“You are Warned!”


Oh, My Blessed Child, even My Beloved Wife, the chosen mother of the Holy Manchild, and even of more children, holy children, who are with Me, and spiritual mother to My people, even from the beginning…

(Then, I saw a very great white stone, so great that it looked like a white mountain, and there came a hand, which scooped out a piece of this stone and in His hands, He held this piece of stone, which was taken from the very great stone.)

Listen to Me, My Blessed One, for I have carved it! See? I have carved it, even as a stone, which is both a part of the Great Stone, but also separate from the Great Stone. But, not a rolling stone! It is not a rolling stone, but a stone in My hands and with the power that I put into this stone, I will beat Satan!  I will pulverize his space program and with this stone, which I have tried in the fires, I will beat the Pentagon, and I will beat the antichrist system. And, I will beat down that top-heavy nation, that Satanic, top-heavy nation, those leaders, who tell lies and say that they are Jews and they are no Jews, but of the synagogue of Satan!

Yes, my Blessed One, this stone is in My hands and I have  molded and I have shaped this stone, no cracks, no holes, no blemishes, none known or seen, but even so, a stone, which is still growing, still increasing in My power.  And, with this stone, I will beat down some of the arrogant (ones) in many nations.

My Blessed One, you are that stone! Woe to those, who hate this stone!  Woe to those, who, without cause, persecute this stone!  Woe to those, who torture this stone and seek to break and to destroy this stone, even every day of their lives!  For, I shall empower this stone through My spoken word. I shall empower this stone through My written word! And, I shall empower this stone through My given powers and abilities as few have seen! 

For, this stone (is) taken from Me, carved from Me, molded and shaped by Me, under the foot of Satan, under foot of the U.S. Military, and under the foot of foreign militaries. For, even as they know who she is, (this stone) indeed My Blessed Wife, Satan knows who she is, and all powers of darkness know who she is, and these powers have entered into many of you to cause you to rise up and to blaspheme her and to condemn her and to falsely accuse her.

But, you will not stop Me! You will not stop My works!  You will not stop My Blessed Servant, Linda Newkirk, from doing the work that I have given her to do!  She and she, alone, has paid the price to walk in such powers and with these powers and abilities that I put into her, she will debase those, who debase, through the words that I speak through her.

Woe to you, who assemble against her in numbers and cry “foul.” For, I shall pluck you clean. I shall de-feather you and no longer will you rise up in your abominations to put a foot in the face of My Beloved One, or to put a knife into her back!  I am moving forth with My judgements against all, who mock her, against all, who lie against her, against all, who torture her and abuse her and I am going to make your faces bald! I am going to make your heads bald! I am going to make your legs bald!  I am going to break your teeth!  I am going to wreck your smile!  I am going to cast you headlong into the years of terrible torture, persecution and suffering of the Great Tribulation! For, too may of you have delighted in the evils that you have done to her!

Oh, America, you harlot nation!  How terribly you have derided My true works of Revelation Twelve!  How terribly you have behaved, casting these true works beneath your feet, mocking them and scorning these works! A nation without borders, you are!  A nation, which has both imported and exported all that is extreme all over the world!  Yet, you are the blind, who lead the blind, the deaf, who interpret My word for the deaf, a nation of sinners, foul corrupt, slanderous, full of every evil snare!  Yet, you exalt yourselves in your evils, and pride yourselves in the evils that you have done in your attempts to destroy My true servant, Linda Newkirk! And, I tell you now, you mockers, you liars, you blasphemers, it would have been better for you if you had never been born!  For, I have called My servant, Linda Newkirk, into a holy work, a work of great tests and trials and of great suffering, a work of sadness, of isolation, of aloneness, for I have called her and I have set her apart for My kingdom work! 

But, even so, I have put Satan in her face!  And I have put the U.S. Military in her face, and I have both allowed and caused Satan and the U.S. Military to break into the interdimensional portal, which is attached to her and also attached to a Gateway, which goes upwards into the light!

Yes, I have weighed it out!  And, I have measured it and I have proportioned it to My servant, Linda Newkirk, a very heavy work, a very difficult work, a very hard work. Into the darkness of darkness, I have sent her, that she might cry out day and night for the deliverance of the wicked, for the salvation of the wicked, for the judgment of the wicked, and for her own deliverance. Yes, I have given her a very difficult walk, one that is full of mysteries, full of My Kingdom mysteries, yet so many of you, on seeing her travails, have gathered together to beat her down, and to destroy her!

Now, oh wicked house, you, who love every lie, and who love to exalt yourselves at the expense of another, hear Me!  The time for the freedom of My servant, Linda Newkirk, fast approaches, but so does your captivity! For, you have despised My Holy Works of Revelation Twelve, oh you wicked nation of America, and you have despised the warnings that I have given to you! And, now I shall take you, you big-nosed ones, you long-nosed ones, who love to bury your noses into the mire; and I shall cast you headlong into a mirey mess; from which you will not easily extricate yourselves!

Balls and chains, I shall give to those, who have tortured and persecuted My Beloved Servant, Linda Newkirk, and I shall give them paper airplanes; for these are the only ones that they will be flying around in.  I shall give them weather balloons for their lies; and a bad storm shall continually beat those, who have delighted in all of their attempts to beat down and to destroy My servant, Linda Newkirk.

Tests and trials upon My own house! Severe tests and trails! And, no more will they mock the severe tests and trials that I have put upon My Beloved Wife, who is Linda Newkirk. Broken necks, broken noses, broken faces, broken dreams, lives like broken mirrors, will I cast upon the wicked, who have so tortured My servant, Linda Newkirk, both from this nation and from other nations. I shall ravage them and I shall plunder them; and I shall utterly destroy those, who have lined up to destroy her!

What do you think, you blasphemous mouths?  Do you think to justify yourselves in your evils?  You are not justified, you filthy New World Order crowd!  You are not justified in the evils that you have committed against My servant, Linda Newkirk! You rise up in your pride and you brag that you will not pay! You will pay and you will pay according to the evils of your ways!

The days of plunder are upon you, you wicked U.S. Military!  For, as you have plundered, so shall you be plundered!  The days of plunder are upon you, you wicked Federal Reserve!  For, as you have plundered, so shall you be plundered!  The day of recompense, even the days wherein I will recompense you, oh America, according to the evils of your ways, these days are upon you, oh America!

A broken and divided house, a broken and cracked one, a polluted house, oh My house! How I shall grieve you!  How I shall sift you!  How greatly I shall trouble you, for are you not as a polluted and stagnant pond, one that is full of excrement, full of pollution and parasites?  You have devoured My word and you have spit out your vomit upon My people, oh you wayward preachers! And, I will scrape you off My rolls, if you do not repent of your evil ways! For, you are like unfinished concrete, a stumbling stone and a stumbling block to all, who pass over you, through your works, and by you! Harshly, you have dealt with Me; for you have thrown dust into My face, mud into My eyes, and stones into My body! Like wayward storms, clouds in My house and among My people, you have thrown excrement all over My house! I shall rise up now against you, oh you harlot church, and I shall send My fire into your midst, the fire to heal and the fire to destroy! You have cast lots for garments and you have heaped the glory unto yourselves!  Now, you will pay; for I will require it of you!

A holy work I have done in your midst, oh America, a holy work for almost ten years and like a herd of wild swine, you have trampled My holy works of Revelation Twelve!  I have seen you! I have heard your railings! I have thusly marked you; for you mockers are not fit for the potter’s clay!  And, if you are not fit for even the clay, what good can you serve?

I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, even Redeemer, One with the Great God of All Creation.  BE WARNED!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of August, 2014,

                                                                                             Linda Newkirk




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