Chapter Ninety-three

More Mysteries Solved!

Greetings to you, Dear Ones, in the precious and holy Name of our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Blessed is His Holy Name!

As some of you know, many important events regarding the works of Revelation Twelve have taken place within the last seven weeks, but I have not written publicly about these events.  During these past seven weeks, or so, I have also rested in our Lord; for the travail has been very great, but the miracles have been even greater! I will write of these great events later, but for now, I am writing as our Saviour is directing me at this time.

Our Saviour has given us some very important information! Read on! 

Vision from our Saviour

September 01, 2012

This morning, on the day of September 01, 2012, I was caught up in a vision, which was given to me from our Blessed Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The following is the vision:

The Vision of the Downfall of the Google Giant!

I saw before me a very great giant; and on his shirt was the word, “Google.” This great giant wore a harness on his shoulders and this harness was connected to many electrical wires, which ran over his head.  Interestingly, however, this giant walked on only one foot, and that foot was his right foot. His right foot was placed solidly on a rocky ledge, which ran its course along the side of a solid stone mountain. The left leg, which was hanging off the mountainous ledge, was absolutely useless to him. 

I looked at each of these legs for any symbol of who, or what, they represented. And, I noticed that on the right leg were the letters “NSA,” which is the abbreviation for National Security Agency; and on the left leg was this name: “Larry Paige.” Larry Paige is the CEO of Google and as I understand it, he is also the founder of Google, the giant internet search engine.

This giant climbed a little further up the hillside; for he was near to the top of this mountain, and within a very short while, he was at the apex of this stone mountain.

However, once he reached this apex, he quickly began a descent! The ground beneath the giant began to crumble and the descent of the giant was rapid! For, the ground crumbled beneath his feet so rapidly that it became as shifting sands.

I looked again at the giant and I was very surprised to see his new look; for the great giant was no longer a great giant, but was thin, even as thin as metal. And, when he turned to the side, I could see that he was as narrow as a strip of paper, but he was still connected to the wires through a shoulder harness.

However, I saw at that time that the walk of the Google giant began to shift and he was no longer walking on a mountain, but was moving along some rails, like the train rails.  And, his motion was controlled through some switches. Through the switches, his course was manipulated so that he would swiftly change his course from one track to another; and at sudden times, he was brought to swift stops. 

The journey of the Google giant ended at a very thick wall and as I watched his course of travel, I was very surprised to see that he travelled into the solid wall and disappeared. On the solid wall were the words, “World Communism.”

I then heard some as they came and said, “What happened to Google?” 

And, others would answer, “Google walked on the Lord’s anointed! Look what the Most High God did to Google!”

Words from our Saviour about Google

September 01, 2012

And, so it has been, My Blessed Child, that Google/NSA trampled the name of My servant, Linda Newkirk. They smeared the name of My servant, Linda Newkirk by keeping the lies of their willing servants, Sharon Sobczak, also known as “Sheri Elijah,” and “Elisabeth Nikomia,” and Sherry Shriner, Stew Webb, Pamela Schuffert and others of their lying servants at the top of the Google search engine and other search engines. And, as time passed, they have raised up many others to spread hate and vicious lies, and they have victimized My servant, Linda Newkirk, all over the world. And, all over the world, they have caused many people to believe their hate and wild accusations, the vicious lies of their willing servants. And, because of their lies and blasphemous false charges, they have turned many away from My kingdom works of Revelation Twelve. 

Therefore, I tell you a thing a new thing.  In one day, many will come and they will say, “What happened to NSA?” And, they will look and they will behold a very great hole in the earth.  And, they will stare into that great hole and they will say, “Oh, NSA, they went there! What happened to NSA?”

And, others will say, “This is what happened to NSA:  The Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, was wroth with NSA; for they colluded with their evil giant, Google, to destroy the good name of his servant, Linda Newkirk. Through their years of spreading lies and hate and malice towards His servant, Linda Newkirk, they turned many away from the truths of His Kingdom. And, God Almighty, yes Jesus, Most High God, was wroth with NSA, and He was wroth with Google and He destroyed them both!

And, then He turned His eyes upon those servants of Google, NSA and the CIA, upon the ones, whom they used to lie and to spread hate against His servant, Linda Newkirk, and one by one he cut them down as twigs until not one of them remained.  This is what Jehovah, Yahweh, Most High God, God Almighty, did to the enemies of Linda Newkirk and to those, who sought to destroy His kingdom in its infancy, even before it could be born.”   These are the words that they will say.

For, Linda Newkirk is the earth mother of My holy son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve.  Woe, woe, woe to those, who have done this great evil to My servant, Linda Newkirk, and they will not repent, but have hardened their hearts and have stiffened their necks.

I am Jesus, Saviour, I am Yahweh, Jehovah, Most High God! Hear Me this day; for My words are now written in stone about these, My plans, and I will surely accomplish them!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of September, 2012,

                                                                                    Linda Newkirk


Second Vision from our Saviour

The Three-headed baby!

Given on, or around, August 30, 2012

I was praying with a friend on the night when our Saviour gave me this most unusual vision.  In this vision, I saw President Obama and he was riding a white horse.  I could barely discern that the horse was white; for he was riding in the night and there were various shadows on the horse. But, even so, I knew that he was riding a white horse. And, I saw that someone was accompanying him, and at first I thought that he must be carrying a child along with him. For, he was speaking to this little one and I heard him say, “We may have trouble getting across.”

And, I looked and he was about to cross a stream; and in that stream were some visible rocks, but I did not see other obstacles in the stream, for it was night. But, as he began to enter the stream, I could see that the back legs of the horse were being sucked under by some quick sand, and when the back legs would free themselves, the front legs would then sink into some quick sand. And, so was Obama’s course as he went across this stream until he finally came to the other side.

And, once he was across the stream, I could clearly see who was riding with him. He was holding a three-headed baby!  It was not only a three-headed baby, but each baby had only one eye. 

As I looked at this three-headed baby, I knew that these three heads represented the three branches of this government. I could see the words, “judicial,” and “legislative,” but the third word just seemed to vanish from my vision, but then suddenly, I understood. The three heads of the baby were the “legislative, judicial and executive” branches of this government.  And, each head is controlled by the all-seeing eye of Satan; and all three branches are under the control of this president. For, they all belong to him. They are of one accord with him, and they are all riding with President Obama.

I watched President Obama as he stood there on the other side of this dark stream and he was looking up towards the top of the hill. For, the White House was up there; and he was wondering how he would get back up to the top of the hill.

I saw that there was a massive rock overhang, and he was standing just under this massive rock overhang.  And, I, too, wondered how he would make such a steep ascent. For, there was a very steep incline up to the top of that hill and he was far below.

But, my eyes were suddenly drawn to a secret door in the rocks; and this door was carefully hidden behind the rocky overhang. And, suddenly this secret door opened and President Obama went into that secret room.

The Blood Oath!

In that secret room, I saw Satan; and as President Obama came into the room with the three-headed baby, Satan said, “How can I help you? You have already sold your sold to me!”

Then, I saw President Obama as he put the three headed baby into the hands of Satan; and Satan said, “I will require blood of the three.” Then, I witnessed Satan as he struck the three heads and he drew blood from each head.  Next, I saw Satan carry the three-headed baby into an adjacent room and President Obama followed him into that room, where they all disappeared.

Understanding this Great Plot!

Dear Ones, the first part of this vision is clear:  President Obama and the three-headed baby have made it through some very rough times to get to this point! They have all been bogged down in a quicksand of their own making, but through their many lies, cover-ups and bailouts, they have made it through another presidential term. They have come to the other side of his presidency, but all is not looking good for any of them.

President Obama has a long way to go to get back into the White House.  He is extremely disliked in this nation! He has carried this nation deeply into a cesspit; and he knows it.  But, he is eager to remain president over this nation; for he wishes to totally destroy it. His sights are on ruling the world and the welfare of the people in this nation is irrelevant to him.

However, considering his goals, he knows that the opposition is very great, and that he is greatly concerned that he may not make it back into the White House. So, he has made a very terrible deal with Satan. And, Satan has agreed to give him the presidency again, but Satan has required their blood! (Yes, we know that our Saviour wrote the Book of Revelation and He has chosen Obama; for he is the antichrist. But, we must also remember that Satan has his own kingdom, and at this time, our Lord also gives him much power!)

If any had any doubts about this new world order and how deeply it is entrenched in this nation, they need to look carefully at this vision of the three-headed baby.  For, in this vision, these three heads of this baby, the legislative, the judicial head, and the executive heads are all one! They are all one and they all have one Satanic agenda, which is represented by the all-seeing eye in each head of the baby.

But, Satan has no allegiance to anyone! He uses them up and discards them as he pleases! So, even as Satan has used them, he is now eager to kill them!  For, he now requires their blood!

These wicked governing bodies have sold us out and they have now been sold! Without the knowledge of the other two branches of this government, and without the knowledge of others in the executive branch, President Obama has promised Satan their blood. This means that Satan will require the blood of those in the Senate, of those in the House, of those on the Supreme Court, and he will require the blood of President Obama. 

There will be a bloody rampage in Washington DC! This president will also take a fall in this bloody rampage, but he will surely come back to life, even as the Scriptures tell us. He will suffer a fatal head wound, but will miraculously live.  Woe to all of us when he wakes up again; for he will not be alone in that body!

Vision from our Saviour

Given on or around August 24, 2012

“The Rockefeller Shoe”

About one week past, our Beloved Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, gave me a vision of Barrack Obama. He was sitting at his desk and the Spirit of God showed me his right shoe. His right shoe had a doorway in it and there was much activity within his right shoe. Many people were coming and going from that door, which was within the right shoe of President Obama.

In the past, our Saviour has given me many visions about President Obama’s feet. I have not written about many of these visions, but some few others know of these “feet” visions of President Obama. In these visions, the left foot of Obama has always been the Rothschild foot and the right foot has always been the Rockefeller foot.  For, these two groups have fought for control of the presidency through this president. So, from this most recent vision, I understood that there was very much activity in the Rockefeller house regarding this president.

The Spirit of God then led me into that doorway, which led into the right foot, or into the Rockefeller foot of President Obama and I was then led down a hallway and into the office of Hillary Clinton.

I was surprised to see that Hillary Clinton had the teeth of a horse, and she was quickly eating many things.  Her cheeks were puffed out and the horse teeth were busily grinding away at many things.

As she sat there, I then saw President Obama and he had in his hand a whip, or a rope. I could not then tell which, whether it were a rope, or a whip,  but I saw that he cast out this whip-like object and he caused it to wrap around the right leg of Hillary Clinton.  The whip-like object was firmly attached to her right leg and he then began to pull sharply on Hillary’s leg. Then, with a sharp tug, Hillary was pulled out of her chair, carried beneath her desk and quickly cast out among the people.

At first, I was perplexed about this vision, but then I understood that there would be a very great pull against her to cast her out again into the presidential race as the vice president.  There has been much talk about her being the next vice president, but it seems that she has not accepted the offer. But, the horse teeth seem to point to her being called and sent out again as a race horse for the Obama campaign.  And, from this vision, we can see that she has been chewing on this offer a lot and has been digesting much about this offer.

So, we have waited for some few days and all has been quiet, but this morning, on the 1st day of September, of 2012, our Saviour gave me another vision about Hillary Clinton as I was awakening and before I got out of bed.

Second Vision of Hillary Clinton


I saw Hillary Clinton and in her hand she had many cards.  She laid many cards out on the top of a table and she was carefully looking at each one.  However, as soon as all of the cards were laid out, suddenly there came a sharp, dividing line beneath the cards.

Hillary looked at the dividing line and then glanced at three remaining cards in her hands. She placed the three cards before her on the table top, and the first care read, “choose.”  The second card read, “Don’t choose,” and the third card read, “choose.” 

The second card, or the “Don’t choose,” card had much appeal to her and she was repeatedly drawn back to this card.  She glanced at the cards again and again and she then picked up the first card, which read “choose.”

The second card continued to have much appeal to Hillary, but she held firmly in her hand, the “choose” card.  Suddenly the “don’t choose” card began to crumble. And, it began to disappear from her sight, here a little and there a little, until there remained only a thin remnant of its former presence on the table.  Reaching out, Hillary picked up the last remaining card, which said, “choose.”

So, I asked our Saviour, “Lord, why does Hillary want to reject this Vice Presidential position so badly?” And, the Lord showed me that President Obama has been in a position of power over Hillary and she has had to humble herself and to enter before him, begging and pleading.

However, with these two cards in her hands, I saw that Hillary was not in an inferior position, but in a superior position and in a position to bargain for many things, and from what our Saviour showed, I know that she likes that position.

Third Vision regarding Hillary Clinton

September 05, 2012

Today, on the 5th day of September, as I was praying, I had another vision of Hillary Clinton.  She was seated in a chair and she was still looking at all of her cards. The line had been drawn and suddenly she stood up. But, strangely as she stood up, I saw that her behind was swiveled up, like the face of a hundred-year-old woman.  I wondered about this vision and then I realized that she has waited so long that her support is drying up.

Interestingly, I find out today through a friend of mine that Hillary was denied an audience with the Chinese leadership.  Is this about her support, her behind, drying up?

Vision of Barrack Obama

September 05, 2012

This morning, I also received another vision concerning Barrack Obama; and in that vision, I saw that he was crossing a narrow stream in a canoe.  I saw him pick up some oars, but these were no ordinary oars. They were very large oars and he did not use them to paddle alongside his canoe. These very large oars went under his boat, and these oars quickly carried him to the other side.

I looked at these oars and wondered about these oars and then I saw that there were words on these oars. And, these words were “Russia,” and “China.”

So, Dear Ones, these two nations, Russia and China, will propel him to the other side of this presidential race.

In that vision, once President Obama was on the other side of that stream, he seemed almost like a caricature of himself, with very big teeth and wild springs of hair; and alongside him stood Michelle Obama.  The two of them raised up their hands in victory, but I was very surprised to see that Michelle’s face was totally covered in a faceless, white mask.  I was also surprised when I looked behind the two of them to see that they had wooden, puppet legs and open spaces behind their shirts so that a ventriloquist could place his hand within each one and move their lips and speak words through them both.

Yes, they have sold their souls to Satan, but they have also sold their freedom, even to speak their own words, to the Russians and Chinese.  What will they do to hold onto power?  Will we soon see great bloodshed in Washington DC as these two nations, Russia and China, dismantle the leadership of this nation from the very top?

The Terrible Money Scheme!

Within the past few days, my friend, Mark, called me from Canada, to tell me about the imminent fall of America’s biggest stock house.  He was concerned about the next false flag attack and whether they would orchestrate such an attack before the presidential election. We all know that these wicked Satanists are capable of most anything at any time, but we also know that this nation is under judgment of God Almighty.  However, we also know that He is full of love and mercy and He wants to extend grace to this nation. Therefore, He continues to plead with the people to repent, or perish

Relative to the news about the imminent fall of America’s largest stock house, our Saviour has previously shown me the grave situation of Wall Street. About two months past, He gave me a vision of the Wall Street Bull and He showed me that the bull was entangled in barbed wire and that the bull would not be able to extricate himself from this situation.  He also showed me the badly mangled, right, front leg of the Wall Street Bull, which is the hidden crash of the Derivatives Market.

Our Saviour told me at that time, that the Bull is entangled in a mess and he will not get out of this mess.

 So, I was not surprised to hear the largest stock house in America is broke and about to go under.

A Singing Prophecy

Given to me by our Saviour on 09-01-2012

Wall Street in Trouble!

Mountains of paper!

During this conversation with my friend, Mark, about the fall of America’s largest stock house, our Saviour began to sing a prophecy through me and in that prophecy, I saw a large group of people in a high tower.  Someone from below called up to them and said, “Come out and play,” but one from above said, “We cannot play. We are deeply in the red and we cannot play.”  Their conversations went back and forth this way and those above seemed to be in great distress. They were trying to determine what they must do. But, suddenly it seemed that someone, or something, struck them and their great numbers were quickly taken away. There remained only a few of them and the size of their high tower was also greatly diminished. And, I heard them say, “Mountains of paper.” This was their solution; and I saw mountains of paper began to appear and rise to the sky in the very places, where so many people had stood. 

So, Dear Ones, it looks like this administration will crank up the printing machine to save this nation once more, at least for a little while longer. And, this great stock house will be diminished in size and may be  taken over by the Federal Reserve, or the U.S. Government, or someone else. But, it surely seems that the Federal Reserve will print the money to rescue it, and the tax payers will be saddled with yet another huge debt!

Dear Ones, this is the news that our Saviour wishes for me to impart to you today. I hope that you are all taking seriously these words of waning and these most terrible of times.  This nation is falling on every side; and only our Mighty God can help us! 

Repent, or perish is the urgent warning and the urgent call to all people of this nation. For, our Mighty God is very angry with the people of America! He hates the spiritual decadence, the arrogance and the self-sufficiency of the people of this nation.  The death knell is ringing for America!

Get on your knees and repent, that the Lord might hear your cries and intervene in your life to save your soul! The masses are not going to repent, but many will die in their sins!  Hell is going to be filling up with those, who love evil and who will not repent!

Times have never been so urgent!  Do not take lightly these warnings and do not put off until tomorrow the spiritual work that you must do today.  The buzzards are circling the corpse!

Jesus loves you and I do, too! 

Sending my heartfelt love to you all,





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