Chapter Nine



“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My little One, you know my great love for you and you know that I fight your battles. You know that I do for you what you cannot do for yourself. And, you know, as well, My Little One, that I have called you and I have sent you into the Earth at this time for very specific works, and that these works are similar to those works of many of My servants, yet also different. For, few have I called to travel the interdimensional spaces and to do My work in opening up such a portal in this world for My own uses and purposes.

So, when you write of this work, which involves these portals and space and time, many do not understand! But, Satan understands and his evil followers in governments all over the Earth understand; for they travel these, most often at the expense of the holy seed, whose DNA will allow such travel between planes! So, in this work and through this work, they have enslaved the holy seed for a long time, drugging them and killing many in the process of forcing them through these portals in order to serve as their guides. For, their frequencies are so low and their DNA so perverted that they could never get off the Earth without the slave labor of the holy seed. And, these things I have shown you before and you know well of what I speak; for you are but one of Mine, whom they have repeatedly kidnapped, drugged and forced into such work, without your conscious knowledge, will or permission. Then, once finished with each of you, they erase your memories of your slave work. But, these horrendous things are not erased before Me; for I have seen it all! All is recorded!

My Child, you are Mine and have always been Mine, even when you were lost and in rebellion. I love you greatly, and have always loved you greatly, as I love each of you. For, I created you all, even those, who love evil and who do great evil!

Realize, My Child, that the very fact that I have called you to My work in opening My portal is a source of great wrath for Satan and his world government. For, they have believed erroneously to have absolute and total control over all of these portals in this Earth! So, naturally they hate you greatly and have tried to kill you and/or to destroy you any way they could!

My Child, you will remember that with My Book Ten completed, I told you at that time that My warnings through you to this nation were all but over with and you understood it! My Little One, you have suffered greatly because of the work that I have given you to do; for Satan has been constantly after you for three solid years, never letting up at all!

I sent you to South Africa for a very specific work, which was unknown to you at the time that you went, but obviously not unkown to Me, that you are the Woman of Revelation, Chapter 12, and that you would do work there, which would lay the groundwork for the establishment of My Kingdom in the Earth! And, Satan, seeing what you were up to, was very wroth with you! Oh, he was furious and the leaders of several nations came together to stop you! Satan abducted, drugged and repeatedly mind controlled certain ones in the South African church group and organized them well against you, to defeat you and to destroy you in South Africa and elsewhere! He dogged you up and down the world and has kept you surrounded with his saucers and his antigravity machines to the point of total surveillance 24 hours a day! He has repeatedly abducted you, drugged you and subjected you to mind control in order to weaken you and to break you!

These evil ones tried to program you to kill yourself or to kill someone else; but they failed on all occasions; for I saw all, My Little One, and when you sought Me, which has been so very often, I showed you the blocks of information, which they put into your subconscious, and I helped you remove them all! Then, Satan, seeing that this was not working, filled your body with implants, so as to torture you and to break you!

All the time, he pummelled you with microwaves and lasers in his great wrath against you! For, I sent you, My Child, to help shut down the interdimensional portals, which he and his were accessing! Seeing this, they abducted you more and tried to force you to open these portals, but they failed in this as you have neither the keys, nor the power to do so! And, seeing this, he was all the more angry and put more implants into you and tortured you more and beamed you more, scarring your whole body with burns and with the surgeries, all to break you, to weaken you and to control you!

But, he did not succeed! For, I sent my angels to minister to you, and to heal these terrible burns and to remove most of these implants via divine surgery. Through it all, My Child, I have held you in the palm of My hand. I have never left or forsaken you through these great trials and tests! And, I know that you have often wondered “why,” and I tell you, My Child, that this is prophecy being fulfilled. As the Woman of Revelation 12, this has been required of you and has been determined in advance!

But, you have not given up, My Little One, even though the persecution and torture has been great and you have faced Satan and his evil hoards alone, night after night, and day after day, as they have never left you! This has been your great test, your great trial, even as My Son was tested and tried! And, now comes your great victories, My Little One!

Just as no human hand could have taken from or shortened My Son’s trials, none could have taken away, or shortened your trials! Three years under the foot of Satan was long ago determined for you and these years, you have now completed!

You well remember My warning to you three years ago in January of 2003, wherein I told you to study the Book of Daniel and to get these words in your heart! And, you, My Child had a great dread in the pit of your stomach; for you sensed the terrible times ahead! But, in no way could I have prepared you for what you have had to face! For, Satan literally came after everyone, who was close to you and he picked them up and mind controlled them all and it worked on most of them, as they believed the lies, which Satan put in their minds against you! And, in so doing, he used your own family to try to put you in a mental hospital, believing that he would succeed and he would then be able to totally mind control you and to use you totally for his purposes!

This was, of course, after many attempts on your life, literally dozens of them, and most of them, you are totally unaware of! He used those, who were once your friends and family to try to destroy your credibility, to spread lies and disinformation about you, so that these works would then be destroyed! But, you did not give up, My Child, but wrestled these works out of the hands of your soon-to-be ex-husband, Dennis, as he was but a tool of Satan and out to totally destroy these works! And, his soul shall be damned, save he repents of this evil, along with the rest of those, who viciously attacked you without reason, and thereby became Satan’s henchmen!

But, when you came back to the States, My Little One, you begged Me for more warnings for this nation. At that time, you told Me that you would go through whatever trials that you must face, to be able to continue on with these works! I knew that you would say these things to Me, but I also knew what trials you would face, all alone and continually in the face of Satan!

But, my heart rejoiced, My Child, that you were not content to take an easy path, but to stand up to Lucifer and to stand up to all of this henchmen, who were also once your friends, but under mind control of Lucifer, and knowing it not, had done his bidding to destroy you!

But, his mind control did not work on a few and a few have remained your true friends, for their hearts have been full of a true love for Me, My Son and for you! And, their minds could not be controlled to betray you! Now, many would find what I say to you totally unacceptable and incomprehensible! Why would he do such things, employ leaders of nations, and expend literally billions of dollars to fight you and to destroy you!

Obviously, there is a very big reason; and you are not just any ordinary citizen of Arkansas. You are the long-awaited White Buffalo Calf Woman, whom the Native Americans have awaited for many hundreds of years! And, this White Buffalo Calf Woman is also the Woman of Revelation Chapter 12, who was also the woman, who gave birth to My Son, Jesus, Yahshua. This, My Child, I have shielded from you all these years, all in order to protect you as long as I could; for I knew what would befall you in the last days. But, Satan has known; for he has been able to see into time! Yet, as long as you were lost, you would certainly not fulfil this purpose and all would be lost, or so he thought! But, he did not know that I love you so much that I would send My Son, Moses, to teach you, and Satan did many things to interfere with this! Satan has put huge roadblocks in your path, terrible obstacles, and you were only a spiritual baby, having been lost and in need of much training, in order to grow!

Therefore, I removed you from the churches and I taught you, Myself, through My own Spirit! Yet, your life has been one of great travails since My Son visited you in 1987, and shortly thereafter guided you back into My light, wherein your spiritual gifts were restored. But, truly, My Child, no one would line up for your work! How many true friends do you have? How many in your earthly realm would want to walk a single day in your shoes? How many would want to lie down in the face of Lucifer and get up in his face? How many would want to suffer the losses that you have endured, all for love of Me, love of My Son and even for the love of those, who have abused you, mistreated you and despised you?

But, even so, this is the way of the world! And, one is blessed indeed to have two true friends, who will not leave or forsake one when times get difficult. So, truly, My Little One, you are blessed above all women as I have told you long ago; but at that time, you knew it not and you understood it not! But, I do want you to understand this, My Child, to receive it; for I know that you struggle with it; for in your mind, you are a lowly sinner, delivered only because of grace! You think lowly of yourself, My Little One; for you only see a small part of the picture, that is that you have been persecuted, burned and tortured for love of Me and My Son, but in your heart, My Child, you feel lowly, unworthy of My great love, unworthy of My great blessings.

But, you are worthy, worthy as I, Myself, have called you to go through this very suffering! If you were not worthy, you would not have made it through three years of Daniel experiences! But, you have made it!

Now, My Little One, comes victory over Satan and victory over all of your enemies and this great victory began in a great way today! For, Satan, not believing My powerful words of the 24th of January, 2006, decided to put more implants into you as you slept in a motel, even in the light of day! He put them into your left hand, into your arms, your cranial nerves and other places to torture you and to cause you pain! But, it is as I told Him! I now have My feet on this Earth and also for his total defeat!

So, today, My Child, your victory is sweet, as I brought you with Me to a very special place, called hyperspace and I showed you therein all the open doors, and I, myself, began closing these doors, but the very last door, I allowed you to close and to lock; for they have tortured you so via their abilities to use hyperspace!

So, this one great deed I gave to you, but before I allowed you to close this great door and to lock it forever to them, this being one great door, which leads to many, I Myself, took three of Satan’s large saucers three among those, whose inhabitants have tortured you so and I threw them into hyperspace and told you to shut the door on them, wherein they all perished! They blew up and one left behind began to yell to you, to blame you and to accuse you of destroying two of their crafts, but there were three large ones destroyed at this point.

But, not just these, but all, who were on any part of this planet, who were in hyperspace, when I slammed these doors, and in so doing I essentially sealed their fate! They all perished! And, I tell you, My Child, that these were many and Satan will rue the day that he did not listen to my warnings to Him; for indeed my great judgement against Him has been without further warning. It has been final and greatly devastating to him and to his forces. Indeed, he lost a very big chunk of his kingdom today!

Too bad for Satan, My Child, that he chose to implant you further and to torture you after I warned him; for he lost in a very, very big way today and all this is so, My Child, first and foremost because of his great persecution and torture of you, wherein he had such successes, or so he thought, that he and his got very arrogant! They got very proud and haughty, believing that I would not do such as thing to them! But, it is now done and I am going to reduce Satan to a common man with supernatural abilities! He will no longer be prince of the air, for without hyperspace abilities within the Earth, all of this saucers amount to nothing more than fancy airplanes!

My Little One, this is your victory, my great victory to you, and but one for agreeing to go through such terrible persecution for love of Me, My Son and for love of your fellow brothers and sisters. For, because of Satan’s great persecution of one of My Loved Ones, via hyperspace over such a long period of time, I am justified in this great judgement and also now bring this great victory to you! And, as I have told you just now, your three years of back-to-back Daniel experiences are now coming to an end.

This was decided long ago and has been required of you, and you, My Little One, have been faithful in the discharge of your duties! You are blessed, My Little One, and you are truly blessed above all women; for you are Woman of Revelation 12, the White Buffalo Calf Woman. And, it makes no difference whether another soul believes it, but you must believe it, My Child, for in My Kingdom, you are my Queen! May all receive the truth and may all go in love and honor for Me, My Son and for one another! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of January, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Well, my Dear Ones, I do not know what all of this entails, but when I came out of the motel room this morning, there was only one saucer in the sky! But, last night when I went out to get dinner around 10:30 PM, there were military craft in the sky, flying low and also one saucer, which was beaming me, which I was waiting at the drive up window. These laser beams were making pock marks in the windshield of the car, so know that when they go through your body, they can create great pain!

This is proof that I am a walking miracle from day to day, as the war against me has been great and they have lasered me all over my body and have repeatedly burned me with microwaves. Blessed is the Name of our Father, Yahweh, for He has kept me alive against great odds!

As I was leaving the motel this morning, a saucer followed me and kept beaming the car with lasers! Then, I began to pray and ask our Father in Heaven to send his saucers down here and to blast that thing out of the sky. After a while, it backed off and I came home to type this message!

Dear Ones, the great war is on! You had best get spiritually prepared for what lies ahead; and I tell you that it is not a pretty picture! Only our Lord and God can help you! Get close to Him and stay close; for you are going to need Him!

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