Chapter Ninety-Four

Great Storm Clouds Over America, and

Wonderful Promises Fulfilled!

“Come to Me, My Blessed Child; and sit quietly at My feet, for I am your Father Yahweh, yes Jehovah, Most High God! I tell you, My Little One, that a great storm is brewing!  Black clouds have arisen and they are hovering over the USA!  Over farms, cities, mountains, plains, over rivers, inlets, and bays, these dark clouds hang!  From the oceans, they come rolling towards America, banks of dark, rolling clouds!

Yes, My Little One, a great storm is brewing over America and the greatest numbers of the people sleep on! But, here and there one looks up, one looks up and around, and one says, “There is a chill in the air. The wind is blowing swiftly. The clouds are dark and thick and a storm front is approaching! We’d better take cover! See the lightening in the distance!”

But, elsewhere, the pool halls are busy!  The gambling tables are full!  The one-arm bandits are busy! The parking lots of the liquor stores are full!  The movie houses are packed with those, who love violence and pornographic movies! In people’s homes, the televisions roll! Their neighbors often work three jobs and the children roam!  All over America, this is so!

And, the coffin is about to close, that great coffin of America, the USA, that great nation, which God Almighty blessed and made great above all nations! Yes, the coffin is about to close on this nation, upon the great nation of America; for it is no longer one nation under God Almighty! But, it is a nation under Satan, a nation under strange gods, a nation, which is full of every kind of wickedness and perverseness.

Oh, America, you have fallen!  But, you will not be given even a decent funeral!  The vultures are within your gates and they are already devouring! They are devouring all that can now be devoured as you sleep! For, you are preoccupied with your violent movies, with your pornography and sexual perversions, with your alcohol and drugs, with your internet, with your cell phones, and with all things that do not profit you spiritually!

It is a sorrowful day for you, oh America; for the plunderers are plundering; and the warriors are warring, but now they war against you. Now, they come to take a spoil! For, I have put a hook into the jaws of the Prince of Tubal, and I have begun to bring him down on you, oh America, and he comes to take a spoil!

Soon, this Prince will come with all of his bands and they will come to rob you, to plunder and to pillage you! They will come to destroy you, America, once beloved above all nations; and they will spoil you utterly!  They will carry away all that they can carry away. They will place your valuables in trucks, trains, airplanes and ships; and they will haul them away! They will seize your fine homes and they will seize your lands!  They will take your cattle and your many kinds of livestock. What they cannot carry with them, they will destroy with incendiaries. 

They will carry off your women and children and they will load up your young sons and they will turn many of them into their mind-controlled slaves.  They will ravage and kill many; for their heart is set to destroy you completely!

Yes, they are now in your gates and they come to take a spoil!  They will take your houses in the middle of the night and they will drive you out!  They will carry off your many fishing boats, your trucks and cars in vast numbers!  A very great spoil they will take and a very great spoil they will make in your nation! For, they will burn you, oh America!

From north to south, and from east to west, they will burn you! Your fields will lay barren and without crops; and your food sources will wither and dry up!  Famine, great famine will sweep across this land from north to south and from east to west.

Great famines will come; for pestilences will destroy the crops that the droughts and unstable weather do not destroy!  And, amidst so much despair, the enemies will release deadly gases and plagues, which will consume you in great numbers!

I will reduce you, oh America!  For, I have made you great! I, and I alone, have made you great above all nations, and you have whored yourselves with other gods.

The churches have whored themselves with the government and have become government churches. Therefore, they will not stand up and speak against the government; for they think that they might lose their tax-exempt status.

Oh, you filthy churches of America, you have slept with the enemy!  Yet, you claim to work with Me! You have thrown out My Spirit and you have denied My spiritual gifts, yet you believe that you walk in My light! You claim that you know Me and that you serve Me, but you do not know Me and you do not serve Me!  You know this world as a woman would know many lovers! For, you fornicate with the world and with every worldly thing!  Your plate, on harlot daughter, is full of every perversion! Yet, you lay it upon an altar for Me and I will not have it!

I reject you, oh harlot churches of America! For, you are gall in My mouth! I will not taste your perverted offerings and I will not accept your rotten praises!  For, you have made your praises as the substance of bar rooms. They are empty, raucous and noisome to Me!

Come out from among them, My Fair Daughter, My Pleasant Vessel, My Holy Bride!  Do not sit among them and do not partake of their excrements, lest you, too, be polluted and suffer and fall back and be denied into My presence!

For, a great wasting is upon America! No longer will you be called America, the Beautiful, but America, the wasted!  For, I shall waste you, oh America!  I shall send evil upon you and I shall waste you until I remove your filth and your evil from before My face!

And, when I am finished with My wasting of you, there will remain only a portion of you! For, I shall waste your coastlines! And, I shall consume your movie industry in My wrath! It shall fall beneath the waves and beneath the rocks and be no more!

I shall send earthquakes onto your coastlines and I will destroy your gambling industries and your hotspots of fornications, adulteries, sodomies, and drug infestations. And, I shall divide this nation into two parts; for I shall open up the Great Lakes and I will cut a great path down through this nation from north to south; and I shall fill it with water! 

I shall utterly sweep away the putrid filth of the Bible-belt churches; for they are anathema!  They talk a kind of godliness, but they deny the power thereof; and I shall utterly remove them, for I never knew them!

But, as for you, My Blessed Child, My Woman of Revelation Twelve, the earth mother of My Holy Son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve, and the earth mother of My holy seed, I tell you a sure thing:  Even as you have greatly suffered beneath the feet of Satan, and even as you have so greatly suffered under the weight of lies and slanderous accusations,  I shall now exalt you! 

And, I shall put all of your enemies beneath your feet! For, I shall judge them all, and I shall cut them off to the right and to the left and I shall lay waste their strongholds, whereby they have tortured you and whereby they have persecuted you.

And, many shall hear a rumor, and they will say, “Isn’t that one, Linda Newkirk, that false prophet from Arkansas?” And, even as they say those words, they will choke on their own words. For, their very words will curse them and the power of their own words shall consume them!

For no more will you, My servant, Linda Newkirk, be called, “that false prophet from Arkansas.” But, you will be forevermore called, “Blessed of God Almighty,” “the Chosen One,” “the earth mother of the Son of Jesus, of My Holy Manchild,” and “the earth mother of all of My Holy Sons.” 

And, I will exalt you, My Blessed Child, above all of My sons. For, you will sit at the head and not at the tail! And, you will dwell in My house, with Me forever, and you will never be separated from Me again, even as long as the heavens exist! Throughout all eternity and forevermore you will reside before Me! Even as a brilliant sun, you will be before Me! For, I will exalt you!

No more will you be called that false prophet! No more! For, your time is at hand, My Blessed Child, and I shall shake this earth from one side to the other side. All over this earth, I will shake it; for at that time when I bring forth My great power within My Son, who is within you, I shall shake the heavens and I shall shake the earth and a great fire will roll forth from the heavens upon you and upon My holy son and no more will you be a prisoner, My Blessed Child!

Behold My words and prepare yourself in all ways; for this very great change is now before your face!  NO more will I delay My promises to you!  For, I have given many delays for love of My people!  I have extended much grace and I have extended much time; but I give you  My word, My Blessed Child, and I stand upon My word, that I will not extend your time beyond these few weeks that remain!  

Some days back, I told you that you have passed the half-way mark in your time of waiting since your transformation process began on the 10th day of July of 2012. Now, My Blessed Child, your time of waiting is less than two months!

Do not distress yourself about the work that remains on the House of Prayer. This and all of the work on this land will be completed!  I will make certain of that! Stay close to Me! Delight in Me!  Cherish Me! Love Me above all and truly love others; for I have a date with you! You are My wife and you are My first born! And, soon, I will light up the heavens with the fire, which I will add to My holy son, who is within you!

Be of good cheer! For, all of heaven is of good cheer! For, the doorway into eternity is now being opened through My holy son, who is within you!

I am your Saviour, and besides Me, there is none!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of September, 2012,

                                                                                Linda Newkirk


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