Chapter Seventy-Two


“The Monster in the Gulf of Mexico is Gone!

All the praises to our Mighty Saviour, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Glory to our Mighty Saviour forever and ever; for He is full of mercy! He is full of love and grace!

My Dear Ones, since our Father gave the first part of chapter seventy-one a dear brother in Canada has been working night and day to send these messages of warning and repentance to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people all along the Gulf states. Within recent weeks, he has enlisted another brother in California; and together the two of them have worked exceedingly hard to get our Father’s message of warning out to as many people as possible in and along the Gulf states.

This morning, I called this dear brother in California and he told me that he had a most interesting dream last night and was asking for an interpretation of this dream!


The Dream of the Monster in the Gulf of Mexico!

My friend said that he dreamt last night (the night of July 14th/15th, 2010) that he was walking along the edge of a body of water, but was unable to determine the size of the body of water, as there were reeds and other sorts of vegetation, which were growing along the edge of the body of water. As he walked along the water’s edge, he said that he became aware that there was something very evil in the water, a very evil entity. He went on a little further and finding a shovel, picked up the shovel and began to swing it out across the edge of the water. Then, he said that there began to appear a fire above the top of the water, yet a very light fire, reminiscent of a fire, which is lit on the top of some mixed alcoholic beverages. He then went on and said that he saw some houses down a bit further and thought that he must go down and warn them of the evil that lurked in the water. End of dream.

On hearing of his dream, I knew that we must pray, so I went into prayer with him, seeking guidance from our Saviour. Almost immediately after beginning to pray, I could see the black monster in the water, and I knew that this body of water was the Gulf of Mexico.

Far out in the Gulf, I could see a very great, black dragon! Initially, I wondered if this could be Satan in one of his many disguises! But, as I was quickened by the Spirit of God, I knew that this was not Satan at all, but a great and evil monster, which had most assuredly been released from the bowels of the earth through the British Petroleum drilling disaster.

I began to ask our Saviour to loose this monster from the waters and to bind him up; and within a very short time, I saw him come up out of the water! His great bellows filled the spirit world, his deep growls portraying his great wrath!

Quickly, I asked our Saviour to release some of the giant geographical angels, most of them around two miles tall, to grab him and to drag him into hell, to be bound up in the lowest levels! Also, as this monster was putting up such a fight, I then asked our Saviour to please release Archangel Michael and other archangels to help in the process of dragging this monster into hell.

This was one very great fight! Oh, he was one very great angry monster! But, soon, I would look to see that this great dragon was bound, almost as if someone had taken ropes to him and had snuggly fit them tightly around him, locking in place all appendages so that he could no longer beat the water with his great tail or lunge out with his giant claws.

With this monster being bound in this way, these great angels grabbed hold of him; and I then saw where they were headed for him; for the great doorway was opened into hell!

So often, my Dear Ones, I see this door opened into hell! For, the precious manchild, who lives in me, so regularly takes demons right down into hell. I was also hopeful that this precious manchild would be able to help these giant angels in this great work! So, I asked our Saviour to allow His precious little Son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve, to get in on the action; for this was one very great catch! Glory to our Mighty Saviour!! Blessed is His Holy Name!

As I then watched the angels, they worked their way down through the door, which went into hell, and together they were carrying this very great dragon! It seemed to take a little while for them to pass through this door with the bound dragon; yet, in a relatively short time, I would see the last vestiges of this great dragon, along with the angels, disappear through the doorway and into hell.

After a brief while, I would see the angels emerge through a series of doors and as they passed these doors they would close behind them. Finally, they came through the last and outer door and I saw a great angel, whom I believe to be Archangel Michael; and he was holding a shiny gold key in his hand! He then took that gold key, placed it into a lock, which was in the center of the closed door, and he locked the door, which went into hell.

All the praise, all the honor and all the glory to our Mighty Saviour! Blessed is His Holy Name forever and ever!

My Dear Ones, I ask each of you, who reads this message, to get on your knees and to thank our Saviour for what He has done today! We cannot fight these great battles! For, we are truly up against powers and principalities of great and terrible evil!

Sending you much love,
Your sis,
Linda Newkirk

PS I had to re-type this message three times as Satan was so wroth with me about losing his buddy in the Gulf and he both attacked my computer and disconnected me from phone conversations! Still, this is but a little price to pay for the love of our Mighty Saviour and for the love of each of you!




Chapter Seventy-Two
Part II
“Amazing Visions and Revelations from our Saviour!”

Greetings to you, Dear Ones! Greetings in the Name of our Blessed Saviour, the Almighty God, Creator of All Things, the Very One, who came in the flesh that you and I might be forever free! Free from the wicked tentacles of Satan, his many demonic hoards and free from many evil beings, who are far from this Earth, yet their tentacles run deep into each of us, all to make us evermore the prisoners! Glory to the Name of our Mighty King, forever and ever! Blessed is His Holy Name!


The Visions

Our Saviour began to give me a string of visions, which began, if my memory is correct, on the day of July 12th of 2010. Please note that I could be wrong as regards the dates as regards some of these visions, but if so, it is but an honest error; for I did not write them down at the time! Yet, I will try to recall them as accurately as I can!


“British Petroleum and the Victory Torch!”

In the first vision, I saw a bronzed and muscular man, who was running along a beach, and he was carrying a torch. In watching the man, I perceived that he was carrying a victory torch and I wondered then about the so-called cap, which British Petroleum claimed to be placing on the blown-out well-head, and how this apparent “victory” torch could or would relate to that venture.

But, just as suddenly as I wondered about the meaning of this vision concerning the man with the torch, I was taken up and was suspended in air above the man, looking almost eye-to-eye with him. Then, very quickly, I saw that his eye sockets began to turn very dark and his eyes disappeared into the darkness. Then, there followed very quickly the same pattern upon the whole body of this “victory” man. Indeed, quickly his flesh began to dry up and disappear from his bones! And, there was left only a skeleton, who was still running along the beach, and still carrying the torch.

Then, I looked behind this skeleton, who was carrying the “victory” torch and there, behind him on the beach, and as far as the eye could see, was a throng of people, all neatly running side by side, as if everyone of them were assigned to a particular place. So strange it was: many rows of them, all running alongside one another, and all in their places; yet, all of them were skeletons.

I looked then towards the shore and saw some very expensive houses! The doors of the houses were cast open and I could see that they were vacant.

I did not really have to ponder much about the vision; for its meaning seemed clear enough to me, that there would seem to come a victory about the capping of the well, but that there would be no such victory. Many, however, would believe the Satanic lies and they would stay in harm’s way, their destiny marked and sealed. Many would surely die because of the terrible toxins and many would leave their residences empty along the Gulf of Mexico, but not necessarily because they would choose to move.


The Next Vision
July 13th, 2010
“The Tablespoon of our Saviour’s Wrath!”

The next day, on the 13th of July of 2010, our Saviour appeared to me while I prayed with a dear brother; and our Saviour held in his hand a cup, which was full of liquid light fire. When He tipped the cup, a small amount of liquid light fire rolled out! Then, He made the cup upright again, taking the cup and setting it aside! As the cup set there alongside our Saviour, I could see that it was boiling with liquid light fire.

I enquired of our Saviour regarding the meaning of what He has just showed me; and He told me that the cup in His hand is a cup of his wrath. I asked Him about this cup of wrath and how much of it He had poured out; for I had seen a small amount leave from this cup. And, He told me that He had poured out a tablespoon of his wrath into the Gulf of Mexico.

I then thought of some, who had written to me in the past, rebuking me for some of the words, which our Saviour had given to me. For, some had told me that the Bride would not see the wrath of God; for they would be raptured out first.

Later in the week, that is the week of the 11th of July, came the dream from our Saviour, which was given to a dear brother; and his dream became the basis for the first part of chapter seventy-two of book twelve on


The Next Vision
July 17th, 2010
“I am about to harvest some unto Me!”

In this vision, I saw our Saviour’s white horse. His horse was standing still and he was not on the horse, but my eyes were drawn to a strange-looking disk, reminiscent of the kind, which follow many tractors and till up the land so that a harvest can be planted. But, this was not like any disk that I had ever seen; for it was not for planting, but for harvesting. This disk was set to be lowered into the ground; and I was truly marveling at its uniqueness as I examined it. Then, our Saviour said to me, “I am about to harvest some unto Me!”


The Next Vision
July 17th, 2010
“Sealed into the Book of Light!”

Following these visions came another vision of the Sabbath, July 17th, 2010! While I prayed that day, our Saviour took me and placed me on a bench before a book of light; and as a little child I sat there and marveled at such beauty! This awesome book was opened to a particular page, but I was not allowed to read what was on the page.

Suddenly, to my amazement, the book began to move and to wrap itself around me and to enclose me in this great and wonderful light. I found myself in a room of pure light; and I studied the floor, which appeared before me; for it was made of beautiful stones of pure and radiant light.

I looked around me in great amazement; for I was in the midst of such joy and great light. Then, suddenly, I saw the hand of our Saviour, which was outside of this beautiful room of light; and he zipped up the book and sealed me in the room of light. Glory to His Holy Name!

My Dear Ones, I do not know the full meaning of what our Saviour did on the day of the 17th of July of 2010, but I believe that I am beginning to sense some of what this means; and I am so greatly delighted by what I am seeing, sensing and experiencing! As you read the following, you will also sense that our Saviour is bringing these works of Revelation Twelve to a grand, new and glorious place! Blessed is the Name of our Mighty Saviour; for He is full of love, mercy and grace!


Prayer and the Next Vision
July 18, 2010

It was around 8:00 PM, and I knew that Satan and his wicked hoards had great plans against me and the manchild; and they were eager to get underway with their wicked plans. The ships were a roar outside and the walls were clicking and popping as these wicked hoards were coming and going through my house, eager to get underway with their schemes. Note the date: 07-18-2010, which is also seen by them as 7-666-2010! 07-18-2010 could also be seen as 07-(1+8+2) 1, or 07-11-1, or 7111.

Also, my Dear Ones, the following day would be 07-19-2010! Look closely at this date and you will see within the date a 9 with two ones on either side, and a two. They meant for this date to be a double 911. However, they failed and the little manchild and I are doing better than well! We are exceedingly blessed, and preserved and kept by the Mighty Hands of our Blessed Saviour from day to day! All of their wicked schemes to kill us and to destroy us throughout these years have failed! For, on the 10th day of July of 2010, the manchild was 50 months old; and we are both doing exceedingly well!

My Dear Ones, you will find that these wicked hoards will always have Satan’s mark on any of their schemes, which are of importance to them! It is their way of marking their own actions and also of bragging among themselves about their victories. It is irrelevant to them that they also often fail on these days, but what boosts them up and gives them even more belief in their numbers is a success, like the 911 event! Eleven is Satan’s mark! Look at 911! It is 9+1+1, or 11!

His number is not 13 as many think! I believe that 13 refers to the 13th aeon, the place of many of the Elohim exist and particularly where many of the sorcerers go to get their power! Therefore, many of the sorcerers honor 13; for it also represents the home of some of the Elohim, who wish to keep us as slaves and to destroy our souls!

So, on that night, the night of the 18th of July of 2010, Satan and his hoards came forth with their wicked schemes; and it was then, at that time, around 8:00 PM that I called a dear brother, with whom I pray regularly and we sought our Saviour for a great judgement against them. It was while we was praying that the following vision was given to me.


The Vision
July 18, 2010
“The Pillar of Fire!”

In the vision, I looked around to see that the walls of my house had totally disappeared; and I could see plainly that I was enclosed in a tube of light. On looking down, I could see that the tube of light extended far into the earth. And, on looking upward, I could only see light and could not see where this tube of light ended! This tube of light extended far outside of my house, but I could not see the outside parameters of this great tube of light. However, I could see that within this tube of light there were many angels of fiery countenance, who bore flaming swords of fire. Glory to our Mighty Saviour; for He is doing a new thing in the whole earth. Obviously, Satan and his many hoards failed in their schemes against us again on that night of the 18th/19th of July!

In our Saviour’s message, which will follow, you will see that He refers to this tube of light as a pillar of fire. How blessed we are; for we are beginning to enter into the Kingdom of God in this earth!

Lift up your voices, oh Precious and Dear Ones and praise our Mighty King; for He is faithful. He is true! He is full of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness; and He keeps His promises.

Make yourselves spiritually clean and stay spiritually clean; for the Kingdom of our Saviour is coming into the Earth! And, so great and awesome is the Kingdom of our Mighty King!

Blessed is the Name of Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of kings! He is to be revered, praised and honored; for He is holy! He is Almighty God! He is Saviour and He is the Only Saviour! There is no other Name under the Sun by which our souls might be saved from destruction. Love, honor and obey Him; for He came in the flesh and died for us, that you and I might have life, even eternal life! Oh, how blessed we are; for His love for us is from everlasting to everlasting! Glory, glory, glory to the Name of our Mighty Saviour!


The Love and Mercy of our Mighty Saviour!
The Kingdom Power Manifesting!

Then came Monday, the 19th day of July and I thought to go to a certain produce store to buy some fresh vegetables. Often, I had thought of a woman there, who seemed so oppressed, so beat down by the cares and the evils of this world; and I so longed to see her filled with the Spirit of God, for in her eyes there was such pain and travail.

And, as our Saviour would have it, when I went there that morning, this woman was there and was upset about others, who regularly take advantage of her. I could see that her concern was for the children and that she was laboring to take care of many children, who did not belong to her. Suddenly, I sensed that she felt unloved and appreciated, yet I also sensed her real love and concern for the little ones. I told her that I really hope that others appreciate what she does for them and told her also that her concern for these little ones shows that she is a good-hearted person. My heart was filled with such love for her; and I said, “The Lord bless you, honey!”

Immediately, something so awesome happened; for where there was no light in her eyes, there was suddenly light. I was so humbled, so thankful, so moved by what I saw and the love of God moved all around that little store! For, there before my very eyes, our Saviour had imparted His Spirit and Light into this woman, who was in such great travail. She then reached out in love and drew one of the little ones close to her.

As I looked back upon what our Saviour so instantly did for this woman, I knew in my heart that a new and wonderful gift from our Mighty King was beginning to manifest! For, immediately when I said in love, “The Lord bless you, honey,” He did, at that moment, bless her! I so pray that through this awesome kingdom power, many, many souls will be so touched and saved from destruction!

For more regarding the Kingdom Power, go to and read about the Kingdom Power on the front page!

When I got home after my errands that day, our Saviour was speaking to me. All the time that I was washing the peas to put them into the freezer, his beautiful words were comforting me. I asked Him if He wanted me to stop what I was doing so that I could write what He was telling me, but He said, “No, but when you finish, I will give you these words.” Following are His words!


Message from our Father in Heaven
July 19, 2010

Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! I am Creator! I created and hung the stars! I fashioned the Universe! I formed the depths! I, alone, created all, even from the beginning; and I set all in motion! Also, I am Saviour and besides me, there is none other. For, I came in the flesh and I paid the price for your salvation; and if I had not come down and paid the price, none of your souls would have been saved from destruction! Therefore, I and I, alone, am your Saviour and besides me, there is none other.

But, now, My Little One, I turn My attention to you and to My Holy Son of Light and Fire, who both lives within you and around you! For, in his over fifty months of residing within you, He has grown exceedingly! Yes, he has grown exceedingly; for He has overcome much!

Blessed are you, My precious child, even blessed above all women! For, you have been a prisoner for love of Me, for love of My Precious Son of Light, and for love of humanity! For over seven years, you have been their prisoner! You have been captive, just as surely as those, who are in the prison system! For, hoards of government and Satanic ships have hovered over your dwelling and they have followed you in all of your travels!

Greatly, you have suffered, My Little One! For, they have also greatly tortured you and they have done all manner of evil experimentation on you and My Holy Son! Night and day for over seven years, they have stalked you and have tortured you! Oh, how you have travailed, as so many foreign substances have pierced your flesh, over and over again, night and day, for so many years!

Through all of your suffering, you have wondered if your travail would ever come to an end! Yes, My Little One, your travail, at least in part, will come to an end! For, I am bringing you into a place of new and great power in Me!

Woe to those, who mock you and who scorn you, and who do not and have not repented! For, great judgement shall befall them all! For, I tell you now that I bring you to a new place of power in Me and those, whom you bless, I bless! And, those judgements that you speak, I speak; and you shall see them come to pass readily against the wicked!

Woe to the wicked, who will not repent and who rise up in your face to do evil; for a whirlwind of My anger shall go forth straightaway into their midst! For, all of the powers of Elijah and Elisha I now give you and more! For, there is within you and around you a continual pillar of fire! And, this pillar of fire is My holy Son of Light and Fire, the manchild of Revelation Twelve!

My Little One, I shall soon send you down to the Gulf States! Those, who welcome you, I bless! And, I tell you now that I shall have you walk the beaches! I shall have you pass through the marshes, and what you bless, I bless; and what judgements you speak, I speak, and all that you pronounce shall readily come to pass! For, your footsteps shall bring light and power and blessings and healings, even to the waters, to the sea and to the air, or your footsteps shall bring even greater judgements!

Blessed are those, who welcome you in love and with open arms; for where your feet rest, My Son of Light rests and where He rests, there comes healings and blessings!

My Little One, you are the Woman of Revelation Twelve and there is none other! And, as this woman, you have paid a great and terrible price! Every evil hoard and every wicked group under Satan has had a stab at you and My Holy Little Son! And, others beyond him, the Anakims, (Annunaki) and even some of the great light beings, the Elohim, have worked alongside Satan to destroy you and My Holy Son!

But, you have not given up, My Little One! In your darkest hours, you have praised Me. You have sung to Me amidst great torture and persecution!

You, My Little One, are the long-awaited White Buffalo Calf Woman; and you are the very one, whom many of the lost refer to as the Woman of Scars!

Yes, you have been hidden, yet in plain view! However, I have kept you to Myself, for I have nurtured you in your own wilderness place!

The time is now, My Little One; and I shall bring your forward! You will do a very great work for Me; for My Holy Son of Light is in you and He is also My Pillar of Fire! For, you cannot be separated from the fire of My Son, who is in you!

Therefore, I tell you that in the fall of the year, I will send you to the Gulf region, from Galveston to Miami and back again! Blessed are those, who come forward to receive you in love! For, the light of My Holy Son, will fall on all, who receive you in love!

Type what I have given and send out, that all may be the wiser! For, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of July, 2010,

Linda Newkirk


The Vision, which followed this message!
“Standing up, free from the terrible constraints!”

Immediately following the above message from our Saviour, He gave me a vision! In this vision, I could very well see that I was a prisoner. My legs were bound in ropes and held in place via the ropes, which were attached to stakes on the ground. My arms were bound and pulled down to the ground! Ropes were wrapped over the back of my neck and shoulders These ropes pulled my head down; and also kept me in a bent fashion, bound to the ground.

But, suddenly a most wonderful thing began to happen. A new power came into me and with my hips I began to push upward; for I was attempting to stand. And, as I pulled against the ropes, they began to weaken and to break. With little effort, I stood up and to my amazement, I was quite tall! As my body went up, I could see that I was now towering over the robotoid greys, whom Satan has so often sent torture me. They were now far below me; and I was indeed pleased to see that they were scampering behind rocks and into holes within the earth; for they sought to hide!

I glimpsed that I held in my arms a small baby, but this baby vanished quickly! Then, the holy manchild said to me,” Mama, you have carried me; and now I will carry you!’

However, I tell you, my Dear Ones, that I do not feel that I have carried him at all! For, our Mighty Saviour has carried us both.

Yet, I understand what the Holy Son of our Saviour was saying; for I have physically carried him in my body; but now he is so huge, that for a certainty He truly does carry me.

So deeply humbled I am and so eternally grateful! What an awesome work our Mighty Saviour is doing in the whole earth!


The Vision of July 20th, 2010
“The Great Rip in the Seabed of the Gulf of Mexico!”
“Help from our Saviour!”

Then came July 20th and there came another vision; and this vision was also given as I prayed with a dear friend! As we prayed, I asked our Saviour to cause us to see what He wanted us to see regarding the situation in the Gulf of Mexico and to cause us to know what He wanted us to know regarding this situation, and also to cause us to do what He wanted us to do regarding this terrible catastrophe in the Gulf!

Almost immediately after praying these words, I found myself standing on the shore on the Gulf and it was as if the water had disappeared and all that was left was the blackness, the darkness. Suddenly, I was aware that the manchild and I were beneath the blackness, deep in the oily darkness. We descended and saw there at the floor of the Gulf a deep gash in the earth. We entered in through these open crevices and began to descend down through the rocks and into the great gaping gash in the ocean floor. We went down, down, down and from time to time, I was aware that the manchild was rotating in his power! I was also wondering if he were doing something to close up parts of this gaping wound. As we descended, I realized that this rip in the earth went down for a very great distance and I felt such sorrow in my heart because of what I was seeing.

I asked our Saviour if He would release some of the giant geographical angels! For, as I have previously told you, He sent me and the manchild out in the Summer of 2008! Together, we traveled many thousands of miles across the USA and Canada; and our Saviour released many of these giant angels into the New Madrid Fault and even into some of the fault lines in California! For, we had prayed for our Saviour to delay the great ruptures of these fault lines, that the greatest numbers might be saved and not die early on in the great tribulation!

So, I was once again pleading for our Saviour to release some of these giant angels into the great rip, which has appeared on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico! He then told me that He would release three geographical angels to take up residence there within that great crack in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico; and as the manchild and I lingered there between those great crevices, I saw the giant geographical angels come down and go past us!

Blessed is the Name of our Mighty Saviour; for He is full of love and mercy! He has heard the cries of some of you in the Gulf area; and He does not wish to destroy you through these great judgements; for He truly does love you and wishes to save you!

Dear Ones, get together in groups! Pray with your whole hearts and repent of your sins! Beg for our Saviour’s mercy, for His great grace and forgiveness during these times of judgememts; for He truly does wish to pour it out! Remember His great love for us; for He died for our salvation! Truly, He is a God of great love; yet his great ire is boiling against this nation!

Sending you the love of my heart,
Your sis, Linda

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