Chapter 86


Will there be two Satanic Sacrifices?

Is Mariah Carey’s life in danger?

Hello, Dear Souls!   Well, it seems that we have not seen the last of their satanic plot regarding Whitney Houston.  My friend, Mark, called me today, the 22nd of February, 2012, and asked me if I had “seen the latest.”  Well, whatever it was, I knew that I had not seen it as I had a busy day today.  So, yes, I was interested.

He went on to tell me that some information had emerged, which showed Clive Davis, Whitney Houston’s very wealthy music “handler;” as he entered through the back door of the funeral home, where Whitney’s body lay. Well, that in and of itself, was not so strange, but the strange phenomena were the two Egyptian coffins, which were parked outside, and on either side of the funeral home door entrance.

As I looked at that very bizarre video of this occult manifestation, some interesting memories came flooding back to my mind. And, that video was posted on  But, the memories went back to the time of Whitney’s death.  I believe that it was the day following Whitney Houston’s death, as I was reading some comments on a chat board when I saw reference to some strange “stuff” in a video of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.  Since I was most interested in her death at that time, I felt that I should look to see what strange “stuff” they were talking about. I do not know when this video was made, but this date may prove to be interesting! If you search YouTube, you should be able to find this video.

What I watched was very strange, indeed!  Firstly I saw Whitney come out on stage, and she was singing; and then I could hear someone else singing with her.  I would shortly see that this other person was Mariah Carey.  These two sang different lyrics and the singing was actually very discordant. I wondered why they chose to sing in such a terrible way! I saw that the two of them were both dressed in white gowns; and this also seemed very odd.   As they were coming to the end of their performance, the two of them began to sing in harmony, and also the background opened up and I could see the stage layout behind them.

Behind them were two curved stairways; and at first I did not think anything of this. But, towards the end of their singing, there came other singers and they took their places on a stage, which was fixed between the two curved staircases, but towards the back.  And, come to think of it, the curse of these two staircases might even suggest a woman’s uterus to some of the satanic types. Oddly, when these additional singers took their places, they formed a pyramid.  I believe that they were also dressed in white.  What were they saying symbolically? 

Twin Satanic Sacrifices!

Who’s next?

At that moment, I was wondering about the nature of the satanic message, which was being imparted!  I began to feel that the whole video must have been about Whitney’s coming satanic sacrifice, but as I also looked at Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, both of them dressed in white, almost like twins, I also wondered if there would be a twin sacrifice. Could these two, who were dressed in white, also represent a number eleven? Do the wicked ones intend to have a double Satanic sacrifice?

Also, I can only wonder about the twin curved staircases and whether Whitney and Mariah did, in fact, come down the two sets of stairs.  Through these twin staircases, are the wicked ones saying, “Those two are coming down, but as these two come down, we will raise up a pyramid of their copycats, and put one singer on top?” Is Jennifer Houston one of these copycat singers? Clive Davis reportedly stated some few hours before Whitney’s death, that Jennifer Hudson is the next “Whitney.” Will Jennifer Hudson now be put on top?  Do all of the pyramid singers represent the many singers, who have been birthed through the Whitney Houston voice? For, some have come forth and have said that they learned to sing by emulating Whitney Houston.  And, then comes Mariah Carey; and how many have also emulated her.  So, does the shape, which lies between the curved stairways, actually also represent a birth canal, or perhaps a uterus?  And, Satan owns them all!

We can have no doubt that in the month of February, Satan jump started his kingdom!  And, he jumpstarted it in a very great way, all over the world, through the satanic music industry! But, did he jumpstart it a little too soon?

As I lay in bed two nights past, as this is now the 24th day of February, 2012, and I was praying about this murder of Whitney Houston and the possibility of a double murder, what came to mind was “as above, so below;” and I am no expert in hidden Satanic symbolism.  But, as I thought of “as above, so below, I thought of the names of Whitney and Mariah; and this is what became so clear to me.




Do you see what I see???? As above, so below!  Do these two letters, the M and the W also represent two elevens?  I have read that somewhere; and it makes sense to me.   As we know, Whitney was killed below, in the earth, that is! Are they planning to kill Mariah above, as in an airplane crash?  As above, so below!

Today, I received an e-mail from a woman in South Africa.  She had a dream and then a vision to share with me. The Spirit of God showed me the meaning of her dreams. Firstly, I tell you that she had a vision of two giant black spiders, who were in a hanger.  She saw others, who were above them and preparing seating arrangements above as they planned to “fertilize” these two.  But, as English is not her native language, I do not think that she actually meant “fertilize,” but poison, as in kill with poisons. Why did she see them in a hanger? I believe that this hanger represents a place, like the gallows, a place of execution, for hanging, or killing.

These two spiders are no doubt to me, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey; and I feel that Mariah Carey’s life is in grave danger; and their attempts on her life could come any day.  Will they also seek to take her life through poisons?  But, how?  And, when?

Pray for Mariah Carey!  Dear Souls, there is more to come!

The Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us! Jesus is the Light of this very dark world. Precious is His Holy Name!

Linda Newkirk


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