Chapter Eighty-Five

New World Order Satanic Plots and Schemes

Our Saviour’s Warnings Coming to pass!

Greetings to you, Dear Ones!  I hope that you have been keeping up with the fast pace of world events.  What our Saviour revealed to me in the last message about the fast-paced movement of the Mideast War Situation has surely come to pass.  He showed us that there would be a fast acceleration of the warring factions at the back door of Israel, which would be propelled forward by the Queen of England and her Satanist banking pal, Evelyn de Rothschild.

Our Saviour’s Words Quickly Fulfilled!

Within a very few days of our Father’s showing me those visions, we saw the attacks escalate against Iran’s nuclear facilities.  We also read reports that rockets were being fired and across Lebanon border; and we heard reports of rockets, which were being fired from the Gaza strip into Israel. Most recently, there has been tales that the Israelis are firing missiles into Gaza! We have also read that Iran has captured a high-class spy drone, which belongs to the USA. All of these events, if true, tell us that the war in the Mideast is heating up!

The Cold War Game

In the last visions, we also saw that the Rothschild man told the Queen of England to put on her coat, as it was about to become very cold; and she did so.  And, since those visions, which foretell of the coming of a new cold war, we are now reading of an upsurge in the Russian/West cold war.

Russian Long Missiles Put in Place!

What more is our Saviour showing?  You will want to know.  Some few days past, I was given another vision, this time a vision of Prime Minister Putin of Russia and he was busy making ready certain long range missiles, some being made ready for the USA, some being made ready for Europe; and other missiles, which were mostly mobile, and they were being made ready for the Mideast war.

Behind the Scenes, Putin Receiving His Marching Orders

A day, or so, after the above vision of Putin’s readying his long range missiles, I saw the Queen of England again and she was riding with her banking buddy, Evelyn de Rothschild. Their wagon had come to a stop and while the Queen remained onboard the wagon, the Rothschild man went down and visited with Putin of Russia.  I saw the Rothschild man as he fastened many long knives all around both ankles of Putin and locked them in place; and I knew that Putin was receiving his warring marching orders from the Rothschild man.

An Angry, Controlling, Controlled Putin: A Big Game!

During the few days since that vision, I have read several references to the renewal of the cold war between Russia and other nations. Putin seems particularly angry as regards the NATO missile shield. He also seems particularly angry with the “interference” of the West in his preliminary election. From Putin’s protests of the election tampering in Russia, we can determine that the international bankers and their ruling elite are reminding Putin that he will play according to their rules. He will not be going off on his own.

Neither Putin, nor any of the worldly satanic elite leaders will be going off on their own and doing as they please. They will do as Satan tells them to do; and according to the pressures of the international bankers they will march. True to their past history, the world bankers and their ruling elite will play both sides of the equation.  And, by now, we understand that what we see in their controlled press is seldom the way that things really are. 

Setting the Stage for a greater World War!

Therefore, the new world order’s media marketing of the presence of the  Russian warships around Syria, their missile defense of Syria, and the near simultaneous intervention of the Chinese, who come to protect Iran, is nothing more than a war game of the elite. They are setting the stage for their World War III arena and will go forward as they busily lay their groundwork.

This war is going to escalate. It must; as they must gain control of the finances of all nations. There will be no financial renegades, or military renegades, in their One World Order. They will make certain of these things.

More Rothschild, Royal Schemes!

Bullets and Missiles for the Brits!

And, now, I will share with you another significant vision, which our Saviour has very recently shown me about the Queen of England and her rich buddy, Evelyn de Rothschild. In this vision, I saw a heavy, plastic covering.  I lifted up this covering and I saw many, many wooden crates, which were full of ammunition, this ammunition consisting of very long bullets. I climbed under the heavy plastic covering and crawled on top of many, many crates of these very large bullets. I climbed on top of the boxes for a while, moving forth across a vast number of crates of these huge bullets, until I eventually came out on the other side of this plastic covering. 

As I looked up, I realized that I was on the Rothschild/Queen of England wagon.  I looked ahead to see the Big Ben clock; and I realized  the Queen of England and the Rothschild Banker we were coming to a slow stop in London. The Queen did not see me to her rear and she got up to leave the wagon, but before she left the wagon, I saw her lift up her seat; and there beneath her seat were a stack of short missiles. 

From this vision, we can see that the Queen and her banking buddy are packing the ammo into London; and as this wagon was going slowly, it seems that this descent into violence will be slowly introduced.  The world, as we know it, is spiraling into a violent breakdown. We are witnessing the unfolding of the New World Order Satanic plan; and our Saviour is showing us their plans. Blessed is His Holy Name!

Is Satan’s Way also your Way?

Time to take stock!

We are beholding the shaping of the new world order scheme, the creation of Order from Chaos.  This is Satan’s way. Do you like it?

If not, you must find the ONLY WAY. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. He is the only way into salvation. He is the only way into peace. He is the only way into joy. He is the only way into love. He is the only way into eternal life. He is the only way into the Light. JESUS IS THE WAY. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Blackmail in the works!

Now, as regards this nation, our Saviour is revealing through visions that Hillary and her three allies are still trying to take control of the U.S. Presidency.  But, this takeover is not known by most, but only visible through the introduction of some very strange information. One may wonder why this strange information if rolling forth now. And, the timing may not make any sense, unless, or course, the ones, who are doing the telling, are also doing the blackmailing. What is this strange stuff, that is being stressed at this time?

There is talk that President Obama’s father is really the former head of the Black Panthers, a real black radical, whose name was “Malcolm X,” or Malcolm Little.  Go and find current internet posts by Martha Trowbridge. She is not the first one to make these allegations, but perhaps the loudest! Who is really behind Trowbridge’s posts? Who is Trowbridge?  Where does Trowbridge get this information?  And, why is he/she coming forth with this information at this time?

The Little Horn!

What I find so fascinating about the possibility that Malcolm X could be President Obama’s biological father is our Saviours’ mention of the Little Horn is the Book of Daniel (Daniel 11:21). The Little Horn is another name for the Man of Sin, or the Antichrist.  If these rumors are true, and Malcolm Little is really the biological father of Barrack Obama, his real last name, “Little” adds new dimensions to the title for the antichrist, “The Little Horn.” Some also say that President Obama is a “little” man.

Oh, how mysterious are the teachings of our Saviour!  Remember that our Saviour has already established the fact that President Obama IS the antichrist.  Our Saviour confirmed this to me more than three years ago and has re-confirmed these truths to me, that Obama is the antichrist, over and over again, through many, many visions.

The Obama Tree,

Rockefellers in the Rothschild House!

Now, I shall tell you about another recent vision, which involves this nation. Just last night (December 08, 2011), I had a vision of a black tree, a totally black tree without any leaves.  In the vision, the Spirit of God told me to walk around to the back of the black tree; and in so doing, I saw that there was a great crack in the back of the tree, which was really a hidden entrance.

A Tri-Fold Cord of Evil!

I entered into the tree through the hidden entrance and I saw no one inside except Hillary Clinton.  It was late at night. She was alone in an upper part of the tree and was working beneath the light of a singular lamp.  In the vision, I saw her turn rather quickly and begin to braid three thick strands of yarn.  She braided them and clamped them together at the bottom; and then hung the three braided strands of yarn on the wall behind her.  Then, she shut out the lights and sat there in the darkness.

There has been talk that Hillary could become the vice presidential running mate of President Obama, but if this is her ambition, it remains in the shadows. She is sitting in the darkness of the Black Tree, Obama’s tree. 

However, some of us have wondered about the timing of the Malcolm X postings on the Internet and who is behind these postings.  We can only wonder who is wishing to blackmail President Obama.  We cannot be sure, but we have some very strong sentiments about the possible guilty parties.

A Thick and Deadly Plot!

About three years past, I had a vision and I have written of this vision in previous posts; but in this vision, I saw that some past presidents were plotting to take the life of President Obama; and in that same vision, I saw him lying outside in a pool of blood.

The Plotting Three!

Then, later in another vision, I saw once more the caskets of the three dead presidents.  I have had many visions of either the three caskets with the dead bodies of these three presidents in them, or the tombstones of these three presidents, all side by side.  Does this repeated vision of these three, who are either in their coffins, or under their tombstones, fulfill these words from the Book of Daniel? “And, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots…Daniel 7:8)

Those three presidents are the two Bushes and Bill Clinton.  Are they plotting something?  What are those three pieces of thick yarn that are tightly woven together and placed on the wall behind Hillary Clinton? Does this represent the tightly woven plan of the three to recapture the presidency through some very dark means? 

Surely, our Saviour shows me their plans. Indeed, He has, he does, and he will!  For, surely through their thick braid, they have made a plan and that plan is closely connected to Hillary.  Their plans are in the darkness, and involve President Obama! Yes, in the darkness, they plot. None see them; for their schemes are hidden.

A Terrible Plot!

What dark schemes are now afoot? Will we soon see an assassination attempt on the life of President Obama? In the past, I have had many visions of an attempt on his life; but in spite of the fact that he is killed, he comes back to life. However, when he comes back to life, he is not alone in that body. He has some company! Is this plot now very near?

Although our Saviour has given me many detailed visions about such attacks on President Obama’s life, I have not written most of these visions. However, some few people know of many of these visions.

Seven Terrible Years!

How near are we to the beginning of the last seven years? Except for the love and grace of our Saviour, and his years of tarrying, we could have entered into these last seven years as early as 1998. But, through these years of grace and mercy, and His continued tarrying, He has added time.

How much Time do we still have?

Today, on December 08, 2011, I had another vision. In the vision, I was upstairs in a room and parted the curtains on a window to look below. Standing there in the street was the Wall Street Bull. He was speared in the back, between the shoulders, and was bleeding profusely. He stood in a massive pool of blood and I knew that he would not live long.

There, in front of the Wall Street Bull was President Obama. He was standing behind a podium and was under a canopy; and as he looked at the bull, he said, “He (the bull) has served his purpose; but now we must look at the number seven, seven, as in seven days.”

Will the last seven years, or seven days in the above vision, soon begin?  Will the world market crash mark the beginning of the last seven years?  Take note of what our Saviour is showing in the above vision of the bull.

When will the Bull Fall through the floor?

Do you remember the vision of the stock market bull, which our Saviour gave to me about fifteen months ago?  I still find this a most interesting vision.

In that vision, I was standing outside and saw a heavy plastic covering, which was draped over a large part of the ground.  I went there and lifted up the heavy, plastic covering; and when I did, I saw that this heavy plastic was covering an underground gathering and people were rallying loudly.  In the vision, I saw a pole and climbed down the pole to find myself standing amidst a crowd of people. These people were looking at an arena and were all cheering about the contestant in the arena.

There was only one contestant in the arena, and this contestant was the Wall Street Bull.  I, too, stood in amazement at the height and strength of that black bull. He was very big and strong. The people were rallying around him and saying, “Who is like the Bull?” Then, they answered their own question. “There is none like the Bull!”  And, this loud rallying, shouting and praising of the bull went on for a while; but suddenly, and without any expectation, whatsoever, a trap door opened alongside the interior wall of the arena, and there rushed forth a giant crocodile.

This crocodile charged into the right front leg of the bull and badly mangled the bull’s front leg.  However, the people continued to cheer. They continued to rally around the bull saying, “The bull is still strong. The bull still has three strong legs. The bull is still strong! Who is like the bull?”

This rallying and praising of the bull continued on for a while; and then suddenly, and without any expectation, whatsoever, the floor fell out from beneath the back legs of the Wall Street bull. And, down went the bull. He went crashing down for many stories in that great building and he came to rest far below. When the bull came to a stop, his body was full of giant wooden stakes, which had pierced his body on the way down. The bull was bleeding profusely and he would not be coming back. But, still many shouted and proclaimed, “He is coming back. The bull is coming back.”  Yet, I knew that the bull was finished.

The Mangled Leg of the Stock Market!

Now, my Dear Ones, this is my question. What is this right front leg, which is so badly mangled?  I have not known for sure, but as of now, I am feeling more and more confident that this mangled leg might be the futures market, the so-called derivatives market, or the options market.  Are they all one in the same?  I am most certainly not an expert, but I believe that they are all three peas in the same pod.

So, are we already witnessing the badly mangled leg? Has it already happened? And, is the Stock Market now in the rallying phase before its fall?  It is most certainly rallying and climbing higher at this time! 

Think about this fall of the derivatives market. I have read reports that the international losses, which have occurred in the Derivatives Market could top 1.5 quadrillion.  This may be the signal our Saviour warned me about, the mangled leg that would lead to the crashing of the bull. Is this the warning bell that the crash of the bull is very near?  Read on.


The Derivatives Market!

A Sea of Floating Debt!

This is what our Saviour is showing at this moment on this day of December 10, 2011. Even as I am writing this update, He is giving me the following vision.

 Through a doorway, I now enter into the back of this big lizard, the crocodile, who mangled the right front leg of the bull, and I find myself on a bridge, but a very unstable, floating bridge. This bridge is floating wildly; and I am holding onto the sides of this bridge so that I do not fall, for this is a very shaky bridge.  On the bridge, I see the word, “derivatives,” and wonder what more our Saviour wishes to show me.

The Derivatives Scheme Orchestrated through London!

Our Saviour gives me a very short telescope and I look to the other side of this bridge and into an open window. There sits the Queen of England and she is in a chair opposite the desk of the Rothschild man.  He is smoking a fat cigar and on side of the cigar are the words, “Gone with the wind.” 

The Queen sniffs as if she is about to cry and then she sheds one tear. She pulls out a new, clean handkerchief and spits a big wad of something into the handkerchief, which is brown and gooey.  Then, she puts the handkerchief into her pocket and looks out the window at this bridge that I stand on, but she does not see me. 

“Well, there is no other choice,” she ways, “we must fold it up. We have inspired and we have acquired, but now the flow is low, so it must go.  Then, she takes a knife, oh a butter knife and she puts some butter on a piece of toast. As she takes a bite of the toast, she says, “It is toast, this false market. It rode and it spelled and it was felled as it should have been. A useless tree, so we must be free of the hassle of this bad baggage, so rescind the orders to put and to sell, that we may quell the rumors of the many tumors. We will halt the grind until we find a better way to stay atop the backs of the people, the ignorant sheeple, whose behinds are nothing but fodder for the greater plan. Who can win against us? We are the privileged, the chosen ones, so put a sword into the leg, which is sick and swollen and bloated with air! No defense needed, but as time is speeded, call the shot. Take the wins and close the door.” And with those words, she got up, took her purse, and left in haste.

The Sinking of the Derivatives Market!

And, I being on this bridge and seeing it sway now so violently amidst the terrible and destabilizing waves, wondered if I would get off before this derivatives bridge sunk beneath the waves of terrible unrest.

But, I did not get off the bridge before a great sinking began to take place all around me. For, as I was seeking to exit the bridge, it seemed as if someone flushed a giant toilet and down, down, down went the turbulent waves. Everything was carried down, suddenly and unexpectedly.

I stood on the edge of this bridge now, the turbulence gone, and I looked down into a great abyss. I gasped to see a great void beneath me. Everything was gone!

As I looked at this great loss, I said to our Saviour, “My Lord, when did they order the mangling of this derivatives leg?”  And, I then looked at the back of the Queen; for she was walking towards a waiting limo and as she was about to get into the limo, I saw her drop a piece of paper; and this paper fell behind her. 

From my distance on the bridge, I could see the writing on the note and I knew that the writing was the answer to my question: “When did they order the mangling of this derivatives leg?”

Suddenly, I was given telescopic vision and I could now see the answer to my above question: “When did they order the mangling of the derivatives leg,” and the answer on the paper, which was dropped by the Queen plainly told me, “yesterday.” The mangling was ordered some time ago. That right front leg of the Wall Street Bull has now been mangled!

I remind you again, that after the mangling of this right, front leg of the Wall Street Bull, the Wall Street Market will “rally” for a short while; and then suddenly, and without any notice whatsoever, the back legs of the bull will fall through the floor.  We are now in the rallying stage. Lately, Wall Street has been in a steady climb; and this, too, is like looking at the theater of the absurd, considering the financial struggles of so many nations and the downgrade of the U.S. dollar. How long do we have? I believe that the following vision will give us some understanding!.

Stalling the Stock Market Crash!

The Presidential Race

I wish to take you back to a vision, which our Saviour gave to me in the Spring of 2011.  In that vision, I saw President Obama. He was standing on a ledge and was reaching back behind him to hold onto a wall, and this wall was about to make a turn, almost a quick half circle.

A Very Narrow Margin!

He was facing outward, holding onto this wall. As he moved around the half circle of the wall, as it was turning, the ledge on which he was standing became increasingly narrower, until the ledge became so very narrow that I wondered how he could possibly be holding on. I thought that he would surely take a fall at any moment, but he continued to hold on. 

The Presidency: Obama will go back in!

Suddenly, just when I truly believed that he would fall off the ledge, which had become so very narrow, and I marveled that he was hanging on at all, he jumped off the ledge and ran across the White House lawn, grabbed Michelle’s hand, their arms held high, and they both ran towards the White House. 

Up ahead, I could see bright streamers and festive, party decorations. But, amazingly, I could now understand what I had been seeing in the vision. For, in great glee, they ran towards the White House, and Obama shouted, “We won! We won!” Within about two weeks of this vision, Obama announced that he would seek a second term.

I tell you about this vision, for many believe that he may not complete his election before he and more of his communist controllers pull the plug on this nation through a martial law scenario.  But, from the above vision, we see that he will carry out his election.  Most certainly, our Saviour is showing us that Obama will be elected again, yet through a very narrow margin. That narrow margin is the “narrow ledge.”

The Timing of the Stock Market Crash!

What does this mean regarding the world stock market crash? It means that this crash may very well be postponed until after his election. If this market crashes before Obama’s re-election the Queen of England and hers Rothschild buddy could lose their prince.  But, they will not lose him as our Saviour has already established the truth regarding the Jew/Muslim/Satanist Antichrist, who is now in office.  Yes, he will finish his job, for he is the Antichrist! Our Saviour has shown me this truth in many, many visions. 

Are you ready for the concentration camps?  There is precious, little time.

Our Saviour’s Great Move!

I tell you a little truth that many of you do not know. About two years past a woman contacted me, who was suffering from Morgellon’s disease.  If you know about this disease, you understand that this is a very terrible disease and is incurable.  But, it is not incurable for our Saviour; for He can do all things. 

I sent this woman several holy, anointed prayer cloths; and she was healed of this terrible disease. As she described it, a great heat came over her body and this heat, our Saviour’s anointings on these cloths, literally burned up the terrible fibers and implants of this horrific Satanic diseases  Blessed is the Name of our Mighty King, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  All the glory and honor to our Blessed Saviour!

New Bodies For Some,

At or Near the time of the Economic Crash!

Our Saviour also blessed this woman in other ways. He gave her some prophetic dreams. I well remember one of the dreams that she shared with me. In this dream she told me that she was in a bank. There had been a run on the banks and she looked ahead of her to see a holy woman, who was standing there. She commented, that in the dream, she knew that this was a holy woman; for she knew that this woman was old, but in her dream she looked very young.

What does this dream mean for us?  Firstly, I believe that this was/is a prophetic dream; and it most certainly seems, that by the time that the markets crash and there is a run on the banks, some will have new bodies.  Glory to our Mighty King forever and ever!   Precious is His Holy Name!

Judgment Coming to the House of the Lord!

My Dear Ones, as I continue to write this message, today is the 9th of December, 2011.  With that stated, I wish to tell you of another vision, which our Saviour gave to me about four nights past.  This is a vision of His own house.

In the vision, I was standing with our Saviour, up high, very high and looking down.  He was standing behind a podium and in his hand was a  gavel.  I looked down to see that we were situated high above a very large gathering of people; and this gathering was taking place inside a very large, round building.  Inside this very great building were many round rows, which were full of people. So, the rows of people were both before us and behind us; and as I have said, this was no small gathering of people, but indeed a very large gathering.

Great, Unrepentant Sin in the House of the Lord!

At first, I could only see that there were people below, but suddenly I was given telescopic vision and I could look below and see the people very closely, almost as if I were in their faces.  And, what I saw, I did not want to see; for this was not a pleasing sight.  I knew that I was looking at people, but their faces did not look like the faces of people, but faces of monsters, or animals.  For, their faces were overwhelmingly twisted and contorted and many of them had faces of various animals, or demons.

Precious, Little Sheep

Sadly, most of the faces were of these bizarre sorts, but alas, here and there among these with the bizarre countenances, there would be sitting one of a different sort, but all alone.  Such a person would invariably be wearing a clean, or near clean spiritual robe, exhibiting a calm demeanor, the hands folded and the face peaceful. 

I must tell you that in my Spirit, I felt a gasp in looking at these precious ones, who were surrounded by so many of these foul-looking types.  I so wondered about this terrible vision but in the midst of such a vision I felt so helpless and bewildered.

Come out From Among them!

Then, our Saviour beat the gavel down on the podium and as His light went out over the heads of the people, He said, “Get you up and get you out!”

I knew that He was speaking to His little sheep, the few humble and quiet ones, who were scattered here and there amidst those, who were full of, and overflowing with, so much unrepentant sin. I felt such despair in my spirit.

Terrible Judgment Coming to the Lord’s House!

Then, after a short while, and I do not know how long that short while could be, or might be in the real world, it seemed as if the flood gates of hell had opened up; and there came forth among the people a river of fiery demons, of many shapes and sizes. And, as these demons descended upon the people, I saw that one half of this great building went dark; and I felt such despair in my spirit, wondering what happened and where they went. 

Still, this vision haunts me; for I know very well what this means.  JUDGEMENT IS COMING UPON THE HOUSE OF THE LORD.  OH, WHAT TERRIBLE TIMES AWAIT THE UNREPENTANT. Oh, how dreadful is the spiritual state of the Lord’s house. The House of the Lord is full of every kind of filth and perverse thing!

Oh, you faithful ones, if you sit in a church, in the midst of such a decadent bunch of unrepentant souls, get up and get out now! If you stay there in the midst of the lukewarm and the unrepentant sinners, you will partake of their judgments. 

Hear my cries to you; for these are the warnings of our Saviour to you.  “Get up and get out!” He is calling his House to Order. Judgment is coming upon the House of the Lord!  Stay in that holy place. It is far better to be alone than to sit in the midst of the ungodly.

What is going on in your church?

If you belong to any church, and there is not a regular outpouring of healings, deliverances, blessings and assorted miracles, get up and get out. If you belong to any church and the music is as loud as the music of any bar room, get up and get out. If you cannot hear yourself think, you cannot hear the Spirit of God. If you belong to any church and the people are running around in the church, like a pack of wild dogs, get up and get out. If you ever see strange behavior, which makes you uncomfortable, or which seems disrespectful towards our Saviour and His Spirit, like the so-called holy laughter, get up and get out. If you belong to any church and the preacher does not regularly tell the people to repent, get up and get out!

Strange Fire in the Churches

My Dear Ones, the strange fire has invaded many churches; and what seems to be the miraculous is nothing but demonic.  Most of the churches are so utterly corrupt that the Spirit of God is not a part of them.

More than eight years ago, I visited the congregation of a small Pentecostal church in this town and as I sat watching the two preachers, I saw two columns of yellow/orange fire come down from the ceiling and enter into the two Pentecostal preachers. That was the strange fire of Satan, for the Spirit of God is not yellow/orange, but a brilliant white light!

That church had a black ring around the inside of the whole church; and this black ring was a curse, which the people had brought upon that church because of their running around in the church. Yes, they were literally running around inside the church, like someone at a jogging track, or better said, “running like wild animals”, running outside of the rows of seats and back up in the front of the church: a demonic show that few could imagine! The preacher over this church regularly warns his people against me!  Wonder why?

The Lord’s Punishment!

Our Saviour taught me a great lesson about going to that church. I was not to sit among them! Black, stinky, furry demons, like pigs, followed me out of that church; and I had to pray against these demons for the better part of a week to get rid of them.  That was our Saviour’s punishment to me for my going into that swine pit. 

One Clean Soul!

But, one thing about that church experience still sticks in my mind! As I looked around in that church, I saw one person, who had a clean, white spiritual robe.  At that time, I also wondered why there was only one soul in that whole church, who was clean spiritually.

Get up and Get Out!

Our Saviour has now given this warning to the one, or two, clean ones, who sit in such hog wallows! “Get up and get out.” Get up and get out now! Do not wait! Get up and get out now! If you spiritually clean ones do not get up and get out now, you will share in the punishments of the wicked ones, who will not repent! For, by your very presence in their midst, you are in agreement with their spiritual hog-wallows. Judgment is upon the House of the Lord!

Dear Souls, Turn to our Saviour with your Whole Heart!

Are you spiritually hungry, but cannot get fed? Do you really long for our Saviour, but cannot find Him? Then, fast and pray! Study the Bible and call out to our Saviour in prayer until He fills you with His spirit. He will feed you! He will hear your cries! He will answer your cries, but be persistent; for He also tries and tests us! Be persistent!

Whose Fault is it?

The People want to hear the good things!

The churches in this nation are overwhelmingly corrupt.  There are few, which are not utterly polluted.  The people have itching ears and the preachers delight in telling them what they want to hear.

Few find the Strait and Narrow!

They don’t want it!

The Way into eternal life is the Strait and Narrow. There is not another way.  If you love the world and what is in it, you are not on the Strait and Narrow. If you will not give up mind control television and movies, which are full of sex and violence, you will not inherit the Kingdom of our Saviour.

Isaiah 33:14-15.   …Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with the everlasting burnings? He that walketh uprightly, he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil.

Who is that devouring fire? The devouring fire is our Saviour! None will be in the presence of our Saviour, who does not live righteously and obey Him.  None will be in His presence, who likes to oppress others! 

Well, that one, oppressing others, immediately shuts out a lot of people, who have tried to destroy these prophetic works! I remind you of the huge numbers, who have mocked me and these works, who have oppressed me with their hate and smear campaigns; and they sit in churches, calling themselves “faithful,” “preachers,” and “prophets,” among other so-called callings.

Many have also come to rip me off through their “hired” work on this land, as they have believed the lies, which some so-called servants of God, have spread about me.

You oppressors are only kidding yourselves! Your place is in the burning flames of hell! You will not stand in the presence of our Saviour unless you repent of your great evils! Go back and read the above words of the prophet, Isaiah!

None, who takes bribes of any kind, will be in the midst of that devouring fire.  None will be in His presence, who turn a blind ear to the shedding of blood, or who shuts the eyes to the seeing of evil. 

Television and Movie Addicts Headed into Hell!

The television and movie watchers have overwhelmingly put knives into their own backs! Television and movie addicts will not enter into the presence of our Saviour!  All television and movie addicts, addicts of violent video games, or those, who love to behold violence as in violent sports, will not enter into our Saviour’s presence!

You are only kidding yourselves! Our Saviour has warned us; and I have been giving you His warnings for ten, or more years. Give up the perverted television box. Stop watching movies. Movies and television are not only full of sex and violence, but also full of subliminal mind control messages. This is common knowledge these days! Television is, for a fact, the number one mind control tool of Satan in the whole world!”

His Watchmen are blind: they are ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs, which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow, shall be as this day, and much more abundant.

Messianic Jewish Lamb and Lion Ministries, tell me that it is not still going on! More than three years ago, a brother told me personally that he left your group in Oklahoma because, according to him, you were having alcoholic parties on the weekend and whooping it  up under the guise of church business! What do you say for yourselves?

So-called prophet, Chuck Johnell, tell me that it is not so! Someone from your group told me that you are telling the people what television programs to watch and that you are picking lottery numbers for your flock, telling them that Jesus told you to! Chuck, apparently you do not see the errors of you ways! You are too busy calling me “false prophet.”

Woe, woe to those, who tell the people what they want to hear and will not cause them to repent! The false and profane has invaded the House of the Lord and it is going to be cleaned up in a very great way! You have been warned, again!

Precious, Little Sheep! The Wolves are Plenteous!

Stay close to Jesus! He loves you greatly!

Dear Souls, I know that some of you truly love our Saviour. Sadly, you have almost nowhere to turn!  The churches have overwhelmingly made a mockery of our Saviour. The prophets are full of the good-sounding words and the profane has invaded the House of the Lord.  My heartfelt warning to you is to draw very close to our Saviour and to stay there.  Stay far from the double-minded and the hypocrites!  Come out of the lukewarm churches and re-dedicate your life to our Saviour.

The Two Kingdoms in the Earth!

This nation is going down fast, but so are the nations of the world.  This whole world, as we know it, is coming apart at this seams; but something new is coming into the earth, and it is the Kingdom of our Saviour! But, even so, Satan’s kingdom is now taking over the world!

Daily, you are either choosing the Kingdom of our Saviour, or Satan’s kingdom.  You will not have one foot in both kingdoms. If you have not believed what I have written about my own sufferings and persecutions because of having the holy, little manchild, then perhaps you will believe another. I will post this woman’s account of what it is like the have the holy, little son of light and fire, but firstly, I will share one more important vision with you!

Terrible earthquake Vision

It was on the night of the 9th of December; and I was in bed, but felt restless and was having trouble going to sleep.  It was late, well past 11:00 PM and I called a friend, who was also up late and doing work.  We felt the need to pray; and as I was praying I saw something so strange in the Spirit; but I could not understand what I saw. 

There came in that vision a round, black, ball-like intrusion; and I was so puzzled about the nature of this “thing.”  For, as this intrusion entered into the vision, I saw that it hit the side of a mountainous area and there followed a great cracking, a literal blasting and pulverization of the hills, the rocks and all that was within them. 

I told my friend that I was so puzzled by what I was seeing and feeling that this must be one of their terrible, Satanic, warring weapons. We both wondered about the creation of some sort of “antimatter,” for lack of a better explanation.  But, whatever it was, it was most assuredly a force, a very dark force, which ripped the land asunder and caused a massive earthquake.

A Terrible Earthquake Is Being Planned for the West Coast!

I continued to pray, and was back in the Spirit once more, seeking to know where this great earthquake was taking place; and though I was not given a specific location, it seemed to be north of Washington State, perhaps even up into Canada, along the Pacific coastline, though, as I said, I could not see the exact location, but the general location. Oh, what great destruction! Yet we are absolutely powerless. Only our Saviour can help us!


Repent, repent, repent! 

Our Saviour hears the cries of the repentant heart!

But, our Saviour can help us; and He will! There is nothing too great for Him. Glory to Jesus, Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings!  He is our Saviour and He will save His people. 

Make your hearts right with Him. Repent and get clean spiritually.  Be obedient to Jesus, our Blessed Saviour; and see what HE will do for you!  For, through His many judgments upon the wicked and unrepentant sinners, He will hear the cries of His people!

The following letter is printed with the permission of Elizabeth M. Caro. She has also given me permission to use her real name.  I hope that her very true words touch the hearts of many.

A letter from a Sister,

She has the Holy Little Son of Light and Fire

November 21, 2011

Dear Ms. Newkirk,

Where do I start? Thank you for your bravery, faith and love of God. I don’t know how you have persevered through these horrors much less for 42 months and counting.  I absolutely know that you could not have survived through this without faith and love of Him. (My comments: Darling, today, December 10, 2011, is the 67th month birthday of the holy, little child of light and fire. LN)

In the last five months, I have endured a lot of the same things.  The Father showed me your website days before they started.  As I read Book Twelve, I kept thinking to myself that this is true.

I have experienced endless popping through the walls and for years that they have been coming into my house.  I bought and made orgone to help keep them at bay and for a while it worked, I thought. I believed that they were only remote viewing me, not knowing they had the technology of using a space within a space.  They have poisoned my dog, hit me with microwave weapons, heart attack weapons, put chip implants in me and now wired me up daily and yet, I’m still here.  I think He has given me His Little Man Spirit because now they fill me up with wires and liquid metal and it lasts for hours, then they start all over again. (My comments: How blessed you are to have “His Little Man Spirit!” LN)

Now, they have resorted to their relentless jabs to every part of my body. I feel like a pin cushion and my body if starting to look like a spotted pickle.  It must be some kind of substance to create electrical current. You would think they would give up seeing that it doesn’t stop my praying but, they are either real stupid, or just hell bent on trying to create torture. (My comments: the forced entry of the foreign objects into one’s body causes brown scars.  These scars will soon fade, only to be replaced with other brown scars.  This is why you have the spotted pickle effect. LN)

I’m tired of this Battle! Everyday it is a challenge to shower and sit in front of a vanity mirror. They like it when you are stationary and vulnerable. I have forgotten what it feels like to just do what everyone takes for granted. My son and husband just think I’m crazy. I tell them very little since they can’t even see the truth of the simplest things.  I try to act as normal as possible when everything around me is anything but this. (My comments: I know, Sweetheart.  This is a very difficult path. But, even so, remember that you are exceedingly blessed. Do not blame them for what they cannot understand. It is hidden from them.  LN) 

I live in a world that no one sees or understands. Who would want to believe this even if they could understand?

It is too horrific and unbelievable.(My comments:  we fight not against the flesh alone, but truly against satanic powers and principalities, which are too terrible for words.  Their ways are not our ways and their weapons would not be in the hands of humans if they had not sold their souls to Satan. Unfortunately, for us, the humans also have their terrible weapons.  But, be of good cheer; for your suffering has a finite number of days.  If you are like me, you will most assuredly thank our Blessed Saviour for the passage of every day and for His divine intervention to keep you and to carry you through in victory. LN)

I have been doing Divine Will prayers, “The Hours of Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ” for well over ten years now and because of the lateness of the hour, I have increased the amount to the whole book a day.  It saves a soul for every word that is said, but is an endless fight to get through it. They obviously don’t like saving souls for Yahusua. (My comments: I do not know of these prayers. LN)

Needles and lasers to the eyes, shoulders, head, electrical shocks, you name it, it’s done. Oh, how my faith has been tested!

I don’t understand why He does not protect us from these assaults. Why is it necessary to go through this?  I am not like you that I can see them all the time but He did allow me to see the Military man go through the bedroom window and the Big Hairy Creature standing next to the bed before it all started.  I do see them sometimes out of the corner of my eye. I guess this was given for confirmation that I’m not just crazy.  He had me make two orgone wands a few months prior to things starting and I am able to kill and protect myself while awake but the night and sleep are still difficult.  I don’t know what He has done to these wands seeing that the orgone doesn’t stop them from coming in but I appreciate them nevertheless. (My comments: the orgone will not stop them.  We cannot fight them. We have no power over their terrible technologies. So, we must continually die to selves and to things of this world and keep our Saviour at the forefront of our lives.  We truly must love Him above all.  He must be the love of our lives; for all, who receive the holy little children of light and fire are then married to Him.  So, be of good cheer, Dear Soul, and always know how blessed you are regardless of what they do. LN)

How does one fight against Fallen Angels, Principalities, Dominions and the countless hoards of demonic people and creatures they create?

I want to give up every day amidst the tears.  I’ve never felt so alone as I do now.  I don’t know how to do anything but just keep going on with the hope that this too shall pass.  Forgive me for rambling, knowing that you withstood all of this and more for years.  I should not complain for these five months of Hell when you have had it much worse and a lot longer.

Nothing makes any sense these days and days just move from one to the other. I’m tired and just want to go home where nothing can hurt me. (My comments: Praise the Mighty King of Kings. Glorify His Holy Name. How blessed you are to be counted worthy to be persecuted and tortured for love of Him. Thank Him for all things. Rejoice and be glad. He will help you; and He is the Only One, who is able to.  Big hugs, Dear One.  I love you very much. LN)

Obviously, they don’t seem to be able to kill me although, not for the lack of trying.  He doesn’t give me answers to the thousands of questions but “soon and not much longer” and of course, his not long could be years.  How I wish this was just a bad dream and I could wake up!

My name if Elizabeth M. Caro… (Some identifying information deleted) I don’t want to bother you. I know you probably have your own problems but if you have a little time to write or call I would appreciate it. Please feel free to call collect or I can return your call so as to not incur any cost.  Again, thank you for your love and willingness to give so much.

Your friend,

Elizabeth M. Caro

Glory to our Mighty King forever and ever! I am so delighted to know that some of you are receiving these holy sons of light and fire.  I must add here also that Elizabeth told me of two very important dreams. As she greatly travailed beneath so much pain and suffering and was crying out to the Lord, He gave a dream to her son.  In that dream, her son was shown that there is a “baby” which needs to be protected. And, as she continued to travail and to call out to our Lord, He gave another dream to a different relative with a similar message about protecting a baby.  If I need to make corrections about these dreams, please let me know, Elizabeth. From these dreams, Elizabeth came to understand that she has received a holy, little babe of light and fire, the holy seed light child of Revelation Twelve.   

I have spoken with Elizabeth twice and have received another letter from her! I have been so delighted to know her and to speak with her; and I am also delighted to speak with any of you, who are suffering such terrible persecutions and tortures for the love of our Mighty Saviour.

These terrible trials can be overwhelming, our isolation so intense and the rejection of others so humiliating.  It is suffering, which is poured upon suffering.  How great is this road of suffering and travail and despair!

I can only say to you, Elizabeth and to each of you, that I have written these many chapters of this journey, so that you would know in advance about these most wonderful works of Revelation Twelve and have knowledge of the Holy Little Son of Light and Fire.

But, I have also written of these terrible tortures and persecutions so that you would know of them and learn to recognize these terrible and other worldly weapons when they are used against you.

I have warned you through my own sufferings, so that you would not give up in your despair when these terrible trials come upon you, but that you would recognize this very Strait Way, the road into eternal life. This is the road into salvation, a road of travail, despair and persecution, which the Bride must travel.

Therefore, Dear Ones, I have warned you that you must persevere, not falling down in despair, but rising up in praises to our Mighty Saviour, walking in praise and thanksgiving, being truly thankful for all things.

And, in the midst of your great suffering, remember how our Saviour was mocked, scorned, tortured and crucified for love of us. 

Therefore, may we all rejoice in the face of their terrible persecution and terrible weapons and not love life until our death, but if need be lay down our lives willfully and gladly for love of our Saviour, or for love of our Brother and Sisters. 

It is so extremely important that we have thankful hearts, which are full of praises for our Saviour, regardless of what evils others do to us. Remember these things that I tell you; for I have travelled this road of great persecution and even torture at the hands of the Satanists for more than ten years.

How blessed we are to be persecuted, tortured, mocked, scorned, ridiculed and debased for love of our Mighty Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings; and for love of humanity.

Glory to the Name of our Blessed Saviour! He is worthy! Worthy of all the praises and honor and glory forever and ever! Worthy is the Lamb of God! May we all sing His praises.

Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb!

I love you, Dear and Precious Ones!

Sending you some big hugs, Linda

PS I still have one more message to type and to share with you and will soon get this message to you soon.  But, for now, I hope that you have enjoyed your meat meal.

PPS The House of Prayer is going up nicely.  I thank each of you, who has helped me to get this far in the building of this House of Prayer and in the building of the office and small visitor’s area.  Our Precious Saviour surely blesses each of you.

There is still much to do; so I am thanking each of you in advance, who feels led to help financially with the work that remains to be done in this House of Prayer and in the development of this land. For, our Saviour will make this a campground, a place of refuge for His people in troubled times. The work that is being done here is the fulfillment of our Saviour’s promises in Book Five.

If you wish to help financially, please send to me at the following address:

Linda Newkirk

P.O. Box 17277,

North Little Rock, AR 72117


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