Chapter Ninety

A Message from our Saviour

June 09, 2012

“Treason from within: the Russian attacks on America!”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High  God!  My Blessed Child, the alarm bells are sounding for this nation!  Very great alarm bells! And, you, as a nation, are sleeping!  For, a Trojan Horse has entered into this nation!  You have widely opened your gates, and the Trojan Horse has entered in!

While you, as a nation slept, they worked; and still you are in the dark about their works.  What is this Trojan Horse, and who are these, who have entered into your gates, whose works will have remained hidden?

I tell you that this Trojan Horse is the Russian Operation in your nation.  Their true intents and purposes have remained hidden from you, the masses!   And, their works have been in the dark; and sadly for you as a nation, the leader of this nation bowed to them!  He broke to their demands and he opened wide the doors of your nation to these infiltrators.

Do not be naïve!  The Russians, who supposedly came in for joint, military exercises, have not left; and their joint experiences have all been terminated, except for some very few.

Now, their experiences are known primarily to themselves and to a very few at the highest levels of your government. For, their collaborative efforts are to keep in power the one, who is in power over this nation.

And, their combined schemes are to destroy this nation and to put it totally into the hands of your enemies.  Do not believe that the Russian troops have left!  They have only gone underground.

You will see more underground nuclear explosions, like the underground explosion, which was reported in and around the Indiana/Michigan area. You have also seen that this nuclear explosion and its radioactivity were immediately covered up. For, when the Russians came, they brought nuclear devices. 

Why would the Russians need to bring war planes into this nation; and why would you, as a nation, allow even one of their war planes to come into your nation?

When the Russians came, they brought nuclear devices. They brought explosive devices; and they intend to set off the New Madrid fault.  They are viciously attacking the New Madrid fault zone with both nuclear devices and with their terrible weapons, which are known to cause earthquakes. They have also been busy setting fires and they plan to blow up nuclear power plants and to destroy dams.

They have been allowed into this nation for the sole purposes of destabilizing this nation!  You will not recognize these Russian infiltrators. Their mannerisms and their training have been perfected so that they will neither be recognized, nor suspected as foreign. 

They are on your streets, in your tunnels, in your cities, in your subways, and in your countryside;  and they have been brought in, brought into your nation by a few at the very top of this nation, particularly by your President.  For, he will use their instabilities to get his iron grip on your nation.  And, he will use their money to keep his place. Soon, devastating explosions will rip this nation from one end to the other. 

You opened up and you allowed these troops and these many explosions to be brought in through Russian aircraft and vehicles.  The plot is from within and the great treason is from within this nation.

I am showing you their works.  I am not just telling you their plans; for their plans will come to pass in great measure.  I am showing you their works: fires in New Mexico; fires in Colorado, nuclear explosions and various kinds of attacks on the New Madrid Fault lines. 

But, among their plans are planned attacks on your nuclear power plants, planned attacks on your dams and bridges, fires, fires all across this nation, many fires and explosions, and the planned release of poisonous gases!  Yes, they plan to release the poisonous gases, and soon!

Now, you see!  Now, you know!  There is a president in this nation, who is a true Russian intelligence agent!  He is one among them; and he has been one among them for most of his adult life.

Will one change the feathers of a bird?  And, will this bird easily give up his power?  He will not, for his controllers will not. And, his controllers are not just the Russians, but, as you know, his controllers also control the world’s wealth.  Therefore, he will do as he is told to do; for he is Satan’s frontrunner, who controls the military and who will also bring this nation to its knees through the violence of this Trojan Horse; and also through the violence of the international banking cartel.

I tell you these important truths! For, soon, very soon, the poisonous gases will fill the skies and fires of all sorts will erupt all over this nation, fires and explosions, and a very great destabilization of the New Madrid Fault will take place.

And, you shall hear! Chicago is fallen! Chicago is fallen!  Chicago is fallen, and so great are the numbers of the dead!  For, Chicago is fallen and the city is broken, clean broken down! For, a very great earthquake will rip through Chicago!

Hear Me in this!  The plans of their great works are to rupture the Great Lakes! See their evil works! See what they do!  For, in this way, Chicago shall fall!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of June, 2012,

                                                                                                Linda Newkirk

Dear Ones, you need to be thankful for this message, and for all messages, which truly come from our Saviour.  Once this message is posted on some internet sites, you will see immediately how the wolves come out to discredit and devour this message. Know them for who they are: NSA operatives, CIA operatives, foreign intelligence operatives, yes,  human and non-humans, alike! They come out in great numbers to discredit these messages The war against me has been very great and this war against me is still very great. 

The wicked make world decisions, which are based the messages, that our Saviour gives to me. You must not take His words lightly; and you must not think that you are entitled to know anything. He warns us as HE loves us, but many truly are not worthy to hear His words.

Make no mistake about it. These terrible things are coming upon this nation; for you will not hear His words.

I must go into the city to be able to send you this message; for they have shut down my internet connection.  They have pummeled my body so greatly with their terrible technology, that I can hardly walk. But, this is a daily event and has been a daily event for many years. 

They know the truth!  And, while the most wicked ones in the whole world know the truths of Revelation Twelve and the presence of the holy, little manchild in the earth, you, as the Lord’s people, overwhelmingly reject these truths.

 Jesus, our Blessed Saviour, gave me His Holy Manchild, His precious child of light and fire on May 10, 2006! He is light and fire, even as our Saviour is light and fire.

All of the high-level world leaders know of the holy manchild; and every high-level Satanist in the world knows of him, but few of you believe the truths of the holy manchild of Revelation Twelve.

These wicked ones have surrounded me with their antigravity crafts for more than nine years!  Yes, they know; and they well understand what is taking place with me and with the holy, little son. They monitor my every deed and my every thought and they hate me more than anyone can every imagine! So, you should not be surprised to see them come out and attack me with their great hate and with their terrible accusations and lies!  For them, it is far better for you to believe their lies; for if you believe these truths, many of you may repent, turn to our God and be saved!

This is no time to sleep!  The sleepers will die in their sleep.  For, the Kingdom of our God is now in the earth, even in its infancy; and this is no kingdom for the sleepers.

Arise, oh you Faithful Ones, and prepare to take your places in the Kingdom of Our God; for He calls to you.

Sending my heartfelt love to you all,



Linda Newkirk


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P.O. Box 17277
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