Chapter Sixty-Six


“Two Little Children!”

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, the Most High God! My Little One, do you see what I have in My hands?”

“Yes, My Lord, I see two little children, who are full of fire! And, they are on bended knees before You as they sit, one in each one of Your hands. Then, Father, I see that around each one there forms a pool of liquid light, of white, liquid fire; and from this pool the two little children now arise as two little olive trees. And, Father, also I hear a popping, a roaring and a crackling, like that of a fiery wind, which is in the midst of these two.”

“My Little One, do you remember My words from Joel Chapter Two?”

“Oh, Yes, my Lord, these words are especially about Your Supernatural Army! You tell of the fire, which is upon them and how the terrain before them will seem like the Garden of Eden, yet behind them will follow a great wasteland. For, they will be full of Your all-consuming fire!”

“My Little One, is it time for the world to see My army ride in this way?”

“Father, I do not think so. For, surely Your army is Your Bride; and You have already said that You must scrub Your Bride.”

“But, what do I have here in My hands?”

“Father, You have two, little ones, two little children, who are on bended knees before You! They are clean! Their robes are white and they are humble and fearful before You! You have them both in Your hands, one on Your right and one on Your left!”

“Are these My Army, My Little One?”

“No, My Lord; for they are only two. Two is not an army.”

“No, My Little One, this not an army! But, two ride at the head of My army, one on My right and one on My left. Do you see?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“So, My Little One, from what I tell you now, it is important that You know that two not only ride at the head of My army, but two also precede My army.”

“But, Father these are humble, little children, lowly and afraid. How will they be at the head of Your army? For, they do not wish to fight, but are lowly, Father.”

“My Little One, this is a good question. And, I am pleased in this.”

“These are at the head of My army because they do not wish to fight. They are at the head of My army because they do not wish to lead. They are at the head of My army; for they have died to self and to things of the world. They are at rest and peace in Me. I am their First Love and their Only Love! This is why they are at the head of My army. My Little One, they are also at the head of My army because they were at the head from the beginning.”

“Father, why are You showing me these things now?”

“I show you because you need to fully understand that these two are considered to be two very unlikely ones, unlikely, indeed, according to the expectations and beliefs of many! Yet, even so, I will soon take them. I will open up a trap door beneath them and sink them into this deep pool of My pure and radiant fire. It will happen suddenly and suddenly I will send these two into the Earth, the forerunners of My army of fire. These two will pave the way for My incoming Supernatural Army. They have been around since the beginning and they are back now to begin their power walks. They will usher in My Kingdom Come and My Will be done!

Few will now believe what I tell you herein, and it is irrelevant whether any believe! But, soon the whole world will see that I now tell you the truth about these two. And, yes, they are humble. And, yes they want no part in strife. They DO LOVE ME ABOVE ALL, yet a little molding I will yet do in one! And, yes, they are unlikely ones to be at the head of My Army. But, remember, My Little One, that I DO what is done in and through them. For, I am in these two and these two are I. What they do is My perfect will and they do not deviate from My perfect will.

So, do not be troubled in how this will manifest. It will manifest and even as I tell you. It will manifest and ever so soon. So, be of good cheer in this. For, as I have told you, I am a God of Great Surprises; and I am about to surprise the whole world. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5 th day of December, 2009,

Linda Newkirk




Chapter Sixty-Six


Part II
“The Two Witnesses!”
“At the Mouth of Two Witnesses, or Three Witnesses….”
Shall a thing be established.

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One, even blessed above all women; for I have chosen you, I have selected you to be the earthly mother of My very own Son of Fire! In due season, even as I have told you, I will exalt you; for you have been severely trampled in the Earth! Your name has been slandered! Lies have been spread about you far and wide! Your enemies have lined up to throw mud at you! Satan and his many hoards have persecuted you and tortured you! Militaries from around the world have colluded in their terror assaults against you to destroy you, to take you over and to steal My Little Son of Light, who is in you!

But, I am with you, my blessed child, and I have been with you throughout these many years, even when you were lost and did not know Me. I never took My eyes off you; for I have known My great work, which I would do through you! Do not be troubled, My Blessed Child, it is but a little wait for you and I will raise you up in fire! And, in a great fire, you shall walk! I shall cause the earth to tremble beneath your feet; for I shall shut the mouths of the mockers and scorners!

And, I shall raise up the two witnesses of these very works, of these works of Revelation Twelve, the very works, which so many mock! Yes, I shall shut the mocking mouths; for out of the mouths of these two witnesses, I shall establish these truths all over the world, that Revelation Twelve is true, that My little Son of Fire and Light is real and that you are indeed the mother of My Son of Light and Fire in the Earth! Yes, out of the mouths of these two witnesses, I shall indeed establish the fact that you are indeed the Woman of Revelation Twelve; for the fire of My Son shall proceed forth out of your very mouth!

And, this same fire shall also proceed forth out of the mouth of the other witness, out of the mouth of the humble, old man, who has been your friend since the beginning of these works in the summer of 2004. Yet, what you do not know or fully understand, is that he has been your friend for a very long time. And, I have put him in the Earth at this time for this specific purpose, to be a witness to these works!

And, yes! There are other witnesses to these works; and for a while this was very confusing to you and also confusing to others; for My Spirit also testifies to their hearts that they are witnesses; and so they are! For, they see and they know that these works are true and real and they know that you walk under My power and anointings. So, Yes, indeed! There are other witnesses! But, they are not the two, whom I have selected to be the two witnesses of these works.

These two witnesses of these works, whom I have selected to testify about these works and (to) walk in great fire and powers, the powers of My Little Son, are you and the humble, old man! There are only two; for even as I have had Moses to write, even so many years past, “at them mouths or two witnesses, or three witnesses,…” a thing is established. (Deut. 17:6)

And, I have established the truths of these works in all phases out of the mouths of these two witnesses. This is what the two have witnessed. And, these two shall speak freely of what they have witnessed and their very words will sting the prophetic community. Their very words will sting the naysayers in the wicked churches. Their very words will sting the mockers and the scorners; for they bear a true witness to the great trials, the tests, the humiliation, the degradation, which you have endured. And, they bear a true witness to the fact that My Little Son of Light and fire is real!

These, My Little One, are the Two Witnesses of these works. (Rev.11:3) And, these two will soon walk in great power and great anointings from My throne! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8 th day of January, 2010,

Linda Newkirk




Chapter Sixty-Six


Part III
“More about the Two Witnesses”
“At the mouths of two Witnesses or three witnesses…”
Shall a thing be established.

And, with this said about the two witnesses, My Little One, the mystery of the two witnesses is revealed! For, you have asked for some time, “Why are they called the two witnesses?” “What have they witnessed?” These have been your questions and this is My answer. These are two, who have witnessed the most things about the works of Revelation Twelve. You, firstly; for you are the Woman of Revelation Twelve; and the old man secondly, for I have called him in early summer of 2004 and brought him forth to be your friend, although he did not know it (the nature of his work) at that time; and neither did you!

But, by early fall of 2004, you would know him and since that time, I have caused him to be your friend from a great distance and your confidante. From your almost daily conversations with him over the years, he has witnessed more than others, who only converse with you now and then!

As I have told you, there are indeed other witnesses, who know of the truths regarding these works! But, I have chosen only two, who will testify before the people with fire, with many signs and wonders and with great judgements! And, I have shown you these two!

For, this is a rebellious house; and I will soon call forth these two, who will plead with them through great fire and through great judgements. And, with this settled, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12 th day of January, 2010,

Linda Newkirk




Chapter Sixty-Six


Part IV
“More Confirmations from our Father Regarding the Two Witnesses”
“At the mouths of two, or three witnesses…”
Shall a thing be established.

My Dear Ones, I have been slow to print what our Father has given regarding the Two Witnesses; for I have waited on our Father in Heaven’s confirmation to me through several prophetic revelations. I know that great confusion has arisen regarding these witnesses; and I have needed for my own understanding and confirmation to hear from our Father in Heaven on various occasions; for several, who are near to me, have believed themselves to be one of the two witnesses. And, for many months, I really did not know who the two witnesses were. So, I waited for our Father to confirm deeply within my heart all that He has given me; and also to give me time to consolidate His words in my Spirit; for I so greatly fear Him and I take very seriously His words regarding these two witnesses!

More than a year ago, our Saviour began to give me a series of visions, perhaps dozens of visions, in which He showed that I was one of the Two Witnesses. These visions were very frightening to me; even as I was also frightened when our Saviour began to tell me that I am the Woman of Revelation Twelve.

You must understand that I know that I am no one, in spite of the wild accusations, which many throw against me. Our Saviour tells me about his blessings for me, but I am deeply humbled by His promises, knowing that I was out in the world in years past, and in the midst of terrible sin. Therefore, I realize daily that I am nothing, but as dust is to dust; and remember well all of my many sins in my youth.

Therefore, when He tells me about great things, which He has for me, I greatly travail in trying to grasp what He says. I know that He is speaking to me, but also I am trying to assimilate such things in my spirit. For, I am but a child, so I wish to know that I have heard him clearly. This was most assuredly the case when He told me that I am the Woman of Revelation Twelve. I believed, but I so often wondered how such a walk would be.

When the war in Heaven broke out, and Archangel Michael told me that the many millions (and even billions) of Dragos were heading right for me; and that I would take some hits, which I did from their terrible burning weapons and terrible implants, I then knew then for a certainly what it was like to be the Woman of Revelation Twelve! And, there has been no let-up of Satan in his great war against me and the Little Son of the King; for Satan has now been in my face for over four years.!

I have digressed somewhat in describing this work of Revelation Twelve, but I felt that this was necessary so that you would understand why I sought further confirmations from our Father regarding the truths of the Two Witnesses! I did not doubt our Father when He showed me a series of visions, perhaps dozens of visions depicting that I am one of the Two Witnesses. But, about the other witness, there arose much confusion, so that I needed to seek our Father much about the truth of this other witness, not only for myself, but for others, who truly believe that they are one of the two witnesses. So, I delayed in publishing these confirmations until I felt the absolute peace of our Saviour to go forward with these revelations.

In the following confirmation, some of you will see that I originally intended for these revelations of the two witnesses to be chapter Sixty-Five, but I delayed, seeking the overflowing peace of our Saviour before I would or could go forward in typing what I am now typing.

Therefore, I wrote as chapter Sixty-Five, the Fiery Chastisements and stored this current information, which would have originally been chapter Sixty-Five. I also re-labeled it and waited upon our Father, but when I retrieved chapter Sixty-Five to send it out to be posted, I would retrieve this one, the original chapter Sixty-Five and send it out to some of you. For, when I changed the name of the original chapter Sixty-Five, it did not change in my computer. Therefore, I sent out a partial chapter Sixty-Five to a few of you by mistake.

Yet, our Father was also in this; as you will read in His latest message to me about these two witnesses; for He was also showing me that it is time to send out this most important information. Therefore, there follows a most recent message from our Father about these two witnesses.


Our Father’s Latest Message About The Two Witnesses
“At the mouths of two, or three witnesses …”
A thing is established

“My Little One, come unto Me; for I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, do you know why I released chapter Sixty-Six before it was finished?”

“Yes, my Lord, I believe I do, or at least have some understanding.”

“My Little One, do you see the old man, who is holding onto the very last step?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“And, this step is also your very last step, the step, where you reside with My Precious, Little Son.”

“Yes, My Lord, I do see this.”

“And, as the old man clings to the very last step, Satan has wrapped his serpentine hold onto the lower body of this old man, all to keep him from reaching the last step.”

“But, Father, he has hold of the last step.”

“Yes, but Satan, through doubts and fears, is trying to make him let go of the last step, which is a step of faith and knowing.

Therefore, My Little One, I blinded you and had you send out two chapter Sixty-Fives, the one, which was originally intended to be chapter Sixty-Five and the current Chapter Sixty-Five. So, the intended chapter Sixty-Five will be chapter Sixty-six; for you have waited on Me for more confirmations. But, the old man needed to receive chapter Sixty-five; for Satan wishes to destroy him through doubt!

My Little One, you do not know who this old man is, but he is beloved of Me down through much time! He is very near to Me and very dear to Me and while he has been sickly and at times weak in his faith, My hands are strongly upon him and My promises to Him are very great! He will receive a boost in his faith through My words in what is now chapter Sixty-Six; and this boost in his faith will carry him up and onto the step beside you and My Little Son.

I have carried him down through much time and he has been faithful to Me throughout many lifetimes. I will not fail him in My promises to him! When I removed you from your marriage, I brought him then as your friend! Separated by many miles, yes indeed, but nonetheless your faithful friend and ally, a witness to the many tragedies, that you have suffered, and also a witness to your great suffering and much travail. I have also caused him to be (physically) near to you for eight months and as such he has also witnessed very much!

My Little One, I planted him in the earth and I raised him to bear witness to these works of Revelation Twelve. Though others also bear witness (of these works of Revelation Twelve), he has born witness to these works on a very personal level, almost since the beginning of Revelation Twelve in South Africa.

Therefore, My Little One, though there are surely other witnesses, he is the only other witness, who has witnessed so much about these works, other than yourself.

So, My Little One, you are the first witness, having been intimately connected at all times with these works. And, he is the second witness, having maintained communication with you very regularly, almost daily and even several times per day much of this time!

So, now that you stand on the last step with My Son, and he (this old man) holds onto the last step, Satan is trying to drag him down by causing doubts in him, to thereby cause him to lose faith and hope! Therefore, I caused you to be blind to what you sent out and to send out ahead of its completion, what is now chapter Sixty-Six. For, My son, the old man, needed a boost in his faith. So, when you finish chapter Sixty-Six, add this small part. For, truly I am in charge of these works. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! (BLESSED IS YOUR HOLY NAME, OH BEAUTIFUL KING!)

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30 th day of January, 2010,

Linda Newkirk

And, so it goes regarding the Two Witnesses! Yet, I also know that this work will not end when the Two Witnesses finish their work, but that an important work will also follow! Death will have no hold on these two; for, there will come a time of the gathering of many souls, who would not otherwise make it during the last few terrible years.

So, be of good cheer; for if you have faith and live in obedience to our Father, He will never leave or forsake you! However, you must have faith and persevere in obedience and righteousness! For, during terrible times of great famine and upheavals in the Earth, our Saviour will supernaturally gather many souls unto Himself, carrying into “safe” places, many, who would not otherwise make it. For, so great shall be His love and mercy to those, who repent and call out to Him with their whole hearts! Yes, souls will be supernaturally picked up and carried into “safe” places, even souls, who would most assuredly perish!

The world armies of Satan must also know that the end is near for this part of Revelation Twelve; for I have received word today that Satan has reportedly gathered his warships in the Gulf of Yemen! Reportedly, these warships are parked in a circle in this Gulf, even warships from many nations. These wicked servants of Satan are most assuredly in high hopes of taking over a certain interdimensional portal in that area. For, Satan still maintains his grandiose plans of fleeing the earth and escaping his punishment in the fiery pits!

Yet, they will not escape! And, when they see that they do not escape through any interdimensional portal, for such portals are all closed to them; they shall then be consumed in anger and shall begin to bring about their great third world war! They shall thereafter forge ahead in their attempts to either kill every person, or to enslave every person through their electronic chip and mind control technology!

Yes, indeed! When Satan sees that he cannot get off this planet, he and his many hoards will wreak havoc on the face of this planet! For, Satan will clearly know that his time is short; and on seeing that their doom is imminent, these wicked hoards will set out to destroy every last soul! For, a great envy and jealousy shall rise up in Satan and in his many hoards; and they shall then do all in their power to stop any and all from receiving their inheritances in the Kingdom of God!

Take heed; for this is where we are! Repent, oh you people! For, so terrible are our Father’s judgements against an unbelieving and utterly corrupt generation!

However, some have made their robes white and clean! Their lamps are full of oil; and the wicks are trimmed in their lamps! They are spiritually clean, full of Spirit and power; and they are humble little children! Soon, these will surely see the face of our Mighty King!

Dear and Faithful Ones, I am hoping to see you very soon!

Sending you the love of my heart,

Your sister and friend, Linda Newkirk

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