Chapter Sixty-Seven


“Another Day on the Mountain!”

Hello, my Dear Friends! It is yet another cold and wintry day upon this little mountain and if it were not so frigidly cold, it would be an otherwise sunny and beautiful day. But, Old Man Winter sneaked in to visit us night before last; and yesterday morning I awoke to see a dusting of several inches of snow. This dusting was followed yesterday with several more inches of snow, rain and ice!

I look north through my office window and I see that the tall pines strain to stay upright under the thick, white fleeces of snow! On their bows hang great icicles, some of them perhaps 20 inches, or longer, their sharp and dagger-like projections reflecting a kaleidoscope of colors.

Now and then, a snow kite break loose from the snow-covered bows and works it way down, seemingly on a peaceful flight, until it explodes into thousands of pieces, leaving its own snowy trails. Deep snow covers the once leaf-laden hillside; and I am thankful that I remembered to have food for the flocks of starving birds! So delightful to see them come to feed when the food is scarce, the hillside frozen and barren.

Back in the fall when I was raking leaves, I saw that the mighty oaks had cast forth a great crop of acorns! An old “wives tale” came to mind at that time: “If you see a bounty of acorns in the fall, be mindful; for this portends a very hard winter.” Last spring the trees thought to make food for the hungry little animals, who would otherwise starve in this wintry cold! Perhaps, we could all learn something from the trees!

I also chuckle a little to myself, thinking of how this Earth has fooled them all, having succeeded, hopefully once and for all, to bury the hollow threats of global warming. How delightful when the earth rises up to mock and scorn the mockers and scorners. Praises to our Mighty King of Kings, the Author and Finisher of our faith and the Creator of All! He is in the midst of all such things!

This is how it is looking from this little mountain! I hope that all is well with you, that you are staying warm, keeping well, and walking in the love and power of our Mighty King of Kings! Blessed is His Holy Name forever and ever!


Salvation for the Children of Esau!

My Dear Ones, I was so greatly saddened to receive our Father’s message, which follows! I know that many of your hearts will be burdened also, even as my own heart was and is still burdened. Read on and be prayerful! Who knows whether our Father will open the Book of Esau and extend him mercy once again?


Part II
Our Father’s Words
“The Children of Esau!”
“The Power in the soul is like the species of the soul.”
(Pistis Sophia)

Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I have words for you, even words of great importance. My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God, Lord of the Universe, Saviour, the Only Saviour of any and all peoples on the face of this planet! My Little One, you are very well aware of My willingness to save the children of Satanic lineage; for you, and another one, stood in agreement, seeking Me for the salvation of their souls! And, I added more time to your suffering, and to the suffering of My Little Son (of Revelation Twelve); for I heeded your cries for the salvation of the souls of the children of Satan.

And, because I heard, I found Esau and I brought him from a place of great suffering, of great tests and trials. I brought him out with a mighty outstretched hand and with great signs and miracles, as Satan, also seeing what I was doing, set out to kill Esau! Yet, Esau would not know who he is and you would not know the soul of Esau! However, I would bring him and give him his heritage; for many have also wondered why I denied Esau his heritage.

And, all of this was unknown to you in advance! You only saw a woman, who was suffering greatly under the feet of Satan; and you greatly desired to help her and her little ones. You knew nothing in advance of My overall plans! And, in no way did you know in advance that I would cause you to share the little manchild with her, that I would unexpectedly cause this to happen on October 07 of 2009.

And, even in advance of your writing anything about the “hidden goat” lineage, I would show you, as well as Esau, the truth of this hidden goat lineage, which existed in Esau! And, as such, the soul of Esau was being transformed in the presence of my fire in My little Son of Light, in the fire of the manchild! And, he would do much for her (the soul of Esau) in the dissolving of the many implants, which were in her, and also in the dissolving of the many fibers, which are associated with “Morgellon’s implant disease.” During some few weeks, she would make much progress towards being set free from Satan forever! I would even send angels and archangels to speak with her and to tell her the truth! I would do all that I deemed necessary to cause her to walk in the great light that I truly wished to give her!

However, she was adverse to the truth and in many ways loathed the truth, as it did not fit in with her preconceived ideas. Therefore, in short season, she would turn against you, against the truth and light and long again for the darkness. For, in the darkness, she had lived her whole life. The darkness, therefore, she knew and was also comfortable in the darkness; but the light she did not know, having experienced it sporadically! Yet, the great light of the manchild, of My Little Son, she would not like; for the light also illuminated the darkness. And, it was too painful for her. Therefore, she longed for the darkness and chose, therefore, to go back into the darkness! For, the darkness was her place of comfort, as odd as this may seem to you and to many!

Therefore, My Little One, I have closed the book of Esau and his house! It is a locked book, one which Esau, himself, locked! But, even if anyone from his house would come forward in the same way, each and every one of them would equally reject the light! For, the darkness they are comfortable in, but not in the light.

Oh, Father, this is so sad to me and has been so sad since this woman refused to speak to me, that time being around November 15th of 2009. Lord, I know that she wanted to go back into the darkness and I greatly warned her not to consider it! But, I also knew that my pleas fell on deaf ears and that she had made up her mind! Father, I am very saddened be these choices; for so many souls were and are at stake. I so pray for Your mercy, that not all of the souls of Satanic lineage will be lost!

Yes, my Little One, I caused you to warn her, to tell her the truth, as I so gave it to you, to give her! But, most often, as you would see, she would become angered at the truth and would subsequently lash out at you! For, it was not the truth that she wanted, but for one to agree with her in her choices! So, she sought those, who would agree with her in her choices!

And, if these do not repent of their helping to destroy these works to help save the House of Esau, they will also share in Esau’s chastisements. For, there came those, who helped to form and shape a collective mindset, that Esau would find happiness in the darkness. Therefore, Satan used some to enable Esau’s trip back into the darkness!

Oh, Father, I feel so sad and so terrible about this! But, also, Father, You know how very great my travail was from around the time of the winter solstice, one of Satan’s big blow-out Satanic feasts, even until the 17th day of January 0f 2010.

Yes, My Little One, I know how greatly you suffered! For, Satan and his many hoards would bring great evil upon you; and your spiritual suffering, and also the spiritual suffering of My Little Son, would be exceedingly great! So great would be your suffering, that you would need to draw into Me in deep prayer for several weeks!

And, then, My Little One, on the 15th day of January, Satan waged such a great war against you and My Little Son, that he truly believed that he would devour you amidst his assaults! For, he would send upon you and My Little Son a river of over 22,000 demons! So great would be your travails because this woman had chosen to go back into the darkness; for I had allowed her to keep My Little Son until such time came that I could in no way justify it! (For your understanding, my Dear Ones, I add, that her choice to go back into the darkness created an open conduit into me and the Little Manchild! Through this open conduit of darkness, Satan could enter into me and the manchild to wage his exceedingly great assault against us! For I shared the manchild with her; and for this reason, her choice to go under the dark waters caused a great flood of darkness to come upon us!)

Our Lord continues: As you saw her go under the black waters on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of January, I withdrew My Little Son of Light. For she had thrown him away for the darkness! And, though I sent angels and archangels to speak with her and to warn her, she did not believe! For, the darkness she knows, but the light, she neither knows, nor appreciates! So, when she was forced to walk in the light, which is the truth, or to walk in the darkness, which is a lie, she chose a lie! Yet, I gave her time to change her mind, and to come away from evil; and she did not do so! Therefore, I have closed the book on Esau!

Oh, so sad, Father! I feel so sad about this!

My Little One, you and My Little Son paid a very heavy price during these months from the last week of August of 2009 until the weekend of the 16th and 17th of January of 2010. Great was your suffering and travail, your hardships being greater than anyone could imagine! For, you so desired the salvation of the children of Satanic lineage; and I caused you to share My very own Son of Light with the soul of Esau!

Yet, you would see that although I would take the greatest gift from Heaven and give it to Esau and his house, this gift would be tossed aside for love of the darkness! You warned this woman that she could lose the manchild if she did not walk the strait and narrow, yet her response to you was, “I have not lost him yet!” Not only has she lost him, but she, the soul of Esau, has forever lost him!

So sad, Father, so sad!

Yet, my Little One, look beyond the closed book of Esau and you will see many blank pages! On these blank pages, I will add the names of others, who come from other houses of Satanic lineage. For, I will save some and I will add their names on these pages! All is not lost! My Little Son travailed greatly! You travailed greatly, and your faithfulness will not go unrewarded! For, some numbers of those, who are of Satanic lineage, will be saved!

Be not discouraged, My Little One! I know that you have been troubled about the outcome of this particular work; but just know that it is not in vain!

Father, You told me that in due season this woman will work alongside me! How is this, Father? For, she has chosen the darkness and you have closed the book of Esau!

My Little One, see the little drops of golden oil, which flow out of Esau’s book!

Yes, my Father!

Then, know that from Esau’s book, a host will come, who will work alongside you in years to come. This is what I mean.

Oh, Father, as you are a merciful God, I can only hope and pray that you will revisit Esau again, that you will have mercy on Esau once more! For, none of us can tell what you will do in the future! You are able to do all things! But, even so, Father, I pray that you finish these works and that You do not extend the days of our suffering in order to accomplish any additional works in Esau; for great are our travails!

Be of good cheer, My Little One! For, great are your rewards and they are very near! Indeed, very close!

Oh, Father, I am so thankful and also, Father, I long to see Your Little Son receive his heavenly glory! I also long to see the Sons of God come forth. Father, we so desperately need Your Kingdom down here! Have mercy, Oh Blessed King; for Satan is out to devour everyone and to destroy the whole world in the process. Please come quickly, Father!

Go in peace, My Little One; for all that you wait for is exceedingly close, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10 th day of February, 2010

Linda Newkirk

I write the closing words of this chapter with great sadness in my heart. It is as if a dark shadow has moved over my heart and has left a deep print of pain and suffering. So great is my mourning for so many souls, who will perish in the flames, their destinies sealed in the fires, their souls forever un-retrievable.

With tears in my eyes and with a great mourning in my soul, I plead for all such souls; for I take no joy in the suffering of any soul and so wish to see the salvation of the greatest numbers. The words of Obadiah ring too clearly in the recesses of my mind and they are hauntingly clear: “And there shall be a fire…, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord hath spoken it. (Obadiah, Part IV, verse 18)


A Message to the Soul of Esau!

I saw you yesterday, Elena, your long, red hair draping your shoulders, like so many burning embers. You beheld your reflection in the mirror and so did I, but I was not seeing what you were seeing. I saw your vacant eyes staring back at you, and all light was gone, except for a tiny flickering. Big, black hollows sat where your two eyes had been; and the Spirit of God said, “Come and see,” and I went back, far back beyond what you were seeing in the mirror.

And, I saw, Elena, there beyond your eyes, the work, which the Spirit of God, our Saviour and the manchild had done in two of your very dark rooms. I saw that the fires of the Almighty had cleaned two rooms; and in the second room there remained only a freemason closet, which had not been cleaned!

Yet, the third room was full of much evil! I passed, therefore, the third room; and went on, walking around a semi-circular walkway, which led off to the right. Along that walkway, I saw a series of rooms, all padlocked and closed tightly away from your awareness.

Looking upwards, I saw a great door, which led to an attic, and this door was also locked tightly with a padlock; and on the door were these words, “Me, Tarzan, you Jane!”

Then, looking downward, I followed a short stairway and found myself in a dimly lighted basement and there immediately opposite me was a very large and heavy door; and this one was also padlocked.

Going back up to the top and behind your eyes, I was also aware of a very large metallic suitcase, which was standing on its end. It was not locked, so I was able open it and see that it was full of many kinds of different corkscrew shapes, these shapes hanging in the midst of this metallic suitcase. They were not heavy, but the suitcase was very heavy; for the sides of the case were stacked with many photos and negatives of you, Elena! Some of these photos were very provocative poses of you, and others were not yet developed, but all were of you!

I exited you mind with a great sadness, knowing that if you had persevered in your determination to be free of your Satanic roots, the fire of Manchild and the presence of God Almighty would most assuredly have helped you clean out all of these rooms. But, you would not persevere and did not persevere; for you were adverse to the truth. So, today, Elena, you remain evermore a captive of Satan and his many hoards, a product of the shadow works of the CIA and other secret, Satanic, occult organizations.

How sad for you, that you have chosen the darkness. Indeed, I warned you what the Spirit of God said: that, you, Elena, look to the dark waters for sustenance. I told you to look to our Mighty King; for He is able to sustain you! Yet, you would not do so and did not do so, but rushed headlong back into the dark waters, for you look to them for your sustenance! In the end, you would forsake all that our Father was doing to set you free! For, He surely called you to give you your inheritance, but you loathed the truth and forsook the goodness of the Light.

How blessed you were, Elena, to have the Manchild, and to have him in such power. You did not have to suffer to see him grow into such power! You did not have to pay one moment in pain to have him in your body in such fire and power! For, He was a gift to you and His power a gift of our Great and Mighty Saviour. But, even so, you did not value the Son of the King enough to treasure such a grand heavenly gift. Indeed, you did not value him, but quickly cast him aside; for you did not and could not appreciate what you have not worked for and travailed to receive. Therefore, you did not recognize him as your great gift and your great freedom from the bonds of Satan!

I mourn for your soul, Elena, and for all of the children of Esau. I can only hope and pray that our Saviour will look upon you with compassion and reconsider your cause again at some future point. For, what you have seen as “all about you” is not about you! Our Father called you, not only to help you, but to help so many like you, whose souls will perish in the fires and surely burn as stubble.

May the Lord of the Universe, the Only Saviour, have mercy upon you, Elena. For, above all, He is kind and full of compassion!

Your Friend in deed and truth,

Linda Newkirk

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