Chapter Ninety-One

Words and Visions from our Saviour:

The Derivatives Market Has Collapsed;

The Great Financial Collapse is Imminent!


Greetings to you, Dear Ones! Blessed is the Name of our Mighty Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and Kings; for He will do nothing, without firstly warning of His intentions through the mouths of His prophets!  This is His promise!

Dear Ones, before I go into the recent stream of visions, which our Saviour has given to me, I wish to remind you of a vision, which our Saviour gave me approximately two years ago.  For, this vision is extremely relevant to the most recent visions, which our Saviour has now given to me.

The Vision of the Wall Street Collapse

Given to me by our Saviour about two years past!

In that vision, I saw a tarp, which was lying on the ground and it seemed to be covering up something. I went over, lifted the tarp, and looked to see that this tarp was covering up a large gathering of people, which were below.

I found a pole, like a ceiling support pole, and climbed down into the gathering. Once inside, I found that there was a rather large crowd; and the people were greatly cheering a large, black, muscular bull. The bull was in a ring, like a boxing ring, and immediately I knew that this bull was the Wall Street Bull! But, he had no opponents as he was standing alone in that ring.

The steady chant of the people was, “Who is like the bull? Who is like the bull?”  The voices of the people roared and the bull, in his stately appearance, surely seemed to be strong and unopposed! 

This chanting was loud and steady; and all of the people there were caught up in this great “rallying.” As I looked around at the euphoria of the people, I wondered why the Lord even had me to go there. 

But, suddenly, and without any warning whatsoever, a door opened alongside an inner low wall of the “ring”, and out charged a very great crocodile.  This crocodile charged into the right, front leg of the bull and this crocodile severely mangled the right, front leg of the bull and blood was spilling everywhere.

Yet, the people seemed oblivious to this great loss!  This leg was destroyed and this bull was hemorrhaging, but the people continued on in their rally cry: “Who is like the bull? Who is like the bull?  The bull is still strong!  He still has three strong legs! Who is like the bull?”  I was amazed to hear such chanting when the bull was severely hemorrhaging!

This chanting continued for a while, and then suddenly, and without any warning whatsoever, the floor fell out from beneath the two, back legs of the bull; and down went the bull! None were expecting his fall; for the rallying was still very great!  Oh, so suddenly and so quickly the bull fell!

I went to the great hole in the floor and looked for the bull! Truly, His great descent had made a very great hole in that floor! And, I saw him down at the bottom, far down, for he had fallen down many floors. And, there he was, amidst great splinters of wood! Split wooden beams were piercing his body! The bull was bleeding everywhere! He was in critical condition; and I could see that he would not be coming back, but still the people cried: “The bull is coming back. He is coming back!”

Some months ago, our Saviour gave me another vision about this mangled leg of the bull!  In that vision, He showed me that the “mangled leg” is the Derivatives market; and that Satan’s children, the Queen of England and the Rothschild elite are behind this derivatives scheme! Through their works, through the works of the international bankers, through their derivatives market, they have now crippled that bull! HEAR ME AGAIN WHEN I TELL YOU!  THE LORD, OUR GOD, HAS SHOWN THAT THE DERIVATIVES MARKED IS BUSTED! IT IS DESTROYED! THIS IS DONE AND WILL NOT BE REPAIRED! NOW, READ THE FOLLOWING AND SEE WHERE WE ARE!

Yesterday, Dear Ones, on the 26th day of June, or 2012, our Saviour gave me more, so much more! I beg you: Listen to what I am telling you; for this time, it will not be Satan, who attacks the bull and manipulates the markets. The Lord, our God, is bringing down this market. And, from the following visions, you will see what I mean!


The War is Close;

The Lord has put and ax to the Financial Tree of this Nation!

Yesterday, on the 26th day of June of 2012, our Saviour showed me a small tent, like an army pup tent.  I climbed into the tent and was very amazed to see huge amounts of ammunition, many boxes filled with ammunitions, and a very great array of ammunitions, much of it seeming to be small rockets, or rocket-like shells, or grenades. 

I know very little about ammunition and cannot adequately describe what I saw, but only that there was a massive amount of ammunition.  At that time, I could not understand why the Lord was showing me this; for we have heard rumors that Homeland Security has ordered that a huge amount of such ammunitions be made for them. And, from such news, we have been able to read the handwriting on the wall!

Then, our Saviour began to speak to me and He told me that this government has massive stockpiles of ammunition; and these vast stockpiles are stored all over this nation, and that much of it is stored in underground bases. But, still I could not understand why He was showing me these things at that moment.

The Stock Market is Convulsing!

And, then the Lord guided me into a place, which was being severely shaken, as if a very great earthquake were hitting it.  Inside that place I saw men with giant wrenches, who were constantly tightening giant nuts onto giant bolts, as these nuts and bolts were steadily becoming loose and rattling!  Then, He showed me a giant steam boiler and on that boiler was a very great nut and bolt; and from time to time someone, with a very great wrench, would go and tighten that very large nut, for steam would begin to erupt from the steam boiler.

I said to our Saviour, “Lord, what is that big boiler?” And, the Lord said to me, “That big boiler is the Asian markets, and they are keeping a very close eye on the Asian markets.” In other words, they are working hard to silence the clamor of the Asian markets!

Then suddenly I realized where I was.  I understood what the great calamity was all about. Suddenly I knew that I was inside the Wall Street Bull! And, suddenly I saw the right, front leg of the bull! There it was, that mangled, right front leg! I quietly gasped; for then I understood that the bull is having serious convulsions. The Bull is in very serious trouble! It seems that a very great earthquake is going on inside the bull! This is happening now; and the bull could fall at any moment!

But, still outwardly the bull is rallying! The Wall Street Numbers are still up and the people are still rallying around the bull.  They have not seen that the right front leg is mangled; and if they do see this mangled leg, they are not paying any attention to this very grave situation!


Then, I understood well why the Lord had shown me the massive amount of ammunition!  This has all been prepared for this hour, for this hour when that bull falls completely through the floor!      

That vision, which the Lord gave me yesterday, was so troubling! The hour was getting late, but I just really needed to go be alone with my thoughts, so I went outside to do some light work! Yet, a very great heaviness prevailed in my spirit, and I began to call out the Lord in my prayer language.  However, over an hour or two, that heaviness did not go away, but I felt increasingly troubled in my heart.

I came back inside and continued to seek our Saviour in deep prayer; for in my spirit, I had a deep longing before the Lord! Something so great and terrible was stirring in my spirit.

The Lord, our God, puts the ax to the Tree!

Vision, June 26, 2012

Then, as I prayed, I saw it! I saw the arm of the Lord! I saw His white sleeve! I glimpsed Him from the side; and in His hand was a very great ax!  I saw the ax as it was glistening in His light.  His fire was upon the ax, a very great ax, indeed; and a very sharp ax, and a very great fire was upon the sharpened ax! 

Then, His great ax came down! It came down suddenly! It came down sharply and it cut clean through a very great object. I could see the path of the ax, as it went deeply into the object, cutting, cutting, cutting, until this object was ripped into two parts! And, oh, the cracking and the ripping and the great tearing sounds! These terrible sounds filled my ears!

Oh, Lord, I thought! What is this? What has the Lord done?  And, then, He allowed me to see. I looked and I beheld what the Lord had done! He has felled a very great tree! With His great ax, He had cut the great tree in half! A very great tree, indeed! 

I had heard it fall! I heard the splitting and the cracking! And, suddenly I had seen it!  Oh, such great a tree, and the Lord has felled that great tree! With His own ax, the Lord had cut down a very great tree! My heart trembled as I witnessed the fall of this great tree!

I looked at this very great tree as it lay on the ground; for it had been split into two parts, but this was no ordinary tree!  Instead of leaves, this tree had dollars! Indeed, this tree was a vast tree, which was full of dollar bills.  Then, suddenly I heard people screaming, “The dollar has fallen! The dollar has fallen! The dollar has fallen!”

And, amidst all of the screams, I was prompted to look up and in the sky, there seemed to be a very great tornado, or perhaps a hurricane! For, in the sky was great darkness, and amidst the wind, aloft in the sky there seemed to be a veritable hurricane of dollar bills.  This sky was dark with the incoming presence of the dollar bills! This influx of dollars was shutting out all light; and a great darkness penetrated the sky and the land below.

Amidst this great influx of the dollar bills, I saw one person, who went to another person, and this first person said to the other one, “Will you take $50.00 for a loaf of bread?”  And, the second person said, “I will not take $200.00 of your dollars for a loaf of bread! Your dollars are worthless!”

Then, I looked and saw a woman, who was seated beneath a small tree, and behind here were rows of large boxes.  She wept and she said, “I have saved all of my life so that when I retired I could buy a pleasure boat and travel the inland rivers, and travel the coastlines of the USA, but now, even with these boxes full of money, I may only have enough to pay my bills for one year!”

The Combat Boot

Our Saviour has also shown that President Obama is getting a new left foot. I looked at that foot and was amazed to see such a foot, for it was indeed a very big foot! Yet, it was flexible, and seemed to be made of rubber!  But, when I questioned the Lord about this foot, He told me that this foot may seem to be made of rubber, but that this foot is agile. He told me that this new, big foot, which President Obama will wear is made of thousands of parts, and that all of these parts will work in synchronicity. Our Saviour also showed me that on that new foot, president Obama will wear a large military, combat boot!

About three weeks past, our Saviour gave me another vision, which seemed to point to a time in the fall, or early winter, either late this year, or possibly in 2013; and then He will also do something very grand for His people.  I do not fully understand what He will do then, but I believe that He will give me some wings and make take some few souls into His presence. But, even so, if this is the case, they will all come back, for there is much work to do! At that time, I believe that He will also increase His power in those, who have the holy seed!

Is the financial collapse, and ensuing martial law also set for that time?  If that is indeed the timeframe, then we may have some few months left.

All things with our Saviour have been unfolding according to His great mercy; and often, we do not know what He will do or when He will do a thing! And, even now, if great numbers of people would repent, He may alter His great judgements, or the timing of His great judgements; for He is a God of great love and mercy! But, Dear Ones, the people do not repent. The people know what is coming and still they do not repent. 

I have seen His great ax fall; and I can tell you that this great fall is in our faces! This nation, which refuses to be one nation God, is now one nation under His judgement!

Sending my heartfelt love to you all,


PS  Watch for the NSA, the CIA, the world intelligence agencies, both human and non-human alike, to come out to attack this message! With their lying and bullying ways, they spew forth their hate and wild accusations against me and these works!

You will seldom see one person, who is so consistently and wildly attacked, as I have been attacked! The depths of their barbaric smears against me have been astounding! Sadly, many people do not recognize their lies and many believe their smears!

These barbaric hoards have used Google to keep their hate, their smears and their lies against me, at the top of the search engines for more than ten years!  

Why do they hate me so much?  Go to and read Book Twelve.  This is the true story of Revelation Twelve; and through these many chapters, you will see how the kingdom of our God is coming into the earth! This lengthy work has been unfolding in the earth for almost eight, long years, years of torture, pain and suffering as few could ever imagine! But, even so, how blessed I am so suffer for love of our Mighty God and for love of you!

Remember one very important thing! Even as we see Satan’s kingdom rising in the earth, our Saviour’s kingdom is also rising!

The first great influx of these holy, kingdom seed has come into the earth. That great influx began on the 10th day of April of 2012.  This great kingdom event also happened with great wonders in the earth! For more, read chapters 87 and 88 and 89 of Book Twelve on http://www.prophecies,org.

The Kingdom of our God is now in the earth! There is no turning back! Indeed, THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD IS GOING FORWARD! THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD IS GOING FORWARD AND IT WILL NOT BE STOPPED!    

Remember our Lord’s words to Daniel:  “And, in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” Daniel 2:44

And, because of the birthing of our Saviour’s kingdom, all of Satan’s many hoards hate these works with an everlasting hate! And, their hate towards me is, and has been, exceedingly great! They have persecuted me greatly! They have tortured me! They have smeared my name and have spread bold-faced lies against me. 

But, do not allow their hate and lies to keep you out of the Kingdom of our God!  Be a faithful soldier! Be determined! Persevere! Stay very close to our Saviour! Repent daily! Love Him above all, and love others!

Know these wicked ones for who they really are! They are wicked, perverse, violent, lying scum, who are rotten to the core! Do not allow them to sweep you along with their lies. 

And, be watchful!  For, they have greatly infiltrated the prophetic community! They have greatly infiltrated the Christian churches! They have greatly infiltrated the news organizations, even and especially on the Internet; and they have greatly infiltrated the Internet radio shows. They are very great in numbers! They are intent on keeping you in the dark and they do so by feeding you a little truth, which is mixed with many lies! They want you to be locked up in the physical things of this world, so that you do not seek the Spirit of God.  They despise the Spirit of God and desire to stamp out every last bit of the light of God on this planet!

See these lying, satanic operatives for what they are and who they are!  Know how they operate! Come away from their traps of lusts, their fleshly traps! Come away from a love for the world and all of its electronic gadgets. Come away from violence and come away from every lie!  Fight for your spiritual life and be determined to do what is right.  They are out to sift you as ground wheat! Do not allow it! Now is the time to be wise; for Satan is wise!

Remember that Jesus is our Saviour! There is no other Saviour! He is our Deliverer! He is our Place of Refuge! He is our Healer! He is our Wonderful Life. He is our Hope. He is our Joy! He is our Freedom-Fighter! He is also Creator of the Universes and He is Most High God! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Only Jesus can give us victories in this terrible war; for we fight not just against humans, but truly against powers and principalities of great darkness, who are not at all human! And, oh how they hate the Name of Jesus! They wish to take this name out of all mouths and out of your hearts! The wish to take this Name off this planet! The war against all Christians is about to become exceedingly great!

They will come for you! And, oh how terribly they will torture you! Oh, how terribly they will mind control many of you! You will not see it coming! And, you will have no defense if your heart is not right with our Lord and God! For, Satan’s wicked hoards will read your thoughts and they will attack you with you through many dark thoughts! They will give you manufactured dreams, dreams, which seem so real, but they are not real. They will implant your brains and nervous systems! Indeed, they will implant the whole bodies of many of you! And, they will control you through their implanted objects and thought transfers.

Yes, they will succeed in their wars against many souls; and they will overcome many souls through their terrible attacks! But, they will not win if one’s heart is clean before our Lord and God! They will not succeed if one’s heart is pure, if one truly repents daily, if one truly loves our Lord and God above all and if one truly loves others.

Dear Ones, in your time of trouble, call upon the Name of our Saviour and He will save you! He will hear your cries; and He will fight for you! He is all-powerful; and He is able to do all things! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Trust in Him to fight your battles! Do not go out and pick up guns and become violent! You will not win this war with guns!  Don’t even try it.  If you live by the sword, you will die by it!

You are up against those dark ones, who can come through walls and can silently kill you.  You will not see them come and you will not see them go! In an instant, they can fill your body with hard substances, which will cause you great pain.  They are experts in mind control; and you will not defeat them through your own thinking. They read your thoughts and they know what is within your heart!

No, you will not win this war without our Saviour! Only He can fight this war for you!

I well know these dark ones.  They are the fallen ones. They were cast down, along with Satan, and they are bound to this earth. They can no longer access the Upper Realms.  They also know that their time is short and they are out to kill all humans!

For more than ten years, they have persecuted me, tortured me, stalked me, slandered me, and they have blasphemed these holy works! And, they have made every attempt to kill me, or to cripple me! 

Therefore, I know them well; and I am very qualified to speak of them and to tell you the truths about them and about all of their terrible technologies. For, they have used them all on me and upon the Holy Little Son, who lives within me, but in all cases they have failed. For Jesus, who is also  Yahweh, Most High God, has saved us!

Hear me!  Our Lord has put the ax to the tree! This great nation is about to fall!  Then, the combat boots will show up! They will show up all over this nation and people will be rounded up. They will be put into the camps!  Only Jesus can save you! Only Jesus can give you victories over such terrors!  He has put the ax to the tree; and only He can save you! Surely, this great fall is just before us!

This world cannot stand as it is!  This nation cannot stand as it is!  This perverseness will not stand in the face of our Mighty God!  He destroyed Sodom and as He destroyed Sodom, He will destroy this nation!  You will cry and you will lament the destruction of this nation, but this must come to pass; for this nation is full of evil. The people love evil. The preachers will not repent of their lukewarm ways! The people love a lie; and a lie will not stand.

Therefore, brace yourselves for the great economic fall in this nation! Indeed, the financial system will be shaken in the whole world!  But, when you see all of these things happen, when you see war in the streets and when you see famines and plagues sweep the land, know one thing:  The Kingdom of our God is now in the earth; and it is an everlasting kingdom, which will not be stopped!

Jesus is our Wonderful Life!

Linda Newkirk

P.O. Box 17277,

North Little Rock, AR 72117












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