Chapter Eighty-Three

Part I

“The Kingdom of our God is Now Within our Midst!”

“The Holy Babes of Light and Fire!”


Greetings to you, my Precious Brothers and Sisters!  Blessed is the Holy Name of our Glorious Saviour; for He is worthy, worthy, worthy of all the praises, all the glory, all the honor and all the power, forever and ever.

My Dear Ones, more is coming to you in this chapter. So, come back for more messages from our Saviour. These messages will be in Part II of this chapter. But, firstly I must tell you about a vision, which our Saviour gave to me, on the night of October 24th of this week. 

The Vision

In that vision, I saw the white robe of our Saviour as it was flashing in the light; for He was before me and He was in motion. I then saw Him as He brought his fingers together, his thumb drawing down to join his other fingers, much like one would position his or her fingers, when eating something, like a strawberry.

His hands were full of light and as he reached out to different persons here and there, all over the world, I saw that he brought his hand very near to each person’s mouth, and from his hand a light went into that person.  It seemed to me that his hand touched each person on the lips, but it may have been only the light in His hand, which touched the lips of each person.

This went on for some time in the Spirit as I was watching Him reach out all over the world, touching different ones all over the world.  I knew in my heart what was taking place and so greatly rejoiced.  Most assuredly, Our Saviour was releasing the holy, little babes of light and fire, which He promised to release to His Bride, to His Sons, to His faithful, to the pure of heart. Blessed is His Holy Name.  And, after a while, He said, “This is a seed, and not a weed.” 

Through His words, I understood that those, who are receiving these babes of light and fire, are receiving small babes of light and fire, “seed,” which must grow, even as I received the Holy Son and he was small, even a “seed.”

At the time when our Saviour gave him to me, He was about the size of a chicken egg and was made of liquid light fire.  But, now he has grown greatly and has been given much power through our Saviour.

Our Saviour also told me that this is only the beginning of the release of these babes of light and fire. So, my Dear Ones, this release is a progression.

Soon, I would receive verification from a very precious soul, who sees in the Spirit. This Dear Soul had received a holy babe of light and fire and is well aware of having this babe of light and fire.  I have also understood that this Dear Soul has regularly seen ships (UFOs) and has been stalked by the greys and military types. 

You, Dear Ones, you Sons of God, you, who are the Bride of our Saviour, will suffer greatly, even as I have suffered, when you receive the manchild, who is to come and live within you.  Oh, what a war Satan will make against you.

Reprobate America!

How foolish you people have been in this nation of America; for now comes the kingdom of our Saviour into the earth; and you are totally unprepared for it. 

Oh, what a shame that so many of you in this nation have mocked these works.  Unless you repent, you will not enter into the Kingdom of our Saviour; for the Holy Manchild of Revelation Twelve will not enter into those, who mock him.

Oh, so wise our Saviour has been to hide the holy manchild in the wilderness, in the countryside. For, He has not wanted you rebellious ones to wake up and to see him, to know him, and to be saved!    

But, even so, it is because of your own sin that you are blind and deaf to these works.  And, because of your own sin, the kingdom of our Saviour is rising up in your midst and you cannot even see it.

In this nation of America, I have received only one report of the holy manchild, ever visiting anyone in dreams or visions!  Yet, elsewhere in the world, I have received various reports that the holy manchild has visited different ones in visions and in dreams. Some have written to me, and have told me of their dreams of having a healthy baby boy. But, also I have heard most amazing reports of the Holy Son actually appearing and saying the most precious things!

The holy manchild, the precious Son of our Saviour, has spoken to some people in other nations; and they know that He is real. They also know who he is, but you, oh blind and deaf ones in this nation of America remain clueless.  For, you have mocked what is holy.

Now, these holy babes of light and fire are going out and you, in this nation, remain clueless. But, even so, this is according to your own behaviors. 

Through my seven years of intense persecution and torture, you have run from me.  You have shunned me.  You have believed the many lies, which have been spread against me. You have joined forces with those, who spread hate and malice against me.  Many of you have tried to destroy these works.

Now come the holy babes of light and fire; and I truly wonder how many in this great nation will receive one of these holy, little men-children. America is worse than Sodom!   

Through the holy manchild, one will become the Bride of our Saviour. Through the holy manchild, one will become as a little child, who will enter into the kingdom of our Saviour. For, the manchild is a “child” and will always be a “child.”  Yes, “a little child will lead them.”

A little child will rule the world with a rod of iron. A little child will carry these souls (the Bride) into eternal life.  For, the holy manchild is this vehicle through which these souls will enter into the light Kingdom and enter into the presence of our Saviour.

The Holy manchild has many eyes and he also has many wheels.  He has 360 degree DNA and this DNA is constantly rotating. This rotating DNA makes wheels.  Sound familiar? The eyes and the wheels?

Remember the “creature” that Ezekiel saw!  The eyes and the wheels and the four faces: the face of a cherubim, the face of an eagle, the face of a man and the face of lion.  See: the face of a cherubim is a child; and then there is also the face of a man.  This is the manchild.

The holy manchild is also the Branch, which is connected to the Tree, the Tree being our Saviour. For, the Branch emanates from Him and enters into us. Through the holy manchild in us, we become part of the Tree.

The Holy Manchild is the Missing Link!  He is the part that so many have failed to grasp and have failed to see, or recognize.  But, not for long; for soon, these sons will make their presence known.

Watch the World Events!

The next day after these babes of light and fire went out, such chaos broke out in Europe that the whole European Union was threatening to collapse.  This was in direct response to the birthing of the first round of these holy babes of light and fire.  The Occupy protests have since escalated in a very great way and we have now seen violence entering into the Oakland, California protests.

My Dear Ones, we know that as the weeks and days go by, violence will enter into these protests. For, the wicked ones will not let such an opportunity pass.  We have all seen what happened in the Mideast with the rebels, who quickly became violent. The, London protests! And, now the USA protests.  Through chaos, the Satanists will bring forth their New World Order. 

Our Saviour showed months ago that the Rothschild man and the Queen of England are the main ones, who were behind the rebel wars in the Mideast.  They have their man in office over this nation and they are behind this “occupy” movement.

This evil will progress all over the world and will move forth at an alarming pace. It must; for Satan watches my every move. He monitors all that I do, say, or think.  I am a prisoner and have been a prisoner solidly for more than seven years.  But, the Kingdom of our God must come into the earth; and it will come forth through great travail, great pain and suffering. For, even as we are told in the last verse of Revelation Twelve, Satan will surely make “war against the seed of the woman.” 

Sending my heartfelt love to you all,


Keep watching for PART II, words from our Saviour.


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