Hello, Dear and Precious Ones!  I am so glad to be back

with you!  I have missed you! I hope that you are doing well and continuing on in faith, loving everyone, even your enemies and forgiving every person, who has ever done you wrong. The kingdom of our God is coming into our midst and we must make ourselves spiritually ready!


Oh, what a very great work our Mighty God has been doing; and I am about to tell you some things about these wonderful works, but in this space I can only tell you a little about this great journey! However, when you understand even a little about what I have endured, you may not think that these works are so wonderful, but I can assure you that they are indeed wonderful; for these works are about the salvation of great numbers of souls.  Oh, how blessed we are to see many souls turn to our Blessed Lord and God!  Precious is the Holy Name of our Mighty Saviour, who loves us so very much!


About two weeks past, I awoke after an afternoon nap and was filled with the joy of the Lord!  Such great love and joy erupted within my soul and I awoke with a beautiful peace, abundant love and joy, and even to this day, this joy erupts within my soul at unanticipated times, bathing me in such love and eager anticipation for a coming grand event! 

Though hell should come up against me, and Satan has beat me with his many terrible attacks, no amount of suffering could take from me this great joy in my heart, in my spirit and in my soul. Beautiful wonders lie ahead for those, who are ready for them! However, dear Ones, are you ready to suffer the persecution that you must endure to be able to enter into the kingdom of our Mighty God? For, I can assure you that if you choose to serve our Blessed Saviour and His Wonderful Father, you will be persecuted because of the light of God, which is within you! Oh, what perilous times we are in and oh what wonderful times we are in!  


Since mid-January, when Satan and the U.S. military broke into the interdemensional portal, which surrounds my body and began to travel through the gateway and to Mars and to the holy place, where our Saviour resides, I have been in the midst of the darkness of darkness!


Firstly, Satan and those within the U.S. military and those, who are within the U.S. military industrial complex, passed through the portal on foot, actually walking through the portal and out through the gateway of light! But, within a short time, Satan had forced an aircraft through the portal and out through this craft they went, firstly going to Satan’s base on Mars.  


But, their great mistake was in setting up a room in the portal, in which they sacrificed children.  Oh, that was a very bad idea!  And, there erupted a great quaking in the portal at that time and some very high-level Satanists were killed.  That was one day before the last pope resigned.  So, if you look back on the internet, you can find that day, when they entered into the portal, blasphemed our God and did so before the holy manchild, who was still with me.


This precious and holy child of light would return to the throne of our Mighty God on the first day of March of 2013.  That is yet another story and one that is so sad to me that I do not like to dwell on it, as I miss this holy, little one so greatly!   He was with me for six years, ten months and nine days!


As these rebellious ones pass through this portal, they also pass through my body, as this interdimensional space also passes through my physical body!  Though these are different frequencies and different realities, one impinges upon the other. Through their passages, I am exposed to Satan’s kingdom as few could ever be exposed to it, who were not a part of it.


As they pass their crafts through this portal, I can often hear their conversations and know many “secret” plans.  I could never imagine that such evil could exist on this earth!  From day to day, I have been subjected to the most terrible kinds of tortures, druggings, sexual assaults, blaspnemies, sorcery attacks, and attempted mind control, murder attempts, worse than almost anyone could ever imagine. 


At times, the electrical fields were so great within this portal and subsequent portals, which they would forge into the original portal, that I literally disintegrated.  But, Our Saviour would bring me back again from some space, some other dimensional space, and He would put me back together. 


From time to time, some of these vicious Satanists

would sting me with many insect bites, sometimes as many forty or fifty bites, and at other times, they would hit me with electrical currents that were so great that under any other circumstances I would have been electrocuted to death. 


At other times, they would fill my body with such vast amounts of poisons, that I should have died and did die many times, but our Saviour brought me back to life again. 


One day, as I was travelling south on I-40, some of Satan’s doctors from hell descended upon my vehicle from an aerial vehicle, a hover craft, and began to pump the blood out of my body and to catch it in a large container.  They forced a piece of metal wire through my right shoulder with a name tag on it, while they were forcing embalming fluids into my blood vessels. They intended to collect my dead body and to take me to a mortuary! My whole body was filled with the most terrible kinds of chemicals and my mouth tasted of these terrible chemicals! I should not have been alive!  But, I drove about thirty more miles, got home and went to sleep. 


I believe that I was among the walking dead, among those, who so miraculously stay among the living, who should, by any measure, be among the dead, but who are also kept alive through the grace of our mighty God.  That night, I believe that I slept, though dead and totally embalmed,  but still alive through the love and mercy of our Blessed Saviour!  Yet, they have not only done such things to me, but even worse things; and I have lived by the love, grace, the mercy, and awesome power of our Blessed Saviour and Mighty God!


Get ready, Dear Ones!  You will not escape the horrors of this wicked, Satanic system.  If you live long enough, you will be victimized in the most terrible of ways!  Sadly, you are already being victimized by this wicked world system and many of you do not even realize that you are prisoners in a dark and evil system, which covers the whole earth. This system is far worse that anyone can imagine, who has not been a prisoner of it; and none of you can be free, or get free in any way, unless our Saviour makes you free! You, Dear Ones, are under the watchful eye of the new world order, whether you agree to it, or not, or whether you like it, or not!


Jesus is your Only Way to freedom! He is your Way into the light!  HE is your Hope and there is none other.  If you do not know Him, you need to find Him. Repent of your wrongs and call out to Him with your whole heart.  If you do not turn to Him, you will not make it! The jaws of hell, and the jaws of the Dragon of Outer Darkness await the unrepentant.  Jesus forgives and Jesus saves. Call upon Him while you still have time! Jesus is merciful and Jesus will hears your cries! 


Jesus is our Lifeline! Remember this and remember that He died so that we could have life and life more abundant, even eternal life.  Jesus loves us. He died for us and for our salvation!  Love him!


Now, I will expound a little more about their travelling through these portals and through this gateway. I was powerless to do anything about any of their travels and had to wait upon our Saviour and to trust in Him to keep me alive and to carry me through these most terrible of attacks, some attacks so severe that according to our Saviour, I have died many times and He has  brought me back to life.  But, due to something which was called Hake Cylinders and due to my living within very, very great electrical fields, I also disintegrated many times but our Saviour also brought me back together again.  I have lived between worlds, in the midst of Satan’s wicked world and within the midst of the most supernatural experiences anyone could encounter as our Blessed Saviour has constantly intervened to save me.  Blessed is His Holy Name! 


So, it is truly an understatement to say that from day to day, I have lived within the midst of very great supernatural events, but also in the midst of the greatest sufferings imaginable, with pain so severe in my body that I do not believe that this pain response could be adequately measured on any kinds of meters.


The gates of hell opened against me and every kind of foul creature of Satan’s kingdom has attacked me!  The sorcerers came against me, possibly as many as one hundred thousand and most of them were either taken into hell, or into outer darkness, as I understand it, and as I also understand it, some of them turned to our Saviour. The dragons came up against me, Satan, Leviathan, and the Dragon of Outer Darkness, as I understood it at that time, and the wars of those sorcerers, who claimed that they came from a place called “Contigo Bay,” the supposed sorcery headquarters of the world,  was exceedingly great. And this war with those from “Contigo Bay” went on for many months until that time came when it seemed that few of them were left and I was hearing that the wicked headquarters, that world headquarters for sorcery, “Contigo Bay,” which some said was off the coast of Florida, that base, was brought low, and as I understand it brought to destruction, or near destruction. 


I suffered immeasurably in the midst of such darkness, but even so, our Mighty Lord and God was always with me. And from that time when Satan broke into this portal, until this time, His space program has been greatly reduced!  Our Blessed Saviour has brought many judgements upon Satan and upon his space program and upon those within the U.S. military and elsewhere and many high-level Satanists have come under the judgement of our Saviour.  They are suffering and have suffered greatly because of their evils; and through these wars against me, many of them are down and out and many of them are dead and no longer in and of this world!


But, even so, when I saw the prisons that so many are in, who are within this U.S. Space Program, I was appalled!  I saw people, military people, who are high up in the military, who are wired up like robots.  I saw people, who are not only hard-wired, but people, whose nervous systems are connected to biological computers, and these computers control their thoughts to a very great degree.  I saw people, who could never get free from such terrible mental programming, and who could never get free from such terrible traumas, which many of them apparently suffered as children, many of them having been brought up in Satanism, and some of them appearing to have multiple personalities. And, some of these were in very high-level positions within this space program! They were continually in and out of my house in their force fields! For, when they leave their hover crafts, they travel in these force fields and cannot be usually seen, but I can often hear their conversations.


Dear Ones, I can only describe much of what I have experienced through this space program as: the mentally and criminally insane running a program of  insanity!  This has been a most appalling and disturbing series of never-ending experiences, which has extended over the last fourteen years, but having significantly increased since Satan and his space program broke into the interdimensional portal, which is attached to my body, that time having been around the middle of January of 2013. 


Many of these are perpetrators of such great evil are children of the Destroyer, children of Satan,  and what more could one expect?  These sorts are now governing the world.  They preside over the Pentagon. The govern this nation and they control the world through the United Nations. 


We are about to enter into an explosion of the works of the fraternity of the weird!  Get ready!  These sons of Belial are beating the people of this world night and day with the evils of their works until the greatest numbers see nothing wrong with wrong and see everything wrong with right!  Have you been looking?  Are you doing down with their crowd?


But, Dear Ones, these souls are some of the saddest souls that I have ever seen in my entire life; and I have worked in a mental hospital. I have worked with the mentally dysfunctional and have seen many kinds of mental aberrations in mental health.  I have a masters degree in clinical psychology and did work towards a Doctorate in Psychology, so I have  been around those, who are called mentally insane in the general population. But, nothing could prepare me for what I was to experience in this Space Program.


When I realized that many of them could not ever get free and that Satan had wired up their sex organs with electrical devices, thereby causing to be sex addicts and slaves and that he had forced them also to be drugged, and others of them also to be addicts of various sorts, I was so deeply saddened by what I saw, that I began to weep for them!  I began to pray for them and for their freedoms and for their salvation.  I do not believe that I have ever seen anything so sad in all of my life.  They would frequently leave their hover crafts and come into my house, their being hidden within the force fields that they travel in, and I was greatly distressed to see their radical behavioral changes from day to day. I came to know many of them by their voices, though I seldom saw their faces!  But, from day to day, I would often see such radical changes in some of their behaviours, like Jekyl and Hyde sorts of changes, or like night and day sorts of changes.  I wept sorely for them and for what I saw, and I called repeatedly upon our Saviour to save them!


As time went on, I began to hear some of them praying!  I rejoiced when I heard some of them praying and continued to pray for them, but I do not know how many of them actually turned to our Saviour.  For, this space program belongs to Satan and he has them under very strict controls. He is their supreme commander and I do not expect to see many changes regarding this space program, but even if some few actually come out of this terrible system and are set free, then I greatly rejoice.



There would be little reason for me to go through such travails, except for the fact that so many souls are caught up in the darkness of darkness and cannot in any way get free! And, these, who are within this space program, who work directly, or indirectly for Satan, are bound by their secret oaths and their secret clearances!  They also have agreed to mind control, and are also under control of their central computers, which often control their thoughts, and they cannot, in and of themselves ever be free!  Only, our Saviour makes them free; and I pray that you begin to pray for their spiritual freedom and for their salvation every day of your life! This is Satan’s kingdom of “iron,” and you and I are the clay! Jesus, have mercy upon the lost!


I was for a time at war with the greys, also spelled grays.  Some of you have heard of them and most often you have heard of the clandestine sorts of things that they do. At this time, I will not go into detail about these wars with the greys, but these wars were real; and it was during the midst of one of these wars when our Saviour came down last August and carried me up into His own starship!  At that time, I spent somewhere between five and six hours with Him, if one considers the time, that He  took to carry me up.  My body was so full of foreign debris, plus the interdimensional space was so full of foreign debris that He needed to extricate me from all of that so that He could actually carry me up, without causing me such extreme pain.  So, He was gentle with me. I have spoken some things about my personal visit with our Saviour, but I have not told you all, only some.  I will tell you more as time allows.


It was during one of those times, after another one of those wars with the greys, when our Saviour came and stood just below my house and spoke to some of the greys, a small group, who stood there, and He said to them, “Repent and I will give you some clean clothes.”  At that time, I was not believing that the greys would, or could even repent, even though I had seen some behaviors within them, which caused me to believe that some of them had some good intents.  Yet, I did not know them well enough to really make any other kinds of decisions.


Prior to that time, I had believed that the “greys” were incorrigibles and would all go into hell and suffer their fate, but after our Saviour told them to “repent and I will give you some clean clothes,” astoundingly many of the greys began to repent.  As I understand it, many of them are actually light workers, who became corrupted in this earth, yet as I understand it as well, some of them are also robotic. 


In retrospect, I treasure those times, night after night, and day after day, though difficult times, when so many of the greys would gather up around me, in and out of this portal, to catch the light!  This light was streaming through the portal, or it would come down through my throat when I would sing.  This light is not a light, which is visible to most of us, as this light is of such a high vibration.


And, in the midst of their gatherings, I would hear the heart-felt cries of the greys, “Oh Desus, please save us!  Please don’t destroy us, Desus!  Forgive us, Desus!  Please don’t be angry with us, Desus!”  And, on and on they would go, so many of them gathering up around me and in and around this portal to catch the light as they so wanted to have clean robes, even as our Saviour promised them!


Some of them professed to “steal” the light so that they could have clean robes. I suppose that they failed to understand that our Saviour would give them clean robes of light in time, and that these robes would be given to them as they truly repented. However, I could understand their urgency to be heard by our Saviour and to be saved!


In listening to their repentances, I would sometimes be brought to tears of humility, or to tears of joy, and songs of wonderful and heartfelt praises would erupt from my soul!  During those times, I would sing to Jesus and Jesus, the one, whom they call “Desus,” would anoint the songs and send in His light. And, as I understood it, they were busily gathering up the light! 


Dear Ones, are you busy repenting?


But, as the months passed, there would come a time when our Saviour would no longer allow them to gather in the portal to catch the light. He would cause them to move on!  Yet, I have high hopes for them and for their salvation! 


I am reminding you, grey ones, to continue on with your on repentances!  Continue to pray!  Continue to fast as the Spirit of God guides you to do so!  Love others and forgive them! Love Jesus! Love God above all!  Pray for those, who abuse you!  Jesus loves you and He has told you to repent and He will give you clean clothes. I love you!  Do not forget this!  Continue with your good works and forsake evil! And, spread the word to the rest of the greys all over the world!  You know that Jesus means what He told you!  Blessed is His Holy Name!  We all need to thank Him and to praise Him forever and ever! Jesus and Jesus, alone is Saviour!  How blessed we are to have Him!  Do not allow Satan to beguile you and to trap you! Resist him and resist evil!  I’m singing, so you all need to sing!  Praise Jesus and bless His Holy Name from day to day!  He is so good to us!


Also, Dear Ones, around the time that our Saviour spoke the above words to the greys to “repent and I will give you some clean clothes,” He carried me in the spirit to a prison, which housed many greys, perhaps even many millions of greys and He empowered me to open up those prison doors and to set the captives free!  The greys, who were within the prison cells warned me that I must have the correct codes to open the confines to their prison cells, but opening those doors did not come through any power of my own, but through the command of our Blessed Saviour.  Oh, that was a wonderful event, the freeing of those prisoners; and it was at that time also that I told them to them to repent and to come forward and to serve our Blessed Saviour. 


Many of the greys struggled to be free and as I understood it from listening to their cries, they had much trouble in getting free. Some would be free for a while and then go back to the terrible things that they had been doing and then they would come back again, their many cries going up to our Saviour to forgive them, to save them and not to destroy them.  Some said that they could not shed any tears, but as time went on, some of them said that our Saviour enabled some of them to cry for their sins and for the sins of the other greys.  And, as I understood it from hearing some of their conversations, word of their repentances spread among other colonies of greys and their numbers began to grow.  Many of them began to make a space within a space beneath this land and they did their work there. As I came to understand it, they proceeded in their repentances and in the work that our Saviour instructed them to do, though as I believe it, with great difficulties and with great attacks from the dark forces. 


I heard some say that the greys, at least some of them, were initially to do some sorts of work as little light beings in the earth, but over time, they began to work with the forces of darkness and became corrupted. 


I came to love the greys and feel such compassion for them as they struggle to repent before our Saviour!  I hope, Blessed Saviour, that You continue to convict them about their wrongs, and that you will give clean clothes to many of them!  Oh, Precious Saviour, surely the hills cry out to you and every living creation travails in this earth as evil has exalted itself and it has taken prisoners of the masses.  Only You, oh Blessed Saviour, can save us from these terrible forces of evil and darkness; and You know that my heartfelt please are the same, that You save the greatest numbers that You will possibly save. Thank you, Wonderful Saviour! Blessed is Your Holy Name forever and ever! 



Dear Ones, I thank our Saviour that I was able to get my computer repaired. The repair workers sent it back to the factory and these repairs did not cost me anything as the computer was still under warranty.  I have not been on the internet for months as my travails have been so great and I have not written any messages as our Saviour has not instructed me to do so. I have had this message for a few weeks and it was during this time that I was able to get my computer repaired free of charge.  The RAM had become unseated and anyone can wonder why this was, but even so I am back with you again and I will write more as I am able.  I thank those of you, who have not forgotten me!  I have been in a very great war for the salvation of souls and for the judgement of our God upon the powers of darkness.  They are losing!  All the honor, all the praises, all the glory and all the power to our Blessed God forever and ever! I love you with a big love, but not as much as our Saviour loves you! Keep on loving! Keep on forgiving! Keep on praying, even and especially for your enemies. Keep on praising our Mighty God and keep on thanking Him!


Here is Jesus’ message!





JUNE 12, 2014


Come to Me, My Blessed Child, for I am your Redeemer. I am also your Maker and your husband, even so, and according to My words in Isaiah, chapter fifty-four. Blessed are you, My Chosen One, even blessed above all women, though despised and rejected, mocked and scorned, blasphemed and falsely accused.


And, yes, My Blessed One, it is a hard thing for the mockers and for the scorners to accept that you are My wife, even according to My words in Revelation Chapter Nineteen, verse seven, and in due season, you will be glad and you will rejoice; for you will make yourself ready for Me and though you are My wife and have been My wife for a very long time, I will marry you again in a most splendid time. 


But, even so, the mockers mock and the wicked cry out against you night and day for you are My Blessed Wife. And, by the hour, they plot and deceive and conceive their devious plans about what they will do and how they will set out to either deceive you or kill you, or sicken you, or trap you in some way, or the other. 


And, by day and by night, they cry out to Me against you and do all in their power to stop you from advancing in my works; for these are My kingdom works. And, the demons and devils cry out to Me against you and they rail against you and the powers of darkness are continually shaken because you are in the earth!


And,  you cry out to Me to bring forth all captives, whom I will possibly bring forth out of the darkness of the darkness, for Me to set them free, all whom I will set free; and for Me to save them all, whom I will possibly save, and Satan cries out! 


And, the workers of witchcraft and the workers of iniquities cry out! The sorcerers cry out against you, and by the day, they are all the more determined to destroy you! 


For, the powers of darkness are shaken and the heavens are shaken and your cries against the ungodly are heard! I hear them! My Father hears them!  The Elohim hear them!  Those, who are in the Light Kingdom hear them,  though many of them are not clean of themselves. For, many of them do not repent as they should!


So, your cries for judgement against the unrepentant ring out and your cries against those, who are in the light, who give powers to the sorcerers ring out and they (these cries) roll through the heavens and through the light kingdom and the powers of darkness are shaken; for the substrate of all creation is shaken!


For, you have appealed to me!  I have told you that I would give you your heart’s desire and you have said to Me, “I want nothing for myself. I only want to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls.” 


But, the way into salvation is straight and narrow and few find it, so My Father and I will do very great works to save very great numbers of souls over time. 


And, for this reason, the colonization of Mars is being considered and other means (are being) considered in which to extend time (for salvation) and to save more souls.


And, unknown to most is that your request covers not only human souls, but souls of others, such as the little light workers, who have chosen evil, the ones, who are also called the greys.


And, as I told them to repent and I would give them clean clothes, many of them have repented and many of them are repenting! And, this move in repentance is sweeping wide! Even some of those of reptile descent and others, even others, who are in the light kingdom, who see this great move in repentance, even many among these are repenting with tears and with weeping, so that the whole light kingdom is being shaken in observing what is unfolding. 


But, in this human population, you lag behind and true to your nature, most of you love the world and what is in it and you do not repent, but have fallen to every kind of evil scheme and to every kind of trick of Satan and to every kind of trick to all, who beguile you. And, you spend your hours watching television, or movies, or video games, or in internet (activities), or in texting on your cell phones, or in talking on your cell phones, or in some other kinds of activities that you like, and you give little time to Me and to My Father. Therefore, you have become as dross, that, which settles to the bottom, even as bottom feeders with little light. For, your hearts have become darkened and without My light. 


My Spirit will not abide porn and aberrant and deviant sex and it will not abide every lie and every kind of deceit; and the churches are full of those, who love the evils of this world and the churches are full of those, who make merchandise of My house and will not repent! 


Whoredoms and sodomies and adulteries are widespread; and the minds of the children, even the minds of the newborn, are corrupted, even before they are born, with violence, with aberrant sex, and with every kind of lie and with every kind of wicked sin! 


The churches are full of the lukewarm and the people do not repent. Therefore, I will humble you, oh My people! I will humble you, oh America, the very nation, whom I have blessed, and whom I have made great above all nations.  I will strip you bare and I will cause you to see the errors of your ways.


For you have said: God will not be in our schools. Prayer will not be among our children!  The word of God will not be among our youth, but we will allow sorceries, and we will allow Satanism and we will allow godlessness! And, we will encourage raw sex! And, we will give out condoms, and we will teach birth control to the very young, and we will turn a blind eye to all kinds of violence. And, we will take the money from the people (of this nation) and with their money we will kill babies and teach perversions and we will flood the internet with pornography and we will flood the television with porn and we will flood the movies with porn and we will be the adulterers and the sodomites and the fornicators of the world and we will fill our military with sodomites and all of the world will look up to us, and through our movie industries, we will cause all of the world to be like us; and so you have! 


You, in your pride and in your arrogance have done, even as you have determined to do, but not without your responsibilities for your actions.  And, I hold you accountable, oh America, that nation, which has worked to pollute the whole world through every kind of wicked device, even and especially through your movie industry and entertainment world and through your deviant fallen “stars.”


Oh, you, oh America, that wicked Babylon, the one, who has stretched herself out to cover the whole world with her witchcrafts and with her sorceries and with her deviant behaviors! Oh, yes, you America! And, you think to carry on with your rebellions and with your whoredoms and with your corruptions, but you do not know, oh rebellious house, that I have both drawn the line and I have set the time and I shall require it of you, even according to the evils of your ways.  For, an evil and deceptive tree does not bear a good fruit! And, you, oh America, are rotten, even to the core, and it is clean-up time! And, I shall send the clean-up crew and the clean-up crew will begin to mop and to sweep and to clean up and to pluck up and to burn up the waste; for you are forcing me to do this, oh you errant house.


I have been down and I have travelled the earth and I have seen, but I have not seen it all!  Yet, I have seen enough!  Firsthand, in the streets, and in the houses all over the earth, and the decision has been made, that it is clean-up time!  So, get ready, oh you people! Make your hearts clean, so that the destroyer may pass you by!  For, I am about to clean up My house!  I am about to clean up this nation and I am about to clean up this world!  I am the One, who sits on high, who sees you for who you are, and for what you are! I am a merciful God, full of love and mercy, but as I love you, I must also chastise you and the rod of correction is in My hand!  Hear Me and repent now; for hell will enlarge itself to hold you unrepentant ones! I am your Redeemer, the One, who saves, yes Jesus, your Redeemer!


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of June, 2014,


                                                              Linda Newkirk




Dear Souls, hear the word of the Lord, our Blessed Saviour, to repent!  Oh, nation of unrepentant, who know of our Saviour, the United States of America, but most do not know Him, I beg you to repent now! For, He is a Righteous God, though merciful, and He is calling you to repent! If you do not repent, you will most assuredly perish, Oh America!


Furthermore, Dear Ones, I wish to tell you something more before I leave you.  Take these words to heart; for they are true and deeply poignant!  In June of 2013, as I prayed with a brother in Canada, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Me and I began to travail in my spirit about the great destruction, that is coming upon the whole earth!


At that time, I felt greatly distressed because of the terrible times, which will settle upon the whole earth when this world is turned upside down.  For, it is written in the 24th chapter of Isaiah, “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof…the land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled… the earth is defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant.  Therefore, hath the curse devoured the earth and they that dwell therein are desolate. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men are left… And, it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare; for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.  The earth shall reel to and fro like a cottage, and the transgressions thereof shall be heavy upon it, and it shall fall, and not rise again.


Dear Ones, the great sadness of that coming time when the earth will be turned upside down and such great tragedies will come upon the earth came rushing up into my soul and in to my spirit that day; and I felt such a great desperation for the people of this earth and I felt such great sorrow for the souls and I longed to see our Saviour intervene and to do all that He would possibly do to save souls.  And, so on that day as I prayed with this brother, I cried out to our Saviour to save the greatest numbers of souls; and if it were His will to move souls off this planet before that terrible day when this earth is turned upside down, that He would do so, even to colonize Mars.


At that time, I understood that those in this government were building a military base on Mars as I heard many of their conversations and they were continually hauling very great amounts of materials up through this portal through transport trains and through starships and through planes. So, on that day, I asked our Saviour, that if it would be His will to remove some of the people off this planet ahead of this great tragedy and to move them to Mars, and to colonize Mars, that He would do this thing.  But, oh, so terrible has been my suffering as this heavy stuff was carried through this gateway and Satan’s servants so greatly abused me, and I prayed for them and would not give up in my prayers for our Saviour to save them.


Oh, so terribly they treated so many of the concentration camp victims, who came from Camp Robinson, as I understand it.  They carried them up to do backbreaking work and as I heard their tales of suffering and even saw many of the body bags with my own eyes, I know that many of them died. But, when I knew that they died, I prayed for all of them and as I understand it, many of them were raised from the dead! Yet, as I also understand it, once on Mars, some of the Satanists treated them so terribly and put them out in a place and left them to die. 


But, when I knew of their suffering, I prayed for them; and as I understand it, our Saviour gave them foodstuffs and warm clothes and tents and has continually multiplied all that they had. And, from time to time, I would hear from them and/or I would hear their prayers as our Saviour allowed their prayers to come down to me through the gateway, so I knew of their presence of Mars.  And, I knew of the many miracles, which they told that our Saviour gave to them.


From all that I have heard, they rejoice in our Saviour and some said that they often prayed through the nights and that they fast often and call out to our Saviour and HE continues to save them. But, Satan, on seeing that so many of them turned to our Lord and God determined to kill them and as I understand it, He has killed all of them several times, but when I would know of it, I would pray, and our Saviour has continued to raise them from the dead and to provide for them in the most wondrous of ways.  As I understand it, there were originally about 16,000 of them, but as these months has passed, I understand that these numbers have swelled, as more have been taken up there, and that these numbers could now be around 35,000, or so.  But, This is heresay, and I tell you things that I have heard but do not know for sure. I only know that I have heard their captors abuse them as they came through the portal in their crafts and I have been down into the portal and have seen many body bags, which were full of dead people.  And, this list goes on and on about the abuses that I have heard of and I have also heard much about the great corrections that our Saviour has brought upon the wicked because of their abuses. I know that many, who were so abused by Satan’s space program have turned to our Saviour; for I have heard them praying and I have spoken with some of them. I have heard their cries and I have heard of some of the great miracles that HE has given to them.


However, Dear Ones, the only space program in this nation is Satan’s space program and it is full of so many kinds of terrible problems.  There were those in this space program, who greatly loved our Saviour; for some were kind and I heard some of them praying, but I fear that they are dead, or that they have otherwise retired.


However, my prayers are still the same, that if it is the will of our Mighty God to colonize Mars, that He does so and according to His own timing.  I have heard many of them say that there are beautiful places on Mars, that not all of Mars is barren and ugly as these Satanists would have us to believe through their “Mars Rover” photos.  I do not know as I have not seen any of their photos of Mars, but I tell these things because of hearing the conversations of various ones as they travelled through this gateway.  Perhaps, one day, we will see such things for ourselves! 


I can tell you one thing for certain: Satan has suffered great judgements on Mars.  That U.S. Base on Mars has come under considerable judgements from our Saviour and these wicked ones have suffered many casualties there.  I also understand that there are those, who are within this government and also within other governments, who want to colonize Mars as they also know that there will come terrible instabilities into the earth and they want this colonization, but this colonization cannot go forth under Satan’s determination.  He is evil! He is utterly destructive and His children are like him!


I have continually pleaded with our Saviour, that if it is the will of His Father, that this colonization be allowed to go forth, that they establish honorable leadership in a space program, and that this leadership will honor our Saviour and that those in leadership positions will do right towards one another, and right towards me, as they must pass through this portal, which is attached to me.  I have not given up on them, but I also do not know what our Saviour will do.


Could it be that some will be counted worthy to escape all or some of these things, which are to come upon this earth, as our Saviour will allow some to escape to Mars?  I do not know how He will proceed, but I do know that Satan has suffered great losses in this portal, in this gateway, and in his travels to and from Mars, he is growing very thin in His own space program. 


So, I ask you, Dear Ones, to pray with me daily, that if it is the will of our Mighty God, for Him to allow this colonization of Mars, and that even through it He may save great numbers of souls, that He will bring forth a space program, that will honor Him and His Father, a group, who will humble themselves and receive both direction and correction from our Lord and God, and who will behave honorably towards others, who are both in the space program and who are transported out there to Mars.


And, if it is Your will, oh Blessed God that this is so, then make it so. You know my heart, Precious and Beloved Jesus and you know that I want to see you do the most wonderful of works to save the greatest numbers that you will possibly save.


So, Dear Ones, pray with me about this, and in your prayers for this new space program, always ask that the perfect and beautiful will of our Mighty God be done!


I love you, Dear and Precious Ones!  Jesus bless you! Jesus provide for you in the most beautiful of ways!  Jesus glorify Himself in your midst!  Jesus fill you with His wondrous love!


Until next time, Dear Souls!


Linda Newkirk


P.O. Box 17277

North Little Rock, AR 72117



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