Chapter Ninety-Three


“Urgent Message from our Saviour:

America Under Very Great Attack,

America is Going Down!

Hear Me, you hard-hearted, stiff-necked people of this nation, America! I am Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, Maker of the earth and the heavens, yes even Jesus, Saviour of humanity.

I have called to you, oh My people!  I have called out to you for many years to repent, or perish; and you have shut your eyes and you have closed your ears!  You have afflicted yourselves with your sins; and you have made yourselves lame through your rejection of My warnings.  Now, oh, look and behold! For, the wolves have entered in through your open gates and they are set to pounce.

Even as you have slept, foreign troops have entered in. They have set up their armed camps and they have planted their fortifications.  While you have slept, they have mounted up in their plans for your great demise, but they have not done so alone, but with the full agreement of those, who are in leadership positions in your government, namely your president and many, who work alongside him, both visible and known ones and others, who are neither visible, nor known.

Your hour has come, oh America!  You shall be stripped down as one would strip the bark from a tree.  The plans are well laid and the schemes are deeply imbedded now into the very fabric of your government.

They come for a prey; and they come to lay low this nation, to cut off your prosperity and to root out your freedoms.  Soon, they will seal up your modes of transit and they will put you into a continual state of fear as they seek to dismantle this nation and to take captive all of the dissidents.

The plots are thick and the steam of their breath is rising as they push harder to meet their deadline. For, their timing is set and their plans are well-laid! Oh, America, I have pleaded with you through the mouths of My prophets, but you would not hear and you would not repent.

Now, the stench of your sins and the evils of your works can no longer be tolerated and My great judgements are coming upon you through your great numbers of enemies.”

“Oh, Blessed Saviour, tell what have you shown me in these recent visions?”

“My Blessed Child, I have taken you into a round room, which had a ring of very great clocks in and around that room; and the time, which was on all of the clocks, was 12:30.”

“And, my Lord, these large clocks were ticking loudly and I sensed such an urgency in my spirit.  Blessed and Precious Saviour, what do you want to show me through these ticking clocks?”

“My Blessed Child, this is what I want to show you.  Do you see this peppermint, candy, cane.  It is red and white, and the red is interwoven with the white, but indeed they are two separate colors.”

“Yes, my Lord, but what does this have to do with the ticking clock?”

“My Blessed Child, this has very much to do with the ticking clock.”

“What, my Lord?”

“My Blessed Child, the red does not meet the white, but when one eats this candy cane, the red and white combine. Is this not so?”

“Yes, my Lord, but I still do not understand.”

“My Child, all that you value in this nation, which is pure and true and right, and that is represented by the white in this candy cane, is about to be combined with the red, which represents communism.  And, all that is pure and right and true will melt into the red communist system; and nothing, which is pure, right and true will remain, except for the ones, who make themselves pure before me and who come out of this system. For, I will separate them out to Myself and I will preserve them, even as many as I see fit to preserve.  The great push, my Blessed Child, has been to combine the peoples of the world into one group and make them all as one: everyone the same. 

This is where you are now in America; and only I can save any of you.  America has come to the end of her road; and now you will mingle yourselves with the others and become as them, for you have loathed My correction. You have not loved the One, who gave you your freedoms and now you will lose your freedoms. America, you are going under the rule of world communism and great destruction will hit this nation from one end of it to the other.”

“My Lord, You showed me the clocks in that ‘round’ room, and as I think of it I wonder why that room was round. Why was that, my Lord.”

“My Child, what goes around comes around; and America, you have pillaged the whole world and now the world will pillage you. America, you have shed much innocent blood and now the enemies will come and they will shed much innocent blood in America. What goes around comes around, and America it is now your time to reap as you have sown.”

“Then, my Lord, in that vision, you lifted me up above the ticking clocks. You showed me the skyline of Washington DC; and You showed me that there were some, who were working in the darkness to set up incendiary devices.  I saw groups of men, who were working in the darkness to set up these devices in several buildings and then also, my Lord, I saw a missile flying over Washington DC.

But, My Lord, as I looked, I saw that incendiary devices were being planted in other cities all across America and some of these cities in which I saw them planting these devices were: Atlanta; Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Tampa, Florida. But, my Lord, I knew that these were not all of the cities, but only part of them. Blessed savior, please tell me more about this vision.”

“My Precious Little One, I tell one thing, I have the key in my hand; and I will show you this key. Tell me what you see.”

“My Lord, I see a doorway in that key and as the doorway opens, I see a small room, which is below that door. This room is empty and as I enter into that room, I do not see anything in that room, except for a small window.  My Lord, I go to that window and I see the President of this nation, and he is sitting at his desk, and as he sits there, he smokes a long cigarette. He is just puffing away at this cigarette, or perhaps it is a thin cigar, for I see on in the words, “Cuba Red.”  I notice that this cigar or cigarette has a filter on it and I also see that he quickly smokes this cigarette until there is nothing left but the filter of this cigarette. He puts this filter on the side of an ashtray and he gets up and goes into the Rose Garden and begins to speak on his phone.  “No, Barney! Hell, no Barney! We will pull the plug on that thing!  Get the switch; for we must pull this switch! We must change the course on that boor, er whore, I mean boor! 

Then, I see the president as he enters into a black door and he disappears.  It is very dark in that room, but I believe that I should go into that room and see what is happening.  So, I follow the president and I see that in that dark room, President Putin sits there and behind him a Chinese man, whom I believe to be the leader of China. 

President Putin calls him over and whispers in President Obama’s ear and he says, “We will come in at midnight. Don’t cross your legs. Keep them wide open; for a train will come swiftly through your legs; and when you see it pass, cross your legs again and keep them crossed, for after that train, after that train, then the rain, then the rain.  That will be a clean slice, very clean; for these are the best that I have and they will make certain that this goes according to plan and like clockwork. However, the Chinese man was quiet, and he said nothing, but had two sacks of gold and he gave these two sacks of gold to President Obama.”

“My Lord, what does this rhetoric mean?”

“My Precious Child, they are planning their attacks in the darkness of the night. This is why you have seen them working in the night, laying their explosives.”

“So, my Lord, these are Russians, who are busily laying these explosives.”

“Most certainly, but not totally; for among them are also some Special Forces troops from other nations, but primarily they are Russian.”

“My Lord, what does he mean by open your legs and let this train pass through and then to close the legs again?”

“My Blessed Child, he is to open the way for these troops to enter into these locations. He is to shut down any and all monitoring equipment and to allow them to come in, for all the train, or procession, of them to pass unimpeded.  Then, he is to restore things as they were.  Then, my Blessed Child, then comes the rain of terror upon this nation. 

Then, my Blessed Child, President Putin assures President Obama that this rain of terror, this massive rain of explosions across America will go without any problems as President Putin has sent his very best explosive experts into this nation to detonate explosions from one end of this nation to the other.”

“But, my Lord, I also saw at least one missile, which was flying across Washington DC. Will there be more missiles?”

“The release of missiles of varying kinds is among their plans; for  amidst so many explosives, they think that most will not take note of any missiles.”

“Blessed Saviour, You are showing me the plans of the enemy. Oh, my Lord, when do they plan this terrible rampage, and will you allow this great evil to unfold at this time?”

“My Blessed Child, go back and look at those clocks again.”

“My Lord, I am here again in that round room with the many clocks and I hear them all ticking so loudly and they all read again, 12:30.  But, my Lord, what do You want me to see?”

“My Blessed Child, I want you to go back into these clocks and tell me if you see anything different.”

“Yes, my Lord!  As I enter into the first clock and go behind the great hands of this clock, I see a pair of eagle wings, which are attached to the face of the clock, but I did not see these wings before.”

“No, my Child, you did not see these wings; for I did not allow you to see these wings in that last vision. But, now, go from clock to clock and tell Me what you see.”

“Oh, my Lord, as I enter into each clock, I see that these are very great eagle wings and they seem so large and very close.  As I enter into each clock, the wings seem even larger and even closer.”

“Then, my Blessed Child, you surely know that these eagle wings mean.”

“Oh, my Lord, with great anticipation, I know what these eagle wings mean.  My Lord, I know that these wings mean that you are about to make me free and you are about to add greater power to your sons. But my Lord, I do not know more; for You are full of mysteries.”

“My Blessed Child, you have suffered more than anyone could ever imagine. For, you are the earth mother of My holy seed. You are the earth mother of My holy child, the holy manchild; and you have paid a very great price.  You have waited and you have waited and you have shed many tears through your many years of suffering and waiting.  You have seen me give grace and more time for many years and you have greatly travailed. But, my Blessed Child, you have also known that one day, I would make you free.  Time is up for you, oh America; but time is coming in for you, my Blessed Child, and time is coming in for My Faithful.

But, many will pay a very great price; for now is the time when the faithful will be tried and tested in the fires, even as gold and silver are tried and purified.  But, to you, my Blessed Child, come two wings of a great eagle.

Time has run out for this nation and there is precious, little time left.  Prepare your hearts, oh you people, for the antichrist is ruling over you. He hates you and he will bring you down, oh America!

But, I love you, oh, My  People and through My great judgements upon you, many of you will turn to Me again.  The hammer is now coming down and you will not escape your time of judgement, oh America.

Hear Me, oh you people of this nation!  I have called and I have called and I have called and I have called you to repent, or perish, and you would not hear my call!  Now, My rod of great judgement is falling upon you!

I am your Saviour; and besides Me you have no Saviour! I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of September, 2012,

                                                                                                 Linda Newkirk

Additional Conversation with our Saviour

Oh, Blessed Saviour, I ask You one more thing: how close are these attacks? How long do we have?”

“My Little One, see these clocks.  They are set at the “half-past” mark.  Do you remember what I told you in early July?  The first half of your time of waiting will pass slowly, but the second half will be speeded up, and by ‘speeded up,’ I mean that the fires of the holy son, who is within you, will accelerate very much in their heat and fire.  So, my Blessed Child, you have passed the half-way mark, or the two month mark since I gave you these words.  These words give you one very significant clue regarding the timing of these very terrible events.”

“So, my Lord, you truly will come for me and you will truly do all that you determine to do at this time, but we have about two months left. Is this correct? 

But, my Lord, I ask you plainly and please answer me plainly: will you give more time, even if many pray? Or, have you made a firm decision? I really do want to know, my Lord; for I have waited so long and I have been disappointed so many times, for I truly believed that You were coming.”

“My Blessed Child, time is up for America; but America is not without hope. I am the hope of America.

My Little One, you have suffered greatly under Satan’s feet for many years; for you have had to pay this very great price to be the earth mother of My holy Son, and the earth mother of these holy seed. I am truly about to make you free, but now Satan will make war against the seed of the woman. 

I tell you this truth. I will not further delay My promise to you; for the eagle wings are ready for you, My Blessed Child.”

“Oh, thank You, Blessed Saviour! My Lord, I also seek further understanding.  Blessed Saviour, what does the vision mean about President Obama’s smoking that cigar, or cigarette; and all is smoked until there are only ashes.  What does this mean?  And, what does Cuba red mean?”

“My Blessed Child, this vision means that he will burn America until it is in ashes and the state of America will then be as the state of Cuba has been since it fell.  When this President is through with this nation, it will lay in ashes from one end to the other.  The cities will be truly burned and without inhabitant!”

“Oh, Lord, have mercy on us!  Have mercy on us!

As I continue on, my Lord, who is Barney, and what plug is Obama about to pull?”

“My Blessed Child, get ready! For, the stock market bull is going off the cliff!”

“Oh, my Lord, I see him down there; and he is bloated and lying on the side of a hillside. Rigor mortis has set in and his bloated belly is about to burst. The buzzards are coming from all directions; for they are getting ready to pick the rotting flesh from his carcass. Oh, Lord, how long until we see this great evil come to pass?”

“My Blessed Child, what do you see?”

“My Lord, I see a baker and this baker is busily shaking flour on some dough that he has rolled out. But, when he picks up the dough, which is a square piece of dough, this dough begins to stretch in the man’s hands and it falls apart leaving a very great hole in the center of the dough. My Lord, what does this mean?”

“My Blessed Child, the dough man is the Federal Reserve.  He is accustomed to rolling out the dough and he has been doing it for a very long time, but now comes a very great hole in his dough.”

“So, my Lord, what does this mean?”

“My Little One, it means that they are preparing a new kitchen and there will not be dough in that kitchen, but all is made of plastic. Plastic, see?  No dough! In other words, no cash. The dough kitchen is going cashless!”

“Oh, my Lord, this is a very great and terrible mess.”

“Yes, my Little One, you are now into the worst of times, worse than times have ever been since there was a nation.  Only I can fight such battles! You cannot fight what you cannot even see, so I warn you all to repent and to draw close to me. Trust Me and believe in Me, that I might fight your battles. For, you fight against an enemy, whom you can seldom see. 

As I love you, I must also correct you. Go willfully into your captivity; for I have determined it.  Though many, many of you will die through the swords, the famines, the plagues and disasters, I will save those, who are appointed to salvation.

But, know one thing: I am Creator. I love you exceedingly and greatly; and I am full of surprises.  As you repent and come back to Me, you will see what I will do for you, My people!

My Lord, I have but one more question and I hope that You will answer this question. How long before the bull falls off the cliff?”

“My Child, see this broken ring.”

“Yes, my Lord, but why do You show me this broken ring?”

“I show it to you because I bring back to your memory the vision that I gave to you when the Bull was in the ring, as in a boxing ring, and he was strong and many were praising him. But, then I showed you that the right, front leg would be mangled and that after that he would fall.  My Little One, that right, front leg has been mangled and that leg is the derivatives market. This market has been mangled and the bull has since fallen, time and time again, only to be revived. 

What you see in the media regarding the true state of this bull is as full of holes and lies as Swiss cheese.  At any moment, they can pull the switch on the bull, for it is full of bloat and falsehoods. So, get ready; for this fall could happen soon after these explosions. But, I tell you one thing: they are all eager to pull the plug on the bull and to shut down the dollar, altogether!

“So, my Lord, what does the broken ring mean?”

“The broken ring means that the bull is no longer a contender in the boxing ring. For, that ring is broken and cannot be repaired!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of September, 2012,

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Linda Newkirk

Blessed is the Name of Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Praises to His Holy Name forever and ever! He is doing a new thing in the whole earth; for even as we see this old system fail, He is bringing forth His Kingdom. And, His Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom. It will neither rot, nor fade!  Blessed are all, who are found worthy to enter into the Kingdom of our Saviour! Glory to His Holy Name forever and ever!

May we all rise up early and praise our Mighty God, for He will never leave us or forsake us!

Sending my heart’s love to you all,


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