to rejoice and I do rejoice. We are entering into a new set of laws, the laws of the Kingdom of our Saviour in this earth.

Take heed to all that I have given you! I warn you because I love you! I tell you the truth that you might repent, serve our Saviour in truth and spirit, and enter into the Kingdom of God! Make a determination to live righteously; and do not be moved in your determination. You know that the way is narrow and the gate is strait. There is no other way to enter into the Kingdom of God!

Copy this message and spread it far and wide. One person can do much to save the souls of many! Do you love them enough to tell them the truth, to warn them, to tell them about our Saviour! For, He and He, alone is Saviour! Only our Saviour can save a soul!

Every soul, who will not receive the love, the grace, the mercy, and the forgiveness of our Saviour will eventually be destroyed! Do you understand what I say? Look around you! How many are atheists? How many are arrogant, unyielding and unbelieving? How many are fornicators, adulterers, murderers, thieves, liars, deceivers? How many are full of sin? How many will not bend a knee and repent? How many?

My Dear Ones, few have found the strait and narrow and even fewer wish to stay on it. There is no other way into eternal life, except through this strait and narrow! Do not be deceived into thinking otherwise. This Strait and Narrow is our Saviour’s Way. He is the Only Way! He is holy! He is pure! He is righteous! He is loving! He is forgiving; and He came and died for our sins that we might be saved. He has also warned us aforetime to be perfect, even as he is perfect! We have all been warned through the holy scriptures. There is not another way! Do not be deceived!

If he had not died for our sins, not a one of us would be saved! Do you understand out great gift? The Lord of the Universe came down into this wicked place and died for us? Do you cherish this gift enough to go and share it with the world? If you love our Saviour and if you love others, you will work hard to help save the souls of others!

Copy this message and share it with others. Then, begin a regular time of prayer and study of the scriptures. Dig in with all of your might and be determined! Confess your sins daily and ask for forgiveness. Love our Saviour above all and pray with your whole heart! These times are exceedingly serious and Satan is out to sift every soul!

Many, many thanks to you Faithful Ones, who are my true friends! I love you greatly! We have labored long in the vineyard, greatly anticipating the glorious harvest of the King; and our wait is now very short!

I send you much love and big hugs.

Your sis through our Blessed Saviour,

Linda Newkirk

P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR, 72117

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