Chapter Eight

My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I send you love and blessings in the Name of our Most Wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! He is coming back very soon and He is coming back for His Faithful, even as a thief in the night would come, at the midnight hour! Only those, who are clean and ready to go, will go; and most will not see that He has even come; for He is coming as a thief in the night for this first harvest of souls! Blessed is His Holy Name! Therefore, I beg you, my Dear Ones, to repent! Get filled with the Spirit of God! Forgive and seek forgiveness from our Lord and God for all of your sins! Get spiritually clean and stay clean! For, truly the redemption of the clean souls draws very near!


Even so, the Terrible Day of the Lord is at hand!

Oh, the great war is at hand and few are the wiser! It is heartbreaking to see that so many are headed to slaughter and they are drunk with the consumption of the dark lusts of this deceptive world! They are fast asleep, yet their very necks are on the chopping blocks, and they hope against hope that this is not the case! But, alas it is so! At stake is now on this dark is every living soul of humanity!

This great war has everything to do with our Lord Jesus Christ, His soon return and reign on this Earth, versus the reign of Lucifer, Satan, the devil and his soon ending reign in this very dark world. But, my Dear Ones, as long as any love this world and what is in it, they will not see this war and will probably even scorn at the notion that it even exists! And, in so doing, they will not notice that they are neck-high in it until they are literally forced to make a choice for one side or the other! And, this is exactly what the “mark of the beast” is going to do for the sleeping and dumbed-down masses! They will be forced into choosing either the side of Satan, and thereby take his computer chip, or they will wake up, repent, and choose the side of righteousness, the side of our Saviour!

Isn’t this amazing? In this great war, there are no middle of the roaders! All will go to one side or the other! They will either choose our Saviour and thereby choose to live righteously, or they will choose Satan and thereby give their minds over to him in total slavery! This is the war, my Dear Ones, and it is going on right now, whether you believe it or not! It is so and it is a great war between good and evil! What do you choose? If you do not choose righteousness, you definitely choose slavery to Satan! And, this means the chip to the head and the Lake of Fire! Wake up and get real! None of the lukewarm will be on the side of our Lord and God! Therefore, get on fire for Jesus and live worthy of His great blessings! Get sold out to our Lord and God. Put Him first in all of your affairs and give up all in pursuit of Him! In so doing, you will rejoice throughout the eternities because of your wonderful choices! Blessed is the Name of our Father Yahweh, for He has shown us the Way to Righteousness!


Many will sell their soul to Lucifer for a piece of bread!

We have all truly been warned through our Saviour in the Book of Revelation not to take the “mark” of the beast, the computer chip to the head, and or hand! When any succumb to the pressure and take this mark in order to maintain status quo, or even to get food, or whatever the need may be, this one will sell his or her soul to Lucifer. Such a one will then bow down and worship Satan! Satan will become the god of all, who voluntarily take his mark and all of these will willingly give over their minds to Satan! Such a one will worship Satan and will think as Satan dictates, thereby becoming part of his vast mind control network!

Mind control and torture, my Dear Ones, are Lucifer’s specialties! And, Oh, how utterly evil he is and Oh how utterly evil his followers are; for they long ago sold their souls to him for power, money and prestige! What a shame upon the face of this planet, but it is so; and his evil followers are all over this Earth; for many have chosen the Luciferian ways of mind control and torture, all for the sake of greed, money and power!

Look at the nations, who now use mind control and torture and you will see those leaders, who are but pawns of Lucifer and they do as He directs them to do; for they long ago sold their souls to Satan for money, power and greed! They are no longer in control of their own minds; for Satan controls their minds and through their evil minds, they terrorize their people! The mercilessly kill them and torture them, depriving them of all of their freedoms! Does this sound very much like the nation in which we are now living? You can tell them by their fruits and their fruits are rotten to the core! What a terrible world we live in!


Many have been micro chipped against their wills!

My Dear Ones, many have been “chipped” against their will, and even without their permission, or conscious awareness! Satan has been doing this to the unsuspecting for a very long time, but as I have told you above, it is quite another thing to be chipped because you want to be and thereby agree to worship Satan!

Yes, my Dear Ones, when these evil ones implant one against his or her will, they will thereby set out to control this person, or to torture this person into obedience! But, the Spirit of God is stronger and mightier than anything that these evil ones can come up with! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh, Most High God; for He is holy and he is mighty. So, if these terrible things happen to you, my Dear Ones, cry out to Him! He will hear your cries, and even if you are carted away and tortured, do not give up in the face of Satan’s cruelty, but sing to our Father in Heaven and to His beautiful Son, our Saviour; and He will send angels to comfort you. He will send angels to help you! He will take you pain and your sorrow and He will once again make your journey light. But, do not, I warn you, do not take this satanic mind control computer chip of your own volition as you will then fall down and you will worship Satan; for you will agree to do this when you take this chip! I repeat, do not do this; for then you sell your soul to Lucifer and if you do so, your spirit will surely go down into the burning lake. As I said before, you will take on the group mind of Satan!

Remember what I am telling you; for I speak from experience to you about these terrible chips and torture implants! Lucifer, himself, hounds me from day to day and many of his evil children stalk my every move! But, our Lord and God has been so good to me and ever faithful, bathing me in miracles and healings and deliverance from these chips from day to day! Oh, how I love Him! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Lord and God and blessed are all of us, who are counted worthy to suffer persecution for love of Him!

So, I repeat, My Dear Ones, if you fall into the hands of Satan, and if he chips you against your will and tortures you, walk of faith, humility and obedience to our Lord and God. And, pray, pray, pray! Even in the face of such evil, rejoice; for great are the heavenly rewards of those, who are persecuted for love our Lord and God! Therefore, do not give up, but continue on in gladness for what you have been called to do! Your torture is but for a while and then comes your beautiful rewards of eternal life. Remember also, my Dear Ones, that if it is the will of our Lord and God for you to go through these terrible things, that He is surely able to bring you through them, if He so chooses! But, if it is His will for your body to perish during these great trials to come, He will surely be there to take your spirit home! And, what a beautiful place you will go to!

Blessed is the Name of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven; for He sent his Only Son into this wicked and satanic world to save you and me; and he was tortured to death for love of us! How blessed we are to be persecuted and tortured for love of Him! Consider this one great blessing, my Dear Ones, should you fall into torture and persecution as I have! For, this is only for a short while, then come the great blessings! All the praise and glory to our Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Jehovah, Most High God, forever and ever!


The Number Twenty-Three

My Dear Ones, I do not know the significance of the number, twenty-three! But, several things of importance have happened to me on this number, twenty-three and this number now seems to be very important for other reasons, as well. I shall list some of my own experiences with this number.

1. Dennis and I were married on April 23.

2. The evil ones in this government, as I have heretofore mentioned in these writings, kidnapped me, raped and sodomized me in the early morning hours of May 23, 2004.

3. I went to South Africa, to Sweden, and then back to South Africa. I was out of the country for about seven months and I returned to the States on the 23rd of February 2005.

4. On the afternoon of August 23, 2005, a terrible storm rolled through the county in which I live in Arkansas. After the storm passed through, I picked up the binoculars to look toward the dog pen to make sure that the little puppies were all right. It was then, that I saw something so awesome that I will never forget it. There on the leaves of the trees and on the grass were untold numbers of brilliantly radiant crosses, three dimensional, and appearing to be made of the most beautiful diamonds. These radiant diamonds were on everything, the leaves, the trees, the grass, etc. I could not believe my eyes. As I looked about, I could see that they all pulsated at the very same slow frequency. And I was even more startled to see a radiant ball of white light, out a short distance among the trees and it, too, was pulsating this most awesome white light. In a short while, another ball of radiant white light appeared and it, too began to pulse in this way. And, shortly thereafter, a third ball of white light appeared and as I looked, it seemed that the whole hillside was radiant with the pulsations of these brilliant crosses, which seemed to be made of diamonds! What a sight to behold and this was no vision, but something that I was beholding with my own eyes! I marvelled at this most awesome of sights for 30-45 minutes and then all began to fade away! Truly, a beautiful window of Heaven had opened up and I had been privy to see one of the most awesome of light shows, ever to be afforded a simple person from Arkansas! Blessed is the Name of our Most Wonderful Lord and God!


More 23s

And, very recently a couple by the name of Uriel and Charlotte Surbeck wrote an extensive prophecy and put it on the Internet. This prophecy came with confirmations from others, who had seen terrorist attacks on six cities in the USA, plus one in Canada, and this coming on the 23rd of January, 2006, as they were given this date! This woman and her husband, seeing the significance of this information, published this warning, that surely there were terrible plots to blow up these cities on this day, the 23rd of January 2006. I have absolutely no doubt that this was a grave warning for this nation, and that these very things were being implemented at that time by some very evil forces. But, by getting the word out, others were able to pray and to intercept this terrible event. My Dear Ones, this is prophecy at its greatest! While others will certainly mock these dear people because nothing happened on that date, I can tell you for a certainty, that they have done their job. They have seen and they have warned and a great catastrophe has been avoided. Yet, from my own experiences in sounding the alarm and having seen such things averted, I can tell you of how cruel people have been in calling me false prophet! What a shame upon the face of this planet, but such if the ignorance of the masses!


Our Father’s word to me on the 23rd of January, 2006

My Dear Ones, a very grave warning came to me on this day while in prayer. Our Lord and God spoke boldly through me and proclaimed first that He is going to destroy Washington DC and soon. He has told me this before, but in this message, I saw the urgency of this great warning and I experienced so intensely His great wrath at this nation and the great corruption in this very government! As He spoke, I looked and as far as I could see in Washington DC, it was one charred, ruined mess! Nothing, but charred ruins, and not one sign of life! Our Saviour told me how is going to raise up Russia and China to come here and to attack and destroy this spiritually rotten and decadent nation! He told me that this would be a sneak attack and that these invading hoards would then hunt down and kill leaders of this nation! Then, my Dear Ones, as I looked across this nation, I saw the flames of fire as they reached from city to city all across this nation! This great war, this great attack on this nation is so close in the Spirit that I could have truly reached out and touched it.

I have seen this great war coming to America for many years. It has been held off twice that I know of, notably in 1998 and again in 2001, for I saw that these attacks were being planned in those years, but our Lord and God would not allow these attacks then. During those times, I sounded the alarm of what I was seeing, and these things were averted, but Oh, the ridicule that I have experienced as these things did not come to pass! But, now our Lord says that He is going to soon bless Russia and China to come in and to defeat this nation, and this will not be put off for much longer!

Oh, my Dear Ones, great and terrible calamities are upon this nation! May the God of Great Righteousness have mercy on the souls of the lost and rebellious!

This prophecy was dictated to Linda Newkirk on January 23rd, 2006.



I have a very Dear Brother in Sweden, who worked for seven years with one of the most blessed and devoted prophets, ever to set foot in Sweden. This prophet’s name was Viktor Johnsson. Viktor lived to be an old man into his eighties, and has been dead since 1980, or thereabouts, but about one year or so before He died, our Lord and God gave Viktor a very important prophecy. Now, I wish to share this prophecy with you, and many thanks to our brother in Sweden, Erik, who has kept up with these prophecies for all of these years.


“Our Father’s Prophecy to Viktor Johnsson”


January 24, 1979


The Three Steps Are Now Up!

Now, you are so near the Promised Land. Three steps are remaining! After that, I will come with all I have promised, (to) all of you, says the Lord, who will listen to My words. And, those of you, who will not listen, those, I will today separate from both you and Me, says the Lord. They will be left out. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But, in the wedding room, where I am, Myself, there will be gladness, joy and peace, says the Lord. I know everything. I know what the battle is about. For, I have told you that I will forgive and I will erase everything. If you will listen and hear My words, then you will be glad, says the Lord. And, to you, My Children, says the Lord, who will not obey today what I am saying, in a few days hereafter, you will stretch out your hands and then you will cry after Me. And, you will not be able to find Me.

Anyone, who will not listen today, he or she will not either hear the next day. For every day has its own pain. I’m coming in the big, wide world. I have given many great wonders and signs to wake up mankind, but they have fallen asleep. They can’t hear. But, now soon, says the Lord, now I will do something so that everyone will hear, from the smallest one to the biggest one. They will hear My words, says the Lord. I’m coming and I’m revealing myself. I’m revealing myself in something that nobody has been able to think of. I will reveal myself, says the Lord, in power and might. I will come with many thousands of holy angels, and in accompanying them, I will take people, whom I have created in this Earth. They will be My tools, says the Lord. But, the angels will inspire within them all things that they must do. That is how My Coming shall be, says the Lord. Amen

Look closely at what our Lord and God is saying to Viktor in 1979. He tells Him that there are three steps remaining and then He will return for His Faithful. My Dear Ones, as our Dear Brother in Sweden first determined, these three steps are 27 years. From this date, January 24, 1979, to the ending of January 23rd, 2006, are 27 years, and these three steps are now up! That’s right! These three steps, the 27 years, or 3X9, are now up, and now our Saviour is coming back for His Faithful! Blessed is His Holy Name! Blessed is Viktor Johnsson and blessed is our Brother, Erik, for he has kept up with our Father’s prophecies to Viktor for all of these years since his death! This is just one more confirmation that our Saviour is truly returning for the righteous ones literally any day now!

My Dear Ones, take note that these 27 years ended on January 23rd of this year, 2006! This is another 23 and a very important 23 also!. For, this 23 signals the return of our Saviour; and His return could literally be any day. Blessed is His Holy Name!

Now, my Dear Ones, comes the grave warning of the 24th of January 2006.

My Dear Ones, as I was praying with a dear soul over the telephone in the early morning of January 24, 2006, our Father in Heaven began to speak powerfully through me. This prayer and prophecy session went on for almost two hours and I am writing the most important prophetic information for you now as regards these prophecies as given by our Father in Heaven on that day, January 24, 2006! For, as you will read, January 24th begins the terrible day of the Lord, a day of gloom and doom, a day of darkness for the whole Earth!

Read on for the most important aspects of these prophecies from our Father on that day!


This is the Beginning of the Day of the Lord


January 24, 2006

As I was praying, I saw a flash of light come down to my right and there within this light was our Saviour, with His hands outstretched, so that the focus of my attention was squarely on his arms and hands. For, He was reaching out to an object, which seemed to be half of a dark, pie-shaped object. With sudden force and great precision, our Saviour reached out and took a large section out of this dark object, and with one very clean cut, He did it! I had not idea what I was looking at until He said, “I am removing one third of Satan’s Kingdom.” Then, He took this dark piece and He threw it into the Lake of Fire.

Then, as He spoke, He told us that He is now standing on this Earth, that He is now planting His feet on this Earth, that HE is going to fight this war, that this is His day of vengeance and wrath, that He is now coming back with the sword, to divide asunder! These very words, He spoke several times and His power in these words was great! He told us that Satan only does what He allows Him to do! Then, I saw Him reach out His hand and swipe Satan right off the top of his pyramid! He said, “I am going to knock Satan right off the top of that pyramid!” As I looked at this pyramid now without the capstone, I saw great holes in the pyramid, so much so that the pyramid looked like a block of Swiss cheese; and I knew that Satan’s Kingdom would soon be in a great, big mess! Our Saviour repeated several times that He is going to clean this great evil, this mess off this Earth, and that He is now down here with His feet on this very Earth!

Then, our Saviour showed me a door, a fancy door with gold trim, yet gaudy, and He said, “I am closing the door on this evil, on this wickedness!” And, then He closed the door and an angel then came and marked the door with a red X. Then, our Saviour said, “Death is coming to this door!”

After this, I saw many angels, who are now being sent into the Earth! They are very powerful and are destroying angels, also angels of death! I saw their white robes and the great white and holy fire on them and on their swords. Each of them had a book and in this book were many names of those evil ones, who are to die! I saw these as they went out, two by two, radiant with the white light of God, and all carrying their assignments in their books! This was one very long line and even as I prayed for some minutes and kept looking at them coming into the Earth, I never saw the end of the line!

As I kept on praying, He showed me two graves. The bodies were already in these graves, though these people are now still living, but I was showed these two graves after the two bodies were already put in them. There were headstones on the graves, but without names and tombstones over the graves! Beyond these two graves, I saw five or six open graves, but these had no bodies in them yet, and obviously no headstones or tombstones. Then, He said to me, “These are the graves of those, who raped you, and they had better get their affairs in order; for they shall soon fill these very graves.”

After this, He showed me a great flash of light, like lightening, but with several distinct colors in it and He said, “This is a big, big judgement and it is coming into the earth quickly, like lightening, and will not be delayed!”

Then, He showed me three of Satan’s evil “saucers,” and He said that He is going to destroy them! Then, I saw them explode, one after the other in quick succession!

After all of these prayers and the revelation of these and other things, I saw our Saviour in the air and He was so full of light and so beautiful! As I watched Him and as I conversed with Him in the Spirit about personal things, I heard a very loud noise in the Spirit, like thunder and saw a great explosion of light, which went in a complete circle and covered all things! As He stood up there, He beckoned me to come to Him and what a blessing to go and be with Him in the Spirit! Within a very short time, I heard another very loud boom and then saw a repeat of the flash of light, as above! Then, He told me that when I see this flash of light again, that it will be for real, and this will be when He comes for His own. But, I was left believing that only those, who are meant to, will see this flash of light; as I know that He comes this time as a thief in the night!

He told us that no one knows what He will do, or when He will do anything, but our Father, who is in Heaven! And, He told us many things, but these are the most important, among them also He said that He is going to destroy NSA and the CIA! Blessed is His Holy Name! May those, who love our Lord and God come out of this evil and be saved! They are now forewarned!


Our Father’s Warning to Satan!


January 22nd, 2006

(Please note, that previous to my writing this warning, our Father had delivered this warning to me in prayer over the telephone, as I was praying with a dear soul! But, He also wanted it in writing, so here goes!”)

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Yea Yahweh, Most High God! My Child, I have spoken it this day; and I am giving you these words again. For, I want these words recorded! I want a record of what I told you this morning, even as the clock showed 2:22 AM, then 2:23 AM. On this “double devil day” (2X11), as you call it, even on their double-devil hour, I told you, My Child, and I make My words clear again, not for you, as you understand them well. But, I make them clear for Satan, Lucifer, the devil. And, this is what I told you, My Little One, and he knows; for he stalks you every second of your life!

These are My words to you, Satan, and to those in your earthly kingdom. This servant, Linda Newkirk, is Mine. She is My daughter. She is My Child and My servant and you have done as you have to her as I have allowed the same. For, these have been her tests and trials. And, I am the one, who commanded her to throw your two lower legs into the Lake of Fire! One has already gone there, namely Ariel Sharon, and does live now only because of the merciful prayers of this one, My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk! For, the life of this one was cut short because of the terrible things that he and others of yours did to this one, My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk!

Make no mistake about what I am saying! Understand it well, for there is another one of yours, a world leader, who is now at the brink of death and this one shall follow the first one, but without mercy, as you have continued to stalk, to torture and terrorize My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk, without mercy. So, I shall soon take this one of yours without mercy, save you cease your kidnapping of My servant, save you cease your torture through beams and implants, and by any other means. I shall take this other one without much ado! But, this is not all! Any more torture on your part against my faithful servant, Linda Newkirk, will be met with severe retaliation against you and yours. For, not only will I take this other world leader, but I will take a big chunk, a big bite, out of your right side, just as you have attempted to take a big bite out of the right side of my servant, Linda Newkirk, through your beams and implants. But, I make it plain to you again that I have allowed what you have done, even though I have delivered My servant, Linda Newkirk, from your repeated grasps. And, I have healed her and removed your implants over and over again! For, she is Mine and I love her very much! She is dedicated to Me and I fight for her!

Now, Satan, I warn you! I am going to move against you swiftly and with great precision if you continue to kidnap, implant and torture My Loved One! I Am Jehovah, Most High God and you know me well!

Well, my Dear Ones, as you can see, this was given in the early morning hours of January 22nd, 2006. And, Lucifer received these words, as his saucers sit above my house 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have not missed even one day since May 01, 2003! So, he heard, but could have cared less! On that day, he hit me with beams and attacked my throat with these beam weapons, causing me to swallow violently, as I was trying to drift off to sleep! Then, he would repeatedly hit my body in various body parts with beams where he has put implants on my tendons and ligaments, thereby causing different body parts to fly up and awaken me, so that I got no rest, and also these things cause pain.

As you can read, this message was first given to me during the early morning hours of the 22nd of January, but Satan continued to persecute me and to torture me, even into the 24th when our Lord and God gave me the very stern prophecy regarding the beginning of the Day of the Lord! And at that time, our Saviour came and cut out one third of Satan’s Kingdom and threw it into the Lake of Fire. Then, He reached out and knocked him off the top of his own pyramid and must have punched the holes in his pyramid, even though I did not specifically see this. I just saw Him throw Satan off his own pyramid and then I looked and saw great holes in Satan’s pyramid.

In the morning of the 24th after I received the powerful prophecy about the beginning of the Day of the Lord, I got off the phone about 2:15 in the morning. I stay up all night and often pray with a dear soul late at nights. After I got off the phone, I heard the dogs barking furiously and I saw two men, in the spirit, who were roaming around outside. I turned the front porch lights on and within a few minutes, I saw that they were turned off. They turned them off from the saucers as they have so done before when I have heard the also heard the dogs barking! So, who or what are they trying to cover up?

After this, our Father in Heaven began to speak to me and told me to get ready and be out of the house by around 6:00 AM and I did so. It was very cold outside and there was a thick frost on the car, so I had to warm up the car a wait a few minutes. As I backed out of the driveway, I looked up to see that Satan’s saucers were all low and surrounding the sky in a circular way! Who would believe such things if they did not see them for themselves? Unreal!

I headed down the hill and saw that some of the saucers were following me, ahead of me in the sky, and all low. Once on the main road, I saw a car up ahead on an access road, just sitting there with the headlights on. This was rather odd for around 5:45 in the morning as there were no vehicles on the road. This car quickly got in behind me and was very erratic in its course, from time to time following close with its bright lights on, and at other times, lagging behind. I felt that something was not right about the behavior of those in this car, so on up a few miles, I pulled over in a lighted area and let them pass. There appeared to be two people inside and the car was a new model car, not a Cadillac, but some sort of expensive car, cream in color, and with a California license plate number of SMTL 329. Though, this could have been an innocent traveller, but at that time of the morning and also because of the previous things, which had just taken place at my house, I was and am suspect. I am sure that some of you observant types can help me solve this riddle! And, thank you very much in advance for your help! Who owns this car?

I got on the expressway and looked up to see one of their orange saucers, but a lot higher than what I had seen at my house and I thought, “Oh yea, they move up on in the sky when there are so many to see!” Well, my Dear Ones, as I have said before, these types can read thoughts! These are the fallen angels and they communicate via telepathy! So, they knew what I thought! And, it was not more than a couple of minutes later, that I looked up, straight in my line of view, and there was the Lucifer saucer! I have written of this before, that it is very big and looks like a very huge star in the sky. But, if you look closely at it, you can see that it is a saucer.

And, I saw this very well one day when I pleaded the blood of Jesus over Lucifer’s saucer. I saw the bright light disappear and there appeared a greyish cloud over this craft. It was as if all the bright light suddenly vanished and I could clearly see the outline of a craft, which was shaped like half of a circle at the top, but with what appeared as three half-round objects, which were attached to the lower flat part of the craft, possibly landing gear of some kind. What the blood of the Lamb did to Lucifer’s saucer was awesome! Blessed is the Name of our Lord and God!

Lucifer used to sit in front of my house daily, but for some weeks, has placed himself in some other part of the sky! At least, if he has been there, I have not seen him. But, he surely placed himself right in my view as I was driving into town later in the morning of the 24th of January, as our Lord and God had spoken such a stern prophecy to him earlier on that very morning; and he was for sure, very angry!

I came into Little Rock, got a motel room and tried to sleep, but Satan kept pounding some of the remaining implants with beam weapons, forcing me to swallow violently against me will, jerking my body parts, etc. And, I told him that our Saviour would take care of him and this, he would soon see! Satan then told me that my God will do nothing, that he is a hollow tin God! But, there is but one hollow tin god, and this hollow tin god is Satan, who promises his own the moon, and gives them power and money in exchange for their souls. Then, he browbeats them, mind controls them, tortures them and in the end, carries them into the Lake of Fire! Talk about hollow tin!!!!!

So, I went to sleep and when I woke up, my left palm felt like someone had stuck a dagger into it and I saw that Satan had stabbed more implants into the tendons and nerves of my hand while I slept, among other places. I prayed and asked our Lord and God to help me get them out and Satan continued to taunt me as I prayed, but the angel came and helped me get the implants out of my hand and other places, as well. Blessed is the Name of Yahweh, the Most High God; for He is faithful and full of mercy! And, blessed is the Name of Jesus, Saviour of Humanity, Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

And, so now Satan will get his big shock from our Saviour, and sooner than he will believe. For his great punishment shall come swiftly upon Him! And, all the praise and the glory to our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God, forever and ever! OOOO-EEEEE! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Sending love to you all and big hugs to my Dear and Precious Friends!

Jesus is our Only Way home,
Your Sis,

On the last chapter of Book Twelve, I got a few things wrong. For one, I misspelled the name of Raful Eitan, who was the ex head of the Israeli Mossad, and I wrote that he crashed into a bridge and went over the bridge and drowned as this was the word that I got when I was in South Africa. But, I see now that Barry Chamish, investigative journalist for Israel, is writing that he died when a big wave crashed into him and washed him out and drowned him. So, my Dear Ones, I do not know all the details of his death, but he apparently did die in a crash one way, or the other!

And, also, my Dear Ones, I got my dates wrong about Sharon’s stroke. His vast stroke was on January 04, 2006, and I was praying with a friend the following night, near midnight, when I saw the angel touch Sharon’s head and light went into his head at that time! So, the World Tribune article would have then been on the sixth of January.

I greatly apologize for these mistakes. It is hard to write from memory without records, or Internet access, so as to verify things and this was the case when I wrote that last chapter. So, I have made these mistakes and want to correct them. My greatest apologies. When one is tired, too, as I was, there is a lot of room for error. My heart’s love to you all! Linda

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