Chapter Seven


“Divine Revelations”

My Dear Ones, since around the middle of November, our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven and His Most Precious Son have continually given me prophecies, visions and even one very important dream about the soon coming of our Saviour for the first harvest of souls, for the harvest of the first fruits, among them the 144,000. But, as I understand it, He will also take others, who are clean at this time! These have put our Father in Heaven first and have sought to live for Him and for Him alone! They have come out of the world and do not love what is in and of this world and they have thereby made themselves clean before Him through repentance, love and forgiveness. And, as I have previously written via our Father’s own words, He will take others during these last three and one half years, according to His own good pleasure. So, not only will He come back at the end for the rest, but He will take others during these years according to His own good pleasure and from what He says, I believe that they will simply be translated as He so desires!

Since Our Father in Heaven either speaks to me most nights in prayer, or gives visions, there have been many and I have not written them down as I have done in the past as these came to me most often while I have been praying with another person over the telephone. But, I shall tell you of some of them!


The Payback River

In this vision, I was with our Saviour at the end of a tunnel of light and across the entrance of this tunnel was a closure, which seemed to be made of glass. As we stood there, we were both surrounded in a blue-white light; and as I looked through the glass I could see a passing river, which was very near to the opening of this long tunnel. Yet, the river was somewhat below us and it was a very swift-moving river! This was a very nasty river, reminding me of dirty dishwater, but without the soap foam; and in this river were very large, black objects, which seemed to change shape, so that I could not make them out. I asked our Saviour what this river was, and He told me that this is the “payback” river and that this river is now flowing into the Earth! I asked Him to tell me what the many dark objects were and He told me that these are blocks of payback, which are now coming into all the nations of the whole Earth. He told me that these nations will now reap as they have sown! My Dear Ones, this payback is now. This swift-moving river is now coming into the Earth and this dark payback is the great darkness, which is now upon the face of the whole Earth!


Collision in the Spirit

I heard a very loud noise in the spirit realm and when I looked I saw a very dark wall. This wall was so close that I could almost touch it if I reached out to do so. When I asked our Saviour what I was seeing, He told me that this great collision is the collision of great darkness, which is upon the whole world. I asked Him what He meant by this and He told me great wars, spread of terrible diseases, famines, great upheavals in the Earth and great loss of life will come out of this great collision of darkness!


The Flaming Rock

I looked out in space and I saw a very large rock, which is now headed toward the Earth. It is a monster! Then, I looked in the Spirit and saw this great flaming rock again and it was soaring through the atmosphere! It fell in the Atlantic Ocean and appeared to fall just south, to southeast of Bermuda. At that moment, I knew that when this great rock falls, it will cause tidal waves, which will inundate Florida and may very well cause the great flooding, which I have seen in Arkansas.

For about two months, during this past summer, as I travelled the country roads of Faulkner County Arkansas, I repeatedly saw water in the valleys over the tops of the houses and well up the trees. This was a shocking sight; and I knew that this could not be far off! I do not know when this giant space rock will hit, but I do not believe that it is far off. I am left wondering if the militaries of the world will hit this rock with weapons and blow it apart, with pieces of it falling in different parts of the world. The rock in space appeared bigger than what I saw falling into the Atlantic, but still this rock, which I saw falling into the Atlantic, is very large!

Will the falling of this rock set off the New Madrid Fault and possibly others as well! When this rock struck the ocean, I saw the Earth open up and crack in the above vision!


A Volcanic Explosion in America
And More Problems in the Indian Ocean

I saw a volcano, which appeared to be in the Pacific Northwest and it suddenly began to blow out great amounts of rock and fire! Then, I saw the Earth crack open in the northwestern part of the USA and into Southwest Canada and there were terrible earthquakes. I do not know when this is, but feel that this is very soon, and I saw that if some submarines were not moved in the Pacific that they would be lost due to the terrible calamities in the Pacific Ocean at the time that this volcano blows!

And, in this same vision, I saw concentric circles, which were moving out from a central location and this was in the general area of the great tsunami. I saw some of theses circles going into northern Australia and even down into the middle of Australia. When I looked, I saw several underwater volcanoes and one very large one was erupting! These two events may happen very close to one another, the volcanic eruption in the northwest of the USA and the eruption of the one near Australia!

And, in addition to all of these visions, plus others, which I do not write here, our Saviour has repeatedly appeared to me and has told me that His return could very well be any day and that we all must look ahead with great anticipation. For, He is coming very, very soon, and when so very few expect and when even fewer are prepared! So, my Dear Ones, get ready; for so little time remains!


The Two Lower Legs

As I have told you in the previous chapter, Satan was extremely angry with me about cutting off his two lower legs and tossing them into the Lake of Fire, as directed by our Lord and God! So angry that He has literally tried to burn off my legs on several different occasions! My Dear Ones, these two lower legs of Satan are two leaders, very important leaders of Satan in this Earth! And, I have every reason to believe that Ariel Sharon is one of these legs.

As most of you already know, Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, suffered a massive stroke on the fifth of January 2006. He was in surgery for many hours and in a very critical condition. On the sixth of January, his doctor announced that Sharon had suffered massive brain damage and would not be coming back to work. At the same time, reports began to come out of Israel that Sharon was dead! World Tribune reported that Sharon was pronounced dead on the sixth of January, and I believe that this report stated that Sharon was pronounced dead at 9:00 that morning. Others in Israel were also reporting that he was dead and I believe that he was in fact brain dead and kept on a respirator until such time as they decided to pull the plug, probably after the Sabbath!

Now, as some of you may recall from these writings, the Jews, the fake Jew Satanists, have been behind a lot of the torture and persecution, which has been directed at me. In fact, in August of 2003, a man tried to run me off a winding country road in Arkansas. Stew Webb had warned me at the time that Rafael Eton, the ex head of the Israeli Mossad was in America to assassinate some of the so-called dissidents. Though I had never seen Rafael Eton, I got a good look at the old man with the military hair cut, who tried to run me off the road. In fact, I followed him to the expressway, where he took flight from me, speeding off at around100 mph. Shortly after this man tried to run me off the road, I saw in a vision that he would soon die in a terrible crash as he would crash his car into a concrete barrier, which looked to be something like an overpass. In fact, this man crashed his car into a bridge in Israel and drowned one year later, in August of 2004. Who sent this man to make an attempt on my life? Sharon, working with the Bushes! In this country, the Bushes have killed many of their so-called dissidents via the Israeli Mossad!

Just before these evil ones kidnapped me and raped me in the early morning hours of May 23, 2004, I received an e-mail from and this e-mail said, “The Jewish New World Order is watching you!” When these evil ones put the voodoo man across from us in Sweden, they used an apartment, which belonged to a Jewish man!

And, so it goes, my Dear Ones, that the fake Jews have definitely persecuted me and have been at the forefront of much of the evil, which has been directed at me. Yet, in spite of this, when I knew that Sharon was dead, the Spirit of God lay heavy upon my heart to pray for Ariel Sharon, even though I “knew” that he was dead! So, when a friend called me at approximately 10:30 PM on the night of January 06, 2006, I told this dear friend that we must pray for Sharon as the Spirit of God had put this on my heart! So, this is what we did and I asked our Father, that it were His will, to heal Sharon. At that moment, I could plainly see inside Sharon’s head. And, I could see great darkness on the right side of his brain and behind his ear as well. As I was praying for him, I also saw the hands of light of the angel, who has so often helped me to be healed. Blessed is this Precious angel! And as the hands of light touched the head of Sharon, I saw his head light up with the light of God. Light literally filled the right side of his head and the blackness disappeared. Then, I asked our Father to breathe life back into the body of this man, if it were His will.

My Dear Ones, I know that at that very instant, our Father in Heaven touched this man and brought him back to life! For, there is no doubt in my mind that this man, Sharon, is one of the two lower legs of Satan, who was to be cast into the Lake of Fire. It is also most interesting to note that according to news reports, at around 8:00 AM on the morning of the 7th of January 2006, Sharon was rushed back into surgery! There, he spent five hours in surgery again and these clots were removed. The rest is history and Sharon is now said to be stable and he is beginning to regain movement in his limbs, yet still sedated somewhat, as he is being weaned from these sedatives. Sharon is still reportedly not awake yet, but reports from his doctors reveal that he is breathing on his own!

Between Jerusalem and Arkansas there is an eight-hour time difference! We prayed and agreed on this prayer together somewhere between 10:30 PM and 11:30 to 11:45 on the night of January 06, 2006. I do not know the exact time of our prayer for Sharon, so I can only give you these approximate times, but it was late at night and between these times that I have just given to you, in fact much closer to the 11:30-11:45 timeframe! This would put this prayer nearer to 7:30 to 7:45 Israeli time! I believe that his brain suddenly started functioning and their seeing this, rushed him into surgery at around 8:00 that same morning. So, Sharon lives, but if he does come back to rule over Israel, who will be in his body??? For, he has certainly suffered a fatal head wound and now does live!

Now, my Dear Ones, comes Dick Cheney, fast on the heels of Sharon. Yesterday on January 09, Cheney was rushed to the hospital with possible heart problems and was reportedly sent home shortly thereafter. Cheney now walks with a cane as he is having great trouble with his legs. Is Cheney this other lower leg of Satan? I do not know, but in the vision of the two legs, which our Father in Heaven had me to toss into the Lake of Fire, one leg followed the other!

My Dear Ones, I take no pleasure in seeing anyone suffer! And, it is terrible that others must go into the Lake of Fire. I would be elated to see these evil people repent and come to our Lord and God. But, I know that many will not, and that they are bound for the Lake of Fire! For, many love evil and they will reap as they have sown!

And, so my Dear Ones, this concludes Chapter Seven of Book Twelve. I do not know how much more I will be able to write and it is a great miracle that I am able to get these two chapters to you at all! For, the persecution has been so great and I now write this to you from a hotel room, yet outside I can clearly hear the hum of these disgusting aerial vehicles. But, God willing you will get these two chapters. Whether you get more is strictly up the will of our Lord and God.

I send you love, my Dear Ones! Jesus is our Most Wonderful Way. Blessed is His Holy Name!

Your Sis, Linda


PS After I finished typing these chapters, I lay down to rest a bit at the hotel, where I was staying, but as soon as I lay down, these evil ones started pummelling me with microwave weapons, burning me in my abdominal area and on other parts of my body, so I packed up and went home, where I rested on the sofa for a few hours. But these hours of rest were peppered with several of their calls from a satellite TV offer and after a while, they turned the volume up on high on the speaker of this telephone and woke me up as they blasted their message out into my home. I woke up to notice that they had severely burned me in my abdomen, in my legs, knees and thighs and in my left hand and arm. But, even so, I began to pray to our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven and I told Him that I want His total will to be done in my life about all things! Blessed is His Holy Name! I told Him also that what He intends for me to go through, He is ABLE to bring me through! And, I began to praise Him and bless His Holy Name! In a very short while, my Dear Ones, a river of beautiful white light began to pour over my whole body and in a very short time, all the pain had evaporated! And so my life goes, my Dear Ones! What a miraculous life our Blessed Father in Heaven has given to me! He is wonderful beyond measure and I love Him so!

Your Sis, Linda

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