Chapter Seventy-Three


Some are not ready,
“But offer unto Me the crumbs of their prayers, their praise and thanksgiving.”

A Vision

I look and behold that I am but a child! I am walking along a wooden floor, the boards being very wide and reminiscent of some of the floors of the old, country barns of my youth.

Ahead of me is our Saviour, his white robe wafting in a slight breeze as He walks along. We come quickly to the end of a very great room, the smell of grass, grains and dust permeating the air. As we pass through a great door, He whisks me up and sets me on a banister, my feet suddenly clinging to a pole, which protrudes from the floor beneath the banister.

The doors to the large room are still open and I sit looking inward into its vastness, our Saviour to my right. These words flow into my thoughts and I feel so humbled, so fearful and lowly. “Blessed is the Lamb of God. Holy is the Lamb. Glory to His Holy Name!” Tears of humility and lowliness begin to fill my eyes and I begin to weep. I do not really know why I weep, but big tears begin to flood my cheeks until I am now sobbing in great pain and sorrow.

Our Saviour comes to me and He begins to dry my eyes and cheeks of so many tears! Such pain and sorrow flows from within my heart and rushes forth from my very bowels until I am greatly and uncontrollably sobbing! Yet, in His great love, He catches all of my tears.

“Oh, Lord, forgive me! I do not know why I weep, but I am so sad!”

“My Little One, you do not know why you weep; but I know why you weep. You weep, for I am about to cleanse the threshing floor! The harvest is rolling in, yet the floor of My house of harvest is about to be purged and cleansed through the fires of correction. Look back again at the floor! See the piles of debris, the old dust, the piles of dead weeds, and the waste, which fills My house.

Hear Me when I tell you this! I am about to clean My own house of harvest and this cleansing will be through great fires of testing and persecution! I am going to purge my house and thoroughly so; and when I am done, there will remain no waste, no dead bushes, no weeds, no piles of rubbish!

This is why you weep! This is why you cry; for a great purging is at hand! And, all, who have born a good fruit for Me, I will keep, but all, who have born an ugly fruit, I will cut down and cast into outer darkness! For, all unproductive servants shall be so dealt with, where there shall be a perpetual weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, amidst the great heat and severe cold.”

“Oh, Father, what are we to do? Oh, Blessed Saviour, some of us do love You above all! We adore You, oh Blessed Saviour! We have come out of the world and have sought to live and walk in the Strait and Narrow. And, as such, Father, we have become a continual prey! For, Satan, on seeing our love for You and our true desires to do what is right, has made us a continual prey! Oh, my Lord, must we yet bear the same yoke as the rebellious? Hear my cries, oh Blessed Saviour, Lord of Lords, precious and awesome Saviour; for greatly have some of us travailed!”

“My Little One, look at this new vision. Do you see where you are?”

“Yes, my Lord, I stand before a turnstile; and I know that when I shall push against it, the bar will move and I will get through to the other side, much as one would push through such a turnstile to board an airplane. I am here, My Lord, at this turnstile, and I have a small suitcase in my left hand, but I am only standing here; for I am not yet allowed to pass through. Oh, My Lord, please show me more.”

“My Little One, do you see a key in your right hand?”

“Yes, my Lord, it is a gold key.”

“My Little One, when the time is right, at the appointed time, you will put the key into the lock and the turnstile will be released to open. Then, you will pass through. But, not you, alone; for some small number will also go with you.”

“Oh, my Lord, You have shown such a vision in so many different ways, and the wait has been so long! Through it all, my Lord, the precious holy Manchild and I continue to suffer beneath the feet of the monster Satan and all of his many hoards! My Lord, we have travailed for a very long time and have waited and longed. Oh, Blessed Saviour, how much longer must we wait? Will You yet extend more grace? Will You yet tarry, My Lord? I have had my hopes set so high on so many occasions that You would take Your holy Son home and raise up the Sons of God. But, oh Blessed Saviour, so many times I have seen You delay!

Oh, Blessed Saviour, I know that all of Your promises and all of the visions and dreams that You have given to us will come to pass. But, about the timing, we have not known! Oh, Blessed Saviour, do You truly show me something that is indeed very, very close; or will You, in Your wisdom, mercy and grace extend the timing yet again?

My Lord, I do not want to get my hopes up again, only to be disappointed, as You delay again! Also, my Lord, You know how it is! When You give visions and dreams that You are about to take the manchild home, Satan and his many hoards escalate their great torture and persecution against us!

Have mercy on us, oh Blessed Saviour! Have mercy; for You know that I cling to every vision that You give about finishing this part of Revelation Twelve! So, I ask you, My Lord, is this as near as it seems, or will You, in Your great love and mercy extend yet more time?”

“My Little One, I give you yet another vision.”

“Yes, my Lord, I am now experiencing this vision. As I stand before this turnstile, I am exceedingly aware that the floor beneath my feet has become very hot! The turnstile is hot, the walls ahead of me have become very hot! Even the air has become exceedingly hot! Oh, it is very hot in here, my Lord! It is extremely hot, so hot, that if Your hands were not on me, I would surely be burned to a crisp. Oh, My Lord, what does this mean?”

“My Little One, do you now sense the moving belt, which is beneath your feet, the moving walkway belt?”

“Yes, my Lord, it is moving. But, what does these things mean, the hot fire, and now the moving belt beneath my feet?”

“My Little One, the hot fire is the heat of My fire, which is within My holy Son. It is an exceedingly hot fire, and it has grown in you by degrees. This great and hot fire, My all-consuming fire, has had to grow within you and around you by degrees! Otherwise, you would have been consumed in it! Yet, you have not been consumed in it; for as this fire, the fire of My Son, has grown in and around you, in and through Him, My holiness has also grown in you!

My Little One, you have not known what I have been looking for in Him and in you; and you have not known what I have expected. But, I tell you, that My fire in Him is a roaring fire, and all-consuming fire!

The wicked ones see and know and you also know of this great fire! I tell you, my Blessed Child, that I am pleased in this great fire and I have brought you alone to this holy place! I have also separated out of your life some, who had become distractions! My promises to you, My Blessed Child, are great and My promises to your close friends are also great; yet some drag their feet and put all manner of worldly stuff and things before Me, and the time is running out for all of your friends! Each will go into the light, according to his or her own merit!

Yes, you have asked that your close friends be allowed to go into the Light with you when I take you and the manchild; but I tell you now, that some of them are not ready to go into the Light and will not be ready because they do not take My warnings seriously and will not seek Me with their whole hearts, but offer unto Me the crumbs of prayer, praise and thanksgiving after their days meals. Some still lust after the world! Some have fallen into a lackadaisical prayer life, and so it goes!

I tell you now that I show you where you and My Son are as I am pleased in this! But do not be surprised when you do not see some of your friends with you and My Holy Son, as you stand before My throne! For, they are not ready!

Yes, I promised to take them with you, but I will not and cannot take those, who will not make themselves ready, who will not obey Me and humble themselves in honor towards Me, loving Me above all!

Do not be troubled, My Little One! What I give you now is real and will soon come to pass and without much delay! But, you cannot carry others! Each is weighed based upon his or her own merits!

This is the only message that I wish for you to type now! Type this one only and get it out! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of August, 2010,

Linda Newkirk




Chapter Seventy-Three


“A Time of Miracles”

In the Name of our Mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords, greetings to you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters! All the praise, all the glory, all the honor, and all the power to our Mighty Saviour forever and ever! HallaleuYahweh! How exceedingly blessed are those, who KNOW, LOVE AND SERVE AND HONOR our Mighty King!

My Dear Ones, you can gather from our Saviour’s last message that we are getting ever close to the conclusion of this part of Revelation Chapter Twelve, but just how close I cannot surmise. For, as I revealed in the last chapter, our Saviour has given us so many dreams and visions, which seemed to indicate that He would soon finish this part of Revelation Chapter Twelve; yet in the face of such wondrous dreams and visions, of which I have written little, He has continued to extend His great love, grace and mercy to all of humanity; and He has, therefore, continued to tarry!

He told us in advance through His own words that He would “tarry,” yet, who can rightfully understand or interpret His meaning of “tarry?” Read on!


While the Bridegroom tarried

“Then shall the kingdom of Heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But, the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And, at midnight there was a cry made, Behold the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps.

And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us your oil; for our lamps are gone out. But, the wise answered, saying, Not so, lest there not be enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. (Matthew 25:1-13)


Half of the Bride Will not be Ready!

My Dear Ones, if these words do not scare you, then I do now know what will scare you! For, the Lord came for His Bride and half of His Bride was without His Spirit and light! They were lukewarm and cut off from Him!

Our Saviour has warned us that it is better to be either hot, or cold, but that He will spue the lukewarm out of His mouth. These are our Saviour’s words: “I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:15-16)


A Love Affair with the World!

My Dear Ones, as our Saviour tarries, many are finding all manner of worldly things into which to immerse themselves, feeling that they are missing something in this wicked world. Or, they are allowing themselves to be enticed into thinking that they can put off until tomorrow what they need to be doing today.

It seems that the foolish virgins are spiritually clean; for we are told that they are virgins! They are not out there stealing, killing and taking advantage of people! They are probably hard-working, conscientious, clean and sober-minded people; but what are they doing that puts them into the lukewarm category (no oil in their lamps)?


The Lukewarm Virgins!

I believe that I know and I believe that I have a basic understanding of what our Lord is telling! I believe that the foolish virgins are sliding along spiritually! They are busy with the cares of the world and they are not focused on their spiritual lives. They know about our Saviour, but do not have an intimate walk with him. Their hearts desire to do what is right, but they are just shuffling along spiritually, their prayer life weak, or non-existent. Though, they might pray, their prayers are most likely limited to a few sentences or words. They probably bless their food, but their blessing is most likely an old “canned” blessing that was passed down from their forefathers. They have a Bible, but seldom pick it up! They neither know, nor study the word.


The Foolish Bride!

My Dear One, these foolish ones make up half of the Bride; and when our Saviour comes at the midnight hour, half of the Bride will not have any of His spiritual power. They will be unprepared spiritually; for they have not been hungry for Him and panting for Him, like a thirsty doe!

Yes, the foolish bride is just shuffling along, not evil, but not filled with the power of the Spirit of God! And, they are happy in this way, but oh how sad they will be to see that they have been left behind. Not only left behind, but our Saviour will say to them, “I know you not!”

My Dear Ones, I believe that the foolish virgins do not have the Spirit of God! For, if they had it, He would have surely “known” them. Yet, He says, “I know you not!” How many are there in the churches today, who do not have the Spirit of God? I believe that the great numbers would be totally shocking!

Oh, what weeping and wailing will go up, for at least half of the Bride does not hear the warnings to repent, to come out of the world, and get into that holy place, that Strait and Narrow and stay there!


They will not give up the world

My Dear Ones, it is to me really shocking to see how people react to being deprived of their pacifiers, television and movies. This is but one worldly device, which our Saviour has warned to forsake over and over again. And, I am not speaking of this to judge others; for over ten years ago, our Saviour gave me a strong rebuke because I did not readily give it up when He warned me and my husband to do so! So, I know of the addictive lure of television and movies, but I also know of the beautiful blessings, which follow obedience to give it up!

Yet, my Dear Ones, the decadence, which is extant in television and movies today can only be reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah! It is full of decadence and fleshly garbage. And, even when people are warned over and over again that the Satanists own all major television networks and that television and movies are major mind control mechanisms, they refuse to receive the word!

Amazingly I have observed some, whom I have so warned, call me, and while they are talking to me, they are also busy soaking in their latest television fixes. Our Saviour’s words of warning to them have settled on hard and stony ground, not taking root, whatsoever; and it is as if they never heard one warning to forsake the wicked mind control methods of the Satanists!


No Longer any Fence Sitters!

My Dear Ones, all, who will not be warned about such satanic programming in television and movies, and who refuse to forsake it, yet sit on the fence, pretending to serve our Mighty King, will be thrown violently soon to one side, or to the other side of the fence! This time is at hand when our Saviour will no longer have it in His face! Be warned! For, those, who are violently thrown to the other side of the fence, will most assuredly also lose His Spirit!

The terrors of the Great Tribulation shall come roaring down on the whole world; and when this happens, many will die in their sins! Many will die in their lukewarm state; and into hell they will go! Yet, so many say, “Oh, He is a merciful God; and He would not do anything like that to me! He does not send people to hell!”

However, I warn you that while you are in the body, you are able to easily find His loving grace, forgiveness and great mercy. But, when you are out of the body, you will pay for every unrepentant sin. Our Saviour makes these things very clear through His words to His apostles and disciples in the ancient writings of “Pistis Sophia!”


The Great Grace of our Mighty King!

Yet, my Dear Ones, I believe also that during this time of “tarrying,” however long it may be, that our Saviour is also beginning to release His Kingdom Power! And, I wish to tell you about some of the most awesome of miracles and healings, which our Saviour has been bringing about. For, even as we see that the world is beginning to tumble down around us, we can also be assured that where the evil is so great, we shall also see and even greater release of the love and mercy, the grace of our Mighty Saviour!

And, my Dear Ones, this great release is sorely needed, lest so many give up and thereby fail to see that all of these terrible things are come upon us; for we will not hear the warnings of our Mighty Saviour to repent, to love Him above all, and to forsake the love of the world and what is in it. Therefore, all of the great tests and trials, which are upon us, are for our own shaping, molding and purifying, for our spiritual cleansing! For, our Saviour is truly coming for a Bride, who is without spot, wrinkle, or blemish! Glory to His Holy Name!


What you must Understand about the Kingdom Power

Our Saviour is in the earth in a new and great way through His Holy Son, the Manchild of Revelation Twelve. Therefore, my Dear Ones, we must remember how it was for us in the wilderness, after our Saviour brought us out of captivity in Egypt! For, through our pride, arrogance, rebellion and complaining spirits, we sorely grieved Him! We were in his face with much rebellion and as a result, none of us, who came out of Egypt, were allowed to enter into the Promised Land!

What is coming upon us now is the very same thing that came upon us then. For, the Holy Manchild is in our midst! He is also our Saviour, who is in our midst; for He comes from Him, yet He is still a child! He is holy, pure, perfect and awesome in every way. When He sees, our Saviour in Heaven sees! When He hears, Our Saviour in Heaven hears! He cannot be separated from our Saviour; for He is indeed part of our Saviour!

Therefore, we must all guard our words! We must guard our thoughts. We must guard our feelings; and when we think, say, feel, or do something that is wrong, we must be quick to repent.

Many forget that thoughts are things and that they are also recorded. If we think evil of others, we must be quick to repent! For, our God has warned us to not think evil of anyone. He hates this!

Our every thought, our every feeling, our every word will be examined in the Light of God and none will escape the errors of their ways. Therefore, when in error, be quick to get on your knees and repent. If not, your sins will build up and you could be cut off from the Spirit of God!


A Time of Great Spiritual Perfection is Upon Us

Many will cut themselves off from the Land of Promises, the Kingdom of God, which is coming into the Earth because they constantly complain. Many rise up in pride and arrogance and forget the many great miracles, which our Saviour does for them and has done for them. And, if they do not repent, they will be cut off! They will be shut out of the Light! They will not marry our Saviour, but will inherit the dark and fiery places!

A time of great spiritual perfection is upon us; for this is what our Saviour is expecting. Only those, who are spiritually clean will enter into the kingdom of God; and the kingdom of God is now here in the earth. Surely, the Kingdom of God is within, even as our Saviour has told us, but the Holy Manchild is the very door to that holy kingdom; and we are now beginning to enter through that door; and to enter into the great kingdom power, which comes upon us as we enter through that door! We shall soon see evidence that that this great kingdom power is coming into the earth through the Sons of God as the manchild begins to manifest in them!


The Kingdom of God is Holy!

Watch yourselves! BE aware of your sins and repent quickly! Do not offend our Saviour by constantly complaining in the face of great miracles. For, if you will not repent, you will in no wise enter into the Kingdom of God! For, the Kingdom of God is a holy place!

The Lord has told us to be holy, even as he his holy and to be perfect, even as he is perfect. Therefore, we all must be on constant alert as to what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing and be quick to repent when we are wrong.

Only our Saviour can forgive sins and only He can purge us spiritually, purify us and make us spiritually clean. Therefore, we all need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling before Him. For, the word clearly tells us that the fear of our Mighty God is the beginning of wisdom.


We have been separated unto the Lord!

My Dear Ones, those of you, who have been keeping up with these works, know that our Saviour put me and the manchild in a wilderness place; and as such He has separated us out from among most people. In fact, He keeps us unto Himself; for He is doing and has been doing an awesome work in and through His Holy Son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve. And, as I write these words, I remember our Saviour’s words to the Prophet, King David, “But, know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: The Lord will hear when I call to him.” (Psalms 4:3)

My Dear Ones, these works of Revelation Twelve are Godly! They are holy! Even as I have told you, the angels come in and bow down to the manchild, the Holy Son of our Saviour! These are Godly works and because these are Godly works, our Saviour is very particular about these works. He has separated many people from us, as He has seen their hearts; and because their hearts are not right, He knew that Satan would enter into them to further cause us pain and suffering.

Our Saviour has known that we have needed to stay within His will and to stay in that holy place to which He has assigned us! He has also known that Satan would be in our faces, along with his many wicked hoards; for He foretold of it in Revelation Chapter Twelve. Therefore, our Saviour limits our personal contacts; for He has also given us many tests and trials! Glory to His Holy Name; for HE knows what is best! His ways are absolutely perfect; and His will for each of us is absolutely perfect! Precious is His Holy Name!


Miracles Among the People!

Yet, my Dear Ones, from time to time, I go out into the community where I am led to pray for others; and I stand in such awe of the healings and miracles, which our Saviour so readily and lovingly gives out. At other times, a few call me over the telephone, and our Saviour imparts healings and blessings through the phone! My Dear Ones, I wish to share with you the marvels of some of these most awesome of healings and miracles; and I will share them with you, not necessarily in chronological order, but in the manner in which they come back into my memories. For, you really do need to know that a great power is being given to the holy manchild and that it is now being released to those, who are so in need!


The Miracles of the Manchild of Revelation Twelve!
The Healing of the Herniated Disks

A Dear Brother called me recently and began to tell me that he had hardly slept, with much pain going from his back and down into one or both legs (I cannot remember whether he said, pain in one or both legs.)

Then, he told me that he had problems with defective disks in his back and that he had injured his back again the day before while picking up something heavy to move it.

So, my Dear Ones, I began to pray for our Saviour to heal his back and to give him a very great miracle. And, then suddenly, it seemed as if I were looking at a live movie cam, but a movie cam of the inside of his back.

So clearly, I could see every bone and also could well see the protruding disks. Suddenly, and to my great surprise, I began to see that the bones began to come together, the spacing within the bones totally changing shape, and the bones themselves moving.

After a very short time of this, I asked this man to stand up and to report what he was feeling. He then stood up and told me that all of the pain was gone. He could move around with no pain; and we both knew that he was healed.

He also related to me also that while the work was being done he was afraid to move; as he could feel the bones as they were moving in his back.

So precious is our Blessed Saviour! Oh, so lovely and wonderful! My Dear Ones, we must praise Him; for He is worthy of all of the praise forever and ever.

My Dear Ones, the holy manchild has also been given much power and I know that our Saviour also uses him in great and miraculous ways in all of these healings and miracles. For, He is Son of the King! And, He is also a little Saviour! So precious, so blessed and wonderful is this Holy Son of the King!


The Homeless Woman!

A woman called me, who was homeless, and who was sleeping in a tent in another state. She was weeping uncontrollably as she told me that she had only been out of the hospital for a short time, a blood clot in her lung. Yet, she had no place to stay and was either sleeping in her car, or was sleeping in a tent. She went on to tell me that her only son has turned against her and that most everything that she attempted to do failed. It seemed that she bore many curses, or yokes of evil and oppression. So, I began to pray for her, that our Saviour would heal the rift between her and her son, that He would totally and completely remove the clot from her lungs and that there would remain no trace of it. I also asked our Saviour to break every yoke and hold of Satan off this woman and to make her free! In addition, I spoke to the demons of various kinds and commanded them out of her and into the Pits of Hell! I also asked our Saviour to give her a place to stay, her very own place of rest.

Some few weeks passed and this woman called me again. In the conversation, she told me that she went to her son as I had told her to do, that all of the hard feelings were healed and that their union was healed. She also told me that she had gone back to the emergency room at the hospital and that they had looked for a clot in her lungs and could find none. Afterward, she went also to her doctor and her doctor did further studies and told her that there were no blood clots in her whole body. According to reports from this woman, the doctor was also asking about what this woman had done to get rid of the clot as she had refused to take the drug Coumadin, to dissolve the clot. Then, reportedly, this doctor went on to say, “I do not know what you did (to get rid of the clot), but I need to know as I have four more patients, who need help. All the praise, all the honor, all the glory and all the power to our Mighty Saviour, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, forever and ever!

Also, this woman would tell me that a place to live, a house came to her, and was given to her at a very reasonable rate!

Oh, such beautiful blessings from our Mighty Saviour! And, such a delight to see one person’s life completely turned around! My Dear Ones, this woman had been affiliated with some churches in the area, but they did not help her to get free. Blessed are we to be a part of such a wondrous event as Revelation Twelve and the great miracles, which are coming in through our Mighty Saviour and the Holy Manchild! Oh, how I love Jesus!!!!!!!


The Stove, the Saw and Miracles!

My Dear Ones, a few weeks ago, on a Sabbath morning, I awoke early, wide awake, realizing that I had forgotten to go to the Chinese import place to buy a miter saw. They had the miter saws on sale for the month of July at a very great savings, but had sold out and had advised me to come back on a Tuesday; for a new shipment was to come in then. Yet, the week had gone when I realized on Saturday morning that if they had any saws left, they would all be gone before the day was over! I was eager to have one of these saws, as there will come those, who will help to build a place of worship for our Lord, and such a saw will be needed. I felt that the Spirit of God was tugging me to go and get the saw; yet I also sought our Saviour about it as I seldom go out on a Sabbath as it is a day of rest. And, I refuse to take care of any kind of business unless it is an emergency. Yet, I felt a great urging in the Spirit as if this were a sort of emergency to get this saw, which would be surely needed for our Lord’s work at a later time. And, the savings was considerable, so I got on the road early, leaving my house around 7:15 in the morning.

As I headed into Little Rock (Isn’t this an interesting name for a city, as the holy manchild is a little rock), I looked to see that there were certain items for sale in front of someone’s house. What caught my attention was an old stove, a cast iron, wood-burning stove, which, if new, would have cost several thousand dollars. I thought that perhaps I would stop and take a look at on the way back! So, I went on past the house and went down for about one half mile and I heard in the Spirit, “When you come back, that stove will be gone!” So, I turned my truck around and headed back. The man wanted $100.00 for the stove and I knew that I was to buy that stove; as it would be needed in the church, which is to be built for God’s people.

There was another man, who was there at that house, and he was visiting. He was speaking with a bit of a slur and walking somewhat erratically. At first, I did not pay much attention, but later he said that he had suffered a stroke the day before. I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him and he said, “yes.” So, I prayed for his healing and then asked him to get up and walk around and he walked normally and also talked normally. Then, I heard the Spirit of God say, “Three more years.” I understood that our Saviour was giving this man three more years; so I said to him, “Man, I do not know anything about how long the Lord intends for you to live, but I am hearing Him say that He is going to add three to your life, to give you three more years.”

I was really shocked when he replied to me, “You do not know it, but I have brain cancer and my neurologist has told me that I have a month to live.”

How awesome is our Mighty God! So full of love, mercy and grace! I love Him so!

I would later find out that the man, from whom I had purchased the stove, who was standing perhaps fifteen feet away, would feel the power of the Spirit of God, as it also touched him. He would later tell me that the hairs on his head and on his arms were standing up as he was touched by the power of God as I prayed for this man!

This man, along with his neighbor, would bring this stove out to my house, free of charge, having to load it up with the front end loader of a tractor, as it is such a heavy stove.

Later, the man, who sold me the stove, would ask me to pray for him, and to pray over his house, as there were some demonic presences in the house! I went to his house and saw the demons; and as I prayed, our Saviour removed demons from his house; and then I began to pray for this man, who was also an alcoholic. I asked our Saviour to send His power down on this man and when the power of God hit him, he began to shake all over and say over and over again, “I want to serve the Lord! I want to serve the Lord! I want to serve the Lord!” Yet, these words were not being uttered by this man, but by the very huge wolf-like demon, who was in the man! I saw that demon and commanded him out of this man and into the pits of hell; and as he left, the talk about serving our Saviour also left and the man ceased to shake. He would later tell me that he felt the power of God come down through his head and go down into and throughout his body. My Dear Ones, the demons shake in the presence of the Holy Manchild!

I have neither heard from, nor seen these two men since that time, but on that Sabbath morning, I was most certainly appointed to be there.

I would later go on to the Chinese import store, only to be told that they had no more of these miter saws. So, I said to the cashier, “You said that you would have them on Tuesday and I come so far to get one and you now tell me that you have none! What kind of a deal is that?” And, the cashier did not know what to say, so she called the manager and the manager came and took the Coupon, which I had in my hand, took it to the back and momentarily came out with a saw. ON the top of the box, there would be a label, which described the saw and said 2 of 2.

For a certainty, the Lord had saved what must have been the one remaining saw for me; for He also knows that it will be needed for His work. What a day of wonderful miracles! Great glory to our Blessed Saviour; for there is none like Him; and none can do such things as what HE did that morning and on the subsequent meeting with the man, who had owned the stove!


The Woman in the Restaurant!

I went to eat in a restaurant one Sunday afternoon and there passed by me a very short and very thin waitress. Oh, she looked so sad! And, I could clearly see the darkness of the demons, who were oppressing her. So, I called to her and said, “Darling, you are oppressed!” Then, she came forth and began to pour out her heart about her violent and oppressive husband and how she had to flee from him because of his violence. Yet, he had money and had bought the best divorce lawyer, had turned her son against her and was now even asking for child support, yet she was earning pauper’s wages as a waitress. I felt so much love for her and so wanted to see her free and so I said, “Sit down here and let me pray for you!” So, she sat down and I placed my hands on her tiny bony cheeks and commanded the demons out of her and into the pits of hell. I asked our Saviour to fill her with His Spirit; and then began to pray for very great miracles for her as regards her divorce case. I prayed for deliverance also for her husband and for our Lord to soften his heart, that the divorce would be settled and quickly so in the favor of this woman. I also believe that I prayed for her son, but some time has passed and I do not now remember all that I prayed. She would get up from that prayer, her eyes full of light, being free from many demons. She told me that she felt the oppression leave and knew that our Mighty King had done a beautiful thing for her! Yet, she would tell me that there had come a prophetess to her church that morning, who had give her a prophetic word! I felt sad that this prophetess did not see the great suffering of this woman and did not pray for her deliverance!

About a month would pass and I would go back into that restaurant, again on a Sunday afternoon, and there I would see the petite woman again. She recognized me and was very excited to tell me what our Saviour had done for her only about a week after I had sought him on her behalf. She told me that her husband came to her and offered to give her all that she was asking. He gave her money and a car, free and clear of any debt. She then traded this car for a smaller vehicle in order to save gasoline. And, in the trade for the very good car, she would even get money back! Everything in her life had turned around! She was all smiles and was headed for training to be a youth minister. Blessed and Mighty King that we have! He is too wonderful for words! Glory, glory, glory to Our Blessed Saviour! I am so in love with Him!


The Woman at the Post Office

I went to mail prayer cloths and a lot of mail at the post office and I noticed that there was a woman, whom I do not remember seeing before. She told me that her time is split among five different post offices. I told her about sending out the prayer cloths and how our Saviour gives miracles and healings through the cloths and she said that she could surely use some help as she was to go the coming week for medical studies, which would determine whether she had cancer. So, I said, “Would you like for me to pray for you?” And, she said, “Yes!”

Well, my Dear Ones, as is the case so often, when I put my hands on people to pray for them, I feel waves of power, pulsations of power running down my arms and into my hands, exiting into the one, who is in need of healing. This always happens as well when our Saviour imparts His power into the holy anointed cloths, which I have sent out to many of you for healing.

So, that day when I prayed for this woman, I could feel great power coming into her and there came a very great presence of the Holy Ghost in and around me and it began to build up right there in the Post office. Suddenly, I felt that I had prayed enough for this woman and that our Mighty King had surely answered my prayer for total and complete healing of this woman, for eradication of all cancer and that when she went for tests there would be none found as there would be none. Yet, the power on me was so great that I turned and began to ask the few, who were behind me in the post office if they wanted to be touched by the power of the Holy Ghost. There stood a man behind me, who told me that he really needed to be touched by this power, so I put my hands on His shoulders for a brief while and moved on. This man was a black man and behind him was a white man, who stood with his arms crossed. But, beyond the white man was a black woman, who wanted to be touched by the Holy Ghost, and so it went. Two black people were touched by the power of the Holy Ghost, but the white man refused the power of our Mighty King.

When I left there, the power and the presence of the Spirit of God was very great and I went and sat in my truck. I looked back towards the woman, who was in the post office, yet beyond my physical view; and I saw in the spirit that brown globs were falling out of the woman and hitting the concrete floor. I watched in amazement as these cancerous globs left this woman; and I praised and thanked our Mighty King! Oh, how precious He is. I know He gave a mighty miracle to that woman! Oh, how I love to see what He does for people on the street! So amazing indeed!

Well, my Dear One, these are not all of the miracles, but enough to let you know that our Saviour is doing such wonderful things! He truly wishes to give out miracles! He wants to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to make the lame walk, to restore sight to the blind and to cause the deaf to hear. He greatly desires to set the captives free and delights in doing so! Oh, what a great wonder to be a part of such a glorious unfolding; for the Kingdom Power of our Mighty Saviour is coming into the Earth! Our Saviour sees our suffering, but does not wish to remove us from our suffering, not yet, but instead will bring us through the fires of testing and into a place of great and awesome miracles.

We can never praise our Saviour enough! May our lips be full of praise for Him early in the morning, all through the day and into the night! And, when we awaken during the night, may our hearts be full of great praise and thanksgiving towards Him!

Sending you the love of my heart,

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