Chapter 80


It Just keeps on Burning!

Dear Ones, at this time, on the ten year anniversary of the  9-11 Disaster, so many are still asking, “why?”   

But, I remember well at that time, ten years ago, even a few days before this great disaster, that our Saviour spoke to me and told me that He was about to bring  judgment upon this nation.  And, when the towers went up in blazes, I was well aware of His words regarding a great judgement upon this nation.  I could only shake my head in sadness, shock, and shame and know that those burning towers were His judgement!

The terrible 911 catastrophe would have been most horrendous, even of itself, but this great catastrophe was only the beginning.  It was the “fake” war on terror with the CIA controlled Al Qaeda, which would be the greatest terror to hit this nation since the Civil War.

But, some may say that the Civil War was fought on this land and the war on terror was fought on other lands. But, no, my Dear Ones, this terrible, ten-year war was fought on this land.  It was and continues to be a very great war, a war to strip this land of all of its economic strength, to deplete the military, to dismantle the constitution and to take away the liberties of the people, to suck off many and varied resources and to blind the people with wars of lies. Yes, this has been the war of wars on this land, a war to utterly deplete and to bring down this once great nation. And, they have succeeded!

You are of your Father, the Father of all Lies, you lying satanic machine; and through your lies, you have stripped this nation! You have brought it to its knees. But, even so, you have done only what our Saviour has both allowed and caused you to do. Too bad that the people heard our Saviour’s warnings and would not repent!

Yes, this is Satan’s time; and everything that is rooted in a lie will seem to flourish, but only for a while. In the end, all that is a lie will be utterly shaken; and only what is true will remain.  The storm is brewing now yet many still do now know what is true and what is not true.  The wind is beginning to howl and the shaking is picking up in intensity; but the beating has not yet begun.   

There is still room for denial; and because the liars still spin a good and convincing yarn, many can still discount the severity of the situation in this nation and elsewhere. But, one truth in this nation is undeniable: the fat has been stripped and we are now down to bare bones!  The chill has set in and the night is fast falling. How much longer can the great lie survive?

People will call it what they want, that terrible 911 disaster, but I can only call it as our Saviour said it would be: one very great judgement from the Most High.  9-11 is a judgment, that just keeps on judging, a fire that just keeps on burning!

One would think that with such a great judgement upon this nation, that the people would wake up and take note; for this is but one of the many, which are to come upon this nation.  But, most do not wake up; for they still find hope in all the many lies!  For, is it the Father of Lies, whom they chase, whom they honor, and whom they love, and whom they believe.

It will only get worse, until the people are broken, clean broken down; and when the enemy descends upon this nation, like a cloud, and the scattered people are humbled, then, then they will call upon our God. And, in His great mercy He will hear.  Then, He will fight for His people; and they will say, “You are our God and we are your people.”

Hear the wind. Hear the breaking of the twigs and branches.  Hear the howling.  The great storm is upon us.  


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