Chapter Seventy-One




The Gulf Oil Disaster:
Our Saviour’s Warnings

Rise up, oh blessed daughter of Mine! For, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, King of Kings, and the Only Saviour! Sit and write; for My word must go out to a hungry people, to a dry and parched land!

My Little One, do you see what I have done? Do you see? For, I have taken My axe to a dry tree and I have hewn it down! I have taken My axe to an unproductive tree and I have hewn it down! Great is the fall of this tree, a place, where many dark and evil, black birds have nested!

Wickedness and gross wickedness has continually spewed forth from this tree until it has killed itself; for the whole tree has made itself a haven for what is evil and abominable in My sight! A foul stench has continually come up into My face from the wickedness of this evil tree; and I have hewn it down!

My Lord, what is this evil tree and where is this evil tree?

My Little One, this evil tree is the whole coastal region of the Gulf States! This tree is but one offshoot of a greater tree; and this greater tree is the whole of the United States of America! What you do not see from this vision is that this hewn tree is but one very large branch of a large tree; but to you it will surely appear to be a very great tree! And, it is a tree, unto itself, but still a branch of something much larger!

Make it known, My Little One! Publish what I give you and send it far and wide; for I have looked upon the whole Gulf (of Mexico) region of the USA and upon all Gulf (of Mexico) states and I have marked them! I have taken My mark-out pen and I have colored them all in black! I have set a determination against them and I shall totally erase them from off the map of the USA if they do not humble themselves and repent en masse before Me!

For, they are full of evil! Full of adultery! Full of fornication! Full of sexual perversions of every kind! Full of extravagance! Full of witchcraft! Full of idolatry! Full of whoremongering! Full of lying mouths and deceptive ways! Full of the “good-time Charlies!” Full of every kind of evil!

Mark My word in this! For, if those in these states, and those in these states, who are called by My Name, do not repent, I shall send storms, I shall send tsunamis, I shall send earthquakes; and I shall send famine and disease until I have eradicated this evil out of My face! I have set My face against these Gulf Coastal States and I shall not be satisfied until I have destroyed this great evil!

The time of great woes has begun in America! Woe, woe, woe to you, oh America, the slut of the world! Woe to you pornographers; for if you will not repent, you will burn in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you adulterers; for if you will not repent, you will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire! Woe to you preachers, who do not have My Spirit, who preach for gain, and who lead My people astray! For, if you do not repent, you shall have your place in the fires of Outer Darkness! Woe to you covetous, to you liars, to you workers of witchcraft; for if you do not repent, your souls shall be required of you in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you, who love this wicked world and what is in it; and you do not love Me! For, if you do not repent, your soul will perish in the burning flames!

Oh, you mockers and scorners! Woe, woe, woe to you mockers and scorners; for if you will not repent of this great evil, your soul will languish in the flames of correction for a very long time!

It is time for all to stop wondering about the Gulf oil disaster, about who did what and who did not do what! For, I, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, set My sights upon it, I set My determination upon it; and I brought it to pass!

Yea, you marvel that Satan caused it and you marvel that British Petroleum caused it; and you marvel that the fall of the fail-safe measures caused it; but I tell you that I, Myself, determined it! And, unless great numbers of you in these coastal states fall upon your faces before Me with weeping and repentance for your great evils, for your great sins and rebellions against Me, you will not see it stopped, not in your lifetimes! Not only will you not see it stopped, but if many of you, on reading this warning, mock and scoff this message, I will further blow out this well and further inundate you! I will so greatly destroy these coastal states until few of you are left!

Oh, you have thought to contain this great mass of oil and contaminants through your self-sufficiency; and you have thought that British Petroleum would contain it, or that your government would contain it; but I tell you that if you will not repent in great numbers, in weeping and in great tears for your evil ways, and turn from your evil ways in great numbers, you will not be spared! For, I have marked you, oh Gulf States, and I will not be satisfied until I have eradicated this great evil out of My face!

Oh, wake up, you harlot nation of America! For, I have put you in My grinding machine! You have entered into the time of great and terrible woes! My hand of correction is upon the whole nation and you shall fall, oh America!

The time of the fulfillment of all My warnings against you has come! And, now nation shall rise up against nation! Hunger and famine shall cover the earth! Missiles shall fly between nations; and America will surely be attacked and greatly destroyed with nuclear weapons!

For, I have raised up My prophets and I have sent them all across this nation; and to many I have given dreams and visions and warnings of things to come! But, as I have delayed in My great judgments against this nation, many of you have said, “Aha, these things did not come to pass!” And, you have labeled as “false” my true prophets! Oh, what a mistake, what a very great mistake you have made!

For, I tell you now; and this is what I do know! Though this message should be disseminated far and wide in this nation, few of you will repent, though I tell you to repent! For, your hearts are hardened! Your spiritual eyes are blind and your spiritual ears are deaf! Therefore, so many of you will look upon this message and you will further lift yourselves up in your pride and arrogance!

For this reason, these judgments will surely befall you! For, though I warn you now, even as I have warned you so many, many times to repent and to forsake evil, the greatest numbers of you will not listen; for you are lovers of selves, proud, haughty, boasters! You love this world and what is in it and you will not turn from your evil ways!

However, a few of you, will read! You will hear! You will see and you will repent! But, not the greatest numbers! This is why you are now seeing the great judgments of the Book of Revelation as they unfold in this nation and in the whole world! For, judgment begins here in this nation, in My house; and I will not be satisfied until I have purged My whole house!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2010,

Linda Newkirk




Chapter Seventy-One


Part II


Our Saviour’s Great Judgments Against America!

Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Hear Me this day, My little one; and may all be the wiser; for now comes the times of great woes on My people, Israel, who populate the United States of America! For, even as I promised you aforetime, I blessed you! I fulfilled all of My promises to you and I gave you lands of the heathen in those times! I exalted you among the wicked and in the process I made a name for Myself! But, as time went on, you rose up to worship other gods, to worship idols, and to pollute My very house! And, even then, according to My promises, I scattered you across the Earth! Yet, in My mercy, I gathered you again and I gave you this nation of the United States of America, which I founded on principles of righteousness!

Yet, as I prospered you and made you the greatest nation in the world, you became evermore the whore! You also rose up in your greed to covet many nations and you went forth to pillage the whole Earth! You, oh nation of America, filled your bowels with possessions that do not belong to you and you dropped your pants to every whore, who came along! You defiled yourself with every sin of the flesh until filth lay across the land!

You, oh people of America, made your every possession your idol and you worshipped the works of your hands! You pillaged the innocent and killed them, even before they could be born! You degraded yourselves to the perpetual state of the swine through your wicked ways; and you polluted your bodies with every kind of perversion and filth! You closed your eyes while your leaders rose up to worship strange gods and you allowed human sacrifices to become rampant in the land! Every year, hundreds of thousands your children come up missing; and you are no more the wiser; for you do not consider that the children of Satan rape them, torture them and sacrifice them to their strange gods!

I called many prophets and I sent them to warn you to repent, or perish; yet you hardened your hearts and stiffened your necks! I extended grace and mercy unto you because of the pleas of the righteous and you further trampled My grace and mercy! Also, many prophets, who were called by Me, polluted themselves and many in the churches became even more vain and arrogant. The stench in the churches became so foul that I removed many true ones and I brought them into their own wilderness places.

Yes, America, I blessed you above all nations and soon, oh so soon, I will put you under the feet of all nations! The heathen will look upon you, shake their heads and say, “Look what their God did to them!” For, I shall make you a mockery before the whole world! Yea, they shall mock you and spit upon you and curse you as they load you up and carry you afar to strange lands! For, once again, you, oh House of Israel, shall go into slavery and captivity!

Yet, you sit in your comfortable places and you lift up yourselves in pride, you take comfort in all of your money; but I tell you that you are already prisoners and know it not! The antichrist sits at the head of your nation and you know it not! You blindly trust in the arm of the flesh; but that very leader, in whom you trust, will betray you to the enemies, to the very end!

No longer will I plead with you as I have in the past to repent, or perish! For, I know that the greatest numbers of you will not repent! Yet, in your times of great travail, more of you will see the errors of your ways and you will repent!

This is My word to you, oh America! The time of great travail is upon you and from this time forward, there will be no turning back for you! I will carry you forth into the fires of testing and I will not let up on you! I will not let up on the whole world until I am satisfied in My great judgments against you! Yes, indeed the terrible woes and great judgments of the Book of Revelation are now upon you and no amount of prayer and fasting will change what I, Myself, have caused to be written in the Book (of Revelation).

Woe, woe, woe to the USA! Woe, woe, woe to all liars! For, you shall burn if you do not repent! Woe, woe, woe to all workers of witchcraft, to all fornicators, to all adulterers, to all porn addicts, and to all addicts of any kind; for hell, itself, is your inheritance! Woe, woe, woe to the homosexuals; for if you do not repent, you will find yourselves in the extreme cold and heat of Outer Darkness! Woe, woe, woe to all, who break My commandments and will not repent; for you will surely burn in the fiery chastisements!

Wail, oh you nation of America, like a woman in mourning! Put on your clothes of mourning and cover your shame; for you have greatly erred and I shall now require it of you! Howl! For, so great shall be your suffering, oh America!

And, with this, My Little One, we shall stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of June, 2010,

Linda Newkirk

My Dear Ones, our Father has told me that He will allow me to go down to Louisiana to meet and pray with some of you, if you show an interest. However, you will have to pay for my expenses; for this could be quite costly for me. If a group or two of you wish for me to come and to pray for you and with you, I will also bring several hundred anointed prayer cloths! You can read of the miracles and healings, which some have received through our Father’s anointings on these cloths on

The manchild of Revelation Twelve lives in me; and he is fire! I do not know whether our Father will allow him to do anything to help with the great catastrophe, which now rages in the Gulf; but I know his great power and fire and he is a precious and awesome blessing!

I must tell you that I am a prisoner and that when I come, the many ships of Satan will also follow me. But, if you do not mind this parade, I will come!

It was during the Winter of 2008 that two dear brothers invited me to come to Tucson AZ! They are two naturopathic physicians and they offered to give me “free” ozonated colonics as I was so tired back then. At the time that they offered to fly me out there, I did not know that our Father would be sending me through Arizona, and out to California in the Summer of 2008, as He would release many of the giant angels, who are called geographical angels.

So, in the Summer of 2008 when our Father sent me out for His release of these giant angels, I made a trip through Tucson! These dear brothers gave me “free” ozonated colonics, which did later boost my energy levels! I was there for only three days and awoke one morning to hear our Father tell me that I must pack my things and be on my way, so I did not get to stay very long and visit with these two, who have since become some of my very good friends.

While there, I had promised to travel with them around Tucson and to pray over the city, yet did not get around to this before I had to leave! However, I knew that I would be coming back that way. So, on my way back through Tucson I stopped and prayed over Tucson and saw that our Father released one of the giant angels over Tucson.

These angels are about two miles high and the distance between their feet can surely be one half mile. As I traveled that summer in the USA and Canada, I marveled to see these giant angels as they would come down the interdimensional pathway, which leads to the Upper Realms, and go out across the land with great and wonderful strides. What awesome beings they are, great gifts from our Mighty Saviour to all of us in these great and terrible times!

I was so delighted to receive a call within the last two months, or so, from one of my friends in Tucson, who told me that a preacher, “who walks in the prophetic,” had seen four giant angels, who were standing around Tucson! He estimated that each angel was about 10,000 feet tall, and the four angels held a canopy over Tucson.

Blessed Saviour that we have! I saw only one angel, but He actually released four! For the love of these two brothers, it was done; for if it were not for the love in their hearts, I would not have traveled through Tucson, but would have gone to California via another route!

That Summer of 2008, I did a lot of traveling and had hoped to tour the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, down the length of Florida, up the Atlantic seaboard and then back through the mountains and into Arkansas.

The great problem was that I was so exceedingly tired, having traveled about 12,000 miles that summer and all the while I was also under great persecution. I was also sad to see that the expenses of these trips were falling on the shoulders of the same few of you; and this considered as well, I did not make the trip along the Gulf states and up the Atlantic seaboard. I regret this very much at this point, but my Dear Ones, you are the ones, who will be regretting this for a very long time. For, these giant angels are able to go under the earth and to help stabilize the earth and to help lessen the effect of the shifting plates during earthquake activity, among other wonderful things.

Yes, my friends in Tucson saw the ships in the sky! They heard the roaring of these ships and I know that they were truly concerned! My visit with them was a real eye opener for them, but even so, our Father has kept them! He has preserved them; and they are much wiser for having invited me and for having helped me. If it were not for these two men, there would be no geographical angels over Tucson.

Many of you could have helped! You could have volunteered! You could have done something! But, sadly, you did not believe! Just as so many of you do not believe about the manchild of Revelation Twelve, who has lived in me for over forty-nine months! My Dear Ones, your apathy, your disbelief and your unwillingness to help will cut you off cold from the bounty of our Saviour!

Now, I offer to come with the holy manchild and to pray over and for some of you and to do other things to help you, who are so greatly suffering! What will you do now??? Soon, you, who are along the Gulf, will be dying in great measures! May our Mighty King have mercy on us all!

Sending much love to you all,
Linda N.
P.O Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR 72117

P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR, 72117

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