Chapter Eighty Seven


“The Latter Rain Continues”

Greetings to you, Dear Ones! Precious is the Name of our Mighty Saviour, our Glorious Most High God, for He has given us another message. But, firstly I will tell you some information, which is very relevant to our Saviour’s message.

Yesterday morning, I received an e-mail from a precious sister in Africa.  This dear soul has suffered a lot in these past years and she has written to me from time to time.  And, although she has suffered very much, and continues to suffer greatly in a very wicked world, she has believed.  Precious is the Name of our Blessed Saviour; for He gives this wonderful gift of faith.

I will not repeat all of her e-mail, but only part of her e-mail, the part, which is also relevant to some of you.  And, I must tell you that I am deeply humbled as she has called me “woman of God” for some time. I feel so lowly and unworthy of this name, but I lay all at the feet of our Saviour as He knows all.  Praises to His Holy Name! These are her words:

“Woman of God, you have not heard from me in a while…

I had a dream yesterday. You were complaining that you did not hear from me, but you had some words for me that I did not hear. You were saying that you have a package for me from the Lord, our Saviour.  Woman of God, I hope you will give me some explanation to this dream.  All the glory to our heavenly Father. Blessed be His holy Name.  P…”

Yesterday, this was the first message that I received about these “heavenly” packages.  But, then I opened another e-mail and in this e-mail there was a message, which our Saviour had given to Susan Omara on the 23rd day of April of 2012.

In that message, our Saviour was telling Susan of the packages that the angels are either sending, or preparing to send. (I read this message very quickly, so forgive me if I do not remember all of the details.)  And, in our Saviour’s message to Susan, He is also telling of the disbelief, or lack of faith of the people. 

There was, of course, more to the message and you can find this message on her website, or perhaps her blog. But, the nature of the message is about these heavenly packages, the lack of faith of the people, and how this lack of faith is hindering the people from receiving these blessings.

Dear One, the Lord has given me visions in the past about these heavenly packages.  I cannot even recall the many visions that He has given to me about these “heavenly packages” and I have not written about most of these visions, but I can assure you that He has given me many visions about them. In all visions, I knew that these holy, little men children, who are to come down, are in these “heavenly packages.”  We have waited for about 17 months for Him to send down this “holy seed.”

When did I know about these “holy seed?”

The birthing of the manchild had been foretold in a dream, which our Saviour gave to a brother in August of 2010; and true to His word, and even as our Saviour had revealed to this man in his dream, the holy manchild was born in the desert on October 13, 2010. But, that birthing process began on October 10, 2010.

Shortly after the manchild was born, I saw him outside of me; and he was full of light and fire. And, shortly after that time, perhaps some very few weeks later, I saw the holy manchild and he was standing at the end of my sofa. He had a pouch in front of him, much like a Kangaroo’s pouch, and in that pouch, I saw many very small babies. They were so tiny, almost like embryos.

Within some very few days, I saw this holy little son of light and fire again. He was standing in my doorway, our Saviour was standing beside him, and the holy little son had in his hands a very great serving tray.

On that serving tray were large numbers of very tiny babies. They had been delivered. They, too, had been born. They were indeed, all very tiny; and they were about to go up and into heaven. 

Another brother dreamed of these babies, and in his dream, he saw many babies; and they were going upwards, as if travelling on a conveyor belt. Some of these babies were larger than others, but the important thing is that they were all going up.  Through this man’s dream, our Saviour was giving us another confirmation that these holy little men children, these holy seed, were being carried into heaven!

And, up in Heaven, the angels have been very busy in preparing these precious, little children of light and fire for their return into the earth, that they might take up their place within the faithful ones.

So, dear ones, we have watched and we have waited for a very long time. We have waited for about 17 months since these holy seed went up. And, now they are being released in great measure.

And, relative to this number, seventeen, the Lord has told me that chapter 17 will always be the last chapter in this book. And, now He tells me that we have come to a new page. And, that new page began on the 10th day of April of 2012. That tenth day of April is also the 17th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar.

So, at this time, the Lord is releasing the first measure of these holy babes of light and fire. But, truly many are not spiritually ready to receive these holy seed. Is this first measure of these holy seed the only measure to be released? No! Remember this Scripture.

“Another parable spake he unto them; the kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.” Matthew 13:33

This “holy leaven” represents the precious little seeds of light and fire. And, the meal represents the faithful ones, who will receive this holy leaven! For, many will receive this holy leaven before our Saviour returns in the clouds.

Therefore, before the end, when our Saviour comes in the clouds, this “holy leaven” will be released in three separate amounts, at three separate times. And, we are now at the time of the first great release. There remain two more great releases of these holy seed; for during these terrible and lean years, many will repent and humble themselves before our Lord and God. Blessed is the Name of Our Mighty Saviour; for He is full of love, mercy and grace; and He forgives! Jesus forgives and Jesus saves!

My Dear Ones, we have waited and we have longed for this very great number of these holy, little babes of light and fire to be released from Heaven. And, although some very few of you already have this holy seed, you are few in the whole earth.

Yet, others of you, because you cannot see what is happening, you have fallen into disbelief. Yesterday, I saw the holy, little manchild and he had a very serious countenance.  I wondered why he seemed so quiet and was in deep thought. Usually, He is so happy! So, I asked him if he would tell me what is troubling him. Then, He told me that many are in disbelief about what is happening at this time.

Many do not believe that these holy seeds of light and fire are being released from Heaven! They do not believe that this is the beginning of the Latter Rain.

This is another confirmation to the words that our Saviour gave to Susan Omara. And, today, I received another e-mail from a precious friend of mine; and she also told me that others, even among the faithful ones, are falling into disbelief.

Do not allow this disbelief to settle into your heart.  Repent of this and come before our Lord, even as a little child, that you might enter into the Kingdom of our God.

Read on!  These are our Saviour’s words to each of us!

The Latter Rain

The Precious Pearls

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.  This is a very short message to you and to My people. Add this message as an addendum to the last message. These are My words to My people.

Hear Me, oh My Blessed Ones; for I have begun a work, a very great work indeed!  I have released the holy seed to My 144,000, but since that time, I have also released My holy seed to many of My pearls.

This process of the release of these holy seed is on-going.  But this process will not be extended for many more days; only for some days. Therefore, if you wait and if you long and if you truly love Me and if you wonder about all that I say, draw very close to Me. Stay in prayer and stay in that holy place; for this holy seed will come to some of you when you expect it least.

And, some of you, who do know what is happening, who do wait, may not yet have this holy little manchild seed; but do not despair. Do not give up! For, this process will continue for some very few weeks.

But this is not all.  This process will not end with a whimper, but will end with a bang!  A bang in My works and a bang in the world!

For, at this time “ the wheels within wheels,” My holy son, who is within My servant, Linda Newkirk, extends within the whole earth, and he moves slowly.  He moves slowly as if he is walking. And, he is only now walking.  But, very shortly, he will not be walking, but running.

He will be running, and his speed will only accelerate. And, as he accelerates in his movement, he draws into himself more of My fire and more of My power and light.

 And, as he draws into himself more of My power, light and fire, he distributes more of this power, light and fire, into the holy seed, who is within each of you. But, this is My power; and hold onto My promises.

This process will not end with a whimper, but with a very great announcement to the whole world, that My kingdom is now in the earth.

And, I will make free My servant, Linda Newkirk. I will set her free. And, you will see and you will know that she is your spiritual mother, and that she has paid a very great price for love of you!  For, freedom comes on My wings to her.

Hear Me now; for a wonder is yet to come. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of April, 2012,

                                                                              Linda Newkirk

Who are the pearls? In years past, our Saviour has shown me these pearls.  I have seen large numbers of pearls in His hands; and He has told me of these precious pearls. These precious pearls are the faithful ones, the spiritually clean ones, who love the Lord greatly. They are not part of the 144,000, but they are faithful; and He greatly loves these beautiful pearls.   Glory to the Name of our Lord and God forever and ever! His kingdom come and His will be done in the earth as it is in Heaven!

Sending my heartfelt love to you all, linda                     



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