Chapter 82

“A Time of Very Great Miracles”

Greetings to you, my Precious Friends.  Today is the 2nd day of October, 2011 and also a time in which to reflect upon the wonderful mysteries of our Blessed Saviour. For, world events tell us that we have entered into times, which are unlike any since there was a nation. (Daniel 12:1)   Evil rises on every front. The motto of the wealthy is to steal, kill and destroy. For, among them are the children of Satan, and it is Satan’s goal that they all pursue: the goal of a united one world government and the total enslavement/eradication of humanity.

But, my Dear Ones, we know that these wicked ones do not win in the end. However, they will win for a while and the righteous ones will be hunted like wild animals, imprisoned, tortured, drugged, subjected to all manner of mind control, enslaved, murdered, relocated and stripped down to almost nothing. (See Matthew 24:9)

Great persecution of the body of Christ

“Not the righteous,” you may say!  But, ask you this:  “Have the wicked ones not killed the prophets? (Luke 13:34, Romans 11:3)  Have they not killed the apostles and others? (Acts 7:59)  Have they not killed our Beloved Saviour? ( Matthew:27)  And, even in this day and time, do we not see that the persecution of Christians is escalating worldwide?” Therefore, now is the time to get prepared for what is upon every nation, this terrible one world satanic government.  Do not wait.

Many are unprepared because of the lies!

My Dear Ones, so many of you sleep in your ignorance, totally believing the great Satanic lie, that you will not have to suffer if you believe in our Saviour, but will, instead, be “raptured” out of the evils of this world, before you have to suffer at all.

Herein, is the great lie that will sink the souls of many!  For, in the believing of this lie, many have neither prepared spiritually for the very hard times, nor have they prepared for the times of lack and terrible famine, which are already upon the whole world.  This great lie is also akin to another great lie, “once saved, always saved,” but that great lie is for me to explain at another time.

Isaiah warned us about such times when he told us: This is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord: which say to the seers, see not; and to the prophets, prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits. (Isaiah 30:9-10)

The Purification of One’s Heart

Yet, even so, my Dear Ones, the righteous must not give up, but continue to fight the good fight; for the kingdom of our Saviour comes to the pure of heart. The pure of heart will see His face.  (Matthew 5:8)

Make you a new heart … (Ezekiel 18:31)

The Lord looketh upon the heart … (Samuel 16:7)

But, the great tests are in the purification of the heart; for the hearts of most are full of varying amounts of perverseness.

For, out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murderers, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. (Matthew 16:19)


Be aware of your thoughts and repent quickly of wrong thoughts

Wrong thoughts lead to a greater sin

“Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established.” Proverbs 16:3

The very great problem in the purification of one’s heart, is that many fail to see that the contents of one’s heart are, most often, shaped and molded by one’s thoughts.  Thoughts, which run rampant, will settle into one’s heart and create much darkness.  (thoughts of the heart: Luke 2:35, and Luke 24:38)

How others reveal what is in their hearts

Verbal and non-verbal

One cannot speak “love” out of one side of one’s mouth and then come with a  proud, or mocking attitude towards loved ones and still believe that the heart is clean. Neither can one be non-communicative, sulking in silence, and expect others to read his, or her mind. For, the words of the mouth, or even the very lack of words, will reveal one’s heart.

Through outward behaviors

The intentions of the heart will further manifest through various behaviors.  So, where there is a lack of words about what is in one’s heart, the intentions of one’s heart will be revealed through various actions, or even non-actions, or withdrawal and total silence. Therefore, my Dear Ones, the content of one’s heart will be revealed by what one says and does, or even by what neither says, nor does.  Understand?

The Deceptive hearts

Yet, to adequately understand the true spiritual nature of one’s heart may take a while; for the hearts of many are extremely deceptive.  And, most often, many hurts may be covered up in layers of denial.  So, to uncover what is hidden within one’s own heart can turn out to be one very great work and will not be done either easily, or quickly.

In all things, each of us must pray and seek to know the truths about ourselves. I am truly convinced that the greatest spiritual work that we will ever do is the spiritual work that we must each do on ourselves before our Mighty Saviour.

If we are sincere in our prayers about overcoming our own faults and overcoming our own humanness, our Saviour will hear these humble prayers of our hearts. And, then, my Dear Ones, He will show us the true nature of our own hearts; and most often, we will all find that we all have so very much to overcome. I Kings 46: There is no man that sinneth not.

Kingdom promises for the Overcomers

From time to time, I think of the teachings of the churches, which are stressing that others will escape what is coming. Many are mesmerized by the notion that they will escape. But, my Dear Ones, our Saviour’s  promises to the faithful are not based on escaping, but on their overcoming.  Remember His promises in Revelation Chapters two and three for those, who overcome.  Therefore, we must be overcomers, not escapers.  To overcome is not easy; and it is through this great work of overcoming that we are all severely tried and tested, that is, until we actually overcome, not only ourselves, but this world that we live in.

So many tests and trials

My Dear Ones, we will all face many tests and trials as we seek to clean out our hearts.  This is the road to salvation and truly a road of great tears and suffering. Oh, so painful it may be for us to be brutally honest with ourselves and to see plainly our many faults, to see them so clearly that they truly pain us and we so greatly wish to be free. 

Are you ready to be brutally honest with yourself?  If you are not ready to be brutally honest with yourself and to spend many hours pondering the truths about yourself, you are not ready to do the serious cleansing work in your heart.  Remember: the pure of heart will truly see the face of our Saviour. They will inherit the Kingdom of God. So, if you are serious about wanting to marry our Saviour and to inherit His kingdom, you must do this most important of works. You must clean out your heart until it is made clean through the love, the forgiveness and the healing of our Saviour.  The pure of heart will see our Saviour’s face.

Denial is the easiest way

It is far easier to hide the hurt and pain in one’s heart and to pretend that it does not exist; and most do. But, in unexpected times and on unexpected occasions, when ,something happens, which triggers the painful memories, then someone, or something must be to blame.  Now, the one, who is blamed, may not be at all responsible, but only stands as a reminder of painful times. Yet, the innocent one, is, without, his, or her knowledge found guilty by association.  In other words, when the painful memories, or emotions, come flooding up into one’s awareness, others, who are not at all connected to these past hurts, may be blamed because their very words, or gestures, or even non-verbal mannerisms remind the other one of past pain.

Perhaps, no memories, but only emotional pain

Yes, the painful memories will arise out of the heart, sometimes obviously so. But, at other times the pain is so far in the background and so traumatic that it is not the memories that arise, but only the pain, or the grief, the anger or the sorrow, which was firstly associated with the traumatic event.

And, instead of the memories, there will come a flash of some dread feeling, like despair, overwhelming abandonment, anger, or other negative emotions. That flash will be either very transitory, or even emotionally destabilizing, and when it is transient, one may want to quickly forget it until the next time; for these are very unpleasant experiences. But, at other times, this flash of emotion will be so disabling that there will be some sort of emotional eruption, or withdrawal, or even detachment.

The one, who has stored this hurt and pain, has learned that this anxious feeling, or this dread, is to be avoided at all costs. This avoidance of the eruption of such hurt, through the release of hidden feelings, can lead to all manner of strange behaviors. 

Sometimes, there arises the need to blame others needlessly for this terrible inner emotional turmoil, or the desire for others to rescue one from such a state, or there may arise an eruption of loud, accusing behaviors. What is in the heart, whether good, or bad, will come out. 


“And, ye shall know the truth,

and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

This is why it is so very important that we each be firstly honest with ourselves, and then we can be honest with others; for it is through this truth, this honesty , that true healing can really begin.

But, for those, who have been dishonest with themselves for so much of their lives, to change courses and to be honest, can be very difficult. 

But, my Dear Ones, truth is at the heart of our Saviour’s work. For, has he not told us that:  “The Spirit of truth has come, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13)  So, our spiritual efforts need to focus on truth, knowing the truth about ourselves and living truthfully with others. And, if we lie on purpose, or by mistake, we need to repent quickly. For, one lie can quickly become a mound of lies. Understand?  Honesty must begin with each of us and must begin in our hearts. If we will not be truthful with ourselves, we will not be truthful with others.

The great liars!

What is the great difference between the children of Satan and the children of our Saviour?  Our Saviour has told us about Satan’s children when He said: “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Are we to go on lying, either to ourselves, or to others, failing to repent and think that we are still in good standing with our Saviour?  We all must be conscious of our words on a day-to-day basis and repent quickly of any lying or wrong-doing.  Many say that it is alright to tell a white lie, but a lie is a lie. All lies are black and there are no white lies. Every unrepentant lie is imprinted on one’s soul as a sin. 

My Dear Ones, we all need to be very careful of our words and the thoughts of our hearts. May be all be quick to repent and quick to forgive. The Lord have mercy on us all; for we are all sinners.

Looking for the truth!

Past wounds, the hidden controllers

Are you haunted by terrible memories?  Are you driven to act inappropriately, even without knowing why you are behaving in a certain way?  What is hidden within you that drives you, even without your permission?  Sometimes, this can also be demonic, but that is another issue altogether.

What is hidden within one’s heart, does not go away. It must be purged through   the Spirit and power of our Saviour; and these dark places in one’s heart must be healed.

Forgiveness is so extremely important

“For, if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6:14)

If we will not forgive others, a root of bitterness may grow within our hearts; and when this root of bitterness grows, it begins to spread to all areas of our lives, leading to feeling of depression, suspicion, anger, resentment and hostilities on our parts. A root of bitterness may also lead to physical illnesses as such a root draws  darkness into one’s soul.  NO amount of evil, which anyone can do to us, can justify a root of bitterness. In other words, no amount of evil, perceived, or otherwise, can justify unforgiveness,  that is, if we want to be free and to enter into the Kingdom of our Saviour. Remember the words of Paul: “Look diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you; and thereby many are defiled. (Hebrews 12:15)

So, what must we all do to stop such a root of bitterness from developing in our hearts?  We must firstly forgive all persons of any and all things that they have done to us, whether real, or imagined. And, if we are unable to do so because of so much hurt, we must ask our Saviour to help us to forgive this person, or people. 

We must also continually ask our Saviour to take all of our burdens and to make our journeys light. We must also praise Him every day and all through the day. AND, ABOVE ALL, WE MUST THANK HIM FOR ALL THINGS THAT WE SUFFER AND ENDURE; AND WE MUST BE SINCERELY THANKFUL. A THANKFUL AND FORGIVING HEART WILL NOT HARBOR BITTERNESS.

How we shut out our blessings

Oh, how we shut out our blessings by groaning and complaining, by making unreasonable demands, and by having an undue sense of entitlement. Remember how angry our Saviour was with us in the wilderness? For, the people whined and they complained? They provoked the Lord, our God, with their complaining, whining, with their lack of gratitude and great selfishness. How they pitied themselves, even in the face of such great and wonderful miracles! (Deuteronomy 14) They thought that they were entitled to so much more! Even the great miracles of our Mighty God were not enough to please them!

An undue sense of entitlement

What is an undue sense of entitlement? An undue sense of entitlement is expecting things of others that we have no right to expect. 

These unmet expectations will then begin to eat away at one’s peace of mind and to create resentments within one’s heart and thoughts, thereby isolating one from loved ones, or causing burn-ups and blow-ups. For, the one, who feels wrongly entitled to something will have some sort of emotional melt-down when these irrational expectations are not met!  At the root of any undue sense of entitlement is one thing: SELFISHNESS.


Love is so precious!

Love thy neighbor as thyself

(Leviticus 19:18)

Most importantly, selfishness is the enemy of love; for my Dear Ones, love truly gives without expecting anything in return.  Love truly is kind. Love is full of true compassion and real concern for the welfare of others.  Love always wishes the highest good for others and is never controlling.  Loves gives and love heals.

Yet, at times, love may also be tough; for true love is the absolute flow of the purest light of God and it is true. Therefore, true love must also be true and must deal in truth, but even so, true love is absolutely forgiving; and when it forgives, it truly no longer remembers the wrongs.

True love covers an array of wrongs; for true love,  loves,  in spite of the faults and shortcoming of others.  True love looks past the sins and sees at a level, which is beyond this world; for true love is not based on anything of this world, but comes through us from the very source or all love, FROM THE HEART OF OUR LOVING SAVIOUR.




Such terrible times are upon us all! Will you love your life unto death, fighting with guns and swords, or will you give your life totally to our Blessed Saviour, loving Him above all, and loving others, even as you love yourself, that you might find your life, even life eternal?

“And the work of righteousness shall be peace;

And the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever!”

(Isaiah 32:17)

Blessed are those, who obey our Precious Saviour, for the peace of the living God comes to the obedient.  These are the true peace keepers; for the gift of peace is given to the truly obedient, and this gift of peace is theirs to keep through the worst of times.  How blessed are the true peace keepers; for they are the obedient ones. 

Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb of God, forever and ever. Precious is the Holy Name of Jesus, the Name above all names.  He is worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb!

The Pure of Heart will see our Saviour’s face

Are you ready to weep for your sins? Are you ready to plead with your whole heart for our Saviour to heal your brokenness and to make you whole emotionally? Are you truly ready to forgive and to forget?  Are you ready to stop playing emotional barter games, which leave others tired and exhausted, who are shaking their heads and trying to figure out what the problem is? Are you ready to be brutally honest with yourself, really wanting to see the truths of all things, which are stored in your heart?

If you will not answer yes to all of these things and be extremely determined to overcome all of your hurts and sorrows and to have a clean heart, you will not overcome. And, if you do not overcome these negative things, which are stored in your heart and will not love and forgive others, regardless of what they have done to you, you will not have a clean heart.  The lack of forgiveness will surely grow a bitter root.

But, if you are extremely determined, you will overcome. Blessed are the overcomers; for their rewards are great in the Kingdom of our Saviour.

And, blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see our Saviour. The pure of heart forgive and understand the need for forgiveness. The pure of heart will enter into the kingdom of our God. Do not put off this most important of works!  Don’t let this work slide!  The Kingdom of our God is truly at hand!

He is coming for a spotless Bride!

“…that He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that they should be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:27

“And, the marriage of the Lamb has come… and He granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.”  (Revelation 19:8-9)

We are warned in the scriptures that our Saviour is coming for a spotless bride. The bride must be clean inside and out before going to the wedding supper. Her heart must be clean and she must have a clean and white spiritual robe. This great cleansing is at hand and it is going to be brutal! These cleansings are the great trials and tests in the fires, even as gold and silver are tried and tested.

The Great Refining

“And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on My name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is My people: and they shall say, The Lord is My God.”

The Fires of Testing

Did you know that the fires of the holy manchild get so hot that they burn up the hardest substances known to man?  The manchild can burn up gold and silver quickly and easily, but they do not fill up my body with things that are burned up quickly and easily, for the most part. 

Satan, his many non-human hoards and their allies in the U.S. military and other militaries  fill up my body with vast amounts of the hardest substances that are known to Satan and his many wicked servants.  They know that it is nothing for the manchild to burn up gold and silver.

The very hot fires

Do you now see how hot the refining fires of the manchild really are? Has this really registered with you yet? The manchild is also an all-consuming fire.  Blessed are those, who are counted worthy to have him and blessed are those, who are tried and tested as gold and silver in our Saviour’s fires. These fires of testing are the holy men-children, who are coming to the Bride!

Your fires of testing are coming!

The fires of testing for the Bride are coming!  These fires are the fires of the holy babes of light and fire, which will come down and go into the appointed souls.  When these appointed souls receive these streams of light and fire, then they will become the true Sons of God, the true Bride of Christ, and they will then, at that time, marry our Saviour.  It is at this point, at this time of the marriage, that the true kingdom of our Saviour comes into the earth, even in its infancy.

But, all, who receive these streams of light and fire, these babes of our Saviour,  will be tried and tested in severe and harsh ways.  These are the trials by fire, the time of the purification of the Bride; for she must be made white, clean and spotless. Otherwise, she will not be able to stand in the presence of our Saviour; for HE is the ultimate all-consuming fire.  THINK: LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND GRATITUDE EVERY DAY FOR ALL THINGS. THINK OBEDIENCE EVERY DAY, THINK REPENTANCE EVERY DAY, AND PRAISE OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR EVERY DAY AND ALL THROUGH THE DAY. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR WAY OF LIFE, IT MUST BECOME YOUR WAY OF LIFE, IF YOU ARE TO MARRY OUR SAVIOUR. UNDERSTAND?

Some say that our Saviour tests no one.

Remember Job?

Some say that our Saviour tests no one.  Oh, what dangerous thinking!  When King David sinned and killed the husband of Bathsheba by placing him on the front lines, (as King David coveted this man’s wife I Kings 11:2), what did our Saviour  then do? The Lord was wroth with King David and began to bring a series of judgments upon him. 

So, King David was given several tests and he failed them.  He lusted after another man’s wife (one test), he coveted her (a second test); and when he failed these tests, he conceived evil.

King David then ordered that Bathsheba’s husband be killed and then he committed adultery with her.  The fruit of sinful thinking, if not curbed, is sinful behavior. So, with King David, his great problems began with lust, which led to covetousness and when these two sins were not repented of, these sinful thoughts began to bear terrible fruits, adultery and murder.

Then, in the midst of so much sin, King David was tempted again, this time he was tempted to number, or count the number of people in Israel. The word tells us in II Samuel:1, that “again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go and number Israel and Judah.”   In previous times, our Saviour had given the directive to NOT number His people.  And, it was only after the numbering of the people, that David realized his wrongs, but then, it was too late. But, as strange as it sounds, our Saviour moved David to number Israel and Judah, a very great test, and King David failed.

Our Saviour was wroth with King David and he gave him a choice of punishments.  Sadly, in the end, seventy thousand died in the plagues because of King David’s decision to do something that he knew to be forbidden.

King David was tested, he was tried, and he failed; and when he failed, he greatly sinned. As a result of his great sins, many lost their lives because of our Saviour’s judgments.

So, my Dear Ones, it is with each of us, as it is with King David. Sin is first conceived. And, if such a sin is not repented of, and forsaken at the time of its conception, sin will arise and then bear a very terrible fruit.

We are all sinners!

We are all sinners.  None of us is worthy and except for the grace of our Blessed Saviour, none of us would be saved.  As King David was, we all are; for we are all sinful people.  May the Lord, our God, continually have mercy on our souls!

Repentance and forgiveness, two very precious gifts!

May we all be humbled unto repentance every day of our lives, lest we act out on the temptations, which are before us.  Precious is the Name of our Blessed Saviour Jesus, for He forgives.  And, when He forgives, He remembers no more. Holy is the Lamb of God!

To whom much is given, much is expected.

May be all strive to be better servants!

May we all remember that what happened to King David, regarding terrible temptations. Every day, we are all faced with all manner of temptations and the greater the work that our Saviour has given to us, the more Satan comes after us. Even our Saviour was tempted by Satan, but even so, this was also the will of His Father. But, as for King David, our Saviour had entrusted him with much. And, to whom much is entrusted, much is expected. Remember this great responsibility, all of you, who wish to become the Bride of our Saviour. The Lord expects much of His Bride!

So frightening it is to serve the Most High God; for He is perfect in all ways. He is holy. Blessed is His Precious Name!


The Need to Walk Fearfully before our Blessed Saviour.

He is Almighty. He is Creator!

“The fear of the Lord is His treasure.” 

( Isaiah 33:6)

Indeed, how frightening it is to serve our Mighty God! May we all walk fearfully before Him, truly seeking the great gift of his holy fear.

Yes, the true and holy fear of our Saviour is a spiritual gift, much like the gift of healing, or some other spiritual gift. This is a divine revelation, which our Saviour gave to me some time back.

Therefore, seek the gift of the holy fear of the Lord with your whole heart. The fear of the Lord is truly the beginning of wisdom, that wisdom being a spiritual glimpse of the very nature of our Living God, a very great and humbling recognition of his awesome greatness. 

May we all seek to have the gift of a holy fear of our Blessed God, of our Precious Saviour. “His mercy in on them that fear Him...” (Luke 1:50)


Our God is Almighty!

He is Great; and we are as dust!

“And the Lord formed man out of the dust of the ground… (Genesis 2:7)

If we do not recognize and know our Saviour’s greatness, we will disrespect His greatness. And, if we do not fully recognize our humanness, we may begin to think that we are something that we are not. 

We are told in the book of Genesis that we man was created from the dust of the ground. Therefore, we are dust and because we are dust, how can we think highly of ourselves? 

The great problem with so many, who serve our Lord is two-fold:  no fear of the Lord, our God, and thinking highly of one’s self.

Salvation is of the Lord, our Mighty God!

Oh, so frightening it is to serve The most High God, God Almighty! He is holy, righteous, pure, perfect in every way; and we are dust.  May our lips praise Him every day of our lives; for salvation is of our Lord, Jesus, our Saviour and Mighty God!

May we walk humbly before our Mighty God!

Our Saviour  tells us in the writings of Pistis Sophia that if he had not come into the earth to pay His great price for us, that not a one of us would have been saved. So, how can we think that we are anything?

May we all seek the holy fear of our Saviour, always remembering who we are and who we are not. If we are privileged to be called by Him to serve Him, then how truly blessed we are. But, even so, His work is not our work.  We are but lowly workers in the vineyard.




Now, my Dear Ones, before I leave this message about being tested and tried for our faith, I will tell you a little more about tests and trials. Around January of 2003, our Saviour told me to read the Books of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Elijah, not only to read them, but to get the words into my heart. 

A Serious Warning

His words of warning came flooding back to me during those times when I was reading the Book of Daniel and I remember thinking: “I really do not like the tone of what our Saviour has said to me.”  That was 2003, as I have just told you, and at that time I had no clue as to what would be unfolding in my life regarding the works of Revelation Twelve.

But, now that I know why He told me these things; I can attest to the truths of his warnings. For, I have truly lived a Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednigo kind of life. I have been greatly persecuted for the love of our Blessed Saviour; and as I have told you, also greatly tortured because of the precious manchild, who lives in me. 

Now, hear me well when I tell you to read the above books, even as our Saviour told me; and get these prophetic words into your hearts. For, even as I have suffered because of having the holy son of our Saviour, you, who receive Him, will also suffer!  For, Satan will make war against you. This is the last verse of Revelation Chapter twelve.

When you are suffering amidst your great tests and trails, remember the trials of Shadrack, Meshach and Adednigo. And, remember the trials of Daniel in the lions den.

Remember their great trials.  Put these things deep into your heart!

In the Book of Daniel, we are told of how others conspired against these four, to cause them to forsake their God and to fall down and worship idols, or in the case of Daniel, to cause him to stop praying to our Saviour.

Satan and his wicked hoards will also conspire against you in the very same kinds of ways.  Are you ready for the camps? Are you ready to be tortured, persecuted, drugged, mind controlled, and killed for your Christian beliefs? Such horrors are upon the whole world!

Will you do as these four did, when you are put to the terrible tests of your faith?  They did not fail, but were faithful to our Saviour.  They did not care if they lost their lives. They knew that they loved our Lord and they were determined to serve Him, no matter what!  They did not crumble in the face of a dictator and renounce our Precious Saviour.  They faithfully followed after our Lord and they refused the governmental directives. 

Were they not all subjected to great tests?  Daniel in the lion’s den and Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo in the fires? Yes, indeed, very great tests of their faith! 

They could have taken the easy way out. They could have obeyed the great ruler and could have gone along to get along, but they refused.

Can you imagine what the three were thinking as they were being prepared to go into a fire? A fire, which was made seven times hotter and just for them!  A fire, which was so hot that none could really get near it, as it was so blazing hot! 

What about Daniel as he was being prepared to go into the lion’s den?  What must have been going on in their minds?

Our Saviour will show Himself strong on behalf of the obedient!

Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am they God: I will strengthen thee…” Isaiah 41:10

Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo were all tested severely regarding their faith; however, they did not waver. They stood strong in their faith; and our God, on seeing their obedience, showed Himself strong on their behalves.

Isn’t this the promise of our Blessed Saviour: that He will show Himself strong on behalf of those, who obey Him, who absolutely trust in Him? Herein is one very great lesson for the faithful! 

Hear me in this! This is how the faithful will be tried: the tests and trials of Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Adednigo will come upon the faithful, and this will happen, even before our Saviour comes for His people!

I have lived such a life!

Sixty-Five months, and counting!

For, as some of you understand, I am the very first person in the world to receive the holy manchild and he has now grown in my body for almost 65 months. And, that is 65 months of torture and persecution that none of you could ever imagine, but also 65 months of miracles of the Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo nature. 

Oh, how blessed I am to be persecuted for the love of our Blessed Saviour and for the love of each of you!  Glory, glory, glory to our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, the Name above all names. Precious is His Holy Name!

Read the true works of Revelation twelve!

In Book Twelve on,  I have written extensively about what you are going to face when you are attacked and assaulted by Satan and his wicked hoards, both human and non-human. But, as their ways are not our ways, and the nature of their technology seems alien to many, and most assuredly is, the greatest numbers refuse to believe what I write, instead preferring to call me insane, or to assault me verbally with slander and lies, or to insult me in other ways. 

The powers and principalities of great darkness!

Through those writings, I have told you about some of the ones, whom Satan and the U.S. military have abducted and mind controlled, turning them into enemies against me, just because they knew me. I have told you of their great assaults against my family members and against people, whom I barely know, all in order to raise them up as enemies, and to use them to slander my name and to spread hate, malice and to bear false witness against me.  These are the works of the Satanists and of the US military; and their works are full of evil!

They are skilled at mind control!

How will you withstand such vicious assaults when your time comes? Our Saviour has warned, that if your heart is not clean, the wicked ones will control your mind, as they read thoughts. Satan and his wicked non-human hoards communicate telepathically. They read thoughts. They see fears. They know what is stored secretly in one’ heart; and they take the hidden things and begin to feed them into one’s mind, building and building on such thoughts until one’s mind is controlled.  If they see a fear, they will feed this fear through mind control, causing it to grow until it is all-consuming. IF they see a doubt, they will feed this doubt, until this doubt is all-consuming. IF they see greed, anger, or some other negative emotion, which is stored in the heart, they will do likewise, seeking to consume the person in such things, and to thereby cut one off from the love of our Saviour, to totally destroy one’s faith and to make one devoid of the Spirit of God.

The Road Ahead!

Are you in any way prepared for such vicious assaults?  Only those, who repent daily and who truly come out of the world and all of its traps, who truly love our Saviour above all, and who truly love others,  who truly forgive, even if never asked to, and who seek to be obedient to our Saviour in all things, will make it through such terror assaults. 

You will be bathed in your tears and your heart will groan in sorrow for all that you will suffer, but if you remain true to our Saviour, He will gather you up into His arms, whether in death, or at the time that He comes for you as His bride. 

An easy way? No!  A way of great tears and heartaches, but oh what a wonderful way into eternal life!

How to survive the mind control horrors!

WHAT IS EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT IS TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE REALLY THINKING. KNOW WHAT THOUGHTS ARE TRULY OF YOU AND WHAT THOUGHTS ARE OF THE ENEMY.  For, Satan’s hoards, and the humans counterparts, alike, are extremely skilled in mind programming and control.

When you hear strange thoughts in your mind, begin to listen carefully and learn to recognize thoughts that are not your own. Perhaps, they are your own thoughts, but represent also some things that you need to repent of.  As these  wicked ones seek to program you, the reptiles will often make a finger jerk, or will make some other body part move in order to stress, or to imprint into one’s thinking what they are trying to program.

So often I awaken to hear such nonsense, or hear it just before I go to sleep at night. So, when I hear their mind control nonsense, I will either pray, or sing praises to our Saviour. Most nights, I sing to our Saviour and when I awake I am thanking Him and the holy manchild for all of their wonderful work they did in my body during the night, such a great work to remove such vast amounts of foreign stuff, which the wicked ones put into us.

My Dear Ones, when these wicked ones cannot kill you, they will not give up on trying their mind control.  So, this is why it is extremely important to know what you think, what is really in your hearts. Therefore, each of us must repent every day and all through the day, so that we may remain clean spiritually. We must  truly love our Saviour above all and we must truly love others and forgive them, regardless of what they say and do.

We must work hard to keep our hearts clean!

We must work very hard to keep our hearts clean. We must repent quickly and forgive others, even when they do not ask us to forgive. We must walk in love and obedience towards our Saviour and then when we call upon Him, He will hear our cries! 


Freedom is in True Love

We must seek to walk in love at all times. Negative emotions cannot co-exist with love.  When we are filled with the love of God, we are truly free. Understand?’

But, for the rebellious,

Many of them are mind controlled and oblivious to it!

I tell you now that many of you will be abducted, drugged and mind controlled and you will obey the commands of the reptiles and their human counterparts. You will do as they tell you, even when you do not believe that you will work for them. Even when you think that you are thinking your own thoughts, you will be thinking their thoughts and doing as these wicked ones tell you to do.  So great is the enslavement of humanity, which is at hand; and so lost are so many souls, who neither know themselves, nor the enemy!

Know the enemy!

You would be very wise to seek to know your enemy.  Your great enemy in this world is Satan, but your enemies are not limited to him. For, he has many non-human reptiles in his service and they are all exceedingly wicked. They hate you with an everlasting hate and they truly wish to destroy you!  He also has in his service many, many humans, some of them being his children and some of them not his children at all. But, they are belong to Satan, nonetheless, having sold their souls to get secret clearances and to be in positions of power, thereby becoming, even as his children.

Do you now understand?

Do you now understand why you must have a clean and pure heart to be able to stand in the presence of the all-consuming fires of our Saviour? And, do you understand now, why you must go through such great tests and trials? 

Re-read these things, which I am now telling you; for these truths are exceedingly important for your journey into salvation!  Those, who receive eternal life, receive salvation; but we must remember that if the righteous are scarcely saved, then what about the rest?

We have entered into a new divine territory!

But, my Dear Ones, as for me and the holy son of our Saviour, the precious manchild of Revelation Twelve, we have entered into new territory!  Many of the mockers will not be mocking me for much longer. Many of the liars will not be able to succeed in their lies against me much longer; and the torturers and persecutors will not be able to succeed in their assaults against me much longer;  for the holy manchild and I are beginning to enter into the best of times; and even though we are still greatly persecuted, we still know that we stand on the precipice of great and wondrous kingdom works. 

Remember, my Dear Ones, that the holy manchild is the hidden pearl in the field and he is the hidden treasure, that if one could find him, this one would then sell all that he or she had and go and buy this pearl, or this treasure. (Matthew 13)  He is the kingdom of God in our midst.  He is the holy pearl. He is the buried treasure; for even though he is in the earth and the angels come and bow down to him, and Satan and his many hoards constantly try to destroy him, he is the holy kingdom of our Saviour in its very infancy.

The holy manchild and I have borne the brunt of Satan’s wrath against us. We have been tortured and persecuted night and day. Our travails have been exceedingly great, but these travails cannot in any way, compare to our great and miraculous blessings. And, though nations have gathered up against us and though armies have come in their ships to destroy us, and though Satan has done all evils to us that he could imagine, he has failed. And, though the U.S military, as well as Satan’s craft, have camped out around us in the skies for many years, they have failed in all of their attempts to kill me, or to destroy the Holy Little Son of our Saviour , or to steal him, or to stop his growth.  Now, my Dear Ones, we are coming into very great victories.

Something so marvelous!

It was last summer, the summer of 2010, while I was praying one day, and reaching up very high, nearly touching our Saviour,  when He said to me, “You are touching my mantle.” 

As the months went by, I wondered about His mantle and what He meant when He said to me, “You are touching My mantle.”  The fall of 2010 came and went with so many surprises, but also with great tests and trials. And, the extreme winter came and passed.  But, it was in the spring that our Saviour came with a very great surprise for me.

The First Mantle

Indeed, a very great surprise. For, He brought me a gift, even wrapped in a box, and inside that gift box was a fluffy white robe, which was made of light.  He had been telling me that He was about to give me a mantle and I stood in awe of such a grand gift.

When He presented the gift, Satan was most assuredly on hand to see the gift; and as he attacked my physical body again at that time, I heard him say, “I can get into that one,” meaning that he could still torture me and persecute me.

My Dear Ones, our Saviour gave me this mantle after he had spoken to me for 21 years. Yes, after 21 years of His speaking to me, and after 21 years of walking in the prophetic, our Saviour gave me this mantle.

I was so delighted to receive this mantle, but did not understand what such a wonderful gift would mean. And, so I waited to see how this mantle would unfold in my life; and what I saw firstly was that our Saviour answered my prayers so quickly. Then, I began to realize that the mantle is something like a hotline to His very throne. I was and am so very thankful and so deeply humbled; but of course, this is not all.

But, as the summer months of 2011 dragged on, I became so tired from many and prolonged assaults against my body and against all areas of my life; and I pleaded once again for our Saviour to bring me to a new place in Him; for I was so tired from so many years of persecution. 

The Second Mantle

Then, very unexpectedly, there came a second mantle, this one being diverse from the first one, but also similar. It, too, was fluffy, and made of white light, but without sleeves, as it was to be worn beneath the first mantle. It was also different as it had rows of diamonds around the waist and our Saviour also placed diamonds on my shoes.

It was with the addition of this second mantle that so many wonderful things began to happen. I have entailed some of these most marvelous of events for you  below.  I am so humbled to receive these mantles and stand in such awe of our Blessed Saviour.

He has explained some things about these mantles: that the first is a single portion of His power, but with the second, I have been given a double portion of his power, much like the double portion, which given to Elisha. 

A Third Mantle

But, even so, our Saviour has shown me that I will receive a third mantle.  The coming of this third mantle is very near. This third mantle is much larger than both of these precious mantles combined. I have been able to see it in the gift box, but have been unable to touch it.

Our Saviour tells me that this third mantle is coming soon, but I have no way of understanding what “soon” means. I only wait and hope, even with very high hopes and expectations.  Our Saviour tells me that when I receive this third mantle, I will be able to fly upon the wind. 

And, when I can fly upon the wind, then, my Dear Ones, I will see many of you. How blessed I will be to see the precious faces of some of you, whom I love so very much.  So, make me a place at your table; for surely I will soon visit some of you.  I love you so very, very much!


And, now I will share with you some of the beautiful events, which have come about due to the power of our Blessed Saviour in His mantles. Glory, glory, glory to His Holy Name forever and ever. His Kingdom is coming to His Faithful.  He tarries for now, but his kingdom does not tarry for long.  Make your hearts clean. Make your way Strait. Neither look to the right, nor to the left, but keep your eyes on our Saviour. Get ready!

Miracles of the mantles

Some weeks past, I went into a restaurant and prayed for some people. One woman, who was elderly, worked in the back of the restaurant and she was a cook. But, she was having a really difficult time in doing her work as she would regularly forget where certain pots and pans were; and this problem with her memory was causing very great problems for her daughter, who owned the restaurant. The problem seemed to be Alzheimer’s disease.

 I was so delighted to pray for this woman; and as I prayed for her, I could feel waves of the power of the holy manchild as these healing waves went into her brain.  There also came much heat into my hands and I knew that our Saviour was doing a wonderful work. 

When these prayers were finished, this woman was healed and now she is a very productive worker.  BLESSED IS THE NAME OF OUR PRECIOUS SAVIOUR. ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE HONOR, ALL THE POWER AND ALL THE PRAISES TO HIM FOREVER.

It was during that same meeting that I also prayed for others, who were there; and one woman said that she felt the power of God as it went into her body and ministered to her from the inside and felt a great release of heaviness.  She was delivered of many demonic assaults.

The false prophets will be brought down!

Then, there came into that place two, who called themselves “pastors.”  But, my Dear Ones, they were not pastors, and as I would later find out, one of the two would also call himself a prophet.

When the so-called prophet took my hand, he began to shake so violently that he could hardly hold his hands up.  He regressed and went and sat alone by the window and then complained that his hands were cold.  As he complained, I told him that his hands were cold because his spiritual walk was cold and then I went to pray for him. I could see that he was no prophet at all, and as I took his hands, this man could not stand, but was brought to his knees. 

My Dear Ones, this is going to happen to the false prophets all over the world. When they stand before the holy manchild, who is in me, and who will also be in the Bride, or the Sons of God, these false ones will be brought to their knees, not because they choose to humble themselves, but because they are caused to humble themselves before the holy manchild.  For, He will rule the world.  “And she brought forth a manchild, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron…” Revelation 12:5

Our Offering: Holiness unto the Lord!

My message to those few that day was, “Holiness unto the Lord.”  This is where we are right now.  Our Saviour is demanding “Holiness unto the Lord,” and He will not have it any other way for His Bride.  This is why everyone, who is part of the Bride, will bring to our Saviour a clean and pure heart, that is “Holiness unto the Lord,” for only a clean, spotlessly clean Bride, will enter into the presence of our Saviour.

The Modern-Day Prophets of Baal!

The situation with the prophets at this time, especially in this nation, is similar to the situation with the prophets in the days of Ahab. At that time, there was one true prophet and 400 prophets of Baal.  But, the prophets of Baal were not saying “Baal said,” they were saying, “ Go up, for the Lord will deliver…”  Yes, they were representing “The Lord,” but were full of lying spirits.

At that time, there was only one true prophet and Ahab threw him in jail and ordered that he be fed the bread and water of affliction. (IKings 22) “This is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord. Which say to the seers, see not; and to the prophets, prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” (Isaiah 30:9-10)

The False Prophets will be brought down!

Hear me when I tell you that these same times are upon us again.  The greatest numbers of the prophets today wish to tell the smooth things, just as they did in the times of Ahab.  They wish to gather together and be of one accord in telling the good things, just as they did in the days of Ahab; and our Saviour is cutting them off cold.  They do not hear from our Saviour, though they say that they hear from Him. Instead, they hear from lying and deceiving  spirits.

These same lying and deceiving prophets overwhelmingly reject the truths of Revelation Twelve and they stay far from me.  In fact, over these years of having the manchild, only one true prophet in this nation has wanted anything to do with these works, whatsoever. They lying prophets run far from me, they mock me and they scorn these holy works of Revelation Twelve; and I understand why.  These are holy works and their sins have caused them to be blind and deaf to these works; for these works are hidden in a field, and our Saviour does not mean for the rebellious ones to wake up, to see and hear, and to receive the kingdom of our God through these holy works.

Some True Prophets

Some prophets have come forward from other nations, however, who are meek, humble, and teachable; and our Saviour has shown them the truths of these works. Blessed are the humble of heart. Blessed are those, who are broken and contrite; for these are precious to our Saviour.

These truths will be taken from the proud!

But, if these same humble ones should rise up and be proud, the truths of Revelation Twelve will be taken from them.  Don’t play around with these works. If you have been made to know and to receive the truths of these works, you are exceedingly blessed. These prophetic works are like none other in the whole earth; and until this time, there has not been any such works as these works of Revelation Twelve, for these works are kingdom works, the culmination of our Saviour’s promises about His Kingdom Come and His will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.  Understand?

More Miracles

Now, I will proceed to tell you about more miracles

The Healing of the painful joint!

My Dear Ones, there came a woman, who had suffered a fall and had injured her arm.  As I prayed over her, and as the holy manchild ministered to her, I could see inside her troubled joint, that there was a ligament, or tendon, which was detached from the bone.  I could also see a round ball, like a cyst and some fluid, which the holy manchild released. The ligament or tendon was re-attached to the bone and the woman was healed. BLESSED IS THE NAME OF JESUS!

The Precious Baby is Saved!

I must tell you also about a precious friend, who was about to lose her baby.  When I prayed, the holy manchild showed me what the problem was, as she was going into labor.  There was a tear in some tissue and this tear, or rip, was causing bleeding. But, as I watched, the holy manchild went and repaired this rip, or tear, and this baby was saved. 

This precious woman would later tell me that in the early morning hours, she sensed the presence of angels in her room and at that time, she knew that she was healed and that her baby was saved.  This woman was in a nation, which is very far from us.  GLORY, GLORY, GLORY TO OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR FOREVER AND EVER. THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES IN OUR SAVIOUR’S WORK.

Fibromyalgia healed and occluded vessel opened

Then, one morning as I was driving into town, the Spirit of God told me to stop at a certain house and to pray for a certain woman. Yet, when I stopped, they were not yet awake, so I then went on into town. And, when I came back through, on my way home, and passed this house, the Spirit of God told me to turn around and to go back and to pray for this woman.  So, I turned my vehicle around and went back.

When this woman came to the door, she began to tell me how sick she had been, that her feet had been so painful and swollen and that her doctor had also diagnosed her with the very painful and debilitating disease of fibromyalgia.

As I began to pray for her, I could see that the holy manchild had also entered into her body and he was so happy. I could hear his precious, little child laugh and I could see his many eyes.  I do not know if I have told you about the many eyes, which the holy manchild has in this spirit body, but for a fact he has many and he sees in all directions. Oh, so precious is this holy son of our Saviour.

As the holy manchild worked on this woman, I could see what he was seeing and he was working on the very painful parts of her body, which were greatly inflamed because of the fibromyalgia.  Then, I saw that there was a blockage in her lower body, that a tube was blocked; and then I saw the manchild remove this blockage. 

When the holy manchild was through, I asked this woman about her pain and she told me that she had none.  Then, as I was praying for her again before I left, her husband grabbed my arm, and as he grabbed my arm, I saw four entities flee out of his body.  Then, I heard the holy manchild say, “He will feel better now.” GLORY, GLORY, GLORY TO OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR FOREVER AND EVER.

Multiple Healings

Then, there came a man to my house, who was to repair my air conditioner.  I saw that he was really struggling to breathe.  His stomach was also very large and extended. 

During the course of my speaking with this man, he told me that he had been to the doctor the day before and that he was concerned that the doctor would put him on medicine to control his blood sugar; and he commented that he really did not want to be on this medicine. So, I asked him if he would like for me to pray for him before he left; and he later indicated to me that he would like this.

As I prayed and as the holy and precious son of our Saviour, the holy manchild, began to work on this man, I could see that his problems were not just limited to his blood sugar levels.  Immediately, I saw three blockages in blood vessels around his heart. As I prayed, the holy manchild just rolled these blockages out of this man’s blood vessels and he opened up these vessels.

Then, the holy manchild showed me that this man had a partial occlusion in his pancreatic duct and that this partial occlusion was caused by the buildup of scar tissue. And, then I saw that the holy manchild removed this scar tissue and opened up this duct.

Next, I saw that the bile duct was also nearly occluded and this man had many liver and bile stones; and then the holy manchild went to work clearing out this bile duct and removing great numbers of stones from this man’s liver and bile duct.

Then, the holy manchild showed me that tiny tubules in this man’s kidneys were stopped up and he began to clean out these tubules.  GLORY, GLORY, GLORY TO OUR BLESSED SAVIOUR FOREVER AND EVER. TO JESUS IS ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE POWER, ALL THE HONOR AND ALL OF THE PRAISES FOREVER AND EVER. BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME.

This man left and as he was up near his truck, I called him back and said to him, “How is your breathing now?”  And, he said, “My breathing is fine now.”

The holy manchild  had shown me that one of the three partially occluded blood vessels, which was very near to the heart of this man, was 90% occluded.  This man was in serious condition and very close to heart attack status.

And, in addition to these many miracles, our Saviour has answered so many prayers on behalf of others, and He has answered these prayers so very quickly, even in some cases within minutes, or seconds. I AM SO AMAZED AT THE GREAT WONDERS AND MIRACLES OF OUR SAVIOUR AND I STAND IN AWE OF THE PRECIOUS WORK OF THE HOLY MANCHILD.

My Dear Ones, make a printed copy of this message and keep this printed copy nearby so that you can read it over and over again.  As the days go by, you will tend to forget much of what you have read here, but, my Dear Ones, you need to remember what I have shown you in this message. For, these words come from my heart to you. I have also directed you to some very important Bible teachings  which are so relevant to the end-times and to our eternal salvation.

I love you all so very much and so want to see you receive your own holy manchild, but you must prepare yourselves spiritually. Make your hearts ready; for we do not know when these holy babes of light and fire could come down. But we do know that this will happen very unexpectedly.

Linda Newkirk

PS Make copies of this message and give to some others, who love our Saviour.  Or, send them copies through e-mail, if they have a computer. In this way, you can be a very great help with these works.













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