Chapter 86, PART I

The Satanic Sacrifice of Whitney Houston

And, the deaths of the Songbirds!

Greetings to you, Dear Ones! Blessed is the Name of our Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

I have been working on Chapter 86 for some weeks, but have been slow in finishing it for many reasons; and I will discuss some of these reasons with you when I post the rest of chapter 86.

I still have work to do on the rest of chapter 86, but as I feel so distressed about some truths, I am making these revelations part I of Chapter 86. My Dear Ones, I must bring to your attention some truths, which have become increasingly apparent to me. Indeed, these are some terrible tragedies!

Dear Ones, it is extremely clear to me that the death of Whitney Houston is a terrible satanic sacrifice.  The warning signs are there and are most evident in the very date that they chose to sacrifice her; and that date was a February 11, 2012, or 2-11-2012.   Here, you see three elevens. Firstly, the obvious eleven; and then the twenty-two, which is two elevens.  This makes three elevens. 11-11-11!

We should all be aware of the very fact that the Satanists are predictable in their heinous crimes against all of us; as they have repeatedly chosen certain dates on which to do their dastardly deeds, namely dates, which are multiples of eleven. And, these dates are even more important to them if they contain the number nine, which is also a six to them. Or, they will choose multiples of these numbers: nine and eleven. Sound familiar?

All that you must do is to go back and look at significant dates for their important assassinations, or satanic sacrifices; and you will see this number eleven, or its multiples, over and over again. You will see frequently also the number nine.

There is no doubt in my mind that the murder of Whitney Houston was one very great Satanic sacrifice.  And, through that sacrifice, the evil culprits were guaranteed a huge reward for their works.  For, that sacrifice would be honored through the mouths of many of Hollywood’s elite. It would occur on the eve of the Grammy Awards; and would be instantly televised around the world.  That sacrifice would guarantee an immediate surge in the money making sales of her recordings and would be instant cash for her killers, for now, and possibly for many months to come.

It should be no secret to any of us, that due to her downward spirals, she would be more important to them, dead, rather than alive!  So, who would benefit from her death?   And, what powers would Satan give to them for her killing, which would bring nationwide acclaim to him also, at least among the Satanists? What a sick and demented monster!

It is good that many take the time to look beyond the obvious and to search for the real culprits.  As I understand it, Whitney Houston was scheduled to sing within very few hours.  And, she was looking forward to her own comeback in the music industry. Does it make any sense that she was overdosing on drugs, only a few hours before her important engagement? Is this what they would have us believe? Or, will they come up with another wild explanation? Either way, the numbers speak another story!

Yet, others, on seeing her decline, which was due to drugs, and on seeing the significant impairment of her singing voice, would surely have motive to carry out such a high-level sacrifice. This covert sacrifice would be seen by millions upon millions; and in her death, there would be an increase in her music sales, in perhaps even more record-breaking ways.

So, my Dear Ones, the date of 02-11-2012 needs to stick in your mind as a very great example of Satanic handiwork.  Sadly, it seems that in one of her most recent duets, she was singing “Jesus loves me.”  Were these rabid Satanists also afraid that she may return to her roots, to gospel singing?  Only our Lord and God knows!

What is happening to the songbirds?  Sound familiar?  First, we witnessed the killing of many of the songbirds through their hideous weapons of mass destruction. Remember the mass sightings of the dead songbirds. In some that were found, it seemed that their insides had exploded! Was the killing of these birds really a hidden announcement for the planned killing of their human songbirds? Now, we still ask, “Who is killing the songbirds?”

Recently, we have surely witnessed what may be a series of satanic killings of high profile human songbirds.  Whitney Houston is one of several, who comes to mind.  Amy Winehouse is another example. She was reportedly last seen in July 22, 2011, or 7-22-2011.  See the number 22. That is two elevens.  Then, see the obvious eleven, plus a nine.  Seven plus two is a nine. So, in the death of Amy Weinstein, we have a nine and a triple eleven, or 9-11-11-11.

Was Amy Winehouse murdered?  Was she also becoming a liability for her users and abusers? These satanic numbers are telling their own story!

Likewise, let’s take a look at the death of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, or 06-25-2009.  This one is a little more complex, but let’s take a look at these numbers, as we now understand that the Satanists like to do their evil sacrifices on days, in which the number eleven is prominent, and/or the number nine is also prevalent. And, if there is a 9-11 on the date of their killings, all the more important for these, who love murder and mayhem! So, on the date of Michael Jackson’s death, we see firstly a 6+5 and this is a hidden eleven. Then, there is a 22, another double eleven. See the two twos. Then, we have a nine, which can also be a six.  So, we have a 9-11-11-11 event. And, we also see that the six, which is at the beginning, can also be a nine; and the nine, which is at the end, can also be a six. So, we have 66, or 99, which is either six elevens, or nine elevens. A big satanic blow-out date!

Oh, you might say, the evil doctor overdosed Michael Jackson!  Well, why would he want to kill the golden goose?  With Michael Jackson dead, he would not have such a lucrative job; and obviously he would be a suspect in the singer’s death!  Do you really believe that Michael Jackson’s doctor killed him?

Yes, I agree!  He had right to give him such a potent drug; and probably would have never considered such a thing, if the patient were any person, other than Michael Jackson. But, did this man kill Michael Jackson? I do not believe it.  Where is the motive?  Oh, you may say, this was an accidental overdosing!  And, this is easy to think, if you overlook the date on which Michael Jackson died!

Or, perhaps, you believe that Michael Jackson overdosed himself on drugs?  Why would he do this?  He was about to begin a world tour and reportedly he was regularly showing up for his rehearsals.  He, too, was about to make a comeback!  But, were Michael Jackson’s handlers beginning to consider him a liability? Too much baggage for too long!

Now, you may ask, “Who killed Michael Jackson?” If the doctor did not kill Michael Jackson; and Michael did not kill himself, who killed him!

Well, Dear Ones, do not be naïve!  For, we do not fight against flesh alone, but against powers and principalities of great darkness!  And, their technologies are not human technologies, yet humans are in possession of their technologies.

Those of you, who know me, or who know of me, have surely read of the many satanic assaults that I have suffered for more than ten years.  The Satanic assaults against me have been severe and more hideous than I could ever describe.  They have spared me nothing in their attempts to kill me and/or to discredit me in any way possible.  Sadly, many of you have believed their lies, but for your own good, you need to wake up to the truth.

For more than seven years, I have been aware of the abilities of those in the U.S. military, and also of those in other militaries, to travel in electromagnetic tubes and to make themselves invisible.

Through these terrible technologies, they can enter into one’s home, do their dastardly work, and then leave.  You will only hear some clicks in your walls and you may feel them as they prod and pierce your body, but you will be unable to do one thing about them, or about what they do.  Only our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, can save you!  Call upon Him; for in your time of trouble, He will save you! Only He can save anyone from the fatal effects of their terrible assaults!

These wicked terrorists of the worst kind can fill up one’s body with drugs, or other poisons, or with foreign substances, which do not even show up in X rays; and they can kill at will.  They can make any death appear to be a suicide, or a homicide. But, better for them, if the death is ruled as “suicide,” for then, few will have any questions. If they do have questions, who will answer the questions?  The case is closed!

My Dear Ones, after having suffered through so many years of the satanic and military assaults, I have learned more about them and their terrible technologies than I would ever care to write.  But, through all that they have done to me, they are unable to kill me. For, our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings has saved me. Precious is His Holy Name.

In years past, I have told of how these wicked military doctors have repeatedly entered into my house and have tried to kill me. And, their assaults are on-going! The following event, which took place in 2006, is but one such event!

One night, I awoke to see two doctors, who were standing at the foot of my bed and were injecting drugs into my body. (The Spirit of God caused me to see them; for they are regularly invisible, due to this terrible technology.  But, when the Spirit of God allows, they are surely visible.) On that night I saw that they had syringes and that they injected these drugs into my body. Immediately, the terrible tastes of these drugs filled up my mouth and rushed into my lungs. And, all I could say was, “Oh, Lord, Your will be done!” Yet, I did not die! I lived! Praises to our Mighty Saviour! Yet, that particular assault is only one of many thousands!  

So terrible have been the physical assaults, the emotional assaults, and the character assaults of these wicked Satanists! Yes, these wicked satanic hoards have done all in their power to kill me and to discredit me, but they have not won! 

But, they have not tortured me without reason and they have not persecuted me without reason.  They hate me more than they hate any person on the planet! But, why do they hate me so greatly?

On May 10, 2006, our Blessed Saviour gave me His holy, little son of light and fire, the holy manchild or Revelation Chapter Twelve.  On account of this holy son of our Saviour, they hate me! On account of the holy manchild of Revelation Twelve, they torture me and they persecute me! They slander my name and they do all in their power to destroy me!  And, through their terrible technologies, they have made us both their prisoners.  But, even so, I am exceedingly blessed!  Glory to our Precious Saviour forever and ever! He has never let me down!

You will find the true and unfolding story of Revelation Chapter Twelve on See Book Twelve.  Take your time and read it; and you will learn much. Then, you will probably agree that no one has ever suffered such terrible Satanic assaults, and has lived to tell about it. Yet, I claim no credit! Jesus is the Reason! Blessed is His Holy Name!   

I know how these beasts accelerate their tortures, their persecutions and all of their attempted murders on their eleven days. Look at the Satanic signatures on the deaths of these three singers. What do they all have in common? 11-11-11!

Sadly, we are witnessing the disappearing songbirds! Many call them “idols.”

Oh, Lord, have mercy on Your people!

Message from our Father in Heaven

February 12, 2012

“I will cast down your idols, Oh America!”

What does our Saviour have to say about these terrible sacrifices?  I tell you that these are His words to me; for even as I write this message to you, He is now speaking to me. He is saying to me, “My Little One, many will come and many will believe the lies of the Satanists. Many will fall under their control for money, power and showmanship. Yes, truly, many have already fallen to them! 

Now, I tell you these things, and be wise; for Satan is wise.  Satan is Lord over the entertainment industry. He is lord over illusion. He is lord over showmanship in the earth. He is lord over many singers and entertainers, who sell their souls to him. 

He has laid down his bait and they have swallowed his bait; and he has made them his slaves, either willingly, or unwillingly. But, now, he is calling in their numbers. 

He is gathering unto himself his own sacrifices.  You have seen it, my Blessed Child; and you have now warned them. For, I have stirred up your heart to witness such terrible truths.  The rampage is on; and this will only escalate.  He will have only those, who will bring him glory and who will glorify his purposes in the earth.”

“Yet, Father, these were glorifying his purposes through their drug use.”

“Even so, my Blessed Child, they were unstable cards in his house of the entertainment rulers.  They were all found to be living sacrifices, but these few are only a very few.  This great satanic sacrifice is escalating all over the world; and I have caused you to see but three.  However, if you look closely, you will regularly see such sacrifices!”

“Oh, Father, this is so sad! I am so grieved about all of this.”

“My Blessed One, then let one’s talent be to My honor, that I might be glorified in the earth; for if one will not honor Me, the Creator, with such talents, that one will then honor Satan!

How many want to be the next idol? And, in this, I am greatly angered!  For, I will cast down your idols, Oh America! And, I will cause them to be cast down in front of your very eyes. You, oh America, are a nation of idol worshipers, a nation of harlots and whoremongers. 

Yet, when your idols perish in front of your faces, you, knowing that I hate idol worship, love to tell that your idols are in heaven! 

You, oh wretched harlot nation of America, you are falling, even as your idols are falling.  Repent, oh you wicked nation; for my rod of fury is breaking across your very backbone.

Gone with the wind are your treasures, you harlot nation. I, and I Alone, am Most High; and besides Me, there is no God before You.  But, in your midst are gods of demons and devils, who shall deceive, even the elite, if it were possible. 

I am your Creator! I am your Father, oh My people Israel. I am your Father, oh you, who are grafted into the Vine. I, and I, alone am Most High; and I, and I, alone, am Saviour. 

Hear Me, oh you people, who languish in your great sins, My great judgments shall catch you unawares.  And, many of you will fall in the midst of your sins and you will not get back up again. 

Idol worship, I loathe!  Lying vanities, I loathe.  Where will you be when I say “never again?”  And, for many of you, this will sooner, rather than later. 

Repent, oh you harlot nation of America!  I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of February, 2012,

Linda Newkirk 


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