Chapter Seventy-Five

“The Trip to the desert northwest and …
The birthing of the Holy Manchild!”

Greetings to you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters. It is after some time that I am now able to write to; for much has been going on with these works, and as a result of so much travel, I also became exceedingly tired and in need of much rest.

It was around the middle of September that I awoke one morning with a deep realization that I must go to California to visit with my sister, who has been quite ill. However, as this is a very long trip and also costly I did not know how I was to make such a trip. But, as the days went by, our Saviour began to speak to me about this trip and how I was also to visit the Yellowstone super volcano and was to travel also along the Wahsatch mountain front, which passes through Idaho and Utah.

The Giant Geographical Angels!

Our Saviour has seen the faithfulness of my friends in Idaho and He has seen the faithfulness of a dear sister in North Dakota! Therefore, He has sent me to those areas for the release of these mighty angels, that He might bless them for their faithfulness. For, He is mindful of the faithful and He loves the cheerful giver. He reaches out to the ones, who have humble and contrite hearts and spirits and He blesses them accordingly.

My Travels

My Dear Ones, I would leave Arkansas on the 1st of October, traveling along Interstate 40, working my way through Oklahoma City and up through I-35 into Kansas, taking Interstate 80 in Nebraska, moving westward through Nebraska and following I-80 through lower Wyoming. I would exit Interstate 80 and head up towards Yellowstone, but as I traveled through the vast wasteland of southern Wyoming, I would take a wrong turn and end up in Casper Wyoming.

To this day, I am not sure how this happened, but can only say that our Saviour intended for me to go to Casper Wyoming, a city of about 50,000 people, quite a large city for such a desolate place as Wyoming! After praying for the release of these great angels in and around Casper, I then traveled north to Yellowstone and spent the night in a small city, which was near Yellowstone.

In the morning, I would awaken and head to Yellowstone, traveling through the breathtakingly beautiful Grand Teton Mountains, arriving in Yellowstone around mid-morning on Sunday. I had planned to travel the figure eight road, which goes in and around Yellowstone, but the ranger at the east entrance to Yellowstone told me to avoid the northeast corner of Yellowstone because of great smoke in the area.

I was greatly surprised to see that many of the great mountains in Yellowstone were nearly devoid of any evergreen life; for according to the ranger in the park, massive numbers of the great evergreen trees were killed by the Japanese pine beetles.

I intended to stay in the park that night, hoping that by the next morning I might be able to travel all the roads in the figure eight, which goes around and through Yellowstone, but all hotels in the park had closed the night before! I stopped there at the Yellowstone gift shop to purchase gasoline and stayed just long enough to buy a few souvenirs, for the gift shop was closing on that very day.

To whole Yellowstone loop is around 200 miles, but as I have previously told you, I would be unable to travel the whole loop because of thick smoke in the northeast corner. So, on leaving the gift shop, I would take the south loop and travel around the lower south loop until I came to the westerly portion of the loop. Then, I went far north around that loop until I reasoned that I must be approaching the northeast corner. Then, I turned around and headed back to the westerly exit of Yellowstone. All along this route, I continually asked our Saviour to release the greatest numbers of the giant geographical angels into the Yellowstone Volcano!

As the sun was going down past the great mountains and the twilight was filtering through the vast stands of evergreens, I was exiting the breathtakingly beautiful natural preserve, which is called Yellowstone. While passing along beautiful tree-lined roads, which were bathed in the last remnants of the flickering sun, I asked our Saviour to show me in the Spirit the presence of these mighty angels.

In great joy, I looked in the Spirit to see their bright radiance, for they had taken their stances here and there, throughout Yellowstone Park. Through His great love and mercy, our Saviour had even placed them in the northeast corner of Yellowstone, where I had been unable to travel! What an awesome and humbling sight! Glory to our Mighty King forever and ever; for HE is full of such great love for His people; and HE hears and answers the prayers of the faithful. Blessed is His Holy Name forever and ever!

Yellowstone is one of the truly unspoiled places in America! If I had not been about our Father’s work, I would have spent more time there. At the south end of Yellowstone, there exists a beautifully clean and pristine lake; this watery mountain splendor seeming to kiss the heavens, for it sits at considerable altitudes. And, although it is bathed in a beautiful mist of peace and tranquility, I, wonder if it is not also hiding the gaping mouth of the Yellowstone Caldera. Indeed, Yellowstone is a place of great and beautifully entwined contradictions, a place of great extremes and awesome grandeur; but there will surely come a time when all will know the true nature of this sleeping giant!

Satan in my Face!

That day after leaving Yellowstone, I would travel further south, arriving in Idaho Falls, Idaho as night had already fallen. I would spend the night there next to the Snake River, but another kind of snake would be highly visible in the sky! For, throughout all of these travels, Satan would be in my face, just ahead of me in the sky. The light of his ship was often in full view at night, and during the day he would camouflage his ship amidst dark and ominous clouds. Either way, he always traveled ahead of me and was by his very presence always in my face, often pummeling and infilling my body with great amounts of foreign substances, working to cause me pain and waiting to wreak havoc! But, through so much evil, I would often remember the song of my friend, Misani, from South Africa, “I laugh at the devil, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I laugh at the devil, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! The joy of the Lord is my strength!”

Followed by the U.S. Military also!

I spoke to my friend in California one day to tell him that I was being followed by an armada of clouds. As I was telling him over a cell phone about the U.S. military ships (UFOs), which surround themselves with brown clouds, the government terrorists were audibly trying to block our conversation with very loud clicking noises.

I ask you now, “Isn’t this just hilarious?” The military airships are now hiding in brown clouds and so sure that none will notice!!!

The Persecuting and Torturing,
A time of great travail!

And, yes Satan and his wicked hoards, both human and non-human, persecuted me and the holy manchild and tortured us every step of the way through their wicked technology. After driving for such long hours, I would try to get out of my truck only to find that my legs did not seem to belong to me. I would often struggle to stand, my back humped, my legs seeming to be as wooden pegs, my hips full of pain and barely movable.

To make my way around the truck to pump gasoline, I would have to grab hold of the side of the truck and clutch the side of the truck bed as I ambled towards the pump, often barely able to feel my own legs at all, or suffering amidst great pain.

At night when I would get a motel room, I would often lay awake for three to four hours; for when the holy manchild would get busy removing such vast amounts of foreign substances, I would often feel great pain as He would drag some of these substances through the tissues in my body and through my bones. And, though he is so precious and does not wish to cause me any pain, such pain is often unavoidable when he must remove such vast amounts of foreign stuff from within us and around us.

Most nights, I would get only about three to four hours of sleep and then lay awake in the mornings for another two or more hours, waiting for the holy manchild to remove enough of the foreign objects from my head and throat so that I comfortably get something to eat or drink.

Yet, my dear ones, I tell you these things, not to complain; for I am used to living this way. But, I tell you these things so that you will know not only what the holy manchild and I endured on this trip, but so that you will also know of the great and miraculous intervention of our Mighty Saviour, His great love, His great faithfulness, His great mercy and His great power.

So beautifully and so wonderfully, our Saviour supernaturally carried me and the holy manchild throughout this very long trip. What a great honor to our Mighty King; for in the face of such great evil, He so awesomely blessed us to be able to make such a long journey! I can never thank Him or praise our Mighty King enough! Precious is the Name of our Mighty Saviour! He and He alone is Saviour and beside Him there is no Saviour! Glory to the Name of the King of Kings forever and ever!

Being in the Midst of the Holy Manchild!

My Dear ones, when the holy manchild works hard, he produces great heat and fire, which is needed to melt the copious amounts of very hard substances, which these wicked ones drive into us. Then, he moves with a powerful motion, much like the waves of an ocean; and it is through this movement that he removes all that they put into us!

This precious Son of our Holy King has now lived within and around me for over 55 months! He is so holy and precious, truly too beautiful for words! I am delighted that he is meant for some of you, who so greatly love our Mighty King. How blessed you all are, who are found worthy to receive the holy son of the King and to have him to live within you! The holy manchild is our Saviour’s blessed reward for the pure of heart, the lowly and obedient! Glory to His Holy Name forever and ever! His Kingdom Come and His will be done in the earth as it is in Heaven!

Now, Back to my trip

Now that I have digressed somewhat to fill you in on the particulars of both Satan and his many hoards as well as the beautiful blessings of our Saviour through His Holy Son, I will now proceed to tell you more about this awesome journey!

From the Snake River in Idaho

I would leave my temporary residence alongside the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho and travel south to visit my friends, who live in the small, yet beautiful little city of Grace, Idaho! There, I would visit with them for a couple of days, baptize them in a very cold river, pray over them, wash their feet and anoint them. Truly marvelous was this visit; for I would see an angel come to minister to them and to perform surgeries on both of them! The angel would remove a growth from the body of my precious sister, after which she was miraculously healed, and the angel performed heart surgery on my dear brother, as well as what appeared to be surgery on his hiatal hernia; and the following morning, as the holy manchild did work on my dear brother, a bone spur was removed from his neck.

I so enjoyed visiting with my precious and faithful friends and our Saviour most assuredly blessed them greatly. After just two days, I would leave there to go south through the Wahsatch mountain front and down past Salt Lake City, Utah and westward past the Great Salt Lake.

Why I traveled the Wahsatch Front!
The Wahsatch Mountain prophecy!

My friend in Idaho had told me of a prophetic vision regarding the Wahsatch mountain front and the prophetic warning of a terrible earthquake, which will rip through the Wahsatch front near Malad Idaho, opening up the ground and causing a great underground river to spew forth. The rupture of this river will flood a great area in Idaho, even possibly extending into surrounding states.

If our Saviour allows this great catastrophe to happen, many will drown in the churning waters, or be covered in the great upheavals of the earth, especially many, who belong to the Mormon Church. The areas of Southern Idaho and Utah are replete with a great number of Mormons, who settled there long ago, their numbers having increased greatly!

I was surely sent along the Wahsatch front on account of my precious friends, who live very near to Malad Idaho. On account of these dear souls, our Saviour would cause me to travel the Wahsatch Mountains, praying and asking for the release of many giant angels into the Wahsatch area from southern Idaho into northern Utah! And, in coming back through Salt Lake City a second time on my return trip, I would pass through more of the Wahsatch Mountains and would again ask for the release of even more of these giant angels into these great and unstable areas, which are all connected to the Yellowstone volcano.

A Visitation

My Dear Ones, as I left Idaho and entered into Utah, I passed through Logan, Utah and then came to Sardine Canyon, a great canyon, which traverses the floor of the Wahsatch Mountains! As I was moving past this city and heading into the great canyon, I was given a vision from our Saviour. In this vision, I saw the earth open up and great amounts of molten lava came rolling forth from the tentacles of the great and deep Yellowstone volcano. Chills began begin to pass through my flesh as I headed deeper into the canyon and it seemed that every hair on my head was standing on end. My Dear Ones, I was not afraid and do not fear evil! What I felt was not fear, but at the moment, (as I was busy driving), I could not pinpoint the nature of the strange feeling, which was moving over me!

However, quickly I would be drawn into the Spirit and once in the Spirit, I would look behind me and see a Native American, who was standing on the side of the mountain; and the spirit of this Native American was calling out to me. Usually, my Dear Ones, I do not have a thing to do with spirits of the deceased, unless appointed by the Spirit of God to do something with them.

As I looked back at him in the Spirit, he told me that they (the Native Americans) knew that I would be passing through this canyon with the holy manchild and that they had gathered there to see our passing. He further told me that he knew that the eyes of God, the Creator, looked through my eyes and through the eyes of the holy son who is within me. He further told me that he knew that God was passing along that route with us and that He would see the great evils of the people, who inhabit the land. He further stated that because of our very passing, God would soon judge the evils of the people, who live in that area. Furthermore, He told me that the Native Americans would soon be vindicated for the great evils, which had been done to them.

Then, I heard the sounds of a great horn, the shrill sounds of this horn filling the mountains and reverberating throughout the canyon. It was at that time that I looked behind me again in the Spirit to see someone, who was on the side of one of the great Wahsatch Mountains. This being had eyes of pure, white fire, was dressed in sackcloth, and in his mouth was a ram’s horn. As he blew the ram’s horn, a great and awesome feeling of reverence and holiness began to creep over me. And, very quickly I began to sense the presence of others there on the mountain. Again, I looked in the Spirit to see many Native American spirits, who were spread across the mountains, sitting there on horses, all of them watching our passing. Amidst such a grand scene, I traveled onward, still in awe of what was taking place, but as I traversed through that great canyon, the sounds of the ram’s horn began to fade and the spirits of the Native Americans began to fade from my vision. As I was driving, I also had to pay attention to the road, so I was in fact back and forth between the spirit world and the real world in which I was traveling.

However, as I was nearing Salt Lake City, I was made aware again of the Native American spirits, who were behind me there, still on the mountains; and this time, they had all dismounted their horses and bowed down, their bodies pointed towards us and their faces on the ground! Indeed, they were all bowed in reverence to the passing of the holy manchild.

Then, the same Native American spoke these words to me: “You will come again to visit us; and when you come again, you will bring us many blessings.”

My Trip Continues…

Moving past the Native Americans, having been exceedingly humbled and greatly touched by the holy presence of the Spirit of God, I made my way into Salt Lake City, still on Interstate 80. And, suddenly, a storm began to brew around me and the traffic began to become gnarled; for visibility began to decrease and the wind began to whip exceedingly. As this storm intensified, I looked out across Salt Lake City and in the spirit, I would behold another vision! There, standing in the air just over Salt Lake City, was Satan, the Red Dragon! He was whipping his tail; he was stirring up the wind, the rain and the clouds!

In looking upon him, I asked our Saviour to bind him up and to stop his evil attacks against me that I might pass through the city safely. Then, our Saviour said to me, “I will bind him up so that you can pass through Salt Lake City, but once you are gone, I will let him loose; for he has work to do still. His time is not yet up, so I will let him loose after you pass through.”

Sadly, I would later find that in the midst of that storm, Satan would go north and rip shingles from the roof of my friend’s house in Idaho, for he was surely wroth towards them and greatly angered about their helping me to make this trip! But, even so, all of this added suffering for these precious people would be but a small price to pay for the love of our Mighty King, for the release of such giant angels, and for the salvation of more of the Mormons, who live beneath Yellowstone. And, I have not yet spoken of the great event, which was yet to unfold!

I would then travel due west, passing through Nevada and stopping in Truckee, California to see a dear brother. This precious man has only been affiliated with these works since the beginning of this year, but our Saviour has poured out miracles upon him; and he has now become one of my close brothers and friends. He knew that he would be following me back to Arkansas and he had been busy packing up his belongings! For, this dear man will help me to build a refuge for our Saviour's people and many will come here in troubled times! But, I will explain more to you about this later in this message.

I would spend only an hour, or so, visiting with my friend in Truckee California and then I would go on to Sacramento to visit my sister. I would stay there only for a couple of days and was delighted to be able to pray for her and to help her with a few of her needs.

All along these routes, through Idaho, Nevada and northern California, I would continue to pray for the release of more of the giant geographical angels. My Dear Ones, I cannot tell you how many angels were released, but I can assure you that our Saviour released many, many of these giant, geographical angels. Glory to His Holy Name forever and ever.

Blessed I am to have such Beautiful Friends!

My Dear Ones, through all that I have been through, the great suffering and torture, and through the great and indescribable miracles, our Saviour has given me some very beautiful and precious friends; and though they are few, they have been so good to me and they have been faithful. I communicate often with some of them, but not so often with others. These precious souls are my family, a family, which our Saviour carved out and appointed to me, even from the very beginning. And, all along this trip, a few of these precious souls called me, some of them daily! And, during these days of travel, and even during days, which were just prior to this long trip, our Saviour gave beautiful prophetic dreams to some of them. I will share some of these awesome prophetic dreams with you; for they are greatly encouraging.

Do you remember my trip to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008? That long trip, through which our Saviour released great numbers of the giant geographical angels, would carry me through Tucson Arizona? It was there at that city of Tucson Arizona, that our Saviour placed four giant geographical angels, which would be seen in the Spirit by a preacher, almost two years after my visit! And, it was on that visit through Tucson that I would stop and visit some very precious people, two of them being naturopathic doctors! And, if you ever are in need of very good naturopathic doctors, I will give you a little hint! These two are among the best, so if in need, write to me and I will direct you to their clinic!

It was about two weeks before I left for the trip to Yellowstone and beyond, really even before I knew that I was going on such a long trip, that one of these precious men called me to share a most beautiful dream. So, the timing of this dream would have been in the earlier parts of September, if I remember correctly; for he was given this dream before I knew that I would go on such a long trip to a very great desert area!

Rev 12:2 And, she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered

The Birthing and the Latter Rain!

I will recount to you the details of this dream, as it was told to me, and I hope that I remember all of the details correctly. If I remember something incorrectly, forgive me, my Dear Brother!

In this dream, this Dear Brother would hear loud and accusing voices, indeed a lot of verbal commotion. In the dream, he walked out into the desert to determine what all of the commotion was about! (This would not be a far walk for him as Tucson is truly in the desert.) But, as he walked out into the desert he heard some, who were yelling and saying, “You will not have that baby! You will not have that baby!”

Then, he said that he saw a very pregnant woman, who was dressed in purple attire. She appeared to be about eight or nine months pregnant and she was standing out in the desert all by herself. Surely, this brother had great compassion for the woman and he then walked up to her and said, “You will have that baby.”

He also said that there appeared a few near him in the dream, perhaps five, or so, who had some purple on their garments and he also noticed that he had purple on his own garment. (In Rick’s dream, which will follow, you will know who these are, who wear the purple!)

In a short time, this dear man saw clear water, which was coming from two crevices in a large rock and he went and walked in this very pure and clean water, which made something of a stream. Then, suddenly there came down from above a grapefruit, but not a yellow grapefruit, a purple grapefruit and he knew that he was to partake of the grape fruit.

In sharing this dream with me, this dear brother thought that the pregnant woman must be the bride, but I said, “Darling, I am that pregnant woman; for I am pregnant with the manchild, and He must be born back to the throne of God.”

I believe that the two crevices in the rock indicate that the living waters will come both through our Saviour and through His Holy Son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve; for it is one rock but water is coming out through two crevices. The clear water, in which this man will walk, is surely relevant to the callings and the anointings, which he is yet to walk in.

I believe that the purple indicates royalty, even as my friend so believes, and I believe that those few, who stood beside my friend and who also had purple on their clothes. These Sons of God, who will also receive the manchild, the purple, royal garment, who encompasses and infills me. I also believe that these “sons”, who are in the dream of my precious friend, are also the very few faithful ones, who called me almost daily throughout my travels on this trip. Furthermore, I would travel vast desert lands during much of this very long trip! Hence, the woman, who was alone in the desert!

I believe that the purple grapefruit is referring to the fruit of the grape, or as it is also biblically called, the fruit of the vine, or wine. In this case, what is coming down is the new wine, or the latter rain. A very beautiful dream indeed!

The Latter Rain is Near!

Another friend of mine also had a very interesting dream a few weeks before I left on this trip. He dreamed that it was night and that he was looking up at the night sky. He said that in the dream there began to fall a few shooting stars, but quickly there came so many shooting stars that the light from them was illuminating the whole sky! I believe that this brother’s dream is telling of the coming latter rain, indeed a rain of great and holy fire!

Another Dream of the Latter Rain

Another friend of mine had a dream while I was on this long trip; and in this dream he saw an American man and woman, who came to visit him; and while he beheld them, the woman threw something up into the air. Immediately after she had done this, there came great fireworks. “Typically American,” he said in his dream!

I believe that I am that American woman in his dream and that the American man is my friend from California, for this dream was given to this dear brother while I was in route back to Arkansas and this dear brother was following me back; for as I have told you, he has been sent by our Saviour to help in the building of a place of refuge and a House of Prayer on this very land. But, back to my dear brother’s dream: what was to go up in his dream is the holy manchild and following his going up, there shall come the Latter Rain, the great and holy rain of fire. The great rain of fire is the holy manchild, who is returning from the throne of our Saviour, full of holy fire, and ready to enter into the Sons of God!

Another Latter Rain Dream!

This precious man, who had the above dream, has been faithful to these works for the last six years. He is now elderly, but indeed, very much in love with our Mighty King. He is also something of a “map man,” and really enjoys studying maps, so he was most interested in calling me daily and following me and the holy manchild throughout this road trip, to find our whereabouts on a map. One day, as I was traveling the dry and thirsty desert roads on my way home again, this precious brother called me to tell me of a most interesting dream. In this dream, he was trying to find someone, who was traveling on a dusty road. As he was out on the road and was trying to find this person in the dream, it began to rain and the rain became very heavy, such a great downpour that the whole road turned into a river.

A couple of days after this dream, the evil ones would block some of my incoming calls, and I would not be able to speak to this Dear Brother! So, his dream would come true as he sought to find us, but could not find us there on Interstate 80, that long, dusty road, which goes through the Wyoming desert.

How the Latter Rain Began to Fall!

As I was coming back to Arkansas, my dear friend from California would following me back, driving an old 16 foot U-Haul truck, which he has bought in years past, and behind the old truck, he would be towing another truck, an old Ford double cab truck! The old U-haul truck would be filled up to capacity and the second truck would be piled 11 feet high with many of his tools and personal belongings. As I have previously told you, this man would be coming back to Arkansas to help me build a church and a campground on the land, which our Saviour has so wonderfully and miraculously given to us, all to make a place of refuge for His people in very hard times.

But, as this brother’s trucks were both heavily-laden, he would have great trials in trying to crest the great summits of some of the mountains, which we would have to traverse between northern California and Laramie, Wyoming.

It was on Donner Summit, a very steep mountain summit, which is to the East side of Salt Lake City, that his truck would begin to overheat in a very great way. As I was following him, we were once again creeping up a very great mountain at around ten miles per hour. His truck was smoking, his old truck engine groaning its way up the steep slope; and I was following him, gulping down great amounts of diesel fumes! For two days, I followed behind him inhaling diesel fumes and praying; for his trucks were so greatly over packed and overloaded.

On that night as we creped up Donner Summit, I prayed constantly behind my friend’s two trucks and then began to remember the mighty works, which I had seen our Saviour do amidst heartfelt praise! So, I called ahead to my precious brother and said, “My Dear Friend, we must praise the Lord!” So, over the phones, we began to praise Him greatly in prayer! And, suddenly amidst our praises, I saw angels descend into his truck! Angels began to work on the engine of his truck and soon he would see the excessive temperature of his truck decrease and enter into the safe zone.

Rev. 12:4 And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born…

It was during our praises that my friend said to me, “Do you see that light there over that mountain?” Yes, I beheld that light and had already seen it, but as I was looking again at that light, I saw that it was speeding quickly heavenward and fast disappearing into the clouds. At that moment, I thought that perhaps that light was the light of one of the angelic hosts of heaven; and believing that one of the host of heaven might be leaving, I asked it to return, and quickly it did return! However, at that moment, I quickly realized that this was not one of the beautiful hosts of heaven, but Satan, himself, his very ship glowing in the night sky.

Yes, Satan, the Prince of the Air, was very low in the sky, and he was carefully observing all of our travails as we struggled to climb Donner summit. I can only wonder what went on in the thoughts of the monster as he watched us in our great travail as we sought to climb that great summit; but whatever defeat he might have imagined did not befall us. Instead, to our great surprise, wonder and deep gratitude, our Saviour heard our cries and He intervened to give us the angelic help that we would need for our brother’s two heavily-laden trucks to crest that great mountain summit!

However, this would not be the end of the angelic interventions, for our Saviour would supernaturally carry us over many impossible mountain situations, but none could compare to His divine intervention, which took place just outside of Laramie Wyoming. As we were exiting Laramie, Wyoming on the morning of the 13th day of October, we would have to climb another very steep summit, just to the east of Laramie. I watched as my friend’s two trucks creped past me again at around 10 miles per hour, the diesel fumes filling the air; and once again I was praying for our Saviour to supernaturally intervene to help this dear man to crest this great summit with his two heavily-laden trucks. There, just outside of Laramie, Wyoming, I had stopped to retrieve a few of the red rocks, which lay alongside that great mountain summit. So, it was from this vantage point alongside the busy mountain road that I watched my brother pass with the two trucks, his old, diesel truck groaning and whining amidst a vast trail of smoke.

As I watched him pass, I was steadily praying for divine intervention from our Saviour; and, it was at the top of that summit, the last great summit, that our Saviour sent a mighty angel to work on my friend’s truck. In the Spirit, I could see the angel as he was cleaning out the engine and fixing and repairing certain engine parts. This angel traveled with us for some time, there in the truck engine; and I was so absolutely and greatly amazed! As you read on, you can easily understand who this “angel” really was!

At the time that I began to see the angel, I was then ahead of my friend, and I was shouting to him on the phone in great excitement, “My Dear Friend, there is an angel in your engine. He is working on your truck. And, to our great amazement, his two trucks immediately began to pick up speed and to climb great inclines, now traveling at 60 miles an hour up these great stretching hills. Indeed, his two trucks were traveling under awesome supernatural power!

When I allowed him to get in front of me again, I was indeed somewhat regretful, for he and his two trucks were traveling steadily at 65 miles per hour! By this time, nightfall had overtaken us by that time, but we were both still so very excited about the great divine intervention, which had taken place that day!

True to my dear map-man friend’s dream, a great rain of miracles would begin to befall me and my friend from California as we traveled those dry and dusty desert roads, the two of us being the two Americans in his dream! What had this American woman cast up into the air?

What our Saviour kept from me!

After two long weeks on being on the road and traveling in my truck, I returned home on the 14th of October, so exceedingly tired, having slept so little for the entire time, my body having been ravaged by the constant assaults of Satan and his many hoards. Into the afternoon of the 14th day of October, I would leave my friend in Oklahoma City, his having assured me that he felt comfortable in making the rest of the trip alone, for I was so pressed in the Spirit to get home.

However, I would be only a couple of hours away when I would call back to check on my brother, to find out that he had experienced a breakdown of the second truck. One of the tires had blown out, but my friend, who was traveling in the first truck would not be immediately aware of the blow-out of the tire of the second truck. And, this towing of the second truck, which then had a blowout, would begin to eat away at the wheel and to break the axle of the second truck, which would be quite costly, but still covered under his insurance. So, he would remain stranded on the road and need to stay over to take care of the many repairs, this necessitating his return at a later time to retrieve the repaired truck!

After returning home from this very long trip, I was so very exhausted. I was so exceedingly tired and still the holy manchild and I were under very great and severe attacks through the wicked and terrible technology of Satan; and I had no time in which to recuperate.

Therefore, as I needed to rest a great deal, I had little time to reflect on the exceedingly wonderful chain of events, which had taken place since I left on the 1st of October. However, as I began to write of this most astounding journey, a friend of mine called me from Tucson on the afternoon of the 12th of November. It would only be through this man’s dream and through another brother’s dream of the 13th day of November, that I would realize that a birthing had truly taken place in the desert northwest. So astounding are the ways of our Saviour!

Rev 12:5 And, she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron…

The Dreams!
The Birth of the Baby Boy,
The Manchild of Revelation Twelve!

It was on Friday, the 12th of November, as I was nearing completion of this message that my Dear Friend from Arizona called me and told me of a dream that his brother had. In this dream, his brother saw a woman, who was very pregnant and the baby was very overdue. He knew in the dream that if he did not deliver the baby, that Trina would die. So, in the dream, this brother, whose name is Chris, took a carpenter’s knife, drew it out, cut beneath the breastbone of the pregnant woman and pulled the baby out. He performed a C-section and there was no blood. He noted that there was someone else, who was standing beside the woman and the baby; and after the delivery, the mom and baby began to laugh, both of them being exceedingly happy.

My friend went on to advise me that the name “Trina” in Greek means “pure,” and in this case I believe that “Trina” refers to the pure of heart, who wait and long for a mighty move from our Blessed Saviour. Surely, many are about to lose hope; for the wait has been so long! Therefore, the holy manchild had to be born, for sake of the pure of heart.

Please note in the above dream that this dear brother, Chris, seems to represent Christ, our Saviour! Please take note that he mentioned that there was someone with the woman when the child was born; for you will see this again in Rick’s dream, which is below!

A few months past, Chris had another dream of the holy manchild. In this dream, he saw that a baby had just been born and that it was wrapped in a blanket. As he looked at the baby, he was amazed to see how beautiful the baby was, indeed such a perfect babe! He picked up the baby and as he did so, the blanket fell away! He marveled to see that the baby had muscles and also hair on his private parts, the latter most likely meaning that he is ready to bear seed.

Another Holy Manchild Dream!

My Dear Brother, who came here from California to help in the work on the land, had another dream of the holy manchild on the night of November 13, 2010. Note that this is one day after my brother called me from Tucson to give me the details of the “Trina” dream, which is above.

I had called this brother from California early in the morning of the 13th of November, and he told me that he wished to speak to me as he had something important to share with me. I could hardly wait to get dressed and get outside to hear of his dream; for I knew that he had received something very important from our Mighty Saviour! I listened in great excitement as he shared his dream from the night before! The following is his recollection of his dream in his own words!

The birthing of the Holy Manchild
The Christ Child Dream of 11-13-2010
Rick W.

This dream began as I saw myself and Linda sitting on the floor in a private room. Linda appeared to be sitting in the middle of a bed mattress on the floor, with lots of comforter blankets surrounding her and spread out in a circle around her. I looked at her just as she said, “The baby is born.” I glanced around at the blankets and covers and I then saw the baby moving around at the outside edge of the covers on the floor. We both watched in amazement as the baby was crawling around, playing, and then stood up. He was laughing and waving his hands around and clapping. I was astonished to see the new born baby acting and playing like a small child, and for a few moments we just watched him moving around on the blanket covers in amazement.

Next, I got up and went to the new baby. He held his hands up in the air and I took both of his hands in my hands and walked with him right behind him, his left hand in my left hand, his right hand in my right hand, as we moved forward. We walked together out of the birthing room and into a hallway. We went to the room next door, where my parents were located. I wanted my Mom and Dad to see the new born baby that walked from birth. This was a happy time and my parents were amazed at the baby’s laughing and walking as they watched too.

They asked me when he was born. I looked at my watch, which read 2:46. I glanced at Linda and we guessed we had watched him playing for about one and one half minutes, and so I replied… “2:44.”

Next, we all went outside into the back yard. This was a close family gathering around the baby. I walked with the newborn on the side walk with the family loved ones watching. At one point, the baby stepped in a little circle of dirt, which was laying on the edge of the sidewalk. He immediately pulled his foot back, frowned, turned around and looked down at the dirt. We all looked too, and I saw that he was barefoot. He didn’t like the feel of dirt on the bottom of his bare feet. I noticed that the sidewalk was clean except for a small dirty space, and the dream ended. Rick W.

Notice the small circle of friends in this dream and remember the small group, which appeared with my Tucson friend as he stood with the woman in the desert. Remember also the small group, which followed my travels, my very close friends. The truth of the birthing of the holy manchild would go firstly to these, who are my very close friends.

Later on, our Saviour will explain in his own words some of the time frames, which relate to Rick’s dream. As we understand it, the time of approximately one and one half minutes represents about one month and a half, or the 40 days that the manchild would play outside of my body before going to the throne of God. The time 2:44 represents the number of days, which would pass from the time that we left Truckee California, when the birthing process began until it was completed in the early morning hours of October 13th in a Motel Eight in Laramie, Wyoming.

The meaning of 10-10-10

We would leave Truckee California around noon on the 10th of October of 2010, or on 10-10-10 and would spend three nights on the road, the third night, the night of the birthing bringing us to Laramie, Wyoming. In Laramie, Wyoming, we found a Motel Eight, which was sitting far back from the road and seemed to be a trucker’s haven, an adequate place, but not very well kept in many ways. We got rooms at the Motel Eight, eight also meaning new beginnings, or birthing.

It was cold in Laramie, Wyoming and the room was also cold. But, when I turned on the heater, it made so much noise that I no longer saw the need of it. I gathered up covers from the other bed and doubled and tripled these covers over myself and after a while of shivering, began to drift off into a warm rest amidst the waves of the holy manchild. My body was full of vast amounts of foreign stuff and he needed to work very hard to remove such things from within us!

Since I was sleeping, I do not know what happened with the holy manchild on that cold night in Laramie, Wyoming! But, after the revelations, which have been given to these brothers through their dreams, and through the direct revelations of our Saviour, I do know that the holy manchild was born in a Motel Eight in Laramie, Wyoming in the early morning hours of the 13th day of October, 2010, that birthing process having begun three days earlier! Since that birthing, I have come to know that Laramie means origin.

Our Saviour knew that this birth would take place in my sleep and that I would also be so very tired and not aware of what had taken place. For, this reason, my Dear Ones, I know that he so chose the city of birth so that there would be no doubt in my mind that Laramie, Wyoming was the place of origin of the holy manchild’s birth. Glory to our Mighty Saviour; for He attends to every detail!

My Dear Ones, I also believe that He picked Laramie, Wyoming as a tribute to the native American spirits! For, it was our Saviour, who caused them to awaken from the dust, that He might give honor the His Holy Son! For, He will get his own honor and bring honor to His holy son, even if he must raise spirits of the dead to bring him honor!

Sadly, you in this nation of America, have so trampled these works, and in so doing you have trampled the Kingdom of our Saviour, even before it could be born. Great shall be your travail, oh nation of America; for you shall bear your shame! Many, who sleep in the dust shall awaken to eternal life; for they shall be made to know the love, mercy, grace and forgiveness of our Mighty Saviour. He will give this grace to many, who so sleep in the dust; for in their lifetimes they were not blessed to know Him! But, you, oh nation of America, oh harlot nation, if you do not repent, you will surely perish in your great sins!

Now, for our Saviour’s most important words, read on …

Message from our Father in Heaven
Travailing in Birth!

Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Be at peace, My Blessed Child and be joyful, for the expectations of some are about to be fulfilled! Gross darkness is falling upon the whole earth and now My light and fire must come into the earth in even greater measure!

You have travailed, My Blessed Child, and you shall travail even more; for the birthing, which has taken place, even the birthing of My son of fire and light from your very body, and back to Me, must now bear fruit in the earth. And, even as he was given to you as a small pool of liquid light, which came from My very own body into yours, he must now be given to My faithful, to the pure of heart, yes conceived in each of them, even as he was conceived in you! So, what you have endured with such a traumatic gestation and birthing process, must now be endured by the faithful, by the pure of heart.

He will be released to live and grow in some now, a very few at first, and then into progressively greater numbers. But, he must grow in them, even as he has grown in you and then there will come another birthing, a great birthing back to My throne, as My sons are birthed back to Me through a birthing canal, which is most certainly one of great fire and light.

When he was birthed into the world from your body, My Little One, his birthing took place over a short time of a little more than two days; and then he and he, alone, was caught up to My throne; for the birthing canal of fire and light, which goes to My throne is not ready for the birthing of great numbers, or for any humans at all. For, this birthing process comes later! But, it was ready for My very own Son of light and fire to travel through.

Now, My Little One, do not despair; for a much greater power of light and fire will begin to come into you through My holy Son. Already, you walk and live amidst very great miracles and wonders, and the miracles and wonders will begin to increase and grow within and around you!

But, for the rest, who will now have My Son to come and live in them, for these, My Little One, My Holy Son of light and fire must grow in them. Yes, it is true that even while he grew in you, he did visit others, and he did linger in their bodies for a while to bless them and to help them, but he did not yet go to live within anyone else!

Now, he will be released to live within a small number at first and as the days, weeks and months go by, I will release him to live in greater and greater numbers of the pure of heart.

When I am pleased with his growth in these, My Sons, I will then birth these sons back to My throne! It is at this coming time, that I will fulfill My promises to you, that I will take you first and along with you a few faithful and there will be a very special and holy celebration at My throne for My Son, the holy manchild of Revelation Twelve. So, My Little One, there comes a time of great tests and trials for the faithful, for in this way I will cleanse and purify them all through the holy fires of My holy Son of light and fire, as gold and silver are tried, tested and purified.

Hear Me in this; for so many wish to escape; yet My rewards for My faithful are not based upon escape, but upon overcoming!

All need to take note of your suffering; for what you have endured will now come upon the whole world.

Hear Me in this! I have greatly tried and tested you, My Blessed Child; and you know that you cannot determine what I think, or what I will do! Through My very words, I try and test the hearts of all. Who can tell what I will do or what I will say, all in order to test the hearts of the faithful, even as I tested Abraham when I told him to sacrifice his son.

What will I tell any of you, all in order to try and test you? Hear Me in this; for I am about to bring My faithful through the fires!

Hear Me also, My Blessed Child, and know that I will proceed to bring forth My promises in Book Five and will prepare a place of gathering for My people! I have given you a small area of land and through the hearts of the faithful, I am helping you to prepare a place for the faithful! Yet, I will also touch the hearts of the faithful to help even more, for I shall yet give you a greater, far greater parcel of land, a much larger parcel yet, where I will also prepare for even greater numbers. And, in times of great trouble, even after I make you My queen, I will hear the cries of the broken hearted, the starving, the homeless, the weak and dying; and I shall send you out supernaturally, and with you a few others, and you will gather up these hurting ones and supernaturally carry them to this very place of refuge, which I am now preparing. All over the world, I will send you to retrieve a few here and a few there and in this way I will look after some, who will survive to see Me come in the clouds. In this way, I will preserve and keep them and assure them of their heritage with me; and to keep My promises to those, who await My coming in the clouds!

The Latter Rain

Just know, My Blessed Child, that this latter rain, this latter and former rain will begin slowly at first and over time, will accelerate in quantity and in its purity in those, who both receive it and bear it.

Be at peace, My Blessed Child; for even as I have told you so many times, you are indeed blessed above all women, having been called and chosen before the foundations of the earth to be the spiritual mother for My people! And, therefore, My Little One, the very task of the birthing of My kingdom into the earth has been laid upon your very shoulders, a great task indeed; and some of those of the heavens, the Elohim, the Anakims and those of the lower parts, Satan and all of his many hoards, and their many human and non-human counterparts have set out to destroy you and My precious Son of light and fire. Their torture against you has been great, their persecution against you both has been tremendous, the travail of you both has been constant and immeasurable, night and day!

On the day of the 53rd month since his conception in your body, that day being the tenth day of the tenth month of the year 2010, My holy Son of light and fire would begin to be born, and at that time only emerging from your body for a brief second or two. But, by the early morning hours of October 13th of 2010, he would be severed from your body, and would remain in the earth, severed from your body for forty days. For this reason, it is written that Satan wanted to steal him as soon as he was born! For, Satan would see My holy Son there at the edges of your bed covers, playing around, flying a bit, and clapping joyfully, and he would make every attempt to steal him or to destroy him.

During this time, I caused a great lethargy to come over you, my Little One, that you might rest in Me until you fully understood what had taken place. For, a very holy time, a time of reverence was upon you, a time to draw very close to me. And, aside from your sharing the truth of this birthing with a very few souls, I would not allow you to share or publish this event! For, this event is My holiness!

However, the wicked ones would know and they would then escalate their plans for World War III! For, they all hate what is taking place and wish to destroy My kingdom before it can even begin! (This escalation of WWIII is the North Korean attack upon South Korea!)

You, My Little One, have suffered the intensity of their non-stop hate and arrogance and you have greatly travailed amidst such great suffering. Soon, you will begin to see the fruits of your great labors as they begin to manifest in the earth through the faithful, through the pure of heart!

Those, who have mocked and scoffed these works of Revelation Twelve, will be cut off, clean cut off from receiving My Holy Son, unless they repent with great tears and with great weeping. The holy inheritance, which was meant for many in the USA, will go to the pure of heart of other nations; for so gross are the sins of the people of this nation!

Hear Me in this, oh you proud, haughty and stiff-necked nation of America! Oh, how wickedly you have behaved towards My chosen servant, Linda Newkirk. How you have risen up to put your shoes in her back and to walk upon her face as she travailed and struggled to bring My holy Son to maturity! How you laughed at her and mocked her and called her insane and threw stones at her and did all that you could to destroy her and to destroy My kingdom as it was only beginning and before it could even be born! Yes, you, who call yourselves Christians, colluded one with the other and you have spread hate, lies and slander. You threw mud into the face of My chosen servant, Linda Newkirk! You became Satan’s willing pawns and many of you became his children, your hearts intent on destroying my holy work through Linda Newkirk.

Now, I shall put My foot in your backs and I shall cast mud upon your faces and I shall take your inheritance and give it to the humble and faithful in other nations! The last shall be first and the first shall be last! For, I made you first, oh America and you trample what is holy, preferring instead what is profane! Now, I shall make you last, oh you harlot nation! And, I shall give your heritage to the pure of heart in other nations; for they do not sit in judgment of Me and My works. They do not profane what is holy!

And, to you, my pleasant daughter, Linda Newkirk, I shall fulfill all of My promises to you, and even though you must travail yet, and even though you must suffer still, even until the birthing of these Sons back to My throne, I will bless you, even exceedingly bless you in the face of all of the mockers and scorners. And, if they will repent with a broken and contrite heart and spirit, I will forgive them. But, even so, they will travail, longing and pleading for the gift of My holy Son of light. For, I will try and test every one of them.

I am your Father Yahweh! Go in peace, my Little One; for I now give you permission to publish these works.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of November, 2010,

(Yet, my Dear Ones, as the days went by and as I thought to publish these holy works, I was held back by the sheer holiness of all that was taking place. I knew in my heart that the swine would come up to devour the holy pearls and I pleaded with our Saviour to preserve all that was holy, keeping the swine away from the great and holy events, which were unfolding. I felt so conflicted about releasing this information and I knew that our Saviour was, by this time, also holding me back from releasing these events until a new, appointed time.

It was last night, on the night of the 2nd of January of 2011, as I was reading the holy scriptures and pondering before our mighty Saviour, that I saw a clean and beautiful little calf, and this calf was standing on the hillside and kicking up its heels. As I watched the calf, I wondered why our Saviour was showing me this calf; and as I wondered, I called a dear brother and told him of this lone and happy calf, who was so playfully and happily kicking up its back feet.

It was after we both prayed for a greater confirmation that I saw that the calf had come out of a stall. The stall had iron bars and inside the stall was a circular area of clean straw, where the calf had been resting. Our Saviour stood looking over the now empty stall, where the calf had been, and as I wondered about the identity of the calf, our Saviour said to me, “You are that calf, who has been let out of the stall.”

And, this morning, on the morning of the 3rd of January of 2011, our Saviour spoke to me and told me to go forward with the release of these very holy events. The release of these words are to feed the pure of heart, to bring hope to those, who suffer and long for the coming of our Mighty King, to feed and to nurture the babes, that they mighty grow and make themselves ready for the meat of the kingdom of our Mighty King, and to minister to the lost, that they might know the hope of our Blessed Saviour and His Kingdom Come and His will be done!

Now, my Dear Ones, I will proceed to tell you more regarding the birthing of the holy manchild and his ascent to the throne of our Mighty Saviour!

Rev 12:5 And, her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne …

My Dear Ones, as I prayed on the night of the 21st of November and was down on my knees in front of my sofa, I looked in the spirit to see that the holy manchild was standing at the end or the sofa, his height being about one and one half feet taller than the arm of the sofa, the height of the sofa arm being about three feet. And, although I did not see the face of the holy son of the king, I saw his royal vesture of light and I sensed that he had already been to the throne. And, it was two nights later, while I was on my knees and praying in the same place, that I saw him again, this time seeing very clearly his royal vesture of light and seeing as well his perfect and beautiful face, even beholding the beauty of his eyelashes. I noted also that he bore a crown of gold.

Then again, perhaps two nights later, while I was praying in the same manner in the same place, he appeared again, so full of light and fire that I thought that I beheld an angel, and this time he bore many keys, and on his head were crowns within crowns.

It was on the same night that I first saw him with the crown of gold on his head that I saw that the holy manchild had in front of his robe something that reminded me of a pouch on a kangaroo; and as the holy son looked intently within that pouch, I saw that there within the pouch were many, many tiny babies and that these tiny babies were each wrapped in a very tiny blankets.

On proceeding nights, the holy son would appear to me again showing me the tiny babies and even taking one and causing him to rest in a tiny baby bed, which was in plain view. So precious and so tiny were these babies.

And, then about two weeks before Christmas, I saw a door open and as this door opened, I saw holy fire and light come through the door and then there appeared in the door our Saviour. Alongside Him was His Holy Son. And, in his hands the holy Son held a large, heavy tray, but I did not see at that time what was on the tray.

Yet, within very few minutes, I saw our Saviour as He was standing on the threshold of my back door and alongside Him was the holy manchild; and on the tray were many tiny babies and they were all crying.

The next day after seeing the holy manchild with the many crying babies, I received a call from my friend in Arizona and he said, “I have a baby dream to share with you.” And, as his words to me went, a mutual friend, who is very dear to us both had a dream of crying babies. In this dream, he saw many babies, who were on an assembly line and they were all crying. The babies were in boxes and these boxes were all separated by straw. Some of the babies were young, perhaps two months old and others were older, perhaps two years old. And, as I understand it, these babies in the boxes were being carried straight up on a conveyor belt. Glory to our Mighty King! (The different sizes of the babies represent different amounts of power, which is coming to the Sons of God!)

As the days passed, the holy manchild would appear to me again and again to show me the state of the babies. And, through these visitations, I saw that the babies were all being fed and from visit to visit, I could see how much of the holy formula remained in their bottles. Finally, there was nothing left to feed them and I saw that the babies were being prepared for their “mothers” in the earth, and yes men will also be mothers and women will also be sons.

Lately, I have seen that the babies are all very strong and are kicking and flailing their arms as they very ready to go to their mothers.

During these most awesome of events, I also received a word from a Sister in another nation, that the holy Son of our Saviour had visited her, a most precious visitation. She saw that he bore a white robe with a gold sash and on his head was a crown of gold. This dear woman knew who he was and the precious little son of the King went up to her and so tenderly called her, “Mom.” This sister was at first shocked to see him, but he wanted her to know that his visit was real and he thereafter visited her two more times. So precious and so holy are these dreams, visions and visitations!

And, today, the 3rd of January of 2011, as I was writing the final words of this message, a precious, young man called me to tell me of a very beautiful dream that he had on the night of the 13th day of December. This was two months to the day since the holy Son of the King was born in Laramie, Wyoming. Remember Rick’s dream of the 13th day of November and our brother’s dream of the 12th day of November; but unknown to me, our Saviour had given a dream to a precious, young man on the 13th day of December, a very important dream, indeed.

The Crying Babies

I will attempt to recount what this precious, young man told me today, for this dream is but one more dream, which has been given to others to confirm the very events, which we know to be taking place. I share this dream with you all; for it is no accident that our Saviour touched the heart of this dear one to call me at this time. His dream is but one more very great confirmation of what is taking place and what is coming soon into the earth to the faithful! If I do not quite remember all details, forgive me, Luke, but these are the details of Luke’s dream as well as I remember them!

Luke told me that in his dream, there seemed to be someone, who was holding him, as if draping him over their arms. But, I do not know whether he realized that he was being held, before or after he was slapped on the forehead. The slap on the forehead startled him and perhaps then he realized that someone was holding him, as if draping him over their arms, as I understood it. He looked around the room to see someone, who was standing in the shadows of the room and that this one had wings. Then, there appeared many crying babies in his dream and he could so clearly see their flailing arms. Luke wondered what this dream meant. (Now, Luke, you can understand.) Luke wondered about the slap on the forehead and whether this has to do with the sealing of the 144,000. A very good question, Luke! Perhaps, our Saviour will soon show us more!

The Latter Rain!

My Dear Ones, the holy little babies will come down as streams of fire and these streams of fire, the holy little babes, will enter into the Sons of God. I do not know when this will happen! It could happen today, or it could happen next week, or even later. I really cannot say! But, I call out to you to make your hearts clean. Make your spiritual lives clean. Repent of your wrongs and seek forgiveness of the Mighty King. Make your way straight and walk in the love and grace of our Blessed Saviour! He is about to reward the pure of heart; for He is about to raise up His Sons. The Kingdom of the Most High is surely coming into the earth.

At this time, I wish to thank those of you, who have been my faithful friends! Some of you I know very well; for you have been called to be a very intimate part of these works. Others of you, I do not know well at all, but our Saviour knows you very well and many of you, who remain at a distance will be so richly blessed; for you have believed the truth about these holy works. Be of good cheer, my Dear Friends, for our Saviour is about to richly bless those, who are of a humble and contrite heart and spirit.

May we all sing and rejoice and be glad. May we all continually lift up our voices to our Mighty King in praise and thanksgiving; for He is doing a new thing in the whole earth. True to His promises, He is bringing forth His kingdom and He is raising up His Sons in the whole earth. Glory to the Holy Name of the King of Kings forever and ever!

Sending much love to you all,
Your sis, Linda Newkirk

My Dear Ones, I now add these very important scriptures as the Spirit of God quickened my understanding this morning!

Who it the manchild? I have told you that He is the Son of our Saviour and our Saviour has also told you these things. Now, I give you scriptures to ponder!

Isaiah 11:1

And, there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

Who is the rod, but our Saviour? In the first chapter of Matthew, you can read the genealogy of our Saviour, that He did indeed come out of the stem of Jesse, or the Davidic line.

And, a branch shall grow out of the roots of the rod! And, who is this branch, but firstly the holy son of our Saviour, or the holy manchild? Remember the rod of Aaron, which budded. This budding of the rod was symbolic of what was to come, the time when the “branch” would spring up from the rod of our Saviour! That budding of the rod has already happened and now the branch shall flower! The holy manchild is that branch and this branch will bear the sons of God, the true sons of our Saviour!

Isaiah 11:2 (More about the Branch!)

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

My Dear Ones, these are the seven spirits; and in Revelation 1:4, we can read of “…the seven Spirits, which are before his throne…”

So, in summary, the seven spirits come straight from the Lord, Himself and these seven spirits are the holy manchild, or the Branch of the Rod, as we see from reading above. So, the Sons will be the seven spirits!

Isaiah 11:3-5 More about the Branch…

And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord, and he shall not judge after his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears: But, with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he shall he slay the wicked. And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.

Why are these verses not speaking of our Saviour when He was in the earth? My Dear Ones, through His words, our Saviour has told us that he did not come to “judge” but to “save.” He did not come to smite the earth with his rod, or with the breath of his lips to slay the wicked. Our Saviour came as a Lamb, full of great peace and love. Blessed is His Holy and Precious Name.

My Dear Ones, there is one verse still that you need to take note of:

Isaiah 4:2

In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel. Get your bible and read the verses that follow. You will be delighted!

Blessed are the little lambs, who are faithful and true! Theirs is the Kingdom of God!

PS: If you have written to me within the last two months, or so, and have not heard from me, please forgive me. I am exceedingly grateful for all that you have done to help with these works in any way! Many, many thanks to each of you! Soon, I hope to answer your letters. Sending my heartfelt love to each of you!

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