Chapter Seventy-Eight

Greetings to you, my Precious Brothers and Sisters. Blessed is the Name of the Mighty King, our Blessed Saviour; for He is truly King of Kings and Lords of Lords and He is making His Bride ready for His Kingdom. But, even so, great are the travails upon the people of the world; for Satan has truly been cast down and he comes with a great wrath; for he also knows that his days are short.

The Holy Son, Rev.12:5
“And, she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron…”

My Dear Ones, all is well with me and the Holy and Precious Son of the King. He continues to grow in both fire and strength as the wicked ones continue to pummel us with all manner of hard stuff, which the Holy Son must remove from within and around us. This material is so very hard and thick; and as it also impinges upon my body, I must rest often. This is why I get things done very slowly as I do not know what my days will be like from day to day. Some days are not as bad as others, but for the most part, I must rest a great deal as he has so much work to do.

So, when you do not hear from me for a while, just know that the Holy Son and I suffer through great persecution and yes torture, as the presence of so much foreign and hard material in us causes pain and suffering and also at times great lethargy.

Just know that the Holy Son is advancing. He is growing, due to the great amount of very hard work that he must do in and around us all of the time. And, as for me, my Dear Ones, I will be 63 years young this summer, so I have some very valid reasons for slowing down.

Still, my Dear Ones, work in going on here to build an office and this will soon be finished. When this is done, I wish to open a prayer line for those of you in need, even though I will be there only part time. In addition, we will soon begin to build a house of prayer; for in the near future some of you will come here to worship our Blessed Saviour and to be ministered to through His Beautiful Spirit and Precious Son.

To those of you, who have made possible these works, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, send you the love of my heart, and as you know, some very big hugs. We had surely hoped to have the office finished by now, but as you mighty surmise, Satan does all that he can to hinder and prevent and to stir up strife. Yet, even so, we are still advancing and getting very close.

The Sons of God are Coming

As the days pass, the time is also nearing when the holy, little babes from heaven will come down and will enter into the Sons of God, who are also called the Bride. Stay in that Strait and Narrow place and follow after our Saviour with your whole hearts. Love Him above all and obey His commands. Keep your hearts clean and stay ready; for we do not know when this very great event will come to pass. But, we can see Satan’s desperation, as he pushes to bring the whole world under his rule. Even so, may we continually rejoice; for the Kingdom of our God is on its way into the earth. Glory, glory, glory to our Blessed Saviour forever and ever; for He has a perfect plan and it is unfolding, just as it should.

If you are looking for mail from me, or for prayer cloths, just know that I plan to catch up soon on all that is past due. Blessed is the Name of our Mighty King; for He will help me.

Our Saviour’s beginning great judgments
Against the Bible Belt of the USA!

My Dear Ones, the spring came and went in Arkansas, yet not with a whimper, but with a very great bang! For about two weeks, beginning on or around the 18th of April of 2011, the deluges came to Arkansas. A great rain cloud formed and stayed over the state; and over a two week period, approximately six to seven feet of water fell over this area. Yet, only a portion of this precipitation was reported by the government agencies.

And, with this great deluge, there came great winds and many tornadoes, which swept across the south. There also came lightening as none have ever seen. Great beams of lightening, some of it ball-like, with squared edges, and some of it circular, like “Os”, or zeros in the sky. And, in the midst of such great storms, great hail pummeled many areas and the people cowered, as the terrible winds and tornadoes ripped across many states. And, when the great storms were finished, there lay very great destruction across the south and central parts of the USA, and many were dead.

When these great rains ended across this region, waters converged from across the surrounding states and fed into the various rivers, which feed into the Mississippi River; and great floods roared down the Mississippi River, inundating great amounts of farm land.

I have read, that in Arkansas, alone, a million acres, which were mostly east and south of Little Rock, were flooded and much of the rice crop was destroyed. But, this great flood would wash southward and into Louisiana, where it roared forth to bring a greater destruction. It was after this great flooding event that our Saviour gave the first message, which will follow.

Great Judgments of our Saviour in America!

We would then see the great flooding to the north of us, as great amounts of water from Canada and from the highlands of Montana would cascade into the Missouri River and threaten to collapse six dams and to destroy two nuclear power plants, which are in the flood zone of the Missouri River.

My Dear Ones, as many of you know, this great flooding, which involves the Missouri River, is on-going, and I have recently read that this great flooding could rupture scores of earthen agricultural berms, which have been erected to protect farmlands, thereby causing massive flooding of these farmlands; and yes, this is now coming to pass.

There arose, during the flooding of the Missouri River, another calamity, which concerned Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, wherein a fire suddenly started up on the 26th of June of 2011 and within a very short time, the city of Los Alamos, New Mexico was evacuated and the fire reportedly raged within fifty few feet of critical nuclear storage units of the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab. Yet, how many were even the wiser, for there was limited news about these two very great catastrophes?

The Second 911 Event!

Our Saviour had given me a vision on, or around the 11th of June, of a black train, which was heading down the tracks, when suddenly the train came to a screeching halt. Then, our Saviour said, “I am bringing this train to a halt?”

When I asked our Saviour to allow me to see more about this train, He carried me in a vision into the interior of the train; and there in the back of the train was George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. He had a small device in his hand, and on this device were several buttons; and he had his fingers on these buttons. I knew, as I watched him, that he was giving the commands to set off several explosions. To his rear, Bill Clinton was seated; and he was wearing his usual open-mouthed grin. And, in the front of the train was George Bush Junior.

As the days passed, my friend, Mark, in Canada, would tell me of a report of some French speaking men, who were seen in northern Colorado, the report being that these men were being escorted around in expensive motor homes, which were adorned with satanic symbols. There would come also rumors that Bush Senior and other high level Satanists were in secret meetings in an undisclosed location in Colorado at or near the time that these French speaking men were seen. From conversations that were reportedly overheard, some began to wonder if these French-speaking men were actually imported into the USA to wreak havoc, possibly to set fires or to ignite explosives.

So, we prayed, and we prayed some more, that our Saviour would intervene and not allow them to bring such great destruction at this time, with the loss of so many souls, but that He would intervene and stop their plans for destruction and carnage; and HE DID, at least for now. AS I WRITE THIS MESSAGE, THE DAMS ARE STILL INTACT AND AS I UNDERSTAND IT, THOUGH CURRENT INFORMATION IS HARD TO COME BY, THE LOS ALOMOS FIRES HAVE BEEN CONTAINED. BLESSED IS THE NAME OF THE MIGHTY KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, THE PRECIOUS AND HOLY LOVE OF MY LIFE!

As the days went by, a few of us came to understand that we were in the midst of a very great and second 911 event. On their 11 days, or on days, which added up to eleven, like 29, or even days, which had many sixes, which the Satanists also consider to be nines, we would see things escalate, as was the case with the eruption of the fires around Los Alamos, which took place on June 26, 2011. The Satanists, of course, would see this date as June 29, 2011, or 9-29-2011, or 9-11-11, or a double nine-eleven.

Also, on that day of June 26, 2011, an earthen berm collapsed, which was protecting Fort Calhoun nuclear facility from the incoming flood waters. And, we understand that Fort Calhoun was partially flooded as a result of this breach, but we do not know how much; and we do not know how much radiation was released.

So, my Dear Ones, two critical events occurred on a double nine eleven day, the setting of the Los Alamos fires and the flooding of Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant. That was their double nine eleven and due to the great mercy, love and grace of our Blessed Saviour, they did not win, at least not now.

But, we must also remember that their planned 911 was far greater; for they had plans to destroy six dams, to wash away two nuclear power plants, to flood huge amounts of land and to kill untold millions of people, as they would have been washed away in the violent churning of the Missouri River.

Satan has been cast down. Keep your eyes open; for his handiwork is everywhere; but remember that he does what our Saviour allows. Nevertheless, he has been promised His time and his time is now, as his kingdom is rising all around us.

Glory to the Holy Name of our Saviour forever and ever! For, He is full of love, mercy and grace. My Dear Ones, get down on your knees right now and thank our Saviour for intervening to stall their second, great 911 event!

It was during this time also that the U.S. marines were conducting a massive exercise along the eastern seaboard, which was called Operation Iron Fist. We can only wonder what such an exercise means, when there was such a push to bring great destruction upon this nation and to thereby declare martial law. We can also only wonder, whether these three, who were mentioned in the above train vision, also intended to overthrow this current regime and to regain control of the presidency. In past visions, our Saviour has shown their plots to kill the current president and to take control of this nation again.

Prepare; for a worldwide economic crash is not far away!

As the days go by, we are all feeling the effects of the downfall of this economy, particularly in the grocery stores. We can truly see the prices of food as they rise by the week. I warn you all over the world, to fill your cupboards, while you can; for the severe weather is putting great hardships on the farmers and they are being crippled in their abilities to grow crops. When you see a good price on something, buy some extra; and if you are able to do so, preserve some in jars, dehydrate some, or freeze some of it; for the agricultural situation in the USA, and indeed all over the world, is becoming very unstable.

Hear me, oh you people, who have lived high and have not had to worry about what you would eat, or how you would get it. A great famine is coming upon America; and many will go hungry. Even as our Saviour warned the Pharaoh through His dream to Joseph, to prepare for the hard times, He is now giving us a preview of the terrible times, which are upon us. Fill up your cupboards and get ready for the times, when you will not be able to afford food. Get ready for the times, when you will be unable to get food stamps. Get ready for the times, when you will be unable to grow food, even in your own garden. Get ready; for great travail is upon the whole world. And, we truly have seen nothing yet.

Repent Now! Come to our Saviour now!

Repent, oh you people. Stop your evil ways. Come away from the Satanic mind control devices of television and movies. Limit your time on the Internet. Give up video games and give up porn and the filthy things of the flesh. Make you way straight and stay in that holy place; for Satan desires to sift your souls and to carry your soul into destruction.

Do not be naďve; for Satan is not at all naďve. Satan has made it his business to deceive the people, even from the beginning. Do you think that he will not deceive you? If you do, you are really in a very dangerous situation.

Come, oh you people and humble yourselves before our Mighty Saviour. Repent of your sins and stop doing evil; for Satan has been cast down and he is full of wrath; and to him has been given powers to make war against the nations and to destroy their sovereignty and to kill the peoples of the nations.

If you do not love our Saviour above all and if you are not sold out to Him, you will serve Satan and you will fall. Many will soon lose their souls; for they will take the mark of the beast. Through the taking of this computer chip, either in the hand or in the forehead, and in the worshipping of the Antichrist, many will forever give up their birthrights, even as Esau gave up his birthright for food. Oh, how grievous these times.

Read on ….

First Message from our Saviour
“Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, you have come seeking Me, if there is a word, or if there is anything that I would give you to write, or to send out to My people.

My Little One, you know that I have held you back. I have closed your mouth tight and I have sealed it, that you utter not, neither show not to the world, the many visions that I have given to you.

Yet, My Little One, I know that your heart travails, that you suffer in despair for all of My great judgments, which are falling upon America. But, My Little One, have I not called you and have I not sent you forth with warnings for My people, to repent, or perish. Even for more than a decade, I have given you such warnings and I have called a few, here and there, to take up the torch of My word and to help spread such warnings, even My Son, Mark, who, alone, and through his own efforts, has electronically mailed to millions of people, and to untold numbers of churches all over America and Canada, these very messages of repentance. Yet, My Child, you know how those in the churches have mocked and scorned at these messages; and you know how others have risen up against him to shut down his computers and servers, over and over again. For, they were wroth at him because of My warnings.

And, you know how you both have wept and prayed and travailed in your spirits, in your hearts and souls, because of the gross decadence in these two nations, because the people are blind and deaf spiritually. The churches are full of rot and filth and the preachers will not tell the people to repent; for they, themselves, will not repent.

My Blessed Child, what is My word for such a dark and evil nation? What is My word for America, whom I have made great above all nations, yet you, oh nation of America, have loved the world, and not Me. You have fallen, oh you nation of America! You have fallen to every evil and cunning trick of Lucifer; for you refuse the Way of Truth, the Way of Light, the Way of Life; and I am that WAY. There is none other.

Now, as My judgments roll across this nation, as My great judgments pummel the putrid churches in the Bible Belt of the USA, how many are the wiser?

Still, you rotten preachers serve up your filth to Me! You serve up your spiritually dead meat to Me! You waddle in your decadence and in your abundance of things of this world and of the flesh and still you will not cause My people to repent. I shall destroy you, oh you decadent churches in the Bible Belt of the USA. For, your flesh is rotten and your bones are rotten. You are blind, deaf, and you are the spiritually dead, who lead the spiritually dead.

What is your excuse? You spiritually decadent churches in the Bible Belt have fed yourselves well from the fat of the land and you have heaped unto yourselves all that money could buy. Furthermore, you have polluted yourselves with the prideful and vain things of the world. Oh, how you have lifted up yourselves, oh you harlot daughter; for you cry, “Lord, Lord,” and you boast of yourselves in your big and spiritually vacant churches; but I know you not!

Now, to you wicked preachers, who pride yourselves in your wicked churches, hear Me and hear Me well; for I shall thoroughly purge you until you repent, or until I clean remove you from My sight. For, you unrepentant harlots shall be seen on one day and the next day, you will be gone. You have not seen the extent of your destruction, oh you rotten, whorehouses in the Bible Belt of the USA, who do indeed call yourselves My people and who do indeed proclaim My word. But, you are dens of iniquity, full of evil and full of every perverse thing. My hammer of judgment is upon you and I shall further pummel you until I have clean removed you from My sight. For, I have sent My prophets among you to warn you to repent, or perish, and chief among these prophets has been My servant, Linda Newkirk, but you laugh her to scorn. You mock her, ridicule her, blaspheme her, and spread every lie about her. Now, I will judge you for your evils and for your falsehoods, for your vain and profane ways, until you will most certainly repent, and quickly so, or you will most certainly perish.

Hear Me, oh you bastard prophets, who are none of Mine. For, you run, but I do not send you! You proclaim words of Me and by Me yet I do not speak to you.

Hear Me, oh you bastard prophets, you sons and daughters of iniquity; for I have further blinded you. I have further deafened you and I have turned you over to the lying and deceiving spirits of Satan. For, to everyone of you, who has mocked the works of Revelation Twelve, which are on-going through My servant, Linda Newkirk, and who has not repented, but continue to mock the truths of these works, know one thing and know it well, I have turned you over to lying spirits, oh you lying, mocking and scorning prophets, who are none of Mine! For, I have cut you off clean and if you ever did hear from Me, be warned that you no longer do. For, I will not allow you to taste the fruits of My Kingdom and you will perish in your lies and in your witchcrafts. For, you refused to seek Me for truth and understanding regarding My Kingdom works of Revelation Twelve, but chose instead to believe lies. Therefore, I have turned you over to lying spirits, oh you lying prophets; and few there remain of you, who write and speak the truth.

This is but one reason that I have held back My words through My servant, Linda Newkirk, that the greatest numbers of you, who love a lie, might further fall to the lies of your own choosing and making. For, I have cut off all liars and deceivers and you have no place in My kingdom.

Hear Me, oh you perverts, you adulterers, you sodomites, you whores, you whoremongers, you lovers of porn and lovers of flesh, who have filled My house with perversions. Your place is in the burning flames of hell. And, in the midst of your great evils, I shall cut you off unawares, and without so much as a moment’s notice, I shall cast you headlong into the burning flames of hell. For, I have pleaded with you. I have warned you to repent, or perish.

Now, and even at hand is your time of great judgment, oh you harlot nation of America. But, even so My great judgment begins in My own house. And, where, in this nation of America, are there more churches, wherein the people claim to serve Me, than in the Bible Belt of the South? See My handiwork? ( the great rains and floods in southern USA in the spring of 2011) This is my judgment; for I am now purging this filth from before My very eyes!

Send this to them, My Little One; for I am wroth with My own house; and I am wroth with this nation. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of May, 2011,

              Linda Newkirk

Second Message from our Saviour
“The Pearls of Holiness”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you are called and chosen to be the spiritual mother of My Sons. Yet, My Little One, you have travailed greatly through so many years of persecution; and many ask, “Where is she, what is she doing? She is silent. We have not heard from her.” Still others say, “Good that she is quiet. Enough of that manchild stuff and Revelation Twelve stuff.” And, still the mockers mock and the scorners scorn. Yet, some few all over the world have believed and they desire to receive their own holy, little Son and therby to become My true sons.

Yet, My Child, have I not given you much to post? Have you not written much, that they might be fed? Have I not sent you, and you have run, and you have warned them for many years to repent, or perish; yet few hear and few repent. Yet, My Child, even if I were to reveal to you the deepest and most hidden mysteries of the Universe, few would believe; and most would mock and trample what is holy and truly of Me. Is this not what they have done with My holy works of Revelation Twelve?

You have cast out My pearls of holiness and you have written of your great travails and suffering beneath the feet of Satan, your great price to pay for being My Bride and the earth mother of My very first Son. Yes, you told the truth, you have written it; yet they still rise up to tell that you write for Satan and that you are insane. They deride you and curse you and My holy works.

Yes, you have cast out the pearls and the swine have trampled them. And, few believe, but of the few, who do know the truths of these works and who do believe, know one thing. They could only believe because I caused them to see, to know, and to receive the truths of these holy works. And, the greatest numbers of these, who know the truths of these works and who do believe, are not of this nation of America; for this is a decadent nation, a great whore, who truly does sit upon many waters.

However, my words to you, who do know the truths of these works, and who do believe are these: stay close to Me. Love Me above all. Love others and love yourselves. Forgive all and find My holy place and stay in it. For, Satan is watching each of you, that he finds, and he is laying snares for you by the minute, by the hour, and by the day. Let go of your pride. Let go of your arrogance. Let go of your vanities. Die to self and to the things of the world. Stop your vain pursuits. Do not be disrespectful before Me; for if you do and will not repent, I will cut you off from My Spirit and cast you headlong into confusion. Stop being know-it-alls. You know little and what you are so certain of may turn out to be a lie. Come out of the world and away from worldly traps; for if you will not, you will fall into them and you may die in them.


But, now, I come with a whip in My hands and with this whip, I will beat down the nations. For, they have perverted My everlasting covenant, the very covenant, which I made with My people long ago. For, I am your husband, oh your harlot nations of My House of Israel; yet you have forsaken Me and you have whored yourselves with every foul and corrupt thing.

Now, I have laid the rod to the stone and I have made a fire in My house and this fire will not be extinguished until I have purified every one, who is My Bride. For, I have brought forth an everlasting fire, an all-consuming fire, and this fire is I. It is of Me, an all-consuming fire. And, this fire is going to burn away all dross. This fire is going to burn away all harshness and all darkness until My Bride is holy and pure and clean before Me. For, I will have no filthy Bride. I will have no worldly Bride. I will have no haughty Bride. I will have no vain Bride. I will have no Bride, who loves the world and what is in it. I will have no bride, who is a whore. I will have no Bride, who has a wandering eye.

Yes, I have determined it. I have laid the rod to the stone and I have ignited a great fire, a holy fire and this fire is I and I am this fire, a holy fire, of Me, in Me and for Me; and this fire is My Holy Son. And, only one in this whole earth now carries My Holy Son, this this one is My First Son, My First Born, My true wife and my first wife.

Yet, who wants to walk in her shoes, for she is persecuted and tormented year after year, while the rest of you either await and hope for the holy, little babes from heaven to come down, that you may receive one and thereby also become My Son and my Wife; and you are few; or you mock and scoff what you neither believe, nor understand. But, the sad truth is that so few of you are even ready to receive these holy sons. So, I have waited and My wife, the mother of My Son in the earth, has continued to travail and suffer.

But, I stand upon My word and I bear witness of the truth of My own words to you, that I will not continue to require this of her. For, she suffers in great travail from day to day, while you behave as you do!

I am going to grind down the corn fields. I am going to drown and destroy the wheat fields. I am going to break your financial backbone, oh you wicked nation of America; and I am going to scatter your wealth among other nations. I am going to cut you off, oh America; for you have been blessed above all nations, yet you have polluted the minds and hearts of the people the world over with your perversions and with your filth. I am going to bear down on you, oh your perverted nation of America and I am going to strip you down.

How close you have been to another 911 event, which would have brought you to your knees, oh you wayward nation! And, by now, you would have been filling up the camps. Yes, at the last moment, I intervened to stop such great destruction, yet it could have already come to pass, with more than three nuclear plants destroyed and six dams. Who intervened to help you? I did, and only because of My mercies towards you, to give you a little more time. Only I could have stopped Satan and his wicked hoards from proceeding.

How long do you think that you have, oh you wicked nation of America? I tell you that my great judgment is sweeping across the land; and most of you cannot see it.

Oh, Father, what is that? It seemed that You spit in the heartland of America and there came a great swirling, like a cyclone? What is that?

My Little One, be not troubled by what you see. Just know that I am now placing a period at the end of this sentence, a period, and not a question mark. My great judgments upon this land are progressing and unmistakable.

Be at peace, My Little One. Be not troubled by all that you see and by all that you suffer and experience; for Satan is very wroth with you. He hates you greatly, but I am always with you to bless you, to protect you, and to provide for you.


I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of July, 2011,

              Linda Newkirk

Third Message from our Saviour
“A False Rapture, An Alien Invasion,
The Skies the World Over well erupt with UFOs”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen carefully to My words to you this morning; for you come and you ask Me about an event in the skies the world over, which shall surely come to pass.

Hear Me in this, My Blessed Child, and write what I say, that My people may be the wiser. I say to you, oh My people, “All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me!” For, any and all, who take their eyes off Me, for even a moment, in these most perilous of times, may very well be deceived and carried into the enemy’s camp.

Do you think to outsmart Satan? Do you not know that he has been the deceiver, even from the beginning? He is master of deception and very fine at it; and he has, at his disposal, great resources and great armies, which you, as a people, are ignorant of. And, his armies are far greater than you can imagine, even one third of the stars of heaven, who were cast down with him. Yet, these are not all, but in his army are cleverly disguised robotic elements, and robotic humans, as well as great numbers of his own children, who are also human.

Then, he also has at his disposal billions of humans all over the world, who have fallen to his wicked and deceptive ways, who do his bidding and are not even aware that they do his bidding. They kill at command. They steal at command. They lie at command and all under cover of government and official business. His chain of command is very great and you, oh My people, are grossly ignorant of him and his vast armies and means to both deceive you, and to destroy you.

Yet, many of you think to fight these battles. For, even as some few of you know and understand, you fight not against flesh, when you fight Satan and his many non-human hoards, but you fight against powers and principalities of great darkness, who are not human, and were never human, but fell from the Upper Realms. They aligned themselves with Satan/Lucifer to fight against the Light, for they wished to overtake the Light. They rebelled and fell, in pride and arrogance, and are thereby filled with every evil and perverted thing; and they wish to destroy all light on this planet and /or to consume it for themselves, that they might still rise up and overtake you, who bear My light. So, they war against those of you, who bear My light.

None of you true ones escape their watchful eyes and as I have said to you, these vast armies have been cast down, but in My mercy and for the love of My Elect, I bound them in a secret place, until there would come the right time, the time of My own choosing, to release them. So, billions, many billions of them are bound up in this secret place, but at the time of My own choosing, I shall release them and they shall come forth, many, many billions of them; and they shall fill the skies the world over. They shall come at a terrible time in the earth and at a time when many feel hopeless and in despair, at a time when many think that they will escape such terrible times.

Through vast mind control techniques, they will gain control over the minds of many! The curious and the spiritually weak listen and many of them will obey the commands and they will willingly go and enter into these ships. And, many, who believe what is called the “early-out rapture” will believe that these ships are of Me; for their thinking is twisted and they will fall for the great mind control, which will come at them from many directions.

Many televangelists will be used, and preachers will be used, as mind controlled stooges at the hands of Satan and these very evil creatures; and these preachers, and even certain prophets, will trumpet the arrival of Jesus for His people.

Great lies, storms of lies, will beat down on the people; and such lies will seduce the weak, as great numbers, even millions upon millions of people the world over, will agree to enter into these ships.

Oh, the woes! Oh, the great woes! Oh the fright! Oh, the pain! Oh, the suffering! Oh, the sorrows! For, many of you will be killed straight away! You will be served up to these evil hoards as one great feast, and they will feast on upon your flesh and upon your blood. For, they are not at all human, but you will see many, who are part bird and part reptile; and these are the Dragos. They will eat you alive, pecking and clawing at you and delighting in your fear as they gobble your flesh and drink your blood; for it is your life force that they wish to consume. It is your light, that they wish to devour.

But, some of you, who enter into these ships, which will fill the skies, will be saved for greater horrors. For, they will invade your bodies and will take over your bodies and will use your bodies to further deceive great numbers of people. For, their ways are not your ways. They were once of high standing in the Upper Realms, but they fell! Nevertheless, they are not without certain supernatural powers. And, you will not understand their powers; but when you later see some that you have seen and known to go into these ships, appear again before your very eyes, you will delight to see once again your friends and family, only to be consumed and devoured alive, by the Drago, who has taken the body.

Therefore, when you see those, who go up into these ships, consider them gone and do not trust your eyes regarding them again.

These Dragos will use these snatched bodies to take over many key positions in government, in armies, in important trades, and in important services.

Therefore, My warnings to you to come out of the world, will be more important than ever! For, in your day to day activities, you will encounter them, yet you will most certainly be deceived by them, that is, all but some very, very few of you.

And, this deception will be to your own undoing; for I warn you now that this is coming. This is going to happen, an alien invasion/false rapture; and this will be the reward for so many, who have loved a lie and who have spread the lie, that I would come for you before you have to suffer in the earth. Have I not told you that you would be tried in the fires and tested as gold and silver, yet many of you want the easy way and you will not hear the truths, but would rather believe the lies.

Now, the great liar is among you and he is not at all stupid. He is crafty, very crafty; and he watches you and analyzes you, when you have no clue that he is even in your midst. For, Satan, that old Dragon, has been cast down, even as My servant, Linda Newkirk, has written.

There came a war in Heaven in the late Winter and Spring of 2006, just as my servant, Linda Newkirk, has told you in the writings of Revelation Twelve, and Satan was cast down. Along with him were cast down many billions of Dragos, but I commanded Archangel Michael and others of My archangels to fight and to subdue them and to round them up and to hide them in a secret place. For, it was not time for them to come forth and to take their place in Satan’s army in the earth. But, I tell you now, that there shall come a time, when I will set free these vast information of Dragos and few of you will be the wiser.

Hear Me, oh you nations, who sleep and slumber. Satan is given his time in the earth and his kingdom is in place. By the day, you can see his great evils, and they escalate in the earth, yet so many of you prefer deception. You will not see the truths of what is, of what has been, and of what is to come.

The time of the great sifting is at hand and many souls will be sifted into the fires (of hell). Also, at this time, many will make the most terrible decision to take the mark of the beast; and these souls will be destroyed. Yes, indeed, a great sifting is at hand.

Beware, oh you, who sleep in the midst of such evil; for in your ignorance, you will be carried away.

For, you will most certainly now either seek Me with your whole heart and you will walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, or you will be in the camp of Satan. For, it is either one, or the other.

Make your way straight, oh My people. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Consider Me in all things, lest you be deceived and carried away and end up in the fires! For, since there was a nation, there have never been times as severe, as what you are now entering into.

Make copies of this message and distribute far and wide, that the blind may see and understand what is upon the whole world.

My Little One, My words, which you just heard in the spirit, when translated mean, “Stay away from the Dragon,” and I have allowed you to hear these words, even in My own language, a language that you do not know; for these words are for all nations, but especially for My people in China and the Orient. “STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAGON!”

And, with these words, I say unto you and unto all of My people. The light of My Kingdom is in the earth and it shines to every humble and obedient heart. Receive My light, oh My people and be filled; for this light is My pure love to you. And, when you see all of these things come to pass, then know that My finger tip is about to touch you, oh My Faithful Bride.

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of July, 2011,

              Linda Newkirk

Some background information

My Dear Ones, this last message was given to me as I sought our Saviour regarding information, which I was receiving regarding an upcoming alien invasion. In the past, I have not personally received any visions or messages about this invasion. But, I was alerted to this upcoming invasion though my friend, Mark, who lives in Canada.

My friend, Mark, has had three dreams about an alien invasion, and in these dreams, he saw that the sky was filled with spaceships; and he further describes how great numbers of people were mindlessly carried up into these ships. He was given these three dreams before I came to know him in 2007, and since that time, he has run across several dreams in which others were also shown an alien invasion. In these dreams also, others saw that the sky was full of alien ships. Such a dream was reportedly given to one, who lives in Australia, so my Dear Ones, we know that this invasion will be a worldwide event.

Very recently, my friend, Mark told me about a dream, or visitation, which was given to a young child. In this visitation, our Saviour visited with this young child and told the child to warn people NOT TO GET ON THESE SHIPS. Our Saviour warned that those, who entered into these ships, would be killed and eaten. If you search for these dreams in the Internet search engines, many of you will find them, but I will not include them here at this time.

So, my Dear Ones, over time, I pondered these things, which Mark told me, but only recently did I seek our Saviour regarding this upcoming alien invasion. From our Saviour’s above words, He both verified and added to what others have been shown in various dreams regarding this alien invasion.

The War in Heaven
And, there was a war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels.

Because I was aware of the War in Heaven (late February to early May of 2006), which few are aware of, I knew of the great numbers of Dragos, who were cast down from the Upper Realms. For, during this great War, I was often their victim as Satan ordered them to come after me. In past messages, I have written of this Great War and how I suffered from their many assaults and was tortured through the assaults of their beam weapons.

For over two months, the archangels and the hosts of heaven fought them; and these great numbers of Dragos were rounded up by the archangels, under the direction of our Saviour, and cast into an interdimensional portal.

And, his tail drew a third part of the stars of Heaven, and did cast them into the earth.

During this war, Archangels Michael and Rafael were often at my side and Archangel Michael would often tell me that certain numbers of the Dragos were being cast down; and he would say to me, “They are coming for you.” And, often he would tell me the numbers, which were headed into the earth; and the sheer numbers were often shocking: hundreds of thousands, millions and even billions. He would tell me to “get ready to take some hits” as it would take them some time to round up the Dragos. I would then cringe, knowing the pain and torture that I was about to endure. But, at that time, I had no clue as to why they were coming for me.

During this war, I would often watch the archangels as they would corral the Dragos into an enclosed area, and then the Dragos would disappear. I also saw many, many of their ships as they were coming into the earth and some of the ships were very vast in size; and they, too, would disappear.

And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

The interdimensional portal into which the Dragos were cast, was the mouth in the earth, which opened up and swallowed up the flood (of Dragos), which Satan sent after me. For, Satan ordered them to come after me and to torture me and to persecute me.

Oh, what a great flood of evil, far worse than any can ever imagine; for they are not at all human, but have lower bodies, which are black and scaly, like lizards, yet they stand upright. They have about ten black claws on each of their hands and feet and they have heads of birds. Some of their heads resemble the heads of hawks, and others have the heads of eagles and still others have other sorts of bird heads.

When coming into the earth, they often made shrill bird calls and as they came near me, many of them took their claws, wove electrically conductive threads into my body, and then fired electrical currents into me.

Oh, the pain and oh the suffering as I sought to flee from them. I went into the city and they followed me. I flew to South Africa to see my friends, and they followed me. The war raged for more than two months; and as this war was drawing to a close, our Saviour appeared to me in Centurion South Africa and gave me the holy little babe of pure light and fire, his very own holy, little son. That date was May 10, 2006.

With this revelation, you can understand why Satan sent them after me. He surely knew that I was about to receive the Holy and Precious Son of our Mighty Saviour, and that the arrival of this holy son would herald his very end in the earth!

My Dear Ones, these Dragos are vicious, oh they are vicious; and they hate us with a hate that is more profound than any of you can ever imagine. I cannot imagine that there is anything or anyone, who is more evil, in all of the Universe, than Satan and his many hoards.

The people the world over are in for one very great surprise. Oh, how sad that so many will die this way, but I absolutely believe that untold millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, or even some few billions will be consumed by the Dragos. My Dear Ones, billions upon billions of Dragos were cast down, and from what I understand, that number is around 40 billion.

Remember the warnings of Revelation Twelve, that the tail of the Dragon drew a third part of the stars of heaven. In other words, these Dragos were at one time stars in heaven, great light beings, as our Saviour tells us; and they fell; for as our Saviour also tells us, they fought against the light. The final battle is now and it is right here on this planet! Are you at all ready for it?

My Dear Ones, as I continue with more about this great war in heaven, I can tell you that at the time that they were cast down, I was so grateful that our Saviour locked them up; for I knew that if HE allowed them to descend upon humanity, there would be a bloodbath all over the world! For, their numbers were so great and none, I mean none, are prepared for them.

But, those, who have faith and trust in the Lord, who live for Him and who love Him above all, will make it through such terrors. They will have victory; and they will overcome!

My Dear Ones, here is your wisdom. Listen to me. Love the Lord, your God, with your whole heart. Make Him the love of your life. Keep your eyes on Him; for the world is full of trickery, and the foolish will be carried away with the many temptations in the world. Stay far away from movies and television and even limit your Internet to business work. Do not stay on it out of boredom, just surfing and looking around; for if you do, you will stumble into temptation; for the Internet is full of evil.

Hear my warnings to you; for you cannot fight these battles. Repent, oh you people; and come away from all of the worldly traps.

Satan has been cast down and he full of wrath; for he knows that his time is short; and all of these Dragos know the very same thing. Therefore, they descend with a great vengeance to destroy all of humanity, surely hoping that none will be left to enter into the Kingdom of our Saviour.

Much of humanity is about to be destroyed. Repent, while you still have time to repent, and give up the lusts of the world and all of its traps and illusions.

Jesus is the Way into Eternal Life, which is salvation; and there is no other way. All souls, who refuse Jesus, who will not accept the salvation that He so freely gives, will, at some point in time, be destroyed. Do not allow this to happen to you.

My Dear Ones, I love you very, very much and so want you to turn to our Saviour and to accept His great love for you. Do not try to go it alone in this wicked world. You will end up in hell, a place of great torture. See the signs of the times and repent and come to Him while you still have time. For, He loves you with an everlasting love.

You know, my Dear Ones, that our Saviour is Creator, and that He came into the earth as a human. He came to set the captives free, to give us His beautiful Spirit, to show us the truth, and to lead us into eternal life. And, as you know, He died the most horrible death for our freedom.

My Dear Ones, He has paid the price for your salvation. Do not let His gift to you be wasted. Give your life to him totally and love Him and serve Him with your whole heart; for this is how He has loved us all, even from the beginning. Be dedicated! Fervently love Him and fervently serve Him; and then, my Dear Ones, when you need Him, He will show Himself strong in your life.

Sending you the love of my heart,
Your Sister through our Blessed Saviour,



Chapter Seventy-Eight


Greetings to you, my Precious Brothers and Sisters. I am up rather late tonight, later than usual for me. But, this is a very urgent message and you need to receive it, for it is very serious, indeed!

My Dear Ones, I know that many of you have been following the shock and awe of the financial bartering and whimpering in Washington DC, the threats, the denials, the accusations of those in the House and Senate, and the utter contempt, which has been shown by the President of this nation, both towards the Houses of the Congress and towards the people of this nation. 

Some have been shaking their heads in a state of confusion, as they witnessed both the nonchalance and the arrogance of the President of this nation regarding the financial gridlock, which has been taking place in Washington DC.  Yes, this has been shock and awe at its finest.

And, some may think that this was just a matter of disagreement among those in Washington, but my Dear Ones, we know better. Our Saviour has already shown us that this chaos is well planned, planned through the Queen of England and her counterpart, the wealthy Rothschild family of Europe. And, many in Congress are a part of this treasonous plot.

Some years ago, our Saviour showed me in visions that President Obama is a Rothschild man, who is put into power through the Rothschilds of Europe.  We also know, from what our Saviour showed back in 2008, that Obama is the long-awaited antichrist.  So, we have watched and waited for that time when he would seize power; and this, my Dear Ones, is that time. 

We have precious little time in this nation; for it is falling right before our very eyes; and when you see it fall, remember the warnings of our Saviour to the people of America for the past three decades; and plenty of them, that if the people of this of nation do not repent, He will bring severe judgment upon it, including nuclear war and massive enslavement and carnage of the people.

Yet, you know how it has been.  The rebellious have become more rebellious. The mockers and scorners have multiplied.  The sins of the people have piled up. The churches are overwhelmingly spiritually rotten and without the Spirit of God. The people refuse to hear the warnings of God and will not repent; and now comes the quick downfall of this nation. You are seeing it right now. This nation is falling fast.


A Vision from our Saviour today

August 02, 2011

I was rather tired this afternoon, as Satan and his wicked pawns in the U.S. Government, and even elsewhere, had targeted my body heavily and I could hardly walk, amidst so much foreign stuff in my body.  Therefore, I knew that I must rest so that the Holy Son of our Saviour, who lives within me, could dissolve and remove such a vast amount of foreign material.


So, I lay down in my living room beneath a ceiling fan, a very good place to be in 105 degree plus weather, and I was just settling in, when I was given a very powerful vision.  In this vision, I saw a horse-drawn buggy, which was being pulled by a couple of horses. It was coming quickly down an old brick street; and it came to a halt very suddenly in front of an old building.

A man exited the buggy, ran up a long flight of stairs and came to a very large door.  He did not knock on the door, but rushed right in.  In the room was President Obama, who stood behind his desk; and the man from the buggy handed a book-like object to the President.

I saw the president as he opened the book and he read the words, “There has been a delay.”  Then, the president turned to a man, who was standing behind him; and the President said, “Give me a glass of water.”  President Obama then took the glass of water and drank a few sips.

I looked now to see that a midget was standing to the left of the President’s desk; and the midget said to the President, “What will you do?”  

The President said, “I will fart and make a very stinky wind.”

End of vision


Then, I remembered a vision, which our Saviour had given to me some months past and I felt gravely concerned for the people of this nation; for there shall surely come a great carnage.  So, I sought our Saviour about the above vision.  Following, you will read these words.

A Message from our Saviour

August 02, 2011

Oh, Blessed Saviour, oh Glorious Most High God, I come to You to ask about Your meaning of this vision. Father, I believe that I well understand this vision, but would You please speak to me about it.

My Little One, there are dragons and there are meadows. Do you know the difference between the two?

Yes, My Lord, I know the difference between dragons and meadows.

And, there are roses and chrysanthemums. Do you know the difference between the two?

Yes, My Lord.

And, there is hearsay and there is gossip. Do you know the difference between the two?

My Lord, the two are often the same.

And, so it is, My Little One. Do you know that a delay in the (passage of) the spending bill, a significant delay, is the same as martial law?  Do you know this? 

My Lord, I believe that I do know this.

My Blessed Child, the satanic elite are desperate to bring down this nation, and this, you well know.

Yes, Father.

But, why are they so desperate?

Father, there must be many reasons, but what are the main ones?

My Little One, they are desperately afraid that the people might wake up, become united and empowered, and throw them out.

This, I understand.

So, My Little One, any talk of a balanced budget must be squashed. It will not be allowed.  So, now, all such talk will be squashed through President Obama’s special committee; and the Congress and the will of the people will also be squashed.

So, Father, President Obama plans to make a big “fart” and create a “stinky wind.”

I have shown it and I have told you already that a time would come when he would release poisonous gas into various parts of America.  No, My Little One, he, himself, will not release the gas, but he will give the nod (of approval) and it will come via foreigners.

Father, how soon does he plan such a thing?

My Little One, if there comes a delay, or a significant delay in his plans for financial imprisonment of the U.S.A., per the orders of the Queen of England and the Rothschild man, he plans to give the nod for the release of poisoned gas. Will he do it? My Little One, he is planning it and he is planning to do it sooner, rather than later. I tell you his plans.  Understand?

Yes, My Lord.

Post this soon, My Little One.  I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of August, 2011,

                                                             Linda Newkirk

PS “Father, you are so precious, so lovely, so beautiful in every way.  Thank you for showing these things.  Blessed is Your Holy Name.”








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