Chapter Sixty-Eight

Tools for Salvation!

How To Clean Your Spiritual House!

My Blessed Child, come unto Me; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!  My Little One, look at this pallet of spiritual meat, which is before you; for this pallet of spiritual meat is divided into three sections.  This first section, I have opened; and I have given you all that you are to write from this first section, save one piece.  Yes, I have given you messages, which you have not released; for I have not yet moved on you to release them! And, I have carried you spiritually to places and have had you to do certain things; yet, I am not yet ready for you to release these things!  I have caused you to type and to release what I wanted you to type and to release. Yet, there remains one more piece of spiritual meat from this first section, which I wish to impart!

Tools For Salvation!

My Little One, before you is a tool box and on it are the words: Tools for Salvation.  My Little One, remember My words to the prophet, Isaiah! ( Isaiah 10:22) “For, though thy people Israel be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant shall return…” And, stated again by my Son, Paul, (Romans 9:27)  “Esias also crieth concerning Israel, though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved.”  And, confirming these words are the words of My Son, Peter: “If the righteous are scarcely saved,”…what about the rest?  (1Peter 4:18) My Little One, these words are true! IF THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IS SCARCELY SAVED, WHAT ABOUT THE REST?

My Little One, look inside this tool box, and on the left side, see some documents. Pull out the first document and read the words, which are on the title and look and see what is beneath the title.

My Lord, I have the first document in my hands and the title of this document is “Fine Arts.”

Fine Arts!

Very good, My Little One! Now, put on these glasses and read what is small and difficult to see.

My Lord, thank You for these wonderful glasses that you now allow me to look through; for I know that all that you give me here is for the salvation of souls!  Help me, therefore, oh Blessed King, to see very clearly and to read very clearly what you want me to see!

Then, I see a very large building. It is a round, white building with white columns, which encircle the perimeter of the building. I go now up some white, stone steps and open the double doors of this stately-looking building! Inside, it is very dark; for the lights have been shut out, as a movie is playing on a very large screen.

I do not wish to look at this movie, for on the screen is man and a woman, and I see clearly that it is Scarlett O’hara and Rhett Butler in a passionate scene from the movie, “Gone With The Wind.”  So, I back out the door.

Father, I do not wish to see this!  I am not interested in any of it; for I renounce this wicked world and all of the lusts of it!  I renounce every wicked thought and every wicked deed!  I renounce every material thing in it and want no material thing; but that, which is necessary for me now and for Your people now and in the future!  I want only what You want Me to have; and I choose and desire only Your perfect will for my life, nothing more and nothing less!

Father, why did You show me this; for, approximately ten years, I have only seen small glimpses of television in restaurants or other places, where I would be visiting. You have told me to forsake television and movies; and for around ten years I have sought to do so! So, Father, why did You have me go there and look at this; for You also know that I do not desire either television, or movies, or any lusty situation of the flesh! I have given up these things and want no part in them!

My Little One, this is what people call fine arts, but continue on. Pull up the next document and read the title.

“Hunger for Me!”

My Lord, I have this second document in my hands and the title of this document is “Hunger for Me.”  Now, Father, with Your help, I will reveal what is obscure.  Suddenly, I see myself and I am in a bathtub, where I have made myself a nice, soapy bath and the water is very warm. As I lounge in this wonderfully warm water, I am reading Your words in the ancient writings of Pistis Sophia. Suddenly, I realize that I am a very young child, of perhaps two or three years of age, and I am standing beneath a white table, and very near to one of the table legs. I am crying for food. I cannot see the top of the table; but I know that some are eating a very nice meal, and I can also see that these beings, who are at this table, are very huge beings.

No one speaks to me, not yet; but as I wail for food, a kind voice says to me, “Shhhh, shhhhh! You are interrupting holy conversation! You are interrupting a very important meal! You must be quiet! Be patient and wait your turn; for these must first be served and then you will be served!”

I sense the seriousness of this very kind voice and I take a seat on the floor beside the white table leg and I begin to sing a song!  “Jesus loves me. This I know; for the Bible tells me so!”  And, ever so quietly I sing to myself! Then, in a vision, there appears before me our Beautiful Saviour, and He is so very near to me. He reaches out then to me and He says, “Come unto Me, oh you little children! Come all, who are heavily burdened; and I will take your burdens! I will heal your broken hearts! I will make light your way; for My burden is easy and my yoke is light!”

The Wicked Witch of the World!

Then, I look to behold a terribly ugly witch, a dark, evil, foul woman; and even as our Saviour says these words to me, she is snatching away many dirty and hungry, little children, who cry out; for so many are in need!  And, before they can even think to turn to our Saviour, for they hear Him, this wicked witch snatches them away and seats them all at little tables and feeds them swine’s meat, animal fats, blood and guts, and nutritionally empty sweets. Then, she gives them “free” passes to movies; and then suddenly reaches into her treasure chest and says, “A bike for Timmie, A four-wheeler for Marianna, a new computer for Joel, a skateboard for Little Johnnie,” and on and on she goes; for her treasure chest of things and stuff, which placate the senses!

They Love the World!

Oh, my Lord, this is so terrible; for so many do hear Your voice; but, My Lord, even before they can come to you, this wicked witch snatches them away and entices them with things of the world!  Oh, Father, this is too terrible for words; for they cannot see that they are being tricked! They cannot see that they are being fooled!  They cannot see that they are feasting on the counterfeit, upon the illusions of the world!  They do not realize that all that they crave today is literally gone tomorrow. Father, so sad it is that so many souls will also be gone tomorrow, even gone with the wind, and many of them into the terrible and fiery chastisements! Oh, Blessed Saviour, they love the world and what is in it, failing to grasp the concept of eternal life and failing to grasp the concept of salvation! Father, the world they know and love. This is where their hearts are. This is what they long for; but, Father, You, You, Oh Blessed Jesus, the Creator of All, who came and died for our salvation, that we might be saved, yes, You, they neither know or desire!

Oh, Father, if You do not cause them to awaken to the wicked witch and her many tricks and to awaken to the temporal nature of this world and all that is in it, they will not know You!  For, the clamor of the world shuts out the soft callings of the Spirit of God!

…Only A Remnant Will be Saved!

Now, My Little One, do you understand the words of Isaiah? (though the House of Israel be as the sands of the sea, only a remnant will be saved…)

Oh, Father, I do understand them and I have well understood them. For, My Lord, I have warned the people through these prophetic messages to come out of the world, to give up television, to give up movies, to forsake the useless social outlets, the endless mind games in the world, like mind control video games, like pornography and so many terrible traps in the world. I have warned them over and over again, and through Your very words, to repent, and to make their way Straight before You, oh Mighty King, to obey Your commands, to love You above all and to love others. I have told them, even as You have told me to tell them, to be truthful in all of their affairs; and so many other warnings I have given them, even as You have told me to give them and to warn them.

They are Addicted to the World!

But, Father, they are addicted to television. They are addicted to movies. They are addicted to computers. They area addicted to video games!  They are addicted to pornography!  They are addicted to wine and strong drink!  They are addicted to all manner of worldly things and these worldly things are their idols and gods; and they will not forsake them, but turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all such warnings to forsake such worldly traps! For, they believe themselves to be entitled to such things and to have a free will to choose such things, even though their choices cause then to sink into darkness and despair, and to be also cut off from You and from Your Spirit!

Father, I have forsaken such things as television and movies, only because of Your strictness towards me concerning these things!  Regarding other of my worldly choices when I was lost, My Lord, I can only say that You heard my cries towards You!  You knew that I longed for You, but I was lost and could not find You in the churches. Therefore, You visited me and brought me under correction until I would do what was necessary to forsake evil and to clean up my life!

My Lord, that was almost twenty-one years ago and almost twenty-three years ago since You visited me and healed my broken heart. Father, I thank You for all of the correction, which You put on me, which You brought upon my very head!  For, these corrections were sorely needed for me to see the errors of My ways and to repent of many, many things! 

But, My Lord, many do not long for You!  They do not seek You; for You have not make their lives miserable enough! Therefore, they do not want to repent, but continue on with their dysfunctional lives.

Now, My Little One, do you better understand My words through Peter, which also reflect My words to Isaiah: “If the righteous are scarcely saved…” what about the rest?

Yes, My Lord, I do understand these words well; but, My Lord, You promised me that You would allow me to see the salvation of the greatest numbers, so how will this be when the greatest numbers will not seek You, but love the world and what is in it!

I will Begin to Take Away What the Masses Love!

Very well said, My Little One; and so true it is!  And, your words are indeed correct, that I promised to allow you to see the salvation of the greatest numbers; and as the greatest numbers love this wicked world and what is in it, and do not love Me, I will begin to take away what they masses love, that is of this world.

I have Torn Up My Contract With This Nation!

Make a record of this!  For, I have already shown you what I have done!  Look and behold, Oh, my people in America! For, I have torn up My contract with this nation!  I take first one half and put it into the flames; and I take then the other half and put it into the flames!  Do you hear Me, oh people of America?  I no longer sit at the head of this nation! Satan, his many hoards and strange gods sit at the head of this nation.

The Churches Have Gone Bad and are not fit for use!

The churches in this nation of America are overwhelmingly rancid!  They smell of a foul smell!  They are not fit to use!  They have gone bad!  They are either full of the strange fire, or no fire at all!  They are full of dead men’s bones and dead men, women and children; and they are rancid!  They have gone bad and are not fit for use! Therefore, I have torn up My contract with America!  The wolves have arisen and have taken over at all levels!  The sheep are blind, all but a few; and this few I have in the palm of My hand!  With these few I have a contract; and I have a contract with these for the following reasons:

Why I have a Contract with the Faithful!

1.   These sheep love Me above all;

2.   These sheep love Me with all of their hearts, with all of their souls, with all of their minds and with all of their strength;

3.   These sheep hear My voice and these sheep follow Me; for they are “sold out” to Me;

4.   These sheep have come out of the world and all of its traps; for they have both heard and received My warnings to come out of the world, to forsake the world and all of its illusions and traps;

5.   And, lastly, these sheep are all clean before Me, spotlessly clean; for they have spent much time in deep prayer, seeking Me with their whole hearts, seeking Me to forgive all of their sins and to heal all of their wounds, both spiritual and emotional; and seeking Me to put forgiveness in their hearts towards all, even towards their worst enemies!

And, I have done a work in these sheep to make them both clean inside and out!  There are no “whited sepulchers” among these sheep; for what one sees on the outside, one also sees on the inside and throughout their affairs! For, these are righteous and holy unto Me!  And, with these, both in America and throughout all nations in the Earth, I have made a covenant! But, with America and with all nations in the whole earth, I have torn up My contracts; for they have given themselves over to the  BEAST! 

A Great Dividing Line…I have drawn!

Hear Me in this; for a great dividing line has been drawn!  I have drawn it!  There is and will be with Me and My house from this point on, no middle of the road!  Those, who are in the middle of the road, are in the world; and if you are in the world and love the world and what is in it, you are in Satan’s camp.

Beware of the False Doctrine:

Serve Me; and You will not Have to Suffer!

Hear Me, oh you people, not just in America, but all over the world! My way is the Strait and Narrow. There is no other way!  Be warned, oh you preachers and prophets, who teach the false doctrine, that if you serve Me and do right, you will not have to suffer! For, if you serve Me and do right, you will suffer. For, Satan the wicked witch of this world, on seeing that you are spiritually white and clean, will come after you with a vengeance.  He will lay every possible trap and snare before you!  He will tempt you and his demons will come after you! He will trouble you in dreams and he will do all in his power to control your mind!  He will abduct many of you and carry you into his ships, where he will drug you!  He will see all of your weaknesses and he will pound you in these areas through various kinds of mind control, demonic assaults and temptations. He will send his demons to rape you and to stir you up in things of the flesh until you confess every last sin and forsake things of the flesh.  If you weakness is alcohol, he will send powerful demons against you, who will enter into your body, and who will take over your mind and force you to drink alcohol!  And, you will drink it in most cases, if this is your weakness, until you confess all of your sins and seek Me in earnest to heal the holes in your hearts!

The Terrible Lie!

What folly you speak when you tell My people to live right and Satan will not tempt you!  Have you forgotten about Job?  Have you forgotten about the prophets and apostles, who were killed for love of Me?  Have you forgotten that I, too, was killed, because I came to save you? 

Those, who Desire Salvation,

Will Pay Dearly!

Those, who choose righteousness, who desire salvation, which is eternal life, will pay dearly!  They will pay through great suffering in their bodies.  They will suffer great losses in their families and among their friends; for Satan will seek to cause them grief in all ways!  Many will forsake them and rise up to bear false witness against them; for Satan will enter into them, even as he entered into Judas, who betrayed Me!  Yes, many will rise up to betray the righteous, to do them all manner of hurt, to slander their good names, and to help destroy them, even to kill them.

Wanting to Live in the Safe Zone,

Which is Living in the World!

Too many of you wish to be naïve!  Too many of you wish to stay in that “safe” zone, which is the “in the world” zone and you rejoice in yourselves, that all is well with you, and that you do not have to suffer, as my daughter, Linda Newkirk has suffered!  Yet, you, in your vast ignorance, do not even realize that my chosen daughter, Linda Newkirk, is exceedingly blessed; for she hears My voice and obeys Me! I have called her and I have a contract with her; for she is mother to My very own son of fire and light! 

Beware of Satan’s servants!

But, too many of you look upon her with derisions, with scorn, with mocking and ridicule and you are quick to believe all such lies as those that are distributed by one of Satan’s very own, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia! Yes, quick you are to follow this one, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia! She calls herself My servant, when she is no servant of Mine, but a choice servant of Satan and the occult forces within the CIA and other mind control  branches of the  U.S. Government!  With her loud and abrasive mouth, she has spewed forth her lies and insults and her false witness against My servant, Linda Newkirk, for over nine years! And, the spreaders of hate and malice in the U.S. Government and intelligence branches of the U.S. Government have kept such hate at the top of the number one internet search engine in this country and elsewhere; for they hate these works!  Satan hates these works; and how many of you are even the wiser?  Yes, you follow after this woman, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, who claims to serve Me, when she does not serve Me at all, but is a product of her Satanic upbringing and CIA occult mind control organizations!

The Blind are Following the Blind!

Oh, you wicked and adulterous generation!  Blind and deaf, you go running off the cliff!  For, you will not repent! You will not spend quality time with Me so that I may clean you on the inside!  No, this you do not do, but wish to think yourselves clean when you make yourselves clean on the outside, but inside you are full of dead men’s bones and rotted flesh!

Oh, you wicked and adulterous generation!  For so long I have pleaded!  But, you did not want the Strait and Narrow; for it is too hard for you!  So, to suit your own cravings, you find another way and this other way is full of rot and filth, but you see it not!  For, you, too, are full of rot and filth! This is why you do not see the errors of your ways and why so many of you follow after these worldly prophets and worldly churches.  They tell you what you want to hear. Therefore, you remain in your comfortable place in the midst of your worldly desires, your worldly heart at peace!  For, you continue on and your life remains the same. Therefore, according to your reasoning, you must be doing the right things.

Many cannot tell Right from Wrong!

      On the other hand, you look upon My servant, Linda Newkirk, and many of you reason among yourselves, that she must be on the “wrong” path; for so great have been her travails, her heartaches and suffering!  Yet, how wrong you are!  For, I have put her in a holy place, indeed in a wilderness place and I keep her there with My very own holy Son of fire and light! Unfortunately for her, I have also put Satan in her very face; for this is also My written word! And, some of you think her “cursed”, but I tell you that Linda Newkirk is blessed, blessed indeed; for she is mother to My Little Son of light and fire; and she is spiritual mother to all of My Sons in the whole earth, indeed spiritual mother to all of My children! Therefore, Linda Newkirk is exceedingly blessed, even blessed above all women!

Our Father Yahweh’s Warning

To Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia

      Yet, how many evil ones rise up to gloat in her suffering, to rail and shout even above the treetops, and to the whole world, spreading strings of lying accusations.  And, you, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, being the ring leader among them all!  And, if you do not repent of your evil ways, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, you will see the flames of hell and you will not come out for a very long time, if you come out at all. 

      For, witchcraft, I hate!  Lying, deceptive ways, I hate! False doctrine, I hate! Slander, I hate!  High-mindedness, I hate!  Murdering, I hate!  Elizabeth Sheri  Elijah, do you get My message? I despise your evil ways and the way that you use up My people and then toss them aside! I warn you to repent of your wicked ways; for you do not know when I shall bring my hammer of judgement down on your wicked house!  For, I have given you over nine years of grace! You are into your tenth year of your evil lies against my servant, Linda Newkirk; yet you still rise up to spew your lies, to mock Me and my true servant! If you do not repent and soon in a very big way, I shall lay my axe to your root! For, I am Creator! I, alone, am Creator; I, alone and Saviour, and I, alone have both the power to save a soul and the power to destroy a soul!

And, with this, My Little One, we shall stop for now, but will resume with this message


Our Father’s Message Continued …

February 21, 2010

Very Important Concepts…for My Bride!

Much-Needed Help for All!

My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God; and I come back to you today on this very same day, that we may resume in this work!  For, I need to share herein some very important concepts as to what I expect for My Bride, but also, My Blessed Child, I will include herein some much-needed help for all, who so desire to be clean, but are unable to escape the terrible sufferings of their pasts! And, because they cannot escape such terrible sufferings, they are daily all the more prisoners of them. My Little One, do you understand what I have given you up to this point and why?

My Lord, I believe that I do understand well what you have given; but for the sake of some, who may not understand, I wish to further clarify some points!  My Lord, the fine arts building, where the movie was being shown, represents the traps of this world and how they are made to look, in many cases as pristine and as pure as the elaborate, white and clean building; yet the building was darkened inside and full of fantasy and flesh!

You have said it well, My Little One.

So, Father, because so much evil is painted to look good and is labeled as “fine arts,” many, many are deluded and fall into these many lures and traps of the “fine arts.”

You have seen it, My Little One; and the world is full of it!

Come Away from the Worldly Traps!

So, Father, this message is yet another warning to your people to come away from such worldly traps!  For, no one can enter into such and allow such into his or her heart, mind, spirit and soul, without paying a price!  And, that price, Father, is even, as the darkened theater!  Darkness enters into their minds, their hearts, their souls, spirits and bodies to tempt them, to push out Your Spirit, to dilute Your power and to cut them off from Your light, to consume them totally!  For, once Your Spirit has fled from them, if they ever had Your Spirit, there remains in them a vacant hole and many demons then seek to fill such vacant holes!

The Latter State is Worse than the First!

“Tis so, My Little One and the latter state of those, who once had My Spirit, but insulted it with evil, so that it fled, this latter state is by far worse than the former state, when they did not know me and did not have My Spirit.  Therefore, the travails, which will come upon these are worse than the travails, which they would have had if they had never known Me!

But, Father, so many do things in ignorance! They are spiritual babes and the churches do not teach them; for the churches are overwhelmingly full of the world!

Seek and you will find!

This is why I have told you to knock and it will be opened unto you, to seek and you will find! Yet, most do not want to trouble themselves by studying My word and by calling out to Me in deep prayer, even with their whole hearts! They would rather believe that I have given all to them on a silver platter and that they do not have to work for anything!  But have I not told you that by your works I will judge you?  However, the rancid churches will tell you that works are unimportant, that salvation is all about grace!  But, I tell you that My grace is great and through My great grace, I brought you salvation; but I will judge you according to your works; for your very actions reveal who you are!  Your very actions speak of your love and obedience towards Me and your love for others! Therefore, when your day of judgement is upon you, I will judge you according to your works, not what you profess out of your  mouth!  (Rev 2:23 I will give unto every one of you according to your works.  Eccl 12:14  For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good or evil.)

A Tree is Known by its Fruits!

For, even the demons know Me and profess Me! Satan knows Me and professes Me! Many know Me and profess Me, but by their works, their fruits, you will know who really loves Me and serves Me!  For, a tree is known by its fruits. Therefore, your fruits will show whether your tree will stand and be gathered unto Me, or whether your tree will be hewn down and cast into the fire!

So, this false doctrine needs to be put to rest once and for all!  I judge you by your works and through My love for you, I save you!  Yet, if your works were evil, and the end was upon you, your very works would also judge you, even into the destructive flames of hell, or the Lake of Fire! Therefore, your works bear testimony of who you are, of who you love and who you serve!  So, your very works judge you and I, at that last day, will look upon your works, and I will say, “Come unto Me, My Faithful Steward; for I have prepared a place for you,” or I will say, “Be gone from me, you worker of Iniquity; for I never knew you!” Therefore, by your works, you are both known and judged!

Use Your Spiritual Gifts, or Lose them!

For, to some I have given one talent and to some I have given ten talents. The one, who truly loves Me and who truly serves Me, will not hide his or her talents (their spiritual gifts), but will use them in some manner to help others!  Therefore, if they will use them in some manner to help others, I will multiply both My spiritual gifts and power in them!  But, if they hide My spiritual gifts, if they are ashamed of them and will not use them, I will remove My spiritual gifts, and even My Spirit from them and will give the little that they have to those, who will use My Spiritual gifts to help others!  Therefore, to those, who have My spiritual gifts, and who use them, will be given even more spiritual gifts and manifestations of My power and Spirit!  But, even so, so much greater is their price; for to whom much is given much is expected!

As A Thief, I shall come for My First Harvest!

And, this is where we are right now, My Little One!  We have come to the time of the first harvest, wherein

I am busy separating My wheat from the tares!  And, as such, I have made notice to My Bride that I shall come for her as a thief in the night!  None shall know the time and there shall be no great manifestations in the sky or elsewhere; for at this first coming, I shall come as a thief! Therefore, none shall know the exact date, or the exact hour wherein I shall come as a thief! For, as a thief I shall come for My first harvest! 

A Message to the Bride!

One Last and Final Shout!

And, with this message, I am giving one last and final shout for My Bride; for the wise virgins, who wait for Me!  For, some of you are holding onto things of the past!  Some of you have not worked through the pain and suffering of your childhoods! Some of you have suffered traumas and severe emotional trials and you have not been healed by My Spirit and power! Therefore, you have also not forgiven, neither have you forgiven yourselves, or the offending person, or persons!  And, you carry within your spiritual makeup spiritual holes and hollow places of darkness!  And, because of these hollow places of darkness, demons enter into you from time to time, to tempt you and to cause you to sin!  Therefore, some, whom I would like to take, I cannot take; for you must make peace with your past, and because the pasts of many of you are full of much suffering and pain, you wish to block out your pasts!  You wish to run from your pasts and to hide from your pasts and you will not go back into your pasts, either to remember your choices, to recall your great suffering, or to make amends in any way with those, whom you have hurt! So, you cover it up and seek to look clean on the outside and try to live clean lives. But, you are the whited sepulchers, who are full of dead men’s bones and rotted flesh! 

Seek Me with Your Whole Heart;

And, I will Heal Your Traumatic Past!

Therefore, I am bringing forth now a plan for each of you, wherein if you do as I tell you, and if you seek Me with your whole hearts, I will heal your traumatic past! I will heal your wounds of mind, spirit, heart and soul! I will make you clean, not just outwardly so, but inwardly so! But, you will have to do a very important work!  And, you will have to desire to be clean and free with your whole heart!  And, if you seek Me with your whole heart and you do as I say, I will heal your painful emotions. I will heal your painful memories and I will heal your brokenness; and for the first time in your whole life, you will know what it feels like to have Me take all of your burdens and make you whole! 

In No Way and at No Time

Will I Marry A Whited Sepulcher!

Take heed to what I tell you now; for in no way and at no time will I marry a whited sepulcher!  Now is your chance to grow spiritually and emotionally in a very great way and if you will seek Me with your whole heart, I will do for you, even as I now promise!  For, what I now tell you, few preachers of prophets will ever tell you! What I now show you, few preachers or prophets will ever show you, even though some of these are very well aware of this deep spiritual work, which must be done in all, who wish to marry Me, to be My Bride, to be My Sons, and to inherit eternal life, which is salvation!  For if you will not do this inner work, which is extremely important, you will not find a resting place in the light, but will be cast back again until you learn this most important lesson!

My Little One, we shall stop for now so that you may take a short break!

Our Father’s Message Continued

February 21, 2010

My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, I ask you now, have you well understood what I have given?

Father, for the sake of clarity, I do have a question.  Father, the second document at the beginning of these messages, was labeled, “Hunger for Me,” and there followed a scene, where I was a little child, and was very short, standing beneath a table and near a table leg. And, very large beings were eating a nice meal and I could smell their food and wanted to eat, but they told me that I must wait. Yet, then I sang to You, Lord, and You held Your arms wide to me and to all little children; for you love us so!  Father, who are those great beings, who eat such a fine meal, but told me to be quiet and wait my turn?

My Little One, look there, high up, on the back of the chair.

I see it, Father! I see the words. “We are the Elohim, some of the watchers.”

But, Father, why would You show me such a scene?  For, I do not look to them to feed me?

No, not that you know of; but they do a very great work for those of you in the earth; and you are not aware of the nature of this great work!.  However, the truth is that they do feed you, many of you in the Earth, but they do not feed you salvation and eternal life.

But, Father, I do not ask them to feed me in real life. So, how is this that I sit under their table and wait to be fed?

The Elohim!

Much of what they feed you… is evil!

All of you sit under their table and while you are not even aware of it, you still sit under their table!  And, they have much to do with very much that goes on in the Earth; for I created them and put them over you!  So, while you do not consciously go to them for food, you are nevertheless fed by them and much of what they feed you, and I mean all of you, when I say, “you” is evil!  For, many of them do not wish to see salvation come to the humans; and out of jealousy and anger they set out to destroy you!  No, you do not consciously go to their tables to eat; for most of you know nothing about them!  But, they lure you, all of you, to their tables to eat and they make you eat what you do not want to eat and have no interest in eating! 

Hear Me! For, I have said that they “lure” you all and they court you all with all manner of temptations, which smell good, taste good, but are destructive to your soul!  For, many of them do not feed you what is good for you, but what is destructive for you!  For, many of them are full of jealousy and envy towards you, so they continually plot your demises.

However, My Little One, when you were told to be quiet and to wait your turn, you did wait as a humble little child. And, you have waited as a humble, little child, amidst so many of your terrible trials, you have known, “Jesus loves me;” for you have cried out to Me and you have praised Me amidst your great suffering!  And, I have reached out to you! I have fed you and I have comforted you!   How blessed you are, My Little One; for you have waited upon Me and I shall soon reward you greatly!  Now, My Little One, do you have more questions?

No, My Lord, not at this time; for I understand what You have given and I believe that most will understand as well!

Now, My Blessed Child, I want you to go back to the open case and retrieve the next document and the tab on the top of the document will show the title.

There is Fire and There are sparks!

Thank You, My Lord!  Oh, Blessed Saviour, there is fire and there are sparks, which are coming from this document!  I could use a welder’s visor; for these sparks are many and also very bright!

My Little One, there is only one document and it is rather thick, so pull it out!  I am placing some Son-glasses over your glasses and this will dampen the brightness of these sparks!

My Life Diary!

Oh, thank You, Oh Blessed Saviour. I have the document now in my hands and this document is still sparking!  I know that Satan must hate what is in here!  For, this one is full of Your power. My Lord, this document is like a small diary and I see that it is locked, but I see now that the key is fastened to the side of this diary; so I will remove the key, and with ease I am now able to place it into the lock, which is on the side of the diary!  And, it surely must be a diary; for I see the name of this little book and it is called, “My Life!”

I turn the key once and nothing happens. Then, I turn it again and nothing happens, only the sound of a single click!  Father, I believe that I am to try again, so I turn the key again and the cover of this little book flies open as if it is spring-loaded! Father, I do not know what to think about this little diary; for there are many pages, but it seems as if someone has taken a cookie cutter and has cut out the center of the diary!  The center of each of these pages is missing, leaving a hole in the center of all of these pages!  Father, what good is such a diary when the center is missing from each page?  This book would be of no value to anyone, especially of no value to the one, who wrote it!

My Little One, do you know why I showed you such a diary?

Father, I think that I have some ideas, but, Father, I would rather hear what You have to say about the diary!

My Little One, the name of this diary is “My Life.”  These words, “My Life”, could refer to any of you! In other words, this diary could belong to anyone!

And, Father, the fact that a good segment is missing, is most assuredly important.

Holes in the Lives of Most Souls!

Big Holes in their hearts, in their Minds, in their souls and in their spirits!

My Little One, this is the very sad state regarding the diaries of the lives of most people on this planet!  Very few have a whole diary!  Very few have whole lives; for trauma, trauma-based memories, anger, sadness, lost hope and dreams, abuse, neglect, unforgiveness and a myriad other things have left holes in the lives of most souls!  Very few wish to go back into the hurt, the sorrow, the pain and into the terrible behaviors of their own past and to own the hurt and pain, and to thereby bring these things to Me for healing! 

Instead, what most do is to cover up their great sufferings from past years with mountains of busy work, or with mountains of good work, or rather to escape into so may worldly things, lusts, drugs, pornography, etc.  They sweep under the rug, or into hidden closets, so much of their pain in their dysfunctional lives, never dealing with these things!

And, when they bring their diaries to Me, this is what they look like! Big holes in their hearts, in their minds, in their souls and in their spirits!  For, they have stored up within themselves, so very much trauma, so very much heartache, so very much anger, sorrow, fear, embarrassment and other kinds of negative emotions and thoughts; and they try to hide these things from themselves and from others! 

Most do not know of these great holes in their lives, in their thinking and feeling, but I know; and these surely are crippled in their spiritual walks because they will not come to Me for healing in such painful areas of their lives. 

My Little One, many of these are the whited sepulchers! They look good on the outside and they sound good; but on the inside they are a wreck!  For, they carry so much pain, hurt, sorrow and forgiveness; and until they resolve all of these situations with Me, they will not be whole and clean before Me!

Take Heed!

This is an Urgent Hour... A Most Urgent Call to My Bride!

My Little One, this message is most important, an extremely important message for any and all, who seek salvation and eternal life!  For, it you will not clean out your spiritual closets now; and if you die in this state, you will come again and again until you clean them out, or perish in the flames!  Take heed! This is an urgent hour! Take heed to what I now tell you; for this is a most urgent call to My Bride!  It is the Twelfth Hour and I could come at any time now! But, I delay for a few of you, who very much need to read this message and do as I tell you to do!  For, some of you, I wish to take at this First Harvest; but you are as whited sepulchers, and I cannot and will not marry you! Therefore, this is a most important message to you; and you, who are wise, will listen!  Hearken to me, and do as I say that I may cleanse you and make you whole!

My Little One, we shall stop for now so that you may take a little break.

Our Father’s Message Continued

February 21, 2010

My Little One, I am Your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Now, My Blessed Child, we will resume with this most urgent message to My Bride!  Do you understand well what I have given, My Little One?

Yes, Father, I believe that I do understand well what You have given, but I have a couple of questions; and I would like clarity regarding these things.

Say on…

My Lord, why was it necessary for me to turn the key three times in the lock?

You May Fail to See Your Life as it  Really is!

My Little One, this is the reason:  It you look in the mirror at your reflection, what do you see?

Father, I see a hazy, distorted image. But, what does this have to do with the three turns of the key?

My Little One, if you go back to the mirror and look again at your image, what do you see?

My Lord, it looks like my reflection in the mirror, but when I turn sideways, I look very thin, almost like a slice of loaf bread, which is turned sideways. But, Father, what does this mean?

My Little One, look at your image in the mirror again. What do you see?

My Father, I look and I see an image of myself; and I perceive myself to look the way I do in real life!  But, Father, why do You show me all of these things?

If one will not Operate in the Realm of Truth,

He, or She will not be Healed!

My Little One, this book is a diary and this diary could be anyone’s diary! With the first look at one’s self, or in the first attempt to truly look at one’s self in truth and honesty, there may come no results! For, the spirits of denial may block ones entrance into his or her own book. And, not only will spirits of denial block ones entry into ones own diary, but an inability or the lack of a desire to see will also block ones entry! 

In other words, many do not wish to look into their own lives and re-experience the pain and suffering so that they can be free!  There is also, as I have said, often a tendency to refuse to own up to emotions, or behaviors, especially when they are negative or unacceptable!

For, instance, when one is not allowed to be angry as a child, one may grow up to deny the emotion of anger!  If one is not allowed to be sad as a child, one may grow up to deny the emotion of sadness, but may instead hide behind a jovial front!  So, it is very important to learn to claim one’s true emotions and behaviors! If one will not operate in this realm of truth, he or she will not be healed!

So, not only must one claim his or her true emotions, but one must be truthful in his or her accounts regarding these past behaviors. Many get into the “blaming” game and wish to blame others for their past hurts and wrongs.  If one is to be healed, one must be willing to forgive and to allow Me to come in and to heal all past hurts (emotions) and memories. So, this is why you needed to turn the key three times.

You must persevere Until You are Healed!

For, others to clearly view the past hurts and emotions, the past hurtful memories and other painful experiences, he or she must be willing to persevere!  For, initial attempts to truly access such painful emotions or memories may be blocked by the mind, where the mind often seals away painful memories. Or the initial attempts may be blocked by hardness in the heart, where the heart has built up walls of anger, denial, sadness, fear, among other negative emotions, and has thereby become hardened! So, the hard-hearted will have trouble looking at their diary, and seeing clearly the truths of their own hurtful behaviors, as well as the truths of what other have done to them!

Therefore, I show you this now; for many will sit down to look at all of their hurts, sorrows and pain and all of their many hurtful behaviors, and some will come up blank, or almost blank.  For, they have built such walls in their thoughts and in their hearts.  Do you understand?

Yes, My Lord, I do understand.  I know that so many trauma-based-memories are like this and many suffer greatly just to maintain.

My Little One, in some situations, these memories are so traumatic that they cannot and will not be opened by desire, alone, as was and is the case with Elena. And, this is one reason that I am raising up My Little Son of light, the manchild of Revelation Twelve!  For, he will be able supernaturally to open such stored memories in many and to bring fire into them, My power and My light and fire, which will completely dissolve and heal such memories and their associated emotions.

Emotional and Mental Scars

Are Something Like Roadmaps!

But, as far as these diaries, most will not see that their memories are blank, and their emotions are blank. When they go back to review their diaries, most will remember well their greatest numbers of emotional traumas and mental traumas.  Most will remember well who hurt them and also will remember well how they hurt others.  They will also see well how they hurt others!  They will also see well that they have not dealt with all of the hurt, the pain and suffering, which is associated with such things! 

And, these I will readily help if they will honestly and truthfully address these many emotional and mental traumas, which they have buried!  Yes, many ask Me to forgive them and I readily forgive them; but many emotionally and mentally charged situations and occurrences in people’s lives leave deep imprints in their memories, in their hearts and in their souls; and it is these sorts of things, which must be healed before one can be free! 

For, these emotional and mental scars are something like roadmaps and these roadmaps, once laid, tend to produce the same kinds of behaviors, and to prod one to repeat the same sorts of things over and over again!  If this is not the case, it will nonetheless take a great deal of emotional, mental, and spiritual energy just to keep these traumas and these many unresolved conflicts and unforgiveness pushed down and kept out of sight and away from one’s awareness!

Many are Busy, Trying to Fill the

Vast Holes in their Lives!

For, what is hidden in this way can create a very large hole in one’s life and this hole will wish to be filled with something!  Therefore, many are busy trying to fill the vast holes in their lives with something!  And, some do fill such holes with religion!  You will see them in the churches, busy at one thing, or at another and seeming to do well, and also doing well, but most often fighting the void, which is in their lives!  Others will fill such voids with excessive work, or excessive play, or excessive exercising, or excessive eating, or drinking of alcohol or taking drugs. Others will fill such voids with sexual addictions, sexual perversions, or other kinds of addictions!  For, they feel hollow inside and wish to fill this void with something!  Others will talk, talk, talk, and do little more!  And, so it goes!  For, many will do all sorts of things to fill the voids in their lives!

And, many are afraid to look into these voids, which for many began at an early time in their lives!  Many do not want to look back! Many do not want to see, either what others did to them, or what they did to others! 

But, there shall come no healing into them, into their hearts, into their memories, into their bodies, until they look back, examine their own lives in great detail and ask Me to come into all of their broken dreams, into all of their hurtful emotions and memories and ask Me to heal them! 

And, if any and all are sincere in their pleas before Me, I will hear them; and I will not only show these all of their past hurts, sorrows and painful memories, I will heal them! I will forgive them! I will set them free; and make them new persons, from the inside out.  This is what I will do for any and all, who so desire it and who seek Me with their whole hearts.

Oh, Father, I know that this is so and I pray that all will take note!  For, You wish to do such a wonderful thing for so many!

And, with this, My Little One, we shall stop for today! For, you have done much and this is all that I require of you today. I am Your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of February, 2010,

                                                                                                           Linda Newkirk

Our Father’ Message Continued

February 22, 2010

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God!  Blessed are you, My Little One; for you are spiritually hungry and you are back at the spiritual trough today; and even as you so come, I will feed you!  My Little One, do you understand well what I have given, or do you have more questions?

Father, as is usually the case, I have a few more questions still about the Elohim.  And, I am wondering now why I was told to wait my turn, that they must be fed first, and that I must therefore wait my turn. Father, what more will you give me about these Elohim, and also about this comment.

Some of the Elohim want us to keep quiet about

The Mysteries of the Light Kingdom!

My Little One, you have been told to wait your turn and you will wait your turn; for what is on their table, what they eat, you cannot now eat of!  But, you have been making a clamor in their midst! You have made quite an uproar among them; for you have been busy in seeking Me for the light mysteries!  Many of them are and have been irritated with you; for you long to go on high, into the Light Kingdom and receive your inheritance! Therefore, you and a few others have been very busy in praying for these mysteries of the Light Kingdom!

These, who sit above you, would have you to be quiet, to sit and wait your time! But, pay no attention to those remarks; for not only will you receive your inheritance in the light, but you will sit high above them, neither desiring to eat at their table, nor eating from their tables; for your table shall be high above theirs!

Yes, My Little one, you long to go on high and to inherit your place in the Light Kingdom and you shall, but some of these rulers, the Elohim, wish for you to be quiet, to be very quiet about My messages in Pistis Sophia.  They wish for you to sit down and be quiet! 

Yes, My Little One, you will wait your turn, and your turn is so very close now!  So, be not puzzled about these things, but just know that they are all aware of your great yearnings to go on high and to receive these mysteries and seals of the Light Kingdom, your heavenly food, yet they wish to silence you! They do not want you to receive or to be fed, these great mysteries! 

But, you are being fed by Me and I will give you great mysteries of the Light Kingdom, some of which you and My Little Son of Light are already receiving; for I know the true longings of your heart, and these longings are for Me! For, I know that I am your first love! I am your Treasure, and where your heart is, which is upon Me, there also is your treasure!  For, I, and I, alone, am your Treasure!  Blessed are you, My Little One; for indeed I shall give you the whole Light Kingdom!

Oh, thank you, oh Beautiful King!!! You are My Everything! Glory to Your Holy Name forever and ever! I love You so, oh Mighty King and so long to be in Your wonderful presence!

Are there more questions, My Little One?

No, My Lord, not at this time, not that I am aware of.

A Plan for You to be Spiritually Clean!

“Repent and Turn to God and do Work that is meet for Repentance.”  (Acts 26:20)

Very well, My Blessed Child, we will proceed; for I will now outline a plan, wherein, if those who love Me, wish to be spiritually clean, inside and out, and to be healed of all their brokenness, all of their sorrow, pain, sadness, anger, denial, embarrassment, self-loathing, hate, malice, contempt and other negative emotions, which are associated with traumatic events; and if they will come to Me with a sincere heart, a broken and contrite spirit and seek Me with their whole hearts I will not only heal them, but will also take all of their burdens!  I will not only forgive them, but even as they seek Me to do so, I will forgive those, who hurt them!

Now, this is what I would have all to do, who truly want their spiritual and emotional houses to be cleaned out.

Firstly, My Little One, I would have them to get on bended knees before Me and to pray this prayer from their hearts.  It is well to paraphrase this prayer and to put it into one’s own words, but to pray this prayer to Me with a sincere heart and with a broken and contrite spirit!

The First Prayer

A Prayer to Seek our Saviour’s Help

in Exploring Your Life Diary!

Oh, Father, My Father in Heaven, Creator of both heaven and earth, I come to You as a child, Father; and I seek You as a child, for the brokenness in my heart is great!  Father, You know how I have suffered in my past!  You know all of My trials and You know that at times My pain and heartache has been great! Father, I have stuffed so much hurt away in my heart! I have tried not to think about so many painful things!  I have made some terrible decisions, Father; and I know that I have not only caused great pain to myself by some of my many bad decisions, but I have also caused much pain and much heartache to others. 

Father, I have not wanted to think about many of these painful events; for the burden of such things is so great in my heart and in my mind!  But, Father, You know that the memories of these traumatic events is not far below the surface of my mind!  And, even though I wish to forget about so many of these very traumatic events and to go on with my life, I cannot forget them! 

Father, I have truly wanted You to hear Me and to forgive Me regarding many of these painful behaviors and painful events, and I know that You forgive!  But, Oh Blessed Saviour, my soul is heavy with so much pain and suffering!  Father, I want to be free!  With all of my heart, I really want to be free! 

Father, take my hand and go with me into the diary of my own life!  Give me very clear eyes so that I may recall with great clarity all of these hurtful and unresolved situations, which still exist in my heart, in my emotions, in my memories and in my thoughts.  Father, please take my hand and walk with me into all of these hurtful and painful situations, and let me see and recall each painful situation very clearly. 

Father, burn down the walls, which I have built within my own heart and within my own mind!  Father, bind up and cast out all demons of denial and burn up and consume all denial, which is within me!  Father, cause me to look upon my life, upon my own choices and behaviors, and upon the choices and behaviors of others with great clarity and pureness of sight and hearing, to recall in truth all things, which have so troubled me; for, Father, I do not wish to blame others any longer for my own bad choices.  I do not wish to treat others unfairly because I will not forgive them, but hold grudges against them!  I do not wish any longer to be a prisoner of my own past; but to be clean before you, knowing that You have forgiven me, oh Lord, that I have also forgiven myself and that I have also forgiven others! 

Oh Blessed Saviour, please take my hand and hold tight to my hand and walk with me into the diary of my own life; for I truly wish to be free!  Thank you, Father! Amen

I Will Hear This Prayer!

Now, My Little One, I tell you now that for all, who pray this prayer and who pray it with a deep and sincere longing from their very hearts, even praying it with their  whole hearts, I will hear this prayer!  I will honor this prayer and I will indeed take the hand of such a one, who prays this prayer and I will indeed cause such a one to see with great clarity and with great truth his or her past and to see it is truth and honesty!

Make Three Distinct Lists!

Next, my Little One, after one prays this prayer, indeed, with his or her whole heart, there is much work to be done and this is what I would have each one to do! Make lists! Make three distinct lists and the first list is to be called:  1.   What others have done to me! Then, make a second list and this second list is to be called:   2.   What I have done to others!  Then, make a third list and this third list is to be called:   3.   What I have done to myself!

For, as one spends time with Me in going back into his or her life; and as one sees and reviews the painful and unresolved conflicts, indeed emotionally charged situations, such a one is then to make lists, indeed three lists, and on the three lists, one will list these painful memories and emotionally charged situations, indeed, as I have just told you, in three lists:  1. What others have done to me; 2…What I have done to others;  3…What I have done to myself.

I add also, my Little One, that for one to be the most successful at achieving the deepest and most lasting spiritual healings, one needs to spend some days alone with Me, without any interruptions whatsoever! In deep longing and with a singleness of purpose, one needs to spend this time of deep prayer and longing with Me, seeking Me and only making these lists!  To make such lists, for some, can take days, or even weeks!  For, it will take some time to go back and to remember these things and to make these accurate lists.

But this is what one is to do first of all!  Spend the time to make the lists! Keep adding to these lists until no more painful memories and emotionally charged experiences are remembered!  These lists are between Me and you, the one, who needs healing!  I am not asking you to make a list of your deep personal concerns and to share these with others, unless you really desire to do so! 

For, you will come next with the following prayer and with your whole heart, you will ask Me to take your hand again and to go with you into each painful situation, that I may burn out and totally heal your wounded memories and your wounded emotions, that I may also forgive you and others, as you must also forgive yourself.

I Will Heal Those, Who Desire Healing,

With Your Whole Hearts!

When such healing is done, there will come a great freedom in your mind, in your heart, in your soul and spirit!  For, I will heal those of you, who so desire this healing with your whole hearts! And, if you do not at first experience this healing release after praying this second prayer regarding a given situation, come again and again in tears, weeping in your great sorrow also for your sins and hurts, and I will eventually heal you and clean away all of your emotional and mental traumas regarding these situations.

So, here follows the second prayer and you are to pray this prayer regarding each emotionally charged situation, which you have listed on your three lists.  Pray this prayer with your whole heart as regards each “wrong” on your list!  Do not hurry this, but be sincere and I will hear, as well, on your behalf, this second prayer.

Second Prayer

Prayer for Healing of painful Emotions and Memories

 In Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus, I come to You; and I ask You to help me!  Oh, Blessed Saviour,  I travail over so much sorrow and so much pain in my life!  Lord, You know the emotional trauma that I have suffered over this incident alone; and You know that I do not want to suffer this emotional pain regarding this situation any longer!  Father, I plead with You from the bottom of my heart to take my hand and to come with me into these painful, mental, and emotional wounds and to heal me from the inside out! 

Blessed Saviour, please bring Your love and Your light and your healing into this very painful emotional situation and heal me!  Heal my painful memories and painful emotions and heal my body, my Lord; for such pain has surely affected my health!  Purge and purify my painful memories and purge and purify my painful emotions, so that I will no longer suffer the terrible effects of this very experience.

Forgive me, oh Lord, where I bear wrong in this situation; and forgive this person (or persons), even as I so forgive each and every one, who is and has been a part of this very painful situation, including myself.  Lord, do not hold this against me or anyone else any longer! 

Lord, I really do want to be forever free of all such painful memories and emotions, which are associated with this traumatic event; and I do not want to remember it anymore in painful ways.

Lord, please heal me in every way regarding this situation and take all of my burdens regarding this painful event.  For, I know that this very painful event has help to mold and shape my behaviors in ways that I may not even recognize. So, Father pluck out any and all roots of dysfunctional behaviors, which have arisen in me, because of this terrible event.

Help me, Oh Lord, to see clearly how I have hurt others because of my painful past, how I have shut out others and how I have made decisions, which were not good for me and for others. 

Father, all of these terrible memories have served as my own prison and none could help me to be healed. But, Father, I put my faith and trust in You; for You are Most High! You are Creator! You came down here and took on a body and died for us, so that we might find our way into the Light, for this earth is do dark. You, and You, Alone, are Saviour. There is none other and none can save a soul but you; and Father, none can heal like you!

Lord Jesus, I know that you are extremely compassionate and that you forgive. I truly do want to be forgiven of all of my sins and I beg you to forgive me of all of my sins and to heal me completely of these past errors and very terrible memories! I know that you hear my cries and I know that you are mindful of me. Thank you, oh Blessed Saviour!  I love you so! Amen

Our Saviour Continues!

Therefore, with these two prayers, and if you do your spiritual work of listing all wrongs, those of yourself and those of others, and if you pray with your whole hearts, and with great determination, I will clean out your painful memories! I will forgive you and heal you at all levels, making you free indeed. These prayers, I give for all, who will receive them and pray them in earnest!  For, I will honor these prayers! I will receive these prayers when you pray them with your whole hearts and I will make you whole and free!

Remember! If you do not feel My healing power and My spiritual release within you at first, keep coming back to Me in prayer and keep praying the same prayer until you feel this spiritual breakthrough!  For, if you are sincere and if you persevere, you will receive a spiritual breakthrough! For, I will heal you; but remember also that things, like doubt and a lackadaisical attitude can interfere in your healing, so beware of these things and keep coming back to me in prayer until you feel a spiritual breakthrough!

Also, remember that the walls, which you have built in your own heart, mind, spirit and soul, may not be broken down all at once, but by degrees!  And, the demons and thoughts of denial may not be cast out and removed all at once, but by degrees!  So, you will need to be determined and to persevere; and if you will be determined and persevere, I will surely heal you and I will surely set you free!

Furthermore, I wish to add that even after you have made such lists, and have spent much time in addressing all issues, which you have listed; other unresolved conflicts, memories and emotionally charged situations may still surface. And, when these surface, be quick to get on your knees and come to Me and pray in your own words again the second prayer!  For, this process of uncovering can go on for years; but My gift to you, the determined, who persevere and pray with your whole hearts, will be realized early on in your determination to be free, if you are sincere and pray these prayers and do this work with your whole hearts.

Know, My Little Ones, that I am with you!  I desire for you to be free!  I also desire to save the greatest numbers of your souls and these prayers are but two tools that will greatly benefit each of you, who so longs to be saved!

Father, there will come those, who will make their lists, and who will pray these prayers, but they do not have Your Spirit. Father, they need Your Spirit, and they also need your baptisms. Father, what will you do for these?

My Little One, the following is the third prayer for those, who have been in such deep sin, that if they did have My Spirit, it fled; and if they never had My Spirit, they most certainly need it! Therefore, I give this prayer as a third prayer for all, who so need My Beautiful Spirit of love, grace, mercy, hope and great and wonderful spiritual gifts and manifestations of Me.

Third Prayer

The Prayer to Receive the Spirit of God

Jesus, oh Blessed Saviour, You know of the great holes in Me, which have been there for a very long time! Father, I do not want any holes in my heart or in My spiritual makeup anymore; for these holes are also places for demons to hide in.  Oh, Blessed Saviour, please give me Your Spirit!  Please fill up these great holes with your Wonderful Spirit of Love, Mercy, Grace and supernatural wonders! I am separated from any, who have the Spirit of God, and who would pray for Me, so that I may receive Your Spirit.

Father, I so deeply desire Your Spirit; for I do not wish to be like the heathen, who live in darkness and who are cut off from You!  Father, hear my cries!  I beg you to reach down and to impart Your Spirit to me; for I want to be counted among Your Children!  Hear my cries, Oh Blessed Saviour! 

Father, I also ask You to send Your great power into me and to drive every demon out of me, for I greatly want to be free!  And, Father, help me to be mindful of wrong behaviors and to be mindful of behaviors, which will insult or drive out Your Spirit!  For, once You give me Your Spirit, I never want to be an empty house again! I never want to be cut off again! I never want to be counted among the heathen again!

I want to know you, Jesus! I want to know You in an even greater way; and if it would be Your will, I would like to serve You one day! I would like to help save souls, who are just like Me, lost and cut off! 

Father, I know that without Your Spirit, I am cut off from You and if I do not find you and receive Your Spirit, at the last day, my soul will burn; for I will be counted among the rejects! Father, I do  not want this! Have mercy on Me! Please bless me to have Your Spirit and help me to do what is right; for I so greatly treasure Your Spirit!  Don’t let me perish, Oh Lord!  Give me your Holy Spirit; for I long to be counted among Your children. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Oh Blessed Saviour! Amen!

My Little One, for each one, who will pray this prayer, and who will pray it with their whole hearts, know one thing, that I will visit this one, and I will give to this one My Spirit in a supernatural way!  For, I also realize that many will not know where to go to receive the Spirit of God! And, any can receive My Spirit through the laying on of hands, but many in the churches, who would pray for others to receive My Spirit, do not even have My Spirit!

So, in these end-times, I will do some extraordinary things to save souls!  And, this one prayer I will also honor when one so seeks My Spirit with a whole heart. I will even visit this one, just as I have told you, and I will so impart My Spirit!  This prayer will also benefit many in My house, who are called by My Name, for many, who claim to know Me do not know Me, but are as dead wood!  So, this prayer is for many so-called Christians, who have never had My Spirit, or who have driven out My Spirit by doing things, which have offended My Spirit, and have not repented!

By giving this prayer, which I will indeed honor, when one prays it with his or her whole heart, I am indeed giving a very grand gift, and a very great tool for salvation!  For, if one has My Spirit, this one is given special consideration, even if he, or she dies in sin, there is still hope for many!  Hear Me in this!  This is a very important prayer!

So, if you are not sure whether you have the Spirit of God, or not, pray this prayer and do not pray it just once, but day after day, with a whole heart, until you know that you have the love and light of My Spirit within you!  For, if you have had My Spirit and if You have insulted it and have driven it away, you may have to pray with a greater determination and with a greater longing to receive it again; but if you are truly sorry for all of your sins and if you have worked well the previous steps in cleaning up your life diary, praying these three prayers, I will hear your pleas to receive My Spirit.

With these words, I will close this section!  Take these teachings very, very seriously. Do this work and I will not only make you clean, but if you will thereafter walk in love, forgiveness and obedience towards Me, loving Me above all and loving and forgiving others, even your enemies, I will also save your soul and you will thereafter go on high and receive a mighty inheritance in the Kingdom of Light, which is joy and beauty beyond any and all things, which you could or would ever imagine!

Father, in closing, I have a couple of questions.

Say on…

Father, in the beginning of these visions, which relate to the life diary, I saw many sparks when I brought forth this diary. Father, why was that?

My Little One, this part, this work on ones life diary, is anointed with much of My power! These prayers are My prayers.  These words are My words!  This work, I am giving and I am honoring!  Therefore, this work is anointed by Me and these sparks and fire are My sparks and fire! For, if any and all will seize upon this teaching, which I now give, and do as I so direct, I will hear their cries to Me!  For, this work I now ordain! This work I empower through My power! For, through these prayers alone, and through this heartfelt work, I will truly clean up and save many if they will pursue Me with their whole hearts.

Oh, thank You, oh Blessed Saviour! How I delight in You! I love you so!!!!

Now, My Little One, you know why I allowed the enemy to attack you and to cause you to fall in the snow and ice, injuring your spine? This is your price for this work towards the salvation of souls, your price to receive this chapter, Sixty-Eight of Book Twelve, a very powerful work indeed!  Many need to copy this chapter and to send it far and wide, to make copies for their families and friends, to make and leave anonymous copies in public places and to give them out in the streets.

Satan and certain of the Elohim are also very angry about My desire to give this chapter and wish to impede My work in the salvation of souls!  The revelations in this chapter, in chapter Sixty-Eight of Book Twelve, are exceedingly important towards the salvation of many, many souls!

The Impartation of the Fire Baptisms!

Father, before you go, I have but one last question; and Father, this is a very important question.  Your word tells that we are to be baptized in water for the remission of sins; but Father, with this baptism, people face the same dilemma. Few know how to find a truly anointed servant of Yours, who is anointed by You, Lord, and empowered by You, so that they can be baptized for the remission of sins and thereafter receive Your Spirit through the laying on of hands!  Therefore, Father, to receive such a baptism, for many, is impossible!  Father, will You now freely impart Your fire baptisms? Father, I know about these fire baptisms!  Will you now freely release such fire baptisms into Your people?

My Little One, I was tugging at your heart stings and I was waiting for you to ask Me if I would release such fire baptisms into the hearts of the true seekers; and My answer to you is “Yes!”  I will now give such a prayer, so that when one seeks Me with his or her whole heart, I will supernaturally impart into him, or her, my fire baptism, according to his, or her readiness, to receive such baptisms and according to his, or her deep and sincere prayers for these fire baptisms!

For, these fire baptisms are, as you know, exceedingly wise fires, who will continually go into the soul and seek out and hunt out sin, which is stamped on the soul and will thusly burn out sin!  These fire baptisms are different than water baptisms, but both are for the remission of sins! However, the fire baptisms, once imparted, will work continually over and over again to seek out and to  burn out sin, even as one so seeks to be forgiven of sin.  This is how the fire baptisms work, yet these fires will also do much more! So, yes! I will now give such a prayer and I will honor this prayer, when one does pray it with a sincere heart and truly does desire, and deeply desires, such fire baptisms.

Fourth Prayer

The Prayer for the Fire Baptisms

Oh, Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Our Lord, and Only Saviour of Humanity, I know of these fire baptisms; for You now tell of them and I know that these are exceedingly wise fires, which will seek out and burn out every sin, which is stamped on my soul! My Lord, this fire baptism is a most amazing spiritual gift; and Father, with all of My heart, I long for this gift!  Please, Father, hear My cries and impart to me this fire baptism, that I may be clean before You, Oh Lord, and that My soul may be purified and made exceedingly clean through these purifying fire baptisms! Thank You, oh Blessed Saviour! Blessed is Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus!  Glory to You forever and ever; for You are mindful of a sinner like Me! Holy is Your Name forever and ever! Amen!

Some, who pray this prayer will receive this fire baptism right away, but some must persevere in faithfulness and determination before receiving this fire baptism. And, yes, the heat of these fire baptisms will be felt in ones body; for these are hot, heavenly fires, which will find sin in ones soul and burn out such sin, but you must also walk as humble, obedient, little children; for if you continue to consciously do things to insult this fire baptism, it will leave you and so much worse will be your plight!

Now, My Little One, do you know why I allowed the enemy to take a whack at you and to cause you to fall on the snow and ice? On your back, I would put you so that I would have your full attention! In this way, you would write this chapter! For, you would pay a price to bring these very important works to My people!  If they will read and if they will take seriously these works, many will be made clean and may will be made whole and many will be saved!

For, I am your Saviour! I am Jesus! I am Yahweh, Most High God, and I am Creator; and besides Me, there is none other; and I give these teachings. I teach these words! Now, go in peace; for I have given all that I intend to give at this time.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded on this 22nd day of February, 2010,

                                                                                                                      Linda Newkirk

Blessed is our Mighty King forever and ever!

Holy is His Beautiful Name!

Few of you know that I wrote the last chapter after I had fallen in the snow and had injured my back.  At the time, I really did not understand why our Saviour had allowed this to happen to me, but as I rested, waiting for our Saviour to heal my back, I asked Him why He is delaying! For, He had previously told me that soon after the work for the salvation of the children of Satanic lineage is completed, that He would finish these works. 

Then, He gave me a vision and in this vision I was standing on a ledge with the little manchild. We were high up, as if we were standing on a ledge, which had been built on the side of a mountain. The little manchild was in my arms and it seemed as if we could fly away at any moment.

However, when I asked our Father what we were waiting for, He dropped me and the manchild down by a few feet and there before us were some white basins, which were covered with white tops.  These basins actually resembled bathroom sinks, yet they were not open, but covered with white lids. 

I went to these basins and lifted some of the lids to these basins and I saw that some appeared to be clean and others were partially clean, but others were full of dead, black crawfish, which smelled of a putrid smell.  So, I closed the lids and our Saviour said, “This is what I am waiting for!”

My Dear Ones, His love for each of us is very great and because of His great love, He has given this chapter.  Our Saviour wanted me on my back so that He would have my full attention and it was during this time that He began to show me many things, to speak with me, and to show me why others are not ready.

It was during the early days of this recovery that I had a conversation with a friend; and it was during this conversation that my friend told me that I was wrong in what I saw regarding our conversation. I simply told my friend to seek our Saviour and that our Saviour would show the truth.  So, I went on about my business and the Lord said, “The next time that you speak with this friend, this is what you will be told:  I cannot see what you are talking about.”  And, some hours passed and this dear friend called and said, “I cannot see what you are talking about.” 

So, this, my Dear Ones, began five days for this friend, wherein our Father would have this one to do as outlined herein, yet not totally with the same prayers, but in a very similar way.  Our Father said that this work was to be done for five days and that on the sixth day, He would give something to my dear friend.  True to His word, on the sixth day, our Saviour did visit this dear friend and imparted wonderful heavenly gifts. 

So, my Dear Ones, take note! For, not only will our Saviour heal many of you of your painful pasts, but He will give you so much more!

As the days have passed, our Saviour has been steadily healing my back! He sent angels to minister to me; an on this day as I write these last words, my back is nearly completely healed.

As I have already written, and as our Saviour has told us, to whom much is given, much is expected.  And, when He gives us an important work, we will most assuredly pay a very great price. 






Your sis and friend,

Linda Newkirk

PS  Soon, I will be writing and posting more of your wonderful testimonies about the beautiful blessings that you have received through our Saviour’s anointings on the prayer cloths! Keep them coming, so that our Saviour might be magnified in this earth and so that the faith of the spiritually weak might be strengthened! 

If you are looking for prayer cloths, I am about to send out a few hundred. After these, I must then fast again and pray over some more, but be patient with me; for there is only one of me.  If finances permit this year, I hope to have a part time helper.  Perhaps, our Father will bring in the extra finances for this; and I will then be able to get some things done a little faster. Praises to His Holy Name; for He is so precious in every way!

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